The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 10, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1951
Page 9
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FRIDAY, 'ATJOTJBT 18, ItW •LlfMTlLLB. (ARK.) NEWS Our Boarding House with Moj. Hooplt OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams WOMOER HOW 6TC6P tHEY AR6? We MftY OP Ver I'M FOR IT—ALWAYS THE OPTfMI&T.LlKe ROLLER SkATCR VMITKA PIWTOrJ HIS HIP.' LOOK, I HAP THAT REPAIR GAMS MERELY PUT A KJEW SCREW !KJ MV VISE, AMP VOLfP THIMK. THEY TOOK A LOCO- ' MOTIVE AFARTT.' J , , HAZY HILL* LOOK OH, THEY'RE LlkE ' THECtG" FRONTIERSMEN--THEY'D NEVER GIVE UP THAT WILD, ROVIMG,ROU<3H LIFE FOR OOR SHELTERED EXISTENCE, BUT THEY LIKE TO RUB IT IKJ/ fAlkl6 ARB ALWAYS AO^ENTDROOC, FULL Of VOltO [ LlTTLt WILD ONES OKAY, BUT SOME OB DCM WILD ALONS isi THIS PCANSUT KOA6TER UK6 P05SUM.OR 8 EARS ? Th« duck-billed platynus has a flattened bill like a duck, a body covered with fur, webbed feet and broad tall. There wu a young brida, quit* ud. Her blaculta turned out kind a bad. But her man, a nlc« guy, Meyer'* Bread learned U5* buy. And now they are happy and rtwL REPAIR SERVICE *r refrigerators, raniaa, and waihen. mt saaaU appliance*. All nr www'ts turantaed. I Adams Applianc* Co. i What Don't You Need? OM rlekety ffrnltan, were etothea, Ashing equipment anything on earth that yoa don't want la worth money In trades and swaps »t H A M Sain C«. Bring tt down— Temll Rnil Msaethuii yaa DO H&MSalesCo. 117 I. Mata . rk.B. «S59 *•** QJality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Brocks— Culvert* JOHNSON BLOCK CO. «t HI waj I*. WILD WEST £ CHARITY STANDISH BY CHAH1ES JUDAH XI (TEN MONT1JO looked at Charity out at level eyea 'I coutdnt understand about Doug losing S5000 til) I got to Inquiring. Everyone on the Plaza was talking about tt. Seems b* was crazy m love with some girl from the East. He had to get $5000 or- lose ner." ' His voice was ravage. "Pascal >rtiz heard him say so. Pascal <ayt Doug wasnt too drunk to Know what he waa saying f should have guessed aa aooo ai I •leard there was * woman mixed JP to tt that M waa the one I'd •eeo with Ang«4 But yon didn't seem to be the kind of woman who would only love a man wtrh 55000." "That kind of woman!" sh« said stormtljr -1 might be any kind of woman for all you know Bui t'U tell you this, Kenneth Monttjo: Whatever kind ot woman I am, I loved Doug and I didn't care whether he had (SOW or five cents." They looked at one atwwMr out o* angry hostile eyea. "You haven't finished explaining how you' came to be using loaded dice." Charity finally reminded him. "It won't take naucn longer, figured thw girl, you that la. Had driven Doug so crazy that he went to the Four Ace* to try to win the S5000 the wanted. Angel and Duke, seeing he was already naif, loco, got him drunk. Then Angel loaned him money. His own proty- ably—s'x> never had $5000 m tier life—and Duke took the money away from him." "1 suppose that's about the way K was." Charity agreed. "1 was sure a woman WM In the picture because Pascal Bad heard Doug talking; 1 was sure tie was drunk because everyone, who had seen him at the Four Aces said so; I was sure they cheated him because I know Duke.