The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana on September 11, 1891 · Page 3
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The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 3

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1891
Page 3
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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. itEGVLAH RECORD OT E TEXTS TURO UG llO CT TREKITY. XEW YORK AXD CHICAGO. AJtUSEXElfTS. CITT HALT Oimad Operm Hinil. The "Breezy Time" til confirmee to draw good audiences at the Grand Opera House. The iale of seat for the performance of the "C A I" Company, whieh opens-at tin theatre neat Sou da;, is procreating ftfcU- lactoliiy. A Wooden Nutmez Dnuumef Acta a Arbitrator to fMttle the Claim of the Two it if. The Ch'uago Exrritiop has . b"n tie tnclm-ne d-jci t ni Utile discussion le- ecu tie ritr(HitUveS of the sjiuuict-palitiei of New i.tri. and CJii-atfo tui to Uie roUtive tueriut of hose two caties la ' fch-j tllj of an inL rj,a. i..ul exi as.t'iai. tsoh of Liose two cite iutfirwurJ dls tuet tiaji a f r p . li'.y in the ex,-' raoe. New Yoik claimed onpit L diet o tpi ded bus:ling. Ji, is in erecting a a cowiiue,, uu f.-e Ameii fsa fc j; lijat to U ig pra led in the eucounler, and Ode go go: ti,e 'nut. It w H not. periui- a, bi eximni-ous to fiie HUl.j ct t irefacn eluc. dj. i of What follow that Lieie W, P5.v l, UO more rell.l.le auge of tfij i-oi aeii-tixueut of any Am-rhan city t1. an C' e ov'.ni !- of it; commercl-il tx veer-. Their I. ha-'-Uo, t. eir iie.iiaUiO ic chang; fci of i . ih ui erni . I'l'-, di tir liiiaLi ju o t te udi e ia U; diacuitskwi ol t whviu ti. a:e into i. . miv c wtli t - i-1 oi"ti m ii..a t a iTa r or bs-. dogre the pro-ii. iAitv to calm u!il "aijbiaws d Vie oi In r-iu .iiic. i s,. una fcue m . The Paid Fire Iepartnent. .Testerday -was the. last day' da which bHi,' unit the resolution relative to tint aubjer-t, could he received for supplying the .pekid fire department with the' appar ratua necessary for it efficient operation, when tiie ordinance erecting .it akalj have been passed. The inxpreaBiou wa that the Trioua bkla aeat ia would hate been A 'i i. .i.. l. t,i r.i: rriorl if. nir:l si.i a-sto but ti -., i i, f . I irjv i-ii from t'Ue it of N w k'..rk, C!i ct-o said !rid -a. Uaa. Mr. E. J. Mi ( !,-r Vtm ag ; , w to Mrt:k. H vS d- we t- i answ to a (tw erai .ry if t:.e iirT t,,A i.i-.i:t. . f t,l t3m-liT XI tom!" mid ti .iiom a.uinir. c t a world of eiieiiry !'d iniKtljii'i "a1 In ttie ilr wwd To uuaiify jr. ti!i"r were 3l nw'n at wiirk njm the iui-iudwl in tut wtilhw rewrvsur'u tt the K.xpoMitiou Jt.,m. to in ilMiii eftnit: p(fn t niViisfor at vioiwl time. We il have plenty mriB tiuiid fifty buUalrip iHnui. t-il .....1 ..iA Ktt:in4 A H X HAPl 1MB ' ' - - -'f a wiiliii ao "',o,'o i'iiil Armour sulw'iril! -'"-,' ,rf th r tv have i'.rai.i uihIit the sujouuta : Air and n..n...n 'ii.o ru i i n tiie it CtrrU Itoilnoad. I lieiieve. has "'-. perilled a qmhr?er of a niiUii 't tJiur. w.. KtuiKKiid aotiu'Wirt il-t' 10 Iruin the Lulled 1- ..niMji ui the purpo' trf live mJuiis of dollars. ' is w rid out oT the lirsi '-'4't- we re whooping lt. It Vfc- 51 T. Z . rt.i . ui t,h miIt rn this f biiv otuer uuwwered . unoiv4-ed.oo J .i,;,.. tlmt fouhl iake the how that Y,ed The Tlrf men's Festival. OnLlrmmn, John Fit zr atriclt called the fes- iTUconunittee af the Firemen's Charitable I opened and pasted -upon- yesterday by the . . . 1 . - art I 1 . 1 . I .... . 1 . , . . t v.n Association to order last nigai at r. amp street. There was a large attendance. and Secretary Jacob Volrath was at his post Chairman L. K- Garcia, of the committee on grounds, reported that all arrangements i.,i iL,n mnJo fir t1i Imothi uJ that the secretary 01 the JocKey hud iiu to have he sates ana tences lm m erudition for the tournament " . l'eter Doerr, chairman or tne pnum committee, said that the posters were or- ieredand wouhl-be reaiy in a nay r j-u. The committee were emooweretl to pool i in conpicnon places ttirongntni wio cut. Chairman Charles linkr, of the badge committee, presented a number of designs. and that committee we; e lnmnneu . . the necessary nnmWxT for ie differsnt eojn-uiitU-e. ice presidents and tt press. J he other cuiimees reponca iirrn " Liie urotTamiiie eommiWee, throtiirh ts cLrman, V. J. Kane, resorted that it had arrauued ta hTe a lse dmp game on dav b tweeiUhe liemy h.ioca ana ic ju-berret nine, and that they had under con- cider iou the bid for hreworas. Johnson, Kane anil U nnor rturia m cert'iri firms wonS.inmke donations. MTossrs. Aticoin, U I onnor, uarci, t-niger ft.l t:apt i'itziatiicl ere seiected its a comaiitv-e to solicit prizes. . lhe (liflereirt companies reponeu t;i the hl their ticktti distribated .among the menihrs. . I Mr. i elix 4'rouve, of SfiViemirgOio. 1, Fe-parted tlfnt hi tomrny had antjiorized fiirt to dra'w a chVclfior the paymeirt of C,)0 tickets. His report was received with aj BOARD OF HEALTH. IXIERESTIXU REPORT FROM TUE SUXITARY INSPECTOR. Death of Lady Moloney at Belize from Yellow ir apriaklinj; of fctroeW with Canal ' Water Dr. Fratt Take Ilia Seat aa a Member of tho BoaztL more. Mer ine meetingnen aojourneu. r and Ulr. Chl- Vou'U tuiwit. that couii 9hi are goiiig to make. . . . . 011..1.1 .unit CW-aeo."put in m ? liimih. aenreKentlng the York' houVe. "Hold ou; doii"t d-i,y l,-- oil Hirht von know.. r7ke a great Ww out tVore, Imt .nt 1 , . U t.-i. If WMlltMl It. tint. w didn t. Ve di.l not want to be. lathered wi-Ji it. W e haxe enoujth on our fcands as it t". P-ut yon can , h l ist, button of your waistcoat 'oiat i York had uudermken the gTeJietit Ter- iational erw-i1'" oI ,h voi1UJt have l-en ITha, n1 nm.-U poorer a Biiov thin Chlcaao will" 'show. I a.kno iiitAi.uii t.tie 'nerve iT (.lneiiifo. .u.'tmi must ackuvledga tWsirdji of Anii-i-!i-s ui'rrjHl s -1 U merit of the two t-Mea may f expsd in " n aphoi inn-New Yurk .r ayital, Chi'uro for euerpy." ... , - -Il -ve t..u evr to ttV1- r- turned ChWo . "that "hi!ra. h mt" Conimer, i:d .rity than New rk? . Will.yu CWrve th(P ratiiti-, and 1"rn that Chicago last yir rwrNterod more -ves-fcelst her dwks th:n Nw . "Now, rentlcmeo," inte.TnmVi 3Ir.-nel P. Harry, the representative tmt lert-d.n. Conn., "I chiira the four as an ftrhi-irntor, as a "neutraj in 1 ui-irejiniW-ed out-ai.ier - Yon are dlscussins the relative merits of New York and a idca; as esK-ri-i .. ni sit. Stick o your ku!. ject jew Xnr! i ftT Tears Peama .nj-miso in ia fORT J THUS- ' Wlth Latest Marino IntelllEeneV). glilrMEJiTS Of rOTTOS. Veasrs l.j.ling ottton for fort ism ofKifrwis pwto received on Tliursda-TsiS balA. of whioh li52 wer -Jl transit ad UM' (Hiipixvd froTn dty press. cHKSf AND QESERAL CAKOO FBOX IXTSDOS. Th IwitWi steamship E aropean, of the Io'Sd'Liup, VI- Henry iufiea oommand-iiLir Oa-eiL. a,ii ki -kTin" Londoli, -eon- adoutll0 tons cemem. and general carSo.-aorived up at Post Fojirth Ilitrk, ii. m. V-feeday, iid after disSttriflug will kiafl out a cargo of cotton, tatc,' upw" Jajntai" en- Lmutered inieiii of inoUerai. na -Iy a il aorta w0 tc;Ue to.the Azores, thence Due THeuKinx .waiuer. 