Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania on July 8, 1916 · Page 1
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Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 8, 1916
Page 1
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r'*,* 4 >*T Jfe«* excels tfi it* "PRINTED IN FULL VIEW OF THE •?'«¥ and Maryland: probably showers; winds. AHO», J?A, 44th .tBAR—No. 306. Penna. Third Brigade Ordered to Camp Brumbaugh, Mt. Gretna, July Company HMembers asThey Appear on U.S. Muster Roll Will Leave This Evening—Hundreds of Lebanon People at Gretna Today Bidding Them Goodby —Local Boys in the Artillery Company H, Fourth Infantry, leaves for El Paso, Texas, this evening, with three officers find 101 men. They wore muste cd into the National Guard of the United States by Captain Castleman, U. S. A, this morning. For various reasons, the new noncommissioned appointments by Captain Case do not appea on the muster roll, and the new non-coms will only take.Dfflcial ank after they reach the border. As appears on the United States muster roll, the company is made up as follows: . t HARR i D. t- ASK Captain LATE NEWS (Special to the Daily News by United Press) First Lieutenant »• Second Lieutenant First BerRennt Quartermaster Sergeant Sergeant • • Sergetmt Sergeant Sergeant Corporals GEORGE E. KRE1SER JOHN H. RISSER WILLIAM n. SMITH EDGAR A. KELLERS WILLIAM D. KIRKWOOD CLAUDE H. KRE1SER Artificer CHARLES W. FEARY Cooks EDWARD C. LENHART PROVE WEIDEL Musicians DELBERT ZIMMERMAN THOMAS F. BARRY Private* CARROLL R. ALLWEIN RUSSELL C. ALLWEIN WM. M. ALTHOUSE HARRY H. HARNHART VICTOR OARMAN HENRY \V. HILLMAN LEHOY H. SHIRK JACOB T. MAIKR ..HARRY H. KBRCHBH '" ...JOHN W. KIRKWOOD ;;.'....CHARLES KIRKWOOU ADAM M. ARNOLD HOWARD J. BOLTZ WILLIAM H. BOLLMAN RICHARD G. HKCHTKL CYRUS A. BEAMESDERFEH GUY S. BEARD CLIFFORD L. BROWN DAVID C. BROWN PAUL BUCHTER NED BECK JAMES E. BRANDT WILLIAM H. CARMANY JOHN A. CLEMENS ROBERT E. CLEMENS WILSON G. COOPER CHARLES J. DAVIS HARRY E. DEMMY (Continued on Page Five) CLAIMS CltAMl'IOXHttlP. Chicago, III., July 8.—Fml Killton, Hochester, Minn., ji.splrmit for .less \Villliirds heavyweight tltlo, has clahni'd the championship, devlnr- liiK Unit \VilIliuil lw«l failed to comply with mtlrleN of Rgroomeiit which railed for the ftJinlnj: of tho «Bht. hecnuse the club ouVrinjt the. lui'Xe.sl pur.se by ,lnly 1. Minneu- poll.s promoters had offorod -less two-thirds of n guarantee $5(1,000 purse. CIUOWH -AM) HHIPH LOST. Mobile, Ala., .Inly H. —Three schooners mid a barge are lost and prob- iibly n down incn, as a result of a hui-rlrnns which swept the gulf. Partial ro|xirtji of the dlsnMter wns broiiKhl here by Captain Portcan n bar pilot. The Kclnxiner, Knmm Loi-il, wns lost with Captain Kelly and four men. Two others of tho crew were rescued from the overturned craft by the t'nitecl J-'niit Steamer llnllihird. The barge, Hurry T. Morse, went down with ('apt. Kell and the entire crow. 3.IMIO AVKUK KtLLKI) London, .Inly H—Five thousand of the Kaiser's famous Prussian KUiirdsmen have been killed lt> the nulitlnK mound Contnlnuils.on, east of Albert, nrrnrrtliiK to spe- rial (Hsn.-itrhiw from Paris todiy. LULL IS FIGHTING. Paris, July 8.