Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 3, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W ith a better understanding of the transient nature ot! the many physical ills, which vanish before proper of- iorts—gentle e ft'orts—pi eas;in t efforts— rightly directed. There is comfort in the knowledge, that so rmiuy forms of •idkness are not due to unv actual disease, but simply to a constipatedcond- tion of the system, which the picasanc Immilv laxative. Syrup of Figs, promptly removes. That is why it is the only remedy with millions of families, and is eTcrywherc esteemed so highly by all Who value good health. Its beneficial effects arc due to the fact, that it is the one remedy which promotes internal cleanliness without debilitat : ng the onrans on which it acts. It is therefore «lf Important, in order to get its bene- •fldal effects, to note when you purchase, that you have the genuine article, which is manufactured by the Caii- fornia Fig Syrup Co, only and sold by all reputable druggists. If In the enjoyment of good health, ««d the system is regular, laxatives or Other remedies are then not needed. It afflicted with any actual disease, one MY be commended to the most skillful -Shysicians, but if in need of a laxative, «oe should have the best, and with the •well-informed everywhere, Syrup of Ifes stands highest and is most largely -" 1 and gives most general satisfaction. Graham & Morton TRANSPORTATION CO. TWICE DAILY STEAMERS TO CHICAGO. CONNECTING WITH THE VANDALIA RAILWAY AT ST. JOSEPH. Beginning May 25th and continuing until about Sept. 30th the steamers of tfri. n ne -will make two trips each way dally between St. Joseph and Chicago, •n the following schedule: Leave St. Joseph at 4:30 p. m. and 10:30 p. m., dally, including Sunday. I/eave Chicago at 0:30 a. m. and 11:30 jn, m., dally, including Sunday. Extra trips on Saturday leave St. Joseph at 8 a. m., and leave Chicago at 2 p. m. Running time across lake 4 hours. Trl-weekly steamers to Milwaukee, leaving St. Joseph Monday, Wednesday And .Friday evenings. The equipment of this line Includes the Bide wheel steamers City of Chicago and City of Milwaukee (the largest and finest -west of Detroit), and the newly rebnllt propeller City of Louisville. Service flrst-class. Connections with all Vandalla trains. Tickets on sale at all Yundalla Line stations. Chicago dock foot of Wabash avenue. J. H. GRAHAM, Pres., Bcnton Harbor, Mich, A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA !N FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. -Over the Sunset Route—New Orleans to Lo5 Angeles and Son Francisco. Was discontinued April ICth. The raperfor accommodations . given the freat number of patrons of the above train during the past tourist season, warrants the announcement of plans for next season of Oner service with equipment superior to anything yet known In transcontinental traffic. Look for early re-lnauguratlon ot "SUNSET LIMITED" tbl»f all. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Co. "Sunset Boute" In connection with the "Queen mad Crescent Route" are running the ' only line of through tourist Pullman Sleepers leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evening for Los Angeles and Ban Francisco. These excursions are specially conducted, and the object Is to enable those who do not care to buy the first-class round trip or one way tickets, to enjoy * comfortable ride with sleeping car privileges anjj_np ctumge,of cars at the ' wry low second-class rate. For further Information, address W, H. CONNOR, Commercial Agt S. P. Co., Cincinnati,-O. W. G. NEIMYER, G. W. Agt 8. P. Con Chicago, 111. B. P. MORSE, G. P. & T. Alft 8. E , New Orleans, La. A little 111, then a little pill. The 111 has jone, the pill has won. DeWitt's LltUe Darly Risers the little pflla that cure great Ilia. John M. Johnston Children Cry tor THEY DRINK KEROSENE. Abnormal CruvlUR Induces Men to Quaff 1C IIM u Jicvoriij:o. Kerosene oil would hardly be ducwed a desirable bcvcr.ige by au cpiuurc, but it is used in largo, quantities us a stimulant by Itussian immigrants in this Country. • The habit is one that they acquire, in the. native land, and, strange U-K