The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 11, 1949
Page 5
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MONDAY, 'APRIL II, 194!> BIATHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Loans Proposed For City Co-Ops League President Announces Idea at National Convention WASHINGTON, April n_(jl>>— A proposal thiit the government make "sound business-like loans" launch city folks cooperatives \vns advanced by Murray D. Lincoln of Columbus, Olito. He Is president of the Cooperative League or the Unit,- ecj States. Uneoln predicted that the current softening of business will he "further ugravntcd" and could cue 1 in collapse unless steps are taker to strengthen consumer buying power by lowering living costs. He urged that the principle of (he Rural Electrification Administration—loans to form power co-opb nt the of lhi> money in the Bovcrnmeiit^be extended to cooperatives providing "any commodity 01 Bervice vvhith i.s in short .supi)!) 1 monopoly-priced." "This would certainly include such fields as power, public health, steel petroleum, housing, fertilizer, mon ov and credit, and distribution am processing of food commodities, Lincoln told the Coopevative lea Guc's economic conference here. Thi frroup is holding a three-day conference," I'* • At a pre-conference dinner last niRlu. Senator Aiken (R-VO told the league that cooperatives are the best defense of "the farmer and the little fellow" against monopolies. President Truman sent a message to the meeting declaring the topics under discussion "include some of those about which I am concerned Rnd have submitted programs to congress." Glitter Gallery Major in Air Forces Killed in Plane Crash MAGNOLIA, Ark.. April 11—«P) Mineral services were to be conducted here this afternoon for an Air Forces officer killed when his plane crashed near here Saturday. He was Maj. James E. AJsobrook. 82, of Wright Field. Dayton, O. The body to be sent to San Antonio, Tex., for burial. Alsobrooks's death came as his two young sons—Bill. 2, end Dee.l— Waited for their father to "buzz 1 their home here. Alsobrook has visited his former wife and their two boys Friday and promised he »'oukl Tly over the house after taking off from El Dorado Airport. Chaffee Soldier Admits Stealing Army Unit's Safe Containing $15,000 KORT SMITH. Ark., April 11. M>) —A safe containing about $15,000 was stolen at Camp ChafToe Sunday and city police here arrested a soldier early Monday who they snld had admitted the thett. The held man Identified himself as Johnnie Mnrkos, a soldier of the Forty-Seventh Field Artillery. 'Hie safe was taken from an orderly room. Markos Mild lie had been unable to open It. The safe hud not been recovered by mid-morning today although Mnrkos had taken city officers and military police to n post building, where he said he had left It. The safe contained battery funds. Army investigators were continuing to search for two accomplices ol Mavkos. Both are soldiers, according to the held man. He told officers he was from Flint Mich., nnd hud served lerms hi reform schools of Michigan and Ohio He said he Is 20 years old. Smile, Blfss You BOSTON I UP) — This sign was noted !n front of a doiviilowi church: "Look Plca.sant, Please The World's Looking at You." Barbara Brown, left, and another model, who colls herself simply Carmen, provide the ornamental background for two of the world's must fabulous gems. Barbara wears Hie famed 4-lVj-carat Hope Diamond, while Carmen's nuckliice is the blue-white 100-carat Star of (he East. The stones were purchased from the late Cvalyn Walsh McLean's collection by New York jeweler Harry Winston * WE, THE WOMEN Can Women Avoid "Middle Age"? Nc By Ruth Milled NEA Staff Writer o[ good-iiiUincd tolcrnnce. She Viilfi's HIT (lonipliilntu Vou wouldn't describe her us liuppy woninn, for she complains lot. II it. Isn't nboul her henltli o iibout her husband it's nbout tin children, tlic cleaning woman, o the rusli she's In. She sees the smnc peoiile ovc nnd over is not the sIlKlilcs bit Interested hi meeting new jieo II.'L: with different ideas. Her soclnl life follows n scl pal tern. When she entertains It Is lie cause she "owes" certain people dinner nud an evcniiiR of brtilge. She mny be a good womnn—Iji she's deadly dull, she's type. And the type Is so commo that a vvomun In her middle yenr has to fight against becoming "typical mlddlc-HRcd woman." It's so nnich easier to lollop tl piittern than to work out one's ow design for living, which Is the onl way in the world lor n woman t stay young in spirit and personality, alter slic is no longer young In years. To Discuss Medic Center LITTLE ROCK. April 11— (IP) The