The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 1948
Page 9
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TUESDAY, MARCH 16 1948 BLflHEVlLLB (ARK.)' OOUKIE* British S/iow Faulty Judgment In Weak-Handed Policy as Jews And Arabs Battle in Palestine By Robert O. Miller linked Prew Stiff Correspondent 'Die main objective of Uie British forces remaining in Palestine In to evacuat,e troops mid material with a* small « IOR? of life as poasibl*. The British mandate In the Holy Land will be given up May 15, according to London announcemehts, and all troops are expected to be evacuated to Cyprus, Africa, and other parts of the Empire by August U. The first of the 50,000 military personnel have already been sent out, and the operation will move faster now that the porU have been cleared of citrus shipment!!, Few of Britain's experts on the ! ATiddle East ever expected the chaos •J.ilch now prevails in Palestine. They anticipated that the partition vote would cause some rioting, but, predicted that the Arabs "were Jusi bluffing," would never fight and that Lheir leaders were secretly reconciled to some form of partition. The British coloninl administration Im found mat rioting oy stone-throwing mobs In the Middle East has served as a safety valve for the highly emotional" Arabs. Consequently incy believed it wiser to allow the mobs lo exhaust themselves with curses, brickbats and stones than to be suppressed and harbor ill feelings which mignt eventually develop into a full-grown revolution. llritish Krror Costly Thus, when the Arab mobs m '. Jerusalem stormed out of, the Did city to burn, lool and destroy Jewish property, the British authorities did not intervene. They predicted all \vould be normal within a few days. This mistake in administrative policy has been fatal. The Arabs, realizing that the British had no intention of arresting them, rolled up their sleeves and went to it with a vengeance. When the Palestine authorities finally attempted to clamp down on the trouble ' makers, it was loo late. The disorders had spread throughout the Holy Land. There was a natural partiality shown by the British for the Arabs when the civil war began. Scores of British police and soldiers hnri been murdered by Jeu-ish terrorists. Everywhere the British were regarded h|f the Jewish populace as invad- . It' and unwelcome rulers, Parents of Jewish girls forbade them lo have dates with British , soldiers. There \vere also anti-Semitic groups in the British occupation forces who increased the tension between the two groups. When the Jews began to suffer heavily at the hands of Arab mob. there was a decided change heart, and the traditional love ol the underdog converted many Britisher to the Jewish side. The affection was neither returned nor • long lived. The Jewish Extremist.*; . continued to kill Britishers and taraclifta, Ark., S*ot Of Four Counties, To Honor fatly Citizens MENA. Ark., March 1«. (U.P,) — The ancient community of Pnr»- iifta, Ark., which once served AA ;ie seat of four present counties, oon will become the sile of a mod rn memorial dedicated lo Us arllest citizens. Descendants of pioneers who lewed a home out of the wilderness In what now Is Polk. Howard ;!ttle River and Sevler counties snid .'esterday they had collected almost .1,000 lownrd an announced R of *7.500 for the memorial. The shrine will be dedicated to he first while settlers of the four counties which originally constt- uted only one comity—Sevler. A Texarkana attorney, .Will Slecl said the committee planned to erec »t PaiKcllfta * miniature pillared structure of Grecian or Gothic design. A concrete container in the memorial will shelter a lime-capsule of historical documents and recordings of the dedication o( the memorial. A committee headed by Surrey E. Gllllam of El Dorado has started R drive to collect hinds for Ihe shrluc. Its members include-Hal L. Norwood, L. D. .McCown, Dr. M. I,. Norwood. Judge A. P. Steel, Mrs. Fanny Qrady of Lockesbnif, iiml Will Steel. The recording of the dedication services will be marie on metal discs, Slecl said, and Ihe vault will be sealed for a half century. ' Yes, He Did, Too The prize sculptor ot the animal kingdom, that's this llllle chipmunk. GIvt him a litu« mow, and he'll turn out a Arst-raU snowman. Dont you dar* to succest that he had any help from kit owner, Guy Stone at Rochester, N. Y. West Memphis Editor's Hearing Delayed a Week WEST MEMPHIS, Ark., Mar. 1C. (UP)—Jack CoiiBhlin. PJillior nncl co-publisher of '.he West Memphis nd Arkansas News yesterday orj- ained a one-week poslponcmcnt mtll Match 22 'of his trial on a harge of driving under intUu'nce of an Intoxicant. The case will lie lienrd before Magistrate E. W. Bigger in Marion. Coughlln who charges Ins In reprisal for Zorro Torro, prize English bulldog at Oakland's dog show, gives his competitors a big Bronx cheer. The California dog shows it's all in fun, though, as he throws a wink lo bystanders. Ike Murry Announces For Attorney General LITTLE ROCK. Ark'.. Mar. 16.