The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 22, 1930
Page 3
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'•V.,i v'-R MONDAY m,YTHKVll,LE, (ARK.) COUKIKR NEWS •m When Jurk Frosl Joined Fishing Boat's Crew "'•:<.Tilts Crawford County AtiO'.'^ey to S'ractice as Prosecutor. LITTLE ROCK. Dec. M iUl'1 — l:e Arkansas supreme court ill :i ccision today modified the c!:s- . .at.n>en(. i)' Har:icy .v.eCehce, • "rawford county attorney, to per•lit him to !)r;ie!icc as r.vcMJCii'.inj ittornoy of that county. , MeGehec was disbarred, prior to he NovemVier election at which lie prosecutor. In a mud- ' decree handed down by the ;h i, court in November she clis- ' was reduced to a rx-riod .a-year. The reinstatement to : «?Ucc issued by the s'.iprerne urt spccilically sets out that a, piles, only to his dulies r.s pros- : uiing. attorney and does no'. : MI! him the privilege of enga-j-! in general practice. -McGehee was. disbarred fcjllow- cljarges of uneihical practices ilvifig handling ot divorce ac- s.^The mutter attracted state-' de attention. • ' ! Kcvises Suicide Case ; Holding expressions of opinion' witnesses as to whether death ; suited from suicide as being competent and inadmissable. • •iansas supreme court tccliiy re- : rseii. judgment of Brartly county; r'ctUtlcourt which held the Order • Unficd Commercial Travelers of inerica was not liable for pay-, c-nt of life insurance policy on if life of' S. C. Johnston, who was '. und dead in a swimming pool 'Monroe, La. • : Johnston's v.'ife, Mrs. Annie Mack olmston, brought suit to force lyment of the policy. Gels $!,WO Damages : The state supreme - court today ' PAfiK THRI'J- i Missouri Authorities Acl fo i Prevent Further Troublo ! from Mob. _ The World's 1 » argest Bible Two Die In Death Duel REDMOND, ORE., (UP) — Two deer carcasses, one a seven, (he other a four-pointer, were lound, the antlers locked securely in the death struggle. ! KANSAS CITY, Mo., Dec. 22 i (UP)—Raymond Ounn, negro, con- I fcsscd kluyer of Miss Velma Colter, i i MaryvtrV .••cliool teacher, wns held | in Jail here today sale from Hie threat uf mobs. ] Ounn wns brought Irom 51. Jos- i eph. In lluclmnan county, ul the 1 order of sheriff John Hoach, who, (cared another attempt, .similar to; that made early Sunday, might cc-' cur. I Smidny morning a large mob as- • sembled before the county Jntl ut! at. Joseph und demanded the prisoner be released to them. Sheriff Ronch .shouted his refusal through the barred steel ciwr of the Jntl and then called for police and llienwn . who nUled In dispersing the crowd. i Spieadlng olElil feel and weighing iC34 ijoumls, what is said to Chapel Planned at RoUCn j »e the world's Inruest mble IIRS just been completed by l.ouls Wayu.\l to Honor Joan nf Arci 01 I|OS ^"gelrs. v.lio S\KM two years on Hie Job. The book contains Close all t!ie windows. Throw some more \vooti on the Tire. I'm on your :;{-r.vlesl . . . . And then look at- this picture .... Somewhere beneath Ibis coaling of ice and .snow is the fishing smack Wanderer, sliov/n here as she'returned to her pier in Boston the other nay after a trip to the fi.shiiis banks. Lcolo liks a "co!d deck." rtnrsn'l it with Jack Pros', howling nil the cards. Bclasco's i^rolhcr Quits as Postman After Forty Years C-otb Production Down Association Announces nOUK.N, France. (UP)— An np- peaJ for ilio memorial chapel In honor of Saint Joan of Arc, to be erected on the spot In the Rouen "|801U pngc.s. the words bclnu printed Ihercon with large rubl>?r-strimp letters. Waynai Is shown above with his diuiahlcr, 'I'hcixsft. . county circuic court which t . hJ5 lest cnjovmciu in ,„, ' nion ave B. B. Crenshaw damages of 4IOQO. agatnsil C. E. Philpoi, doing usiness as the Fhilpot Construe- on