The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 1948
Page 8
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VAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH 16. .At BETIER HOMES --INCONVENIENT, ISN'T IT?" Don't ov.rlo.J your wiring syit.m. Whin you build or mod.rnli. provide ADIQUATt WIRING. Ark-Mo. Power Co. ALUMINALL SCREENS No Rusting.' No Wearing Out! PERMANENT ALUMINUM SCREEN AND FRAME AT WOOD SCREEN PRICES These Features: • Beautiful • Die Rolled Aluminum Frame • 16 Mesh Aluminum Wire WHEN YOU BUY A SCREEN, BUY ONE THAT WILL NOT REQUIRE FURTHER ATTENTION OR UPKEEP. GET ALUMINALL! DEAL'S PAINT STORE "1 00% Home Owned 109 East Main St. Phone BONDEX Suit Y«w Own Tostt Sod Ovt Mofctvro ol Low Cost ^ Concrete block need nol be drob ond cold-looking. Bondex odds Hie color Ibot crvotes chorm, olio seols ou* •toiitvre. You do borh these jobs when .you brush on world-famous Boiulex. 5 It- ptcg. maUl about «>• gallon, whit« ' Color Styling Ideas in the BONDEX Color Chart. Free from .. HDBBARD HAEDWABE CO. ARKANSAS l-AINT GLASS 213 W M,in si. * WAU.PAFER CO. «. 0. *OBIKSOH LOMEZB OO. MISSISSIPPI* 3 COONTY DUMBER 00. atf " **" 1801 u ' *!-:- v. Solution to Home Shortage Seen Houses of Enameled Steel Are Developed From War Industry COLUMBUS, O. < UP)—Lust ion Corp., nioilldcil from a. war baby lo builrl enameled steel homes, is working today to put, a dent of 17,5(H) homes In Hie nation's housing shortage before Uic ycnr is over. Officials of the prc-fabrleation plant hojx: Lo reach a production level of 160 homes n day by mid- -sinmner on a minimum of private capital and a $15,500.000 government loan. The company will employ about 7.500 persons at top production. Walls, ceilings ami roofs of the mass production homes nre made of porcelain enameled steel. Lus- I Iron will also make its own plumbing fixtures of poivcluin. Carl G. Strandlund, an immigrant who came lo Ihis country j from Sweden at the a«e of three, is the spark behind tlie post-war corporation, He Is president, gen- eran manager and controlling stockholder, although he invested only 51,000 cash in tiie outfit .Strandlund, who learned median. ical engineering in the farm implement Industry al Molinc. 111., hopes to build production up to H 45.COO- homes-a-ycar level. If he does, Lustron win produce almost double the number of homes pre-fabriciu- cd by the 300 oilier housing factories in the country last year. Tile cor|>oration president is set- ling up his home-building organization in one of Tno war-time Curtiss-Wright buildings on the outskirts ol Columbus. The porcelain-enameled steel house was developed while Strand- lunri was vice president of the Chicago Vitreous Enamel Co. during the war. He was awarded a diamond medal a few weeks after the war for what the armed forces said was a:i outstanding job. Engineer, organizer and operator. Strundhmd has this to say about, the $1,003 investment made jointly with his wile in obliimin; such a big government loan that it prompted a congressional inquiry: "It actually isn't as simple as that. That's all the cash I invest-, ed directly, but it cost me a lot '.o develop Ihe Lustron house and ge; conlrol of it. Thc stockholders gave me 51 per cent of the stock, or about 5803,030 worth, because of my development work and know-how. "All my personal wealth is staked as collateral for the loan, if Lus- lion is una'de to repay the loan, f am the first person to lose. Obviously, I'm going to make ccrlain that Ihe loan payments are made when due." The otficial is confident tha: Lusuon win be successful. Many of nis engineers are recruited.from the aulomobile industry, where muss production is an important factor. Key men from industries which will contribute material to the house are on his board of directors. Strandlund is 48 years old. New Castlio Home on Hearn Street —Courier News Photo Above is another of the Blytheville residences constructed and occupied here recently. It is the new home of Mr. Hud Mrs. Garth Castile, at 2012 Hcnrn. The onc-slory frame house contains six rooms and has two bathrooms. A garage Is connected lo the west curt ot the house by the screened porch at left in the picture The exterior walls are covered with siding of cedar shingles. Inside, the walls are papered on sheet rock insulation. The floors are of a light-colored hardwood and Ihe woodwork Is painted a light gray. The upstair;' rooms behind the dormers arc unfinished. The house Is healed by a propane-burning floor furnace. Loy B. Eich Buys 40 Acres, Four Homes in Tucson Mr. and Mrs. Loy B. Eich, formerly of Blytlicvllle, have purclias- cd