The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 24, 1934
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Served by the United /'rc»a BEnBESffiLE COMER NEWS VOI,. XXXI—NO. fi HlylhivilU- Daily News lllythevllU' Courier MKsl-i-lppI V;i)Jcy Leader filythcvilie Herald o T P r * ^f 0 I tkJSt 16 Perish In Transient "- -• i - - - L - ----..., * • 1 J. J \./» Jll *. kj SICSAN FREED IN SLAYING • Horseshoe Is $50,000 Jinx Scores Hurt at l.ynchburg, j Va., As They Leap to; Escape Fire ] I.YNCimURG, Vn.,Mar. 2* iUP> — Sixteen destitute men were burned lo clcatli nml four score otliMs wore Injure!) today when fire raced lliroiiyli ihc federal transient bureau shelter here. A three-story frame structure wns convened into a scene of horror as flames trapped 190 iiu-n being cared for by (he ftrtei-il iv- li'-f administration. Panic followed the first cry of • "fire." ' ', Many, just awakening, ran In : windows and jumped. Within 10 '• minutes score writhed in the i snow-covered yard. j said . thr crack ov | breaking bones could be heard :ibm-e th<- flames. Many of injured suffered broken lens aims and backs. Many who leaped were on the roof.. Tliey ran there in n desperate effort to escape the roaring fill-trace inside. Few readied safety by their own efforts. Firemen, arriving in a few minutes, iuimcdjiuely began carrying men from tl'.o building. A mail truck, bakery truck, and all oilisr available vehicles were pressed into service to carry Hie injured to hospitals. Society members of LynehtmrT quickly, offered aid. Mrs.-.'Hugh Woolfolk. 'assumed leadership. Ho-,- •jSital lu'cJlilies were ini'Ueimafc at first as the Memorial hospital' ':ould not receive any of the victims because Hie power current was cut off. The fire, worst in this city's history, was attributed to a pan of. grease catching fire in the kitchen as William Rash. conk, was preparing brenkfast. He said Hie grrafp boiled over on tnr sieve and immediately ihe blaze shot to the relling. 'Jiii'in l.enrlor Declares Set- ileincnl of Grievances fs Likely WASHINGTON. Mar. a-t IUPI— Ainoinubilc manufacturers nn- nouiKed io<iny u:cy Jm«l neriyd on eslublifliuiMil of an Imimrtlnl bcaril to review cases of alleged Ji>criminailon at.iinsi union members in the motor industry. The siateu'.i'iu Indicated, however, thai tin- maniifiicturm had vcnrhMi no ii»rei'inein on i>roccd- ure for workers' elections, one of l!ie key y^::r>; \ n ih c threaleuod strike. Krltlriiirnt Kxpcrtril NnvertheU-ss n. was believed on al: sides th:u n compromise settlement to end i IIP strike crisis was imlnr-nl. President RoiMveli held himself in readlnes.-. for fiuthi'i- i:onfi-r- ences lodkini' toward a definite figreement. William Collins. American Federation of Labor r:U'.omobile union i organizer, .said a settlement wa:; hi eh fBurdellt Farmer Wins i T „:;" 1 a r >,000 for Torture; J ° SCS MKMPHIS. 'JVnn.—W. I). Smlllij twiiiin ini-ijii-i- nt HiiKietlc. Ark.,: near lllylhevillr. \VILS awarded $!".CO!) Mc.iunl and S^ii.lXJn punllivo ' ! (Inning's :jj;ainst Jl .•ieJI-aopolilU-d deputies and tin; shcrlii 'of Huy- w<;«l county, Ti-nn., yesterday frdi'iul rum i hi'iT. The "vlijHnnit's" luul pin red :i • roi:i> iiruiind Smith's hrac! aim ' twisted ii. inriurlny him ta-iimki-' him rcix-nl th<- lasnllon or u Mill .Smith testlllfd. The umtrrcnlii- happened while Smith lifed iji Maywond counlf. IU> rerenlly rnnf- cd to Arkunsn-s. Judgment for $10,000 nxninsl i Sheriff Samuel T. llunlei-. Jr. mid ' S25.000 against the n deputies was i nbtalncil. • • J. T. Coston, Ark., attorney, rep- i resented Smith. Tllo hni ^r^sltrio litjiiv<- Ilif: slionl- ilnr of .Mr.s. C';lrvelli Well-, sliown bcre in Uermuiln wlui her. husband, hmfil expluror, v.