company. The. appeal was -taken by lhe oBstruction com puny. Crenshaw BY SHKl'.MAN JIONTKOSE NEA Service Writer i SAN FRANCISCO—Forty years in .Uncle Sam's service as postal cli-ik and mail carrier is ended and HolHc Bclasco. brother of DavW BclESCo, the fitnioijs theatrical producer—is retiring with his o«n "Every man to his life's work; • ;e' him do ihe job well and he '.viil; Sollie, veteran employe of the j i Ssn Francisco postolfice, says lie • ; has walked 260,000 miles since • ;;!,-? tsgan carrying lhe mail in the I , , ', l<Jc 'SOs—and he's prettv tired. Injured while in the employe Sil wll£1|1 1931 arriv( , s ',.,, will '. L . ; the_ construction company eu-.j, y a ,, ide a , e ma ji ba3 tnal lm aged m buildup a road between ri , : ,., d him , 0 talthfully. and quit.: In the cJ::n 'G^JLS c.1 thf Iforling room. Belascc is rated by. | fellow \vcrkers ?.s cne of the most, conscientious, most faithful. They .ull you that several months ago Fc-llle bocame ill and had co go to -CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo—A July ,> JL Q. As -soon as he was able to n*' Pemiscot county circuit court, j j;et on his feet again he sneaked ast week returned a verdict cf 510.- 'b^ck lo the postofflcc and the su- KKI It\ fa>-gr. .Q(,,uMark. 15,. Brown,! per.nlendent found' him sorting "f^Dorado and Gallon. ifns $10,000 Judgment 3-Year-Old Injury '-. Of--P6rter, also of Campbell, for i roi-iini) -that no one else could do njuries sustained more than three •eafi'-'ago when he was struck by Mrfe's car. Thc.cass was broU3.:t lere from Dunklin county on a ihange of venue. The accent occurred in Sap- ! 'V'* '-™? ember, 1927. Brown was rcpaii-inj ,,", s ' J^ i:tire in front of his h™e whan ' '" a ' 5lant1 ' 'oner's car crashed into another nddiine, hurling it against Brosrn. vhq-suilered injuries that mcessi- ated the amputation of a leg. Por- er Claimed that he was blinded by be;'lights of an approaching car ir.d' that there were i-o lights on h'e' car which he hit. Brown was represented by Philips, and Phillips of Pophr BlufT md: Porter by Orville Zimmernan •fKennetl. NEW YORK, Dec. 22. (UP) — Production of cotton cloth durinu November was G'-j s>er cent less than in October, according to the association of cotton textile mcr- ' chants of New York, whose data • comes from the census bureau. '. The analysis shows the aggre- I gate running pounds of American 1 cotton milled in November totaled I 5.831.527.747 spindle hours compar- I ed with 7.811.603,790 during Novem• her, 1023, a reduction of more than ] 25 per cent. market-place where she was burn- ' cd to death 500 yenm URO. has Just i been issued by Archbishop Andre du Bois de la Vlllarabcl, Primate of Normandy. I The cornerstone will be laid May ! 30. exactly 500 years after t h " : Saint's martyrdom, This ceremony will be part of the Impressive rites | planned to commemorate her death. It is estimated that the clmprl will cost 5,000.000 frnncs. Cardinal Bourne, Archbishop of Westminster. heads n British committee, and nn American committee is being formed. Heads Junior College Group :/, I | L?:;i Stcngle to Marry Russian Film Director Camel Bones Found in Nevada Gravel HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 22 (UP)— Lent Stemj!c. \Oerman film actress, and Doris Asarkh-Ingster, Russian film director, will be married here Wednesday. Both are 27. LOVELOCK, Nev. (UP) —The bones of ancient camels have been discovered In Perth grovel pit, four miles wat ot here. Bones found by local residents were submitted to Dr. R, A. Stirton. paleonlhologist of the University of California, who reported, "Your specimen, which was received :L few days ago, represents the Sollie. Belasco,- the ix>stnian Uniied States Liner i Disabled by Collision HAMBURG, Germany, Dec. 22. (UP)—Seventy miles of heavy fo? . from Hamburg to the mouth of the y^K-T, 0 '^ Can ;P be11 ' Mo " agains 1 . j [!