The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 13, 1949
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 1949 BLYTHEVtLLE (ARK.)' COOTIE* NEWS PACE 1HJLU Dulles Advocates Approval of Pact New York Senator Takes lime With Colleague from Ohio WASHINGTON, July 13. CAP) — Senator Dulles iR-NV) yesterday urged Senate approval ol Ihe Norlh Atlantic pad. He said il is the only easure that promises to save "oui -s lor a peaceful and free Eur. Dulles said Hie pact sliould save Germany for the West and spike 'Hie Communist twin guns of false uiomise and threat." The New Yorker, appointed only last week by Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York, took sharp issue with Senator Taft iR-Ohio) in his first Senate speech. Without mentioning the Ohio Senator by name, Dulles disputed Taft's contenlion that the pact commits this country a tremendous foreign arms program. Answering Tail's assertion tnat the security pact could not be regarded as a supplement to the United Nations charter "by any stretch of the imagination," Dulles declared: ••I have heard it said here that this North Atlantic treaty does violence to the spirit if not the letter of the United Nations charter and tha, it represents a step bauk- i ward. If I believed that. 1 would, of ] course, oppose the treaty. Treaty a Step Forward "It is my opinion that the North Atlantic treaty, lar from being a sicpbackward, is a step forward." Dulles, who has served as advis- I er to four secretaries of slate, totd his colleagues that by offering a solid front among the liee nations, vhe treaty may keep the strategi- illy placed Germans from turn- towerd.p Soviet alliance under,' *hich ''all our hopes and plans for R peaceiul and free Europe would crash to the ground." "Given the treaty", he said, "it may be possible to solve the problem of Germany. Without it 1 see no solution, nor have I heard any suggested." Dulles added that rejectioirof the treaty — Senate ratification of which Is considered certain before the week ends— "would at once revive the Communist offensive Western Europe." He said Congress will decide how much to spend on arms, adding: '•Certainly we give no other na- I tion or «roup of nations a blank check on the United States. That, it seems to me. is a preposterous interpretation of the treaty." South American Indian 1 Customs Don't Suit This American Housewife LOS ANGELES. July 13—I.4V- Mrs. Johanna Braverman. 44, doesn't go for the idea of walking 20 paces behind-her husband, as some South American Indian women do. She filed suit for divorce Mon- against George Baverman, 51. ^construction engineer. |"He told me that Indian Vius| bands in South America made their wives walk 20 paces behind them mid that he liked the idea." Mrs. ' Braverman said, adding that he made her walk that way. Baverman didn't deny the accusations, but claimed in 1945 with her | knowledge and consent, he obtained divorce decree in I,as Vegas. | Nev.. after they had signed a financial agreement. He has since remarried. !S THERE ONE IN YOUR FUTURE?—Voi)'« probably trying to figure out the wheels on this bizarre-looking cat. But Sherry Stevens, who's stepping Into the American-made Gordon car on display at the Oakland, Calif., International Auto Show, lays everything is lake. The ear has four independently sprung wheels set in a diamond pattern This gives the teardrop-shaped Job R 12-foot turning radius, about half that required by * standard auto Heralded »s the or of the future, the sleek number has only on* drawback. Cbst to build is $5000, not including labor costs. ^ Garment Makers' Fall Outlook Co ' New '°" Comm '""" Jittery; Buyers Aren't Buying By Rieli»rd Kleiner XE.V Staff Curresiwiidcnt NEW YORK IN'EA)—Mrs. John Juniper Jones, in HilLdale, la., wants a gabardine suit for her fall wardrobe. So Mrs. John Juniper Jones goes sailing into the Bon Ton on Main Street, prices gabardine suits, then snorts something about "ridiculous high prices" and goes sailing out again. Multiplied by a few million from coast i° coast, this scene has started a chain reaction