The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1938
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY,. MARCH 30, 1038 fiLVl'IlEVlU,lJ! (AUK.) COUftlfiR NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION bally rile per lino for consccn- Jve Jnsccllons: One Unite )>er Una ICic Two tliiits per liiic per day ...98c Three times yet line per clay ..Otic 'oix times per Hi id per cloy ...,05c HonUi rale per lino liOc Cards of Thanks 50o & 15c Minimum chnruc OOc Ads ordered for Huco or six limes and slopped before c.vplrn- -Hfa will be charged lor the nnni- tci of limes (lie add appeared uiid rftuslinnil of bill made. All classified Advertising copy Jiibinllled by persons residing outside of the elly must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above luble. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one time rate No rcsiransiWlity will ,bc tiiken for more Hum one Incorrect Insertion of any classified net. Business Directory Jlcirrv I!;iilcv's CURVE IN CAFE Good iMKjd at Goiul I 'rices FHBSH IlKKU'OOT Ciappie EXI'UUT AUTO HE Oarage o]icralcd by Fioyil Jlareelt Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, M". J'ilOlies 5-K-I & K7II Work SNYDERS Mctnl Wort; for 20 Years Valves. Blowpipes, Seed Bins ALL WOltK GUA HA NTKKD Bioiify Hack Ouaranlecd STOP-A-LEAK Uoof Coaling Also Plasllc Cement 322 No. Oth ['hone ' _____ My Coal IB Black Bui 1 Treat 1'ou Wii LOCAL HAULING Join! Buchatiati '* Blylh«viHe, Atk. rhouc 107 Piano Tuning 'ianos limed and repaired. Call Cieoigc l''ord at \Vadc Frirnititrc :o. 1'liotie 150. Wantod To Buy Room and Board ?MCO Worlli <i| DSHD n'HNlTlJHK All Makes Kiidios Hi-paired WAJW HMNITUU.K CO. l3 \V. Miilii VJiuiie 155 Slenln lic.iled room «;;h board 803 \V. Asli, Dliont) 151. I!>ck4-i2 Nicely fwnlslieu rooms. Hoard if desired. I'haae G02. 112 K. Cherry M-ck-l-an For Sale iimmerons Hybrid cotton seed Unit yrar train groiver. $3.Ul> liliiulred. S. R Powell, 1U. 2. Box •MO. M-pk-I-a $215 credit on I'lyimnith (ouring sedan for $lui). Will consider used car. l>. O. llox 90S, pliune 087. Wek-Sf EASY TKHM8 on iisea i<ii','la"- alres, Maytn;; Washer.-;, Dc'lco light plants & radios. li, 1!. Gee Sales Co. House uptown. G rooms and ball). '1 room servants house on reur of lot. Ensy terms. \\'rlle Hox "A" Cornier News. 2l-ek-'l-!41 . WAUNINO OltlHill Viancis M. L-'irjliloii; Mrs. Klla Mess; All's! Cilacc L. ni-niuau; Ur. w. !•;. nciinuin; Ralph l,cl-jlUun: Mrs. Lnla Mae Lrlghlon: Charles L/l^hton; Mrs. Ktlicl UlKlilun: Mrs. Rulli U'ishleii; I'Yank ft). J.?lKhloii; Jo.iii iK'lijIiton and J. Nick 'lliomas. as lulivdnistntior of (he estate of Harry Lel;ili(o». cle- CTased, are warned to appear In (lie Chancery Court for the C'hlck- asawba District o( Mi.v,lnsi|)|>l County, Arkansas, wltliln thirty days from till:; dale, and nnstvcr a c.itm- iliilnl filed against Ihcni therein i) Home owners' l.nim Corporation, Hated this 29 day of March, 1938 HAliVUY MOUlUti, Clerk. ))y KIUMh Blyllie, Deputy. icld and Evrard, \ttorneys for I'lalnliff. :tO-G-l'j-2U To Seltle An l-Miilc Two nice houses, now rciillni; for S22.!iO per S5W.OD down, balance like rent. 11. c. Campbell. Administrator, 110 Ho. Franklin. lO-ek-'l-ll 40 or 80 acres of land. D. H. Garner, rtimoiet. l2-pk-l-12 MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Genuine Southern Loicdo Soybeans. Tlirt'slic-il early. Rcclcaiicd. S. 0. Dobbs Annoiel, Ark. Box •! ll-pk-4-H Oll- 8ALU—12 good young nmles. cash or Iciins. C. H. Whistle, C miles south of Rosebud. 