The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 24, 1934
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MARCH 24, 193-1 BLYTHEVILLE. (ABK.V COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE AJJT O O O I L E. P A O E Mews and Motes for the /liotorisfs Auto Chiefs Smilo-Rnt Slancl Pal at Strike Parley < I !LI<J<> Volume o Business iov Nation's' Slfaii Carriers i . i PON'IIAC Mlch.-The nuioiuo-j !i.. industry pl«ys a very import"l Part ill till 1 rillll'iia'l business : ! U\U ewmtry winy. More than 33.UOO fiviuhl cars v:ll Ix- rccmiieii to haul Dial p.m it I'onliae 1SH production thai Mil I*' Fliiu|x-<l by rail, acconhr.',' j K II Itogel.s. traffic limnayer ! the 1 'online Motor Company. Although ill' 1 motor car is a ihecl competitor of ilie railroads n Ihe freight and pa.wngers car- ied over the- highways. Mr. Hog- poinicu ovil xhai the suitonio- indu.stry duubtlcss has con- -.-IbiitcU more lo iheexpaiy^ni and irnspcrity of all railroads throu;;li- '• ml llic. country during- the last wcnty-five years than anv otl'.er ingle factor. Vigwes prepared by the Niulon- i 1 Auiwnobile Chamber of Coin- icice slio\v tluit year 2,621.000 arloatis of ainiiinoiive freight •'•re liauled over the Hacks ol iriii-rican railroad-s. Revenues to he roads from llii.s source ran rlosc to 5350,000,000. Automotive reight accounts for 15'.; of the otal railway traffic ol the couu- "It is difficult 10 estimate how nany railroad men are yiven ern- iloyment because of the motor car: nduMry" Mr. Rogers said, "but. i igures compiled in our own dc- jartmcm show that approximately 200 freight car.s will lx* in COM inuous use clay ailer Oay lo tiiV:e tare of the 75'.; if Pontiac's 1934 irodiiction Hint wii! he shipped by •ail. An additional 50 care are in :on.slam use hauling incoming ma| e-rinls and supplies to the factory.; On Hie basis of 90 freight cars ' |»r train as an au-rase. there will! lilleen freight trains wlih lo-! |:oniolives and crews .serving 1*011-; j.iac Motor Company in all times. |5even men constitute the average : 1 rain crew and three crews a day ' ire required to keep all trains' |"rioviiiu. Ti^is means more than '• J!00 railroad men employed by the i I'ailroatis just, to move the freight i f the Pontiac Motor Company, j -Of the 150.000 Honliac siraight j'ighls lo he built in 1934." con- i I inucd Mr. Rogers, "approximately j Winner of Grand NalionalVJ fti!io:ni_'t)i!c chiei.s of tin.- nation came si krence with I J re. l .ii!etil Iloosev:'lt in an ucod firmly against compromise, with ;li- i.'i'psie'fin Paeknrrt Motor Car Co. and 1: "or'poralion; I.xiiie!dvo:i ISrown. vit" |iri Motors: J>,!'.;i TlMimas Kuiilli. lo itii- Wlilte HoiLse. as >hi:wn here. but emerged urlm :ui(l slh-n 1 !"«" u two-hour <'nii- ui-iisii: ID avert the thivacutil nalic;n-w:tli' j irike of ^00.000 :ini<i:ni>liih- workers. They A.. 1'. <i! I. u-fl to VI\".H HH- AUrnl !' K' Ji.. pic.acletil General M.\!or,v. Alvany Miirtuiiey. utl of -hr Niitional Automobile Chamln-r of Commerce; Waller P. CliuMiT. im-sldi-iu Ctnv.sler :c!n]t GciK-ral Motors; C. \V. Nii^li. clinii 111:111 Nash Motors; N'ieho!:i-. Ki-lli-y. vli-e [iieMili'iit .-in CJ-.'iu-r:il Mot»,>,-. Hoy 11. ctiapln, prKiili-.H mirtsoii Mi>n«r Cnr Co. unil fuun>'i -erct:i:v of coimnejce jn the HtK>vi'i- atlmjnisttalion. nilin K-- Famous Racers Gnthnsc Over Plyrnoulh Springing lyiH? f\r,:it!cr <i!t>.sli{ii'-il WMiibiiM coinbliiul with the Ijurctlfjii vi\e mon 1 heads with nnvly- ibiiMlon ehainljers. new dual ruv- ixtwrr with de- crenseil compression. i Thc iiansmlsslon provides four j speed. 1 . Iwward. Gems in nil for< wnru vpMtls run in rnlk-r iitul bah t>ca]-iii^. saving power, n'ducing wear ::uil prolonging life of the iinlls. 