The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI \'OL. XXVII—No. MO Blytherllle Courier, Blylhevlllc Dally News. m vrMii.'vii i r.» Blythcvillc Herald, Misslsstpiil Valley U-ador. m. l I UhVlU.K, Tinmcn'tv Qi«i>Tii»MmM> i i<v>r\ , IIIUKMMI. SKI'l l',.M HI'.K •!, lil.iO SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS. HUNDREDS DEAD IN SANTO DOMIN WE L •DJLLJ5 FLIGHT French Aviators, Texas Bound, Expected to Fly Over Little Rock Today. LOUISVILLE, Ky., S,3pt. 4. (UP) —The trans-Atlantic 'plane Quca- tion Mark, piloted by Captain Dieuronne Coste, flew over here today at 11:33 a. m. central standard time. The Frenchmen's manager. Rene Racover, lanced a: the field 80 minutes earlier and was entertained at the airport for lunch. ' The Question Mark circled Bowman field once and then continued southwest. It. was expected that the Qu?s-j lion Mark \voutd probably be next recognized at Little Rock, where it was scheduled to fly ove r the city. Atkins Auto Accident Costs Lives of Two ATKINS, Ark., Sept. 4. IUP> — Two youths were killed and another seriously injured near here las', night when their automobile sideswiped a freight truck. Don Whitchovn, 1C. and Jacl Hule. 15, were killed Instantly, and Joe Stalltngs. 15, driver of trie car. was severely Injured. South Arkansas Winds Cause $10,000 Damage FL DORADO, Ark., Sep',. 4. iUP> —Heavy winds striking here and a; Smackovcr caused damage of moro than $10.000 last night. The Ouachita Valley Refining company near here sustained n loss o! $3.000 by a twister wfiich descended suddenlj in the vicinity of the refinery. Lipton Watches Rival Boat in Trial Spin Inexperienced Inl c v 11 e s Pei'form Operation in • New Orleans Institution. Cotton growers of Pemiscot county at a meeting at Caruthersville Seeks S25.000 Prize NEW YORK, Sept. 4. (UP) — Captain Dieudonn.; Coste and his companion. Maurice Beilonte, made an early start, this morning on their S2S.OCO prize flight to Dallas, after a brief rest snatched following a day and an evening crowded with hand-shaking, parades and receptions. A great day for the fliers reached a climax last night when they accompanied Col. and Mrs. CJiarles A. Lindbergh and Mayor Walker to a dinner at the Roosevelt Hotel, where they met and shook hands, , lhe lces now , n force sout) , with Capt. Wolfgang Von Gronau.| 0{ (he s[at( , line Pemlscot coimty the German transatlantic flier, and i ginnera _ , t is understood, are now NEW ORLEANS, La., Sept. ' I UP)— Charges that Inexperience:! internes were performing thousands of operations at the state maintained cnarity hospital h:re were [ made today by Dr. William A. Wag- i ncr. Dr. Wagner said that in many : instances the palates of children had been removed instead of tonsils and the children were treated as droves of cattle. "We found that these operations i were being performed by inexperi- • enced Internes with only a student lellowshlp holder to supervise the work." Dr. Wagner said. "The patients were sent home almost immediately after the operations. some of them to bleed tc. bleed to death when no propsi medical altpntion was available. "We found that whole bus loads of children were brought to the city from country sections and were •ii n L A i st"t back to' the country . before Vllle Keacri Agreement. I ( n( ,y wcrc fit to leave a place where. death when no proper medical attention was available. We found that as many as sixty Pemiscot County Growers in Meeting at Caruthers- last night pledged themselves to .maintain a price of 50 cents, pei hundred pounds for picking cotton and named a committee to meet with gin operators In an effort to have the price of ginning anf wrapping fixed at 25 cents per hundred and Sl.