The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1938
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, BIARCH SO, 1988 Bui Many Mole! ll Makes No Difference If Valley Is Improved This is cue ol ;i series o( iJ.urk 1 :! discussing the Taimcs- J'cc Valley Authority in the li : jhl of proposal:; for a coii- trcK>lonal investigation. I1V H'IMJS TIIOJtNTON (VI.'A Service SlafT Correspondent KNOXV1LUE, Tom., March 29.— 'llii. 1 conception i>I TV A is far creat- rr lliiin the present controversy is apt to reveal. In small \vrunglimjs ever (lie price of jackasses. In pcr- sxiuil plr|iic between administrators, (lie tendency may Ijo (o lose sisli of (lie vast scene cf tlic whole dc- vcloiiiiienl, TVAV. VKJII is Mi ,'••..; (Dan Hie planned development of an urea llirrc-qihrtcrs as large a:; all EII;- lan.l PiCoMenl Roosevelt On April 10, 19:i:i. almost exaelly live years ago, sent to Ccngrros a message iu which he said: "II is clear dial (lit MuyjK £')!< :tb devclopijicnt Is lint a .small part of the potential public u:*- fiilncHi ol liic entire Tennessee river. such use. if envisioned In it;; entirely, transcends mere po\vct development; it, enters the wide field of flood control, soil erosion iifloreslalion. elimination from .•(<„'- ric.ullural use of marginal hinds and dhtribiition-iutd diversification of industry. In sliort. this powci development of war days lends lojically to national planning foi a complete river watershed iiivolv- In? many Stales anil (he fulun. lives :iii(l welfare of millions. It lout'lio.-; and gives life to all forms of human concerns. . . " That is tlie vision. The (jucs- lion is, can it, lie made in any , : |c- Brcc lieH-siiiiporlinj. oi 1 must it he -achieved nl. (lie cost of a contiiw- ini; drain on the taxpayers of the rest of the ecuntry? Will any of this money ever come back? The TVA Act itself certainly scls up the hope of getting some of it back. It says: "It is hereby Bl.YTiJFA'JLU'J (AUK.) COUlUKK NEWS These sni'i-lsiK waters. riishhiE from Morris Dam lo nvcll the Clinch river liiluw, are no mole lu bu nl than lire quarrels which now surge about TVA n:i-.l it.-; ailminislnUlon mid [utnre ^ cm to C couc Nonf;. inset, sees Ihc TVA nol merely aa center ol a present ccntrcversy, but a:; a prcmbc j( a biHu way of living in tlie lutiirc. s of miy I'lniiresslonsl Investlunliiik,' com- inltur. If Ihc I'ollr'.tlve ollorl changes n "iKilrntlul in-aihoiise" In Ihc TVA u I'M into n i.ell-.'iuppurltni;, ferllle HUM with rl:,liH; llvhij! .slandanls; il 11 puinls lo an civ kind cl living, the immi'y may be riv;iinlc;l as well .-j- «l. ewn II U never comes bach u"iu\™lly I:, i he (nMf,iir, ill cash. Now 11 is |iro|ui',i'.l lu welsh In Hi' 1 I dance aller live year:; (lie lliiii'i Ihal liiuaUii 1 Nuirl:;. "lallier i'i Hie Ti'A," i-ilh'il in |p;r,| " (WK , ilni nrr cam<> Inm « rrrstdeiil :>U i; (lie line r( presi'i vln- our iiaiinril i.s.nni'ri- . . . Ihouili he mmrlird I lion Ibal II would "Like nnnv yivirs i-< Inin,; it li; eninnlele Ili'lllUI." I 11"'dent liiHK.evell In '-• if I i'-;;-n imi'nt over c'jntlu:'hul 1 •'• i:"" 1 !'line-ill," "If we r.liull 1 : iK'ceM.lul hi'iv." he added, "a « iv would lie polnli'd lur other i.iiiillur iirojct'ls." 'll:is TVA l:een successful?" )*'il I. 1 ; Die riuc.'.liflii (lie conRivs- sii'iiil liivc'jllsiilurs propose to dc- Ihiver drove News Mi 11 . r:li;irlli! Spriiiijei-, of licwe :.|"'iit ".unihy with Mrs. C. G. M'ii. lj:i:; IJiKliain, of Half Moon, .'lit l''riday wllh Mrs. Doe l)i«- The'Et Letter • ".T.T .. — 1_? ! itor's Box pride. I/ook nt our jiow clly park wllh swlninilni!