-.-isn'l a lucky omen. Him, has . lic'. l ji 5m» i <l lor $*i'i,ue_i; ],y v't-jr.;- lirst wife, wbn ilivn'n-i'ii.iitni '•„,' !'••'•', i. i-biirKiii!: ali.'iiariijn uf affenlons. Wife No. 2 vj|» W.:!]«• puhiiriiy aK ent wbeu him | n their New York Cotton NEW YORK. Mai- Cotton closed steady, open high Mas- July Oct Dec 24. illi') — Jan Mar 1194 1206 1210 1226 1230 low 1103 1204 1218 1227 121.5 1233 1220 1M2 1230 close 1200 1212 1224 123fi 1240 12351) Spots closed steady at 1225. up is temporary, ing Establishment of .Control System BERLIN. Mar. 24 (UP)-lmnorts of cotton, wool. Jute and hemp i were forbidden today pejiilint; in- Istallation of controllers who will Govern rigidly their admission into the country. The decree was issued by Kurt economics minister, soon The manufacturers statement iTl(e : -,ii'd previous charges Hint tin- union Is attempting to dominate Ihe industry. Workers Itfstive DETROIT. Mar. 24 i UP)—Held in check by union oificials at Washington, restless nulnmobllc, -frcifen; ccr.tinuwi:.«t work In tlitf motor plnnts today; some rrumb- llns g, yet hopeful that President Roosevelt would effect a settle- inent of their grievances with lhe manufncturers, The uesotiators. nw.tre by ., bombardment of messages from the "toys ija.-k home" that an etc mem was SMlinir restive MEET, DITCH Will Occupy Workers Under New Program Until Other Projects Named Graveling of probably the ma- .oi-iljf of nnsiirfncod streets in the city, resumption of cleaning program of Is Essential to Reduce Stir- phis Declares Cotton Bill's Author the the ditch A eloae literary nlllnnce between a Republican nnd Democrat suilcd with DIG resignation ot Alfred K. Hmllli ng odlmr of tho monthly Tlelic-nor reported' owner nnd publisher. an nrdeut nepiilrflcan. malaria cnmnnlgn, nnd possibly j to havo disagreed radically with wort: on the airport project will Sl »"li'» cdliorlal policies In regard occupy niythcvillD's 500 to 7co|^" thl> Knosovnlt irtmlnlstrailon." workmen under the new federal > " ~ relief program beginning April 1 until such time as other, projects are designated. L. E. Tull. recently named city engineer, said today that he e.x- pecii'd to 'pave amjjlo -\vork lakl out for tlic maximum uumbci of men allowed for the first wo weeks or month of the progr.ii>, of ihe p-nloiiRcd nteotiations. sent .word lo nil locals lo have con- flflfnc." flinl mv/iii tn tile president's eiiorts. Trial of Monroe Leek Continued Until July CAROTIIERSVILLE. Mo. —Tile (rinl of Monroe Lock, deputy constable charged with murder in connection with the death of John Jones, McCnrty community , afler n semi-official statemeni th,u i New Orleans Cotton NF.W ORLEANS, Mar. 24. ((.'P' —Coiton closed steady. open high low close May .... 1103 1203 1193 1201 July .... 1206 1215 1205 1^12 Oct 1220 1227 1220 1225 Cec .... 1223 1235 1223 1235 Jan .... 