The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1936
Page 1
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VOL. XXXIII—NO. ?fi THEVILLE COUEIEE NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER rn» wnnTmtAKT mt-..,.,.„ ...„ _. u. EDRCE SHER FF'5 IS !E1P, Of NORTHEAST ARKANSAB AND BOOTHEASV MISSOURI ^-" vU j e __ H _'f^j___ MiMTMippi vitt«y "uVoer HLYTHliVlLLE, ARKANSAS, SATUUIUY, JUNK IS I0' : Blythevillt courier Blyttevllle D»UT Hen SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS SHIPS TO Ducc Laughs Last ii * i I >,, \ViT Run In Foin Years, He Says; 64 Candiclales Pay Ballol Fees Failure of two announce! rin- didates for important county offices to qualify for next August's Democratic primary was revealed today following the closing last midnight of tlie pericd for paving ballot fee? ' No ballot fee was paid for G. B, Segraves, Osceola. whose wilhdnuv- al from lhc race for county judge has been widely rumored for sev- j eral weeks. Mr. So-jraves has made no public statement but his decision not lo make fae race is attributed to the press of private affairs and to the fact thai his health In recent weeks IMS not teen ol the best. Ed Hire Withdraws E. A. Rice, chief of police at Blythcviilc. who failed to pav his ballot fee as a candidate for slicr- iir, Issued a statement this morning formally announcing his withdrawal. "U Is with regret that I withdraw from the .slierill's race," he said, "but since two others announced for that olllce long before J did and two of <is are from the CMckasawba district of the comity, I -believe it, unwise lo remain in I'iie race. "Bui t am now letting my friends know in plenty of time that I will be in there lo win four years from now. That is n good while, off but ipr a long time it lias been my ambition to be sheriff of Mississippi county mid I believe I c nn 1,2 and . will be four yc-ars from now. '-, "I. sincerely thank my friends for "Uieir encoin-agemeht." • :n:al!,'/64 candidates for' loinv - ship;-county nnu district offU'O" paid their ballot fess before last midnight ( 0 j. B. Buiin. Osceola secretary of the Democratic Count? Central committee, thus qualifying lo have Ihelr names on the primary ballot. A last mlmits development was (lie.qualification of Eel B. Cook Bly.hevllle, as n candidate fnr representative in the general assembly., 6-1 Pay Ilallot Fees ' - OSCEOL-A. Are., Jims 13—The following- candidates paid their ballot, fees before last midnight to J B. Bumi, secretary of the Democratic County Centra! commiUe: 3ahy Brother orji' Sisiu- i'or'Quins ; ' Soon . Onl., ,! lUI'i-Mr. and Mrs. Olivii . parents of the world's oidy 'liiliiliiplci.s. niv cx|>ectlii£ n I'tntil within two weeks, the Uiilt- ' Press learned lodny. ' '• . •'. U'firo.s. father of the ph(inp | Mrs. Diomie.' Mild Hie baby Iras ' cxpwted -before (lie end of Ithc montli niui possibly us early i us ne v t Moiutay." i I He said his son. I.cou tagi-ps, I has gem- to (lie Uiomie fnhniidiise | end would stay thorn to liclp Uioimc ai-ound the farm "Until f "er the baby comes." \ I'i'-,',,'^,,!,'' 1 "" The Dlonne home now Is <in'ar- platform anilned because two of the eider 1 nnmi, „ ehllrtmi. KOSC and Ernest, havc-l,," "' " the measles. Because of Ihe qiiar-1 FulfillniciU of Candidate's Pledge Would Be Disastrous ----WASHINGTON, June 13. S"! 10 ' w l"'am K. l.oruh . ille,,., ? f m " r , k ° ! ""' Wlnl cninpalnn. today , '» "'I"""'* Oov on - s I'U'luslon of n ink 111 Hie t antine, Legros ' said, he had -not. seen Hip Dlonnes since Sunday 'but 111' has been fully advised iiboiit the imminent birth of another child. . i lending candi '' PfsWe.Ulal nomll , M PS threat .