St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on October 28, 1900 · Page 8
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 8

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 28, 1900
Page 8
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8 SUNDAY MORNING ST- LOUIS POST-DISPATCH OCTOBER 28, 1900 PATENT - LEATHER BOOTS have: the: call. Tomorrow, with an array of values that'll startle the town. Read these and then Republic for other sensational features. They're grand- refer to our ads in today's Globe-Democrat and every one of them. fWE'RE 0!M t (DILI 1 LHUiLo Are Showing Very "Natty" Designs Patent Leather, mannish last, extension sole, bright kid ton, lace boot, AA to D, 2 J to 7 Patent Leather Lace, cloth top, opera toe ami heel, Iiht. flex- ffj Crt S2.50 ible sole, AA to H, 2h to 8 Patent Leather, silk sere? top, Louis XIV heel, lace boot. thin, flexible sole, AAA to D, 2io8 S3.50 Patent Leather, hand-turn sole. lace, kid or cloth top. opera Qfl rtfl toe and heel, stamped '"Dress Boot." AAA to E, 2 to SCtTiUU Vici Patent Leather (Ideal kid) Lace Boot, light welt sole. PI nfi full round toe, tip same, AAA to D, 2a to 7 wH'iUU 3 French Patent Leather Boot, kid top, hand-turned, Louis tfr nn XIV heel, AAA to D. 2 to 8 CJlUU H Very finest selection of Patent Leather, Louis XIV heel, Qf flfl to L). to - -UUiUU new last, handsomest in the city, AAA SEE SHOW W1SDOWS I OR STYLES.Q B KnnrlflinoPn Cor' Braa4wa r; r ju c ti it n v. vuv k v n s s Ope2 L7j7 10 O'CIock Saturday Sight. nti Lucas Av. murine tut urn i hi rHVuno uiL hullm ADMIRAL HICKBORN FAVORS MORE SUBJIARINE BOATS. THEY ARE EFFICIENT DEFENSES He Says They Are Economical of Men and I.Ioney and Have Beneficial Effect on Hostile ITatiou. WASHINGTON", Oct. 27. Har A'lmiral Ilichborn, rhk'f constructor if the r.:ivy, strongly advocates tlie construction of additional submarine boats ami the building of vessels in navy vards, in Ms annual report, just mad; in'dio. i "The last year lias 1 rouccht to fruition the j experimental work covering a considerable ; period," savs the rear a'lmiral, "and has j demonstrated the practicability of the sub- ! marine boat The vessel which the d' part- ; ment recently acquired has shown hem-If callable of such perfect control in the vertl- ; oaf plane that she may be kept within a few j inches of any desired depth while, , or brought to the surtaee ana taKen unoer eain in a verv short time. IJer direction and control in the horizontal plane on the surface is effected with the same facility as anv other craft, and, submersed, is limited only by the difficulties of vision. Her crew are. provided for on board with reasonable comfort and perfect safety for such periods ns she may be in service, and workiii.T cither upon the surface or submerged. Her armament, consisting entirely of torpedoes, gives her great offensive power. "In ppite of the unsuitableness of the forms of power generators at present available for a vessel running both on the surface and submerged, there Is attained, under both conditions, a speed which, while not all that la desirable, will make the vessel capable of efficient service as an element for coast defense. "Of the possibilities In the application of efficient submarine vessels to coast defense work It Is not necessary to speak; nor is it necessary to do more than mention the economv of men and money in this form of defensive preparation and the moral effect upon an enemv which will come from a knowledge that we possess and are employing for . oast and harbor defense vessels of so great Possibilities. At least one European nation having a considerable coast lino to defend has entered seriously upon the construction of submarine vessels, and has in hand, or projected, a considerable number ..if this class of vessels. "Kxperience has shown that the appearance of any particular type of fighting craft in sufficient