122Gb 12:i8b imports in ,,.vo v Spots closed steady at. 1211. up (forbidden entirely. , resident, who was shot and killed si the South End Goope here last Inll. has been set- over tor the coming July term of court, it was annnuixrd here Friday. This irial hail be«ii ex|iectod lo In the meantime methods arc ... considered by which the in I c!t5 ' wllic!l mllst furnish materials, '"'can receive the maximum'amount of benefit from labor of ihe federal employe's. By the end of the first mouth of the now program ill is hojwd that n well-planned system ol projects mnv IK outlined. Citizens of Blyiheville cnnnot afford to pass up the government's proposed weekly $10.000 payroll. Mr. Tull said. Some way to provide materials for projects that will give permanent benefit must be found, he declared. Wriltc-n suggestions us to projects and methods of providing materials win be welcome. Mr. Tull said, requesting thnt nil proposals be submitted in such form. Gravel for surfacing Elreels, now being shipped here by car- "scaroily of foreign cxchani, cc-ssiiios strict control uf nil ports in future." Sclunitt announced appointment of conn-oilers over cotton, wool,'„,.,,,„ jute and hemp, and said that, ,',„,„ pending their assumption c,i offit" ' -, . , ' (hose linrs would •" ! lln ' ch • prove oiii- of the mast sensationnl ^'jof the present term, especially so in tho lif£lii of n recent stntement imtie by tile only eye witness. I.:icher Belch, nlso a deputy con- mur(!cr - , , of lhe corroborate ' 1 Closiiiff Stock Prices NEW YORK, Mnr. 24. U)PI- Slocks pushed forward fraction to more than a point today as Walt street grew hopeful of settlement In tho motor car labor situation A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler ' Cities Sen-ice Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric General Motors International Harvester Middlewest Utilities ... Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum ..... Radio Simmons Beds St. Louis-Snn Francisco standard of N j Texas Co. H 3-4 41 5-8 53 3 1CM 3-1 30 3^ •21 7-8 38 •U 5-8 5-16 Baltimore Post Sold to Hearst by S BALTIMORE, Jlrt.. Mar. 24 (UP)—Tup Balliuiore Post was sold todny by the Scripivs-Hownrd in- intflR to the Dnltimore E'.venin- News. ivlik-h L 1 ; owned by William Randolph Hcarsi. Starling' Mou bc mem that Jones had reached for liis dtp pocket in a threatening manner. Later, however, authorities salil. Belch repudiated (his Mnteir.cnt. saying Hie elderly vlc- tim liad made ro threatening' move |nl all. Bflch is said to have made lliis statement (o at least (hree different persons- -Prosecuting n. w. Hawkins, his nssist- .iiii. Sharon •>. Pste. and chief of Police ,lr,hn Hosier. New Relief Plan's Goal Io:tds. OWA. boing supplied bf (h c N'n materials mill be fur . - nished by the nem organization which supplants thp civil works administration. Observations == by C, R. The demise of the CWA, w. R. Dycss, sl.Ue director, has explained, is ndributable to (ho fact dial tco innny of those who ought to have been devoting their energies to making it n success used i( for a political football. The new relief set-up, according to an announcement at Washington today. Is designed to "eliminate petty graft and political racketeering." Let's hpoe it. works way. out that day the new i:ewjjuancr will be r] . . .. , _ . , published under the name of.theitilininatlOn of Graft IS News ai-.d Post. Tjie Post's .iiinoimcemcnt saw in '"The Post, tlm-ing the past i3 i WASHINGTON. .Mnr. 24 (UP) - j' u°. Olllpr "' sllt b " 5 ' oPPOlntin K as years. (Irnionstratod to the satis- i Sin ' . faction of Its own-is thpr . ro .......... u.^..,., „:„,;, was no hope of success In Bnlll- artmir.Ktrnlion Is developing n new lion the federal e utmost precrm-l"' cn ?"™-, , m »mnn»,. ™ll«. mllm ° f '«»' The Blytheville city council, it seems to me. made a good start Ihc other night by appointing as | city engineer a man with a nilnl- ...3-41")"^ as ions as there were three ••.