- country l.iun pledge to return n tin! gold standard." . Democrats echoed florae's stale' incuts. They raised the cry' of "Wall street" against the Kansas I governor because of bis gold plank "lid charged the Kcpubllcau party Irad shown Itself as "still represent-' iiiK capital." Harrowed 1012 Democratic I'lank Considerable. Interest was cllclled In llora'ii's admission that Ihe an Atty. Gen. Carl nulliiy. \\ho spell Icdny In Jllyihi'i-llle rlsliliiL' liicnris .ml Inlcrvlcwlnir political" rissorl- ales In the Inteicsl of h!.s -campaign for Ihe Demoi'iaHc Jiom.'n- alien lor governor of Arki Bonus Bond Distribution Due Monday Howls In payment of World war vPteniRi adjusted ien'lcc c«mi):'H- sit I Ion cei-|iflrnU>, s W l!l \ )f . dlslilbul- I'd through (lie mythevllle ;mslof- llcn on Monday, Jmu- 15, n «-n.s ,m- noimced tills ninnilng by Post master Herman Crow. 1'iwlously it had bwn believed liiat tlie bonds would not be 10- celvctl In time for delivery before '1'iiewlny, hut Mr. cross has now re- i-olvi'cl uasiifuiK-e hint, they will arrive in time for distribution Mmi- dny. As llic toiitls, whli'h will come by reiilslered mull, ( -uii ijo di'llveriKl only lo the address?!', veterans who lire <>x'|K>dliijr (o receive tlit'in me . advlseil lo be in hi> n t thy llins |of the usual mall deliveries Mon- 1 dny. Veleivms not ktiown (o (lie mull carrier must have samcoii: present to Identify them before they can receive Ihelr bonds i i -•- I " "ora'ns ninlsslon that Ihe an- Aumonties "-monopoly plank incorporated In ' ' n StlStaect Pniconino ' In l ' S * Ue " ubllcn " P'totto™ when he JUipeCl 1 Oisonillg ; in uersounlly p».\scntcd It hud been ' "" '" Hie Ethiopian war semi besides Its cherished einpire-n more to hiie lun Italj s ethli g genlnl. le.« 'srim Due- HI-I. iif " l °' l-m " !lc Tlie Series of Dcalh? ""> Mho defied the world's attempt lo block his African venture, center of an admiring Ihreng of I'iedmonte Fascists h, Rome! Premier Mussolini joins in the Beneral merriment and nmibly slaps I .. . .TIUJJO i mums lusL'iuc was requeslcd b\ tlie shoulder oc Ihe officer with whom lie has been Jesting, j Clstricl Attorney Thoinus' F. Mor. : ———_ — larlty today In connection will: U T i ur-n n , I liwrpcrlcd 'mass'murders to rolled fiaiTy laylOr Will Seek j "speculative insurance." •';'•..! ,. Reelection-, as.,Constable] ke^nny^mvrnmnler^ai,:^ " " y J possibly more heavily insured per- Harry Taylor today aiilliorizsd i cus during the past 15 vears ii ''" ""'"•'•"• """- ' -'•"" the Chlcopee-Liidlow-lndhin ;Or Eli!! IE"S ( "lifletl" word for word from j Hie Democratic platform of 101'J. SPRINGFIELD. Mass.', Juue : 13 „ B °"' l>!»l'ks-lliU year's liopiib- 'UP.-lnvcstUmlon by the s nt- | C1 ",' A"' „ 'I 1 - 0 181 ' 2 Uc ""»™llc- I board of .registration In plinriiirr ™ r(c<t w« h I'nc same sentence: "A ' - - - ' private monopoly is Indefensible aiid Intolerable." At IhLs point lhc Republicans In- serlcO one sentence \\1iich did nol appear in llic 1012 Democratic pintform: "ft menaces and If condu- """" " a^nic^ it: a Courier News to aminounce "Is candidacy for re-election us Chickasawba township constable. Mr. Taylor, a native of tills county, farmed for a number of years to Ride Prp<;i- L '" fore mm ' m 'l ^ this city about LU ixtui.. i ics,! nme s , cilrs B He |s mnrrlct|i , lls I wife being the former Miss Vela . clenl's Coattails WALNUT RIDGE. Ark., Ju:ie 13 'UP)—Cleveland Holland, Foil, ^mith. Tuv.nseud Candida'.'