itmay seem, they adhere to this form of intoxication even whflD other liquors are within the reach of l.h«ir purses. An "oil druaV proiiuocs intense drowsiness, :uid the tippler of this odd tlri.uk goes to sloop a* soon as lie has become saitnratod with the liquid. Baron Sehrocder, who owns n mine in California, baa found among his em- ploye men who drink pure alcohol, vinegar, Worcestershire satico and coal oil. Thu coal oil drunkard prefers hia beverage to (my other. Whoa working a mine in southern Germany the baron's men would even steal the liguidoutof the lamps.' E. L. Jlonier, of Newark, N. J., soys that a Belgian recently loaded a"poclcet pistol" witJi kerosene, and nt a drinking party regaled himself with the stuff with evident relish. The people addicted to this curious habit are, loath to confess it, and only the grocers from whom they bny tlio liquid know how widespread the- practice is. ' FATE OF TWO 'SNAKES. \Vore i»t the Bottom of a Mine When Notice to Quit Was tjerrod. A Forest and Stream correspondent tells a South African story. Two snakes were at the bottom of a 60-foot -mine shaft. The snakes were efl.ch about ten feet long, ajid fit one of the most poisonous species, known ns mambos. Now, miners und ten-foot mambas do not tigree very -well, and this is especially true when both ore at the bottom o* a mining shaft. The miners whose claim had been jumped sent a message down to the-snakea-with orders to come up. The message was a bottle of dyr.amite with a lighted fuse attached. The snakes obeyed the summons at once. They, came up the perpendicular shaft with such speed that they Bhot up 30 feet abovo the opening of the shaft. When they came down they were somewhat mixed. The two tails had in some way got tangled into a square knot, such «s sailors tie. The snnkcH wonted to go in opposite dirnstion?, but the efforts were in vain, ui.d'ihey fell to and stung one another to dcnth. <* DON'T STOP TOBACCO Ho-w to Cure Yourself While Using It_ The tobacco habit grows on a man until his nervous system Is seriously affected, Impairing health, comfort and happiness. To quit suddenly. is too severe a shock to the system, as tobacco to an Inveterate user becomes a stimulant that his system continually craves. "Baco-Cure" Is a scientific cure for the tobacco habit, In all Its forms, carefully compounded after the formula of an eminent Berlin physician, who has used It In his private practice since 1872, without a failure. It Is purely vegetable and guaranteed perfectly harmless. You can use all the tobacco you want while taking "Baco- Cure." It will notify you when to stop. We give a written guarantee to cure permanently any case with three boxes or refund the money with 10 per cent, interest "Baco-Cure" Is not a substitute, but a scientific cure, that cures without the aid of will power and with no Inconvenience. It leaves the system as pure and free from nicotine as the day you took your first chew or smoke, CURED BY BACQ-CTJRE AND GAINED THIRTY POUNDS, From hundreds of testimonials the originals of which are on flic and open to. Inspection, the following Is presented: Clayton, Nevada Co., Ark., Jan. 28, '95. Eureka Chemical & Mfg Co., La Crosse, WlS.:—Gentlemen: For forty years I used tobacco In all its forms. was a great sufferer from general debility and heart disease. For fifteen years I tried to quit, but couldn't I took various remedies, among others "No-To-Be" "The Indian Tobacco Antidote" "Double Chloride of Gold", etc., etc., but none of them did me the least bit of good. FlnnUy, however, I purchased a box of your "Baoo-Oure" and It has entirely cured me of the habit in all Its forms, and I have Increased thirty pouip4s In weight and am relieved from all the numerous aches and pains of body and mind. I could write a quire of paper upon my .'changed feelings and condition. Yours respectfully. P. H. MARBURY, Pastor C. P. Church, Clayton, Ark. ... -Sold by oil druggists at |1.00 per box; three- boxes (thirty days' treatment) $2.50 with Iron-clod written guarantee or sent direct upon receipt of price. Write for booklet and proofs. Eureka Chemical & Mf B Co, La Crosse, WIs., and Boston, Mass. ., Subserlbe-.for The Journal. Wbeo Babywu lick, w gav« her CMtorl*. When the w«» A Child, ihe cried for Cutori*. •Vben Bbe became Mta, «te oluug to Castori*. Vhnn «}•• hurt QU'Mron.nl^ ir AdYice to Dyspeptics. A Siinplo.