The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, December 22, 1930
Page 6
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: PACK SIX •:u MOWS When Jack Was Circus Attraction Alabama Another Great; E'even; Injunction Neccl- j ed Against The Irish. [ BY CLAIRE ISURCKY NEA Sen-ice Sports Writer • There have been rumors of Intc, that several colleges and unlvcrsi-• •ties in 1931 (ire lo be pravli'.vll with court Injunctions as prctec-i tlon against a well-known gridiron : group that during the las'. fev:| months has stolen practically ev-l erythlnj In Ihe realm of foottnll.j The more conservative of Ihc foot-' ball gentry look upon this a-, dire; .'action, indeed, but others rieclan! that nothing else within the law; will guard the ordinary eleven j against an attack from the Notr.*; Dame raiders, Six times during the 1MO season Ihe raiding horde left South lipivl nnd each time they returned with' Ihe scalp of a hapless victim. Pour! . different contingents Invaded lliei- • Indiana stronghrlci but each came put bearing serious casualties. , One ,reason of such activity might.] passed off lightly, hm when a group docs it two consecutive years, Ihe hue of the novs- change^ entirely fcr all save (he sports writers who gb for these winning orgies in n big way. .'None but Knute Kockne will deny Srencr In vhU-li Juck m-ni|isi!y flrurril when he traveled with the Sells-Kioto circus jusl olUr be- that the Notre Dame team of lOiib! ronli "fr cliain.i'lon are slinwn above. At [lie lop, l)cini>r.ry Is llio blackface with the trombone. Below, was the best the game ever pro-j lcfl ' ilrc Ucmpsey atnl Reams, a!l cYlli-cl up. At llnj rijjht, beluw, arc Jack ami Stella, the t!_cht-ropo duced. Knule admits it was a "fine j 'lancer. bunch, of boys," but in fairness to I : some other winning combinations j Whitney Horses Hold lleoonl he has tutored, he declines to lag i'.It :;:•>. IMUSIIIIM; u i) i ('•"*• ny Lirun 1 'I When horses owned by the laU •closed !mn ' y 1>ayl LIU31AI rnnnr n.,,1 C' ruthless .-- !tnbli.shed n, record for tnrf winnings might even have stood up under i Notre Dame fire. . | • A giant-killer on the Pacific -Coasl proved, to be little Washington slate C'-llegc of Pullman. "\Vash., triumphant inn pretentious I schedule that included three of thcj Wfesl's "Big Four." The -Cougars won nine games without, a loss. Dixie advanced Wallace Wade's farewell Crimson Tide team fov national .honors. Though the 'Bnma eleven had to share a, Southern Conference championship with Tn- .lane, Alabama held distinct advantages in the national race because of the Green Wave's early jeoson setback at the hands of Northwestern. ... It was unfortunate that the Utah eleven which won Rocky Mountain! honors for the fourth time in six years was not permitted the chance of showing It* talent to foreign critics. Plavlnft entirely within thp shadow of mountain peaks. Iks Armstrong's . athletes completely dominated the situation. They would have provided excellent in- ters'ectional color and stern com-j petition . for 'any eastern, southern I or jnldweslern eleven. I -Public r-pinton favored Army.i Colgate, and -Fordham as the strongest teams of the populous eastern sector. However, each tast-| ad defeat at the hands of an out; elder,'' as did Pittsburgh and Dartmouth, ' another thriving pnir. Little Western Maryland, undefeated) but tied once by a team beneath j the upper grid strata, also won a I place among the leaders. I ' .