forty acres and lour houses iu Hie foothills near Tucson, Ariz., it was learned here today. They moved to Arizona shortly after Mr. Eich resigned as manager of Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. here. Mr. and Mrs. Eich expect to make their hoir.e in Tucson. The property was purchased from Mr. a id. Mrs. Eugene L. DeRosa ol Tucson for approximately sJO.COO. The Eich.v daughter. Miss Gai! Eicl), is a senior in the University <.f Arizona ami their son, Loy Jr., is a stvident in the high school there. Bead Courier "Neva Want Ads. 4-Apartment Rental Unit to Be Built Here Supreme Court p oor Buildings, Reverses Ruling r> i r i In Negro Trial Core/e$S Fuel WASHINGTON. March 16. (UP) jtOfOOG —The Supreme Court ruled yester- "" -v ' ***f»- A four-unit, apartment building under construction of Magnolia Courts, Inc., of Blytheville is ex- ,,.,.,. . , ,, peeled to he completed hi approx- j of discrimination in selection of the day that the const tntiona! rights of "'" D NcKro " ™'»'lcted at Winston- Salcm ' N ' C " were vlola '«l because imatcly 60 days if weather permit.-;. Max Logan, president said yesterday afternoon. The apartment house is located at 530 Chickasawba. It will be of tile construction. There will be two apartments on the ground floor and two on the second. Each apartment will contain four rooms and bath. They have already been rented, Mr. Logan said. Cost of construction will be approximately S10.COO. he juries that tried them in 1940. The nine, seven women and two men, were convicted for disturbances growing out of picket line controversies during a laundry strike. The high court struck down the convictions with Just one word, "reversed." No opinion was written. The court merely listed 12 earlier Supreme Court, decisions in similar cases in which Negroes were tematlcally excluded from Faulty building* .-onstruction of farm high on the list causes of farm fires, according said. The juries. downstairs apartments will be heal.- , The Cilrlicr dcci5ions COV ered ed by propane-burning floor turn- I cases from Mississippi, Alabama f.^.^.."^."!'^"? uni !? wm b; Texas. West Virginia. Oklahoma heated by space heaters, thermostatically controlled. The apartments »re being rented unfurnished. They will be wired Virginia, Delaware, Louisiana and Kentucky. The nine Winston-Salem men and women challenged the state for appliances and each will have laws which limited prospective water heaters. A building permit lor the rental units was recorded in the office Jurors to taxpayers. And they objected to the system as It has been operated in Forsyth County, where the fire protection association whicn is spear-heading the annual drive for fire-safety on the farm, in homes and on the industrial scene. Millions of dollars in farm property are destroyed by fire every year, statistics reveal, Agricultural building experts recommend the use of fireproof building materials in the construction of farm buildings. Various building products are available which will sys- | rend,,,. t | lc , vulnerable parts of .1 trial! [ arm 5ii- uc ture highly resistant '-.> flames. Among the effective materials arc asbestos eminent products Suitable for a variety of purposes in farm structures, they arc resistant to termites and rodents, as weil as being fireproof, Gaso.ine and other fuels also are high among the principal farm fire hazards, [ire prevention authorities of City Engineer Joe Carney last ' Wlnston-Salem is located. we f! k ; Other At I heir trial, evidence was Intro- pcrnnl.s issued last week duced to show that only about a through the city engineer's office were to: Charles E. Roush. for a four and one-half room frame residence tl E02 South Lilly; estimated cost, $5,030. S. L. Gladish. for a two-room concrete block addition to a cafe at 106 East Main; estimated cost, S3,- 000. E. B David, for an 18 by 30-fooi frame building to be used us a temporary office; estimated cosi, $1.000. report. Properly stored and handled, alt fuels can be used with reasonable safety on the farm. But. a little carelessness may send the larm buildings up in smoke. The farm protection authorities recommend that underground tanks. dozen Negroes served on juries ^ „ O .v,,.,. kl ltl ., the county from 1936 to 1946, al- [ of "the type used nV^o'mmcrciaV'fiiT- tiiough about 45 per cent of the j ing stations, be used.whenever large population was Negro. One Negro t quantities of gasoline are to be was serving on a jury in the county stored on the farm. Small amounti during the term of their trials. I of gasoline or other fuels may be The sentences imposed against ] handled