^5 per bale respective- his three companions. Both War Veterans With 500 members of a New Yorfc Gerntan-Ajtnertcan society cheering lustily, Captain Coste and charging 30 cents per hundred. Nearly 500 persons attended th? meeting, at which the subject of cooperative marketing was alsodis- ctssed. C. G. Smith and J. Mel: operations lor the removal of ton sils from children were performed In one day by two or four internes " LOSES Mil Captain Von Gronau clasped hands | Brooks of Blytheville were present, and sat down for a brief conver- and the former, a director of Hie sation fn French. Each of them | Mid-South Cotton Growers .ass-' 11.3W during the war, and each was i elation', discussed -the organization'; shot down. • ' •] program and answered questions Dallas will have Us iurn this! concerning cooperative marketing evening when the aviators are due" j of cotton.. to reach there to receive a prize Harry Lilzenfelder. Caruthersville of $25.000 for ihe first one-stop night between Paris and the Texas city. Washington will have its turn Monday when government officials will echo. the sentiments that three years ago were sounded by the French to Ltndtergh. banker, addressed the meeting. ur«- ing strict adherence to the fifty cenl price for cotton picking and Auto Passenger Is Victim of Accident Near New Madrid Yesterday. NEW MADRID, Mo.—Frances D. Gray was killed and W. S.- Wells ceriously injured when\their coupe was struck by the Cotton Belt train on Highway 61 grade crossing one mile west of New Madrid Wednesday afternoon. Wells slated he was from Chattanooga, Tenn., and Recaptured. Prisoners Face Murder Charges LITTLE HOCK. Sept. 4. (UP)-, Clungcs of first degree murder were illcd today against Virgil Williams and Wagner. Oklahoma bandits, following the ilealh of Neil Mcl>rmolt. Little Uock do- lecilve. McDermoll wus wounded Augu&i i 2-1 wiicn he attempted to nrrcst Wllllums and Wagner and four other prisoners who had escaped from the Pulaskl county Jail Williams wu.s removed to the state penitentiary today for safe keeping. j Williams ami Wagner were the only prisoners recaptured after tho Jr.llbrcnk. American Red Cross Will Aid; Hurricane Headed : for Florida Straits. HAVANA, Cuba. Sept. .4. lUP)—• The hurricane which struck Santa i Domingo yesterday was reported [west of Haiti today moving north| west over the ocean.. Irustees (or Bondholders Seeking transfer of Case to Federal Court. Churchill Buck, receiver for drainage district 17, and attorneys and others interested In affairs of the dlslrlcl. were In Paragould lo- day lov a hearing before Chancellor IFulrell of a petition by the Gunr- From the deck of-his private yacht, the Erin, where he's pictured at !«»& ™™ 'S&.Vu^ for holders of district, binds, look- the left, Sir Thomas Lipton has been the most Interested spectator at thn ."timing-tip" trials of the America's Cup yachts olf Newport. ing toward transfer, of the case i> And the center of Interest k the U. S. defender, Enterprise, which is | lo thc federal courts, strikingly shown hi the photo above. "My boat is best in light ] The Guaranty and Trust and Otis weather" admitted Sir Thomas. Thai's why the 80-year-old Irish ' companies are asking lo have the ,p:,i sn «n walchcd so ea.orly wlien Enterprise, under mainsall, balloon i™^andJhehMn^e ,,am- ]ll) nnd 'splnmiker, sped over the course before n light breeze. | sut[ _ lhus owning t nc W ay to glutting thc case Into federal court. The- suit which resulted In the chancery court receivership was ! brought by E. Harper, a bondhold- ! cr, and C. ,E. Crlgger, a landowner, i against thc district, and Us board. ' It was not contested. • The complainants In. thc hearing at Paragauld today, It Is understood [arcj basing their plea in part upoi 't'h'o contention that.Jihi • - - urging that growers take advance had picked up Gray on the high- of the 90 per cent advance offerer i way. through the cooperatives and plac* From papers found in his pock- thelr cotton in' the association pool ets U is believed the dead man was ' | Dick Gray, pitcher on the Spring- The (tiers -said during the eve- in hope of a better price. that they did not know where j Following the meeting a tebgran- I field. Mo., ball team. Seventy-five ------they would fly from Dallas, but was dispatched to H. H. Naff, pres- tliat whevever they did go, it would ! ijent of the Mid-South associ be a nonstop flight. Local Catholic School to Open Term Monday The school of the Church of the Immaculate Conception will open for its regular nine months term Monday, September 8. Father' J. J. Thompson is principal of the school which has eight complete grades and four instructors: Sister Gerada, the- superior; Sister Frances. Slrter Alouigiis and Sister Doloris, teacher of music, who also instructs at Jonesboro and Paragould. The