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The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 7

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1896
Page 7
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Zt Oims-Stmcrnri: Saturbarj, rioter 17, 1898. in ii K Hot Springs Bankers Indicted for Embezzlement. Eight Victims Added to the Flor ida Storm List. Sbre.fport Will Have a 1110,000 Union Depot, Guards Fire on Tennessee Workhouse Prisoners. Yerdict of Acquittal ia a Mississippi Whitecap TriaL SELMA, ALA. Many Borgrlaries and Highwny Robberies. Special to The Tinica-Dpinocrat. Selma, Oct. Vo. For some time past Sol-ma bus been Infested witU a gang of thieves. A large number of burglaries have been committed, along with other robberies of Various kinds. A few even ings ago a lady out walking on one- of the most fashionable streets lu the city was chased by a negro and run into a residence for protection. The negro slammed the gate behind her as she en tered, bet dared not follow. Last evening, as Mrs. A. F. Breazeal was returning home after shopping. negro followed ber two block, aud grabbing her purse, ran with it. Her screams brought several ladies to her side, but no men being iu the vicinity, the negro was not pursued. Bev. V.. V. Spicer, pastor of the Mala street Christian Church. ixiuisviile, Ky. lias eccepted a call to the pastorate of the First Christian Church of 'his city. Mr. Spicer held a revival meeting here several weeks ago, and on bin return home the call was sent him. He is n young man of superior ability and of great power In the pulpit. Nelson I'anerv. Battery C. A. S. N C, is iming to go to the inauguration at Mtton March 4 next. I he oth cers. tw-ntv-five men and a large nmn ber of citizens exiievt to go, mdng special ullnian cars. The battery is the crack oattery or the State. HOT SPRINGS. ARK. Indicted for Enibesiloinent. Bpeclal to TLe Tluies-Deiiiocrat. Hot Springs, Oct. 10. The grand jury returned four Indictments to-day against V. V. Wright, cashier, and tliree against Ed Hogaboom, president, of the defunct City Savings Dank and Trust Company, for the embezzlement of public funds. Both men were placed under arrest and cave l-nds. Wriiiht $-Kio, Hogaboom These indictments grew out of the recent failure or the bank, in whlcn toe funds of Uarland county aud Improve ment l-istri-t No. 11, of this city, were deposited. W hen Erst arrested, i.oi. Hog-at k mi refused to rive lxmd and was in cart-crated in the county jail. He Boon chanced hif mind, and, calling on the deputy sheriff to go with him, found bond witmut much trouble. 91 EX A, ARK. A Fatal Preraatnre Explosion. Mena. Ark., Oct. 16. A courier brings In word from Kennedy's Camp, twelve miles from here, on the Kansas City, 1'iltsburg and Gulf Bailrcad, of a prema ture explosion. Four men were killed out right and several more injured. Con tractor Kennedy is badly hurt. Doctors have go:ie to the scene to care for the vounded. FORT BARAXCAS, FLA. Thfrd Artillerr Leaves for the Pa cifie Cox.t. Tensacola. Oct. 1(5. The troors of the Third Artillery, which have been sta Honed at Fort Barancis, left to-night for their new station on the Pacific coast. They go by w ty of New Orleans over the bout hern 1'acihe road. ATLANTA. GA. The Merchants liank Goes Into Liquidation. Atlanta. Oct. 1U. The Merchants Bank, one of the oldest aud for many years soundest financial institutions in thl citv. closed its doors this morning, havlu made an assignment for the benefit of its creditors, J. G. Oglesl-y and George W. Scott are named as assignees. The failure was not unexpected In flnan dal circles, but the announcement created considerable excitement among the bank depositors, a lame crowd of whom quickly gathered about the unopened doors. A notice posted on t lie door states that the hank has assigned to j. M. tgiesny Georee W. Scott and George A inshlii and that it was believed that all depos itors would be uatd in full. The failure of the bank was due to the withdrawal of deposits within the last few duvs. caused bv a rumor to tne cnec that Tax Collector A. 1". Stewart, who hsd ?il.J on deposit there, has leen asked by the bank otlkbis not to check 'any of this money out. The oliicials deny that any such request w.s made. Ail of Stewart's cheeks were Lonored. He withdrew the St',.V and that, coupled with the withdrawal caused by the nimor. occasioned embarrassment, and It was deemed lest to go into liijiiid-itioti. The amount owed depositors is J7."."t. Tlcro is no run iu any of the other banks. TAMPA, FLA. F-ifcht More Victims Found on the Florida Const. Special to The Times-Ik'nioerat. Tampa. Oct. Id. Nearly every day adds to the number of the victim of the storm that recent iy swept Florida. The latest known victims are Mrs. I'aul Hewitt, her daughter, her son and her uncle. Anderson Moore, and his four children. Mrs. Hewitt lived near here with her husband, and her uncle and children were visiting her. The day before the storm Mrs. Hewitt and Mr. Moore, accompanied br their children, left the former's home for Cedar Key, near which place Moore lived. The iarty of eight weut in a large sailboat. After the storm Mr. Hewitt, hearing nothiug of Lis wife and children, bcHii searching the coast. He traversed every foot of t be coast between here and Cedar Key. and yesterday his worst fears re re realized when he found the corpses of Mrs. Hewitt. Mr. Moore and the six children about midway between thU place and Cedar Key. Sir. Hewitt saw the end of a boat protruding from the sand, and uncovering it he found that it was the vessel In which bis wife, children and relatives had left borne. The sharpie was bottom up. and Mr. Hewitt summoned aid to help hhu to rieht the boat. .When the sharpie was lifted from its bed iu the sand underneath were found the eight corpses in a remarkable state of preservation, considering the time that bad elapsed since death. The bodies were not mtttiliateil, and It was evident tlntt the boat bad been driven on the beach by tae storm and turned over, the eight voyagers being caneht and buried alive. Hewitt's arms were about ber children, and Mr. Aitderson was clso ciaspiug his little ones. ALEX AX K I A, L A. Robin sun-Davis. Fj-ecial The Tinier Dc n;oTSt. Alexandria. Oct. I' ". I r. Southwell S. I5.obir.seii and Miss Eunice . Davis were married yesterday