numbers to make its possibilities a factor to be considered forces modifications in tvpes previouslv existing. That this should "be particularly the case with submarine vessels there is every reason to believe, and there can be little doubt that to the first nation in the field with the new type will accrue not only the advantages which will come from the possession of efficient vessels of this type, but the additional adaiitage in saving in cost which will result from an early understanding of the n. w type and the modifications which its introduction will force in existing types." I'pon the question of building ships In navy yards the report says: "There is at tiie present time, through the prosperous condition of the shipbuilding industry and the number of naval vessels building and appropriated for, sufficient work to permit the assignment of a portion of t:ie building work to the government yards without there being a question of the withdrawal or withholding of necessary support and assistance through work given out to a private industry, the maintenance of which in a high state of efficiency is unquestionably of national importance. These conditions make it possible to eliminate from the discussion any questions of policy, except such as affect economy and efficiency." Building in Navy Yards. Hear Admiral Ilichborn says he believes that "we have reached that stage in naval development still considerably behind our national development which forces upon us serious consideration of this step which other naval powers have found necessary and expedient. At the outset the disadvantages to be labored under will be considerable. Time and experience will do much toward the alleviation or possibly the eniire removal of many of these. W hile under existing conditions, as In the case of the lirst vessels built in our navy yards, it may be expected that the cost will net be greatly different from may even be WEBTHEIMER'S KID GLOVES. The great lot of these celebrated kid gloves that we scooped in at auction is going like wildfire. We bought none of the damaged gloves only cleam, perfect goods and every pair is guaranteed absolutely perfect. None fitted to the hand in this sale, but sizes guaranteed as stamped. Werlheimer's 89c kid gloves for 42c Wertheimer's i.oo kid :or gloves UO' Wertheimer's Carlton 81.50 kid gloves . . . 77c Remnants of Black SILKS AND SATINS. Over 1000 pieces the liae of travelers' samples from a large Eastern silk mill finest of black gros grains, satin Duchess, satin taffetas, plain taffetas and plain satins in , and X yard lengths. They go on sale to-morrow at ridiculously low prices In Millinery department Remnants worth 50c. 10c Remnants- worth 75c. Cr Remnants 3flr JLD worth ei.SOtjV CURES If Fflif FREE. Send Name ant! Address To-day--You Can Have It Free and be Strong and Vigorous for Life. INSURES LOVE AND A HAPPY HOME. ran, Jltl Milium WM wins.- sa ivy fr. U W. KNAPP. M. How uny man m.iy quSrkly enr himself aftr m of uftrtng itdin uai flknis, lost i-tiiliry, niKl't 1. varithfUi. t-l. h:;i1 rnlurir' tmali. wiHk tuchnt to fuli mz iti ri.r. Mm. I'ly n'Ql yur n.'itiu mul h1 'r'f lr. L. V. Knapp. ti5 Hull lilil-v, 1 nii.l ho Klmlly -f:nl U:r ( ri'-.;j.i will full illre'--tlotis. si tn.'tt tuy Mian iiimj entlv litnitif k t iH.uif. Ttt.s tp ivrtnin jr a nnwt iiniri'iM i ff t. tbp 1 iir r?.'i.t ltikrn friin h Ualijr u1 titttll ihnw wiint tilftl ttiluk tf hid Kfltfiui I V : 'l-r Sir r;iM acv'it my tbrinka for yottr of tni dHti. I buv your tmsl- toirut m tb(rtiu;h tint, id-1 th btn-flt bum ben lrortllnr. It tiita cvnifiletel braced m av. I m Junt a TtEmron wim a boy, and jom rnnit realize Low bappy I am." "!.