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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 22, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTiraAKl-'AI>IT»K, D ,„ "*" 1 -*-» » » ^_/ J/OLUMK XXXVI—NO. 105. ~ ——• —.._ Japanese-British Basis Is Reached- Terrorists Active lilylhovllle courier ISlyltalllo Herald Mississippi Valley Lender JllylliDvilie D:illy NEWSPAPER OP NORTIffiAaT'AKKANSAg AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI' sons, SHANGHAI, July 22. (UP)— TVsvrorisls killed four 1 2" ehni l01li ^" t «« J«- Grent ]5Hfai " th ™»»So«l China. ' A series of developments increased the pressure against British interests Just as Tokyo dls patehes reported a general agree ment on the basis for negotlalin a settlement with Great Britain h regard to the Japanese progtair in China. Whether the Increased pressur indicated determination of japan ese military leaders In China tc carry through their nall-BrUlsl campaign regardless of Tokyo de velopments was uncertain Developments included- 1. A raid by terrorists on lhe Plant of anti-Japanese publications in Shanghai, including both British and American owned newspapers. Albert P. Wilson of Philadelphia, a Russian cabaret girl and two Chinese were killed in a wild sliooting melee. 2. Anti-British demonstration- a dozen china cities, including measures against the British in BI/miRV!U,B, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY*. JULY 22, 1M.O and non-cooperation and a warning" for Britons to. exercise caution. In'appearing on the streets. 3. Announcement in Tokyo that a general agreement with Great Britain had been reached as a basis for negotiations on the Japanese program in North China. • 4. Japanese .reports, from Man- chnkuo that Russian airplanes had been. Hying over Japanese dominated territory and that Soviet artillery again was active on the Mongolian frontier. Three Miners Killed In Explosion Today "FORT SMITH,'July 22. (UP)_ Three miners were killed today in nu explosion at the Sun Company coal mine, 10 miles south of here. Company officials said a' fourth miner suffered 'serious burns The-officials listed the dead as Ed Rachels 30- Tom Doss sa ind Will. Denne, 28. Boy Frightens Town,^ Carries Poisonous Snake VRYHEID, Natal (UP) _ Therc ' was a- minor panic among pedestrians m Commissioner street Vrybeld, when, l.hcy sighted a small native boy approaching with a Jil-mch poisonous snake, twisting in angry fashion, in his hand The boy walked .unconcernedly alcng until a cautious passerby, at n safe distance, asked him where Carollo Is Free On Bond KANSAS CITY, July 22 (UP)~ Charles V. Cnrollo surrendered, today on charge* of Income (ax evasion on nearly half a million dollars. He allegedly obtained lhe money in payoffs by gambling- establishments that ran wide open in the days when Tain J. Pcndergast was political boss here. Carollo was brought before Fed- Prole* Democracy Must Be Continuous ATLANTA, On,, July 22. The sixth congress of the . Wcrld Alliance opened here when thousands of messengers Iron Co nations crowded im 0 Uie A'tla-iti baseball park and heard their fight tor religions freedom praised Ii messages from President Roosevelt and David Uoyd Geor E e, rcrmei prime minister of Great Britain Attendants nt the world \vldt denominational gathering wns estimated at more lliau M.OOO President Hossevelt in his message expressed hope the week long alliance would produce "u jinn resolve so as to employ our heritage cf freedom that justice i maintained and extended men and nations. '•cling FoQijJfiiito Reveal , Death Valle\ Desert authorities (raced tcdny tli« agcnlxlnif end of Bill Hyatt. 02 a miner. Ifyalt's body wns found with iirms Imbedded to the elbows In • Die Wlslerlng sand. Apparently ho — had been derntiged by thirst nml ' (lie heat (the normal d peniture Is 120 degrees) and had may among - .