-—French trwns broke the lull In tho flghUtifC south of the Nomine Iitst night, with slight further advances against the German lines southwest of I'eronne. "In fighting near Holloy-Mn Santere, the French captured 350 prisoners. SHOWKlt 1UTH8 Altoona, July 8—With about six liours layover for feeling and exorcising their horses, the First . New York Cavalry boys were given ; . . the privileges of the shower hiiths j IjCnilllnll al tho Pennsylvania railroad , x , v,,..,,« cricket Held hero lust night, which. lOI'llll 1 AOXI 1 0,11 « after 1W hours riding In overcrowded cars', was greatly appreciated. The men eohiplnlnrrt about the WILL ATTEND HAYMAKERS CONVENTION Members Will be Accompanied by Slaughter House Biuid WILL MEET AT YORK Will be Boosted All Scenes Taken for A Romance of Leban Promoters of News' Photo-Play are Highly Delight! —Pictures Will be Shown In Academy of'|' Music Week of July 17 railroad accomniodiitlnns, which, combined with sore nrnis ami intense hi'iit, caused much sufferlnR. TIM IN OVKK TIIK8TLB Cleveland, Ohio. July 8—One man u-ns killed and elRht others Injured today when n work train on the Cleveland and YounRstrnvn rnll- rnnd wa« hurled 50 feet through lapsed. (Continued on Pajtr Throe). At tlif reeiillnr mee.tlng of Swntnra Dr. William Sherman to Aid in Research Work Tribe. No. :if(i, U««d Men. last evening it wns finally dovldrd to take, the Slaughter-House Hand to York to participate in the Haymaker's convention wlilch orciifH thcrn on July 15tb, tind I(5th. John Keller, one. of thn must prominent members ol tho local order will represent the Swntara Haymakers, No. 27C, 1-2. nnd ho will bo ncrom- ..„ „ pnnied by II. P. HiinBlrker. Collector the nir when a three hnndtiMl foot of nundlen for thn Slnte HavmaUer'« trestle over KiiiRgbiirK run c<»l-1 Association of I'cnui'.vlvanln. Others In tho party will include HOI-BOO LlfilU. and "Officer (5fit!" and C«eorg« Hess. They will leave Ilin \Velniur hotel on Friday evening lit r, o'clock in an ditto, and the bund will follow- on Saturday morning m a hay wa- Tiigf, requeuing that the next convention OP held In Lebanon will bo distributed at York, Fourth Regt. Will Start For El Paso This Even. Company H, Fourth Infantry, and the other eleven companies of the same regiment In command of Col. E C Shannon and Lieutenant Col- onnl M. L. Case, will probably get pway from Mt. Gretna this evening, between 5 and ft o'clock. In fact they may have left Mt. Grotna before this issue of the "News" reaches main of Its readers, for tho ?ixth Infantry, the senior organization of tho Fourth Brigade, made a record in the getaway on Friday evening, >vill to and the Fourth even tlu.t, Sixth I'assexl Through. Tho first section of the Fourth is scheduled to leave at 5 o'clock this evening, just an were all other rtgl- meuts. But many of those in tho First. and Second Brigades left only at 'J or 3 o'clock in the night, until iho Sixth went on Friday evening. These sections pulled out at 6.35, 5.59 and (Continued on Page Five) In a Persian Garden At Penna. Chautauqua If Thursday night's entertainment in the Chautauqua Auditorium, at Mt. Gretua, is indicative of the quality of the course, as a whole, then four more very charming evenings are in store for its patrons. Some one has taken the lovely "Rubaiyat" of Omar, the famous Persian Poet of the Eleventh Century, and has deftly done it into Libretto form ,to which Liza Lehmann, one of the greatest artists of her day, has given a musical setting of rare and continuous beauty, from introduction to finale. It is usually given simply in concert form, but Prof. Lewars gave it, on Thursday night, in complete operatic form, with eminent soloists, gorgeous costumes and a stage setting that surpassed any- (Conttnued on Page Two) Lebanon Officials Take Action Regarding Infantile Paralysis Screen your baby from house or stable flies. See to it that his or her food is clean and properly prepared. Don't take your child into a, crowded hall, theatre or church. Watch your child carefully and as soon as it develops fever, diarrhea or constipation, send for a physician. A simple germicide Is a 1 per cent solution of peroxide of hydrogen. Spray the nose and throat with