building, on West Ash street opposite the church, hns been remodeled and a " number of im- to register P | tion, who is now in'Washington for conference with farm board members, urging that immediate authorizing be given for (he Mid- SmiUi to receive cotton ai the Ely theville branch office. Tonight there will be a meetinr at Steele in connection with the cooperative marketing program. dollars in currency and a check for $!M> from tho Springfield ball club were found on. him. It is believed Wells will recover. He was immediately taken to the Ccttoii Belt hospital at Texarkana. his foot being severely burned from j flames which burst out after the •collision. Dentists in Paragould for Association Meeting Dr. IT. A. Taylor, president of the Northeast Arkansas Dantal society, Dr. H. S. Davis and Dr. L. H. Moore arc in Paragould today for the annual election of officers. They were accompanied by Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Taylor, who Bring Greetings from Copenhagen Rotarians Greetings from the Copenhagen Pjjtary club to the Blythcvllle grouu were brought from that country today by Bert Lynch jr., and Billy |]\me-FoOt Channel Through Lawshe who have just returned n . n , „,, „ from a tour of Norway, Sweden, | KOCK bed Utters hngin- Germany and France. They were? - -members of a parly, sponsored by entertained by the Copenhagen j ..—vn.**^ **iu wA^nLfiuv-mi • f . .^. c i u h i GENERAL ALLEN ON THE MIS- -'e said toaaj. Complete account, of their trip SISSIPPI RIVER, Sept. 4. <UP>- ^hejoyemo,-^ spending Little Rock Clearing House Association Discusses Finance Program. LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 4. (UP) — Machinery for providing financial relief to farmers in the drouth stricken area of the state was being set up today. ' ' ; Methods for establishing credit loan associations to arrange loan.* through the federal intermediate banks were discussed at a meet- ling of the Little Rock dealing j huise association. A plan to establish Intermediate farm banks in each of tne seven districts ot the Arkansas Bankers association is being worked out aj : J. H. Stanley, president of the as- j soci&tion, and a member of a co:Vi- mittee which recently conferred with President Hoover. ROGERS, Ark., Sept. 4. (UP)— j No decision on the calling of a special session of the legislature to did drouth slricken areas of the sta'.e FLASHES NEGRO FACES CHAIR MAGNOLIA, Ark., Sept. 4 tUri —}Ia,cK Cleveland, .39, .negro, was removed to the state penitentiary -today to await execution after he Has found guilty late yesterday of thr murder of two negru <-liil- drerC AMMONIA BLAST FATAL ..GLOUCESTER, Mass., Sept. 4, {UP)—One man was probably fatally burner!, two others were injured and fifty young women were partly overcome by fumes In an ammonia explosion at the Gloucester colil blorauf plant today. Dynamiting Was.Done by Persons Well Acquaintec With Explosives GARLAND' CITY, Ark., sept. 4 (UP)—Persons familiar with thi SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, Sept. 1. (UP)—A hurri-. cane crossed the Island yesterday, destroying a. large part of the capital nnd killing many persons.' The most authoritative t tlmats of dead was about 300, with moie than a thousand others injured. :. _ << * Damage to the city, Including th« destruction of the home of Anier- ' lean Minister Charley Curtis, was estimated at more than $16,000,000. An enormous number of persons vcrc homeless, many of them suffering from Injuries.- ,. Communications with the Intsr- or regions were disrupted and it was Impossible lo ascertain the ex- lent of damage In the Island. An Insane asylum was dcmol-. Ishcd'and the inmates escaped; running wildly ' through the terror stricken city. Officials were matins efforts to capture them. The greatest damage appeared to have been done In the city'itself. The outlying regions reporting less severe damage and probably, lower. catuaHles. Many buildings were demolished, some of them the large buildings of the capital. Houses' were unroofed and debris and uprooted irees scatte'ret'. through the city. All communications wUh IKe putj side --work! were . lnler(Upied°"fpr'Y pe^kid of. IB hours becaus* : of the. storui. The radlp stations y¥re dls- D ' U 1J i I ' ; t.h contention