„ ,..,,„, . era! judge Merrill E. Otis, who set the "herkLl bon . , bond at $20,000 and arraignment '? ^'W 8 *"*** carroto fur- . •'In these days when many of '- Dished guilt. Hie bond but denied the Heavy Damage And Acute Water Shortage Reported In. Area NEW YORK, July 22 (UP)- 3amage caused by a severe drouth n New England and the Atlantic eaboard, mounted into hundreds going ivilh ih c snake (n destroyed. he was ringhals). "I'm going: to send it oir from Hie postoffice." explained the boy and said he hfil-hcard somcsnc in' Durban was buying snakes Reluctantly he allowed himself to be persuaded that the poslofftce would not accept the snake, ami killed it on the pavement. New York Cotton f thousands of dollars today I'orest fires swept scattered sec- ions, crop's withered, food prices ose. streams went dry and some ummer resorts threatened lo close or lack of water. York New Jersej Pinnsyl anid Massachusetts New Hamp lure Y e!m o»t and Connecticut cported icute-jvin shortage The New York >tite healln de larfment said sonic small com lunities were forced to' rely 01. •ater from ponds and' brooks',''and 'arnecl of the possibility-, of' '/pol- ution" and urged eVery sanitary lecaution. :."-....-..- :. -" New York stale agricultural de- artmeni officials- sa'i(| grain-and egetabtc crops were; hit' but added that a heavy, :rhir. within the next week would mitigate dam-, age sul'slanlialiy. . Fanners in western New York that berry crops were virtually . Instltullons of free lent arc challenged It' behooves nil of us who believe in de- mccracy. lo rally lo ihe defense of those principles which are funda- menlal lo our happiness as n nn- lion. "The freedom which we cherish —freedom of conscience, - freedom of press, freedom of education and freedom of assembly—and which Is our priceless heritage out of the struggles of our forefathers can be maintained and perpetuated only at the cost of eternal vigilance." The message of David Lloyd George said'in part: "Tcriay when the gospel anil'the master's kingdom are being challenged by new and barbaric forms of paganism the testimony of Bap- llsls is more than ever needed lo recall mankind to 'the great spiritual verities and lo the abiding value of (he. message of peace on earth and gocdwill to men." Lloyd Oeorge .Is Baptist layman. / n' prominent Cotton clssed steady." high Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July 801 840 840 830 821 813 870 858 840 830 828 820 low 8CO 848 840 830 821 812 close 8C4 85-t 8!0 832 823: 815 Spots closed nominal at 944 lm changed. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. July 22 (UP) -Cotton futures closed steady today, up 5 to 25 cents a bale, open hign low Ocl - 872 -881 872 Dc c. 8GO 870 860 Ja » 848-851 845 Mar. ...'.... 840 84C 840 **y 833. 830 833 821 825 821 it 915. close 817 8G5 851 842 83-1 825 Melon and tomato growers reported heavy losses. Delcclivc Sli.iine-Faccil BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (UP) _ When City Detective J. N. Bryan reported for work, he was- virtually incapacitated. While making nn investigation, Bryan lost the keys to the police car and his handcuffs. Griddle: Is'Still'-Hot ; In '• ; Louisiana Stale Political Scandal been'digging bare-handed for water. Across the next sand dune, half n jnlle nway, wns 'n water hole. Hyatt had been visiting his sister In las Angeles and was return- bit' lo his Jcb nt the TelegrnpH Mines nuniil 250 miles In the hi-' lerior. Crossing the desert,'the rear; axle of his automobile broke and he started out on fool for help. , The hike began on H side rond near the soulli tip of blasting Death' Valley, ft Is one of the hottest and most desolate regions in the country. A slubby growth of nies- qiillc and cacti peppers the ground between stretches of sand