tlve solution at frequent Intervals. Five new cases oC infantile paralysis, entailing one death, developed ia Pennsylvania yesterday, making a total of seven In the state in twenty- four hours, Two of these are iu Philadelphia. And Philadelphia is too close to Lebanon, and interchange of traffic between the two points is loo close to take chances. Lebanon should be on guard. Methods ol Action. This is the opinion at least, of J. Herbert Manbeck, Director of Public Safety, and Dr. E. H. Gingrich, the City Health Officer, who held a consultation today, and decided unou methods o{ action which have been lou appears here. (Continued on Page Ten) JOHN E, HARTMAN & CO, J60 North Eighth St., Lebanon, Pa, Bell Phone 770J REAL ESTATE INSURANCE INVESTMENTS lORTOAOE LOANS s v , --*P- SURETY. BONDS s ?« ;A«i^»;»,-;-M Dr. William O'Noil Sherman, of Pittsburgh, and unite well known in Lebanon, will 'represent thn United States Steel Corporation In the research work to be prosecuted by the Rockefeller Institute in the base hospital and field hospitals of tho Allied Armies in Kurop'e. He left his home at Pittsburgh ou Wednesday evening for New York, and sailed from that place this morning for Liverpool, Brother to Hay Sherman The eminent physician V and surgeon is a Bon'of Luther G. Sherman, a prominent citizen of, Ltncuster^a-nd (Continiiert on Pagft Six) Robt. Berkheiser was Waylaid at Midnight Robert nerkhetser, of 611 Kliu street, was waylaid at midnight Friday as IIP was entering the yard at his home, by an unknown man, who struck him a staggering blow ou the bead. Berkhniser bad just said goodnight to his neighbor, and was in the act of opening the gate to step into his yard when the blow was delivered without warning. Although he was partially stunned by the unexpectedness and force of! the blow, Herkhelser retained sufH-j cient presence of mind to protect j himself from further attack, and hlsj assailant under the circumstances cle-j cided not to continue the attack. Whether the attack was for the purpose of revenge or robbery, Berkheiser Is at a loss to say. MOOSE LODGE WILL PAY DUES AND BENEFITS Members of tho Lebanon Lodge of •Moose, -at-Weir" rognlor"iueotitVg, b'n, Friday evening, passed a resolution granting dues paid In full, together with benefits, etc., to all members of the order who aro titillated In the National Guard of tho United States, who shall hereafter enlist for Hervlco on the border. Them aro a number of thn members of tho lodge at present enlisted In Company H. APPOiNMNTS MADEINTHE NAT. GUARD Parades and Demonstrations In Mexico City to Show to U. S. Its Friendly Feeling (Special to the Dnilji News by United Press) MEXICO CITY, Max., -July 8 — That Secretary of State Lansing has planned the withdrawal of American troops from Mexico In his answer to the Mexican note, Is the popular belief hero. Announcement was made last night by Adjutant General Thomas J. Stewart that Major Conrad E. Koerper. I'nlted States army medical corps, had by permission of the war department been appointed a lieutenant colonel In the national guard and assigned to the staff of the Pennsylvania" division as ohinf surgeon. Major Kot'i-per was the chief PX- aminfng aurgeon of the mobilization camp and directed the examination of the men who assembled at Mt. Gretna under the president's call. Ho will join .the division staff at El Paso. General Stewart alRO announced Mexican note, Is the popular belief hero. ^^ M & )or Walter C. Sterling, of The people are waiting expectantly for the contents of the note. It Is | sV ilke3-Barre, had been appointed _ , j ^ t ,^.,, n,,,i tha iinttfri Rtattvt bus abandoned the Idea of ma (m- nnd ordnance officer and as- the general impression