-Glieiiii :iii(l Itadical Ctivo for All Stomach Troubles, Smart's D.vspi'psla Tablets is tho UW rcmc'dy recently discovered and which 'in- IMS created so imiyh comment physicians bec:iusi; of its peculiarly ben- oiicitil and rapid c-H'ocls in curing stomach troubles. Dyspepsia acidity, wind ou stomach and a host of symptoms relating to the' digestive organs, which are speedily removed by (.»<•' use ol' thusi: Tablets. . . ' Smart's Dyspepsia Tablets are tended solely for Ihe cure of inilis'.-stloii and are. not ckiimi'd to be a cure, for :iuy other disease, although it is a fact that two-thirds of. all our troubles,' both physical and menial, arise purely from a disordered stomach and the miseries of dyspeptics are proverbial. Stuart's" Dyspepsia Tablets constitute a radical. cure because the tablets will digest the food, any wily regardless of condition of the stomach uud in this way of. treatment the body is nourished and the stomach rusted 'and we leave to your good sense if such is not Ihe proper course to secure proper, healthful action In any organ. Any druggist will supply you with the tablets at only 50c, per package, each package containing history of the remedy and useful hints concerning diet and digestion. . A woman in St. Louis has gained the right to solicit lire insurance. Some time ago the Board of Underwriters expelled the company which 'employed her. The case was taken to the courts, and the firm was reinstated, with full privilege to employ this or any other woman. FOR OVER FIFTY TEARS. Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup has j>een used for over fifty years by mil- Hone of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success, ft ioothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wild colic,- and If the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold by druggists In every part of the world. Tweaty-ftve cents • bottle. Be suie and atk for "Mrs. Wlnslow'fl Soothing Syrup," and take 10 other kind. For practical purposes from twelve to thirteen miles Is the range of the most powerful Armstrong guns now used. This distance has, however, been considerably exceeded by Krupp's 130-ton steel gun, which fired a. shot weighing 2,'COO pounds a distance of a few yards over fifteen miles. ITue gun cost £39,000 and each projectile £950. YOUR BOY WON'T LIVE A MONTH. So Mr. Glllinan Brown, of 34 Mill St., South Gardner, Mass., was told by the doctors. H3s son had lung trouble, following typhoid mnlarin, and he spent three hundred and seventy-five dollars wil-th doctors, who finally gave him up, saying: "Your boy won't live a month." He tried Dr. King's New Discovery and a few bottles restored him to health and enabled him to go to work a perfectly well man. He says he owes his present good -Health to use of Dr. King's New Discovery, and knows lit to be the best in the world for lung 'trouble. Trial bottles free at B. F. Keesling's drug store. The little town of Harbert, Mich., Is greatly agitated over a murderous assault made upon its Postmaster, E. Glavin, at the postoffico. An unknown man about 25 years oC age knocked him down with a club and then used a horse-whip mercilessly. The assailant escaped and has not been captured. Gavin was seriously injured. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The best salve In the world for cuts, years i useu luuujuw m **** »•*> i.u».*"». -.*.*• ~-~- — ; For tw«nty-nve years of that time I .braises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetters, chapped hands, chilblains corns and all skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required. It IB guaranteed lo glye perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box, For sale by B. F,. Keesling. . *• those secretaries of state who are not o£ noble birth and are themselves followed by the younger sons of earls. - Mrs. R. DeYo.ung, Midleburg, la., writes: I .nave used One Minute Cough Cure for six years, both for myself nnd children, and I consider It the quickest acting and most satisfactory Cough Cure I have ever ustid.