• - • • * ' Choosers of honor teams again i found it dilficult to give due credit to the go:d "little shots" whose feats may or may not have over : shadowed those of the "big shots." j Public fancy centered on Carideo. Metiger and Schwartz of Notn Dame, Ticknor of Harvard, Fcs&r within a single season. Princeton University track and; century. field athletes annually get their In- j ntrucllrn from Kcene FUzpnlrlck. : LONDON . . (UP ' — A" baby he:ul track coach and trainer there' 1 ) 01 ' 11 to lll e wife of a former Bril- more than 20 years, who has been Ish Broadcasting Company official connected with athletic.'! for half a 'lias been named "Mike." . Jack Dempsey Had Way of His Own With Trombone mid Drums. By NKA Service ..MEMPHIS, Tenn.- "Lad-eeces and yen-tl-men, we have with us today the world's heavyweight .champion, Jack Dempseeee. . . ." But Die "fpleler" lold only half of tho .story wrien announclnj t'nat Jack Dempsey was going to be the headliner for the Sells-Hoto Shows. "Alley oop"—a roll 'of tho drum —a clash of tlit cymbels, and the clown band made its bow to the Texns audience In the Sells-Floto Circus with the Old .Man Mauler keeping lime at the' drum—incoj- nito. • ' After winning the title bout from Willlard, Dempsey joined the Sclls- Holo Sho',vs. His stunl was lo box a few rounds in the "big tent." Bui on finishing his performance, he made a lightning change, lo a clown suit—grease pain and all—according to Jean Dearth, chief electrician for tho Memphis T.KO theater. Dearth played a full show 'season with_ the King of Fisticuffs and knows a'few things the sports writers missed. Leonard • Sacks, Dempsey's old friend and present- manager, denies thai the mauler ever was a clown, Inside or outside a circus. But Dearth declares he knows what he is talking about and has-in his scrapbook an album to prove It. "When Dempsey 'hooked up'with the circus he became Interested In the band, especially the drum," he says. 1 "I was in charge of the drum, so I taught him the tricks. "No one but the show'crowcj knew ANNE AUSTIN THE BUCK PIGEON* ^H5 AVENGIN " !M:C:IX in:nn JIM.MT.t SliUM i- luiinli-rril ill lirlJtzi*. I'lltvllilr MUK.iti'lt ]n<!lllilf l.VIHA r.MEK, Ihc irlittdl MKXTI-'K si'it.vcri:. .KIIIN <:. IIUAKI:, Ji:nc:i-: .11.\riSll.M.I.. Mtn'n limil- Inril, ro tiljiini »h« puld no r^'iit) I'DI.I.Y IIKAI.i: n nil (;!.IVi: IIAM- ?lnM). In llu> Kiilnrliiin manlier ni tin' tlnir rtf ItiL' inurilrr! KI.UUA .1MI,[:S, .lAMU' HAV.^IOM) Hill] U.U.I'II IIATIIIIIMJ. 1 I'l'irir >lllL-\ nihulli ffhr \\n« In \IIU'M rlnMtM rrlillhiir n niltr \vhlcil >.l:r' IHlst;» ]• fnmi her huxEmnil. rllA('i:V. lull ivhlfh ll rrnlly fn^ni Sprnpur. llnl|ih Ilniiuitiinll. ruKUKl-tl lo Mln, find* out IbiH Siiniftllc \» hrr luvpr, liul liln HliilcnirnC Ihnt lir Mlirnt rhc nlplit nl n rlipup hiilrl trjlntr r<i "ilrhllc Ir nil" nnj rjii hintiiH'nPr of NM:i'i llrnlli >IHF|| llic tit'Xt litorltlac fti-viii (11 rlrnr bhu. SI'KCIAI. I.VVI'.STIOATOU nUX- DKI-^ !