that the United States 1ms abandoned the Idea of intervention, and expresses a willingness to negotiate future difficulties. •me American report, which merely expressed u MlUingrness «« continue the negotiations, evidently has not been made public in Carranja's There is great satisfaction over the reports thnt Mexico and the United States will reach both a peaceful and practical solution of their difficulties. Sentiment has undergone a marked change, and it is quite llfeely that dein- oiutratloiw and parade* to show friendly feeling for the Uuited States will bo held tomorrow LeRue Bensing Of Cleveland, 0., Visiting Parents LaRue Beubing, who is located at Cleveland, Ohio, following his profession of bacteriologist, is nome for a vacation, visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Sensing, 928 Lehman street. The youuger Mr. Bensing was seized with a oudden illness on Wednesday but is much improved today and able to be up and about. Will Attend Danes At Summerdale Miss Emma Stabley, of Willow street, near Sixth; Miss Martha Fox, of Palmyra, and Miss Mary BenU, of North Seventh street, left to.day for Harrisburg, where they will spend the week-end. The young ladies registered at the Columbue and will be among the daacere at mjrdale thie evening. WHf 1 - ^™ 'siiTpir JENKINS TO BETRIEDAS AN ACCESSORY Robert Jenkins, colored, of Hoa- noke, Va., who fled with Samuel Henderson, colored, last Monday afternoon after Henderson bad shot down and instantly killed F. Miles, also colored, in the negro colony at Hebron, must stand trial (% the September term of criminal court on a charge of accessory after the fact. Jenkins was given a hearing before Aldermau Miller on Friday afternoon and recommitted to jail to await trial. ICE DREAM Strawberry, Caramel, w , major and ordnance officer and assigned to the division staff. He is at Mt. Gretna and will go to El Paso at once. Tho formal appointment of Major George Hugh Smith, Philadelphia, to be lieutenant colonel and inspector of Email arms practice, was anounced Friday night. Beautiful Hershey Park GRAND CHICKEN WAFFLE DINNER Sunday, July 9- '16 Scores of people attend these dinners every Sunday. Be sure to send in your reservations early. Special attention Is always given to such orders. These dinners are served ou the cool veranda of the Park Cafe. Phone 1'ABK Hershey, Pa. Thousands are taking advantage of the Sanitary Pool, making bathing with a massive Sboot-the-Chute the roost popular feature of the Park. SCORED BANP CONCERTS EVER* SUKPAY AFTER. * HOOK FROM «,QQ \r CARD OF THANKS Tho "News" herewith tenders Its most sliH'nro thnnkn In (ho par- tlcipunts In prod nc I UK tho photoplay, "A nonunion of 1/Hbniion," Including not only the', principals In tlii^ cast, nnil thrlr nssnrlatrm In minor parts, aiul citizens at large who helped to rreatn the crowd scones, nnrt who participated In the contpst to (U)lwt the eiipt. hill to H. A. K"lspr for the us i! of his nutonuililU'H, the I.oh- nii( v n rive Uepii"'.i!t.'nt, for their runout with thi> Pro apparatus, nnd In nil olliors who hud nny part whatsoever, (he "N'nws" herewith tenders nn exprwwlon of grnlltude. The venture WM.-I nn entire snr- COM In giving (!:(.• public a week of more or lens excitement nnd nn educational Insight Into the moving pli'turr- gntne. and us the pnrllclpatlon of thn "News" ends just (hern, (lip laurels lioloup entirely to (liosn who HO faithfully performed tho duties assigned to thorn. Tho production of "A _.._ Lebanon," Is complete. Th'd lures wore taken on Frlday^it noon, and the photo storj'i Itt U8 'OUR phnaen was taken to the plft tho San Mnrco Film Company^ In New Jersey, wharo the-*-V»H6'8 pieces will bo pasted togCth«?,1t4f Herlnl form, and then retouchf"""""' made presentable for the pi pictures as completed, will (i _ In I/cbnnoii during the week' Ol 17 to 22, at tho Academy 0"'" Jx?ft Th In Morning. A. J. Arthur and George A—-.,,,_„ producing directors, left this- morttf Ing with Henry Dillon, the cam»r»T man, and they also left a Very*ttwli, hunch of princ.lpalB and participant*); When tho photo play projeot'^V^k first started by tho "News,! 