-^-J. M. Johnston. The speaker of the house of commons in state ceremonies stands -next to the barons and is Immediately followed by. the commissioner of the great seal. Young mothers dread the summer months on account of the great mortal- < Ity. among children caused by bowel troubles. Perfect safety may be .assured those who keep on;, hand DeWitt's Colic aid'Cholera cure, and administer It-promptly.- For.cramps,, bilious colic, 'dysentery "anr" affords instant relief.-^. BUTTLE POPLAR'S" SKULL. GrucMorao Kclio tt Imllnn Wttrfire Now In this Niitlonul -IIiiHCum. • A <jh!istly rt'lic o£ ] inlian warfare was recently si'iit to one of the professors at the national museum in Washing-ton, savs tho ,\civ York World. It is the skull of "Liu.lii.Poplar," the great fighter and warrior, at one time the Biib-cbief of the Croc nation. The Crocs had their homes and lands in Canada, and. when the Kiel rebellion broke out some .years ago "Little Poplar" took advantage of the opportunity it afforded to make war on his own account. Tie attacked tun white settlers, burned their homes, carried oil their women and instituted a reign of terror in the region of his operations. Hundreds of persons became the victims of his bloodthirsty cruelty. He destroyed their herds, laid their homes in smoking 1 ruins and put women and little children to the torture. There was, in fact, no form of deviltry too horrible for this Indian to perpetrate. • When the Kiel rebellion was crushed "Little Poplar" crossed to the American side. So great was the horror he had excited that a reward of 52,000 was offered for his 'apprehension, dead or alive, 1 In 1SSG he was murdered near Fort Assiniboino, Mont,, and the half- breed who killed him received the reward. One of the soldiers.of the fort watched for years the lonely grave in which "Little'Poplar" had been buried, nnd at last, when he feltcertain thalall the flesh had been 1 worn off the bones, he dug up the skull and kept it as n relic. It has just found a resting place on one oi the shelves of the national museum. Di« proportionate. There is but one firm of undertaker* In Skowheg-an, Me., to 12 doctors practicing 1 in the place. WHEN THE SWALLOWS HOMEWARD FLY. People begin, to ask themselves, '•Where shaJl I spend the summer?" An ocenii voyage, an inland jaunt, or a coastwise trip -which shall it be? In either case, one of the -most useful traveling companions, one that never f;iiis in nil emergency to which it is adapted, Is Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which remedies sea sickness, nausea, headache biliousness nnd malarial complaints. Dyspepsia, rheumatism, nervousness and kidney trouble are also remedied by the great alterative and preventive. Tourists by sea and laud, mariners, emigrants and western pioneers all testify to Its defensive and remedial efficacy. Bodily and mental fatigue are counteracted by it, and It pi-events 'maladies which would otherwise be brought on by exposure. Xo one should start on 'a [summer outing without it. It is the most, genial and reliable of summer tonics, and suits the most fastidious palate. Ebenezer P. Chalmers, a farmer of JaJapn, S. C., was found dead in his wagon under a tree aCtor a thunder storm having been, it is supposed struck by lightning. FREE PILLS. Send yonT address to H. E. Bucklen & Co., Obtaigo and get a free sample box of Dr. King's Xew Life Pills. A trial will convince you of their marlts. These pills are easy in acton and are particularly effective in. the cure of constipation and sic-k headache. For malaria and liver troubles they have been proved invaluable. They are -guaranteed to be perfectly free from every deleterious substance and to be purely vegetable. They do not weaken by their aottan, but by.gih-ing tone to stomach and bowels greatly Invigorate the ^ystem. Regular size 2oc per box. Sold by B. F. Keesling, druggist, . Eczema Is a frightful affliction, but Mite nil other skin disease* It can be permanently cured by applications, of DeWitt's Witch Hazel ialve. It never falla to cure Piles.