'l'XIge XoOlr ehowiSO IS FATO4 The l,iiuidelpriia iteiord says: "The ju:uiy-ma!ua MiKinrf na quiueiiw uryu a ie'.uiiry Anienctu ijim ui niwus special cbmmi'tee appoiuted ft that pur pose; but owing to the inforced- absent of "Mr. Janlfci- G. Ckuk from the 'city there waa no meeting of that "body, yesterday, and it ii- understood that there will, be none until the arrival of the member re ferred te, which wtU probably not bo be-. fore the first. of uesx week. As many, as aix iifTi'rent bids have hern received by CWrk Shields Uuung this mauor. . THX BICTOtB 'CISA5C. Complaint was mele to Acting Mayor Claiborne. veterbtT rejratiing tlie reckleiw-ne- of blcvcle rithirs ou St Ch.irles avenue after dark: and he wad at&ed to one his Inflaehoe -toward the infonwuieat of -any hvt ordifiaiwe- Uiat iaiJit be found to 'exist urn the subjejt It was ata'ed thiit life ma ioritT of rxiers carried no lirhts on tin wheels: -that tlley rau ra ou. the bauouettes at n'vht eiidaniferiiMr .the Uvea of little children" and tliat tiiev were other wise fust beomltig atiimolT.i)le nui!iice on that naamkir promenade. Jf course Mux- m'eirl. muiiA f-vri-i. n to the lUKlVe. but as a ru'.e tiiey. nt-eded attention, aud the Aetincr Mnvor txm a-ike;f in i-ade Uiere T,-fl. no or-Kn:';.' pertinent to fhe unbjeet tli.ut he recommend IM pasie of one by kie fcOi'.nuu as ttooti aa pmsnne. 1 ae melius JfiLLVor uroiuised- to look iiM- the n Kilter. riin taTe1)-aU'n -it wn acortalnci tJuit there was no ordinance upon tie auh- itvf Imt It n statotl tiiat .i"wyol" were Included in 'tiui general at of Leirisjiice re'.arive tfl veliiclet, and wliMi- Is o Uie effeet Veil il .veluclw .h;ril dix'ii.iy a lisrUt aftr dtrk. and tiiat. none whall tres- jr lie rMft ution tlie .ImnMuetn-s to tJie iletrimtit -of th public. The roviskma of tii:s aof wiU he hif-irced until such time as tne t,on-n.'i nnr re-atle to Irtjiue an The. rtfmlar monthly meeting of the Board of Htalth was hew last evening, with DT. It S. Olliphant, president, in the chair. There were present ira. uiaason. Fonueuto, iltssrs. Weilmanu, Hill, King, IStauffer, Secretary Vr. 1. bolomoa, At-toi Ley Francis C Zaiharie. Chemist A. L. Met a. and ChiuC baultary inspector Dr. Parhaiu. It was 7:45 o'clock. Just fifteen minutes east toe hour for meeting. When Mr. King called attention to the 'fact that a quorum was present, .whereupon lr. Olliphaut caileU. tatb meeting to orotr, aud li. Solo mon road the ianiuit-s 01 UiO yic-Vious meeting. . , Ur. oUiphaat reponeu tiiaa ae Lai re ceived a repoiu. fioin lt. lieard, phj akian on Uie sLvaiiaiup uiivaivr, u liiu ell eel tli at, there Was no sickness ou board the vessel duing tho Toa(e, also unit, I-'i,J Moloney , wu.o of the Ooveruor of Urhiah iloiiuuias, -had. lUea at ieiuo of ytsiiow The ! earner uewara naa neen permitted to come up after having been thoroutsily famig-atod at the Mi-iisipii Quarantine Statiou. Ur. Mihpnani a action in this matter was approved. lite treasuier suouaiteu tha fiuancial report for August: liaiaiice oh hand Au;. 1, li&l. . , iiecviiU daring the ruoulii. .. following $7,223 91) StaUsB goveJiimcai in li, .tsi-ivived for re wen. Capt .Ji miUi,m and a l'alf frouriimdon Aug.'. 13; 1 u the purpo "tMG ..L,.i Wl, i. nHnu w Chlcrfito is phai consia- M;y Helium ixyw 1W -, titiaui-e. Y 11 re and edu-atj..-i. 1 it an eiu'p"tsv As jt culm wiikI umittiOs-ploneii ..b-crvcjr, loik!iiir upon' youi dis. fines from the tieatral pround .of t.iintiec- ii.-iit I must, Uiat loth of your'i ities n iwit deal to siT in llseir favor 2'lnmb has put it welL Nw i'ork. ftf c slirt.'il. Chl-ago for iish. .Chi'ntra fVs-tant from tho se:iU;ir'i a rather irreater wretch thin mlKht fce'w.M. Ir Is. oi the Other hand, te centre of. 1iijrnious in-diMry. Mi fliservani"e of New Yorjt tal and influence indm-ed me to believe that now that Chicago is the rhosjyv she-J, York ia with her, heart iJid. soTiV-and ""And ther will 3douMn .their" monfv arl be harry hey roU m Ihe ntereyt,'.' announced Chlea fro. o r THE COTTOM TROUBLES. Non-Association Dravmefl Compjllc t Cease HsinlinK. The Draymen's Association yeterday succeeded in srieusly checkiut their op- tionents, Messrs. Mailey Gillane, .the noc-association? draymen, whoso were not taken cut of the stahles, low want fff union Uamster and loaders. The press o-jnrs who f tnplos the rtm- association drsymen coul hare id their business done-by hon-union lafor. but they did net care to displease the a?rewmen? who are willing to handle all cottcn brought to thm as lonir as 1 is baniliLUy union lalxir. no matUT whether the (Iranian, is an asso ciation or non-association nieuintr. ii-uuo the non-association presses had no oottou l..,1,u,l vesterdav Iit dia.ruien. 'J he press owners w re notifi(l by the . . j . . 1 . 1 1, r.t ...,. teamsier,iio nja'ie, mufuu -ucvi utt,. leaders that they would go to -k for the i.ruu Imt not for Mailev A GilHine. viien asked why they" would aifit work for plailcy A tiiUane,. wlo) pai l moon wag.s. ihey refused t) ati-'wer. The press .owners' did HOI Cirtl Ml 1QI1 Uluic lio, H-aiiH that some ew complication might be sprnng by the. draymen, tBerebr catisin JaV ita me.ttsi in Lh tlimjllon ot eiu riiu .working are now ga ting U wider reiYifmiiiou. Tiiese .large scUoouer .me r.r :oIifc-iM-e 11111c liument la-t ljur coa-otim? traae, ana i.tve sh'wn su-& se-jiffouiy1" qualities -lfat thwi'e iiuow"in evident intention to use Uiem freely foT ocean tratlic also, mre io..r4 uarlv in the kiniber usihe ITiey-have also 'made their ai-pearance" In Euro-j-n ijuitefs imQer foivum flakes, and ah liii-'Iisu'e-ceiia-iii-'e tfus records the arrivl of ji"e first" 4oui ina;-:ed sclxxmer eng!geir In.'the ltus:i-F lumlier fade: -'S;ime:iiiii2 new in lialyij tripling! res arrived la tTr.itii:t;iii.'JJii m t!w shajie of a large fodr-ma:eH iiussi.ih ta'luMHM'r, gained Andr9 Weill1, from iKir-irih. fleais. It R s;vid tliis is Alie tt.Tm ftsJiiaftcd l;wsian whuHi h:-K Ini-n Istdt. airl is the first of thc-ciass whiPh lias -vlsiied G-raniremimtli. She is- :.4:i t. regi-rter. lf'J feet-img. 3 feet broad and carries a. targe tattoo.' " . .' .in.tD'. ot . Tiu' T, ll-irintf- fcteaiualdpa sa'V'd yta d v: 'A'jimus for' ' via ilur.a j.j-G. Hewt for ljlu fields, Si iw.ut r for OJeh', Livingston and 1'oit Cortia. .". .' a'tamjeboi?? lA RELICT t iMxton. V- p'. V Tlso a hoouer Ja 1 es ?litr, of l'or; JsjCwm, w.ic 1 arriv d odav "fli. n V rf-lo-ra x, II v,i i i-iM.-, o. a'ukTLu; i 1 -UUui J! 3". 0 .N lngtJ'.e 78 .Vr W., passed a wr ' just a.MUi, WukJi .8. a.verydaiteroa4 oe.uotiot. IfcvaoM iw lowc Tire Pf.mli'.p" Ki i.-fi .k r, of the CA,mwvI Line, T. I'. C Uih V commanding, iiu -Ne. .York, cot.a..U;a. W A. M ' niTou Jt Co. a i-o-: e genr:i ca:g. cr ixsc 1 ttie. Dir etiiemay uiuni ui. a. 0 itrftvol up 1"ik. .h. sex-na ii-;riei, o I,, m., brtialit, tiie f dovitiig c"m s egi s: M.s. M. Iid-i1u. Mrs. K-'i If. an.i'on mi' swnj'. tat. 11 1 .Vu A liiiir f : -m X -w York n e-'e fine wea no To Tor uif.'s uie' the Mo gan K- Mo 1 e, a d i t 10 p. m.' liftv nili s north weisL of (r.mweJ Lfiie B. ;t s up r,Iiiwu-e d;-i'.ing ln pointedly and parti, tarty with the.sul'jex. sparsixio.Bi eki racijf the cimtai CAJiAlA. . At the meeting of the Council on Tues- ca nif;af uwi- a renuiiou was aoopieu authorizing the- ItiS;ttH Gravol Compauy 10 use the water iroui the aramage caaais for street sormkiiiur ouruoses. Aetin Mayor Clailsrue. howeer, has withheid his signature to the iueasiire, anf refert-ed it t tlie Iloird of Peailh, being of the opitiitin . that the water rroui tho tiourivs mentioned .was foul, and not suited, -from a sanitary polut of view, for tlie purposes' to 1iku it wouj.l. be. appliod nnder the ordinance. His reasons for withhoMhig his signature Mr. Claiborne communicated to tlie ttosetta Gravel' Conirwiiv,- which. through its. manager. Mr.- Maurice Hart, fi wurred with the ophdon of the Aftiue Mayor, and stated the purpose of the mni-liuj- to use water only from ' the New i'aual. Yatej- frym this Hirce. as well as from P.ayou St. John.