The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 1948
Page 10
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.. *•• TEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION i UK* pw I Urn* r*r I Um*» p«r I Wow p*>• Ua«t, par- Ok*r«« lln« lla« p Uut djf ct*y day KO lie 1'jc &c 7c (c Reach for Hart's Bread. Insurance , atb ................ Q»ual fiT» *renw» wordj Co tb« Hue A4 ordered for ttirca or »u tt:u*s Held •OPptd Mar* »plr*llon will be crurg- id tor th« number of tlue« tb< ad &p- >«»r«J «nd «d)u>tiomt ol bill made. A)J ClaMlIl«d AdrtrtUlox copt «ub- •ItMd br p«nou te«ldlng ouUldt ol |lv> dqr muM b> accompanied bj cash *•«•! «MJ b. «ully computed (ram Ibt lbov« l*bl*. A<lnrtl»liic ort.r for Irregular Jn«r- Monc takes the on* tlmt r»l« Ko raipoiulbllUy will be t»k*. !oi MOT* . tA*n OD« locorrect Insertion ol UT cU«UI«d mi. LU *4l »r« rwtrlel*d la their proper *UflCtlcn «! . . urtw r«Mrr«» th*. right to win r» *M *ar %d, Apartment For Kent Trira* room r>ati*« turnlshed. 322 K •lilh It., Phone 43W. 3 15-pk-in •mill fumlthed npurtm^nl lor r«nl Ko children. JUS Henlojr St. oily. Ojml »y««. . 3 ; IS-pk.lB Business Service Directory __ Auto Supplier and Services OHAPMAN BIRVIOl STATION Kiln * DlTlilon . Phono 2S63 Don't endanger your tx- II? with fctlltT Wru—BUT 1JT.E TIRIS IJ[lS-ck-tf J««p parts now available »t POOLE MOTOR CO. W» can nil til your nced» <J»* genuine p*rt« from our com- Mete line. WLLTB POOU!. OWNER * OPERATOR South HlBh«r»l- 01 at Steel*. Ko Phona Btaele « We guarantee RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSON TREADS L«t j'our next tires be GENERALS COST 2,101? R—WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Co. PHONE 32(11 llH-clt-tt Beauty Services Pre Easter Special AN permanent WIVVPS are nt thrlr To look your bp^st clurliiK Ihn fi'prliiK •n(l Rummer months, get your now pefwanent NOW <tt Sue's Beauty Shoppe •10 Dougan Phone 2010 3jl3-nfc-27 Building Material LUMBER For Sale If you own your lot, have a little money, will furnish ro* lumber to build vpur Kome. At mill, Camp Moul- krit Drive. 0. S. RQLLISON Phone 3309 2-l8-ck-3-18 SPECIAL Bo your own work and save Rent a concrete mixer, wheolbarrovv and shovels. Any other tools yon ]]i ay need. v Also For Sale HAY and COAL Phon* 4489 Box 659 Blytheville, Ark.' 3-3-tk-u Business Opportunities — 3.15-pK-lR • Business Property For Kent LARGE OFFICE SPACE ,, 0 in "ew building HO S. Fifth. Across street from WidWcal Ice Croam Company. Can be divided into several small rooms. Ideal for doctor, lawye,., or insurance business. Will alTallfre to a tenant. TOM LITTLE Realty Co. Phone 861 _ _ ,3-15-ck-17 Florists . : ri8-rm la Household Goods . K. down— up to 3G months to ppv. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO ' 213 W. Main J.U-ct-M v/n mum AND SUBUtlNAN PrOIWrtT Bpfrlal low rnu prcmlumit. Fire, windstorm, torn,do. All cover»K« by Ar- kaitsas leiinl reicrve compitnlct Sale ami p»r IO.