that.M>*oh»i5&-\U I air Held at JoneSOOrO. federal Jurisdiction Is necsss'ary to rnnfps-; Pnv IVIfrthnnp , rcmove ""V possibility of landown- ^umebb i ciy iLiLpuunc jors cxeT[ | ng an influence in dis- Robbei'ies Here. tr " ;c '' affairs that might be preju- '_ ' -dlcal to the Interests of Ihe boml- Tivo negroes picked up by Jones- l l=ltlers - boro police Tuesday 'night with f. \ At 3 o'clock tills afternoon thc grip containing a toll telephone and | lioarhw had Just opened and It clipped wires, are sulcl to have ad- Us unlikely .that Chancellor Futrell nutted a string of toll station rob- -will hand down his decision on the berles in northeast. Arkansas, In-; plea until late this afternoon, eluding robberies In Ihls city. ' j • Toll telephones and cash boxes ]„,!„« DmiriK Stnrv were torn from Hie walls of pay! JUU s e . _ ..„ . ™ stations in thc Gofl" and Glencoe ' hotels and n bus station here re- j cently. In each Instance the thieves i JONESBORO. Art-Defense thai made good their escape without an ; he wns k , „ nt h! , )om(1 accurate description being obtained. to in bath , h|s w(f h The negroes were taken, into eus- . 5hfi lioU smothcrlng - sp(?ns . caused tody when a Jonesboro patrolman \ from f fa , |ed lo wln act)u!Ua i ^ C ?™f.™ S ?.'!?. 1 ,f-. 0 L t ^ C .u" t ,°." S '; I or Raymond Martin on charge o! - „„, ,„,. „„-.. » „ liquor and home brew of Corn Whisky Baths of a negro standing near thc Jefferson hole! in Jonesboro. Hc watclied another negro leave Ihe hotel and join the first negro. The for sale, and fine ot $50 and costs was assessed agnlnst him. He was arreslcd last week in a a n\niome. Feur haf pnts ABOARD THE also attend the fish fry which j at tho First Presbyterian church features the entertainment with j the Rev. Marsh M. Callaway, host Paragould dcntiits as hosts. pastor, Robert Smart, a member of the University of Richmond, Va.. faculty. John W. Snyder of thin cl'v and R. E. Lee Wilson of Wilson. were told in an interesting way at | Secretary of War Hurley and hi'. the luncheon meeting of the club, j official parly decided to inspect to- with the members gaining an ex- J day the site of what engineers say cellent tnsiglit into 'customs an:! '••••••-• conditions of these lands by the' talks. , Other guests were: the Rev. Samuel L. Joekel, D. D.. of Austin Tex., the Rev. C. Grier Davis of Monticello and Oscebla, who are conducting an evangelistic meetint- will be made by Gov. Harvey Par STEAMBOAT 1 ne " " n "' nls re '- ur " '° tnc capital, i :-.e said today. several days nere resting and relaxing, he said. Mt. Whitney Horse Trail Open to Trains FRESNO. (UP)-A horse trail up Mt. Whitney the highest peak in Ihe United States, is now open for pack trains. The new route starts in the Owen's Valley on the east side of the Sierras but also connects with trails from the western side of the divide af" Crab Tree Meadow. Because of thc difficulty, fer- ill be the first project constructed In connection with the Mississippi river 9-foot channel, thc proposed locks and dam at Rock Island, III. Army engineers regard the Rock | Island project as the key lo upper Crowd of Revival Hears Dr. Samuel Joekel Mississippi river improvement be-j "Vineyard of the Master" was the cause of the rapids there. Abject used by Dr. Samuel L. Joji !.„, : _ ..i- sorm on at the First Indians Find Cloud ject." The difficulty at Rock Island, it was pointed out, lies in thc fact I : nl »J I ;«:«.* : lhat for ten miles above there the uquia Lining ; r | VCr bed is of vlrg i n TX ^ and t hot subject to dredging. TONOPAH, Nev. ' (UP)—Indians! Last night Hurley conferred wif:i of the Round Mountain section.' where a recent cloud burst nearly removed Toquima, old mining camp of! the map. found the cloud had a sliver—or liquid—lining. horses previously have been "taken I A dru E store was washed away. | Northwestern railroad, to the summit of the 14.496 foo' 1 its 5to( * bein £ strewn over the fruit; failure to do so means death. In his discussion he tised thc church as the "Vineyard of the Master" saying the Lord plan'.e.l the .church under favorable circumstances; that he expects it to . bear fruit. He also said the Lord civic leaders at Clinton. Iowa, re- j would not always leave the church garding the