at the residence of the bride's father, on Bayou Eoborts, this parish, Bev. H. C. Dnncuu officiating. The groom is a practicing physician, resld- in; at Morel, and the bride U a daughter of Mr. John T. Davis, esteemed citizens of Kcpides parish. The body of Thos. Clair was found yes terday about a mile from his father's house, on Hemp Hlli Creek. Clair disappeared very mysteriously en the first day of this month, since which time there nas been no clew to his whereabouts until his partially decomposed body was found. Farley Gray, a neighbor of the dead man, was arrested yesterday amt committed to ail, all elreuuiBtances pointing to alia as the perpetrator f the nmrder. CLIXTOX. LA. Second Day of the Fair. Special to The Ttmes-Demociat. Clinton, Oct. 16. The second day of the fair was ushered in by a cool morning and a murky sky, but when the time for the gates to opn came the people poured in tnd by 11 o clock the grounds were alive with moving and surging humanity. The first exhibit was for Creole horse. mares and colts, foaled and raised tu Mississippi and Louisiana. For best stal lion three years old or over, award to D. V. Pipes; for best mare three years or over, K. D. Eowley;. colt or gelding be tween two and three years, nine entries. T. L. East's gelding. This entry of sto-k woc-d be a credit to Kentucky or any! horse-raising State. Half Mile Bunnlng Race for Horses Owned iu East Feliciana Pariah This race was run with three entries. One of the riders held his hoi-se in aud the raoe was declared oil bv the iuui:i aud the rider barred from the track. The riier was then changed, tne race run ver una the hindmost horse ia the hrst ruu wou the race. It was J. 1. Craven's. A special Dremhua of a line lap robe r;r the stallion with the tiest and 'urge- logeuy, widen was given to Dr. L. 1 rwiu's stallion Bevelation and the five colts entered with him. beat scrub colt. Col. L D. Wall. After dinner there was a single trot ting and pacing race, mile Seats, open to all, with three entries. Lady Belford. Fred Collins and Governor kusscii. it was won by the latter in straight heats. Time 2:48. 2:18. This was the most ex citing race of the fair and considerable money changed hands on the race. For the double team, witn lour entries. the award went to M. O. Bridges, of Norwood, La.; best all-purpose horse, W. K. Perkins; best middle horse, eight entries, Dr. L. G. Perkins. t or the hirtr mile running race, open to all, there were three entries. It was won by Capt. loung s sorrel norse in u-w l-s. Halt mile bicycle race, tnree entries. wou by Ed Wall, of Jackson, La. itunuin? race: hair mile; lor norses owned iu Louisiana or South Mis-itsippl; three entries; won by K. JE. Thompson In two heats. Two hundred and fifty yards race for ponies fourteen hauds high, four entries, won ty Luck Pres'-ott. This ended the programme for the day. in the agricultural uepartmeni tne ex hibits were the best and largest ever had at any of the fairs. Mr. W. A. Moody had an exhibition oi tnirty-etgnt Kinds ot agricultural products. He took the eweeti- stakeu premium for the best exhibit. Mr. W. K. Woodward had thirty-two kinds, and takes the premium for the best bushel of sweet potatoes and the best display of farm prouuets. Mr. Metlance had ten kinds on hand, and took the premium for best syrup. The State Experimental Station at Baton liouge, represented by Mr. E. B. Fins, had on exhibition seven kinds of &ii!'-ir fhlrtv kiiiii ftf rorrmi furtr- sexen kinds of sweet potatoes, five kinds or graes. hemp, ramie, jute, tobacco, ana various grapes, rruits., etc. In the poultry department there were twelve kinds of chickens and two if tur keys. The hog department seems to have been neglected this year aud but few were on exhibition. The ladies' department was well repre sented by all kinds of ouilt. xephyr, cro- ctiet. lace. Knitting, tissue paper and rn- orotdery work, paintings, crayons and pot and cut flowers, and the children'" de partment by penmanship, crochet work, sewing, ecrapbook and doll dressing. "lo-morrow will be negro day, and Is the most amusing or the fair. JEXXIXGS. LA. A Fine Day at the Fair. ?pec!l to The Times-Democrat. Jennings. Oct. 16. The sun came out bright and pleasant this morning in wel come contrast to the cloudy skies . of yesterday. The ticket man was busy at an early hour, and when the Lafayette excursion of six coaches came in at 10 a. in., bringing over 300 persons, the box office was througed. The many well filled departments showed at their best, and the visitors were much interested. The very complete art exhibit was a special attraction, and the tine arts came in for much admiration. The pupils of the Jennings schools occupy one corner of the Art Hall with a creditable lot of drawings, penmanship and other school work. Pianos, maudo- inis, guitars and other Instruments com bine to make the best display ever shown here in that line. Among the piauos is one oi quarter oas mat draws all eyes, 1 he fruit in glass would till two or three wagons, while the fresh fruit, per simmons, figs and the like, would nearly fill a car. The Fair Is certainly a living moiiumeut to the thrift and success of our farmers. When the speed, events were started at 1:30 there were at least 15tJ people on me grouuus. ine nrt race was the stal lion trot or rn-e. class. Result Al march 111, V. m. It.. Jr., 2 3 2, Whitman 3 2 X Time U:r. 2:X. Minnie Taylor and Whitman started In the 2:'S trot or pace. Minnie Tavlor won In three straight heats. Time 2 6, 29, I he finest runr.Ine race of thp week was the fourth-mile and repeat, with five siariers. me race waa won by Mike. Felix second, Billie third. I. C. and Nellie aiso ran. J. G. Lee, Commissioner of Agriculture. was at the Fair to-day, and added much to me interest or tne farmers. Prof. W. C. Stubbs is looked for to morrow. This evening Senator Blanchard arrived to speak at the Bryan meeting to-morrow forenoon. Judze S. L. McEnerv and Gen. C. K. Hooker, of Mississippi, are expected to-night, and Hon. U, 1". Broussard will arrive on the ar v tr.tin. Slanr xneel that rri-lay will 1 the biggest dav, as the r.ryanites are laying extensive plans for their meetiur in the amtihithentn. The greatest sort of interest attaches to the free-for-all race between Tom Tip- una uueu'ir. in wuicn me iasiesi time ever made in Louisiana is looked