! for the United States ssnale in o:- Rcsltlcn to Eeuatc Majority Lend- Until about two yours ajo he was ill good health ami attended to the duties of the constable's office personally, since then illness has forced him, In a large mea- ;hai-d area. Three recent, deaths "iider Inquiry, were believed cuke by poison. Tha victims previous ly were supposed to hiU'c die^' is the result of heart attacks' 01 accidents: ' i The Boston Mutual Life Iniur. | nopDly cUlz'wi." . -.'.••'.'. .... But the' next paragraph reliirned lo almost.Identical wordnse- "We favor the, vigorous-enforcement' of Ihe criminal laws as well us the civil laws against monopolies mid trusts and their ofllcjnls add n-c demand tlie enactment of such additional legislation as Is nccossnrv lo make it In " • • sure, to entrust the work of Ms of- Virgil pre;ne, °Neiil Reed. Sheriff:—Hale Jackson, Joe s Dillahnnty. Treasurer:—Roland Gmn. Circuit court clsrk:—Hugh Craig. .County court clerk: — carey V/oodbum Piiecnev. Assessor:—R.. i,." (Billy) Galnes Representative:—Ivy W. Crawford, Ed B. Cook. Justice of Thomas. --.. pr--s or neirablican, since he \n n the I. ; e also accused him affiliatsci with i-Ilily Victim of Stabbing Treated at Hospital i3 in Suit _ , - n t 5"? rnn , Fl ' a " k Hul5l >n«l. nbotit 40, who UBtnageS OI $7,DUU !1VL 's south of Dell, was treated at ho5pitn! last nipht W. A. ,' .. ' '.. --- l[! ycvlllo ho5pitn! last nipht A Ar-,in P ^ : ~QT.,,J V PARI3 ' ( UP>-A claim for S7.SM lf °i' ™ lm " 5 hc said were received n^D? N w r- \ ^ dam »^ "sainst r,v= m i=e h as ^ he " ' 10 ™s s'abb-d by a neigh- m'iin.' ?' 3' T LfnM bcs " madc b >' « Parls »•=>"»»• «'!io ' Vlligil Ncl "™°™- HubDard iiiain j. H Liiustorci. ^ii n — *i._i ii.- _.i . . . iv^i M-niiTi^in/i i.. fi,« _i^i.. .. . was wounded in the right German Dec lor Reports $4,500 Loss After Crossing Atlantic NEW YORK. June 13. (UP)Stewards on a ship, chambermaids in hotels, and autviorllies in several European cities ssarched today llnn on instnictlons from New York for not ' clcven small lead capsules contaln ' Little rilver town- , and si^e but his injuries were ' '"« radium worth $4.500. lost or dl£chr «" 1 from tlle Ludwig Heine of B»rl°ln so Hiibbard said ill feellns had ex- "ecu here and Switzerland. H inlght kill n n unwary nnd'er. ->• »*»-*• A^JI ij. \f nun i i Wiseman, E. L. Marlarly, Dye Al- i 'en. Monroe to-.vnshlp; J. cal Bir- i ger, w. s. Haney. Ed Wilson N»al NEW YORK ' Jlmsl township; Newt Moore Iii<r i_^ e Olillty sli.ires led a rally In the. township; J. w . sla S ton,'°Bn3t»r •-'<"* market today after an I,-Wi?ley. McGavock township- Ho- leenlar opening. The list gained • mer Hodsje. Half Moon towns^in- frnclicns to a point on tho flay W. A. \\'oocl. Hatcher township-' ' 1!:d '"" substantially higher for Jim Burns, Harry Taylor E M ltle wcck - Trading, however, con- Eaton, Frank McOreeor. chlWa- ll] " >(1( ' < 1 ' 1 ' 1 A. T. and T I 1 ") '>.r\ licth. Steel 53 3-8 Chrysler 97 ],) Cities Service 21-3 Oen. Am. Tank 493-4 Gen. Electric 39 Gen. Motors CJ 3-4 McKffSon-Robbir.s ' 93-4 Montgomery Ward 44 7-8 N. Y. Cenlrol 36 Packard 10 5-B Phillips Pet 7 40 5-8 Radio ..; p j_2 St. L.-S. F 3 !. 