—J. M. Johnston. The production of aluminum has In creased from 150 pounds In 1884 to 330,020 pounds last year. During this time the price has dropped from $9 a pound to about 70 cents. One Minute Is the standard time, and The oldest sons of viscounts follow One Minute Cough Cnr- Is the standard preparation for every form of congh or cold. It is the only harmless remedy that produces Immediate results.—J. M. Johnston. • . It is said, that'the first restaurant on the lines that we know It tod.iy woe started at Paris In 1TC5 by a man rejp'n- Ing in the appropriate name of Boulange. •VARSITY STUDENTS ANGRY. Btnior I-otfes Six. Major* Crucllt for Xeff- loctinij "Uyni" \\orl:. The faculty of the University of Chicago has incurred the wrath of the stii- decte. The squabble is over the old [jxHtetion of required gymnasium work. A student just about, to graduate has hud six nuTjors credit tukexi oil' bfcanse of continued absence from "gym," ajid now \viJl have to stay two extra quarters at Ihe 'varsity if he graduates. IDs ease has been under discussion some days, and the other day he was notified .that the faculty of the senior college, of which Jie is a member, had passed i special rule in his cose, striking off a corresponding number of mujors credit for the quarters during which he was absent from gymnasium. The decision came like a thunderbolt to the young' man, whose father is connected with the university. Many of the students say that the authorities of the university have no right to take away credit that has been paid for, earned and once recognized by the university. The university is just $00 to the good on the transaction and the student loses two quarters' time. The trustees feel that the penalty is entirely too severe. The student under the b(m bears it bravely and says that lie will not protest any more. He considers that his credit should not have been taken away, but that if such a course was thought necessary by the authorities he should have been required to make up the "gym" work in question. MATRIMONIAL " AGENCIES. Borne AdvantaRcons Alliances Effected by Their A»»lBt»nce In France. A very profitable form of swindling JB that of the matrimonial agencies which are now worked in France in n mannerentirely unknown, says the London Spectator, to M. De Foy. who was the real originator of marriage by in termediary. There are, of course, offices where preliminary-fees areasked and where wife seekers and ladies yearning for lords are quietly swindled after having been told to go to the opera, the salon or the fashionable church of Sainte-Clotilde. The strange port of the matrimonial agency scheme is that you never know, when in society whether some banker, priest or old lady cf fierce virtue and mystical tendencies may not be a husband or wife broker. There ore young ladies not too thin skinned, head waiters in certain restau rants, livery stable keepers, cloistered nuns, notaries nnd lady doctors of the obstetric school. These are only a portion of the army of workers in the juter- ests of Cupid, There are at present in Paris two wealthy American girls who have married titles, upon the wedding 1 day of each of whcm a very handsome •commission was paid to one of these intermediaries, of course without the knowledge of the wife. AclluR Wai Too ReuL During some private theatricals at the Saxon court recently. Crown Princess Frederick' took the part of a maid servant. The extreme realistic way in which sbe portrayed a vulgar young woman moistening nnd polishing a leather shoe brought her a reproof from the king himself, who said: "We are among ourselves, it is true; but even then a royal princess ought not to play BO exactly the manners of a maid," ------ -• - SPLENDID OPPORTUNITIES For home-seekers and others desirous of changing their locations are offered in the great States of Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota and Nebraska. Fertile and productive land is for sale on the most reasonable terms, and there are many openings for all classes of business men, particularly farmers and diarymen. Those Interested will be furnished full Information, free of charge, upon application to W. B. Kuis- kern, 22 Fifth Avenue, Chicago, 111. In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of—DeWItt'B Little Early Risers, for tbey always , cleanse the liver, purify the blood, and A large quantity of Georgia marble , nT , fe the By stem.