for. XAPOLEOXVILXE. LA. Xew Town Marshal Fleeted. Special to The Times-Democrat. Napoleoavllle, Oct. 1G. There was special meeting of the City Council last night to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of the town marshal, Mr, P. II. Gilbert. One of 'the aldermen was the only candidate in the field, and he waa elected by acclamation. The better part of the sugar refineries aoout tne pansn are now in operation. though the recent dry spell will cousider- aoiv cui .tt m proiiuce. About lti feet of the Enola plantation iikiit ntue carrier urote down yesteruay, causing losses w hich at this advanced sea son cannot be easily remedied. SIIREVEPOKT. LA. A $110.04K Union Depot To Be Ball Special to The Times-Democrat. Shrevepert, Oct. 16. The result of ih special election in his city, at which the property owners and tat payors could vote for or against the uew Kansa-i City, Shreveport and Gulf Badroud occupying Common afreet and i the alley way iu block U. was a victory for the railroad. The railroad company will i.ow go actively to work and build ore of the handsomest union depots in North Louisiana. The only thing which stood in the way of the railroad was permission by the citlren to obstruct certain streets iu the erection of the depot, but now that a vote of the citizens has been taken and a the result is larzely in fnvor of the railroad, they will erect a fllCIXi uuion station. BROOKIIAVEX. MISS. Fair River Baptist Association. Sooclal to Tlie Tlnies-DcouKTat. Brookhaven, Oct. 16. The Fair Elver Baptist Association met ia annual sessiou to-day with Gum Grove Baptist Church, e'teven miles from ItrookUaveu. Twenty-four churches, representing an aggregate memb-r.-hip of Uoll. were represeated by delegates. The old otflcers were reelected: J. J. Gn-on moderator. E. P. D'iiig'.as ierii. A. J. Martin ireasvircr. Tile ;:jre;:ite increase ill uiemltership of the churches dtriitg the year was nincty-niue. DURAXT, 3IISS. Central Mississippi Presbytery. Correspondence of The Times-Democrat. Duraut, Oet. 16. The presbytery of DUFFY'S PURE 43 t-ll J ft . r tf -V -- FOR MEDICINAL USE NO FUSEL OIL Tlie Best Remedy for Chills, Coughs, Colds, Grip and Pnen-' . mon'a. It affords the greatest relief to WOMEN and frivet HUCi IU MUJiCl UUU MIPS c.nn.41. n. V I'V 4V BUCU('lu lu wcuu ivi pamphlet. DCFET 31 ALT WHISKEY CO. Roche ter. Y. Central Mississinpl ia now in session in the Presbyterian Church at this place. A large body of ministers and elders is present. The openiug sermon waa preached by Eer. C. E. Cunningham, of Yazoo City, by request. Organization was ef- fected with Rev. l. M. Hawthorne, of Pickens, as moderator; llev. E. E. Cun ningiiam, stated clerk; li A. Boiling. elder in Durant Church, minute clerk; Rev. E. W. Ford, of Winona, engrossing clerk. The weather has been perfect and a very large amount of business has been transacted. The reports from a large number of the seventy churches that comprise the pres- bvtery ot t entral Mississippi show most of them in good condition, with large congregations, liberal contribution and a healthy growth. The pastoral relation was dissolved be- tween Kev. J. B. Uutton and the Lexington and Durant churches. He has accept ed a call to the First Church of Jackson, Miss., to succeed Bev. John Hunter. I). for thirty-eight years tbe influential pastor of that cliorch. Arrangements were made for his installation at an early date. Arrangements were, also made to nc-.ii i'o. -r w Tri.r. t t in . the Greenville Church. A great deal of business still remains on the docket. CREEXYILLE. MISS. A Small Fire. Greenville, Oct. 16. This morning at 3 o'clock an al.trm of fire was turned in for a fire on Theobald street. Two stores and one ten.unt house burned before the fire was got under control. The loss ts mail ana partly covered by insurance. nOLLY SPRIXGS. MISS. Boy Crashed in tbe Machinery. Ejcial to Tbe Times-Democrat. Holly Springs, Oct. 19. Jim Berry, a sixteen-year-old negro, was terribly crushed at 8 o'clock this morning at the steam gin in this city. He was not em ployed at the gin. nis clothes were caught iu the band. He was whined about five miuutes before the engine could be stopped. Both feet were crushea. ankles broken, one arm broken and in ternal injuries sustained. His condition is critical. MERIDIAX, MISS. Verdict of ot Guilty in a White Cap Trial. Special to The Times-Democrat. Meridian, Oct. 13. After some difficulty a Jury wi;s secured and the trial of the alleged White Cappers, Charlie Torrence, Press Love, Arnet Smith, Charlie Mc- Xeace, Louis Smith and Charlie Weather- ford, waa begun in the Circuit Court this morning. The parties named are charged with having taken William Torrence. quite an old man, from bis bed on the night of Anril 1H and flozirinir bim within an inch of his life. There is a multitude of wit nesses in attendance and the day baa been consumed in taking testimony. One of the defendants against whom old maa Tor rence swore out a warrant Is his own son. Charley; his sister, Mrs. Mason, and bis nephew. IxiUis Masou, wno were in tne house the night of the visit of the White Cappers. All testified to the presence of Press fjove, Louis ami Arnet Maun ana Charlie Torrem-e. This is the only case of White Capping yet brought before the courts of this count v. and because of the general abhorrence by the people of this stecies of crime it has elicited no little Interest. The argument was concluded and the rase submitted to the jury to night. After iH'ing out thirty minutes a verdict of not guilty was brought in. KATCHEZ, MISS. Shot Three Tlmea Bat Xot Danger- oailx Hart. Xatctex, Oct. 15. A Tery sensational shooting took "place at the Natchei Hotel this morning between 6 and 1 o'clock, intense excitement was caused thereby. Dr. Alfred Holt, of Hays Station, Miss., shot at Dr. P. S. Bhett, of Jonesville, La. The first shot was fired in the alcove of the hotel, the second in tbe rotunda and three mere on the 6treet, Hr. Holt chasing Dr. Rhett about three blocks before be brought his man down. One of the bullets pas-ii-d through the wounded man's cheek, another throiich the fleshy part of bis r'.zht arm. The fifth shot struck him 111 the rear of the rignt bip. the bullet ranging upward into the Iieshv part of his buck, where it remains. L)r. Bhett was carried to the hospital. The surgeons say he will recover. Ir. Holt was arrested and afterward released on bond. The cause of the shooting is s.iiil to have been that Lr. liheit n:td threatened to kin lr. Holt, having tt;ld the latter's wife and others aat such was his intention. Some time ago the two physicians were in taart- rership at Hays. Miss., but they had a disagreement. n!