- Mr.' r,ai!iorue does not believe to be olijocrionatiljp. f r the reaaon that.' it in constantly changing with the tiite in the lake. 8IITH PISTaMT riUt DrrkKTMTT. There -waa to have been a meeting of the .commissioners of the Sixth District Ftro Department- in the Mayor's parlor yesterday tat nisni. but owing" to the ab sence or the neeessiry quorum, it had to ho postponed until Monday next. SEIZrRF FOR PERSOMAti TATE1. Treasurer .Hardy, aa' htia already been st a -Hi, has t-een ocfupieri for some weeks ) la sending out written cotnutnnica- tl,""ns to Insuxaaee conipanie notifying im timt in accordance with acts of the Tr1sl:iture and 'or-liiumoeB of the City ContH-il, -he txson the4r personal proper ty betaine delinquent 00 tlie 2dd of June last.'-snd that if n- paid h-would, on and after tho 1st. ilay of i.iJur, of the present year, se.rze and ailvenisa for sale tb movable property on wlikh thee taxes were t;e. . There seems to ls a question In law as to the loga.ity of rtt ahwusmerit imposed by tlie Board of A"srtrs, .and the com-M wI r appealed to to tet tho action of the lort One or more suit's uttiehing tho d freivnt, p:7its ftiT-olved will be lnsti tuTea in tne tini liisfr.ct tvmrt: an1 n. 4 -cMen. by mnmal consent, will bo asked aa soon aa .poasHdo. r thnt. the irfters a.t Issue may be -fully and fMHy tst1 an't thffl city colle. If in h-r power, af c'riy a date aa prnctv-al. the. sums o:it standing in those diiTeront cnsen, and which amount to very consliieritble. Total ' S14.3:.4 01 Expent'ittirea during the month. ..$0,657 5g Iialanco on hand Sept 1, 1S91. . .$7,70t 51 At tiiis stage of the proceedings ir. Geo. K. Pratt, the recently appointed memls-r oi the board to till the vacancy occasioned ly the resignation o: It. lietiry lia, made his tiist at 'iterance, and waa m-tndtictd by Dr. Ollip'naut . lr. I oimento and 'esrs. Klna; and Hrll were apptiiuted a comuiuee ou credentials. r iK.rte the doctor a commissiou u THE SIG.VK FLAXTEItSJ. v' dn iki.y, ' ', thr ug 'h .ti ie v.itii o- K 1 e 4 an:h MmuUy, t 'i O.W;' t . t 1j h i a ia, I o vs. U'Uiid to Net York. is fv ia Ne 1 rl i s EsTHrNDaEt savages nto- the on,BEn : THE HOLD OF 1 Taliita and her Benito. Mexico. .ire ln-ing taken to wtrk on cf- lunner u-ouuio. a - . Messrs. Hay ward Rons, i-ryant A Mather and Clark A 1'iehard-on are the only press owners who lvave refused to stgn'the 2?c t-rr-.!f of the l'ravmen's Association. They Krloved lail"y A Gil'.act: and ha e been insking the tight since Sept. 1. Yesterdaa Afternoon and last night cnfer'ices were held. )tj up9to r,iuight uodetiutt conclnsion had born rearheo- The opinion expressed by boi h suie-ss-ras that in ali poba-bihty the controTersy would be settled tlin morning and matters -iuld go a?jug as if nothing ha i occnred. (fc . 4s ( ne of the press owners .If t nigrit state that it had been inPmated t him by a rlrar-pian that tw xt yir t her would lie admitted cotton press association, and that tho three, firms now opiising tSe draymen wouid-be forced into it LOW Ell CIT F. iK ASSOCIATlOl Tn r. lntiiin to the rsViort puh!istd iiiTes- tcrdav's edition o life Tiinea-Democfct rev Harding the workings f the Liwer City Fark Iiuprovemnt AbSociati.MtV. TLnse- scman, chairwan 01 tT.e executive commute of that lo!5y, called at taa pfSee of t!.T Times-Democrat last and stati that the membera c the pars associa;nn who gave tHeSnformation misui formed. In the nrnt 1 mce tne state-ru nt, tnai tn meeting as postioned from.Iast night tin. ,l n.Tt W.Uiiiis'. on si-t'Tnntt of its eoinei. deuce with tne a;;al meetTua of tfte Vounif men s uvmnastic iinu.m misiaae, ne said, "iladour rt -guAr m- etntg U-en tivd for Wedncailay nigut notPingu!1 .ftave, caused its postponement J ti; restoT.tne article must Lave Leer, iirefrustd upon . the conversation of a uieu.ber who has ether, aot attended any ol our meet.ngs, or .has been hopelessly tax in ids afteutiou to the workings of our association. Uur receipt a, for instance, instead of being fli'O. will be threewimes that atRount. The dues of members, instead oi being .." a rear, wilt be tl a year. Our roemliertip, instead of being forty, is tP'ee thousand. Altogether our aoiicvemena objects aud purposes were very m xh under-rated by the Ttieuil-er of the ayoclation vbose c-mversa-t ou h d to the puLhcskioii of the article 114 The Ximea-lmocrat yesterday. A Yell-Kaowa Ciiize-h of LoaUiaaa. has received inB'fit-;.$fiOT3 on a lifeiif-surance poitf of :ooo. It will e seen tlrt the profits or divnieud tccuiuaiatious are jkurre than duultif the original. amount of '-iicy. givitig to the rtuuate investor an ui.i- of t:K)73. A most extraordinary re. eu'it when it ic remeuiber-d tnat the annual' Co6t to the assnren na uejn mom 1 jei centonthefaceTaiueofheettata.. IH not forget that it is the Mutual Lire only (T. H. bow lea, general agent for Louisiana and iiississippij that give such resaita. Tiai. 51?-LAXPS L K'KEU l'i JlMEKIi'AS liHIO. . San Franeisr-o. Vopt 7. In Drake's Bay. ten mil s.fiviu this eity. fes the American brig Tahiti, with-i Gmert islauders hs-ke-l.In the hold.- The vt-sel,pti0T!ito .that obscure yiort. the ca,tu'ui nays. be-ause he wanted to rep; ir d.iLfiav-. by storm, and he didn't ,w:ait 10 te iptliei-el y the curicsity seek 'irs who woiid have swarmd over his 1 ill ji ' harlsH". . .'Ihe b-Minu'r" of the' cnrg f,f .sayaire is Snn whero. t"e--e lor -tH-ins os-eiaft lv un.k-r coutract .fee p'.iiititfi'Ti.s. T.i tli.e fanlli-r Wi'h the history of the abuses that liavt- be?n pra'-ticl on ntiffluintfe iU-i'Iers wIk liave been con-veved' from t!i"tr lirfiiwa in the list to Work In oilier iMtiutries. it "wnll l-sit Stfigular- tliat so mny of. them are-nuuteil 011 b'aM an American brig lying in American, "waters.- Mith rega.-d to the liiives who have lieen carried away to work on .fit .pl-iiitations in tlie 'northern portion nf ru.itni'ta and in Hjr, and other islands, it has been rharg-d and- pmvel .tlinfii the majori-y: of cas the savages have lieeu citiii from, their hotnes by frauitnU-iit pretences and. trf-atel asstnTes bT those, who conracte.l tr their lal-or. I or be th:U the hum-in cargo of the Tahiti will meet .with tvfrer treatment i MexW tlfiln th-ir nhforaiuate country--u li:?w e.xiierleiic-'l elsewbere, and thjit the Xiliiif i eugael in legititujite trafTn-.' tiiit it is at singular that the brii;. when .coin el. cd to, put. mw port, i.nm f4--ss of weather, slsmld hive made for th cove known an Pr.tke's Bay. wh n" tlie port of aa Trancisx was eo near." " 4 'apt Ida, g?son, who was 1n.,rharjre tld to-iUv. 3K-lai'v tlia't the 'islanders nave iiKrt 'by which the Mexican goveru-Iii'-nt tf-rees to renrn them to their homes w lyn tl"ir tenn of . lal-or has expi:Jd. LTUs was denied , to-toy ly. Mexican txn- Sfll (Vney. . .Federal ofB!nls have beon seen, find CoJfclor l'h'j-lps Bid .ho would send a tni to the brig o-marrow and asi-ertain jtlst wluawas her cargo of living freight, L'i'iMiay (-nptflins were changel. ami tcap are c-qn-sssl that stm may pre tne custoiiifi olii.