•«-• • :« l-8! r>f ternoo:; nev.'spa|Krs. Lielng un- : btnc-fitr- to 53-4J :lo; e lo buy either of the'oilier eliminate relief |)ro?r.i:n to give maximum U. 7 5-: 19 1-4 3 3-4 45 1-1 2C St«l ..'.'.'.'.".'.'.'.','.'. S2 1-8 Chicago Wheat open high low dose May 87 1-2 88 5-8 87 1-2 87 3-4 . ' "• im, \flllt-| Scvipps-RoT.-ard thcivrnrc Services Tuesday for Miss Mayme Shult Jill 87 5-8 88 87 1-2 87 :l-4 May •Jill Chicago^ Corn open high, low close 50 7-8 5D 7-3 50 3-4 ,50 1-4 52 3-4 52 7-S 52 5-8 52 5-8 CABUTHEnsvaLE. Mo. neral servlres will be hel Tuesday of » K i mrk ,„ Mayme Sehult. it was mnmm Friday inomiuj Miss Sehult. eic!e.=t daughter Mr, £l ', ? ° ,"" la c ' Mrs. fcclu.H. ,| ictl ot nbnm ""'' about -Fuhere ™ of j nftcrnoon h being- attributed . lo bronchial pneu e a »t been In ill health untl aim monia She had the needy and petty grafter. yei Oovrrfi.'nfnt funds, object of many niiempicd rnlds durinsr the life of the Civil Works Adminls- (ratlon. will be puarded as never before. Funds will be available readily to victims of the dcprcs- flon. hut protected against en nnd \:olitical racketeers. or personal entanglements and Instructing to handle the city's side ot the work purely on Us merits. Already, i understand, tlwre have bevn complaints, some from v "" lu «•' < K W n aesirea. -inose out of the city, from persons who n!!mctl were: Hop Secoy. Taylor ann^rolilH* r.w\ nt^nl^ ,1.-.. ,.. Krcpllintl nnrl r?irl XToCTiirc liiHaoc- apparently arc afraid they are In ~ -"•••• •"• J»"B^". dnnger of being deprived of some! ' F " Pollcr i»nd Mrs. Charley Commissioners Arr a n g e for Voting al Manila, Leachville and Del! Official.', for town elections April .1 nt Manila. LenchvlUc nnrt Dell were named by Ihe county election commission In session here yesterday nflcruoon. Tlie ballot for Ihe Leachville election also wns prepnrcd by the commission. Tickets nt Manila nnd Dell were left open for officials of the towns lo prepare because tlic commissioners had no mcnns of determining candidates, no reports ot nominations hnving been received. The following were named officials nt Manila: A. L. Crafton. Walter Wright and E. H. Johnson, judges, nnd George Curtright and W. O. Green, clerks. Only one box is necessary, it was staled. From unofficial sources It Is known lhat n number hnve been nominated ns candidates at Manila, although not nil arc expected lo qualify Ijefore the Monday deadline set. by officials of the town. The-nominees are: mayor. C. W. Tipton. II. Y. Little.iohn nnd Wll- born Wells: recorder, John U. Needham nnd Guy McHenry; aldermen, Ed Essig. Raymond Fox, W. I.. Thompson. W. T. Coats. A. D. nrecrfcn. C. n. ChlUlress. Hnrry Mike. H J. McKlnnln. Rado Rny, Riley Dunkin. I D. Shedd. Walter Griflin. C. H. Ashnbranner, S. H. Golden and Albert While. Officials at Lcnchvillc nre: judges, Joe Wcinberi;, Oscur Sherwood and \f. E. Neighbors: clerks. Raymond Phillips and Lesler Wrlsrht. Candidales nre: mayor. Bob Eblen; recorder. O. O. S'.ircs; aldermen. T. A. Kcnnclt. M. Honncll. Earl Field. Riley Cordell and J. L Swink. So fnr as known no candidates have been nominated nt- Dell but the commission decided to name election officials so an election could be held If desired. Those . Frc ™'3>i nnd Earl MnKcrs. judges; Georgia Co-eds May Have Smoking Rooms ATHENS. Ga., Mar. 24 (UP)-A influence over the work to be done, or of some credit for whatever Is accomplished. Well, Mr. Tull. the new engineer, Is of course purely n city employe. He will have