-nr sir-Ynur mtlu.ii workl beantlfnlly. R- im Ki-rr fia.'i.y ha: 1 nov.l1. Stivnglh aot iiaTf oiiiiiic;i-ij- returncU and rnlargctueot .1 rn'lroiy aatlr.ictory." I'ar Mr -lours was recli-d. ant I bad no irmiDie in niBuinu no or the receipt as dlrec.e.1, and sn tnitbiuiiy iuij- It u a ln to weak men. I am STatly iuipruio.i In size, atrenith and vigor." All -or:iiXM1-ni-e Is ttrb tlr mnfldrntlal. Mal.e.1 in plain wilfd rnrloi. Th rroeiut la fr fur tb aklu. and fa wants aver; luuu to oat ia 20 B 1 B" V E"" IF aFk AT 50c ON THE $1 .00. LIKE CUT.. 2.95 The latest triumph of our tireless and aggressive New York buyer the entire stock of L. BRENER, 49 Broome Street, New York City, the largest and best known manufacturer of children's garments in New York gathered in at practically half its real value rushed through by fast express and ready for the parents when the store opens tomorrow morning. It's the greatest sale of Girls' Reefers ever held in St. Louis, and we're making preparations for a rousing, enthusiastic response! LIKE cur.. 2.95 We illustrate four of the leading styles in this purchase. They're jaunty little coats, ia the new box-shaped effects wide, double-breasted front high and low collars or with flaring or scalloped sailor collars, trimmed with broadcloth to match and rows of fancy braids. Some have deep hoods, lined with fancy plaid or striped silks. The materials are pure wool plain coverts, fancy novelty mixtures and rich boucles, in the new greens, royal, tan, castor, brown, red and combinations. Owing to the immensity of this purchase, the selling will take place on onr third floor, and to make selection easy, we have arranged them on separate tables, according to sizes 4, 6, 8, 10 anl 12 years and you can almost wait on yourself. Choice of all, worth $4, $5, $6 and $7.50 for " ' ' like n nr CUT aClSO Trimmed Hats, Like Cm, 99c. LADIES' FELT SHORT BACK SAILORS Like cut in black, brown or trimmed with velvet bad aronnd crown, silk drape and tw swa low tail blackbirds a chic an jaunty hat worth 82.00 Monday only at Famous Ladles' Trim navy stylishly med ITats Fine felt tarbins In black, tirown, navy, pearl and castor trimmed with black fancy atlK 1.25 Ladles' ready-to-wear hats all new (roods, eaod run colors, C 7 were 49c, 75c and 8c Monday ooly.aj Children's Peep O' Bo Hats 49c Children's Mexican Hats i v In various colors worth 98c j C. Monday at Famous AS Children's Camel's Hair Tan. In aaaorted color, and combinations worth 9&c Ljrf Fancy Feathers-black. brown. natural I A colon-worth U5c... I UC Black Bird., with wal-lowta, ft worth 2&c I UC 47c with hiarh crown and ruffled brim in rd, navy, brown-worth $1.76 Children's Trimmed Hats Fancy felt flats trimmed with gilt braid f ptitched taflrta Rooette and fIJC Quill worth $1.60 Monday jS Children's Felt Flats with velvet bound edg-e finished with .ilk wire aad trimmed with velveteen, gilt braid, large ehowr fancy feathers and g f silk a beaaty. worth II II C $1.75. for V"W Black Ostrich Plumes Uood, glcmiiy, bard "C stock worth Hxs..,0" Glossy Black Parrots Finn smoot h stock worth 75c Monday at ij-Famous oC 2S Beaotiiiil Oil Pziinti n FREE! FREE! FREE! We have engaged the services of the celebrated landscape artist. Prof. E. M. Burt who holds all world's records in this line. He will be at work in one of our Morgan street windows every day this week. His oil paintings are beautiful, executed with marvelous rapidity and cover a wide range of landscape and marine subjects. All of Prat Burt's oil paintings will be given absolutely free to our patroms. A large 14x22 OIL PAINTING FREE with all purchases in any of our departments to the ft II in and amount of oZ.UlJ over A large 22x36 OIL PAINTING FREE with all purchases in any of our departments to the ftp nn and amount of OUiUU over Ask the clerk for coupon when making your purchases. somewhat greater than for the same work i executed by contract in private shipyards, I the bureau believes that sucn a course, once entered ution. would demonstrate Its desirability and practicability in an In creased efficiency and economy In naval ad- j