-ers the slip before morning. Thns familiar wi'fli this tnitli" say that f), -I't' islanders, are yirtual slaves. Nots Ybrk Sun, -.The Pncar rianters Association met last wight at the Continental Guards' ArmorT with Frsident John Iytrond in the chair before the meeting begun ?Tr. C. H. Ke'sor 'aiiea tne atenion or the -npnibers to a process of increasing the proT-tctton of csn from 10 to .'0 per ct-nt Tier acre, and offered to sell rt to the association for tl 000. Tarers were resd bv Mrssrs. T. V. fTntch- lns in and .loti-i I'ymond. Jr.. on the Tiist'l mtion 01 .Molasses. ani tiie stt)3ect was ahlv discnsscd bv Gen W. J. B-h"n. Prof. Stnhhs, Mr. willnm troldine and the chair. The subipct chosen for discussion at the next meeting waa "The Irrigation of the t ane crop." PERSftXA I ' "..WlT-lt U -rspiltr. JKyeause it has proven' its absolute merit over and. over agaiu. be anse it litis au u i e.nmll'el fecird of cures, because its butd- uess -is couductcd' in .a ihoroug'jly hone;; Uii.i'uer. and ors.atise it combines ecouomy stretilth. leiug the only mec.icino of wi h jo,-' 1 Poses Hm loilar'' is true 1 ll.esr , 1 , ; 14; jiiiuiis uv ms'ip n' b .-vi- fi m illa. the most 6uc.'easf'il iaedi-ino of the day. . . . RBEriTlES. The tro female imperfonatorg arrested by the police Wednesday were reported as liv- ng at ;p'4 trsuiines street this is erro neous. No: 31H u the residence of Mr. Lniue G. Martin. '- Af a meeting held at Dr. C. J. Lopez's, 150 CaikJil street, a ntw mnsicM society, was organized and named the Lnte. Fifty members ere prjrsuht. and the following officer wee elected: President Dr. J. J. Sarraziu; ice president Dr. J. Lopez: recording secretary. A.' de YiHeneuve; corre-ironditik; sefreary. IL G. O't'onnell; financial seere-tary. Dr. G. 1'. V. Iavid: treasurer, Au2. Dutidia. Lvoard of Directors Dr. E. Lon-nieing. Gns J-on!rt A'b. Mallard F. Lau-dumiez,- S. CV,be-n M'uicai Committee ieorge Iv. O'tkinnelL president; Augns Dufllno, Alf. Keruion, Dr. 1'atii Layon. l'rof. ttisiree L." Ot'onnell was mianimously elect-Sil musical director. The ciub propose-to give enmplinientary " concerts and i-; foumled for the protection and development of uuic auioiiji iw meiubeiai Mr. Vm. Elake is bark from New York. Joseph Maiite and wife have returne i from Chicago. Mr. H. Campland wife, of Laureton, are at the St. Charles: llr. Wil'iam L. Ferris, of St, Mary par ish, is at tne St. i naries. Mr. Fcrdint nd Fonscheimer and wife, of Mobile, are guests of the bt t buries. Mr. J. P. Kearoev. of tho lower coast ar. rived lust evening and has taken quarters at tne M. t harlcs. Mr. Harry Abraham, after an absence of two mon'hs sis-nt in the North, returned home yesterday. . Mr. T.o'H3rt S. Day. president of the Progressive i-agne. returned to the city yes- ter.lay from tne North. ' lr. J. F. Ienechaud has r'ttrned from Grand Isle and will take back his position lntneotreeor nnei licnecnaud. Mr. J. H. Abraham, of the firm of Henr Abraham A Hon, depaftd for Louisville last evening to r gone one mouth. Mr. Collier, of No. 3 Sonth street, who has h en absent for sometime, returned ves-terday from Waukesha much improved in health. J. David Walker, formerly with Eugene May, will leave this evening for Est Saginaw, Mich., where he has accepted a position. Sir. J. P. Haniey and Misses Agnes and Katie Haniey have returned to the citv from a tour through the summer resorts of the North and Northwest. Misses Tent'lope and Bella Andrews have returned from McComh City, Miss., where they have been spending several weeks, the guests of Miss Julia ii an ford. Major W. S. Green, of Tallahatchie county. Miss., passe I throUi.-h the city yesterday en route to Bay St Louis, where his family are speniiiag the summer. Mr. Simon Lerkaon returned yesterday from a business tour of lupides and Avoyelles parishes. He reports the cotton 1 rop as very short in both the pariahes mentioned. The many friends and admirers of the EeT. Dr. Dun Jacobson, Minister of the Jackson avenue synagogue, win ne glad to hear of his safe return home from California, whither he went for recreation. Shortly after the reverend gentleman arrived there he suffered severely from a relapse, but fortu-natc'.y toward the end of his stay recovered stifiicieutly to deliver a lecture in one of the churches in resjouse to an invitation from lie members. California papers mentioning iat eveut speak highly of the rabbi s eio- iueuce. St Charles Hotel arrivals: A. L. MeGrezor nd wit-, JUinoesi.ta: c. C. Shoemaker, rhilauelptiia; li. C lilanchard. wife and nurse: il. uiaa, c. S. Heed, W. H. Baldwin New lork: Mr. and Mrs. it G. Newell. Iximsiana; L. J. Mitohed. Chicago; Will K. .Meyer, ew lorfe; . lennJ-S. I). Dennv Moss Point; S. S. Henry, II. A. Camp aud lamiiy, .si-.sf-isFipn!; j-.. i Adrian, St touis; . H. Morehcad; E. IL Barton, St. Janiea: C. P. Young. New York. Hotel Denejchaud arrivals: J. R. Fleming anct son, pan Antono; j. t. 1'enechaud, tirand Isle: George E. Jekvll. Ascension: ChavT. Monroe, St Paul; Mr. and Mrs.E.s. Watson. Knoxville: W. W. Sanders, Galveston; W. T. Natty, Miss Marv Natty. Mrs. E. tttingham, atei:ei; J. Ii. Mathien, Donald- sonvuie. La.; J. M. Ianron. lCichmond, Va; . ii. ATcner, ew loeria; jjrs. J. tw Kirk land and daughter. Meridian, Miss. Lafaset'e Hotel arrivals: Irvinn R. Fisher: l.ichard P. Crawford, Austin, Tex.; W. F. !eat ty. u. c. V an laL Amite City. La.: P- L 1 nrner, Montgomery, Ala.: C. S. Hamilton, Atlanta. Oa.; E. L. Landrnm Mobile. Ala; A. Boggs, Selma. Ala.; Jame, 1 nomas. Long .beach. Miss.; t. W. Gravson, jcean epriugs: c 1. Humphrey, Montgomery. Ala; Mrs. Mugged Hart. iLas E. nuy, jvawnez, Tse Angostura Eitters to gtimnlite the id-petit and keep the digestive organs m or- uct, ui. bgcrt K Soua, nianafacturera. an correct, and it was ordered sm-ead on tho 'iciiiutea. , Chief sanitary Inspector. Dr Parham, submitted the following monihly report: It is my j.rivii.-gc 10 mibmit, cho f(Jiow-ic.reJiort of work done in my department during the month of August: 1. ikiirse-fo-Htmse Preftrise lBsnecteii a7(. with bydranta onlv 3 cisterns only ."4. iiydraiMs aud clslerua lit:t neither hydrant nor cistern 8. Conditsin of 1-rivieu Good lfttr o,i 1117. defective 2L In addition to these regular honsA-in. bonne. iosoe-!iot l't'O sis-eial Insoeitions were maile. ini'lu.Uiig uiveMtigatiuoa of ivmu nlar.ilo coming from ad sotirvea. It m our custom to examine into complaints made to us. mw an our m sis. as in tins way many nuisam-es eome to our kmiwle-lge, wlucU would not be otherwise reported. Kxco various Some excavation hav been - carried on contrary to the city ordinance quoted in my last re- oort. such excavations have-' been slopped by my officers, acting under mv uiatructioiui, untM ttie permission ro-uuiretl try law has lieen obtained from the president p the board. It ie my intention to insist upon compliance wwa tne ro-vtsioujt of this ordinance, and where the work is found to be done in defiance thereof, my officers are Instructed to make affidavit befm- the record er. I would like to ktate here again that the orilinaoce does not sav that no suca excavations shall le done from 5Iay 1 to Oct 15. but U'st they snail not be carried on without the permission of the board. Tlds pormio-si n will aiw ays be granted wliere inves-tigathin discliasea nothing ii-asUly detri mental . to tlie public Health, Ink!: the necessKT of having tho question determined by the board, or its representatives, demands .that noiitteatioo should always be sr-ven tw-fore beginning siioti work. 3. Eiushmr of ttntt . T! month hav- Ing Uin rat er dry more flu i g hat to !- itii. tlia 1 in m m nt 1 o: Ju!v; l'.'S.- 4 0 ti a flus-ed, or alxst thirrV-.-er n mil.. 4. -Mi'k imp h'-nl;ed uni ninety-three sa'iipln of mi.k vv. ro . N lined mid 11-amined: eijrl-t niw staalird; a'iid-iV'us I-. Nino .dh lav t W u lit to tral w-e thus disi-fd if bv tie i:.rdersi DI - ii t.--d 2 flu or tJ-'i itiys 2; $u" u.- tw-i.ty 1 a- s ? . or fj ty it y &. Mor ai ty TI.ere were ;23 d-a hs. fwim- -t.-o lo s t. an In . "I 'lk an r t.l d -i ! ri e p r hi i n ! w..s 2I.T1. a!mo x.tct y t ie r. am as t.e r t.