-n resulted in a nstioun. when the partnership was terminated, lie Rhett going to Louisiana. Lr. l.bett was unarmed when shot. lioi.. the men are highlv connected. lr. Holt belongs to om of the first families of Mississippi and lr. Khett ti the noted South Carolina family of that -name, be himself having come from Charleston. COLUMBIA. S. C. Poisoned by Canned Fruit. Special to Tbe Times-Democrat. Columbia, Oct. 16. Last night tbe family of James Kigers, of Chesterfield coun ty, ate canned blackberries for supper. Three children, ranging In age from five to twelve, are already dead, aud four other persons who also ate the berries are daugerousiy in. KXOXVILLE. TEXX. Africa Street Railway Decision Knoxvllle. Oct. 16. The recent decision of the United States Court of Arpea'a at Cincinnati in the Africa street railway case will not cause the Africa company to take ui tracks, as reported, ine city sun- Til wunted the decision for protection hereafter, and at.a meetiug to-night of the Citv Council Africa's interests were ti'eded urotectioii aui tae olhuials com- mended. No track wiU be taken up and work will continue. DAYTOX, TEXX. Bniidlnss XV recked by a Dynamite Explosion. Sr-K-lal to The Times-Democrat. Chattanooga. Oct. 16. About 1 o'clock this morning 225 pound of dynamite, which was stored in the Dayton Coal and Iron Companv's supply house, in Dayton, Teua.. exploded with territic force, caus ing much destruction cf prrierty. The snni.'.v house was a large two-story' frame building, and in addition to the dynamite it contained about ?500t worth of other goods belonging to the company. It Is believed that the building was fired by an incendiary, aud that tbe explosion was I A Urge mass meeting was held Thurs- '""" "'" " uisopin-arnuce. ore iur u:eir uura giui . . .. . v,7nuii n and day night in the interests of Sunday ob- ' and has suffered much from exposure and -Um to strange with tnem to pay f ftUL it Edwin Smr'. ,n,i7 ". John Hunter, U. 1.. of Jackson. Levjr. C. , ner sick husband by the police she seemed the Esperanza plantation (value .uuu, tbe ; woml. Franklin, La.; J. H. Eaahl and wite, tt &&rhZ!TiZ cJurc ! to realise where she w.. and threw her &&tfA'iZ " a result. The supply house was blown to atoms. The railroad depot near-by was wrecked, and almost every pane of glass iu the little town was shattered. Several near-by houses were demolished. The company's store aud a large stock of goods was damaged, and the large laboratory was completely destroyed. Singularly enough, no ierson was injured seriously, though several received bruises and cuts from flying glass. The loss to the company is estimated at about $Mtft, while the damage to private property may reach $-t) nre. A large reward is offered for the supposed incendiary. JORDOXIA, TEXX. Mortal Wounds la a Family Quarrel. Nashville, Oct. 1C This afternoon officers having la charge Tax Hyde, who shot and seriously wounded his brother, Shlloh Hyde, and mortally wounded his sister-in-law last night, reached the city. The shooting occurred at Jordonia, ten miles from this city, and was the result of a quarrel between the two brothers over money matters. It is claimed that Shiloh Hyde began advancing upon Ta Hyde 'fad9 .Vt.. drew bis pistol and fired three times, two sh;,ta .t:iki"s effect, ne in the leg the other In the neck. Mrs. Hvde run nut f the house and In attempting to separate lae brothers wan shot Tnd mortallv wonnileil Tz llrilv un Um vhnt hi brother In aelf-defense. and that he did not see Mrs. Hyde during the difficulty, and had no intention of shooting her. lie was piaeeu in jail. SODDY. TEXX. XVorkhoase Prisoners In Insurrection. Nashville, Oct. 16. A special to the Banner from Chattanooga, Tenn., says: The county workhouse prisoners at work near Soddy mutinied last night and twenty-eight of them made a rush on the guards, who opened fire on them with shotguns, wounding half of the men, all negroes, seriously, ami quelling all except I ... . . four, who made their escape. The matter created ereat vxcltenienr at Siulrtv. If is thought that four of the wounded negroes will die. GALVESTOX. TEX. The Mlssinz lira. Anderson Fonnd. Galveston, Oct. 16. Mrs. W. D. Anderson, who disappeared from her home last Thursday morning, has been found and returned to her husband. She had been wauderlng around down the Island in an rrn aboui nim- eToa broke down j ann cried lor Joy. I ine scene was most affecting. She was I discovered sitting on a log on the beach below the Catholic orphan asylum by a young man on bis war to town. He re ported the fact upon his arrival. In the meautime the sisters In charge of the sjtnm had taken her in and were caring for her wbD the police arrived. Freight Bureau, has- received a circular from the Southwestern Traffic Association announcing a rate of M ceuts on packing house products from Kansas City and bt. Louis to Galveston and Houston in car load lots, niiniiauni weights 2VAM pounds. This rate Is based on a ombinatiou ot the locals via New Orleans, to which point tne rate nas ncen reoueea. ine present i rate of 55 cents per hundred pounds, with I a mtnimttm ot jkw poumis is not canceled. There will, therefore, be two rates, based on the ouanmies Indicated. The rate of t5 cents to Texas common points. liO.tWO pounds minimum, remains. and the effect of the new rate to Galveston and Houston will be to place the wholesalers of those cities In better posi tion to handle common point business. IIOUSTOX. TEX. Forty-First Texas Presbyterian Synod. Hojston. Oct. 16. The first day's session of the forty-first annual meeting of the Presbyterian Synod convened this morning, opening with a short song ser vice aud the invocation of prayer, fol lowed by aa Introductory sermon delivered by Dr. J. M. Cochran, of McLen- nan county. He Is an aged divine, having I spent, as he lncidenta'iy remarket!, fifty I years In preaching the Word of God. He 1 eloquently paid tribute to the motners of America, and to the good of a mother's era ver ier, coenran.. wno is presio.1115 numerator, then caiied the syuod into order of business and consecrated its delegation in a feelinir iraver. The svnod came to oraer ana ron can 01 the delegation of elders was called by Beading Secretary A. H. P. McCurd, of Cuero. After the completion of the roll the next In order of ousiuess was the election of moderator cf the synod for the new year. J. H. Wlg-.