-|)ool, urUIlehil lakes, picnic grounds, nertauUnrnl and ex- 1)11)1. biiUdlDgx, nice li'nck, JJS.OOO.OO high school stadium under construction; mid do not. overlook our splendid new high sclioot band. Thanks to tho Ijeiiiidilciitibii Ccm- inlttco for Iho beautifying of rcsl- ilena' lots ami inislRhtly corners; nnil vvllhln a few year* continued cooperation of our clll- y.ens. Hlylhevlllo mny be called "Tho Clly IliHiulltul." What of Mississippi County? Nolo the hundreds ol miles of Improved Hots tJifal future To (he Mlllor: llus lilylhevllli' mid Mississippi County nude progress In recent years, uiul will It continue lo grow? Klntlslli's sho« r Unit we have hail u Kli'ndy If iml a phenonieiiiil growth, i;i»luv'',;;""j;:','",'.'"."V 1 "' ""I"" 1 "' mill all IndlciilloDs are lhal wllhli Xn'T' "" " ? d flllm """'""B". rs^;^ r.K.KT^ MI —«'-r^ "<* «""• lakes Ilic outsider lo see and appreciate (he woiKlcrlul opporlunl- lll'S Dlll'ICd. 'i. II. ICivss A C'n. Is constructing a modern store building ul " ''osl of siOO.UtlO.uu; KlorlhiB Stores Co . reinodelliis Hie Clrnnil 1 rentier litilldhi{{ under a long leuse eontraet; (lie uunliip Coni|wnv; Itke-Stls wllli their fVfi.UUO.OO new pliinl; J. C'. I'eimey Coinimnj- who came here some years ngoi' &• Ctt., wllli Ihclr pi'oiiased plant; (lie Mrst Nalloniil IJiiiH;, and tilhera wlio have invi'slcd here In recent jeais. ijlvo I'Vldenee lo their Ix'llol In Hie inline uvowlh ol llly- llu'vlHe. Will (lie year l!i:m lie u (.owl on«? All liKllentltins aro (hat II will tar II pass Hit' year IIHU. limners arc land of oppDrtunlly, Uo you that you can plant on Iho same n of hind, corn, eollon, wlient. outs, lye, alfiilfa, soybeuna, and oilier cerenl ami liny croix 1 )' lo say nothing of vegetables, and protliice •"•• |"'"-> i m .1 im n'o t , I' ,11 UK i!. lllL Mi':-. Mahlc Klrlv.irdson and Mlw '" heller slmpe UnaiU'lally; inort- i;U'hiii,l;-,on. of Marie. I week wllh Mrs. Hall, Mr. mirl Mrs. 'J'lioinn.s Gallics 'nil Sunday with Troy Blglmm, Half Moon. C031IMKATIVE COSTS IcTris Dam $ 36,105.000 Italy's expenses in Ethiopia for inonlli of February 41,735,000 Battleship West Virginia (io23) 21.000.flOO Wheeler Ham M.IG-I.OOO ~osf cf New York Workl's Fair 125.030,000 ^urr-jnl apprjpria- tioil for TVA •lO.MO.OOO elcclrilication. it lias already got-1 c:l to widen Iho ten a net S'J.OOO.OGO hack, though plant f.-~i declared lo fee the policy of the Act lint, in order. K .scon as practicable, ta make (lie power project, sclf-rupportinn and r.elf-lirpiidalinj. the surplus power shall be sold at rates which, in the opinion ol the hoard, when applied to tlie normal capacity of the board's power facilities, will produce gross revenues in excess of the cost of production ol said pov.'cr ..." Depends on Bookkeeping TVA considers 'that its investment (o date in the cleclrical program In the valley is JI2.16'l.l"n. J'run which it deducts S2.Q87/107, in net incoitie which lias been rc- scrve.