8-i>k-4-8 Hay--Soybeans—Outs Seed Corn—Mllcli Cows And Tractor Work. See W. L. Talc, Armorcl, Ark. Complete to volume set of Slau- riard Hefcrencc Hooks \vllh loose leaf binder. Call 2U9 or 7D3. 15-fa-fa For Rsnt i> Radio Service Expert Radio Service PARTS, TUBES, BATTERIES Ifardaway Appliance Co. Henry Werner Main & 5lli Phone 233 Batteries ' SERVICE J. Ben dune Phone B nl Tom Jackson's Spoiling Goods Complete Stock Goldsmith's Baseball Goods Jnr.t Arrived 1 SIlOtJSK-HKNRY u: co. Cotton Seed - D. P. L.NO. n COTTON SEED Germination Tcsl 88 iicr, rent SCO I'cr Ton al I'cc;)» IVjiiil, Arl{. JOHN E. DJJXKt.I. Several Hundred Hiishfls LAREDO SOYBEANS 101) lluslirls DELSTA BEANS alsu :i lot of D. P. L. NO. 11 COTTON SEED These colt mi seed were ginned on our own |triv..*n RIII. N«( a hale oC ihy tillirr cotton pinned OJ. lliis gin out thiii one variety. C. F. TUCKER Tot- Kent 'J rcoin nnfin-iil.<>lic(l nparttncnt. 421 K. Cherry. Inquire at filfi S Franklin or Morse and Kirshncr. 29 ck 5 For Kent: Bedroom at 622 W iiain. iO-ck-l Newly clccoralcil rtparluiciit. !l)n W kctitiick}-. Phone C83. :i3-|il 3 room furnished apartment, netv ly decorated. Phone 7B5-.I alt'. 1 (J I'M. Mrs. Belle Wood, -il-ck-l 'j room furnished house. Couple only. W. M. Cartlelt., 508 No. 5l!i M-pk-31 rV6odculte,'s To Revive AH of Wielding Axe AMEH. Iowa till')—l'o|iiilaii/,tng he |)ioiict'r ail- of woo.'laittltn;. n uiall cruiip of Auirs men narlU:- ilarly aile|)t with (he axe, luive mined "Tim Woodaitter.s Union" o |>r;)nii)lc outdoor exercise anil to lesiroy old ami diseased trees. Several-are faculty members nl on Stale Collcse. Their iirincipal Held of adieu Is prove at, Ihn old college vctei'ln- r.v fnrin uiiposilc Iliu Ames Golf n:l Contitrv Club. Crack of Doom Due this Yea^ Wotld Wdrrted HANUflKY, Me, (Ul>>~ Frank I'hllbvlck .spiritualist, predicts Mini ll.'e World will. Mid within n ywr. "The World War lore-shadowcd (lie end of thk< universe. There will L-o another war Involvliu; nil 1111- (imis of Hie world. Clvlltaitlon will be wl|)fd out mid the world wilt be cleansed by lire, Jnsl as ilie lUbls; says," accordlni; to Hie 8|Hllilsli- Anicrlcau war veteran. I'lillbrlek. who lives here wild Ills wlle-a niece of poel John (Ireenlear Whlellor, bcilcvrs the end of Hie world will be :i sperilv allalr. Ih 1 1ms two hubbiiT,: toiiuuc- IrtlliiB and violin-milking. Ills |OR>- casls of (hi! future have been so accurate that hc> hits won a repn- lutloii_ us a dithvjiynnl. Ills violins are liolcd for llu-lr mellow louc. Asked if her Irarrd the ciid at tc world, he raid: "Nobody Is any more to die than I am. lint, i know I he eml is ill. hand, and 1 shouldn't be afraid been use dying Is ns nnliliul One-fourth o( all the 1110:3; niel n the United stales is used by armers. Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Oter Joe Isftncs 1 Slpra "WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone MO Conijilele 1-infc Of ELECTRICAL Kixluros & Appliaiici-s K.vpert Wiring WALPOLE'S "TlM- C'oiiiph-lc Idtctrlcal Slure" 110 So. 2ml i'bolie :tH (is WIIR boiii." I'lillbilek hns mude only a lew |ii-e|iiti-niioiis Cot' the dcbiidc. Ilia slrtiii he exlk't'ls tin- world In lie eleansod by lire, lie has given up sinokliii:. One in every II iirl;;»ns in kni;- liiiid holds a license to ililvo lin nuloinobm-. n.K(n'rito WELDING AT IJE5T PJJ1CE8 I'UOMPt BEttVlCk Barksdale Mfg. Co, COTTON SEED I). 1'. I,. No. it 1 list Yi-ar i'thift llrctdi-r I'lisliiin CJlinte<( BRAXtON GILL 1)HI, Ark. DRUG CO DKWJGIST Main & 1st I'lniiio III J. C. EVANS , Box CM Biyllievlllc, Ark. lllslrlct M.ut.ipCr iiAjiii;i'(>N iitiiK Snoiisorcd l!y Ihimlltoii UeixxiliOis Cor|>. Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU L'ON Calctilators— ilttiiilrlnf;— 1'aris— lllhboiu mak» at Kcliullt Typorrllcrs, Adding Macliliirt an( Calculators— KcpaltliiR— 1'nrts— Itlli iioii^ S ? B I) S field Hei'ils, All ViirlrtUv). Onls, Soybeans, u-spedrai, Alfiilfn, Mty Qiiniidty. Wholesale ,t lleliUl tV. (). HtCKVKH fio. !!,t(, 81. Illythcvllie, Ark. I'honc SfjD.tJUO COTTON SKK1) I). /». & L. - 11 A Carefully llqicali'il (let initiation Ti'.sls 92 iii IM)',;.. I \iioillichl liver Mate ;in Acre, nil |><ior liliiil. 1 kiiariinlcc lhl» stril :li! jiuiiii :ls llm bt-il ciMuliutili'. /i. />'. MKTRtCII I'liime 7C3 or U71! 1,9 nicliit icrvlcti worker, , 1 9 to iioil. 1 1 Qeiius til If bgs iloii lt|biiKy., li) LovVbst pbliili lOAbiiyp.'.. , " . U Senior. 23v:il«e. 20 To iiinko it •11 And. llflTo permit, 20 Mailci-, y I btocet i>bintb. 3,7 Tlirlvccf. Crescent Cafe I»ANCI; i:vi:itv NUitir Hot I'll Hnrln'cuv & Klcctilc Cooked Sleiiks . All l.radliiK Uriiiuls of Jiccr, Whiskeys, wines & f.ln Clijaielics, 'i I'lickiiucn 25o J'lillllps Gas & Oil u ifoiiit st'iuvici'j Highway ol rhohe 17 Holland, Mo. luaiiy jfpr her worlt. 37 Kothalc horse. 30 rtllwtlc fowl. « Flying tiinm- tiiiil. . . 41 Twice. - ! <' 43 Tooth tissue. •I -II 'md 01 1 1 imminent. •ill Dcnlli. •Ill Type standard. 40 Cdylliinlcnl endencc, Oil'o delete. sailnl^ nti em, S3 To scold. coin, •50 bain. M She wmte! 53 Klin wits lii'ail of jtoiisc VKimCAI; 2 One who n liases. 3iSc':im|innv]nns •t I'emalo lihcep, fi l>r;iplng of fnbrlcs. 7 Fnllier. 8 Imbecile. vessels, 12She was'.-' • known iiS a . ——~ person. 13 Naked. J4llcr ' hoiisb was world fiintous lb Skclchwl. 21 I'D jiiiift 'i'l N'ctitcr ' pronoun. 251'liiy on words 28 pplical glass. 29 Kcllltf. 30 To weep. 32 Wise met). 31 To cbvuilc'r- siinli; 35 Knlrmicc room. 30 To drive. 31) Trick, W I'iilc tan color •IH Dlblic.'il word, • « Slovak. 1YniU of (ni-e. •'. 50 Tln-ec. 51 To pcrisll. ri.'J Chaos, 35 lill. 5V Morlndlrl dye.' •1 room apartment. Private balh. Airs. WigK.-im, plione 260. 28cklt IL'O acres land, four houses barn. In Half Moon community. 11 acre:; of alfalfa. Sec Earl Magen;. Dell, Arkansas. 24-|>k-l-21 Comfortable bedroom at 515 W. Walnut. Phone 351. 