•< InlrrrvlriJ in tlndlnc mi( nku imlj Mln $UI,<HM) xtnrr hi't In llniulllnn. At Ilir In- iinrsr. rin^il nf Ihc rvhlrncc l» i\[|lilirEil/i,lri^^ liflii^ Icilit mi the TiinKril fur Mln'. xlriii'lrO. niiil {< t > Inkc frnni Ihr Mill 'rhn«r It fri-in'mlmi, nq la- irlvrn iirnnlMHlun liintKr Ihe vrlvM 7rnr« old. Khtrh litr Kbrnud, and police ithlch Dnmlcr Biimpi-el* li dine ilrn». DuuiTre Inlcnd. (• Inkr lilt'lurr* or fhp linrtjr 1» th« rtri'ix. Allied lo Tirltio: \l(n'a IPTY- rjrj In thv tIMrlrl ilium,,-)'. i,f. lire fur •ui(rl.rr|ili»:, I.Jillii «u>. «hr tlnoii 1 ! kmm- irtirrr Mln kr|'l II. sow co o.v WITH Tin: STOIIY CKAITEII XXIX »i"5 SAID I 'lon'i kuuv: where she •* kept her Jewelry." l.ydla trricd hardily, "it wasn't worth of Ohio State Plnckert of Southern] miicli—i«ot n tiunilrcil dollars altogether, I'll he bound, because Nlta sold her .last diamond not a weak Ocfuro we left N'ew York. Bh» owed so many hills then Hint tho money Caltfornla, Sington of Alabama and Koch of'Baylor. Yes, Alble Booth played for Yale, but it mattered little to the good people in Dallas, Tex. And Lo;ils Weller starred for Haskell but no one I nWorcester, Jfa&s., worked up a fever .'over it. Likewise. Johnny Kltzmll'er. carried the Oregon eleven along all season, but the folks In Richmond, Ind., failed to get hot, or even slightly bolherd, about It. France Honors Boy Prince of Slavs PARIS. (UP)—Prince Pierre, heir to the throne of Yugo-slavia. can pride himself that, at seven, he is considered more Imnorlant by tlv.' French government than were hl« cousins, the Prince of Wales and King of Spam when they were that age. " C; France recently conferred t h •? Grand Cordon of the Legion of Honor upon him. He Is the youngest person so honored in the world, j The Prince of Wales and the Kins? I of Spain were not given their Grand Cordons until majority. The Grand Cordon Is second to the highest rank In the Legion and allows the holder to bear a brasd- £ash of isd silk across the white front of 'an evening dress suit. sbo pel for directing that play at Ihc Fursvt? jrhcol hardly mado E de::t on tV-:n." "fin you iiiinw whether the jow- dry wns in ilie house or in a safe clur-orit Im?" Dundee- nskcit, et •Mtrmcnt sharpening his voice. "It must Jiavc been in the house, because she wore ihe different pieces a:iy tltnc- she pleased," the tr.a'i! aii.swcre.i. "1 didn't aik co <li;c:-:ujii:--. ;i:i!l I li-iin't happen to f.-n !,tr gu ii or put li away. 1 dirtn't ever do ir.uch hcly's maid oplte of hl> sllcked-up Sunday appearance. . • "Vou'ro the district attorney, ain't you, slr2" ha Addressed Ssn- lersou In a nervoub, halting uuder- :one. •"Yes. What Ic U?" "I coruo to tho Inqueot to Jllvo onio Information, air. but It was adjourned no quick 1 didn't bar* llnio—" "Who are youl" Sanderson la.»r- ru^lcd impatiently. "I'm' flawlins, air. 1 worked for tho poof lady, Mrs. Selirn- ng one day a week—" * • « upOME to my office!" Sanderson conimnniied quickly, »j a lingering reporter ap.iroachsd on a run. . . . "No, no! I'm sorry, Harper." ha said hastily, .cuitlnt Into tho rcporlerV que'at'.ooa. "i uew!' You may say that th liavo thrown out a dragnet"—and he grinned at the trlt» uhraii— "(or thi gunmau who klllad tin Stllm, »Di5 will off«r » rmst tor th« racoTery of tb« wngon Colt's .32 equipped vflth a silencer. . . . Coma along. Qeort*, and I'll explain just whal Mra. S*u dcisou and I have In mind." Tho distrlcl attorney anil Dundee stroilo quickly away, and tho man Hawlhis, after a uiotncnl of Indecision, trolled after them. "I don't understand, sir, and my name ain't George. It's Elmer." You don't hav« to uuCarstand rthinfc »c*fit »kat y««'r« not to answar an} QUMtloi tbat any r%- portsr . uki yen," 8and«r«on retorted. When the Irlo entered the recop tlon room of tho district nHornoy'i suite.In tbe courthouse. Sanderson caufcrt at Fenny .Grain's desk: "Bring In your notebook. Penny. This man baa some Information be considers Important." A minute- later-Sanderson, had begun to Question hi] voluntary but alztily neriou* wltnaM. "Your nsmeT' went homo again. I didn't know what was up, but when me and tho n'ifo went into Hamilton Sat'dy night in our lllvver wa seen one of bo eslrloa and read about how the poor Indy wa» murdered. But that alu't what 1 was gettlu' at, itW/'ELL, what art you jettlas " v.cri for her. h!;e dri'Fri ; her _hnir—jusi •>: anil the hw:.