ministration, recarnea as a wntue, wnnmn interference with a Judicious policy of sucn ftovernment encouragement of the shipbuilding industry as will keep the greatest number of establishments In a position to undertake and execute promptly any naval work which may be required." "B!s Four Route" to Cincinnati, service, track and equipment. Finest IN MEMORY OF MR. FURNISS Special Services at St. Stephens Mission for the Late Warden and Organist of the Church. Solemn services In memory of the late Anthony Furniss, who, with a portion of his family, lost his life In the great storm at Galveston, will be held next Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock, the eve of All Saints' Day, at St. Stephens' Mission, Sixth and Rutger streets. Mr. Kurni;;s served seven years as warden and organist of St. Stephens' and was held in high esteem. He was born in London in ISfjO nnd was connected with the Missouri Ir'acitic Railway Co. 15 years as auditor of the railroad's coal company business. With his wife and throe daughters he had gone to Galveston to spend his vacation at the beach. There the storm caught him. Hid l'ody, strangely enough, was found in the Protestant Cemetery, but it was taken, with those of his wife and daughters, and buried at sea. He left a young son in St. Louis. It is designed by the congregation of St. Stephens' to eventually erect a bronze statue to the memory of Mr. Furniss, who will ever be remembered with affection by all who knew him. Not Necessary to Die. Tt costs no more to pay $1000 to a live man than It does to the estate of a dead one. THE MUTUAL, FIDELITY COMPANY. Baltimore, JId. W. R. Mcintosh, general agent. 1206 Chemical building. Investigate. RECEPTION TO REV. FR. TRACY. St. Lawrence O'Toole's Parish Honored the Eloquent Priest. Rev. Father Tracy, former spiritual di rector of St. Lawrence O'Toole's parish. was tendered a reception by the Young Men's Sodalitv of the parish. Tuesday night. Father lirennan, present pastor, presided, and opened the intellectual feature of the reception with an address, which was responded to by William Keilty on behalf of the sodality. Father Tracy then gave a vivid description of the most jrportant things he saw while on his tour of Europe with Archbishop Kaln. He devoted much of his time to descriptions of scenes in Ireland. An elaborate musical program was rendered under the direction of John T. Kill-oren by Misses Keilty and Placke, and Messrs O Keefe, MeOownn, Nuns, Keilty. Powers, Leahy. Rogers. Krebs, Belser and Adams. First of the season. New York Select Oysters. 5c per dozen. Milford. 209 North Sixth street. GALLOWAY ORGAN REC ITAL. Musicale at Zion Church, With Mrs. Bang as Soprano. Charles Galloway, organist, and Mrs. O C Rang, soprano, will give a musicale t tlie Evnngellcal Lutheran Zion Church. Twenty-first and IKnton street, at 8:lo o'clock on the night of Friday. Nov. 2. Mr. Galloway will r'X a concertsatz In C Iouls Thlele. mclodle. in C (Th Sa lome), canon in B minor (Robert Schu-mann. grand cheur dialogue, tt-usrene Gl- gout). fantasie on "Ein Feste Burg" (Ch. Kink), sonate in D minor (F. Mendelssohn), canzonetta in A sharp minor A. Guilmant), "Elevation" (S. Rosseau), and the great G minor fugue (J. S. Bach). Mrs. Bang will sing "Jesus of Nazareth" CCh. Gounod) and "Come Unto Me" (V. Coenen). The musicale will be given under the auspices of tho Young Men's Society of the church. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for children teetWn relieves the child from pain. 2.V M. S. TJ. Alumni. At tho annual meeting of the St. Louis Alumni Association of the University of Missouri to be held at the West End Hotel, next Tuesday evening. Dr. R. H. Jesse, president of the university, will deliver an address to the alumni on the university and its progress. REWARD OF MERIT. A New Catarrh Cure Secures National Popularity In Less Than One Year. Throughout a great nation of eighty million it is a desperate struggle to secure even a recognition for a new article, to say nothing of achieving popular favor, and yet within one year Stuart's Catarrh Tablets, the new catarrh cure, has met with such success that today it can be found in every drug store throughout the United States and Canada. To be sure, a large amount of advertising was necessary in the first instance to bring the remedy to the attention of the public, but every one familiar with the subject knows that advertising alone never made any article permanently successful. It must have in addition absolute, undeniable merit, and this the new catarrh cure ceitainly possesses in a marked degree. Physicians, who formerly depended tip-on inhalers, sprays and local washes or ointments now use Stuart's Catarrh Tablets because, as one of the most prominent stated, these tablets contain in picas-ant, convenient form all the really efficient catarrh remedies, such as red gum, Gua-acol, Eucalyptol, and Sanguinaria. They contain no cocaine nor opiate, and are given to little children with entire safety and benefit. Dr. J. J. Keitiger of Covington, Ky., says: I suffered from catarrh in my head and throat every fall, with stoppage of the nose and irritation in the throat affecting my voice and often extending to the stomach, causing catarrh of the stomach I bought a fifty cent package of Stuart's Catarrh Tablets at my druggist's, carried them in my pocket and used them faithfully, and the way in which they cleared my head and throat was certainly remarkable. I had no catarrh last winter and spring and consider myself entirely free from any catarrhal trouble. Mrs. Jerome Ellison of Wheeling, . Va.. writes: I suffered from catarrh nearly my whole life and last winter my two children also suffered from catarrhal colds and sore throat so much they were out of school a large portion of the winter. My brother who was cured of catarrhal deafness by using Stuart's Catarrh Tablets urged me to try them so much tTiat I did so and am truly thankful for what they have done for myself and my children. 1 alwavs keep a box of the tablets in the house and at the first appearance of a cold or sore throat we nip it in the bud ati'l catarrh is no longer a household afthctio-n with us. , ' Full sized packages of Stuart s Catarrh Tablets are sold for fifty cents at all dru- LAOOES' TAOLOODIuJ? THE BEST IN ST. LOUIS. r 1 8 BROADWAY AND PINE. ZSI !?? 9m -fTrtTTi.T..fa f f t..TTTT T- -H-r-:--H-:-H-I-!-J-H-H-r-H SHEET MUSIC BARGAINS. We are the largest exclusive Mail Order Sheet Music House in the world. Over two hundred thousand members praise our methods. The following low prices will prove our claim that we undersell the universe. Send for our mammoth catalogue of bargains. 50c Music for 19c IN GILDED "BIRD CAGE," "MY LADY LU," "THK RLUE AND THE GRAY." "I'D LEAVE MY HAPPY HOME FOR YOU." "ANSWER." "I'VE WAITED, HONEY, WAITED LONG FOR YOU." "I'D LIKE TO HEAR THAT SONG AGAIN." "I'M CERTAINLY LIVING A RAGTIME LIFE." "SMOKY MOKES' MARCH." "HANDY ANDY MARCH" tNew), "BEN HUP. MARCH." Also the successor to that great sacred sonf, "Tho Ho'v City." entitled "IN HIS STEPS." This sonr Is considered the greattat sacred song of the times. On Sale, Special. 17c Special sale on the SOL BLOOM FOLIO OF NEW COPYRIGHT MUSIC, containing 33 complete compositions, special price, postpaid, 50c. This book gives you mere for your money than any other music bargain ever olfered. Special sale on BEN HARNEY'S RAGTIME INSTRUCTOR. The only book of its kind published, giving full instructions how to play ragtime: also containing several beautiful ragtime selections. The entire book, complete, postpaid, 25c. FIVE new sons which re the coming hit of the country, y Buy them now before every one has therm "THE WAY TO WIN A WOMAN'S HEART," "SADIE, VOLS MY LADY HIKD.' 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