-.c- mail for his route, apparently obsirve his remarkable'mbiance ! Elbe river caused wholesale Etrand- his jcb a£ it EIIOUAI be done. Brother Join-.'d Circus Sollie became a postman when (he Belasco family lived here, long before David was training islic Carter to star . in yland." . David, it seems, hod been of u different sort; tne j routine life of a postman hadn't appealed to him, so at an early age he became a circus bareback into lo his Ijssco. famous bro;hcr, David Bc- ing of ships today. The United States liner George Washington was slightly damaged • j when the ship was rammed by the I Gull Lake noticed a group of ducks |0i) (he Ice. Investigating they found he ducks could not move rapidly lor fly. They chn.sed and capturec 1 a number of the ducks. The birds «erc partly paralyzed by the cold PRICES SMASHED 3n Auto Repairing « n (1 Battery Recharging DayandNigjit Service Station Phone 555 Willard Batteries JJr. Itlcnaril <;. '.'fix, :Mmyr<, lienil of the Cult I'^rk college', (iiilf- riclcr find eventually drifted the theater. Glamour and glory gathered | didn't quit when he became eligible to retire 10 years ago. I Danish mctorshlp Malaya. The ship • -ir i v ' ns tc '' vcd to P 0 " and -disembarked Java Volcano Has Taken her Passengers: The cigtaUi of the in TL inn t- I-Malaya ran his ship aground near More I nan JUU Lives ; DocXenhudcn to keep 1£ from slnk- — - i ing. ::.. LONDON, Dec. 22. (UP)—The death toll from eruptions of th; volcano Merapl in Java is between i president OL lhe AnH'rk-nn Asso- and refereable io the camelidae," ciaiio,, nf .I,,,,!,,-Collie., a,, 01- which means they arc camel bones. S<>""""»'» .* '""-^ '»»» •»"" Amwlctn colleKC!. TRArPKK nRST RESIHENT NEW ORLEANS, (UP)—A Can- VAKAI.YZKI) DI.'CKS CAUGHT adian trapper-hunter was the first BRAINERD, Minn. (UP)—Two iwrmanent resident of ' N*w Or- men pulling up a llsh hour.e on leans, archives of the French Ministry of Marine reveal. He wns Eugeno Barba DcPnllou. who lived where New Orleans now stands from 1701 to 1708, says Charles L. Thompson, New Orleans historian. WARNING LAST CHANCE to set your choice of the finest <|im!ity Chiistmsis Gifts at such Great Reductions, ONE-FOURTH OFF up (o Wednesday night, Dec. 24th. PARKHURST CO. One Door West of Postofflce Also don't forget the ONE-HALF PRICE SALE on nil Itcmy, going out of business. Mrs. L E. Parkhurst Three Doors West of Postoffice about the name Dr.vid garnering iVlcamvhile. Sollie titnt, modest way. s and linrd. he 1300 and 400 dispatches to th; Diily i Mail from P.otterda:n said today. Belasco "I"-' Tne volcano became active last all the fame'.j' rhursd3 l'- ' went his He was pa- worked yooil Movie Taken by U. S. of Indian Sign Language WASHINGTON. <UP)— Anybody , who wants to know all about the >si S" languages of the Indians soon Quick Relief for Coughing Spells Famous Prescription Slops >•• Them Almosi instantly ; may find out. i\r«j. oen. Hugh L. Scott, of the Jcport 1,00!) Communists : t c,r nia . Slain by Chinese Troousl some is Tr-™, JEFFERSON LETTER SOU) „ ..... CHARI.OTl'ESVnXE. Va. lUP) ihusonnd and father and he Eent;"~ A !elter w "_lten by Thomas Jef- ' board of Indian commissioners of two sons and a daughter j | er «n> has been sold by Mrs. Ra- the Interior Department, has com- thiough lhe University of Call- ! le '6 h Minor, Charlottesville. - .,. ,. l!;r " : pleted a sound moving picture that public auction, to Dr. A. S. \VV was 'taken on the Ulackfeet reser- proud of David's won- ! f ° se "^ c ^' Ph »^cl p hia, an agent; vat ion at. Browning. Mont. It cost HANKOW, China. Dec. 22 (UPI -aovernment. troops hilled 