in galvanized steel cans. It the nine ranged from 30 days in the ! is also considered safe to store fuul county jail to 15 months "on the ' ill 50-gal!on drums, providing the road." I drums are kept at a reasonable dls- HYDf CEMENT I Unused Attic Space Made Into Den at Little Cost Unused nttic space, particularly when il has a finished floor, usually can be converted into a comfortable and attractive den or playroom at little expense. An ideal material for the walls and ceiling of such a room is decorative insulating board, which comes in large sheets which are easily apphed to wood framing. Besides .serving as an interior finish, the insulating board keeps a home wanner in winter and cooler in summer. They got exactly the shades Mary wanted . .' Trees Need Room ! In Which to Let Roots Spread Out Trees and shrubbery can maKc or mar the architectural beauty of the home, nnd when correctly placed will add considerably to the property's vajnc. Shade trees lerjuire room to grow. If placed too clost to foundations, drives or walks, the roots mny damage the masonry after a few years. Some municipal laws forbid planting certain kinds of trees because of this danger. For the snmc reason, planting should not be made where roots are likely to find their way into water or sewer linos. For shrubbery close to the house, slow-growing evergreens are best as they will not shoot up quicklv and hide the house or shut out air I and light. Groups of shrubs arrc more desirable than ihc haphazard placing of isolated plants. All plantings should oe made with an eye toward r teat ing a pleasing and unified ensemble \l bouse and K r °u n rts. The high court set aside a decision by thee North Carolina Supreme I Court which affirmed the convictions. The state couYt ruled there was systematic or intentional dis- tance from farm buildings. crimination against Negroes in the cases, The average whale, In a period of two years, travels a distance e»iual to that around the world. Salary of the chief justice of the United States Supreme Court Is $20,500 a year. Read Courier News Want Ads. FORCE Kitchen Odors UP and OUT/ mtoll Venl-A-Hood, ihe modern kilchen ventilator. A good- looking odd 'ion to any Vitchen with ilj eosy-to-clean while enamel fin : -n and' chrome Irin, Vent-A-Hood traps cooking vapors and forces ihem out o! the house. Saves lime and effort in house-cleaning... sovej money in redecorating costsl . Inttall a Venf-A-Hood in your present homef • fncorporaf* on* in your building plans/ $89.50 Z\ 3 WEST MAIN ST. PHONE 2OI5 VANE-CALVERT MAKES PAINT FOR EVERY PURPOSE! WE CARRY VANE-CALVERT'S COMPLETE LINE Call 551 When You Need Good Paint E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. 319 W«st Ash Street Friendly Building Service Phone 551 WE HAVE IT! • THE KITCHEN YOU'VE WAITED FOR! General Klectric Disposal Consists or Fine New Kitchen Sinks Water Heaters (Oil or Klcctrir) • THE POSTWAR BATHROOM THAT'S A DREAM! Consists of Sparklinjf New UathUibs New, Modern Lavatory Designs Fine Makes Closets Get Our Estimate-Yes Delivery Now! "Pete" The Plumber • FOR t WET WALLS ustAQUELLA Don't despair! AquelU hM succeeded where other mate-: rials have failed. Internation-j oily known—nationally advertised. See us for AQS fc ' tb^J: uils -3-£ E. C. Robinson Lumber Company ;il!) West Ash £t. f'hone 551 " 109 North First St. Phone 2731 HAVE PLENTY 'PLUG-INS' FOR THAT NEW HOME! i Lei us check your electrical plans for that new home before making a definite decision. It's better to catch a mistake iu electrical planning before actual construction begins. Then and only then will you be satisfied with the outcome. You'll have plenty receptacles for every purpose! CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 116 North First St. Phone 2993 SEMI- LUSTRE Wall Finish $1 .53 Q*. Wash this satin-smooth finish again and again. Sturdy Semi-Lustre stands up beautifully! Dirt rolls off so easily — Semi-Lustre is a dr,cam come true for walls, ceilings in kitchen and bath . . . for woodwork through^ out the house! Fresh, lovely pastels and white. HANDSOME, ECONOMICAL! HOUSE PAINT $5.55 Gal. Ceaseless research now gives this famous paint NEW coverage, durability, beauty, economy! COLORFUL ENAMEL! ENAMELOID $2.00 Ql. All-purpose interior- exterior decorative enamcll Applies easily, dries rapidly, rc- tUts wear. DURABLE VARNISH! MAR-NOT $1.89 <*t- n LUSTTOUS Finish thai resists scuffing; scratching, fttaming. Dries quickly. Glow or Satin Finish. HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS I2G W.MAIN ST PHONE SIS

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