8 Simmons Bee's 30 Standard of N. J 57 1-2 Texas Co 31 1-2 62 1-2 Files Divorce Suit " "> *iaiiy i ajiur, c,. M Eaton, Frank McGregor, c.ilcka township; ciwrley Luiss,' clear I-ilce township; E. M. Norton, Scot-t wwnshlp; I. A. Harrison, Hlckman toa-nsiiip. Sue Willie MaJkin has filed suit In chancery ccnlrt against Jim Madkin, asking a divorce on the ground of indignities. Holland and Barhnm arc attorneys for the plaintiff. ui ca fe some one should oaon the capsules. T. AC ra(Ulmi ^ Il3im ^ f£ ( so ion, P S i t remains wltldn the lead sheathing. For A- Cot inn NEW YORK. June Cotton closed sleady. open high 13 July Sep close Chicago Wheat "Pen Jilgli low B4 1-2 85 3-8 84 1-4 „.. 85 1-2 86 3-8 E5 3-3 8G 1-fi Chicago Com ocen hUh lo-.v cV-as' July 61 1-8 61 1-4 60 1-K 61 l-l, SCP 58 1-8 58 1-3 58 1-8 58 1-i | I Mew Orleans Cotton\ J <£ t ! Dec NEW ORLEANS. June 13 (UP)' T ail —New crop po-itions were lower Mar en the cotton market today as May .. ufig ,,.., the result of poor cables. long ; SpoU 'closed stenriv realizing and reiwrts of good rains. jlmiiged nt lisa hi Ihe ea.stern belt. high low close 1170 1101 1169 <UP>— close low 1169 1170 11G8 1170 1103 1113 11M 1113 1100 1108 1100 1107 1100 1107 1100 1107 1104 1110 1104 1110 1109 1113 1108 1113 and un- U. . S Warner Bros. Jul Get Dec Jan Mar May 1138 1105 1003 1099 1103 1109 1103 1100 1034 1109 1103 1030 1103 1105 1105 1105 Spot Average Is 11.70 Tlie average m-ice of 7-8 l.ich middling ccltoii on 'HE spot markets lodn\ -cccrding to the Blvth' of ntiKiiii.-.:ia. Vi'ipniiis who ordinarily receive <heir mall al the pcstoniso must of cptirae call lliere for Ihch- lsvh of South and Cenlial C h i n c sc Goveinmenl 'Iroops Reported AMOY. soiilh China, .Sundaj, Jiini) H. (UP)—Five Japanes; .war- t.'/il]i.s arrived to-Jay: and lauded strong delaclimchts of bluejackets "lo prolccL Japanese, nationals aiid property." Adillllonal warships will be sent lo Canton If . --- • ~ .u, 11.1,11 UU1J1J.> . if not known lo jioslonicu employes - ......... > ....... •• — •••> I'.'icy must have soim'nuo with tli-ni ' "'™ Ilc l liu ' l »fe, SlinUjhiU ndvkea ' " "' ' X'. Si Sciuls Sht|is HONGKO'.v'Cl, Juno 13. IU[>); United Slntes H-iir.'!il|!s were ordered to Hongkong today as first reports were received of lighting hc- uveen forces at. the- Cnnlonese an:! Central Chinese government. 'Hie u, S. a. Ashevlllii .113 been Instructed to sail from Shanghai tomorrow, n day ahead ol Its sched- Critics Ace Seeking ,lo Friglilen Amoiican People, Me DerJaivs NEW YORK. June 13 (UP) — Postmaster General James A. I'arley today um'sccl crltlrs o lhc tioosevell ndmlnlslrallor. o attempting lo "create n taiij«l)oc lo Mgbtcn the American voter's" by chin-glut! thq New Den! - : will: "destroying Aiiierk'iin liistltHtials' 1 -nd '-scllliu. mi a (llclauvrshlp." ' : "Many of these .critics seam-lc regard special jn'ivlK'gfjt-: 'nixi :)«- dltrcivnc'O to Ihe welfare ol the people generally as the system," Ftirlcy .snlti. "It : this 's the case the quicker we 'substitute a real American system the better." Speaking at the cornersbm; laying ceremonies at a new ;iust- - to idenllfy them, Facilities will be provided at tho poslollliH! by which veterans deslr- uii! to cxclianije their bonds for ™.sh may mute tlie proper iippllca- More than $850.000 worth or tip Iwuds will be delivered lo vc.t-r- "Os of the World War in Mississippi county mid It h estimated Hint ck'llverliM tdrough (lie 7)lvtiie- vllle po.stomce will amount to b-- Iween $MO.OOU mul {UOO.OOO. Wur vrlerau.? of Pemlscul county. MO just north of here, will receive "bout $(550.000 worfii of bonds , S!>ld, nn<| the U, R. S.-Tuki nlrtaly Is steaming suut'n, having mler- niptcd turijet practice at Cbefoo. Tlie flshtliii; between Cantonese mid central government troops, :r<i- portcd by ohhKvso sources, was said to have re.