-.t for amortization, construction, inlcrcst. and the like «iviin n net investment in llic electrical program of SKl.fllS.OGI. Wendell Willkic wouhl probably intimate (his cost tc dale at nearer $15X10.01)0. maintaining thai allotting only 10 millions of the first 20'J spent by TVA to electricity "makes the yardstick rubber from the first iiiel) to (he last." Tclal operating revenues of the 1Vi\ from its establishment lo il-. last repcrt. have been SI.21I.812 Of this. $:!.2U1.25',! ha:; come from mil- side sales of power, and slightly less than a million arc charges to other TVA aclivjlics. Where Ihc Money Goes Ifcu's lrc\v TVA sets up ik opcr- Dlin ? expenses lo date on iraivcr: Production 5 Traiir.missicn 3D 1.530.74 Accounting and col- fhc 1VA tloii slajc." Future income should be progressively larger. TVA argues. For example, ilic $6874 received for navi- gntlon-loel: services is a mcie beginning, and extensive navigation 'on the Tennessee would produce much more revenue. But it is beyond dispute Hint | Ihus far total revenues of Ihc TVA j have nol paid even interest on the total expenditures of the federal government, in the valley. Profitable operation, and even amortization of cccts properly chargeable to power arc a lair possibility during ihe next :a years. And TVA authorities are fond of pointing out that all TVA operations arc geared net 20 but '10 and 5(1 years ahead. The useful life of Morris mm is estimated at not, less than 200 years. •So once construction and appropriations are finished, n "pi-slit point" readied, nnrt gradual am-r- tlnation of llic <?ebi bosun, llinrc I." icastm (o linpe thai a subs(:ni- lial part ol tlic TVA's expenditures will come Ixiek. Uliir.l Count Inlan^iiil?:- But probably never nil of them. H is at this p-jint where ill? "intangible benefits" arc addircd. Here TVA advocate.-; ImiiT in u ]( .' "naliinal asset-;" which they hop? «'j|| rcsiill. and which will Iiriiu- money into (he federal trcacury only very indirectly il at all. ! For example., TVA has spent! around Sfl.ODO.OW in development I of phosphate fcrlilir,ei'K. aii-1 in i learning; lo make them v.ilh cfa> ! li'iir Phosphate rock fetlili- j zcrs. which Dr. II. A. Morgan be- Ifcvra held (lie future of American fanning and therefore of American civilization, have l;een too bulky lo be widely u,-,e;l. "-j!ic?nlral:-'; being developed by TVA arc cx|>e:t- All v.ich pnri'VTO b- in , . in Ihc Tciiiicvjco 'Valley' will b? available Ic Grand C;iu!ce and Ucnncville (lam sircar,, nc.u wliieli vast deposit. 1 ; ot phosphalc r^clt iil:;o lie. ('rodiixv, 'j');o The cltort lo develop a new cc- ramie »idn.;lry In the Teimes.'ice Valley, using native kaolin clay:; nnd elccdir power fur firing. Man cost morn limn $->0)000 If pm it plants arc tsitabli htd to pioluti tlie kind ol por cHin li in ni uc sf.njlil liere, it. would not lake lo:r- fcr-'lVA lo (>ct tin tn k in tk llic ITVC11UC. The forestry •> il I h i Ovh liatclmiej, Mio, dtvclupmcnl. 4f •:»5V. i:roii-lie«i'iji-i. l.recK,...tlic rccre- si ion ladliiics, 'iill lliesc (ind iiunv older aspects of TVA work- arc producing "ir.Uviujiblc bcneiU';" v. r ho:,e M'crlli will l:e variously l{n.ifjfj(t(ioc,i<) News Mi':-. Hi-rlie Oye. is ill. Mr. tiiecn. who has him 111 for "M" llnir. Is uiiluijiruved. Mr: 1 ., u. c;. Holt was ainum; the 'i I |iit";cnl nt a hlrlhday dinner i ' i It • l»;r lilsler. Mrs. iiciui, ol Hi" Woinan'r, Missionary Union iit'l wllh Mrs. Trail ijmg last In I iv for a bu.slui'Ui and social JJiu )|i,-iiii.- Alatn-s' rliib tn 'I 1 loyd Hamlet Frlduy IKKIII. The il. Y. I'. U. sludy course <l< ( I rritlay nl'jhl. whoii i-sains win-!' i:lvrn. A fiflal hour lollctwed. Miss Wllina liamlnlph. u iueiubi>r of the );rade jxliool Iiirnlly spent I!"' v/rd;eiid lit lier home In .'Ikcslon. Mil. \fis < lydc Ordiii i:i very ill. '(he V. W. A. lii'kl 'if 1 ; iiiiiinl in;:ilhly lucelinj Mnnday nielli nl llic IJanlisl. cluiirli. Due.' to sin-era unavoidable rcascnn, nil wine nol I»L tut An Intercslbi'.; piagraii ivii:; presenled. llu nlbiitrosi Is the