'I hi' four forward speeds furnish Die wide ranyo of power required for nil phases of truck oj)eral;<j:i. from pulling heavy luads nyiUns; ]wur traction coiulitlons to hleh-.MH'cl service on paved highways. Soviet Fires Tire Director for Doubling MOSCOW. iUI'1 —Kur (larliii: to s:iy lh;it tin 1 Soviet. Government's plan in iirahice fliW.MM nulomii- lu!i- lln-.-i in I!1S-1 taniHA ln> nil- Ill)'d ulllK.iit imiKirliiij; y.OOO.UI^J | liiil'les ftiirtli of furi'lKit (((iiip- ineiil. 1). I. Miehalluv. ilherior of [i tire larlory ill .laroMival, Invi l:iril diMillssecl fiolt! Ills post. Jn uiiieriiiM Mlchalliiv's <]l.iiiil.s- Knto ordjoiilklilsi' said: "Any di- iculor who dl^fijiprov:':. i,f u i;ov- r t miii-iu plan cannot remain as :t hrni o! nn enlej-jjrLsi-." Clini|i rhni! I'irfrctnl Mll.WAUKMK. Wl'i. lUi'l —Ail plMiu- iliiil In' .S'llil for ;TO> I v. an:l Him will travel W nil's i.ii a italloii of ijasnllne has ;i'tn iieid-clril liy Hny nil Ucsn- s!e. a MHwimki e ineelianic. The ilaiif. wlilch lie has flown n tlls- I;IH:T of ;i.WJO mMrs In :!fi hours, is cii;::i'i)le of allainiiu: a .siyi'd of HH) miles an hour. Opening of "I9;M- I'Vi^idairc .Line .\llrncts InU'i' Canyini; the heavy InipoM of no |i I'.IIHK. (inlden utoie inking a liurdle, won the Gunul Nuttonai m land, one of Hie world's mosl dan-+ • serous >teep3e('liariC.s. C3o!den Mll-i^ lei^ Is ownett by MI.S.S Dorothy IM- gel. a firaiutdaiifjhler of the Am- etiean millionulri-. \Villliiiu C. Whitney, and was one of the f.i- vorlles In the iviiKcrknu. slmwn '. Km;- Hilly Arnold and Harry Hartz. dare-devils of the spjEdwajs • d in ir"r,l lieroes in many Hnilimg races, discuss the distinct advantages of Plymouth's individual from wheel spiinginj. -Tliis distinclive Plymouth method ol spntigin;; will tes-,i>r. ilie physical sir.un nf .1 tt--.K i- -e ami irnlerlaliy re;!uc? lhi> wear and tear on the car." Billy is saying; to Harry after i!,<\ "it 1 iiv'fil Hie cr.r over nlruan a';le roads. .12,5.00 of them will leave tile plant! cars take from! impas- Ijy rnll.'' p FTi'JElii/cars take from ' —i. fi±. .W I'.hree to four automobiles. Our rec-' I I [11" IP lirds show Dial the average is :i.4 i I I fj r I | l?oiiliacs per freight car. To car-1 I 111 L lU ['y Hiese 112,500 untomolJiles :if:e XI.OS6 freiglit cars. apacious iusna:iv lart-e hrakini; aretis and j.'peciolly (iesiyned drums of the i n:r : chanLeal brjikinr; system jjro- n« safety. 'Ihe uuewed inlf-resl of hriine owii-ji.-- :md housewives in [icrnia- nenl n;t]!ions for their esub- i llilimrni'i was clearly evident lliis I week from ihe Ihrong of men ami ! wome:: who vjshul the showroom i ol Ev::v.t n. dee Sales Co.. ut ; 401 \V v,nin St.. where ilie I!) 1 .!', line oi Frigidaires went on exlii- bilion for the first time. • The interest that has dcin shown i in n;od'.'rn,slrc3m lined nutonio- i biles M.IS eqi:a)led by Hie thoroughness witti which the spring' (jpcnjiiij visitor:; inspected, the ic-J frigerators. ^^'^Jtl;cn were fascinated by tlie j lines of the new cabinets and thr:! | larger slorage spaces nvnllnblr- for (mil stornge thew allentlun from uoinen while lh'^ tivtn cyliiKler super power mechanical mil: sii]i]ilics the rrliliji'inliiiii intuvue'l ineu visitors. "l-'rlgidalle tills yi'iir inlriKJun 's cue of the lar^e.-it hues ill ils hi:.- lo:y—Ilfteeii intKl'jIs n;njjing insi 1 "- ami price so that there is » I'n 1 .:idiiir: 1 fr:r ev-'iy ^.uri):;.-.! and pn/,->''. The liKM I'rlnidaln- Is built wlt'l tin 1 care and'precision ih;il gfiin'o ihe rhiesi General MOUHH ears," .-aid Mr. Oe. 