* "But it everyone knows Be wan :heated. they surely cant make Doug pay." "That's right. U It waa me, I wouldn't Maybe you wouldn't. But Doug will That'j why oe need» someone to take care ol him: It's why 1 borrowed those loaded dice I figured Co win Doug't money back When 1 got to the Four Aces you were Dlay- ing. You know the rest. I changed the dice for you." had been right. Kenneth Montljo was a good friend. However, Charity was BO* readr to admit M to him. "You miMt be good foi an amateur." she said, "to change dice without being seen—and yet to be able to detect a profession*) Hke Duke Rogers." "1 am good." he agreed, "and 1 n an amateur. That's why no one watched me. Besides, no one would suspect I'd be such a fool as to slip crooked dice into a game, just to help a .girt I didn't even know." Charity surrendered. "Ye< you did," she said softly. Ha could be Indifferent to I anger, even tue it as a 8tnt to spark au own; he was afraid of her gratitude. did suspect Duke," he i plained hastily. •And caught bin changing the dice.", "Mo, ne's too am an. But when you.tnrew cratw 1 knew they nad been changed: the ones I'd given you turn up sevens." •I see. Still it was taking a big chance to bet a thousand you coulc throw crabs. The new dice might not have been crooked." "If he had suspected a trick and wanted to be sure ol honest dice he'd have made the change openly. Besides, to be real sure, I did wait till you threw the second pair of aces." He bad finished. Charity con- sidered the situation. "You saved me and I'm grnte- 'ul." she said at last, "but Doug >till owes Angel $5000." "That's right." She tossed the $440 back to him "THAT again." he said wryly. • • • K EN MONTIJO who, without trying usually had his way with women, knew when he was beaten. But he said: "1 don't need 'our money." Maybe not. but Doug does and It Isn't mine We agreed 1 war only borrowing it." Ken picked up the money. "What are you going to do?" Chanty stood up. "First I'm gong to my hotel, and after that to the Aztec to get a }ob M a chambermaid." — Ken took her back to the hotel and held out hii hand. "I don't understand, out somewhere we're all wrong about you. I mean the talk on the Plaza. Let aw aool- ogize tor aH of at." She was too tired to cara »ery much If anyone understood or not Ken knew what M meant for a young lady to seek employment as a menial. Yet there was a trace of laughter in her eye*. She wasn'l beaten Defeated., bul not beaten The recklese Blood o< his fathei flowed warm through Ken's heart a«d rushed hot to his head. "Comfort her," It sang. "Comfort her in the onlyjray you know, the on)> way a woman can comprehend.' He drew her to him. His lips were hard against her mouth. After the flrst instant of startled resistanct hers were soft. Her body answered the pressure of his, be> arm crept around his neck. It was good to have someone want her. The moment passed. They looked at one anotlier. "Wait here," Charity said bur r riedly. "I'll be out in a few minutes. Then you must go to my room. It's at the top of the stairs. Doug's there, asleep on the floor." But Doug was not asleep; he was not on the Boor. He was at the window, red-eyed, dizzy, aick He was staring down at Charity, who, only a few seconds before, he had seen in the arms of Ken Montijo—the best friend a nan eve^ had. (T. Be