that would make an atom bomb look like salt tablet. From left to right. Mrs. Jones' action has: 1. Caused the Bon Ton (and thousands of other shops which send buyers to New York's garment district) to instruct their buyers to go easy. 2. Caused the manufacturer, when confronted by dozens of reluctant buyers, to cut down hi: plans lor making garments and consequently, to place slimmer or- •omen's coats and suits, says it iiLs way: "I'm placing orders for nly about halt of my ember needs iiow. Who knows that'll na]]pen by tlien?" So, with supply up and demand Iowa, prices have naturally fallen. One manufacturer of a nationally- rtnown coat aiid suit label has cut li.s prict.s from five to 20 per cent jelow this time 1943, He can do it, j ; jecause the prices he pays for ma- :erials have dipped that much or nore. Some junkers are cutting their profits a mite, too, as an additional stimulant, to sales. ' fommon Fear With both manufacturer and retailer. Mie one thing they -always have hanging over their heads is the bogey-man of a big inventory. The idea of being stuck with a warehouse- full of unsaleable stuff Is unappenling. The i-elailer can easily keep hfs inventory down by the simple method of not buying Memphis Air force Unit MEMPHIS, July 13—(/!*>—The nc commanding officer of the 25B4tli Air Force Reserve Training Center here is Lt. Col. Preston C. New- j ton. Colonel Newton came from Ixmg Beach, Calif., where he commanded the t^lth Air Force Reserve Training Center. Baby cotton tail rabbits are able to care for themselves at the nge of three weeks, Te/evision Set Fascinates Burglars; No Loot Taken ELIZABETH. N. J.. July 13. '.'Pi— I Why bother with a burglar alarm? 1 Just keep your television set in I working order when you go away from home. Police reported yesterday that burglars apparently were so fascinated with the television set in the home of Mr. and Mrs. William E. Weber that they didn't get around to taking anything of value from tv.e house. The police found the floor around the machine littered with cigar and [ cigarette stubs, empty whiskey bot- and looted sardine cans. But though the house was thoroughly ransacked by the burglars, police I said nothing seemed to be missing. ders \vith material manufacturers and even to caucel some orders 3. Caused the material mamifac iurer to slow down production anfi in some Isolated cases, to ti| sliop coinplctciy. 4. Caused some unemployment some curtailed working hours and j wages— and thereby created more Mrs." who won't buy until prices come down, Spiral in Kf verse Whin t the whole tiling amounts to is that the spiraling inflationary tendencies everyone was worried about two* years ago have, in j the garment industry, done a turn\ about and arc now spiraling Ihe other way, And New York's busy £>arm«nt center is growing utiplensanUy zy watchine the spiral develop, Tli is is the 5ea.son of the year when buyers congregate along the showrooms of Seventh Avenue, looking at — and, the manufacturers hope, buying— the latest styles for late summer and fall wear. Rut this season's buyers are ar- rivtng with double- pronged reminders from then- bosses. . First they're to remember that the wartime habit of ordering twice a.i much as they need— because they'll only ?et half anyway — is out. Nowadays, you ran have anything yov want. Secont'ly. they've been told t< buy cautiously, consume) demand ain't what it used to be. Bidding Her Time The buyers are buying some mer .of But, a. 1 buyer from the south says. "I al ways ordered three-quarters of on expected Augxust and Septembe needs at this Ume. But noi irri \ ear— I'm only placing orders for about 4i) per cent. I'm biding my so much. But: the manufacturers' inventory problem i.s not so simple. He's always working two or three months ahead of time, against orders which he thniks "will come in. Usually, method is to make, say, four gar- ncnte for every one he lias on or- ier .Today, however, most* manu- actures are playing it close—for very one on order, they make only me. They don't want to take a chance on being stuck if the mar- set completely vanish as. So, along Seventh Avenue ant .hi'ough the crowded cress streets, .he rumble of the hand trucks and :he whir of the sewing machines is \ little less overpowering these days. There's another noise—a slight straining .sound, sort of h'ke necks craning to see where bvusi- s went. BUILDING NEEDS! FIX-UP OR REMODEL NOW! GET BIG SAVINGS ... BIG SELECTION! 