St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on July 20, 1920 · Page 4
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 4

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 20, 1920
Page 4
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ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH TUESDAY EVENING. JULY 20, 1920. 4 ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD DROPS 10 PER CENT OF EMPLOYES JBr th. Associated Prrsm. ;; PHILADELPHIA. July 20. The Pennsylvania Railroad Co. announced yesterday that to bring bout efficiency In the operating Torces and to curtail expenses as far practicable. It has been found nec.ary to effect a. reduction of approximately 10 per cent In the number of employes In the Eastern region of the system. "Many of these men will be needed at other points on the system." the announcement said, "particularly in the central region, and in and about Pittsburgh, and every endeavor will be made to find places for as many as possible." The statement made no reference peenfielifs TRAW HAT PANAMAS LEGHORNS MILANS MACKINAWS All the Popular Shapes MADE BY THE VERY BEST STRAW HAT MAKERS VALUES $ $4 to $6 CHARGE ACCOUNTS OLIVE We Never Tire in Our Efforts to Gain Hreenfi How Muich is a Million? nphe moment you mention a million dollars to some people, they are antagonistic They imagine that a million dollars represents a tremendous part of the national wealth. Instead it represents only one penny for each inhabitant of our country. Swift &l Company last yearhad an output of 5,500,000,000 pounds. A profit of one cent per pound would have resulted in $55,000,000. Swift & Company, FacMnc Plant. K. St. LHd, f. A. Hanltr. MillMlf Co. H.m Mr.t. fmrnim C. K. Urahrt, M.av to changes in other regions comprising the Pennsylvania system. While the announcement did not specify the classes of employes to be dropped, it was said by Pennsylvania officials that the majority of the changes would be among men in repair shops, car cleaners and clerks in the shops and in general offices. It was estimated that between 11.-000 and 12.000 employes in the Eastern region would be affected. SALE r t SOLICITED at EIGHTH the Good Will of Our Customers The actual net profit was $14,000,000 or one-fourth of what we would have made had the profit been at the rate of 1 cent a pound. An average profit of only a fraction of a cent per pound indicates a highly competitive condition in the industry and also proves our assertion that packer profits have practically no effect on prices. U. S. A. In. St, St. Lnlt, Ma GIRLf13,KN0CKEDD0WN IN HOWIE BY BURGLAR She Is Rendered Unconsc iuus by Blow on Head Other beries Reported. Rob- Awakened from an afternoon nap by a burglar who was ransacking her home. Genevieve Webb, 13 years; old, of 6536 "Wells avenue, daughter; of Mrs. r. L. Webb, was struck on ! the head and rendered unconscious by a blow from a brass knob torn : from the bed by the burglar at 4 p. j m. yesterday. Mrs. Webb had gone downtown and the daughter was home alone at; the time. She did not get a look at the Intruder, he said, as he struck; her as she Jumped up from the bed j after she had been awakened by a.; noise. The thief fled almost imme- j diately and dropped silverware andj Jewelry valued at $150. The girl; suffered a scalp wound. I Mrs. Adelaide O'Keefe. of 310; North Charming- avenue told the po- ' lice that while she took a nap in her j home between 2 and 6 p. m. yester- j day a burglar entered and stole a j bag containing $38 and six rings valued at $200 from the bosom of her shirt waist. Whisky Part of Loot. Twelve quartes of whisky were taken by burglars in the home of Orin Putnam, 5027 Vernon avenue, during the absence of the family yesterday. A son, Roger, told the police his parents were out of town and ho would not know what else was taken until they returned. The house was ransacked. At the home of Geoige Marloeks, 4517 Claxton avenue, burglars stole Jewelry valued at $150 yesterday evening. The homes of Isaac Cook, 3 Ifor- j tense place, ami Dr. George M. Tut- j tie, 4917 Maryland avenue, closed for j the summer vacation period, were turned topsy-turvy by burglars who ransacked the two places some time between Sunday and last night, the police were told. At the home of Dr. Tuttle the burglars used a large cooking spoon as a "Jimmy" to pry the lock on a rear door. They left the. spoon inthe kitchen. A basement door at the Cook home was forced. Police will not be able to learn what