-,. i:; is: her and tW/' *" at!" Sanderson urged. "Well, th» extry aald th« polk« lad found eomu (ootvrinta umkr ,ho front-moat of-them 1 two aide windows to Mil' Sellm'a bedroom, and went on to talk about tlio rose vines being tore, and straight off-I said- to the rhlasus,.: IThem's ray footprints, Minnie'—Minnie's my wife's namo—". ' • "1'oar footprints!': Sanderson ejaculated, then 'shook with silent laughter.. "Thera. ,goe« Strawu'i cast. Bonnie!" But tmmedlalelr h* wai aerlous again, a>. tbo Import of thl». now evijence-'cams to blnj; 'Tell ui all about It; Rawllns. . Wnafl did you maki thosa prliu?" ly, sir. Thafi th« (ardtned for ills' Sellm. . . . You itf, >lr, thi poor little lady told me ib» waa kept awake nlghtu when they WM a high wind, by tht rose vines tapping ngalnst the wlndowa Says she, 'I think they's somebody Iryln' to git Into my room. Klmer,' and I could seo tha poor ifllle thlug was mighty nervous anyway, so 1 fool- or some such truck—" "You're to keep your 'recklns' to yourself. Rawlins," Sanderson cut In emphatically. '.'Remember, now, you're not to loll anybody else what you're just told me. . . .If that's II, you can go now. and I'm mucb bilged to you. Leave your addres* with tbe younj Udy here. Tou'il b« ocded l»i«r, ot course." * • • TPHE rilicTuit man hurried out ot the room on Penny's hcals;,San* derson shrugged, then, wbeu th* door bad closed, began heavily: ' "It looks like you're right. Bonnie, about that blackmail business. Of course it all fits In with your theory tn at Oil la bad niade up her mind,to reform', niarry Ilalph'Hara- inond, and-be a very good girl In- d.eed AU'rlghtl You can have Penny in c now. \ think - 1> know pretty well; r #hat you'r* going to osk ber. 'And ;I m»y as wilt tell you Ui«l whoa Roger.Craln skipped town, with adm« leClidtiti tia w'a) known to posse.i, : La h'aii't got them from a ta[« deposit boi. be- is« ho didn't baT» on»." Sander- ion pressed a button oa tha edge ot his deik. ... Dundee wa> fluihlnr u L« pul his Question to tha district attorney's prliato cecrttary: "Penny, do you know whether there Is a concealed ufe In the Sellm house?" didn't wCLilg no time. I cm away a lot gt li» row Tine and burned It whtai I WM bgrain' U* ijacba and peippTt In th« 'cinenter eu "la (kat 111, Rawlisir asked. "Bout ail thit 'mounn to Tbe girl, startled, began to shake her head, tuea checked herself. "Not tbat I •»«! SAW. or knew el when Dad and Moti.r and I llr«d there, but—" She feultattd, U»r cb«eks I'lriilDt scarlet. "Out with It. Penny!" Sandersoa . »r««a. hh voice rery kind, thing," tbo 'Uborer deprecated, j • "It's just that, It you really iblnk thnt Jack was tho 'olT tempo' drummer. That boy was a good fighter, tut when II came to keeping time at the 'sticks, 1 he was all wet." Dearth continues. "Dempsoy was a swell p guy, a reg- Jlar fellow when it came to mix- Ing with 115 snvill-time troupers. I've se«n him shake hands with :he mayor of n town and turn around and show the same entlms- asm