- f r J.i'y, b t. whereas in Ju t'io lol do -'.ii nitj v - s 3.."3 au'l t e w'i!- ld.'M. th rat ;e ve y 11 aa-ly eiia! f 'r Aug int. I irn ie week ti'ie i t ra, wxs considerably 1 1' or i!vn the C'dored. The- ne--- fun rarirt'l - t,T'"s forty- nine detit'is. inclii' iu ei-': 1 11m typii - m lari u: Th.fe wer sx di i, hs f. - oid fev t. Ir pu vino . a. I m- i;itis and 'cans :n; prion e g " v-e'gV, or n-:irl 17 f t cerK of th io-al doatha, ,J per -enf Uir it t.'uan in July. i:o el di-:ie furuisiusi forty thr e d- ths. F o-n bo-ve" (ffe"t"tkn.s in MlT fJ-o-o were ?6!. in Jrt'i" U July 74. a auady de-T ase. Al-houii t-ie tot. d tiiortili y iu Augu st was twetitv-f ur in excess of t.Uit ot Augrist, ls'.Hi, s;i 1 we c-i" t ht: r;i d t l- a.s a fav-Mi'e shoAing for t'i ". (i. C Moaisoa I'isjs'-e Di;?1!!! ia Ts--p- ccses wvie r i ft-ed, winh one death. S r-l-t f -ver Five cas -s, and no do i'h. No in ssles no -n t T- ox. 7. I'drths 231 c-hll-lren wer f.vind un-reg'stete-i ourlng the hotise-to-nonse in-spect'on and notk-ea givpn. There worelC7 actually registered diuing the inoutli. As a formal proptrt ion has heed submitted to tlie tsvtrd End by it ref-rmi to the p-vper ctmniittee. liking to the Insurins of a more complete collection of vital sta-tistUs. I shall nt dwed uim this marer, which wan drscnswe.1 nt- some length In mv last, monthly report. 8. The Public Markots U is much to bo reg-etted in tiie interest f the publi- hmlth that the excellent" amendiucnts to pui ii? health onlTnances pnsed by this board, and favoraUy repotted by the ooir.-nibue on public health, failed of passage tlu-oM-h the City Council. Th-so amend ments, relative to tlio public markets and tbe removal of garbage, were- calculated to improve materially tlio condition of these servi.-es. but thisi improvement, as will ap-lar from tho report of insixv-tors. h.ia been, hke tho proisjsed ameudn. mia, indefinitely p-snucd. Tho condition of roydras Matket baa teen slightlv ameUu-ated in th-i fellowin? resiects: ajl'lie1 ice boxes were in more cleanly conditloo. the floor - was washed twice during the month: the gu'ters hava lieen somewhat better cleaned, ihodgh ye far from satisfactorily. ordiuauce .o. 4155 relative to diwfuieal of refuse matter still very generally Tloiueu. ine nsu stan-ia are wiied wit.n water tuKen irom tho gutters. A hydrant should be suppll!, siuc the two water l-ltigs are only opened when tho market are to ue wa-sueo. Tiie ixd riKieii stand reimou still a nuiswn,e and au eye s.ce umu iu ims aim the i'i, ie Markeis. The Pilie .MarKet, w wasnea oti'-e mir-in" Angus. lryade Mflrket wsshisi once in August. St -Marv .M.-irnet, seems never to ls wwtthed and seldom swept ; six out 01 eight ioe tsixeti were found unwholesome wid orilerwl .-leaned; iviiitii very dirty. tHit. whitewhed in wie iasf two years. (T-iiboroe Market was iwimhed on Ang. H f the first time, in a long Hrioxl. Thi iiie-ket sliows some improvement The markets in the Sixth District seem In fair condition. The Third DLsrHc morketa show little if any imprvement Tlie market of tlie Fonrth Itfstrie all neni more freuuent wasiiiu, espwfcilly S.jrn,prTu. whii-h s-ms not to have been washed for a lonT time. In tbe tses-oml Dh-fict ther4si aonie improvement but the condition of the French wid Tnme markets is far from wvtUfiMv torv. in t-ome renfie"a to be herirtily coo-demneKL In the Bazar Market the tcc-tabte refitse lies aNnt promLsi-iioiisTy. and rheT is no apoewraui-e of washing of H -s having rwcently been done. Altog-tiier simr amendment of ew'sting dty ooiitwun-esi seenm much vi be nsnsle 1. anil It is booed that some wav itvit be Vvised of fixing tlie re-rsmsibi Ity for this lax serri-e of the pub!e niarkets. Dt. IrTiam. in addition to the report, called am-nfion to free vai-cin;it1on In cm-seqnence of the early opening of the public schoola. Free vacctnaMon will be commenced 00 the lrh of September, lisOl, at rhe following diarrt-t offices: l-rrat District office. Xo. 25fl Baronne street Muoday aud Wedne-wUvs, frun 12 to 1. S -cotid D'stri't offlce. No. 145 1-2 Dn-ma:n. near Kauipart. M.i.lays. TUtira-iavs and Satuwlajs. from 12 to 1. TUinl Di-"triet offii-e. M K'ysiati FleVla. bocweem Koyal ami D-uipmne, Tneedays and Fridavs. fpun 12 to L Four-h " I -.rri otti-e, tV-7 M-raz'ne. near Jcksvi, Tu---!ays ami Tliurs-lays, from 12 to 1. Fifrh 1 strict office. YiSere. ner.r 15a p-;hi mew. envy -Ve.laejsiay. from 12 to 1. Sixth District otB:.'e. NapoJeiHi avenue, near Magtr'ne. every Friday from-12 to 1. oeveuUt District olllce, Canal averma, nv- TTnmpsoo, every Friday, from 10:20 to 11:30. Prof. Mota. rhetnlst of tiie board, real a k-ngtliy report upon tho water auppiy of the, City of Sew Orleans. Tha n-pol tretaeii ot tin result, of tho chendst a arkUysis of raia water sainplea, and dt-aj w it a the subiex-t in all ka dotalla. After the report had been read l'rof. Mota stated that ha would, next Thursday ti.gat, subum, a report upon the axtjjian we.l and nver water supply. i "r. oraiento auggesKed tha the ehemi-it 8'iiamt his conciusitinit upon' the wat qneatioa, which he promise! bo would di. 1-r. lbraieiiio did is Uiiak that the prs- tiuiuary report should be pubLsuod uutil tae coiK-liLsKius Vera reached. The able report was received and T9-f -nited to the laboratory committee. CoL Zacharie reisirted tliat be had -raited tho jsi'ico jury of St-Bernard wij-Dr. 'Wheeler, cattle Inspector, in referetJ-o U the hitmr'a Cumpldnta of tho action, of tie butchers at the slaughter house. A caifereuce was held, and matters would be adjusted by the passage of tho nec'--stry ordinances by tho polica. jury. CoL Zachario submit teii a nmubex of- suggia-tous relative to the sanitary comfitioii of the pulaic market. Ho said that the board could proceed leiMlly by civil suit to cvmiel the whitewashing and cleansing of the markets. The botird decided to authorize the president and attorney in case of necessity to proceed 'against the market lessees. The- committee on sanitary -insrwsc-tors re-portef! the plan fi seruruig tho registration of .births from IvsO to date aa s 10-ndtteil by Mr. llckens perfectly fea-sd-la. lln projifwied to do th -work for f-'Il child 'not recorded for twenty .centa. This would complete the statistics of blrtaa, fi- there was nothing at present to slnw the nu tilie of biriha . in Jiew Orieina since 1SS0. The- committee favored the proposition of Mr. Pk-keua, and It waa adopted by -he board. lir. Pratt was appolnteil on eommtt- teea In place of Dr. Betsmi as folloivs: tin quarantine, cntifcre-ice. contagions rnd :i f oct ions diseases, and chairman of the committees on adultenitlou of fiiod sup-plio anil registrar swi of physk-ians. Acting Mayor Clailioriie sent a ' communication to the board, asking if in the otJnion of the board water - taken- f-oni the drainage canals to sprinkle tho Rosetta gravel aavement would impsiir the he-iltn of the eiry. The ordinance had teen passed by the Council and awaited the Msvor's signature. IT. Wilkinson was opposed to allowing the request because the water would be offensive. . . . Ir. Form en to wild that the reiiiot should not h grsnfe,!. and ho movet that the Mayor be notified that the board ag of opinion that the priWlege. if gram-sl, wrtnll be inj'irions to public health. The motion was aiiorrred. After transating routine business board adjourned. ruTBER rs. say. I HIS TOVRTEESin. . fait for the Possession of' a Well Known KestaaraRt Property, Lawrance Fabacher, the restaurant keejer, yesterday filed answer to the suit for eviction instituted against him by Joseph. Fabacher. his father. Tha