1,000 derfu! career, but he doe his famous brother. He's not the )e<n't envyi for col!cctors - Tn e letter was will- JSS.OOO, which comp'a •s'not the! lcn . l; - v Jeacr3 »» on July 1, 1776. dieds of thousands s sort that would envy, lie loves • vvini :on)ii!iinistj and rc'scued 500 cap- hls brother, and that's apparent • rl ,.,I^,™ in a fr.ui- day battle which! w ' len David's name fa brought •rider! with Hie capture of Tungu. | "P- :omm\m!sl stronghold in Kiangsi i "V.'e haven't seen each other in. and (i as Fleming. It told of tiie afting of ilv? Docbratipn of In- icpendence. res wilh huii- isands spent for some tdoay. The picture Is an "all-Indlai feature. It is the property of the Interior Department. The amazing success of t'.ils prescription called Thoxine Is due lo Its quick double action; it immediately soothes the irritation and goes direct to the internal cause not reached by ordinary medicines. The very first swallow usually stops even the most obstinate cough. Thoxine is pleasant tasting and safe for the whole family. Your money will be refunded If it does not give better nnd quicker relief lor coughs or sore throat than anything you have ever tried. Put up ready for use in 35c, 60c, and $1.M bottle. 1 ;. Sold by Kirby-Bell and Klrby Drug Stores. — Adv. 2 woyir.ce, according to reports re-. •eiued here. : . 7 >J 'Official advices dejcribM a Here? jahle. , many years; not since our par- eiils died." Soliie fays. David ! '[i lie v.Ett then. He was very. [fi sad. He said lie would never: <•$': • come back here asain. Mem-, 7fV cries of the old days hurt him too! {'J, much. j ;>X 'David has been very sick, but \ : KL ! he's better now .... 1 haw i '''if. in ires that say so." iSj •ST. LOUIS. Dec. 22 (UP) - i And LO. for a little while long- IL'J arry S. Rein, 5S, chairman of the • er, Sollie will continue to go his i ty Kt. .'Louis stock exchange for 33 vay with Uncie Sam's mail. He : W' l-cars, died at his hcrac here to- brlic-ves In giving "good measure • K-j |iay. of heart disease. in service." That's why Soilie' x •' pi; : Louis Stock Exchange fiearl Heai-t Disease Victim' of the ational Bank Kentucky Small Eg£ 85, Kentucky Lump 75 86.25 87.50 Euipirc - - 89.75 MontavalloGcnuhie 12.25 B10WNE & BILLINGS Phone 76 Phone 196 Blytheville, Ark. I - On, and af tev, Monday, Dec. 22nd, 1930, the deposit- w ors of the First National Bank, Blytheville, Arkansas, •|- who have balances of $100.00 or more, on deposit with |, the bank, are requested to call at the bank between the I /.ours of 10 to 12 a. m. and 1:00 to 3:00 p. m., for the I purpose of verifying their accounts with the balances [| shown on the bank's books. I W.J.Peck&Co. [!| Auditors. (Us-M-"-"-"-*-""*--' Peoples of mnny lands and tim£s have con- Inbuted to the Christmas customs. The Druids hung mistletoe over the entrance of their dwellings as a propitiation to their sylvan deities. The English tradition of cutting the Yule log and dragging it ceremoniously to the baronial hall, where il blazed a welcome to high and low, originated in Scandanavia. The great Yule candle was a forerunner of our own Christmas lighting. I he custom of employing holly and other plants for decorative purposes at Christmas is also one of antiquity and is regarded as a survival of the Roman Saturnalia, during which the Romans lighted and decorated trees. Driisus, the Roman, introduced the custom into Germany, where it was first adapted to lhe Christmas festival. Light has always signified joy, celebration. Light up your home for Christmas, both inside and out! Lights for your Christmas tree, wreaths, windows, shrubbery! Let your home say 'MERRY CHRISTMAS'. Arkansas-Missouri Power jCo. "At Your Service"

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