to the lowest stake-driver Ate Wllh the : "Gang" "I've seen him eat In the 'cook- louse' with the crew when a special dining car was at his disposal. "He was always ready to play a joke on the troupers and would stop for a picture with the roustabouts or the managers, it didn't natter." Dearth relates an incident of the old show days. "The funniest thing I remember s when the lion Got loose," hs con- Itnues. "Due of the roustabouts. who;had beeh,,.cleanlng out a c?.3e. left the dooi;,open. "As soon a^the ay went up thai a lion was lopje we! all climbed up on the wagons until the trainers could capture'*the l(cm. "After the exciteiient had subsided and the' lion Was back hi his cage, we missed Jock. "We looked over (he loi for at least 30 minutes before we found him stretched out on top of a wagon, sound asleep." : DID YOU KNOW THAT— Sports writers in America pick all-star football teams, but they never play . . . over in Great Britain the all-star teams actually do battle . . . Some of the wrestling writers alonj the Pacific Coast still declare half of the v:orld's wrestling championship belongs to Gus Scn- nenberg dasplte his 'defeat at the hands of Don Oeorjs . . . meanwhile the N. B. A. h^ ruled Jim Lcmdos champion... if your boy wants to become a champion when he gi - o'.\s up. teach him to wrestlo '. . . . The fighting Illini won cnlyon'! major game this caason." air! that one was with poor, dscir Chicago ... but the squad I:f: a parchment testimonial of appreciation of Zuppkc's efforts! . - - which said "you wore pi- t:::u wi'.h our shortc^min'-,. worked Ions and earnestly wilh us, stuck to your job and ncvor <I«H de'suit: diseo'.ira<;cnier.t=. If we gave all we had. as you wer^ enourjh to say to iis. it «-.-;•: largely because of your example." . . . Zimpke is a great man, even in defeat. criiicism, in which he was supported by Ciov. Hticy Long after I/>nj ;.ail locked over his system at clos; range. At Wisconsin an ominous gro-vl .v.cnt up after Glenn Thistle.vaitfs Badgers wore badgered tbout by sundry other Big fen teams. Piiiy- ers. threatened to ga o;i strike u:;- less Glenn were retained. Hatohets were sharpuiHl for Wi Sievens at Yale, after Harvard ;>;r- lormc-d its regular f.utumna! stu;it cf ueatinj the Bulldog. Knute Rockne, in a radio tr.ll: the other night, .soiti his 1023 team was a great team hcause it kne-v ho-.v tn n»ht aiter bein; b?:i!.:'.. Can it bo that, Knule. inVjditbn ic ttins a are--; ccivh, is ulss .1 philosopher Ei:J r.n intellectual? : What are t!>.;=j o',!iei- cnachvs ; thinking about, boys at Notre Dame, went to Ns- vada from Whittier CoibTC. C.iii- furnia, in 1928. This year his Wolf- pack lost four games, tied two atli won two. It h understood lhal ths Nevndans offeree! him a contract Ulcss-C'ovcml Grill Riv: tries I Bnckneil University at Le'.vis- burj. Pa., hss iv»o old foatb?.!! rivals in Lafayette ai:ri Penn State, compelition with them eating baci lo 18S3 and 18S7 respectively. I IUTZ THEATER Siiriiiay and Monday ; Fur the KrDfdom of the ]Join (h? navy an;! see the girls' I The craze of ihe hour dons a uniform to fh'ht off the fcnsmes-- | he slays 'em with screams; "But thoj was Eom'ethin' oisd that j there's .V rrcrei hiding place In th« 1 struck me as a llitle; fucuy. when I come to think of It—" ' . "Well?" Sanderioci. prodded, as tho nian halted uncertainly. "Well. It's like 1 I told you. It was BIT job to burn the papers. That scar-face maid o( M|»' Sellm's pul "It's Elmer liawllns. Ilk* I told j everything—garbagi and irash-ln Itf tin--" "Her i^ GMs Kill Bit Rattler RENO, NEV., (UP) — "We don't believe you," said their friends. So Anna and Hughena Ahera, Georgia Grey and Irene Miller displayed the skin of three-fool rattler they had captured, killed and skinned while hunting. ar.n her r.:s!;. a:.i '.'