suit was filed. i tho Civil District Court on Saturday last, and the petition represented that Lawrence Fabach-er's lease of the building at the corner of Cnstomhotase and Royal streets, in which he now maintains a hotel and restaurant has expired, and that although notified to vacate tha tho Projrrammo "of Exerdsoe Attending Laying; of tho Coroer-Stoao of Sfoniunent, Tlie Fourteenth of September will be fit tingly celebrated. In additioh to the regular formalities and phases of celebration there will be the dedication of the Fourteenth of September monument erected to those who loet their lives in the act of disenfraichiae- ment from alien and negro rule. The cornerstone of that monument will be laid neon the said" Lawrence Fabacher has refused to the 14th of September. The opening prayer do ao. Lawrence Fabacher In his answer aver that by the terms of his contract of lease be was entitled to a re-lease of the preniisefor successive period i f three years upon his giving to th lessor three months notice of his intention of so-doing. He did give such notice ia due time, and in accordance with the provisions of. the. lease, on March 27, he was, on July UI, ordered by the lessor to vacate the premises." Uespondent alleges that the said, act of the lessor in mvmi him notice to vacate as illegal and a trespass upon his rights, and if permitted and allowed would cause irreparable injury to -respondent and wonkl cause him pecuniary loos tn a sum exceeding f'.j,WO. Lawrence Fabacher further avers that he has paid 111 cash to Joseph Fabacher tbe sum of $lo,oot) for the good will aud privireges'of the establishment, and that he has spent the sum of toooO'in improving and repairing t he same, xhe answer goes on to state, f hat when- Lawrence Fabacher 'called Joseph Fabacher'a -attention to tliat elans of the contract relatbe to the extension of the lease. the said Joseph Fabacher acknowledged its existence ajid promised to draw up the new iea se and rent notes, mai neper-Biatfcutly delayed doing so until demand of resjMHidect That he then drew up aeon-tract containing arbitrary and oppressive clauses and stipulations, the effect ot which was calculated to paralyze au'd extinguiau respondent's business. Kespondeut further shows that he has. tendered to Joseoii Fabacher a lease pre pared in accordance with agreement by-John Bendernagel. notary public, bikI has otlered him thirty-six notes for three yeajrs rent and 40O cash for tirst moufh's rent aud that the said Josepl). Fabacher ha.s refused to accept and sii?n the lease or take the cash and notes proiiered in connection therewith . ' The answer eonclndes wth the prayer that respondent's right to a renewal of the lease be recoguized and maintained by the court, and that plaintiff lie ordered to sign the contract of renewal of lease tendered him together with thorent notes and cash: and that respondentie onieted in tha Juil and undisturbed possession of the premises. ECZEMA. the Soar Lake. RUILROAJ RACKET. TIIE COURTS. Assessments Raised. Indianapolis, Sept 10. The State Board ef Tax Commissioners "has concluded the assessment on railroad property. The board has doubled the assessment on all the roads. and in a few rases the assessment of last year has been trebled. The total assessment of railroad1 property last year was sd:.-700.000. and this year will reach and may exceed ili0.0O0,0OO. .' Homo Seeker' Exevirslofia. On Sept 22 the Oneen and Crescent Bail-road will place pn sale tickets to all points in Indiana. Ohio and Michigan at half rites, and ou sept. l. ami 2s the same road wiij M il ttuKrts to all points on lie line Soma at one fate for the round trip. l' of these excursions, one of which ia intended to take Northern people who nave settled in the south back to their old homes. the other to bring home seekers to the .South, promise to be largely attended, and wiil, no doubt, prove both interesting and profitable to those who may take advantage of the cheap rates offered. Cotton Rate from Texas Points. ' St Louis. Sept 10. The lines interested in interstate cotton rates from Texas pMnts were in conference to-day for the purpose of adjusting thpse rates in accordance with the conditions as created by the modified rates in the State of Texas, this being a continuance of the meeting that haa been ia progress during the past two days ot. the sub'ect The different lines seemed to experience some difficulty in making modifications to suit the views of ail concerned, and had not succeeded at the hour of adjournment in reaching a unun nious consent Another effort wid La nisde to-morrow to come to an understanding, and from the present outlook it is probable that a decision agreeable to all will be arrived at New Phase In the Tenas Trunk Line Lit igation. 8trtal to The TbneoDeoiocraa, - . Dallas, Tex Sept 10. Another at 1 the biggest sensation of all occurred today over the broken and much liti ?ated Trunk Railroad, as telegraphed the Times-Democrat. Judge Pardee, while in C.ncin-nati, appointed Major Charles Dillingham receiver, and on Tuesday morning tha; gentleman took possession of the road ai d all its belongings. He proceeded to pay eff tho active working forces and adjusted other floating debts. All arrangements were made o start the trains on Friday. This morn in g Judge K. E- Burke, of the Fourteenth Judicial District Court in the suit of the Sorth Texas National Bank vs. the Texas Trunk itaiiway Company asking for a receiver, granted the prayer of tne petitioner and appointed Hon. .las. Maroney. a leadin business man of Dallas, receiver of the Irnnk Kaiiroad. That gentleman accepted the trust and quniilied immediately. His bond was placed at il2,0OO for the faithful performance, of the duties attached to t f e receivership. B. Llankenship, J. B. O.dbam and H. H. Smith executed the liond. Anoiuer complicated feature is that next Monday, be'ore Ju.ige iiainey at ,Vaxa-hachie. the State will press the suit agaiust the Trunk road for the forfeiture f the charter of tlie corporation. It is Inown that Maior Dillingham is at Anst n. no doubt conferring with that department of state presided over by Charles Culberson. What lie will io on his return remains to be $en. It was rumored on the streets to-day thtt the Houston and Texas Central had reailv purchased the Trunk road some weeks ag . and that the appointment of a receiver was a condition of the sale. This may be only a rumor and nothing more. Civil District CottrtU Michael Gallagher v. Angnst Bernstein. Snit for value of merchandise sold and de livered and money loaned, amounting to f347 25. . - Vim. W. Kirn, at als vs. Philip Hush. The widow in community and heirs of tho late Wunderlin hiru have instituted suit against Philip Hirsh to compel- him to remove a boundary fence; nine inches back to its previously agreed upon locauty ar.a to pay to them tha sum of tioO, the amount of damages which they allege to have suffered from defendant's encroachment. Geeorge iVeeks and W-m. Week have prayed for emancipation. . . . Criminal District CoaK. fSection A Juduw, B. H. Mart. " Grand Juty Judge Mai-r yesterday morning charged the grand jury. There were no special charges given and the jury adjourned until Wednesilay, Sept lit. Arraigned and Plea led Not Guilty P. J. Keliey, Francois bildstein, Alex.' Caruthers, libel; J. Desmond, Moses Gibbs, Hy. A. Butler, Dan Clidord, assault and battery; Joe. MuUin, alias Mack, alias i.lack, wounding; T. J. Baymond, embezzlement; Wm. J. Voss, wounding: Henry Lafferan'ierie, assault, Arthur Davenport, grand larceny. Nohe Prosequied Pierre, Chabat, grand