-ln, of Paris, nominated Itev. D. A., which nomination was secoaded by Bev. Thomas Ward White. Bev. o. M. Luckett was also nominated, but his. name was withdrawn on account 01 ms Being moderator onc before. It was tuen moved that Dr. lie- Rae be elected bv acclamation, which was carried, and he ascended the rostrum and made a speech of acceptance, a. 11. Mrtiiirrtr was elected temporary clerk Kev. J. B. MeCall was elected reading clerk by acclamation. Kev. ,Y. S. Keed tuen mounted the rostrum, ana in a neat speech presented Moderator McRae with a historic gavel presented in the name of the Columbia Churcn 01 ine aynou. HUXTSVILLE, TEX. Three Segroei Killed la a Six-Man Fight. St. Louis, Oct. 16. A special to the Tost- Dispatch from Huutsvllle, Tex., says: A fight occurred a few miles west 01 town between several negroes, mere three on each side and shotguns aud pistols were used. Two sons of llaiup Lacev, on one side, and Keddick Meyeu- u.n n the onoosing side, were Kinea. The senior 1-acey ana two men wuo um-u Stevenson escaped unhurt. The trouble was. over family matters. XAVASOTA, TEX. Another Preferred Creditors As- sisament. Navasota. Tex., Oct. 16. John D. Flew- clcn, general merchandise, has assigned. naming J. S. Busby assignee. rreier- !ica .f:MAX. with several creditors not preferred, the preierred creu.ior is Mrs. Eugenia FieweUeu, Huustuu, Jll.UUO. COSIIAM, VA. Amclie Rlvea Sister to Wed. Soeclal to The Times-Democrat. Kicbinood, Oct. lb. mms uenrwia i.ives. sister ef the noted authoress, Amelia Kives Cbanler will be married to-morrow at noon at the Episcopal Cbnrcb at Cobbam, in Altwciarle eouut v. in gruum o fc.... ,.iei vuunc muu ami lawyer here. About forty well kaown amiety iple left here to-nifiit on a apeciul car over tue cliesa-,.k- ., uh-u road to attend tbe mv, , nt iil be oca of tue DKst lnterextiua in this ate since tbe marriase ot Miss Amelio Uivea. That lauy, wco a uivureeu jroui jir. Cluuiler, and k i m TruuU-tzky, ia iu turope. tested the great tuild- Ing-up tKjwer of Hood's Sarsaparllla and have found renewed strength, vigor and vitality in its use- CITY 1Y BRIEF. Ytster JaT morning a Are was discovered in the woodshed iu the rear of the uuoc eunie.1 two-fit)ry frame buildings, lJ25ind VU27 Milan, between Dp ades and Bam- part stvet. ownd by L. . Hunter. Tue hed. valued at o;o, uesirojeu. 1 vonrniui. a stranser la tbe eity was enticed into tbe dVn of Henrietta Briscoe No 5S Burguniiy atreri. jesicrday afier-b.o' ' and while in ta?re be wu robbrd of S7 -Tb wumaa 'a arretted and. tj Weil to t." i.rk.ia s-mare Statiiu. wheie waa ..r-h.ri Sot tne money not found. Electric car No. 3- of the Comaioa street Une, collided with an ctryty wayon at the corner oi Tulane avenue and Howard afreet, yesterday afternoon, driven by -Moses Madden, cohired. Mad.ien was throwu to tie round aud 3ta'ued fracture of the riht siioul-der The car was damaged about $25 and the wan fl . , , .... v. 1 KtsMibaner a maldence. No. 4!3 St Charle avenue, waa visited by tbiev-.T burs-day c-k-'. who stole clotbiig to the aiuuubt of J:-nr!';t. Cheri and K-nile Mnor. negroes hiid a tzht b u':iil or a gaaie ef caids at tbe shop of Ju.-w;ia I' bare. No. --1 Nortu Vil lere street. Uuriag which Jioore received t vTO c:ta in tbe chin ar-d le.'t le.le. Tbe man was taken to tbe hospital, where bia wounds were pronounced not danserous, Many UiEuecce cou:blne to make the hair crisp, lifelesjj, thin and gray. The best restorative is Farker s Hair Balsam. BANK AFFAIRS. OUTLOOK GOOD FOR RESUMPTION OF THE UXIOX BAXK. Committee of Depositor Visit Bank ot Coatuteree Liquidators The Union's Defalcation. The committee of nine cf which Mr. Joseph Garcia Is chairman, and which was apprdnted at the meeting of the Bank of Commerce depositors at Odl Fellows" Hall on Thursday, yesterday, headed by their chairman, visited the bank in a tody. They were met by the liquidators, Messrs. Keynes and Bush, aud a conference took place, which lasted for some time. The liquidators told the committee that they.had been appointed by the court to liquidate the affairs to the interest of all; that they were not there to repre- Mnt tn8 directory and the stockholders. ir eu Dy lne DJUk lauurc. i lomiuineo was informed that everything was open for their infection, and any information they desired which would faciiititate their labor iu behaif of their organization would be cheerfully furnished them. The committee left the bank satisfied with their reception. The affairs of the Union National Baak are progressing splendidly. The committees on subscriptions on the new stock ate satisfied with their labors and be lieve the amount necessary to reorganize the bank will be rnlsed. Mr. Escott stated relative to the de falcations that their coutiuuous investigation had further reduced the defalcation some (UO.uuO, and he does not think the total amount stolen would exceed fK50.n. Of this amount Colomb. Gsllot and Wolf-son, with the man Swan, are charged up with $17f,0ut. ThU leaves still f iS.tJUO unaccounted for. i n i..i.i.n i.imiiL i m fl.,wIn!r rtrrnl,n -m.n.tin, from th former president of the Bank ot Commerce, W. P. Nicholls. have been seat by mall to each ef the depositors of the bank. They speak for theuuielves: "New Orleans, Oct. 15. ISM. "Dear Sir I uhmlt for your consideration the proposition euittled below: proposition of W. P. Nicbolls ti depositors of the Bank of Commerce: 1. That tbey transfer their balances in Back wf Commerce to tbe credit of tne amount due toe bank by IO u cretin ot lijw unMiufc w "j Nicbolls. reeeiving subrogation of tbe liquidat- a n, mortgage), tbe stock 't be retired one- third annually by profits or sabstitatkin of at!M.r parties In lieu of tbe depositor. This plan is entirely feasible, as by Judicious handling the pmperty can be easily disposed of for more than the amount doe tbe bank.' '1 would desire an answer by Monday next tut the matter should be rloeed as once. If the proposition meets witb your approval. plaae i;n the inclosed petltkm and return same to jours very respectfully. " W. I". .MCHULLS, 142S Josephine street, between Prytanl and Coliseum. "New Orleans. Oct. 15. 