..'i Jewelry ;'.:;rj. •Cap'.a-p. S;::,v, ccsi; fcr :!•? gun or r.:!yth!r.s "Xo. Coi.tiic. ycu, sir." tbe man protested, anil Jlfnched as Penny recorded his h?l>t tier i words In swlfl shorthand. "It was <••; r;er. and j my wife as made mo coiae. Sho said ttiero was j : .ij long ns me nnd her knowed 1 t didn't do notlnug wrens, I'd oughta "" riasdec jcomo .forward,, nnd icll whal I ]knowed." •:"•! "I rvn-< i ''^ C5 > yea!" Sftnilerson eDCOiiragcd ,.p " .;-j j i:::n '.aipatlently. on« day a vfeoft—" "Yes. sir, but I 'tended lo tor not water and her garbage, too— •;." twice a day it was 1 had to go and stoke the little laundry heater that heats the hot water lank tn sum. 'jmertlme when tbe ctcatn furnace 'iain't being used. I livo about a 1 boyant tlio Grain place, lhat "You sny roil as cnrdencr didn't keep naiy f 3 cto:y t,™!^ f Sii^^'a^" "* '*"'™' ™ cuour.d for a ?ecret .'i-avvor n' «ur-. but tlitr<s wasn't even 'a::v " Dld > '°" C0m ° t0 5tol!e tbo Iaut " place for nue." Strav.n answered". wkli an Indulgent Erin. "i want to see I'cnny Ci-atn!" Dundee rritil. maklnq for iho iln.>r. "Ttun jou'd better coino ahni a big garbage can qutalde the back door, nnd I burnt '«ia up. So I \vas kinder surprised Sat'dy mornln', when I went to <lok> up the laundry henter, to find eomebody'd been meddlln' with my drafts and hnd let tbe flrc go clean out. I hnd lo clean out tbe ashes end build a new fire—" "You're trying to tay, 1 aup'pon, that you could tell by the Mhei tbat someone had been burning ua- pers In tho laundry heater!" Sanderson asked, with a quick fiance at Dundee's tense face. "That's right, sir," Rawlins agreed eagerly. "You know want kind of aslies a ir.c-33 o' paper leaves —layers of white ashes, sir. that kinder looks like papers yiL" dry heater Salurday evening?' Dundee interrupted. "Excuse mo, sir," he turned to tlio district attorney, "but this is the first tltnc 1'rc seen this man." Asked SenUnrc for Winter ; MEDFORD, ORE, (UP) — \Vli3n j the Judge sentenced painter [ Chulcs Claudus to 10 days for; wtnt to st»y «ll winter," he said.' "No. sir. I didn't sloVe It Kat'dy The two men mss«d tl:r,,ur.h the : to the house 1 seen a loi ot police' ! " cned n ' or8uo ch:lp =' ""I; men's cars and motorcycles, and I nlmost " U "'I»'' lnt o man. obviously of -asHl | didn't want to get rulied up in lh= laborlns | nothing, so I turned around aci] "Yes, I know. And yon found layers of white nshes, which you took particular pains to clean out?" Sandersoq asked bitterly. 'Yes, sir. So'i I could build a new fire—" "Did you sprnk to tbe maid—ask her It slic'd been meddling with yiur drafts?" "Yes. air, I did!" the man answered with a trace of btilllgeraccc. "She said sha dldn'l open no dampers, claimed the healer svta tho same as usual when she lefl Friday night to go to a movie. So I rcckln It was tho poor lady herself, burnln' up love letters, maybe, nouse'. I believe 1 nnderstaud something that puzzled mo when ll lappened." Penny conleased, bar lead liljli. "I was at the Country Club one night—u Saturday ui B ht wben tbe whole crowd ta usually here for the dlnuer and dance. I'd been danclug with Ralph, and when tbe music stopped we went out on the porch, where several ot our crowd were sitting. It was— ju»l two or three weeks after.