larceny. Sentenced John QuintelL, grand larceny, three vears at hard labor: Dennis Carter. assault by shooting at one year at hard la- I bor; E-M. La bo urges and Maximilian i'atU,' carrying a weapon concealed, tx or live days each ' , ITrst Recorder Court. fBecorder y. 8. Brimrier presidinir. JTm Bnnke, accessory 'to assault and wounding; $330 bond Criminal District Court. Willie Davis, juvenile vagrant; 115 or thirty days in the House of Kefuge. Jennie Lauiure, violating jUrdluancea Noa. 31 'il, 47S8,; 25 or thirty days. Sam English, violating Ordinance 2?o. 5o4d; '-." or thirty days. Joe Caukmyer ami Luke Ford, violating Ordinances Nos. 3121 and 479S; to or thirty days. Nellie Noble; Sarah Keller, Lulu Belmont Ida Evan aniMarguurite Smith, violating Ordinances No. 3121 and 4Tt3; W or ten dftys ncii- Andrew Isabella. John Clam rie, George Kerns. John Sheriden, David Jones, Henry Schemfeldt and Joe Besaoe, drunk; SI to (5, or one to thirty days: James Cavenaugn, drunk, disturbing the Seace and malicious mischief; iUi r thirty ays. James Cavenaugh. assault and battery; $2od appearance bond. Alice .Mack, drunk and violating Ordinance No. 4434; S2 50 or ten days. James I'evalie. drunk and disturbing the peace; $250 appearance boud- Munroe Ehgut petit larceny; $15 or thirty day. - Second Recorder's Coart. - Eecorder A. M. Aucoin Presiding. 1 James Keily, breach of trust and embezzlement; ttiob appearance bond. Mme. Hessler. drunk, fighting and disturbing tho peace and using obscene language; 1100 peace bond. George Isaacs, drunk; $5 or ten days. Dairyman Jean Dcspaux pleaded guilty to selling adulterated niuk and was fined $10 IJ 1 t.ruiT U.,9. Mrs. Baker, charged with violating section-, 8 of Ordinance No. 4434. was fined t-o or thirty days. An appeal was taken to the Supreme Court by her counsel, J. A. Walker, and a $100 bond was lurmsned. Obi-t'nafe Constipation Readily Tie? To the regular use of Carter' Little Liver Piim. will be-made by Dr. Palmer, the benediction br icar- Ueneral Bog art. -Senator it. r. Jonas will be orator. of tie day and Gen. John Glynn. Jr., will lay tho corner-stone. Jud-re Marr, who presided over the meeting' on the 14th of September, 1874, when messengers were sent to Kelio? to warn him to step down and out of the gubernatorial chair, will preside and make ail anuoanco-ments. Xhe xTimmittee of an-anc-omenta of tha Fonrteenthpf September Monunitital Asso ciatton consists of the following gentlemen Messrs. F.G. Freret ehairmeB; John Glynn. Jr.. D. M. hiipatnek-aiid D. A. H. Vaught The ceremonies will commence promptly at 4 o'clock. The participants in the struggle of Sep.t 14, 1S74, actually in actiou or on duty that day, will assemble at Waxlungtoa Artillery Halt promptly at 2:;W p. nu, r-ceive their ba'dges from their old orhcers. It would be well for those conunauders of companies who have failed to leave their orders for their quoto of badges with CoL George H. Lord, at P-J2 Ota Tier street to do so. The dffferent military organizations of the city will furnish the citizen soUliory who took part m the light with a creUitaii-s eseort . The Wowing order ha been ijed from head iiMrtcrs .to tho members ui the Crescent City White League: . . -. - . HEAixjCAaTEas C. C. W. LJ i urieaas, si t S. ltwl. 1 Special .Orders 'o. 1.J . , L This regiment will form in aceordance with the rank of .company. commandeTa, a lodows: . 1. Company G-Capt D. M. Kilpatrick. .2. Company E-iUeut Win, Fagan, com. mauding. . . 3. C oinpeny C-Lieut . L O'Brien, comma ml tag. 4. Vomoan-l ('apt L IS. S. Sellick. J. Comiaiiil 4japt Geo. L Loi.k '.6. Company A Lieut L B- Bili'oiir, com. mandkig. . 7. Company K-Capt Edward FloodT, . K. Company D-laent 3L A Alley n, com-tnamUng . . ti. Company h( apt Thomas llclntyre. 1L Capt. ueo. Ii. Lord, Company ii, with regimental colors, will report promptly at 3 o clock. Ca-.L-ain will form on tnia co Lpany in the above order. tsy -order 01 tieut col . r.. nnger. , . D. A. S. V AUGHT. AiLntant, Company B, Continental Guards, in accordance with rs issued by Capt A. E Fat-o. will assemble at their armor r on Monday next at 3 o' to partiatpace ia the unveiiing ceremonies. . MOB ILK MATTERS. .Dorrei Priv DoaibKotM-ra, Char. W.' tion of n S-ehoonor Crew A Oretna, POLICE CULLISGS. BOARD OF II HALT II. A fire- waa discovered yesterday morning in the two-story frame building in thi rear of the brick building No. 200 North Earn-part street The building, which is iwned and occupied by the heirs of J. H. Com- munr, was damaged to the extent of $."i0O. The furniture of the occupant suffered about $350 damages. The loss is covered by a policy in the New Orleans Insurance Coiu- I .. II V John Clements while at work in tbe hold of the steamshiD Mureca, lying at thi head of Calliope s:reet was severely hurt yesterday by a saca of salt failing upon bin. He was attended by the anbu!auce fideuts and af'erward taken to his home, No. .82 Tciioniiitorilas street Charles Mulage. the mysterious pat ent at the I harity Hopit:iI. who was acl by the 1 olio- to l Charles Clark, recovered yester day from the attaea 01 typnom niaiara ana was taken to the Parish Prison ta aw lit the arrival of Sheriff Keed. of Caieaaien liaristt. The man ia wanted in Lake Charles lor rob bery. - Ihe steamship European, from Fremen via London, while teinanioored at tbi head of St. Mary street collided with the steamship Marseilles. The bridge of the .vlar-beilies was damagel to the amount of I2UO. The headlight of switoli engine 724, of the Louisville and Nashville Kailroid. exploded W ednesday night on the levee, between Customhouse and Bienville -.tretta. No one was in nred. Elizabeth Murroe, a colored girl, aged sixteen years, was caught by Adolph Davidson in the garden ot the house No. 'i-ii Juiia street with a puper bag containing about twtnty pomegranates, which she had picked from one of the tree in tho yard. Corporal Kaiser waa called aud tha girl, noon complaint of Aiolph Davidscn, was locked np. charged witn petit larcenv. hoi Kohn. aged twenty-one yeafs. ft 11 in a fit on Canal street, near St. Charles, yest-r-dav atout noon. He was attended hy the ambulance students and afterward taken to his home, No. 377 Magazine street The following were recorded: yestardayi BIBTHS. Mrs. John Keir, a daughter. Mrs. Chaa.A. Levert, a son. Mrs. James Power. Jr., a son- Mrs. John I.iu isey, a son. Mrs. Jacob Katz, a son. xahTbiaoes. William Feppermann and Miss Julia Jchn Vaughn and Miss Frances Ferrand. . John H. k arish and Miss Janet S. lierson. George i'eii and Miss Margaret scheli. DEATHS. - , Magdalt na Waahnian, 51 years, 65 South Market Louis G. De Gem-res, 35 years, 197J4 Washington. F. Ootava Simoa, 2 years. 4214 Burgundy. Bud-in he H. f t-rrau I, a2 years, Bagatelle, near t iaihorue. George Landry, 11 monUiB, Tunisburf. Mrs. Marie lioussei. 24 years, ." Bonroon. Jacob hot, p. Jr., "JH years. -17 Hosi itai. . Wiiliaui VV. Wright 42 yeais, tiiiiJ St Charles avenue. Clotiiilde Cassagne, 1 year, Louisiana avenue, near Locust Eiiza Williams, 31 years, 113 South Earn-part Minnie Habeney, 20 years, 233 Common. Mary E. l'ayue, 1 year, 82 Sorayaru. Crreoo -Affair Su-;geatioa For tho Sout-hern Leagao Snaerai of Joeepla -. Touwrt- . . Special to TtJorTImeT Democrat . ""i .Mobile, Sept id. A "grateful rain fell tol night layifig the.dust . . - Mrs. Lisa Durand. widow, of the late Cha v' W. Drrenoe, formerly a. prominent insure ance mat) here and weft known in New Or. leans, died after nii'lnight last night CoL L.M; WiLsjn; hosbanddf MriAugfit Evans, the noted Southern authoress ba4 been quite ill, butu ceported somewhat iio4 proved to-day. . ' Capt J. of the schooner PoIa Star, wck-u waa upset in a nnrncane on ino night ot Jniy 24 in laMfuub H4J 50' longi tud 1J 17'. bound -from IWize to Peusa-coia. arriyed here to-day on .the schooner Sea Gnli. 