University of Arkansas Board of Trustees is to study a proposed layout for the state medical center Rt a meeting here tomorrow. Tlie 19-18 legislature appropriated 88,200,000 for construction of the center on the State Hospital grounds here. Read Courier News Want Ads. One of my readers wants to know: "Can a woman avoid being middle-aged?" No, of course not. But she can avoid being "typically middle-aged." What's' a typical middle-aged \vo- man like, anyhow? These are the main characteristics, aren't 'they! She's a little overweight. She dresses without any zip or individuality. She's move concerned about things than about ideas. So her eyes brighten when talk turns to draperies, washing machines, or how some other woman is decorating her house. Her eyes wander when the talk jumps outside the circle of home, husbands, children. She's mentally lazy, though physically she may be a demon for ine Bluff it Selected or Pilot Club Meeting UTTL.E' ROCK. April 11—W— if 1850 convention of the 1'llot lub's district 13 will be held at Ine Bluff. Selection ol next yenrs 1 meeting lane was mode here Sunday at le close of the district's two-day onvenllon at which the following fflcers were elected, Mrs. Helen Until BlacK, Hot prhiKs. governor. Mrs. Llllte Mny owledgc, El Dorado, lieutenant gov- nior, and Miss Jessie Groves, Ok- ahonm City, treasurer. Dates for the 1950 meeting will e Hiiiioiinced later. April 11. (&>— (USDA)— Ilot;s 15,500; fiurly Httlvc; barrows niul sillta 25 to 60 lower; good and choice 180- a« ibs 18.75-10.25; largely 10.00; lop 1UZ5 for mcKliTiitc number 1UO-230 llw; 2.W-300 llw 1800-15; 140-170 llM 17.25-18.75; 100-Wl) Ib pigs 14.0011.00; good sows 400 Ibs down 1025- 17.50; over 400 Iba 1425-1600; a USB 12.00-14.00. Guttle 3//00; calves 900; Uttle done early on steers; opening trade gon- err.lly steady although big packeri not very nBgres.'ilvc; medium And sood heifers nnd mixed yearlings largely 22.00-23.50; few 111 S4.00 dol- lar column; common and medium beef cows 17.00-18.00; cumen and cullers 13.00-ie.SO; medium and. good bulls 1S.OO-J0.50; cutttr ' and common bulls lfl.50-lS.00; vettkn 2.00 lower; good and choice XJKr- 3.00; common and medium 21.0028.00. Three Negro Boys Die n Fire Hear Memphis MEMPHIS. April 11—«•)—Tliree icgro boys died lu a fire that testroycd their home here lasl light.* The were Identified »* Louis, 7. .ester James, 10. and Earl Phillip Shelvy, 5, sons of Iliuler Shelvy. A bus driver and his passengers saw the flaming lionsc a half mile off the hlpliwAy. The reached the ionic hi time to waken the parents SJnt the roof collapsed as the fiUhei tried to re-enter (lie house to gel his sleeping sora. Ready For Easter? Thlrly-Mx por c'cnl of the people of. AlnbrAitm are Negroes. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. Scriouj ficli trt revriltd by rrfcnl mctUcal reports. One out of «vcty lme« nrrionH i>i• mlnrd wu » victim ol I'ln-Wornii... olltn without «uir»vcififf It. And thli uglv Infrc- tion »prc.ida rayliily through *liolu rarullliv, can raiuo ftcriuiu (rouble 1C tultleclnl. Wauli lor wMiiinu r,Ijin«—<*iii^lnUy lha *EUT*vaiin); TC-clnl )(<•),. ftrt J0v»*'i F-W Vnnltug* rislu ,»-ay., v | (l | hiitmllrnt !• rt niwHcally-BiiiiroVfil dniK lliat wU'ncillrulty kill. I'l.i-Wnrm. null reimmi tlicni Ironi Ilic lioily. Tilt, irnall, f-W l,l,k.|« wwo licrlcrtal l>y Itio fnruoui J.ync Co., «|io- riullalB in worm rrtneillM lor over 100 y<-a!». AlV |»w <ku n l»i r-W IS f« PIn-W«n»l work. She gets most of her Ideas ready-tnnde from her husband, her clubs, or the social leader o[ her ' own small group. . She doesn't enjoy doing anything I on her own or by herself. So when , she gets Interested in somothing j she Joins a group and dabbles— i Instead of going to work on her [ own to really accomplish something. She reads book reviews instead of books, and listens to the woes of soap opera heroines to take her mind off of the fact that there arc' some problems in her own life that need to be solved. You can watch her face a long time and never see It lightened by a mischievous twinkle or a smile Constant growth of our business has miide it necessary to increase our telephone facilities. This necessitated changing our number. Our telephone number will lie Think of An Apple EFFECTIVE APRIL 12, 1 <M<) UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY. "The Friendly Insurance Service" First & Main — Ingrain Building 812 I ate one too! We Insure Everything WE Make All Type LOANS Peerless Offers You ONE DAY SERVICE On Expert Dry Cleaning Always at 10% Lest Cos* Ku pinn mnv l» look your lovvllrat <m K«n- <cr .Siim.ity. 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