erection of a terml |. alone but would bring about its de- nal to transfer freight from th- ; s tructlon by either leaving it alone barges of thc Inland Waterways I or destroying it outright. The'chal- Corporation to the Chicago a n d | i enge was glven thut Christians flcials believed today as an Investigation was being made. A series of blasts b'.sv out the middle span of the new $500.000 structure, causing $250,000 damage. No clues promising a solution of thc blasting have been found, officials said. Although state and county in- •estigators sent to the scene of he dynamiting had little real evi- ence upon which to base a flnd- >r, they eventually returned to a hoory of sabotage by disgruntled mlon labor. The highway department said It believed the state was protected on he loss by an Indemnifying bond posted by the bridge company. The falling span badly damaged i ferry which has Been operating or years across thc Red river, thus Mrtually severing the route between Texarkana and Greenville and Vlcksburg. Miss., known as State rflghway No. 2. peak. CHISEL OFF FRONT PITTSBURGH. (UP)—To avoid I desirable. countryside, inspiring thc Indians | to hunt for things they wanted. • Snake bit* remedy was especially paying $25,000 for one Inch of land of an adjoining property on which the King Edward apartment building allegedly encroached, owners of the apartment had workmen chisel from four to five inches from the outside wall of the seven-story structure. "No frald'um rattler now." grinned one fortunate hunter." SAVED BY 45 CENTS ALBANY. N. Y., (UP)—William i should bear fruit of their saJva- I tion. I The Rev. C. Grier Davis sang :hs Eolo .. A io, w .- The music is a fca- Poley. of Gloucester, Mass., was all | ture of the meellng w!th M | SS _ ready to be placed in Jail on a! one callcutt at Die piano and the charge of vagrancy but after he | R OVi . Mr _ Davl5 i ea( ii n g was committed he was returned to; j ng . There Is also a yoimi young peopvs . city court because it was discover-; choir to. which everv veiling nrr- II lock :;ews of the Crimean cd Uc had 45 cents In his.pccket | son of the city is invited to sir*. 'or a *vnnlr (rt oM In T.nnrfn.^ Xir _. .1.- ., l. - ^-- ~ ~__>.4.^ TT.. I ^"J ••* *..T.k\.« '- j War a week to get to London by messenger, as modern methods of transmitting news were not known then. at the time he was arrested. Un-1 der tho lav, a person cannot be convicted of vagrancy In that ev- cnl. He was released. estimated that about 22 cents of every dollar sp;nt food goes for dairy products. fo: patrolman called other officers and ! when they arrested the pair they ' of „ selzed „„„ 24 found a toll phone which the ne- O f n o nlc |j rcvv groes confessed lo have taken from i Man(n , aced a slster of hu wif the hotel. Phones and cash boxes; Dorotn Maupln ; on the stand to were also removed from the union tcst , r that as ,„,. back as J( , n( , depot and Hall Rooming house n ,' when cam nor fal , ed to ive rsUef Jonesboro The negroes are said to to MarUn . s svlfe they had trled have confessed other robberies a. . corn „ and ,„„„„ u (hc ^^ Walnut Ridge and Tun-ell. d nnd d lt regularly . They will face preliminary hear- ' B ' ings at Jonesboro today. »> .. n.. « n - Thc negroes gave their names as : Would rile I 3X OUlt Dave Anderson and Harry Howard.. jJd;-ilxnlane jCtiinjipbrtaUon' , :"^* f t-*&^<-~^f;-.K V. S. Will AM : , : WASHINGTON, Sept. .4. (UP) - Qoveriunent officials and 'th'e Arner^ lean Red Cross joined today to pro- ..: vide relief for Santo Domingo as ". reports told of destruction In thA city caused by the tropical • hurri- v-cane which (he weather bureau 'nd- • . vised was moving toward the Flor- ids straits. -.',.'. Ernest J. Swift, acting chairman. '. of the foreign operations for' the American Red Cross, was called Jii- to conference with acting secretary of slate Cotton to consider relief measures for the stricken city. ' ".