100. Messrs. E. H. Keynes and R. G. Bush, Liqui dators Baak vl Commerce, aew Orleans, La.: Gentlemen The undersigned, a depositor in tbe Bank of Commerce, respectfully submits cue roiiowin- proposition: -inai oe ai lowed to transfer tbe ainonnt to eredtt in Bank of Commerce to the credit of the amount dne the bank by Wm. V. Nicbolla. Yim to snhrogste to ail yuur claims against tbe salt! Metolla. "Address: "Amount, $- The Xtw Mercantile Bank. Special to Tbe 'Jimea-Democrat. Washington, Oct. 16. The Comptroller of the Currency has approved the appli cation of the following persons for au thority to organize 'The Mercantile Na tional Bank of rvew Orleans, witn a capital of SlijO.Gvn): U. Maspero, William Ad-ler, Leon Coie. J. T. Aycock, S. f. Ueas-lip aud William C. Dufour. Xew Orleans Xatlonal Banks. Special to The Times-Democrat. Washington. Oct. It!. The abstract of reports made to the Comptroller of the Currency shows the condition of the New 0 w n national banks to have been as ...... , olnM , . hll.llMs. ftrt . Loans and discounts. JlO.eS.'iTO; gold coin and treasury certiiieates, J J12.131 3; silver certincates ami fractional com, i.- Lil.mi 10; legal tender notes. l.rji.4; surplHs fund, ,2tt,oa; undivided pronts, $15,7V2 72; national bank notes outstand ing, f .U2.o4o; individual deposits, fii'N,-141 02: resources and liabilities. r2l,47!.- tU 40; average reserve held, 31.42. PERSOXAL. Messrs. J. B. Adama and W. C. Beachaiu. ef Wesson, Miss., are registered at tbe Denechaud. L. K. Levy and M. Hiller, well known residents of Canton, Miss., are at the Grunewaid Hotel. W. E. Vandlver. one of the most im portant grocery merchants of Seluia, Ala., is at tne uruuewaid Hotel. Col. W. H. Price arrived yesterday from Arcadia olantatiou. Lafourche oarish. and registered at the 6t. Charles Hotel. Among the arrivals at the St- Charles Hotel yesterday were Dr. and Mrs. H. Horatio Browue, of Louisville. Ky. Dr. C. A. Abernathy. a leading physi cian of Pulaski. Tenn.. is registered at the St. Charles Hotel with bis wite. R. G. Kennedy, of the Morgan & Wright Company, Chicago, is at the Gniuewald Hotel, and will remain in the city lor a week. Special Agent Jame? A. McEnery. of the United States Treasury Department at the Cuatoui House, leturued yesterday 1 nun a moutn visit to the mountains 01 irginla. Theo. Cooley. chief of the Department of Fine Arts and History of the Tennes see Ceutenuial Exposition, arrived iu lh city yesterday eveuiug and registered at tne crunewald Hotel. Mr. Cooley In in he city m the interest of the exuosition. aim win remain lor several uays. Gov. Foster arrived in the citv vesterday evening, and without making any partic ular enorx to noise tne news ot bis being in me cuy 100K ixmiuis at tne St. Charles Hotel and preserved a strict incognito. He retired cariy. after a quiet conference with a few of his personal aud political irieuus. Arrivals at Htel Victor: W. Dupre and wife, Texas: M. L. Langdou and wife, Nashville; 1L W. Parkhurst and wife. t una go; a. r. lirane, liiloxl; H. C Janes, Ohio; C. L. Donald, Cincinnati; J J. Heiideru. Louisville; K. A. Matlev. H'eria; t. . eward, Houston. Tex.; J. It. BrantL. Louisa, La.; C. A. Legendre, ThibtMluux; M. W. Jullia. Natchea: K. A. Montearo, Mexico; John II. Wallia, St. Ixmis; II. H. Ward, New York; t. J. St. Martin. Jack-wa, Miss.; T. D. False. Franklin: E. F. Oschwald, Morgan City; F. K. Halden. Mobile; W. W. Williams. Washington; Wm. Spark. Boston; 11. 11. .Montgomery, Jennings, l. Hotel DenecbBiid arrivals: Frank do F Ectiey. Ceo. H. Laib. Leulsville: L. J. Fuller. rbilkUeiiiia; Jiiss r. C. iiills. Bar-linstou. Vt.; W. J. Harrison, Omaha. Xeb.: D. Uosshetm. New York; J. O. Jobnnon. Kansas City: I. A. Fiugerahl. letioit; Miss t;. S. ilalilch. Iionmiaua: Mrs. E. Bloomtleld. Miss liaTiw! Denny, . M. Cudabuc. M l'ulnc. ll.aa.: K. K. Maraton, Cbieanu: W. B. ilny and wile, San Francisco: Mrs. S. b. lia1 el, Detroit; Mis May Larev. VwU.: t. B. Adam. W. C. Beacbam. Wesson, Mis.: K. W. iiesa and wife, Louisiana. Cosuionulitan Hotel arrivals: D. S. Child. Syracuse. N. Y.: J. ti. txoard, Xew York; M. A. Kollin. Pass Christian; J. N. Kaul- 'ft K. Davis7 Pass ?'" I ,ian; k. Mullius Yicksburg: Wm. G. Hi bach. Port 1 rialmette; J. N. T.xle. J. N. bra il l Her. Tr?y. N. Y. ; F. tV. Peauiard. Boston: Vi-tor l'tuaJPljihia; 11. V Lajgjl.cad. New Yorit: F. M. Backer. Boston: Robert E. Masters. Texas: F. X. Rabns, IliebB-ond. Va.: W. D. Tauiors, I'cnsacoht; X. laudoioas. iouia tille. St. Charles Hotel arrival: Ceo. S. JJne. St. Louis; m. E. Uates. Vakshur; C. W. Porter, Strauss, T. J. Quirtn. Waliimo Moore. G. W. Wiusiey, ". A- West, Xew York: Dr. C. A Abtrnaibv. ife and son. Tenneaaee; C. K. Itsnaen, Milwaukee; Dr. and Mrs. W. 11. Browne. L.iu:viile, Ky. ; H. C. Wariaotb and wlie, kiwer coast ; U-ns Boi kwalter. 'btraaxt: V. ii. Prico, ljifounbe: Frank WeUinsimic, Baltimore; M. S. McLean and wife, Miasia-sifpl: C. K. Wclhiian, Wasbiniton : A. W. Weiiuikn, DeXalb, li:.; E. L. puiUlpse, e- Hotel GmnewaM arriTala: Francisco A r-teneer. Mcxmm; J. B. Puilllps. Ivlla Vox Oiieint Company, Xew York; A. Cowraia. Milwaukee: J. K. IjEiimey, Nashville, Tenn.; J. A. Merta. Henry Meller. M. lyiwentisil. Xrw jork: Ijiwo im e Le::J. Cl;y r.f ileil -o: II. C. Vandode, r'.'hna. Ala.; Th ooley. Xaahville. Tenn.; J. F. MH'ary. Birmingham. Ala.: Mrs. C. J. Gier. Mioses Grey, tiattirslsirs, MtM.; Jo: n A. stratton. Tbnt Hyde and wiie. Lajiih ville. Ky. : Louis Iaing. B. H. Ceffman. J. Frank Kelly aud wife. A- B. Goran, Chicago; t-nEST with a big B. ElacIrweU'a Genuine Bull DXXirham Is in a class by itself, ion win una coupon inside each two ounce bag, and two pons Inside ouch four ounce bag of BlackwelPs IbIIIIbQ Smoking Buy a bag of this celebrated tobacco which gives a liatof valuAOie preaenu anu auwin M. S. Bowman. Louisiana: Jos. W. Hannener. St. Louis': M. B. Le.ry. J. S. Seston. Miss-s-stppi; IV. E. Oliver, W. if. Anderson and wife, H. A. Earn., S. P. Bloom. T. A. Le. Wmsdu, Miss.; J. H. Odenral cad wife. Loan J. L. Kulherfiird. Jackaon, Miss.; I. K. Levy, f. Hiller. Canton, ilia.: R. U Price. G. W. Prirotk. Bvron. Mi.; Knlpa G. Gennedy. Mr-rxrvt Wristii C'-I,imi-. Ichn