1 U'.%ai| .said In these columns that localrpao^l plo would have an Insight;^ln$bj the real trials and troubles Of Bjo^lnf" picture mnklng, and the propheoj wan realized, particularly ,by,,% r " principals. It waa a chase'' "*' continuous since Monday m.,. whou the first pictures weret „ and those who appeared dallyjiri> scencH quit tho work on Frid»yj;< iilng well nigh exhausted) aad^f (Continued on P*s« Two)* fi,\ i, \fit i VlS Villa's Activities Keeps War Department Will not Permit Shipment of Arms andAmmuni To the Mexicans at This Time—Supplies of* General Character May Go Forth .., to N'nws bv United Preiw> Washington, D. C., July 8—The war department considered today relaxing Ha embargo along the Mexican border. It will not permit, however, shipments of arms and ammunition to the Mexicans at Ibis lime. Oil the other hiind, supplies of a general character which have fallen under Ihe embargo probably will be permuted to pass freely for a week or two. The occasion for the proposed relaxation is the difficulty encountered by General Perishing In gelling his own supplies through by private means. Movement of the troops northward Benny Leonerd, Champion, At the American Parlors Benny Leonerd, of New York, the champion pocket billiard player of the east, will play a match game at the new American pool parlors, ou Monday night. After the game be will give an exhibition of fancy shots. Leonerd is the man who dethroned champion of the world Clearwater, in Reading, last week. f yjff iii Mexico, and persistent reporw Villa is alive are keeping 'tJtf partment on the alert for LETTERS GRANTED, Letters of administration on the estate of tho lato Bin in a Forry. of this city, were today granted by Deputy Rogistor Hoko to George A. Forry. trouble. The State Department . r stories that Villa is still alive, tho War Department doubts 1^, On the State Department'B"Vy|< the stay of General Pershing'fl fpl In Mexico will be Justified; ~~ War Department idea, no Justification can be found, say. The troops will not 1 drawn, however, pending, „. tions between the defacto-and,, lean governments over border's,, and other border difficulties,^ BAlPEl RIDES HIS HOI WITH GREAT NOI'ICK. In my temporary absence on duty with the Guard, I am leaving my practice and the Sanatorium in charge of Dr. John Llvingood, who will live at my house ut Ninth and Cumberland street. A. B. GLOWNGBR, Major 4th Hegt. Drive a CHANDLER, (Speotal to News >y Washington, D. C., July j£ supported rumors were ceived today of the Villa at a place called the Rio Florida west of a war press bureau today. It is said that Vllla s wp.uu<] caused by a bullet that " through the back muscles thighs without striking a Jj. that Villa ha,s recovered 8ij(_ to walk with a limp and. to r|( greater ease." the statement ' The war department d!4 J faith In this or other ato,rj Villa is alive. The st%te/, ment n'hlch also hae repor' subject, was lesa skepHcaU Buy a CHANDfc! LOST Philips Exeter School GolcJ Seal (about size of nickel) at Eighth and Cumberland streets, Friday afternoon. Lost by a contestant in "A Romance of Lebanon." Finder please return to NEWS OFFICE , NOTICI Monday, July last day that you lowed a discount June Gas Pills. \fl ?"<

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