^ : The sum of $15,000 was cabled to American Minister Charles Cur- . tls in Santo Domingo by the American Red Cross within a few;mlri-' utes after being informed by the state department or the extensive damage caused by the Santo Do,-- mlngo hurricane. . •''. The money will be used for the most pressing emergency., needs. • principally to buy ioaL With additional funds promised as soon^as it can be learned how . much will be needed. ' ; Plane Reaches Island MIAMI, Fla., Sept. 4. (UP>— Pan-American Airways announced here today that one of Its planes j piloted by S. J. Williamson and manned by a crew of three from San Juan, Porto Rico, landed "it Harry Griffin Dies f hiracn Mill the company's airport at Santo Do- imcago mm | mmgo lcday wlth n )oad of rellg{ ; Permission to bring a suit fo-- \n V»tpran« Hnsniral • back ts>xes a B nin st the Chicago m v eterans nospuai , M1I] nnd Lumber corporation win j be sought by Hal L. Norwood, at- j supplies and an emergency radjo outnt. Communicaiion info the city from - , Mill and Lumber corporation' will tlle air ^ H veie obmerat . di satd Griffin, local man who died Tues- Little Rock September 23. day afternoon In the United States __ _ , i "Badly wrecked," was the descrip- The attorney generals office <; ' , ir . n „(• q-.nin rm.ninon roiavpd horo Velerans hospital at Outwood, Ky also ^Mng authority to bring back i K° thP Pan A^prlcaS crew Griffin, who served In the nrmv | tax suits against sis other lumber j J "in-American crew. Hold Pair to Grand Jury ' for Chicken House Raid Forrest "One Round" Chisholm and James Johns have been bounci over lo await the action of tho grand jury by Justice Ed Walkei on charges of burglary. The two are alleged to have entered the chicken house of a farmer near Annorel. According to reports the farmer surprised the Intruders who fled when he openc:' fire with a shotgun. A pair of steel snippers were discarded and found in the wake of ths fleeing men. Criisho'in and Jctbns were pickea up by Harry Taylor, deputy CDII- stable, and are accused of enter- Ing the farmer's chicken house. flags and church bells rang. suffered | hc troncaato-s o At™< ° during the world war, suffer el I companies owning large acreages ot ,*,". " d " Caribbean «a are fee from tuberculosis. He was a broth- , i llllb * r i ands . i, TC ] llning j. H . Leav- ! L " v | nc ,»t for The West Indian cr ol Jim and Uuis Griffin of Yar- cm orlh nnd ^ ^ Andcrson . ; K^^^'u^ol^ Fetes Held S Tully company. Dlcrks Lumbe company. Chapman and Dewey - com P Rn y' tllc F - , T , , .Lumber company, and the Joan of Arc S Ride R'«* Lumber company. VAUCOULEURS —Fetes were held here on the occasion of thc fift'ri century of Joan , • n ii , of (UP) i rrospector Walks 125 to Rico, Haytl and Cuba are generally within the disturbed area. Porto Rico has more than once been devastated by hurricanes and in 1928 San Juan at the was laid 1 Miles to Cast Vote Corsair Floats Again; - Damage 1$ Not Serious Lady of the Vaults, which in 1420 | GCLDPIELD, Nev. (UP)— Marty _ was in the chape! of the chateau | French, old desert prospector, ar- 1 DARK HARBOR, Me., Sept. 4. of Baudricourt. ar.d before which ; rived here to register but learned | mpi—corsalr II J P Morgan's Joan often prayed was carried In j he was one day too late. • , . . $2,500,000 yacht, rod? at anchor to greal pomp to the parish church ! "I wanted lo vote for E. E. Rob- J day ' ofr , ne ' sum " m e r and placed in the chapel restored • erts for governor," he said. "He got I ovaries Dana Gibson, the n and consecrated last year by thi ; me a pension when he was in Con-! nav | n g bt ell pulled 'off Lo papal legate Cardinal Lepicer. ; gress and I thought this would bo' Iock at high tide' The ceremony was presided by j a chance to return the favor." •' A Called Insnectlon of the lux estate of artist. Lobster Mayor Phlllipps of Vnucouleurs ar.d ! The old man had walked !35 a number of bishop?. Tnc statue ' miles to register so that he ml;ht was decorated with blue and white ; vote for his friend. colors and escorted by ysimg girls j in white carrying hlles. The streets . Brain workers live long. Thom- of this city, which had presented . as Edison is- S3. Sir Oliver Lod« Jo>an with a nor;? and oqulpmsnt. j is ~<9, Bernard Shaw 13 It, am! wore decorated v, 1th flowers and i other scientists and brain work- J ers are "well past the 60-year mar*. urious vessel indicated damage not extensive. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly.-cloudy tonight: Friday generally fair, warmer in northwest portion.

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