-J. M. Johnston. Is to tf. used in the construction of the B new State house at Rhode' Island. Did you ever think how'readily the blood Is poisoned by constipation? Bad blood means bad health, and premature eld age. DeWitt's Little Early Risers, the.famous little pills, overcome obstln- jj ate constipation.—J. M, Johnston. ,It'is said that during the recent disorders in Johannesburg tho Boer government expended about $25,000 In relief to 'those, unable to obtain food by other means. '••••/• Vou need never wear a limp or wilted collar if you wear the "Celluloid." It's , ivim aucf perspiration proof. When j; ifots soilcw you can clean it in a .jnm- • nte with a wet cloth or sponRC. It will . er.itwenrsix linen collars, and save mo: y tiaics its cost in laundry bills. The Children Ci^ for . INTERLINED •:a the only -.satisfactory water-proof : : collar made. The genuine "Celluloid" .interlined collars and cuffs arc stamped .with the above trade mark. All.othcrs :?re imitations. . If yoor fnratohor domii't soil thn "OUo>>!d" (roods, Vend to n. dlwol. Coll«n> 3>c. e.ch ifcuff. Jw. pilr. poitpiid. Mention »iza and »trlo <it»o4' ap or turo«d*oowB) wanted. ' , T j • ... . ; ; THE CKLLUIOID COMPANY, ; W Vork FOUR "C" Che following testimonial w.is entirely unsolicited. TJ'OT? ' lmve received hundreds of testlm •*• V^J-v onlals LaGrlppe, LAGRIPPE. H. B. .Ilullng, Manager Office Commercial Printing Co., . 196 South Clark Street. Chicago, Nov. 22, ISM. B. R. PheJps, Esq., City. Dear Sir:—I wish to bear testimony t» the great efficacy ol your FOUR "C" remedy In throat and lung ailments, As,» rule I bave boen skeptical of the merit* ot proprietary medicines, but have to confess that a test of your FOUR "C" If convincing: that at least one ready made remedy Is worthy of general use. My children all take It without the least objection, from oldest to youncest and It Is particularly noticeable that benefit Is almost Immediate. A single dose will check most coufrhs 1m their beginning; It gives an unbroken rest at night. In my family FOUR "C" Is simply Indispensable and I recommend It unqualifiedly. Yourg J. R. HULINO. CURED Mr BOY OF CROUP. I never Intend to be without your Cough and Cold medicine In my houe. I bellevo that at divers times It has saved tne life of my boy when attacked with croup. It has no equal for coughs and cold. Ed. Ferguson. 708 8. 7th St. I guarantee 4 C to give satisfaction In La Grippe, Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup and Colds. For sale by B. P. Keesling. A. V. HtJDSON, DALLAS, TEXAS. REV. S. P. KLOTZ, PASTOR C. ft CHURCH. Waterloo, Ind., Sept 8,183«. Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Sir:—I have been afflicted over twenty yews \vlth dyspepsia or sour stomach. I bave tried different remedies without much benefit Finally I bought a 10-cent bottle of Syrup Pepsin and found that It benefitted me. 1 am convinced .that It will do what Jt Is recommended when taken according to directions. I have taken nearly one bottle and feel Hie a different person. S. P. KLOTZ. For sale by B. F. Keesling. OitUkMIMK Jnaapo e a well of RERGLTS l» BO UAT*. Cvroo ul Kc>rvoui Ulaoaiee. «*iltnff Memoir, w bu""n <S7tofton, but «».(« on 6i»fne I. t «,»•• will mu •irthnanotfot tt,w« will 0end it prepaid, c«l«U<Wn»a«., GUeait, UL, arMranMaj SOLlTl-rB. t'- KecsliOK, LOGANSPORT. 1NO. and Itadinc druccitts cltcwbcro. NO CURE," i«O .Vi'JSTACHE-- NO PAY. NO P^Y. DANDRUFF CURED. I will wksConwacss to prow hair on Ihe hetfl ofjacnwith il-.:x »•:,« euii c:.H a. my office or *l the office nt .nyiiMi.Ri'. provi..ed 'V ncadi» » 4, 2 W. Will u corj V vour drdcp&i iff . l "" > * or-u. Ave.. N« THE NEW FRENCH REKDT. 'with For sale by Ben Fisher and B. F, j Keesllnp. Why suffer with dy«peptU? Cfeat.:! Broome, 850 South 2nd aireet, Pbilad«I-f phia,a«y»: ^'Ittook only two month»| for Brazilian Balm to cure' m* of 4y*.l pepaia with which I adflere* over-80:| Now I h«v« no : pain-or atomackl :ough and can eat any Balm beats, the world.." -The; "

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