-mllcd In a retieal bv ttio Jiuiitlicni forces, wlio lunc bjen advancing northward with His 'announced purpose of fighting tha .. Central gavcrniiiehl nd vices fiom lluniin province denied, however, th«| any clash Jind laken jilace. ' fec'.ng was , displayed In ; mass : demoaslrallons nt Canton and Peiplng. cff!ce bi-IUllng in the Droiix, Far- _ WAS1JINOTON. Jul clialleiiged the old guard lie- The 250,000 Jobless World War vet- ance company lilcd bills In publican leaders and the "siiclccs- j erans employed on federal work re vas one of those'being Invitll 'hell does he liienn? ., .36,000 March CANTON, chliia, Junn 13, (UP) —Thirty thbusiuid parsons, a cross- S ssctlon of Chinese life, paraded 10- day, shouting their determination -to oppose Japanese Imperialism I 'H r \vfl. ! T'fJie'>ofr"'o'f : 'denib'nitra- --- lion— cxp3Cied mid dreaded— \UiIeh Bonus Recipients Will Nol [T^K fncfde,,^ [n B C Barred from Work j S,.* ^S Oil Kclicf I rojeds Voices rcrplevlly A fe«- Jtours Jater, in n qulelcr mood, he declared: . VI do not care to commeiil UMH C.ovemor Lniidon's message - If if means he is for the gold stali;!- «rd, of course '! am .wholly In disagreement with thai. B ,,t „,, sav,. he Is not in favor, as I understa.rl > —, s ,, v tnu j, unless tt can be done « a ia penalizing our domestic economy ' SI! FOB TIL - ..-- .iui in lavor, as I understand r r \r I n i it, of returning to Ihe gold stand- 1'CUr Looter Youths Bound 9rn f nnlpa<- ft rtrt « t.. _i_. .... i Over lo Circuit Court . OCO needy ex-Soldiers lematned ii> aoubt. however, as the postollice department completed preparation! for <lsllvcrlii({ United states treis- ury certlllcale.s lotallnsj $1,000000000 lo 3,518.000 men, ' ' WPA olliclals sold mm while t'nov would not dismiss veterans from Ihelr employment program, slat" county and city relief director;, would make their own decisions a' lo cx-soldicrs recelvlne local char" Uy. The development came as llu To the direct queslioti: "Will vo Moore, 22. Richard Young, and Tom of 1,1. , inis, both 21. are all members of were ••Westlllhave"a7 e 'cret m ballo['hi ""' , The , Slnylng occurre(1 on ' ** country," „,„ thc ^ pavcnrj^ near C«JI«,^ May 23. j_:__i_i*_. t . , *** ' TPPEKA. Kaos/s." Juife' 3 13 '(] ;~d "a hard bt- t fair n^hr* 0 presidency. , , :,,, f ,,,., ., drinking In n parked cw when the „ dered Herid. '• ?° V ' Wh ° lwd nejro started past them. Offwod ?,„„"„ " erndo . 5 relcn;!(; °» a ha- nejro started past them. Offe a drink, which he refused, the ne- !'" Kro made some "smart" rcmirk the boys said, and one of them struck him. Tiio n:gro stnick back lncit;m;nt -. statute. The court's opinion was unani- •nuus In reversing Superior Courl 'udgc irush M. Darsey, who hr The Republican nominee praiyd , ,, , - •'ic new national committee r -ir n " <1 " frcc - for - a 'l followed In which • ' lllc nc?ro wns mtnll i T " from Hie car. Several wilncssK' •an, John D. M. Hamilton V, V - - -- Mtcment that was intcrprc'ai '-' e ncc ^ wlth a sm "" scrcw (lriv2r 15 a reply to the assertl&'i b" ;mts A. Farley, the Dcmoer.,(ic lalrnmn that "this is goin (0 dirty carnpaijii' ,„ C ° rpL ' S a hai-d . Tllc but lie Du i »e Two Injureri in Auto Accident Near Hayti Robert Mcdgclln, 03. of ciarfc- on. Mo., sustninrd lacerations and ., ..,..- ....M .,,«....