iiicv.t pneu niatii; of all liinls, Kvcry hollo in Its body I;; Illli-d wllh all 1 sacs, wllh the exception of tlic setipula and liyoM boner,. luiiii'i have lieen relhed or rc- iluml; InteiL'sl rate:; have come Jon-n, mid Iho fiilnrc liold.t projiiise :<,r tin; larmer, 1,'iml values arc allll low, coiiNldci-ltiK the piodin;- Mvcness ol our soil, and while city real estulu lias lulvanecd, liuvlni! l;< v eii nt a low eljb lor past few I here lire yot wondcrlul op- poilunlliri; Im- Ihc home owner and tnveslor. We nic (•really In neeil of ronl lioiisos, duplc,w; mid i|:attment bu!ldhiiv<. Tlinre lire no 1','tc/int IIOIISIK, In lllylhcvlllu. Illylbcvllle lias nol tailed In clvle Ihe miixlinuin yield of .each-of lliesc crops, nil on (he winie Boll? Thin lias never licen clone nor can It be dune on latul In nuy other wcllon of Ihc U, s. A. As we look back nnd review Ihe nrogirss inadi; In our I'lly and county, wi> should lie proud to lie one of H.s cltlcc^is. Hlylheville. '"Ihe Wonder Clly" and Mississippi County, "The !,;ind of Opiiortunlty." have a yrciil fn- linv, "believe It or nol," Are you Ihe Pessimist wlio siiw only the hole lu (hi; donglnml, or lire you !ho Optimist wlio «««• the douKhnul? Ilelleve In Ulyllievllle and Mlssis- tilppl County mid yon can't 110 Wiom;. J. N10K THOMAS. Truly Mississippi County bi a Tlic United state,'! contains more Ihun DUG/171,(111! acres of cultlnvt- Inrm Imnls. Fire Ra»e» Cfcurch At Holland, Djunage; Home MoMar.30.-A fira Of . viqkuowu origin destroyed ths Pentecostal Holiness church Sat- in-tlay afternoon »l about 4'30 Tlio unmet! from Iho burning building reached across an area of about, lllty feel to the adjoining iipmc of Mr. jmd Mrs. Busscjl Utllc mid scl firo lo tho roof and the ivall, wiicn (lio BtlfT wind which was running Iho' blaming bulldlns ceased nnri (ho home was saved. The damage to the hoine was estimated at about, $350. J'ish In Iho Inky waters or tho occiin dcjitlis carry their own HSlil.H, and many of Ihcm have lone Iht'ead-llke lines nltaclicd to their bodies, Ijy menus of wlilch they nro able to locale ptoy in Ihc darkness, SEED We linvc on hantl fpr wle or trade, (or other jirodkcU, Benn.'i — Ixtredo, O cists, Mammoth Drown, Wilson and Virginia 1 Brown, Pens— Whips 'nnU New Urn. Lc-incdctti — Korean. Cotton Scco— ». p. L. 11-A nnd Btoncvlllo 4-A. Will sell for cash or trade with you for other kinds of bcniis or cotton seed,' L. R. Matthews Gin Co. ll-K-3, Y'»rbrf>, liyi, Cotton geed Arkansas ji Coal SAVINGS ON USED CARS Al L 1931 Chevrolet Coupe ........................................ $99,00 Huns (,-ootl— O'ood Tlrm 1935 Plymouth Sedan f.iuod Slinpc ... Mo Trade 1937 G, M. C. y a ton Pick-Up (Jleini, Loiv nillcHijo. 18" Wheels. 1935 Chevrolet y ? . ton truck A HiiNgfiln $199.00 $575.00 S $175.00 .$395.00 1936 G. M. C.I % ton Truck l-oiitf W. I!. Slake body. Deal buy, LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. O.ftl.C. Tl'llflW . . OltlHlW>l)llCK uiul Soi'vitt , f . OT K. .Main rhoiic 339 IN RADIO; TOO, THEY DISCUSS THIS SUBJECT: £alcs promotion /i<.']]ii;iislra(ivc a n d general 205.118.51 007.321.15 'lolal opcralin-; cx- pciisi- S'2.07'1.230.10 The TVA IJiis set aside $173,CfiO fcr paymrnin lo Tcnncssrc and Alnb.-iiia in lieu of taxes. 'llic Act l.iovid."-. that 5 jor cent of Rross *rrcij:t.