-.SM (julck. wnto lllythc-' vllte ABency, or 1'HOKK FIKLI) 239( ^ ^ 226-j>k-y,2G Prooction a^itlnst all ' ' INSURARI.R HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance GLKNCOK HOTKL IILDQ 134 W ASH HT 12.7-ck-II Laundry HOMR I.AUNDRT. Sff Miuirtle tl,ir- JTJW. Jtlfhway 61 N. Kchlnd Hudiim- fin 8 Grocery, 2:l9-nlc-IM0 Loans PERSONAL LOANS .Mltomoblle-Mjf nature—rornaxer-ftiritlttiic Quick, prl- Tfltn nerFlcc Pprxo[iall7,rtl (mention t-omfl in or lolophone, 292S OKNEr.AL CONTRACT FUnCHASK COHPOnATlON 122 W Ash Bt. Bljlhovllle Ark 13,24-ck-tr Money to Loan Ho you n«crt n lonn to rcpulr or rr- nc.tlrl? No ilown raymcnt. no mor- SBC. no reel tivpe FHA ^rPKOVED RATE 5«, ASK FOR DETAILS max Logan, Realtor Phono 2034 Lynch Building BlytlieTllle. Ark. BT.rfHEVTT.LK (ARK.T COURIER NRWS Real Estate Loans T. H A. LOANS IT, HOME LOANS FARM LOANS COMMERCIAL, J.OANS '. H A.-C1. I LOANS THKKY ABSTRACT AND RKAI.TY COMPANY 213 W WALNUT PHONE I'm Money To Loan On farm land or c ity properly. We also buy notes. CONWAY & HOUCHINS Gleneoe Hotel Building. Mattresses JNVKST IN RUST VHy ruin your lienlth br K]p.'i>liiir on an old knauv nuittrcsa? Thp SMITH MA-l-ritESS CO. ot BlylhcvUtc, I.™ ollcr.1 M make your old roll mnltrr.ii like now nl tho low tost of only IB 51) or It you junli-r n,i Iniirnsimiiic mculo ovil or your old mnurfns. we will do so m Inn low |irlc<! ot S24 Koitllnt: ""V,."^.''". 1 .?'. '"«tcrl«]« Ik UMCI in la , 51 ninclmiory. All ivork «unr- «;•.;,;•• I "ON* -HO!) Oil DKOI' A CARD TO SMITH MATTRESS COM- ™N''. 11KNERAI, DKUVERY. FREE jKUP AND DELIVERY WITHIN 50 '"'ONE DAY SRRVICE" HOOEY BLOOEY 5th at Walnut 3-SEfESB33aS3SMSSEl ompang I'hone 4453 OSCKOLA, COTTON PLANTlNGlEED u. r. 1..-14 •tilled. .Blue Tag, Dclintcd 4 100 llj. new bags BRYAN. FARMS State Certified. Jili.c Tag, Dclintcd and Treated. 100 llj. new bags "" PHONE 700 3,13-01-4:13 TYPINO. rhonr , Cats, and Pef» 3.13-PK-20' Notice Main. Phniio 659 manej. Swnn with us ifmnn's SWKD Sliop 40:. E 10122 cK U Sporting Goods sale prlcps in ' BILL GODWIN ' SPORTING GOODS iinllonns in stock Whole- 'li a,,,l ,„„„. w ,,_ o n UN,- ''"'"•''"'Is. Complcin nc nt Ullscn Mcr.-linndlsc. Trmnarnr- •m,,r r " l 7! m N ' Srro " rt S1 »' Norn, ip""p «(Ji" miwnVl rl '°'"' 251:! - "«'IT'S W'ii.SON TODAY IN SPORTS KQU1PMKNT SKI.L \VHAT YOU DON'T WANT AND BUY WHAT YOU 330 WANT Couric^ News Classifieds. r>"f A Km, '^^ir 7 ?^" «i^nolTT n '•'«• t"-rf,-«ly. nciil l'n'in Il>il [ l '" l< ' 11 I" lr " S. 21st St. Farmers Column l-'or Krtlc: Two^lUt^hotto^Tjii -'"1 th 5tuj l ) - Vnrbro. Cheap. 3j 6 SKKD" FOR SALE" I.. R. MATTIIKWS INC. I'lionc 727 Yni-)>rp, Ark For Sale, Cars & Trucks i fade Ins on Kaiser-Frazer Automobiles , Late iModel Used Cars --r..-^^^^.^.^^"! <r. scat rovers, with low rnlleaBo ami ' JFor Salt, City Property I>«ll h«rb«r «hop for •»!«. ,<3«. a "i" "UbIwrrtJV Dell. Ark, ail5-"k-22 Grocery jlore pntl me«i~rti7rlc«I wTtli «ou« , n <j 10,. j, w. Go/ort!, uiii NEW AND JIODRRN five rooms wnd bath equipped with automatic hot water heater, floor furnace, beautiful hardwood floors, xcrt'encd-in back porch. Located in new residential subdivision. Can _b(> financed at 4%. NEIGHBORHOOD G R 0- CERY, few steps off Main Street. Will sell fixtures, inventory stock. Building can be leased at fair rental. A going business, A-L proposition for ambitious man. FIVE ROOMS AND .BATH in good condition on Missouri Avenue. Can be financed. DUPLEX located jn high class neighborhood. Low tax and insurance rate. Will net 8"'". Medium down payment will handle, can finance balance at <!'