no authority to act for (hc relief administration In approving projects or to Rn y other endeavor to see --- ...... - the city must provide for the materials to be used on "projects under the new relief the best iororllles will be permitted under a new student government con- stiluiion adopted today In- tin- University of Georgia. " ' ••»"•» inv, aiHILUJJUUJfc ootn of work accomplished and of employment furnished, and I don't think anyone ought to complain about that. Armstrong, clerks. Women Riot at Grave of Lilyan Tashman NEW YORK. Mar. 24 (UP) When they burled Lilyan Tashman. popular screen actress, here late yesterday, thousands of women rioted, ro'obed the grave of /lowers, reverently deposited by members of her family, and then fought among themselves for the bouquets. Some women almost fell into tlie grave. Police hnd a bad hour of It. WASHINGTON, Mnr. 24. (UP) —Senator John If. Bnnkhead (Dem., Ala.) opened debate In the senate todny on his bill to IhnlL cotton production with n plen for Its passage ns a meoai of ending present "abnormal" crop conditions. Tho bill, he snld, "makes definite nnd certain a reduction In Ibe present abnormal and price depressing surplus of carry over." "As long a,s the surplus Is anything like It b al this time, It will be. Impossible, under nil trade laws, to bring about a fair exchange price for cotton." The Bankhead bill would limit production. In 1034 and I93fi to 10,000,000 bales. He wild lost year's carry over was 13,000.000 bales. "I think the cotton farmer plowed under his crop in good faith," he said. "But on six acres he's doing nil he can to produce ns much ns ho did rm ten." "Thnt Li why It is necessary to have bnlcagc limitation legislation to end this terrible surplus." Senator Borah asked If the bill would ( 'cocrce the minority who have not signed up under the acreage reduction program?" "It Is not limited to them," Bankhead said. ' Borah "rind Minority Leader 1 McNary suggested that the bill would cnnblc "speculators to take hold of and control the surplus." "A speculator could not acquire the cotton without first payln'e a tax," Bnnkhead told them. "Why would there be any profit In It for him?" . The Alabaman snld the bill wold limit production to 10,000,000 bales. "But." he added, "If I hnd my way It would bc- nine. Ten Is entirely too much." "We nre working for the great masses of people In the south," Bnnkhead .said, "and nre not going to be deterred from (hat objective by the fear that a few speculators might moke a little money." MeNnry asked Bnnkhead If hn were dissatisfied with results of lhe A. A. A. voluntary reduction plan. "I think the question answers Itself because I nm advocating this bill." Bankhead replied. Borah commented that Interstate commerce lau-.s apparently were not relied upon ns tlie nu- Ihorily for the bill. Caruthersville Mayor Declines to Make Race CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.-Com- Ing as a surprise to his friends nnd mnny voters of this city was the announcement yesterday of M.i.vor w. D. Byrd tlmt he would not make the race for another term. Ills petlliou had already oeen circuited and wns on ntc nt tho time of his announcement. Byrd said a recent appointment oy the John ffnncock Insurance Company ns field representative for eight Southeast Missouri counties would prevent lilni serving In that capacity and also the office of mayor. Between the two, he said, he chose lo take tiic Insurance position, it being n permanent one ff*-\ - .' -N ' '"•• • •:-.