The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1939
Page 6
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FRIDAY, JULY 21,. 1939, _BLrTHEVlLLE, (AUK.). COUR1BH NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Oally rate per line for consecutive inserllons: • , ••• One time per line .....JOc Two times per line per day....08c vlii'cc limes per line per day...00c MX Ikies p^r line per day OK Month rale per line ..60c Cards of Thanks........COo & 75c Minimum .charge 50c Ads ordered for three, or six times and stopped before expiration will be.charged'.for'the' number of times the add appeared and adjustment of ulll made. All Classified AdvMtlsitig copy nibmlllcd by 'persons residing- out"• lide of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rales jiiay ue easily coriip'uk'd from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken lor more than one Incorrect insertion of any classified .ad. IKES THE WANT-AW-?;, ^._..^ ' * ' > J '-V "•*' *" e i v J- > ?< 4" '••£ - "*u. J ' ~~ 'f tar i.^ PAGE >EV» -? -W5-' For Real Well appointed n ni\ furnished 1- rootn apartment. Phones 107 and 571. ' 13-ck-tf Collon office, Grand Leader" 7 Build- Ing. Thomas Land Co. lB-ck-2! BUS STATION BUHJJING ON ASH STREET! 1 . Possession Scpl. For Sale Milk led fryers. Battery raised. ATI's. .Russell, N/W. Corner Holly and Division. 21-pk-8-31 120 acres on bayou 2',-l' miles of Blylhevillc. Well Improved. Nonresident owner. $65.00 per acre. Urns Terms. welding a 320 .acres near Blythcvlllc. Well Improved. JW.Ofl acre. Thomas *],and Co. '• ". . lB-c-k-2-1 808 Hcarn. Rigid at High School. C room cottage. Owner inoVed uway and. says sell It. Prlcu $1250. 2 acres and 2 collages on Highway Cl .North. Right wliere the Overpass connects (lie old highway. Fine location for home or for Pill- Ing station. $2250. Terms. . Thomas Land Company lS-ck-24 Red, Duroc brood sow with eight pigs. Charlie Brogdon, Nonli Franklin. io-ck-lf Gold fish mi'iiimvs. Dav and night, E. L. Keith. 416 No. '6th. 113 E. Kentucky, 4 rooms with bath. Newly papered and painl- xl. $201} down iviymenl. remainder lo include principal, interest, iu- wrimce and Uxos, payable monthly WELDING nc and heavy w< Barksdale Mfg, Co. I'lionc 10 or Kcs. 1010 Male-IIclj) Wanted Route v in dent _ wuii> pany largest, best known prodiids and easiest sold. Musi, have car and be between the ai;c.s of 25; and 55. No cash required. Write P. M. Lcub, c/o The J. R. Walkins Co., Mcmpliis, Tennessee. like rent. 128 or '506 Morris, plicne 24-dc-7-24 100 W. Kentucky—8 rooms and 2 balhs. Will put in condition. Thomas Lund Company ,'.-.• lS-ck-24 Newly decoraled 3 room apari- ment and 2 bed rooms. E. M. Eaton,-713 Cliickasawba., 11-ck-tf 4 room unfurnished jipailmonl. Miss Ellse • Mbo'rc.' Call 221-J. 1013 W. Walnut. ll-ck-li 3 room modern, furnished, aparl- menl. 'Mrsi Henley, 1315 W. Main. 13-ck-lf Comlorlable beflrcom.,1017 Walnut. Phone 102. • ' 15-ck-lf 2 or 3 room furnished apartment. Newly .decorated. 9H 'llearn. • ^ . 3-plc-7-3 Modern 3 room' unfurnished apari- menl. Main and Second. P. Simon, phone 164. 3-ck-lf My Stucco home mid 2 acres. Has 5 rooms and bath. Blocked hardwood floors. Phone. 252 or 347. Paul Byrum. , • ' 23-ck-lf Cans for Jug with straps. leak. 7'/4 cents each. Brooks, Steele, Mo. Fishing complete Guaranteed won't Raymond D-pk7-9 .Notice Fishing License FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, IVf! ARK PREPARED TO ISSUK OUJJ FISHING STOKK LICENSE AT Ofllce rooms. Sndbury Bulidlng. See Graham .Sitdbury. . .2Ttf Personal SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWAIIE CO. .Phone 35 MEN OLD AT 40! GET PEP. New. OSTREX, Tonic. Tabicts;;coJ)li\V)i'. invigorat,prs,'.slin)ininxU. -73-ye»j>oidr-. doctor!,#ays, "I tak«'Xo$tre.x-:my^L self." size, special today 30c If -nol delighted, vnraker.