% fm;n power seneralccl nl Wilson iy-m and NorriK shall go l^lhnsR r.tate:.; btcr dams will n:iy "'; per cent. TVA has r.pcnl more than $17.000 on a project to do- Uirmhic .in w ,i,itabtc method of makm-- these payments to stales in lieu cf taxes. Onc-Sivlh Came Back In short. TVA figures that of fwuc $12,000,000 it has spent on 21 HOUR FKIGIDAIRE SERVICE 0:ily Aiillmri7frt Service In •Mississippi Counly Commercial or Kwidcncc Jgbs Phone 67 E, B. Gee Sales Co. K. B. Gee, Mgr. 100 S. Second St. AGAIN THIS \VK Wll.l, YKAH UK l'X)I? AUTO HEAT COVKKS 'NEW NKW • NEW PATTEKNS STYLK.S i'RICKS To make Tonm for our "->' t.lork ot wal c«Vfrs irf are c!oslns out our iircsenl slock at I'cloB' cast prices. IN TODAY. WMIM-: THIiV . 5AVIi LAST. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 301 Walnut rhouc NO TWO WAYS ABOUT If, 8ETry. I'M REHEARSING OR ON THE AIR FOR 40 HOURS A WEEK. ITS TOUGH ON MY NERVES' DIGESTION, AND ESPECIALLY MY THROAT MY CISAReTTE. MUST AGREG WITH MG. AND CAMELS DO-IN EVERY WAY HAVE- A CAMEL, BETTY? THANKS, RAY. SAY_ YOU NEVER SMOKE ANYTHING (Wr CAMEI.S. ARE THEY SO DIFFERENT FROM OTHER CIGARETTES? WINTERS. fOlKS, WISHING ALL GOOD NIGHT WHEN RRY WINTERS sipncd off (auovc) lie had a long, li.ird d.iy Wiitid him. Hay lus (lioiiRlit a lot about which cigarette best fits in with the cx- actiog, nen'c-.iucl.cncrfij'.consuminB work lie docs. "Camels arc distinctly different fiom other cigarettes," is his vcrdia. "Camels tierce with inc. In all t)ic leu } cars I've been cnjoy- And many tuilliotis of other smokers find what they want in Camels, too. *JV .|f>UK and mote experienced JLVJ. jmo!;crs arc conrludin/;: '• . \vhli inc." If yuu arc not now *^? smol.iug ('ainclb, iry llicin. look for the Jiffacncc hctn-ccii (,'ainelsnntl other ciparcues. I'ind (nit what it means to enjoy Ontcl's costlier tobaccos. BOWLING is one of K.iy Winlcrs' pastimes, lie's )>rcilKKt)od at il.too. "Put tnc down ns ^i clisji who cctwinly ap- nteciatcs <!.imcls when I'm tired," Raj- says, "i pet a'lift' with a Caaicl." inj; them, I've never known Camels to uwfco my throat feel scratchy. Or my nerves rained. That speak] [>rcuy well for Camel's niiMue;s, doesn't it?" ON THF. AIR MONDAYS {•-D-D-I-E C-A-N-T-0-R rcrin. Tvcry ^To^(^J>-al 7;JO pmT ,ST XxlOpmr.-S.I .".R: 10 pmi\f-S.T.,anJT;JOpniP.S.T^ o>« toluml>ii Network. ON THE AIR TUESDAYS BENNY GOODMAN THE "KINO OF SWING" llrar the Gnodman Hand "go lo town." livny Tueifliy at llm "/ir(/'mf- r j:>OpinI;.S.T., R:30 v^ C. S.T., 7:AO pm M.S. T., and C:30 pm P.S.T, over Columbia Nct Csmels arc a mat'hlejs blond cl finer. MORE EXPENSIVE TO'JACCOS —Turkish and Domestic. "The majority of tobacco growers favor Camels because we know 'what choice tobacco goes into them," TOBACCO PLANTERS REPORT "Tho fnvoriUj with most men who grow tobacco," ia what Vault Kiiowden, veteran planter, calls Camels. "Camel doesn'l buy jusl any tobacco - they get the best. The Camel buyer bought all tho choice grade tobacco of my last crop. I've been a steady Camel smoker myself for i9 years." B. P. Bivins, another experienced tobacco grower, knows what ciga- retle pays more for the choice leaf tobacco. "The Camel people sure do get the best grades," he says. "Take my own crop last year. Camel bought tlia best lots. And other planters will tell you tho same. You bet, / smok« Camels." lie's been growing tobacco for 10 yea rs. "I'm in a position lo know a lot about the quality of the tobacco that goes into various cigarettes," James Graves, another Tvell-known planter, says. "Most of tlio growers around here— myself induded-sold the best leaf tobacco of their last crop to i Camels. I kivjw tobacco so I smoke Camtls." . m». R. j. r.,n<*i, I*

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