'AH hamhv toek to the boat ami . landed on the Mexican' coast thence to Grand Caymen. All were isaved. The-'men wife foul davs wrtliout Water'of fodd and sneered greatly. They subsisted for three days on green coeoasuta. . A runaway con pie (roin New Orleans -who rrrved in Mo'bile on Wedue-hloV nighr 1T the midnight train", were married here to-day-byiliev. D. Pianck. of the Presbyterian , Church. The young man .was Andrew J. Cibaaiii. son of a grocer on Frenchmea -sueet and the yoang latiy Mise Dietxnd. who resided ra the fame block: J hey re inmn in Mohjie a few days. It is stated th". -parentaot the girl objected on account of her youth, she being but .seventeen, year TheMobile military companies will atten the state fair a. Binr.jiKham on thelat Manager John F. heiiey suggests tiie fol lowing as cities "and route for the Southera Base Ball League: . LoniSvillij, Nasavme,. t h ttanooga, Macon, Atlanta, Birmiiigham, Mobile and New Orleans. .Ma is confident it would be a succetniiui one. i he remains of Joseoh Tduart, who was) nrurdereii on Wednesday mvning in his) store at Georgiana, were interred ifere thi . afternoon.-The lnne'ral was attended by large conconrses. of fntjids and relatives. F rum those who ret 'nwd with the remains it was learned, that Tart hail, goie to tu store with the intention of doing" some writ, ing, and waa caiied to th frwnt door. Tho signs of ' scuffle at the door were apparent. Mr. Touart's leit hand being burned ad if ho had grasped a-pl.coL A ba.1 Was found 11 thh sheivuig. Some oonntrymed camping near heard shots and calls for. help, but go ing to the store ail quiet Mr. Touart was discovered by a negro man wh earned tae m'ai, and who Waa attracted by the iightTir the ' store. The only theory i that of intended roblwry, and two eoioresl tramps who had been, about the store ail dav were suspected. -Wiley Kicks and Jim Bingen. the two negroes -suspected, are missing. A Test be longing to Licks was found wifh blood on it. The bad that killed hnn entered thg let't side, passed through the heart and lungs, and go ing ent broke the right -arm. Noihirbr was) stolen from the store." It is snapped they Were fnghteued by therr own snoi.iug au4 left Mr. Touart a m had the -combiaalioii to the safe. I rank Saunders colored, waA t arresteii at Greenville on suspicion. In wife of 'V,iev Kicks refuse.i to ;ve any information about her h us bikini, and she w&J locked up in iad at Georgiana. . Frank Kedy, an Irishman, hal the f rs$ ride in tho new patrol wagon. He fell into the river and was arreste'Lcharged with be ing daunk and down. The case 'was dismissed, and he' weqt on to New Orietuia. The Pixiey Social Chib, tbe moat populaf in the city, eeh-urated. t!t-ir third anm ver. aary to-night Tlie following are the officer) elected for the'ensuips year: vUliam Mont-eagle, president; John Siielan, vice presto dent; WiLiam ii. McAiee,' aectetary, and Vu C Haxard, treasurer.- . " A Saacaei Fall cf Worth!' Sonde. LoweU, Masa," Scpf 10. The police to-dajtj arrested pe Idler, w'xoi cam i . ak o for as astiull on a. woman near th aia grounds. Ilia aaUhels (-onuiiioi msteiiai whlcit ( may prove the anest to be an lnii.ort.-Tit eu. There wa a letter from Kui'ua, a HuoV ton lawyer, referring to fccgutUuuu ba Le.t 3. Gould in Ms oftk-e, in regard to eactianga et a "M (leg Sir a (V-ftint eit; alk retfa-Uit to the Fams Loan and Km C axtiAiiy. This, is believed to be a. cover fw biuna. la od sab-hel were seventeen il 41 g ii t bonds of 4h Cm ola, Mw-lilsia aid ..i,-..go) r. w.i, n:aie to the .National Ti iwH I .snj.iny of New York. The twulii were. 101U ed g nuina by Jmlge Ibi'liey aud Uie .i .:! of tti- Firs Natbaiai Kuikv but- toveoflffifino final no t i corpnratioa a tliosB luiiie-L Ivi a says- th Nnxia are wnrthlesa, but be has tieeii selling tlwsn. A K-t.fcsi ami nnl' VI nsvo'ver werv founl tct bis anlehei and the "Life of. Christ," pcuirtaa, etc. Levlck says he has stinlied law ami mmlieipo, ami oosl to hsUmg to the lhi':aMi;! Fho ! puj-tnieut. lie is miiki-e-agni and Laid, and waa dresdnl In duiurse ciotaes. . RHEC.MAT1SM. Soar Lake. VEAL KSTATK TRANSFER.S. Rosalia Carrattm to Sarah A. Watts one lot bounded t'S Customhonse, Burgundy, Bienviue and Kampart $1500. Mr. Nicholas Walter to h.enry H Don-glas a portion of ground, bounce i .by Camp, Cinstautinopie, Magazine and Ma-rengis $"-.'ii0. Succession of Mrs Ann Smith to Domi-ni.iuc M nlizun, four lots bounded by St. David. s,t Loms Solomrn and C'ont , I47 . Yicmr P.enlet to lierre Ader, one lot bonuded by st Ann, Miro, Dnmauie and Galvez, 14 si). John E. Breaux to Eureka Homestead So-cietv, two lots, bounded by Magazine, Con-st-tiice, i.obert and Upperline, S.ioO. Widow and heirs of Jacob NogeL to Mrs. Oi lave Caiougne, one lot bounded py Dn-maine, St Ann, Tonti and KocLtbiava, $U25. Beer Men Win in tho Territory. . Bt Louis, Sept 10. A special f-ora Ar'CDore, L T., says Attorney Warran, for the Inited Court la the Indian Tectitury, haa Uis-riiissist the prusecutkns uuKibilved against tbe beer uiea of An Inure, bokiuit; too court had no juris t-t ma. Jiulge lirvant reinsnuc to adow prnt- ei-utioiui. This remotes tbe enibarifo on tbe die of beer witli one exeepi. it daUlity of bHii) 1 lest rove 1 bv Indian ),Si-e. T m Imliio ag -ol. tli nl ing tumse r alone In bia efT irts to Keep rwer nil uif the T-srilorv. will not. b able to aeeou-r plioh Diuuh. It may he aaiely pr-siv'ted that beer will now tie r ,1,1 by tbe whoie or tho fifteen sa- luon In Arilajurs and over the Nation f-ama-aily. THE GRAIN ELETATOK3. After all the talk things are likely to remain aa they are for the present season. The parties concerned do not seem to agree very fast But it is agreed- by those, who have tried it that Gernietuer u tue surest safest and p'.eisantest n-medy for tired, over-wnrkeii am: broken down men and women, w hue for children it is the ne plus ultra of all medical remedies A receiver for the Amasa Lyon Company, of New York, tho uiubrelia, luannLtc-turei-a, ha been appointed in proceedings for a ol.mitary dissolution of the corpv ration. Tne liabiliuea axe f70,0UU: actual uaeU ti5,0UU. mlay, 8ept p. mj. Felix forty-three year,a&aiva of Wood villa. Miss., and a reaident of Nw Usa leans for the t ast thirty-r "yes rm. I" Hern's and arqr-ainancecf the family ar respectfully invited to attend the funeral at 1 p. m. Fiiilay.- Sept. 11, 1891. from late rai)enc of the dee-aamlr 11214 Second stiet, betwet Annunciation and Chippewa. North Lo-lisiana, Strw To'rk and Baltimore pa tera please copy. . COCTUBIt-On Thursday, 8,pt 10i 1891,' Mario Anitiia Coataria, ae Curtdi. ' wife of Amedee Contnrie. ' Tha f aneaal will take olac from tha residenco of her hnstand. No. 342 Ja ke n avan-ie. at 4 p ua, Friday, 11 th instant Tha faadlUs of Cone tune. Bakeweli; 6ete. Carriers and Pnorsine an friends are hi rtby invited to -atu ni without further notice. . JOLLYiOn Thursday. ?ept 10. 1S31. at 12 V) oVloek p. m-Bebert P. "U. sen of Ja.a joily and tha lata Marvatret-a K I tart-iiua and twelve days a natiya.of Sew Or lean. The frier di and aeriaaiatances of tha family are respectfully invited to attend the, fanaral. rhfc h will take p a. rriday. Sept 11. a 3 X p. m. from the late residence of th Oaf caeatd. So. ill Sorth Fctuastract at Sawa

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