— (UPi— Ike Muny, resinned chief BS- slsdint attorney gencr*!, t(xlny announced his formal candidacy for atlornpy general. Murry resigned last month after serving in (he office since 1043, ex- copt for two months while he was an enlisted man In the Navy. lie Is :(5 and a native o( Pordyce, where he practiced Jaw for eight years. He was n former member of the Arkansas House of Representatives from Dallas County. He served three terms, from 1931 to 1041. Murry was married In 19:tS to Miss Catherine Samuels of Unrrlyce. and they have one daughter, Ginger. "As attorney general." Murry said, "I shall be pledged to na'V- E"ard the dignity of the state In Its relations with the federal govern- In flltthl, a butterfly beats Us Inns uLne times, and a I'otntnond housefly 330 times in K second. N*oro 4-H Club Plan Two-County Mtttiitg rtuni for a 4-H Club officers training m«*ttnt for officer* of Negro Clubs In Pemlvot and Dunklin CountlM, Mo., wer* announced ttKi.y by Ella Otackhow, Pentteot County Negro horn* »|ent. Th« meeting will >M held at Uw Central High School In Carutheri- vllle AIM., 10, .«h« ulri. Complete plant [or Ihe meeting wtr* drawn up at the PemUcnl and Dimklln Kutemlon County Council In Haytl, Mo., Saturday. Other plain and training subjects wer* dlnouwd, ahe «*td, Including in sponsoring of Mferal 4-H Club activities. Forty members of Lh« council allended the meet- Ing. Council officer! were al«cl«l at 111* meeting. Read Courier News Want Ails. INSTANT RADIO SERVICI Al,f, MAKKS We KperUIlM In r-M I.ateol Model* «f New • (>onley BLYTHEVILLI SAI.KS COMPANY Phone !<!« 1)1 K. Main priitnrinl tl L r" 'il I I *-' II *""'.i mm me ICUCINI gi.vcui- rJruini «rr • i ,j .1 ,' K ' c " | mcnt and with other stales, to co- h?s wi newTu in °' 1C < "" i " Ue wfth otllcr <*]>«>l'»enu o' P™IP f ,11 ,^ tllc slate government and with Coughhn was arrested by De,,u- , lubllr ofncln , 5 Bnd ^m^ Rcne . isur ™"z? Ma c if"^r ^ in ^ <»^— «" «««*»- week. Coughlin says he was not i "MUITVWHS the first rand Id a IP lo driving the car. He further charts ! annomiel^^rnfe'^^e now held none of the responsible heads of the Palestinian Jews seemed able to ' stop them. Three-Sided War Rages The result has v becn a three-", sided war; "A large'part of the'Brit" Ish administration is attempting 10 ; rto (he best job passible and doing . everything to mainla.n law and order until the last official leaves. The position of the majority, how^.ever ,Li "we couldn't care less. 1 ' ^Q^,There have been numerous in- ^tances of arms and ammunition being sold to Arabs by British soldier. 1 ; and police. Some have even approached newsmen, offering pistols and rifles *t $100 each. There is considerable Arab boasting of bribes paid to British soldiers and policemen who shut their eyes to arms and ammunition being smuggled into Palestine. Jews tell of being forced to pay large sums to police armored car squads who run a "taxi" service through danger tones. There have been repeated instance, 1 ; of British authorities disarming Jewish convoj-s along the highways which A. few miles farther were attacked and destroyed ay Arab bends. The British have seldom been able to do anything right during the rioting. Tf their actions were approved by the" Jews th ey were damned by the Arabs, or vice versa. To every Britisher Palestine ha.i become an ache and a pain which they would .be most happy to fnr- get. The most important day in the life nf practically every Briton stationed in the Holy I^and, will be when the coast .sinks below the ho- ^uon as his ship sails nut of Haifa. President Plans Foreign Policy Talk Tomorrow WASHINGTON, March 18. (UP! —President Truman will go before a joint session of Coi^re-ss tomorrow to speak on the foreign situation, the White House announced yesterday. ' v With foreign affairs h: the mo.=t critical^conditiciri since the end of the war, the White House said Mr. Truman would address a joint session of the House and Senate at 11:30 p.m. CST Wednesday. Pros Secretary Charle.s O. Ross said Mr. Truman would speak 15 to 2o minutes on "the foreign situation." He would not elaborate. Mr. Truman originally had planned to leave early Wednesday morning by train for New York v City where he will addiecs the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick at <t dinner Wednesday night. .The While .House would nofc. say what prompted Mr. Truman's surprise decision to address Congress on ihe foreign situation. Ross declined to say whether Mr. Truman would make any recommendations or suggest new legislA ; tion. Mr. Truman's adrir?,.™ .will be broadcast over all the major radio networks. that he had not been drinking and that one of the airesting deputies "threw whiskey on me." Dickson ivlio hn.1 a. $10.000 libel suit pcndiiiH against Coughlin says Coughlin was driving-nnricr the Influence of an intoxicant. by Guy E. Williams, who. Is mentioned for the governor's race. liquid »ho. per bottle cibrc. Read Courier New« Want Adi. Earlie Byrd Fails to Live Up to the full Meaning Of a Very Familiar Phrase KNOXVILLE. Tcnn.. Mar. IS.— (UP)—Earlie Byrd, 25, who confessed he does not live up to his name, was the last man to file a fcdaral Income tax return here before the internal revenue office closed yesterday at 6 p.m. Folks have been kidding me about my name all my life." he explained. "I've let myself in for It by being late to places as often AS the rest of us." Read Courier News Want Ads. Ask for it by name.. Cxwette .:*.A GRAPETTE, BRAKES ARE A SAFETY FACTOR . . . WE'RE SAFETY CONSCIOUS! ., Let Us Check Your Brakes ' Many serious atcidcnls arc cimsed yearly |>y mo- toi-ista who jusl couldn't stop m time. You should have your hmkns checked periodically for your own safely and the .safety nf others. Tlicrr'n no charge for our check. CMC approved mftthods of brake correction. WE FEATURE OLDSMOBILE AND G.M.C. TRUCK MOTOR MAINTENANCE Our mechanics must meet certain requirements before their work is approved by Oldsmobile and GMC. That's why you're wise to have your car's motor repaired here at Motor Sales. 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