B. Mefer. E. W. , .iin.i v ' i 1 1 t T Krrinstun. w. Al. aiever. iiaii- r. 7 : , 7 ' t .w.n.. t - J. m' TBusseoV. KenttKkj; Geo. E. Youle. Be- loit. Wis. Hotel Eoyal arrivals: A. F. Gry. Bingham, Ga.: J. X Fsvre, Peariinatan, Miss.: J. . Bnrkhart, niinols: M. I. Moran. Birmingham, Ala.: F. S. .siiielda, St. Loul: L. J. Lull. . J. fJcbw.b, Texas; Jamee W. Kniirht, Mm. James W. Knight. New York: T. W. Cbae, Natrbrs: 3I Y. Eitcbie. Virginia; Georse iietcnlf, CinclnoaU. Hotvl PIckwIHi arrivals: Arthur B. Ettiireer. Albert PtM. New York: T. S. Jarvts. BofTaji, ... ... - --- ' --K- M. IMxoa and wife. Cincinnati: H. W. rewrier. N. Y.: bJward Hsrt. Louisville, R.y.: uw. THE M. SCHWARTZ FAILURE. Snlt Filed by the Receiver of the American Bank. Mr. Frank N". Butler, attorney foe Mr. Frank L. Richardson, receiver for the American National Bank, yesterday appeared in the Civil District Court, and, in behalf of the bank, filed the following suit: M. Schwarta & Co. ts. their Creditors, No. 50,502. DiTislon E. Civil District Court. "To the Hon. George H. Thesrd, Judge of Division E, ClvU District Court for the Pariah ot Orleans. State of Louisiana: Th rx.riti.,n of onoosltion of Frank L. Richardson, receiver of the American National Bank, a corporation created under the laws of the Luited State, with Us domicile in New Orleans, Mate 01 Louisiana, to the homologation of the respite herein granted by some of the creditors of said M. Schwarta Sc. Co., aa per pro-ces verbal ot William Ardill. notary. herein filed on the 12th day or October, lSi, with respect, represents: "That M. Schwarta & Co.. petitioner In the above entitled proceedings!, are indebted unto tbe American National Bon's of New Orleans on sundry notes and for certain overdrafts in their open account with said bank in the sum of $ 16. exclusive of interest, a per statement of said notes and overdrafts herewith filed. including list of securities pledged ana made part of this opposition, maried Exhibit A. T hat notwithstanding said M. Schwarta at Co. well knew that they were Indebted to said bank in the aforesaid sum of llOo.jfiO 16, they did wllilujy and fraudu lently place said bank on their sworn schedule of liabilities filed by then; herein as being a creditor ca open account for $43.211 85. and on sundry notes for jis25 fs. total $4-i,5 io 7o. that is to say. for $52,224 46 less than real and acknowledged indebtedness to said bank. "Opponent further says that said M. Schwartz Co. did thus willfully and falsely place said American National Bank oa their said schedule of liabilities for the double purpose of fraudulently concealing the amount of their actual indebtedness from their creditors and in order to make their assets appear to exceed tleir liabilities by a very large mini. and thereby induce their said creditors to believe they were solvent when in truth and fact tbe real value of their assets then was. and now is. much less than the total amount of their actual liabilities, and when thev filed their said false schedule of liabilities they were Insolvent and without a legal right to a respite. That in order for a respite to have any legal effect It is necessary that the debtor deposit In the office of the clerk of this honorable court, with his petition therefor, a true and exact schedule of his debts, sworn to by him. and aa the said M. Schwartz A- Co. did not tile with their said petition for a respite herein a true and exact schedule of their debts, duly sworn to. but, on the contrary, did tile as aforesaid a false and fraudulent schedule of their liabilities with their petition for a respite herein, said respite is. for said cause, without any legal force or effect. Wherefore opponent prays that this honorable court will enter a judgment herein in favor of opponent and against M. Schwartz A Co., Moses Schwartz and M. G. Well, refusing to homologate the proees verbal of the creditors' meeting herein: and furthermore decreeing that tha respite granted herein br some of the creditors of said M. Sehwirts k C., Moses Schwartz and M. ti. Weil, be decreed to be without any legal force or effect. "And In the event of the foregoln; rrayer of this proposition be denied but not otherwise, opponent pray th.tte.iid M. Schwartz & Co. be required tr furnisii seenrity. within the legal delays, in aa adequate amount, that property of which they are left iu possession shall not be alienated, or in case it is. that the money arriving rrom the sale or mortgage of the same shall be enipiored In pavin" ratabiv the debts existing at the time of the r-spite. Opponent further pray for costs swm renei in tn( premise. "FRANK N. BUTLER. "Attorney for Petitioner." RECORDER THOHPSO.VS CASE. Among tho arraigned before Jndge Joshna G. Baker in Section A of the Criminal Dis trict Court yesterday, waa Recorder W. . Thompson. Uecorder Thompson was indicted by tbe present grand jury for oppression la ofnee. 1 e acened, after hearing the Indictment read to bim. pleaded not guiltv. and when asked now be wonld elect to 'be tried, by jutote or Jury, replied be rieaired to be tried ey tne juuee. it was aisenarged bia bond. to await further proceedings. Tbe rfnr waa accompanied by bis attorney. Mr. H. M. Wilson. Dmtrirt Attorney Marr will probably fix the trial 01 tue Kewer rr mnw day next week. FLtilvCED. Vincent Ruggcs, of Laraonrle. La., came ta tbe eity atmut ten days ago for medical treatment. Being reared In the country be did not know ef the many ways in tbe city to luse his money, and be was therefore an easy nark for crooks. Yesterday afternoon be waa tak- inr In tbe algtds and wound op at the shooti gallery. .No. 6"t Customhouse street, where be was mtiiceu to piay t ie p:ate came. He lwt Fl aaj tuea - soneaiea to tbe uuli.