-•' YJ f MA^ My liapiiy cliaiiw, Mrs. .liilm n. Sprfckols, nlmvc, wife nc tlio HUKnr king, umy play :i iiln, lead vnle. . A intivlc illrcclnr, KOnblni; 11 society woman for ftio marl, saw her nl Mm racm, nml ob(atni>d an Inlnuliiriimi. J!n won .astounded when lio found who Ills "prosjiivi" wm »tut more atloumled when Uio agreed (o m icvccn lest. Nmv Clicy art U!klii( conlracla. DILLIira USED Police Believe' They" Aro Again on Trial of Desperado CHICAGO, Mnr. 24 (UP) — A special stjutul or. heavily armed npllce was believed today to have nicked up the trail of John Dll- llnger. notorious gunman, following, the discovery of a hide-away In which the outlaw remained for •several weeks. Clues found In n top ' floor npartmcnt on the south side of the city led lo rcnewctl senrch for the desperado. Dllllnger, a wo- mtin companion, nnd one of Dll- linger's followers. Joseph Burns, were identified ns the persons who occupied the apartment from the ilme or Dilllnger's brenk rrom the Crown Point, ind.. Jail until inst Wednesday. Two other men, Idenlificd from pictures ns John Hamilton nnd Joseph Fox, Dilltnger gnngsters. visited the nparlmenl severnl timra. n caretaker of the apartment hulldliifr revealed. Servant Hnrn- Blngham wns ilaced In charge of the hunt for he outlaw. The apartment was rented on the Saturday tiint Dllllnger walked out of the Indiana Jail wllh the aid of n wooden gun. A wo- 'tisn. Identified from police plc- lures as Penrl Elliott, known companion of members or Dlllln- ger's fang, rented (lie apartment. Charge Fascist Plot to Kill Rumanian King BUCHAREST. Rumania Mnr 2+ <UP)-S?cret police today sought lo impllcale the Tasclst Iron Guard In a plot to kill King Carol Prof Victor Clomfou, eminent surgeon nnd friend of Queen Hekn was under arrest, allegedly a partlcl- "irft in the plot. The Iron Guard, bitterly antl- Muster Support for New Airmail Proposal WASHINGTON. Mnr. 24 (UP) — Administration leaders mustered support todnj- for their revised , airmail bill, destined lo return mall contracts to commercial op- ernlors on a basis of strict competitive bidding. The new bill, drafted after an original measure criticized sharply by the nation's leading air pilots, wns Introduced by Sen- ntors Kenneth.D. McK'ellor"(Dem, Tcnu.) and Hugo L. Black (Dem Ala.) It authorizes Ihe postmaster general to award contracts for a four year period, after which the Interstate commerce commission would be empowered to grant three year extensions. opposed them. Gomlou, one of the v^-.u,,,, leading surgena 1 !, has directed various charities in which Queen Helen, Carol's estmaged wife is Interested. The giraffe reaches a height of from 18 to 20 feel when full grown in the fourteenth «ntury, WEATHER Arkansas — cloudy, continue rt cold, freezing temperature tonight Sunday partly cloudy. Memphis and vicinity —Cloudy todny and tomorrow with rain or sleet. Colder tonight. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 57, minimum 35, cloudy with 1.23 inches ot rain- tall last night, according to Samuel P. Norrls, official weather observer. lEJIllllj Shot to Save Self From "Bad Man" Who Had Threatened His Life ' HY MAX STURM Snn-lal Corrtypomlenl ";""£ STEELE, Mo., Mar. 24.—Dr. J, II. McDnniel. aped physlelnn Of Sleele. wns exonerated In (lie killing of Jesse Dlldinc, 23, farm hnnd and reputed number one bad/ man or Steele, when n coroner'^ lury ImDnneled by Dr. .1. 