— afler my falber left town. Lnls *o\ildn'l let mo drop onl ot things. .' . . Anyway. It was dark and I lieard Judge Marshall Baying snmo- tblnx about 'llio utmplesl and most ingenious arrangement I ever «a-,t. Of courae thni'a where Ihe rascal kept bis securities—• ... 1 knew they wore talking about Dad. from the way Judge linribal] shut up and changed the auhjcct « coon e« ho saw me." "Who was on the porch, Peony?" Dundee asked tensely. "Why. let's see—Flora, and Johnny Drake, and Cllve," sho an- awered slowly. "I think lhat' waa ill, bts'.des Judge Marshall. Tho others hadn't come out trovn dsuc- lug. ... Of course I don't know whether or not It was some 'arrangement' lu the house—" "Wheie are you going, boy?" Sanderson checked Dundee, who was already on hla way to the door. "Well. If It's lucked away In Hie 'simplest and most Ingenious arrangement.' It will sidy pul tor awhile," Sanderson said. "l,ydla's due here within halt an hour, and you don't want to nil's her, co you 1 ."' (To n* Continued) The Way of Ali Coac-ire Knute Rockne was right when he said: "If you 'have a winning team it belongs to the public; if your team loses you don't belong." Nibs Price knows. So does Lud Wray. So does a number of other coaches whose teams this year have ! taken it on the chin. { Price, coach at ihe Universi'.v cl j California, and a grand little j sportsman, was deposed because his team took bad beatings at ths hands of Stanford and Souther:: California. l.ud Wray was ousted at Penn and paid the balance of his contract, which had two more years to run, because the Penn varsity players rebelled after a disastrous season. •These wolves and Those University of Nevada named a ;committee to nnd a coach for 193! following its failure to gst together with Coach George Philbrooi;. Philbrook, who was one of Rocknc's Ervrin ,?. "Sv:ede" Rijhter. for- • nier Stanford man. was put uud?r fire at the College of the Pacific. Stockton. Calif. The big reason was that his team lost to Sacramento Junior College recently. The president of one group of ali-.ii!!'. leading the attack, said the cim- pus had lost confidence in Right:.-'!; ability lo produce winning team's and that the players assumed a "cion't care" attituoe. Colleje of the Pacific \von three an;l loji r.:>: . this year. Righter has been ni the | school for seven years. i ... | ; On the List , ,' Noel Workman, former Ohiofih!? ' ftar. resigned at Iowa Stato thi- j year after the team had laken its , lumps. Russ Cohen of Louisiana State was kept on and given n raise, after weathering a storm of Monies! ^"^•- ^ ,--<,.,:M, HOME THEATRE Sunday and Monday CLASSIFIED" ^t ——^aesy^fc^ It's in the air — Here — There: Also Comedy and Xew-s MaUncc-2 ami ., o - d , Admission—Jlatineo o n iy _ —10-25c. Ailults—i(j c Night—lf> nnd ._,' rn lilctc Sliows. , 16 Stars ! Including i Ben Tin-pin, Sally Starr, . Chester Conklin and I Stuart. Comedy and News. Matinee — 2 and -J O'clock, i ComiiiK—Tuo I Admission—10 and Z'if. ;iny—"WAR . N i_. i N'ight—2 Sliows—10 nnd 2Sc.- •>-, Montgiomy. rominp — Tuesday, Wcrinos- Coming—Thursday ! clay & Thni-friav—Jack Oakic,—Chas. (RtuKty)' Itozcr'"'! I in "SAP-FROM SYRACUSE"' "A1.0NG CAME YOUTH" ?( l^; : f: VVcdncs- " wk'tt

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