23-ck-ll Comfortable bedroom. Phone 2TT-.I. Call nl 6l!5 W. Main. 17 ck 4-17 Modern 3 rorni np.irtjneiit. ... .., decorated. Unfurnished. Corner Main and 2nd. Also busiiieRS buflil- Ing next lo Krogor Store. F. Simon, Phone TOI. 3-ck-lf Comfortable bedroom, 1017 Walnut. Call 1CB. 10-ck-if Persouai Kirby's Aclivc Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers rcBl ^lll|m^«nf^^^, rohMlr-Kl'.nn i. ,lrlim Mwr I'llli ret «! rtr IPO <>f JOUT BlngRlslinrpB »nn raBkw yr>i] ?ei^l lifcc li npw Jifrflon. Hid •our fjAfytn of unrnlns nniiio Aflltp Mxcr Mils. .lUni>VM. ^nlcl'nl .11 Klrtii Omn 8li-re Used Funiilurc WK IUIY c^ SKl,L HSlil) FUKNITUKK UUt NOW - - - I'AY NKXT PAJ HUBBARD Ziitl Hand luijiltiirc Nest lo ('.an llolrl Tailors Let us instli-nmof ysur clothes eloscl.s iV, li^ r inrr rooai S'litc.^, Guaranteed ptotr[iion 1 >r-ar. Mn- Jiile j>rocess. Band Hox Cleaners, Phone 171. ;iO-ck-4-30 If you need a Tailor, sec cicorgc Mulr, "Blyllieville'.'i Only Tailor." Main & s. K. K. O Hatdicry Baby Chicks Foimd lAillicr folder with 2 keys. Own or c.iu have same by nayhiK cost of Ilii.-: at(. IJI^ick leather key bolder in? bilo kry. O\vncr can have rame by paying cost of this ad. Courier News. Metal key ring with 13 krys. Pound near High School. Owner can have Kime by pnyinj cot>l of this ad. No I ice BY V. 'I'. HARIUN YOU A RULER? 6WJ! OL) ' BLOW H<\KP, I'LL SHOW YOU A WHATS I THOUGHT VOU SAID OOP WASN'T IN THERE? LISSEN T'THAT.' NEVER MIND WHAT YOU \HEV, WHO TIIOUGin.' YOU'RE 60NKiA\YOU ARE T'RE GlVIN 1 CARCASS OVER ME ORDERS? I'M HERE AN' HELP ME GIT /TH' RULER HIM, OUT A THfeRE? TV SMS CHAT'S VVHAT D'VA MEAN? HOOTS AND HER HUDDIES tjiiw Mimil II, i tin) is?.. !IY K/DGAU MAIiTIN VOti.V.WXtVZ. BvlvOt. HAS . t~WWlEO , B.oeJVfe Xo ABoo ; | GO DO W«ft\ \ OO WASH TIJKUS 15Y UOY CRAN MEV! LOOK* HEReiir. W?;^.RE-PAVWG TWO, THAT'S'WHA.T. BUT I HWE A SI^-WQNTMS LEASE! \ THKi^iTOO BAD. WE SPENT THOUSAWDS OF. DOLLARS! I BUT THERE 1M ONLV THE COWTRKCTOR, WOTSA BIG IDEA? VVi° uU H ^ D ™UR ULB€ BNKRUPTED!'. MOTHlHfa I C^M ABOUT IT. 00 BOV5. CARRYIMG OUT ORDEP6. I'M ABOUT TO RE-OPEN TH' TOPSY TURW CLUB. YOU'RE SLOCKIN' TH' l''rerit;nn urolhns. rnlntefs null rupcrhaiiKcrs. I'lionc 321. ^l-ek-1-21 The Wlls^r Sllpner Ijtioii Paris I''ashicm KlioM, by Wahl Shoe Co. Lost ItATCHfNG, Marilyn Halchciy. Blythcville, Ark,, JIAV.! 61 North, Phone 712, I'.ilr of ghKrs in Dr. e'aiUn case lihonr 377. Ke-.v.ird otTcrcri. SO-ck-l Beans. , . Seed . _ _ SMI JmMicIs of liircilo Bc.ins. [Kll Implements, Inc. Call S02. THE RECORD is PERFECT •' WE'LL PLAY IT OM A PMOMOGRAPH BACK OF "WE CURTAIN , AND E WILL. THINK I'M DOIMO 1HE IT WAS A SWELL IDEA TO WAKE A RECORD OF YOUR SPEECH ! NOW/ IF YOU GET STAGE FRIGHT, JUST KEEP MOVING YOUR LIPS AMD iMe RECORD WONT EVEM FUMBLE A LINE / Bur DO YOU THINK ANYONE WILL GET , , WISE THAT ITS ONLY A RKORDINS OF YOUR VOICE? IF IT r-oouED MY OWfJ MOTHER, IT'LL FOOU AM , AUDIEMCE ; LAST NIGHT I WAS PLAYIMG THE RECORD UP . IN MY ROOM—MOM TMOU6KT I/'4 f~~^ ~->tn IT ,, f . i. (/ £ IT WAS ME AKID TOLD IT TO WASH ITS -HANDS AND COME CX3WM TO

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