dunes, bare floors of hot vcck, nud white alkali lakes, Hed cliffs shimmer in the hent, unit mirages of cool lakes, mountains, and green valleys- rise out of the super-healed tilr! to confuse, the traveler. The temperature wns above 120 degrees when Kyalt climbed out of liis broken-clown car on Wednesday. Hyatt's (rack beside- lhe roac Ihcy began to waver, miles from the car, was his ills inrdoil canteen, empty. From the °>>. lhe hacks were n record o iiyiuls agony under the btoln desert sun. The tracks alternately ili'Agge fruu exhaustion, and sprlnlcd fro) iv hhsl-drlvon im^te. Beside 111 irnll lay pulled-up mcsnullc bushra lij'iui apparently had uiril ( 0 s\ic moisture frun their wlihi'reil rools 1 lieu Ihe trucks begun |« wn mlc m circles. Hyatt wns Bliown (i h?ve fallen down, then'got up am struggled on. Veteran men of Iho desert said his last two miles hn< been lorture. Kneh time .lie fell ic tried to illg In lhe sand wllh lits for wiitur. Tho wandering, him near Snrnloaa Springs bul Just nu. oilier side of n sam dune from sight of this water hole he fell for the lust time. His 2( mile hike wns half a mile toa short -Two other miners, n, E. Cin id n. M. Dnvis, cnnic across 'orokcn-dcwn car yesterday liurrled uloni; his tracks. They round his body blistered and ran :rom having been two days under ilie desert sun.. Coroner's deptitlfe brought lhe body lo Uurstow, Cal C.1 PIERCE, 72, Two On One Stock Prices NEW YORK, July 23 <UP> Stocks drove forward one to than two points in active today. A. T. &.T v ; Anaconda Cop. ..]" Assoc. D. G Beth. Steel '.'.'.'.'.'.'. Boeing Air Chrysler . \\"" f £ ""' Gen. Elec. ' 38 7 R Gen. Mot \\\ 487-3 Int. Harvest 581-2 Montgomery Ward 55 3 8 N. Y. cenlral ' )6 ,_ 8 Packard . 33-4 Pet "as a-d l«? 3-8 27 5-3 85-8 C5 Radio 6 1-4 Sclienly Dist. 13 i__ Simnions . 25 7-8 Socony Vac 12 Std. Oil N. J 433.4 Texas Corp 37 ^ U. S. Smelt 54 U. 3. Steel 53 7-8 BATON ROUGE, La., July 22. (UP)—Resignations of mere' state officials as a result of the current political scandal were expected lo- rtay as another of the triumvirate which succeeded Senator Hitey P. L:ng stepped cut of public life. Seymour Weiss, onetime window washer who became a 'millionaire after joining the Long machine resigned last night as president of the port cf New Orleans commission and commissioner of the New Orleans police and fire departments. Weiss and four others will be arraigned Monday en -federal imiiel- menls charging them wilh embezzling $75,000 from Louisiana Slate University. Mayor Robert S. Maestri of New Orleans, reckoned lhe most powerful political figure in ih e state h the cnly member of the triumvirate named by I»ng to continue his political machine, still in office. The third member, Richard W. Leche, resigned as governor June 2G during an invcsligation of lhe L. S. U. scandal. Gov. Earl K. Long, the late senator's brother who succeeded Leche. also announced Die resignation of C. A. Morvant, chief attorney for the conservation department, which is.under federal Investigation as a result of "hot oil" operations the state. Mirvanl, who gave no reason for iiiiilliiiEr, denied several days ago that he was an agent for an oil company doing business in Louisiana. Lester Franklin Is Hurt In Auto Accident GREENWOOD, Miss.. July 22 (UP)—Lester Franklin, Democratic candidate f-:r governor in Mississippi's primary next month suffered a broken arm. cuts, bruises and i possible skull fracture tcday when his car collided with a truck near here. He was brought to a hospital here for X-ray examination and treatment. laruthersville Man Sei'Vec As Pemiscot Sherif Many Years Ago CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., July 22 —Funeral services were held here Friday afternoon at four o'clock or Charles Robert pierce, 72, form>i; sheriff and county collector, who