'file hem I i ing 12-1 work ilone by :;in human in one day is to,imt lo lilt- tons 11 foot high. The Mont Careful Driver in Always nt I he Mercy of a If c c /i / <: .s « One, \'n\ir (inly !tr:ivy (L'imi Lini! \'t ii[ii'i •.itiahri! in : First Insurance Aycncy MONTHS OF EXTRA MILES FREE IN THIS TIRE! Rcav men I Holds Baggage Compart-''Company Offers Full Line .VKe .mi.sni'im iiraHinK safety. slmng f(XK , M( ,,, ^ c|OS(1|y lh( , I Ml . Tne new Ford V-8 tiuck engine • number of ice trays and Hie auto-: ) fir !' K camjv.«-i and easily servtart. u malic ice trny releasing featmr- _MU|i!. more economical in oprrr.iion. ihat entitles a [ray lo be delivering :i yciuer pnwer otiipiii, removed willioul cracking onn's Spare Or iBlythcville Motor Company Will Handle Chr>-s-| lphaerl S ^ DETROIT. Mich.—On thc Tcr- rp.plane. and Hudson care for 193-1 of V-8 Powered mercial Vehicles Com- Opening of the filytheville Mo- Itor company ill the building alli;i| it Main street was anr.ouv.ceit) I'.oday by Lloyd Stickmon, niiin-i 1 igcr. The ne\v coiicein will hati-! |Jle ttie Okismobile and Chrysler; Iliues in this lorritory. ; Mr. Stickmon Ls well known in' I Mississippi county and is (ho--. Iwglily faun;. :•-• with' the atitoui'.i-i Ibile business, .'.ith which he ILLS' | been connected for several yenis. Two new Airllon- Chrysler se- I dans were deliveretl cy l>ie coin- Ipany duiins the past week, oiwj tour so that the spare I to N'enbe-iry Johnson of StccL\; r . ra |ed while iMo., ami another to H. Highnil of ' IDlvtlieville. l-oiii engine ever built. New truck- 1 ' The hydraiors"for vi'BcCiblc ami j Dislrihiit New 1'ord V-8 trucks and eom- 'mercial cats. iKtwered v;i'.h ihe UO carried in a power Ford V-8 engine are ; i ni i i -i < thc rear- This com - "ow on di.-play at Ford dealer lev aild Uldsinoblle :p-irlmenl is within Hie body con- showrooms throiieliom Hie United ! Slates. •71' N'ev. 1 f:ill-floaltng rear axle, im- ! ^J J. prcvetuetits in the special typ"* V-8 trucl: euxiue. ;\uci newly <'.v- sianed front cud are amoiiL; the • features of the Ford V-8 truck. Rear spniu's are of the doubl'. 1 shackled semi-elliptic lytx 1 . A wide raiiLTC of body lyiK-s, from i!;e pickup and Matio'i wagon on the . cotmuercial chassis throu-zu tl;e various par.el deliveries mid slake Mounting oj spare itrc in rfar ootiie.s (o the heavy duly i-Npress compartment OH new Terraplane. '' nlul <liimp trucks, is p:ovitieii to iBarnclt Delivers Two meet thc widest variety of con _ merciai hanulinu reqiilri'iuent:-. at Ihe same lime ill The new Ford V-8 truck is (!e- idcmj; not interfere' with thc finely jsisiwd to meet the widely \ary- 'balanced lines of the car. Should ! im; condilious of Iriick service. jlhe purchaser desire, he may have ii'.chirlir.L' Hie severe demands of | fender wells for his spare tires on heavy duty and high speed opera- j i\ J !" u ' c:lr ;1 ' lc ' u ' llfn (!lls is Hie ' lions. Every part, according lo and a UodgCithe rear compartment becomes alhc engiiieers who designed it ami n (Us a tire cha.ige. The took ,„ , ]le ^ m ,^ nr[ , of the enuii'.e's full i>ower without undue strain on any pait of the driving mechanism or chassis. i;n- I capacious baggage si>ace. I full-sixe, there having tiren T. Uarnett announced ilio i Ouiside of increasing the beau- i cutnproinise between truck 1-aJe and delivery of a Dodge. .inciUy of the car by having a clean i "^''nscr car requiremeiiis ii Itwo Plymouth automobites this | rear exterior with nothing to in- construction. Ift-rck. T. I. Seay delivered a newJerrup! the flowing curves of the! The 80 hou-e iiower \'-8 Hurt; Il3cx!ge coupe to the Trlnilyfannjlxxly. there ure some real prac- .enciue with heavy-duty Ijearin? m- IConstruction Co. A I'lyniotilh DeUical adrantasrs to the rear com- '-Tils, large size clulrh and Irans- |Luxe coach was delivered (o Clo-juartnicnt when used either for the mission. Heavy ririvisii; scars, lo- Croek^it