was taken from either place until the families return to the city. Druggist Robbed of $380. Four men driving an automobile stopped In front of the drug store of Jacob I.ieberstein, 2330 North l"nion boulevard, at 11 p. m. yesterday. Three of them got out and entered the store and one remained at the steering: wheel. The three who entered the store drew revolvers and held up Ueber.stein and while two of them kept him covered the third went to an open safe and took $380. They escaped in the machine. Two men with revolvers held up Walter Carwonskl In the saloon of Carwonskl and Lenceskl, 2700 North j Taylor, as he was preparing to close ; for the night at 11:30 p. m. yester-j day. They took $100 from his pock-jets and $77 from the cash register. 1 Carwonskl told the police that one : of the men, described as a "fat. round-faced man of 25 years," had been in the saloon at 6 p. m. and t had bought a drink. There were : several other customers In the place at that time, he reported, and the man walked out, returning several i hours later. J "Truck burglars" are credited by j the police with having carried away clothes and bolted goods valued at $o00 from the store of Paul Rut-stein, 2246 South Thirty-ninth street, early yesterday. $410 in Alcohol Taken. Officials of the James Forbes Tea and Coffee Co.. 90S Clark avenue. reported to the police last night that an Inventory taken of their stock had demonstrated that burglars who invaded the place last Saturday evening had stolen two drums of alco hol valued at $410. The drums were taken from the stock on the third floor, down an elevator to the first floor and thence out Into an alley. A desk, in the office of the concern was also rifled and $4 taken. The concern employs a watchman. He reported last Saturday having found a pair of mohair trousers, a silk shirt and a $9 straw hat on the elevator used by the thieves. Police believe these Were laid aside by one of the burglars so they would not be ruined in moving the drums. He apparently had to leave in haste, they say, and left his good clothes behind. Suitings and bolted goods valued at $2400 were stolen by "truck burglars" who "cleaned out" the ladies' tailoring establishment of Fred Alt-man, 4 4 73 Olive street, early today. The police found the front door "Jimmied" and open at 6:10 a. m. and the place looted. Neighbors told of hearing an automobile In front of the shop earlier In the. morning. AMERICAN AVIATOR SERYING WITH POLES REPORTED MISSING Second McnilNM- or Kosciusko Squadron to Ilo Ioit In 1 le treat Before) noWievlki. Br th. Aiaortat.d Prni. WARSAW. July 20. Another American aviator serving with the Kosciusko Squadron is missing. Capt. Arthur Kelly of Richmond, Va., a pilot, started on a flight over the Bolshevikl line five days ago and nothing has been heard of him since. No trsce has yet been found of the whereabouts of Capt. Merion Cooper of Jacksonville. Fla,. Who has been missing since he started a flight July 13. Captain Cooper, who was recently mentioned as the successor of Major Cedrlc Fauntleroy as commander of the Kosciusko Squadron. 1 formerly wss a newspaper man. hav-I Ing served In various capacities in jChlengo. San Antonio and St. TauL Ijle came to Poland a year ago. Half -Yearly Clean . by all means, take advantage of the big reductions Three-Piece Wool Fall Suits, Suitable for Wear $40. $45. $50. 00 Suits 00 Suits 00 Suits 00 Suits 00 Suits $G0 $G5 .00 Suits $70.00 Suit Shirts $ $ $ $ 2.00 Shirts .... Shirts .... Shirts ,. . . . Shirts .... Shirts Shirts Silk Shirts. Silk Shirts. Silk Shirts. Silk Shirts. ..$1.65 ..$1.95 . .$2.45 ..$3.25 ..$4.15 ..$4.85 2.50 3.00 4.00 $ $ 5.00 6.50 $12.00 $13.50 $16.50 $18.00 88.05 Women's Blouses Blouses $ 2.65 Blouses $ 4.00 Blouses $ 5.00 Blouses $ 6.65 Blouses $ 8.00 Blouses $10.00 Blouses $12.00 $ 4.00 $ 6.00 $ 7.50 $10.00 $12.00 $15.00 $18.00 Women's Silk Hose $3.00 Silk Hose ) $3.50 Silk Hose J?2.2 $4.00 Silk Hose is i EVH EC NESTLE'S FOOD COMPANY NEW YORK Also Makers of Nestle's Milk Food for Babies H thnsR who have not supplied Men's Clothing $29.00 $32.50 $34.50 $37.50 .$4.2.50 .$45.50 .$49.50 Underwear Including two-piece and Union Suits in both knit and cut goods. $1.00 $1.50 $2.00 $2.50 $3.00 $4.00 $5.00 $6.00 Underwear Underwear Underwear Underwear Underwear Underwear 85c .....$1.35 $1.75 $2.10 $2.65 $3.60 $4.45 $5.35 Women's Department Exclusive Lingerie Including all our Silk Envelope Chemise. 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