died here at his home Thursda\ naming at nine o'clock. Mr. Pierce md been in ill health for the piist Iffi'S 1 ,y. c *rs and had -been confined tojils Md.'foF'tlic past'-lmir noiiths. . : ; He was born in Bedford County Ky., April .20, 1867,-the son of W T., and Mary Jane Pierce. He came to tins county with his parents when he wns four years of ai;c hftfl l,'.._,i i . ._ ° * lived here since. During had _ lifetime he was a member of il'i'c Redman and Elk lodges. When he served as sheriff of this county many years ago, much or it was in woods, and he had lo allcnd most of the duties of his riding horseback throne!: the woods to' the various" communities. He engaged In and raising livestock on-a- large scale and nt one time had considerable holdings in the comity. The services were held at lhe H. S. Smith Pnnernl Chapel with the Rev. w. L. Meyer and the Rev. Wayne Gray, of the Methodist and Presbyterian churches respectively, conducting the services. Interment was 'In Little Prairie cemetery. Surviving arc his widow, Mrs. Lizzie Pierce, and six daughters Mrs. D. 13. Pinion, Mrs. D. Ben Holly, Miss Allie Green. Mrs. Qu- ford Thwealt, and Mrs. Randall Mend, all of Ihis eily, and Mrs. Waller Holly of Cooler; four sons Charley. Fred, Frank and Robert, all of Ihis cily; twenty-seven grandchildren, and three great- grandchildren. Fair Board Votes To Strike Racing Events From 1939 Fair The board of directors of Hie Mississippi County Pah- Association voted til a meeting yesterday to. drop horse racing from 11s annum fair tor 1930 begriming Wednesday, sept. 27th. "p. Well Brooks, secretary, said that: the board decided to fjrcgo (vorse races for.;' tills year's, event Tiller) suffering - a' substantial - loss In the staging of harness Ami running- races for.each of the three years the annual fair has been' held at the new fairgrounds. He said lhe board hat) decided to •substitute n program of ciiiertaln- nent that would have a broader ippeal and that the complete program would be released shortly. One ol the dates will be filled with 'he staging ol nn elaborate 4-H jlub program. Elmer Wood, deputy sheriff, exhibits two small-mouth black bass which he caught on same Plug on one cast in Tovvnlihe .Lake,- near Edmore, Mich. One weighed four pounds four ounces, oilier three pounds eight ounces. Little Rock Resident Drowns In Mobile Bay MOBILE, Ala., July 22. (UP)— The tody of Ignatius Sprig?, 41, chief engineer and construction superintendent for the Kroner grocery chain, who drowned last night near here, home in burial. Sprlgg, a member of a fishing parly of 15 Arkansas business and professional men, drowned when he was seized wilh the cramps July after an all day fishing trip |£ C |il Pallbearers were six of his grandsons, Frank Pierce, Byron Holly, Jack Pinion, Billic Pierce, Jerry Holly and Ralph Pinion. • Mr. Pierce was flic father-in-law of Mayor D. D. Pinion and County Collector D. Ben Holly, bolh oi Ibis city. Officials .Reilei-alc Determination To Rosisi German Annexation WARSAW, July 22. <UP)-Ofll- clal qunrlcrs KHcintnl today tlwt I'olnml would resist by nil itccejs- s»vy means uny u| tempt by Clcr- imuiy to annex , 'Hie slalenient was imule In comment on ,llio.nssorllon by an of- llelal Nazi spokesman nt Berlin yesterday lhal Germany rejeclcd a warlike solullon of the nttinlg problem-one hundred per cent— but the demand for Dnnzlg \vii unallerablo ami Clcnmmy wns eoi vlnccd Hint when UK; u,,i c un ,, Great nrltaln would urge Polnn to Kct loel.hcr will, Ciermany fo ucncerm .seUleiiu'nl; To llils ornclnl SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' Cotton Export Subsidy Plan To Be f%f Into Operation By Wallace -...v...