by Houicr Bui ton. > spare tire, or fur baaww. jgcther with the torque uil:e and Iwlillc Karl Qiiinn of Osceola re- • wlK , n |wct| fo[ . (nf " rc (j rnditts rod drive ]>erim|. iililizalioii Iceived a Plymouth sedan from W. t,, ore !s ,,„ lirc f • I A. Edwards, who lins joined the 1 sales force of the W. T. Baruett I AU ° Sa'« •"«• j incut and the passensere do not 1 »i ni i I have to be disturbed when n. lire J*Ven New Chevrolets <.change is made. Furthrrmore. the n 1" i TL' U7 I ' lirr "* l >rot Wrt against theft by UellVered IhlS Week : a secure lock and tlie lubber is i protected ncainsi the ricleriorntlnp. Four Chevrolet passenger cars I I'ffecl.s of the sunlight. ] lind three trucks were delivered by As n basgagc compartment, in llbe SlioiLse-Littlc Chevrolet com-! ™niicction with fender wells for |pany this week. i'hc spavc lire, there is room! Ix^x Chamblin delivered a six jenougli for sufficient luggage for! .a transcontinental trip. An aulo-' mobile trunk, three suitcases or i golf bans ami equipment slide in- ! to Ihe compartment very readily, j No rallies will result as tile floor , of the compartment is \n\{ o! the i chassis frame plate cross member.' ln-hecl sedan to H. c. Boothc ol lOsccola and a I 1-2 ton trurk to |0. W. Davis of Dlj-thcville. Murray Siuait has n new Chev- I'olet, coach which u-,is delivered to Itilm ihis week by U. W. Mullins land Whit Gcodtnan hn-s a new scrian which he bought from [Lehman Gtllcsple. Mrs. G. S. Barnes received her Jnc\v town sedan from J. C. Btich- Iman and K. s. Harris was dcliv- '.red a 1-2 ton pickup by Tom A. I'-jtttle. Buchanan al» delivered a 1-2 Ion truck to Ixniic Hardin. AUTO STORAGE Mndiirn Hrirk linildinir. S;iO - - ConvcniiMil iTomW.Jacksoii This sturdy floor plus the ability : to close and lock the compariment i make it a highly practical feature I of these new cars. I "Iowa has 364 species oj hiTds, according to a former University o; Iowa museum assistant. Cor. 2ntl & Ash Phone S ON DISPLAY TODAY! Come in and See The NEW TERRAPLANE s and HUDSONS And- BLOW-OUT PROTECTION at no extra cost! Amazing Golden Ply Prevents Great, Unseen Cause of Blow-ouls QOMKTHINC htul to lie done to m.ik-c 1^ Urea safer. Every year thousands arc killed or injured when blow-outs Ihrow cars out of control. Goodrich engineers met. llio challenge with Ihe Life-Saver CloWcu Ply. Tlih amazins; invention resisla the terrific.heat insult the lire. Rtibher and fabric don't sepa- rale. Thus lilistcrs don't form. The treat rtiiwf of lilow-outi is eliminale<l Ijeforcit begins. No woniler thonsan:Is nrc changing to this tiro proved '.1- times-safer —give.i months of e^tra M£C, too! Come in today and EICC it. THE TERRAIM.AM-: i IIKLUXE SEDAN' Hiey'rc here ... the n«w 1931 Terraplanes ... fto liiL'S'-M r.irs in the low price Geld (15 ft. 10 in. long) ... more powerful (80 and 85 horeepOTver) with llio only fully advanced streamline styling in the low price field. Come in—see them and drive them for tho performance thrill of a lifetime HUDSON p;| ~~ f<A THE COUP! . A.T FACTORY ODEL5...2WUftlBASiS ' 'O S?HJ>, IVGlNtS NEW HOME OF TEKRAPLANES AND HUnSOiNS IN BLYTHKVILLE The big new Hudson Straight 8 h mi display Sec it... drive it... find out why it ontpnrfnrnB even oilier 8 ever built. Sense its surging power . . , 103 and 113 horsepower . .. Icarn why tliu big Hudson Straight 8 challenges all other eights to deliver more power with less gis. J. C. APPLEBY Corner M;iin & Mil. Hlyliioville. Ark. Tune In on the Tmaplaiic and Miiilmu Prnjratn every Saturday, n p.m.. C. S. T.. lied Network. Slatinn WF.Ml. Goodrich t§^S% Silvertown WITH LIFE-SAVER GOLDEN PLY \V. .!. \\'nntlevHch's Main Service Station

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