-f re.tunds tills price. Call, write Kirby Bros Drug Store. Arnuse Slngfish tiyer, 'wort off the bile, to rid yourself of consll- patlnn, givs pains and ~ that soiir, punk feeling. Take ono box . o. KIRBV'S ACTIVE IIVER' PU,I,S «m at all Kirby :stores. - Wasliing, Irbhmg Expert washlng^and ironing. Cheap. Fiough dry and finish. 6 quilts $1.00. .One day; service. Willie Bell Green, behind City Ice Plant. 7-pk-S-7 CAN YOU STOP? Yon would not start an ocean voyage without life preservers Good brakes arc your ''life preservers" when you drive. Safety Service No, 1 FREE Brake Inspection It costs nolhin'g to KNOW (lie true condition of your brakes. Drive in for n FREE Inspection, i Safely Service No. 2 BRAKE ADJUSTMENT A complete and thorough Ford ABC Brake Adjustment, Including adjustment of Brake Rods Ji 35 or Cable* & Hani1 BrBkc [ ( (Replacement parts nol included) Safety Service No. 3 Complete Brake OVERHAUL and RELINING JOB FORD r-ASSEN-GER CARS Disassemble entire brake system- Free up all brake cams—INSTALL. 8 NEW BRAKE 6EtOES-AdjU5l clearance—Adjirsl hand brake—Adjust brake roc's—Lubricate cross shaft —Adjust pedal clearance — Road test—One additional adjustment aftsr delivery COMPLETE INCLUDING LABOR AND $n 35 8 NEW BRAKE -SHOES " PHILLIPS Phpn?107 JOHN BUCHANAN ICE , C.OI.Dj rWATEUJIELONS Kocmi and. Board rooms. Reasonable rales. 803 W. Ash. Phone 983' 32-ck-tf Only For Sale or Trade Suburban grocery and market for sale, or trade, Well located, established business, v Write Box "P", : ,,„. , e/o Courier News. 28-ck-U Welding KXPUK'l 1 KMCCTRIC AND ACETYLKNB Miimows For Sale Minnows and fairing canes. 300 IS. Mnln. Plione 800. a. C. Hnwfes. Wat ilcd B. F. QoldlUli Minnows UrOBilmi, SID Doiigiin j System. Phono Ixtne, Ixicul l!>i>k"22 GOLDFISH MINNOWS IJamoti. Cor. Rntlrrmn <fe »'.\HN1N« OHUKtt. Mrs. Thoresii l\t. Hclweter Is >CV iR'l'Oln' Wn nn.l » &.y, iiviiu)^i to uppear In Uio .C'liiuici'i-y Coiift for l|, c Cliiclin- snw'jii Uistrlrt cit Mississippi Couu- ——• • '>'; A''K:ui!,a», \v|ti,m llilily duvs Miiln p\i])py, Illn,.k curs. ;> |,| ac k 'M' 1 -' 1 ' "Us rtulu, lo answer a cou'i- -spols on tack.< Reward. Cull TO. l )l;l| nt Illed ti(;[iin 5 t. lior 11 1' Lost Notice Upholstering and M. Tomlln, 211 S. 1'lrst C-ck-8-6 USED CARS WITH PRICKS THAT AII15 RIGHT '35 Chev. Coupe oil,: .....$129 '37 Plymouth Coupe Only . -. "34 Chcv. Coach ..:.. $99 '35 Ford Tudor ........;..;. $223 '37 Ford Tudor ....:$339 '37 Chev. Sedan :..........,..:... $317 TRUCKS '36 Ford Pick-up ......:......:..., $139 ? 34 Ford Panel .:......:.....:.... $115 '37 Chev. U Ton ........:...., $339 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, Plionr. 8 FstlsfKclory (ilinllly and UTI-ICC In Dairy woihicts. Cattle free of Hang's Dlsetise, in best of physical contlltlon. Call Mrs. Grace Lowery. 002-J, for Ilalsell's Ornde A Milk. Cream. Oonntiv Hnlter, Hill- lennllk, extra or holiday orders, 'nsnccliuu cncouraiieil nnytlme. Uilscll's Dairy Promised Land. .Route 1 Approxlmiuciy 50.000.000 gallons of lomnlo juice arc canned commercially each year. PRESCRIPTIONS—, Safe - - Accurate Your Prescrlplinh Drugglsl Fowler Drug Co. fiiono 111 Only Olily Only . Onlj Only Only .PRESCRMiiDB shest SlMli ,- ccd !!osl IVicen Drug Stores I'rcshest ••.