* i|lllll ttl.T ftn tliat. Poland likewise did not win war but Poland's iittlludo on I! annuls problem llkesvise was ii'i changed mid any attempt lo mine 'Mmlg would .be resisted '. Comment on the Danzig isllun Ion cnme Immediately after a lln official-communique which disc-las ed thai Polish guards on .In'o nan '.IB frontier had been ordered t fire on anyone who crossed Die enliy. Mrs. Annie Moore, 11, Dies While On Visit Funeral services will be held to- norrovv afternoon In the clmp;l f the Cqbb Funeral Home for. IICr nml Wrs. Annie Moore, who died yes- ' tlc ' 1 •' ol) FILplLT •iU Repot ts Appear Only Of Shaw-In-Wine Vai iety WASHINGTON, July 33 (UP)— leporls thnt Poslmnstei Gencia 'amei, A' Failcy has delcrmlncd to oil President- Roosevelt on tin hlrd term Issue weie regaidcci a' ircmatme today, but of Unw-ln- he wind. slgiilflcance. A break bclncen (\\e two mui cnicely could exist at Iho momcn tcnuso parley, peretisslwjy ^con luces nit comers,-thnt he'clocVno now whether Mi. Rfloscvell wants third term. But the two men seem ; to be rawing' apart and some persons elieve the chances are better than ven that they will dissolve the'li olltlcal partnership before the MO Democinllo National conven- 'oii. Tha same persons feet thai liuge following of organization Jcmocmts would go with Farley. The fnck seem to be that Pnr- •V ("id his political iwwer am restigc are a major•-prize In 'the political grab ling, ' : All sorls of reports concerning his intentions toward Mr. Roosevelt, and vice President John N. Oar- erday mornini; In Ncelcyvlllc, Mo. The Rev. P. M. Sweet will offl- iale at the service at two o'clock. Burial . be nt the Elmwood emetcry. ^frs, Moore, who was 71 years t age, was stricken with apoplexy 'hllc visiting her sister, Mrs. j-.-s- le Davis. In Ncelcyvllle. Besides Mrs. Davis, she Is sur- security of his-enb- will be' appearing with Increasing frequency henceforth. Garner Is an anil-third term can- didnle for 1040. The opinion Is widely, iillhough not necessarily uniformly, held here that no Democrat can be elected president In 1(140 without Parley's support. And neither would any nominee be likely to overcome Mr. Roosevelt's open opposition. Ived by: a brother, Bob Maupin j Under those circumstances the f ninnlnglmm. Ala., two sons, Ifo- relationship of lhe two men 'is of Her Moaro of here nnd , If. 1C! prime political Importance The foora of Portagevllle, nml two nughlers. Mrs. Ifnle Fletcher and )rs. Ollle IJalley, both of here. il Is nlert for Indicnttons of their Intentions for v 10-10 mui to wnrd each oilier. Parley and lhe president me not the political hud- i has Vfige-Hour Amendments On House 'MllSt' List bmi dm ' c '" lhe past -I8 hours and that, is not likely. WASHINGTON, July 22. (UP)— 'lie house rules' committee put Farley is sailing for Poland July 20 ami will sec Mr. Roosevelt nt omp'romlse immediately. A rules commltlee member said ie group was determined to gel Teen Age Boys Exposed In Bicycle Theft Ring COLUMBIA, 5. 0. (UP) — City and county police have just crack-. _ „ cd one of.the mast difficult cases' amendments this session but will In their annals—a boys' bicycle support a compromise bill If both theft ring. j sides can ngrce. The ofilcers spent three days ' .vading into ponds, crawling be- p . . .. nealh houses, probing inlo wells Britain May Legalize and ransacking pawn shops. Their iir .• t . , c strenuous efforts yielded M bi- Wartime Jury 01 OCVen cycles and arrest of four tccn-ae »** jivust; ItJIt.-i LUlfllHILiee [Jft' I IT 1 M .v.^ji. t.v •age-hour aincmliiienls on Us >>wn' y ,,. P " rk " cforc deparUng, There inlghl be some major dcvelopmenls trotn that meeting. But us of to- "must" list lo- re-ndjoui mneiil ay. It issued a virtual ultimatum lo, pposlng faclioiw to uork out a. 1 tnformc d _.