^, :rutscs in an auto accident said ForbiJs nud Afoore gave up dl- ° llllv < 1 crcurretl near Kaytf. last In the same accident Herbert redly after liie occurrence. Yoiin? Burns fled but returned a week later to surrender t/i offtors , — ot fi ? ht « i Disorderly House Case Continued to June 20 o! Rolic ' rt almos C t S °on nl lh m " dc llls Vtomls-A -mr.cll here at yhich he r.iiit Hu'obaitl on charges of operating - iii 10X ' hls "'unnlng nnte 11 disorderly house In the 100 PJast ammon and the sub-corcmiitee AMi street block, nnil of Katherlue inn n»'innni rorti^n,.^ vv i.j: Porter and Edna Smith on charges m m Landons words " an i mme -'- r 'T!IN Inmates of t:\->. house, has move on the enemy." been continued until Saturday, Louden said the meeting would jJ"iw W. In municipal court, uesday. Kncs ln lo:tay's deiuonslratlon \ierp farmers, youthful sludeiils, rlct- s '" uv nlen ' coa! ml'icrs mid engl- ncers— men, who rejiresenled Clil- na's millions. Tiielr parade extended foi file miles aloiijf the. crooked, narrow streets of the southern capital 1'ollcc lialtle Slticlciils PEIPINO. June 13. (UP)-Stu- dcnL'i loiight police today In a gigantic demonstration held In protest ajainst Japanese Imperialism and the threat of civil win Police, called to disperse, thousands of (he parading students llrcd tlielr pistols toward tlie ground nt file feet of the leaders. irs Threatens Gasoline Tanks In Defiance, Ohio DEFIANCE, OhtoT June 13 (UP) -A roaring fire today destroyed he Defiance Pressed Steel com- liiny and threatened (o explode ix huge sosollne storage tanks More than 205 volunteer fircmeii -om three towns fought to con- rol the blnze over four city blocks rcuplcd by the plant and avert xplcslon of 40,000 -gallons of asollnc in tanks of the Denance Igh Speed Oil company ?lut!ents Vote No On Whiskey, Prefer Spinach EUGENE. Ore. (UP)— Spinach is preferred to beer, gin and wnlsVy by 4!0 University of Oregon stu- denls. The three intoxicating b-v- pngc, ranked third, fourth and fifth in a- list of most disliked foods' and drinks in a survey conducted by Dr. Calvin S. Hall, professor of psychology. Spinach did not plac" 'n the first 10 dislikes, and only 8 per cent recorded a dislike for it Buttermilk ranked as the most liatrd of 15 focds listsd in tha = ton , ns ' r f. with half of the stu- chec!!l - nv •-•niiiu iiniUUIIl llUiDCrt I H >t v !i «••"- JKU-. Prater. 40, of R,i!cl ? li III , us . I rcl " s chscklng it. Kidne;- ranked ncd bruises and cuts " ' ! r m ~ sicoiid. Calves'liver follow- liolh of the men were brought I • ^ J "' ill '*' ltsk i" B' rou P iu o the Blytheville hospital and I ?* l^lL"'??:'! » Iace - . Pilrsl ">«. -ter was discharged mis morn- "nnrt I ? 1Al " ll " a ssvcn; ' 1 Place- Parsnips. ,or 7 ^"'"VJ an^jonjue c;moletej the , . —•^—v, \, .iJiyicirj nn; first 10 of the studsnts' di-tarv "black list." " ' merican WomeTwin WightmanC»p Agai other Adrian Church entered a plea lol cuiliy lo n charge of disturbing f-lxth successive year u-lien the 'V ix-ace and was fined $25, thclrtrublci team of Helen Jacobs, of : : j 'iac beitit; suspended, this morn-1 Berkeley. Cnl,, and Mrs. Sarah - i it-iy aj.vlnst him was dismissed. '-''-nori Kav stammers and Freda [?. Cnt-^cll niccoy, iiccro, NVOR order** Jniut'S of tjiigloiid in tlie final i • oci liolu to EiWitEt Action ol the' nti dccidliifz nifttch of (lift sor- r grand Jury on a charge t-f grand ics. . c ] ea r, n'c'cord'iny' to"ca7niwi"p" ; - lafccn >'- The scores were 1-8, 6-3, 7-5. | rls,' official' weather observer. vest portion tonight, .lemplils and vicinity—Fair toll' and Simday. Little change lemperaturo.

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