•». MODERATE - PR 1C R J) house on two 1 large lots. Rent al property on rear, $3500 cash. Can be converted into good paying rental property. See or call: MAX LOGAN Realtor Phone 203'! For So/e, Misc. An Kjisiurn Blar pin with small d] H _ monils. llftra^lii. I'hone 2474. S.lff-iik-ia 'D.slirnan scooter. Broadwfty Har- sali«. 4<W W. Ash. nlBh.l mil 2853 Black enamel lustreless $1.63 gallon tt. A. Pk-Knrcl Ciroccry-Genernl Mcr- clmiullse. 320 K. MMn. 3 IG-cX-n Bur rough's CASH REGIS-' TRR. Practically new, call I 801. • 2-27-ck-tf Wl7artl motor hike cojn nil arcc.w>rlc3. 701 Walnut. For Sale Ol,T) NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFFICE 10!IO tf 221 Lilly St. He/p Wonted, Female Stenographer wanted for egal work. Call 3272 nr 21K17. 3-11-ck-lS TUBSDAT, MARCH in, We Junk'Junked Cars Any questionable automobiles are sold to "junk dealers/ 7 Our cars carry a 30 day guarantee. Financed through G.M.A.C. Preferred Plan. To our knowledge the lowest finance charge containing the full 11 coverages to protect you. We ask your patronage. Remember, price alone does not constitute a bargain l!Mfi Chevrolet 4 Door Sedan 19-16 Plymouth 4 Door Sedan 1!M6 Ford Tudor Sedan 19'12 liuiek Sedanelte 19-12 Ponliac Sedan 19-12 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1941 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1911 Chevrolet 5 Pass. C'uii|* 1941 Dodge 4 ] >oor Sef)an 1940 I)od K « 2 Door Sedan Most of these cars have radios and heaters Trucks, large and small, I/, ton, % Ton, 1'/ 2 ton, 7 ton. Some with body. SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY ( Successor to Loy Eich EASY G.M.A.C. PAYMENT PLAN We Never Closo til 8 p.m. 301 W. Walnut Sa»« Dept. Oper 5/8 Phon. 578 Used baby play pen with in good condition. Phone 3-13-ck-17 Lost and Foynd Private Rooms Lost. One pair ot rimless readme i«i SM " ( " ck C " 5C ' Rc W»™. Plione ( 1 Fort: ' er. /onr --n JHK "61" MOTOR CO. "Vour Kai.ser-Frazcr Dealer N. Hit'liway 61. Phone 2142 , l:21-clc-tf For Salt, Farm Bedroom with liot water 24 Hours MI • — •- TM «!, i rtnr. Call 4264 (Utor fi p.m. 3 lfi-pk-19 j 3Jl-pk-l -^«^,M-H.- N ,n,r^ 2 J i.^'r^- ^^ — -^_ , — ' - '—i <-"'' ri ing to the Encyclopedia Bri- j Hodrooms. Blvthevlile Hold Phon ' '— ' Nice 10 W bodrnoin. clos Wnlnul. Comfortable heflrnom for " 5 - _ __ a l " tch< ' n P'lvllcgM, 517 __ 'I? S H '" nlcp| y furnished bi itchen privileges, 218 E. > v ront bedroom, close In not Wfltcr. phone 2062. a'tB-plT. Bedroom convenient to ti:\[l, ticat. Phone 3125. rtn \v. M fti PAtlMS WANTED :»*>*«" »,"!' S s <) " 1l "' '" Nonl> Eilst •"•- n "r. n* you ijoii't Plumber Photography m T p'S>io?rV K | ls C " 11Kc "i : ' for~th71^; i"m r "VC""S' n 'F' k " il " 4 ™ 7 " r '"" (-•Irncoo Hoin. ° RIK>I , ™l"™< srroiul rulnns; mtaif^ II-|'|«T, Alytlirvlllr. . . . Hlnnton A 3 lll-pk-17 For So/e, Cars & Trucks Kond land. = bants on ,— .... ...n,.. i I \ ^ J I I J j troni Blytbcville. Price «;2 a rrc. I'i ton 1911 Clicvrolct truck anlr i >r '>' WUl'V, ll rm! MW ,! l , C 'i«- s Vl"^ ha'Ko'i'ii ' «""" .'l"'r. 116 N. and. Pnono 52S, 3 IC-Jlk-U I tlv '.t.^ Oo(Ue tnir>i and '3V (;iicvrt»lci ' 1>rl ''C' VrJ,M l01 i """ l ""' rr - rlirnp. SIT nt F.ilr- " I kroiniclii. r«n (or "Doc." 3,U.,ik-21 ' '" " Jolinny Man- Real Estate 1- fc>. Second Phone '11)1 Spring Delivery on a Hew EVIHRUDE • Ort in ahead of the spring r,i. s |, when there arc never enniish 1517 Chctruloi plckn •fS iJodpe tnicX mict "il iTRiior nnrt frhltrr, rhnap. : k'rotindK, n.ttt [or "Dor." M,'Sv. 6I i,V;?,, m i!f,', So "V ; - byr^ntorc or <Thr-vrolot rrr ftl Falr- 3 Ui-vV.