-... tlle Utlltl:(1 Pre -« Is reliably has been no break so far and that all meetings between the two men have been uniformly friendly. boys. oor coasideralion of wage-hour , Farley mid Mr. Uoosevelt hit the ' hrst big bump In the first New Deal administration .when the late Ilucy P. Long charged Farley with a variety of official nml business misconduct and demanded a senate Investigation. No New Deal voice was raised lo defend the postmaster genera) except In the senate and Mr. Roosevelt was conspicuously silent. A senate commlt- LONDON (UP)—Juries In Great One of the most arduous tasks! Britain would be reduced from 12 lee ) ' c -l ccl cd Long's investigation of the case yet remains. The cycles 1 t;l "> persons In the event of war r e s °l"tIOJi, completely exonerating had been cleverly dismantled and j lmf ler an Administration Bill pre- Pilrle . v 'parts of several of them used lo se nl«l by the Lord chancellor In i>ut together a single cycle, so that I lhe House of Lords, identification will be like piecing! lire bill also provides fcr lhe re to gethcr a jig-saw puzzle. Clricdf/o Wheat enroute to RMk tod July Ecpt open 63 1-4 64 5-8 high low close 64 1-4 62 G-S 62 5-8 65 1-8 63 3-8 63 1-2 Chicago Corn open high 3.1 3-3 40 1-4 40 3-4 41 1-4 low close 38 3-4 3D 1-2 3-t 39 7-8 moral of (he Law Courts and Central' Criminal Court to a district Mother Seeks Custody Of Three Children outside London and suspension ofj Mrs. Minnie Lee Crawford has sitting of the High Court or the : filed a petition for a writ of habeas Court of Appeal, regulation of their vacaticns and appointment of Commissioners of Assize. The bill directs that a jury shall not be limited in the case of a treason or murder trial or In a case where the judge believed the issue of a trial to- be very grave. Airplanes often are used to transport fish from lakes to market In western Ontario. wrpus in circuit court here seeking to gain custody cf her three minor children, now allegedly under the care of Earl Cochran and Husan Cochran. Mrs. Crawford says that • the children were born 'to her and Harry Cochran, deceased; that she is able to care for them and Is entitled to their custody. Approves Lending Measure WASHINGTON, July ,22, (UP)— The senate banking nml''currency eommiUee, president's today approved U .R'I!)0,000,(KJO tcndh prcuram and hoped lo speed It l the scniUc iiuor for coilsldcrntlo Monday. ;. Suffers Severe, Injuries: Says He'll -"Settle M< "'.Own MEMPHIS; July'22. .(UP)— ft. J McCa.nn; former president of: Hi Tennessee Pcdernllon of Labsr niu cntmy of lhe n H ciuimi pollllu machine hcic, was slugged an benlcn by .sevcial men omly loda and left umxmsUous beside 111 at the MempliK Libo I'emple. . At SI Josoph't, hospital said he had n possible ),ku!l frnc tuie, Inteinal InJurlM, cuts am builscb Scvcinl lootli had beei knocked out, his 11050 had beci smashed and his swollen face iva: bUody. McCann was unconscious «hei i-o pcllcomon found him am called an ambulance. He regained comelousnass .severn hours lalei and mimibled^lhat h had an uiBunienl wilh some" uici over question of Jurisdiction on i labor project. - "I.loll and .started to climb h my car, when Ihrcc or four niei called me back and alarled bealliif, on nie," ho said, "r doii'l remember their names but-1.'will settle this thing my ovyii.wny." ' House Group favors Cotton Barter Bil W'ASItWOTON, July 32. (UP) — The house banking and currency committee reported favorably today i senate approved bill to facilitate exchange of surplus edUon for itnitcglis materials'held abroad.. J. P. Morgan—Up To an Old Dodge Partlow ana Bradley are neys for the petitioner. f. P. Morgan, who lost his repu- ation for camera-shyness afler midget silting on his lap during H probably will be frmndc effective next week they said In nn effort to relieve immediately a vvoi Id elioilage of American cotton. ' ,'•',The plan will offer a flat rate bounty of between $5 and $10 a. hue to exporters Wallace," however, will reserve