'W; Uhndes of Havtl Inst night return'-' oil n verdict of Justifiable homicide. Testimony revenlcd Hint. nr. Me- Dnnlel. lumd of n cllnlo here, shot nildlnc three 'times In Die head nml once In the shoulder after Dlliline nllnckc-d him on. a main' ?lrret here yesterrtny afternoon vhnrlly after 4 o'clock, nildinc died a few mluulca Iffler nnd Dr. Mc- nnnlel was rushed to the Blytho.- vllle hosnllnl differing with a serious scnlp wound received when Dl'itlno struck him on the head wllli a revolver. Seven f,jr. Willing; '•'":', Seven nye-wltnesscs testified.'. Thcv were anlrlev smith, barber of Sleele: Roy Harper, cllv attorney of Steelo and nsslslnnt proseculinK attorney of Pemlsoot county: Henry Howell, city mn'r- shnl of Steele; Homer Shnw. bai-1 tender or Dlythovllle; Jack Dowdy, merehnnl of Steele: Ellis Roberts; farmer of Hmlnnd, nnd Emory Fumterburk, fnrmcr of the Mnpln- wood community. Harper testified that, Dlldinc had been drinking wlwu he saw him earlier in the qfternotm nnd that he hnd a reputation as n "bnd ch.imctcr." He saw Dlldlne nnd Dr. McDnniel flgHtlng and inn ovfr (n'-st-e-'tfhnvil'-ivas -t:!i- filioiit, He declared lie jumped between the two men mid separated them nml that Dr. McDanlel'pnll- eil n revolver and fired five allots nt Dlldlne. City Marshal Howell testified Hint Ise had hnd o greni deal of troublf! with DIldlM in recent years nnd knew that the "btid mnii" hnd at numerous time* Ihreatened to kill both him and Dr. McDanlcl. He snld that he found n 38 caliber special revolver In Dildlnc's right hand trouser Docket when he searched him after the shooting. .He revealed that Dlldinc was "carrying a gru'dje" against Dr. McDnniel because tlie physician hnd testified against him In n recent trial when he was charged with drunkenness nnd disturbing peace. Hc said he warned the physician several ' days 'ago and loaned him a pistol to carry for prelection should Dlldinc at- tnck him. Tells of Threats Homer Shaw, bartender, whose home Is In Blythcvlllc, testified that Dlldinc was In the saloon for which he works shortly before (he shooting nnd flashed a revolver, declaring thnt he wns going to put the city marshal ana. Dr. McDnnfel "on the spot" before he left town. . Jack Dowdy, Stceie merchant, testified that he drove up to the scene of the fight and subsequent shooting shortly before it happened and heard Dr. XfcDnnlel sny to Dlldlne: "I know you have a gun In your !»cket and you Intend to kill me—" when Dlldlne struck him. Emory Funderburfc- testified ; that he saw Dlldinc strike the doctor n-lth a pistol. Dildine was unmarried and worked at the peach orchard owned by Tom Qrcemrell. about eight miles north of Steele. Dr. McDanlcl. one of the lending cillzens of Steele, hns lira sons, both doctors, two daughters, and one adopted daughter. One of his sons. Dr. Hoyt McDaniel, aids him In (he clinic here. Dr. Mc- Daniol's wife is not living. The coroner's Jury' included Warren Pierce, J. L. Rickard, H. c. Yeager. J. W. Reno, Jnck Onnent and Dr. Paul McCucheon. Dr. McDanlel was treated at the Blythcville Imspital last night for a scalp injury. His wound was not serious and he was dismissed after receiving treatment. Roosevelt Signs Bill for Philippine Freedom WASHINGTON'. Mar. 24. <UP) —President Rcossvclt at 12:20 p m. loday signed the Philippines independence bill as a group of Filipino leaders waited at the White House. The bill is known as the Tyd- Inss-McDufTy bill and was urged' by Mr. Roosevelt when the Phllin-- pine legislature let the Cutting bill dl«,

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