-17 I-OR .S.M.K; _ onr A-modr| Fowl !im Perr|1Cl Kll * tlC CRl1 7£>3 Mur 4;M •Stop HCTP. You r.-vn't hrai li"~inTl | o«n,n\ rfltllo nnrt hf-nier, Gtwrt tlrc^ l^wts <rnfo v Phonr 572. 1 li-nk-io .... W ACRES Services Sewing m.U Ford Tudor.Tadi ( , n n,l '^\ : ^Zl.,™'" V'""'""^m^SJ- boater, new paint job. Good ;^ 5w j'p'«*n» »'im r 'rtr«.'?. ! A I !V-' 1M1 (IMC tliree-(|uavler ^- M. lU'KXS. Hfaltov 3 ll-pk-4 11 _ Typewriter DON EDWARDS f ' A T^"' 41 i \\' \ t IT.\K, ihree-ijuavler *'• ^'. Ion inoktin truck. Cattle rack with i). — __ '•12 Mercury f,,,, r ,!„,„. SP . for So/e- dan. Now paint, good tires, ~\:™« MX rc« radio and hoaler. Rarpain i" l.KK .MOTOR RAF.K.S j • J'bonc r>1!) rv ;>-:?. t -k-trl- XO MORFMVACTING'' PHONK OR \VKITK ' Poole Motor Coi)i|>iiii\-. \\' ( >'1| conio by for a demons! ration i today of the Willys .Jeop, the' '"fill r.ittlp .Man's Car. I Kllis Poolc, Owner and Operator. South Highway fi1 .'it Sleclc, .Mo. 1'Iutnc Rteele •!!!. :K\R. U.-altor vuiff. Aik. _____ 3l5-pk.i s ity Property in. Sf<. .nvnrr m fiin nlnTk l" "wnlii™'"" 0 "' Prlr '' l! J ^ hir^ rnom n<iii« l .r7i^7tiv"~». Ij>r ':'' ''\'M H r" (iT1AV - " Ml " 1r 120 K Syrnrtiorit or rudcs to go around! Call niul c your motor now. A will give you priority delivery on sparkling new '48 Kvinnide We will accept a few iisrd motors of approved makes at fnir trade-ill allowance. We have in slock for immediate delivery, a limited quantify ot 5 -1-10 H.P. and 9 1-10 HP. Evin- rudcs! MeKINNON'S Manila, Ark. uproximaicly 40 per cent ot a,I motor accidents result from driv- ATTENTION MR. C L. PKRKY, formerly of th« Blytheville Sales Company, is now with us RJS General Radio and Appliance Repairman For (h« best In Radio Repair «nd Applianct Main- tenanca call us at 3450. HUBBARD & HOKE "APPLIANCE COMPANY dpfinsit- Dllkc's Arthur Wall, J r o f Honcsdalc, Pa., claims Ihc' record for boles-in-one. The Pennsylvania Slate amateur ctinm- P'oi) holed 25 lee strokes since the spring o ( 1938. COTTON FARMERS Chtmlc»lly flclintcd rntlnn wrd« qnlcVcr. pli... I »ni1 plow Ihr s.ime wtcti. Rrdur. rlir>|ipin s rxpcns* »n« ' grow n»irf roltnn. STATK CKKTIFTKI) VARIF.TIKS AVAILABLE D. * f. I.. No. 14, ptr 5» !»,. hj, S | ft . M Stnnrvillr 2-B, p» r sfl ]h. h»g ]n(n Knwrien 41-n. p*r ,1* IH. h*n Itl.lMJ Other varlctlf, HaK * Half Illlhrfdl p«r Ml Ih. h.if in.S« StrtnfTlUr 2-C. p*r S4 Ih. hat 10.W* Cokfm IM Wilt Rfjistjnl, jwr 5» Ih. h. 1r ]|)';s I P»«l». p»r S« ]h. hay J<V5(» F.mplrr, jwr i« lb. h.n ID.JJ C«m« Hi and pl^re your ordfr i>r jiet >o»r snpply torfay, BI.VTHF.VH.I.K SOYBKAN CORP. Ph*n« «SS Blythevillf, Atk. Flinnt »5T I.Mchvtlk. Ark. Car Mornenvlll*, «n4 Smath, Mo. Mo Wt OON'T ^AA&NIFY YOUR TROUBLES- WE FIND THEM AND FIX THEM/ I,. and wi put your ear in perfect shape for spring driving! Our mechanics will 90 over your car with an eagle eye and you may be sur.e that your auto wilj get service "plus" when anyone of our experts check it! Drive in today! GET OUR REAL BUICK SERVICE IT COSTS NO MORE! /

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