42" STEEL CABINET SINK REG. 76.40 A great value? Roomy bov/1 and ampU JL^ £^ 50 itaraga ipace! Porcelain finish r«- ^J^^ »istt ocid and stoin. tailing whllo OnT*rmi: 10% Down, enameled cabinet. Fittings included! BofarK* Monthly REG. 5.02 TOP-QUALITY HOUSE PAINT Words "Super" givsj your hom« bsller pro- leclion .;; lasting bsauly .:; li salf-cleoning, laa'o-resislant. Brushes on stnaotMy, easily. .White & Colors. • Rej?. 5.11 gal. 4.77 459 East ol the Mississippi River, the wolf fs found only in northern Michigan and Wisconsin, We haCc it nosv! Available to you on our easy payment plan- Won't you come in and sec ii'J Pay $1 Down $1 Weekly Per Place Setting DHEIFIS Meet llmfiu . . . Wear Iliawra* iV \l\l\ ITMU II KUM* U> I1UUU» Another buyer, representing a hi? midwest department store that dors a six-figtire fall business in imagine! A 16-pc. Starter Set for 12.95 «nd re-color* the le«t>>*r trim without brush in R or rubbinf. In brown, t*n, ox-blood, b!*ck. IT'S SUMMER, REG. 83.50 DELUXE GAS WATER HEATER Enjoy plenty of rust-Frea fiof water ^FOSO v,-ith Ihis new model 20-gol. heoterl f -J Fiber-gltm msulalion keep, water On r . rmi: , 0% 0<w() hot longer, cuts down on (uel billsl Jotanc. Monthly PLEASE DON'T HANG IP TOO SOON . REG. 5.50 WHITE CLOSET SEAT Crvorn* filling* 188 * j. * M' ' -5^; Reg. 7.29 Plug-in Fluort*c«nt A beau'ilul fivlur. at Ward* amazing" low price! Soh.glo»l«» W>l "«» i« •°'y°"V our / «» .yail Polished chrome end «opi. Whit* y .nomeled sle.S r.lleoort Hoi MOW bulbi. . REG. 1.17 PORCH « DECK PAINT 4-cool enamel finish , , . reshu peeling,>gl Sturdy hard- rLJ v/ood., .do'^efed front ond rsori REG. 3.25 ROLL ROOFING! •Co,«r. 100 XI. ft. I 75 w-... It's summer and many people are spending a lot of time in their yards or working in the garden. It may take them longer than usual to answer the telephone. When they hurry back in the house and find they are too late . . . you can't blaitie them for being annoyed that the person who called didn't give them time to answer. So, when you call, allow a full minute (ten rings) for your friends to get to the telephone, and be sure to answer promptly when someone calls you. Reward: better telephone service! SOUTHWESTERN Mil TELEPHONE CO. 90-lb., e/'ro heavy for greater roof protection. Csramic-rjr- faced, attractive, fif»-r«sistanl. REG. 4.29 ROLL BRICK SIDING! O88 Fiffwftlarrt ^J Aspnall Aiding, loo'n |it» r-ai bricl, cos'i much /^;s. Atlrocfc/s, lasting. 'Covers tGQ sq. It. REG. 2.49 BEDROOM FIXTURE 197 Sporting crystal- ropped suspended irade. lO-' d.orr- eter. Sturdy er,ome!ed hoidar. 1 Withstands severe weather ana hard wear. Resist! chipping, peeling. • Reg. 4.19 Gal. 3.M HIGH QUALITY, 4-IN. WALL BRUSH Ow j'rWoori or »ut. |79 Easy-working, with big paint capacity! Briilfe.5 firm!/ vulcanized in rubber, spread smoolhly. REG. 7.75 RANGE COMBINATION Oi, It A opproi+4 '88 4726 Both rr\oin ond branch fusM in O iingl» cabin*?. 115-230-volt 60-omp 3-wir* solid n<5ij?ral. NON-METALLIC CABLE REG. 4.95 ?7 Coppnr conu't;rjori, toL'gS ir.stj- loiion. Approved by Ul t- RtA. WARDS LOW COST TILEBOARD1 Ictf to 30 C for b-jaunful, lasting v/allf at modsinla cost. Won't crock,chip or peel. Choice of colon. REG. 1.35 LAKESIDE CLAW HAMMER Dfop-forgsd iteel h«ad worr* chip or flora. 14-Inch Hickory hona'e is $and«d tmooth,wax»<3. BIT KEY LOCK SET REG. 1.59 1 For right or left hand doort 111 I'/* to 2 thicV. Cast-iron lock cat. Steel plates, linobi. REO. 1.69 TUtUlAR LOCK SET | 47 ' Profect your ho*n» wi'tti rtif« slurdylocVsetl Solidbiouplol**, dull brots finiih. ASK ABOUT WARDS CONVENIENT MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN

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