C«nel»jed) Although water holes art gathering places for many of the animata on which a lion preys, ht seldom makes a kill at these oases. Shoe Repair Htlpi You Look Your B«tt Get The Best Car Service! Afl Makea aM Mwlelt! Mo mallei what Una ol cat rou driv» you'll tare monej by getting th« personal service at r I Seaj Motor Co Well care tor vour car u you would yourself T, I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Oirf«ler-rir»»o«tli D»m 1Z1 t Na1> 2122 DRIRV QUEEN JUHDAI (ONES .' SUNDItS . K»US HUTS . PINTS DAIRY QUEEN So. Highway 61 SHEET METAL WORK 1 OF ALL KINDS C«Bto-* work for fins, «lf»lf« milla, oil mill-. C»sto» Shearing ip to y 4 inch thicknes-, Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 S«»th Broarlwmy Phone 2851 WATERMELONS WHOLES - HALVES - SUCES As Low 7C«i Each Ax /OP °n>> 3c Lb. Not U«d 4c Lb. Ice Cold Blytheville Curb Market — 130 E. Main — FRECKLU AND Mil FRIEND! By If MUULL BLOHBR Reward HAIRY VETCH New Crop Vetch Seed IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Place Your Order Now! We Accept PMA Purchast Orders Blytheville Sovbean Corp. NONE OTHER. TRADE RAT/ Vou GAVE us A BAD TIME FDR A WHILE-—BUT ALUS WELL THAT ENDS WELL, i HERE'S YOOR REWARD/ "Sure I renumber you! You're the no-butter-on-the-ham- tandwich man!" I HAVE ONLY THIS SAY—I R£G«E.rTH&T HAVE BUr ONE BRAIN TO OIV6 Tb ALTA 'RISCII.LA'S POP This Man Is Unfair BY AL VERMEER 13 THAT GOOD? WHY, LADY YOU JUST CAM'7 BEAT /T." OH. 1 DON'T KNOW... MY HUSBAND DOES 3N ONE Ct Anxious Moments BY MICHAEL O'MAU.EY and RALPH LANS WHAT A R6LI&F TO DITCH THAT HOT CAR AND &&T INTO >Lf* OWN/ YEAH/ ARS WB N FORTY MINUTE* SONNA &o TO THAT B6ACH RESORT UK* VDU £rA\D. HE'* BEEN IN THAT OP ER AT INS ROOM/ WHAT AR» THfcY 'DOIN' TO THE POOR LITTLE GUY? CAPTAIN EASY Go Right Ahead BY LESLIE TURNER WE'RE Y QKEAT GCOTT, HWEU'T VOU FOUND HIU LOCVIW I VET? I TOLD TOD LAST WEEK. I HWEWT FOR. VOLdV SEEN HI* S1UCE-MMT! VMrHM WERE .»r,™^x^. VOUSMIMS? BROTHER MR-TUBBS! VAMCEV1 (HE'S * CRIMIMALM.LRJSHTI y«Lf> WURSEIF AMD I'UE GOT TO BE SURE msl I HWE l VUMJTK LET / TO HIDE'. BUT IF ME LOOK AROUND, OR. MUST IGEP A SEARCH WARR/kWr ? IDEA OF A JOKE, ITS MOP FUNNVl BUGS BUNNY Big BuslneM I HOPE.M-f OFFER OF FWEB OBMOMSTWATIONS I'LL 9S 9K.K WITH ANOTHER LOAD BS TH' TlfAE THOSE CLOTHE9 15 WA4HEP, P ALLEY OOP Puzzling BY V. T. HAMLIN A Tasty Dish for Termites ... Nnl H yon call Superior Ter- mlle Co.! We'll put an end to their feasting In jig-time! Protect ronr home! Call as todayl No Charge for Inspection All Work Guaranteed Phone 235« Superior Termite Co. HADN'T WE 1 OH.NO.FOOZY, NOT l-.EUr IF YOtrRE HUNGRY WHEN OUGHTA H IT \FOR DAYS AND DK/Sy 1 YOU CAN DRAW RATIONS I WHAT ROMEIN 'BOUrf IT'S A LONGWAYS >FORUS AT M-IY OF J/ARE WE AMILE? WE A SOUTH OF HERE- /THESE UTTLE FORTS THIS ROAD FOR QUITE A WHILE YOUR OWN SPECIA PRISONER.EH? BIS FELLA- HE SHOULD MAKE YOU PLENTY CO WHEADS I Phone — 6856 — 6857 WANTED MEN and WOMEN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTEN *o follow leads on Hospital In^aranee Great demand — Good Pay When In the Hospital friends send Flowers — We Send You Cash See United Insurance Agency 106 S. First St. Blytheville ] "Everything in Insurance" At lx)wer Rates

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