-e t at he bad been rot The police .v-c-aipam-d IBS younr man to is siMUtin? gallery. here bo pointed out Thomas Sweeney aa the man who tad beat him out of bis money, gweeoey wae arretted and lorxed ni ia tw Jrok-oo Scuare Station, charged with violating- the gaiiioUnt (jruiuance and also tor beug a dau-gerous sod (uapicuiua character. CATS ELECTROCUTED. Yeiterday afternoon the special agent of the Society for tbe Prevention of Cruelty tt Aul-mals appeared before Recorder Bexoa and swore to an affidavit charging an eighteen-year-o'd ly. t alderwoMl Harris, resklin: at Xo. 3i fct. Ann atreet. which, if true, exuibits a piece of tbe most renned cruelty reported aiu;e the soa-'iety waa uu'iurated eight yeraa. Tje re;rcentaiive of the societj lleves tual Harris ha ben in the practice ot rllorin tae pet rata of the neihoortjfd to his premitea, wheiw he rutin lee theoi with wire allaehe.1 to a galvanic battery, and waea tbe animal is well secured, turns oa tne current, wrten the bound and hai4ese a alma la are electrocuted. sa Ourh QUI JJ Tobacco and read the coupon RAILROAD RACKET. Mr. Harahaa aad Other Officials. General Manager Harahan. of the Illinois Central Railroad, has finished his inspection and left last night for Chicago. In speaking of the improvement at the foot of Louisiana avenue Mr. Harahaa expressed his desire to have the work finished as soon as practicable. There was sufficient traffic in sight to give the elevator and wharves a repletion of business, aud be thought that witiin the next ten days everything would be In operation. Mr. narahan will return to Xew Or leans next week in company with President Fish and the Board of Directors of the Illinois Central, who mil start ea the regular tour of inspection over toe lines as soon as the annual meeting of the board takes pla-e. This interesting event will occur Wednesday next, and it will be reasonable to expect the officials during the closing days of the coming week. Illinois Central Improvements. The Illinois Central has aot yet called a halt in tbe Improvements which are now converting the river front near Louisiana avenue into a commercial mart. While the big grain elevator has been practically completed and operations will be begun in a few da.vsr-lhe construction of tbe necessary warehouses and shed has not been started upon. It has ousa definitely settled, however, that these innovations shall shortly be an accomplished fact, and to this end tbe plans for tae buildings have been determined upon, and the contracts will be let out in the course of the next ten days. From Mr. L. L. Dairron, the resident engineer, it is learned that the wharves will be finished during the next week and the loadins; and unloading of ships be then carried on without interruption. Dedal to Tbe Times-Demoerat. Sardls. Miss., Oct. 14. The steel rang wbti are laying the 75-poucd rails oa tbe Memphis Division ef the Illinois Central Railroad kava reached this place, and will soon have the eld aad light rails replaced by new and heavier ones. In addition to this Improvement, the track la being graveled from Grenada to Metn-nkis. making tbe roadbed solid, so that tb beary encin and trains rannlnat thranch from Chicago ta N'n Orleans can make mnco faster tint without running much risk as t acci-d9. The time la now made la abont twes- ty-sevea bouts, and it will be decreased br a few bnu.-s. Some of the railroad on aay tbat tbe tlnu will he aaaow tn twearv-four hoars. Travel oa this division has greatl increased aince this has beea made tbe mala paweneer line between Chicago aad New Orleans. Southern's Shops Resnano Fnll Honrs at Selina, Ala. Special te The Times-twovorrat. Selma. Ala.. Oct. 16. The employees of the Southern Railway shops have for the past thirty days been working only five hours a day. Yesterday a bulletin was posted la the shops statln that, commencing to-day. blacksmith carpenters and car repairers, would work eight bonrs per day. It ha- been charged that tbe Southern made the reduction for political reasons. Railroad Xotes. Ross Bookwalter. Chicago passenger and ticket agent of the Cbicago and East ern Illinois Railroad, wa in the city yes terday. T. N Jarvis, manager of the Traders- Dispatch, from Buffalo, N. Y.. was In the citv visiting his friends yesterday. The many friends of Mr. Charles Hn-hener, the well known private secretary of General Manager tta leca. or tne Southern Pacific Company, will be grieved t learn of the death of Mrs. Ha-hener. which sad occurrence took place TKrsday night at a late hour. Mrs. Hu-bener has been la bat. health for several mobtbs. The remains or tne unrortnnaie lady were laid to rest in Metatrie Cemetery vesterday evening, a larse concourse of ra'ilroai men attending the hut sad rites. Ladles never have dyspepsia alter a wineglass 01 Dr. Slegert's Angostura Bitters. COIX1XG SILVER DOLLARS. Under a recent order from seadtiuartrrs. the local Mint Is coining silver itJiaiv. aad aas been a:nce toe 1st of the montb. There will N ruined durina the inucth of tietoher abe $,K.i in a:lver dolbint. The Mint is running full time, and w:ia 111 raumna, TO CURE A COLD IX OXE DAT Take Laxative Brouio tjuinine Tablets. Ail drugg:M refund tne money u it iaus t cure. 25e. SUXDAT LAW CASE. Judge W. L. Evans, attorney tor Caas. Gcisitier. against wbom aa uuarmattoa was CUd f-r vk-latuii tbe Sunday law, yeatetday appeared before Judge Josbaa O. Baker, ia Section A of the Criminal District Court, aad filed a motion la behalf of bis client. The motion demanded that District Attorney R. II. Marr show cause why the caae of the State v. Cbas. Ge issuer, for violating tbe Sunday law. ebould not be ttxed f trial. lnaaoca aa one Jury term baa paaae.1 and tbe other m half over aim tbe accused bas beva arrested and charged. Tbe rouxt ordered the muttoa tl-l awl UKgeatd to the attornev tbat District Attorney Marr has h; docket overed wiih prws wbo are is lail and unable to give bond.4. aad if be deai-od to let tbe nw-tsie lay it could be laka 09 at suue tutare day. DE- HAINES GOLDEX SPECIFIC CURES RUMKENNESS It can be given wltaoat tho knawltdge of the valient la coffee. ta, or armies ot food: will eTct permanent and speedy rnro. whether the patient hi a :noierate drinker or an wwk. Book of parrlculam free, to be had ef I L. LYONS & CO.. ucp aud Gravier sts. W. T. CLL'YEUICS. bOt Cafil street. ' XfcW OKLKASa. TEETH EXTRACTED POSmXELT WITHOUT PA1X W manufacture all of ear own Tltaiized Air. ftntk every day. and we call the attention ef tae nervals and delicate i this fcara-Utsa nieLiwd. ifSce open Sunday, S to, 1. PHILADELPHIA DE'JTAL RCQMS, Xo. 1 EOURBOX. CORXER CAXAL. WIDOW LOUISFSIGEEIO OPTICIAX, lntaCnnal Street. .rcL.terts' lU-gintera' and Xavigation -up-phes. ole agent gueea a Cot iuiiaevr-icg InstrsiiMrBLa. fcl'-ie print paper, walrus, jewelry, spectacles. actUWial huiuaa eyes Kye ruiieiest'.y tested fre of caare. &auieg of ail kinds a specialty. I

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