(iiifininlccd !!osl Schnefer. Dated (liis 7th day or July, 1030 HARVEY MCWniB, Clwk By Kllwibcth niythe D C lidd mid Kvinnl, , for Plaintiff 1-14-21-28 NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 Charred Skeleton Found, Victim Died at Stake SPOKANB. Wasli ny of » ikciclon (Ut')-IJIscOV- with Jjoiics, nioiibcd (.pcctil.itlon hcic lo whcllie; :t «ns cunt of an Indian 01 n white limn who Imd been binned nl Iho slake <ltn mi Indian \\ai- In me middle the 19th century Nell Wolbcit anil h'ls brother, Raljili, fotmd the skeleton gt^-a depth of 2K feet In j-ock «l>lle dlg-'^J glng a dllcli 'ihc bkull ' fcctly picsbrVcd. . a short distance old Indian trail cftui* ntta ijvi- spot Was" only from a famous" ' _____ i* 16 Apnomaltov ,v a , scon,, 0 { \j, K ' S '~ Miiiciirici fo Oiant in (he Civil, onco was fcnottii IflKlfl. Sur- CORVINE BIRD HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured corvine bird. 6 It is a glossy - — bird. 1 1 Short-billed rail. 12 Slipped. 13 Upland plover IS To suflice. 15 Fishing bag. 17 Electrified particle. 18 Derby. !B Credit. 20 Hops kiln. 21 Market. 22 Prison dwellers. 24 Frosty. ' 27 Horse's npck hairs. 40 An ertorf. 42 Card game. force unit. 43 Man's reading 4 Age. 21 Joined. 22 Wayside hotel 23 To reduce to tables. 25 Koisting machines. 2G It c<m he iatiglit a few -— : when . famed. 28 Undid wires. 30 Before. 31 Sheltered place, 33 Thing. on > 2- 34 Since.' - Elccirornoiu'e 35 j apancsc money Passage. 30 Ever. 31 Behold. 32 Males. 33 Rebel. 34 Commissioner of array. 3G Either. 37 To resurrect. 39 To rocjuire. room, 44 Malt drink. 45 Chnni., 4fiSlolhs; •18 Room recess. 49 Contour. 51 Branch. 53 To sprinkle. 5411 is- br like a crow. VERTICAL 2 Turkish money. S Dvvarfishncss. fi Participle of "be." 7 Gibbon. 37 To regret. 38 Discuit. 41 To strike. 43 Day. 45 Dwarf „„--•- bullcioj. Si,x c . 46 Typo of lOMore intricate cuckoo. 13 Tlits bird is 47 English coin, now -— i n 4$ L nva eastern 4fl Connecting. U. S. A. wort). HSenilitics. SOComijion verb 18 Possesses. 51 Morindin dye. 20 Unit. 52 Mistcr . 5th &, Walnut •" 0 PhoiiE 810 . By Clyde For Prompl »inl Cle;ui)ii(; Service Internal Hemorrhoids & Symptoms ince they me iisimllv mil pam rftUM " or ' * , "I"', 1 " 011 coll<llllo » fi "'"L lire enusccl more otl| V ''>• liilmnil liemon-holrts as well as other Bre: lllsll bloo( , "™ nttfine. in-rniusncBN, dull low-bnckm-hc, buck of and consll (i folly mid riiinKcrous (6 defer or neglect csuiiilin ' U»" and li'catmenl llmt will rollcre niul cure this allmela! Drs. Nies & Mies ~ Ark. Clinic 5M Mnln Tel OU Niiiv Located nl, 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE.BUREAU I'raprirlnr (if Kdiiiilf Typewrilcrs, A.l.ll.i s M;iclLhirs nu,l s—Hcpulrlnir—I'nrls—Klbhuns J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Grudiiatc O|i(oinc!- Irisl in Rlytlicvlllv. 'Glassc.s ritlnl Corrf.cllr TM3UI JOE THS AMtJ WAS IAWBE.T .' itE'S OVER Mrc- o, . AMECTlMG pUXCE WHERE SEE USt M SORF.v, G\JAT BOV, PUT III. HAVE 10 TAKE THIS... ER ...THE PIIAMTOM AWA.V HERE ARE MV CREDENTIALS, DOCTOR....AMP fAV ORDERS THE MEANW6 OF ALL THIS ? WHO ARE VOU? i- ves,siR....DUEno HIS WIDE RANGE OF ACTlVfTY, IT WA5 OUR JOB TO RUN HIM DOWN.,.AND NOW:- OIVtSEE- A FEDERAL AGENT VES ...VOU SEE, HE'S MV VOU? ^ RESPOMSIBILlTY.Mt WA5 MV CARELESSNESS V THAI TUfJNFD HIM LOO:> N ON 'THE WORLD' , QUITE 50., BUT, OFBCEf?.. IT'S NOT HIM YOU WAWT...ITIS ME! JOOTS AND HER Wtiiil lias I'tifr Decided? ^ ( PUG 1 ( DOOR. I 600D ! ^ I a.ooT t. scv, suf-roiw vo.'!? WIFE IS '18 VEAPS <JLD- : nECOEilj'T KMOW TillS H1FFA-HULA AVID WUA.TS MOCE, •jQl)EE6E,THC KID'S COAWABQOT ME. BALAIV! MM, IT'S A ClUCH TO 6ET IT i« SWOTW FAIC ADD SQUACE" ' ' —7 OLD BOV. KEP.E'S VOW3 . WE TOOK FPOM PUBV FHieVEACS Ato B6AUTV SECRET, AMD I'LL SELL IT. Nubbin Sprinijs BY MEURii-L BLOSSE'H NUBBIN IS GONNA BCXJMCED , YOU'LL WAVE WELL, IF THAT AtNT SOMEP'N ' WHAT'S HEf GOT THAT 'EM I "^v-.r WHEM You HARVEST YOUR POTATOES. YOU GOT TO PtAMT SOM6THIN' ELSE ^ ' .'CALLED ;ROTATJN' YOUR.- CROPS ./// ' How ARE we GONWA MAKE AN IMPRESSIOM OM ALL THOSE SWEtL GALS WITH A YOKEL IN OUR MIDST'

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