the right to change (lie subsidy inte If he finds "• nwssnry to meet foreign com- I'lOvislon will be Included to prevent ic-en(ry of lhe collon and to (noted 'Aiueilcan spinners ' fiom cheap foreign cotton goods. Hie latter piobably will Include thc'es- (nblKluneiu of a collon goods lo limit Imports lo nbout ' present levels. Wiillacu will take full 'responsibility foi the plan which was drawn in the face of united oppo- * sltlon of cotton textile and, trade motip.i and over the protests of some (.outhcin congressmen that It would hurt mole than help the Soiitli, AgilciiUttrc" department 'officials csllinatcd that' between $40,000,000 and $50,000,000 will be available fiom congressional appioprlatlons for payment of a cotton export subsidy. , They do not, however, expect; lo .spend aiiywheio near thnt much. Wallace has contended thnt the United Slates Is entitled, on the bash of past export aveinges, to • nbonl M per cent of the world tiado In cotton. The present, percentage l.s about 40 per cent. Wallaces gonl will bo approximately 0,000,000 bales a 'year., , 1, Average annual expoils of American colloii from 1023 to 1031 was 7,B8p,COO .bales. .Exports for the 12 months ending July 31 will to - bcUcen ,3.300,000 .and 3,500,000 bales—the • In 07 years— Ilio agiiculluro department has es- - llmnlcd. , • . The subsidy will be Intended to break the log Jam of 14,500,000, bales of surplus collon which ;are held: In American ^warehouses. • Chancellor Studies '-'•"""." Dyess Colony Cases Rending of depositions 'in lhe ousler sulls brought by Dyess Colony, Inc., ; ngnlnsl certain colonists en lhe Mississippi county rehabilitation piojcct was concluded at Osccoln yesterday and, Chancellor J, F. Onulney of Joncsboro took the cases under advisement. The colony corporation contends Hint lhe defendants, S. B. Punk and A. J. McCnwin, are tenants at will and are thercfoie subject to . •cinovnl at the desire ot the plain- Ill. • The defendants claim the corpo- 'allon Binntcd' Ihem certain lights ipon their occupallcn of colony nnds by which they ticciulred such i Mains Mint the colony could not Ject them as tenants at will. iVillianis, Htittun And Autry 'Vote With Majority LITTLE ROCK, Ark., July 22 — Ilssl.ssl|)|)l county's lluee repre- nllvei, L. H. Autry, Woodrjw liitton and Frank 1 Williams, voted 1th lhe house majority on send)if Oov. Carl B. Bailey's refmid- ig bill to the engrossing commlt- lee yesterday. , The vole was 74 lo SO for sending lhe bill lo the commlltee. Final action by the house Is anticipated Monday. ' Canadian Scientists' Aid Pledged to Compatriots MONTREAL. (UP)—A movement lo assist scientists and literary figures who are refugees from totaU- tnrlnn rule has been started by a group ot members of the Royal Society ot Canada. The work of the group was disclosed by Victor Morin, president o[ the society, at the society's 58lh annual Convention here. "As any institution" of conslriic- livencss for the god of humanity, lhe Hoyal Society has witnessed with grief the dismal figures ot learned men driven away from their homes, in the midst of a life devoted to science and other intellectual pursuits, and "thrown over to starve because; they were men of peace," he said. "A commendable iiiltlalive has been launched by a' group of pur members lo rescue these .martyrs: of science, and we hope that-such a worthy movement will produce good results." to cenlly WEATHER Arkansas—Generally fair tcnight and Sunday, net quite so warm in northwest portion tonight and in northwest arid north central portions Sunday. 1 , . Memphis and vicinity—Generally landed at Southampton, fnfr tonight and Sunday, except for v«-i .- , ,• -' En *" >r0I ' eh " nnui " 1:cal vacation in Scotland. Sunday afternoon; not quite so warm Sunday.

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