The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 30, 1938
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE-BL,YTJIEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER MEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher J. GRAHAM SUDBURY, Edllor SAMUEL F. NORRIS, Advertising Mnnngcr Sole National Advertising Representative.: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, 51. lyOiils, Dallas, Kansas Oil}', Memphis, Published Every Afternoon Except Simcluy Enlcred as second class nifiltor al llic post olliee at Blytlicvllle, Arkansas, muter net ot Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES Dy carrier in the City of Blythevllte, 15c per week, or GSc per month. By mail, within n radius of bO miles, $3.00 per yenr, $1.50 for sis months, 15c for three months; by mail In postal zones two to sis, inclusive, 56.50 iier year; in zones seven and ei[ilit, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Spring Brings Best Out of the Worst A'n, spring —what you do to people, even such liard-noscd guys as would take an 11-yenr-oltl sliucsliinc hoy's oJl- lit away from him. II was "last winter" when little Joseph Hornino was working Into in Chicago, a city which :tt times ha.s iiiolh- cictl some rather unsocial characters. Joe wasn't doing so good, KO when ho saw three men come out of a Invent he beat it across the street to ask them about a shine. Now perhaps Hie three men had been too long in the tavern, or maybe they were just that kind of men, but anyhow they pushed Joseph in the face, grabbed his shine outfit, jumped in a car anil departed the .scene, laughing loudly at their deed. It was the only outfit Joseph h:td and he of course was mighty iinhiippy. He went home and told his dad. His dad told the police. The police told the reporters. The reporters told Chicago. And pretty soon the whole town was just as indignant as Joseph Boniiuo. But the llrst lush days of spring came on. Spring brings many things to many people. To one of the men who swiped Joseph Bornino's shine outfit it brought remorse. He walked into a neighborhood police station and confessed the crime. He called himself a bum and-said that he was .xoi'i'y about the way he acted. He 1 told !,he police where they could find his accomplices. The police got them. One of the men's wives came leading her husband to the station. It may have been spring's beneficent effects, or again if may have been that the culprits were just that kind of men, but they were awfully sorry also. The desk sergeant had Joseph Bor- m'no drop around. Josepii was kind of scam), but lie identified the men. Then the sergeant asked Joseph what ' lie thought they ought to do with them. Joseph didn't know. The sergeant said maybe Joseph would like for them to buy him the classiest shine outfit to be found in Chicago. Joseph said (hat wouldn't be necessary. Folks around town had already sent hj, n three outfits on account of that story in the newspapers. Finally Joseph a-kcd the sergeant if lnATIIEVIL.LE '(ARK.)' COLmiEil NEWtJ OUT OU11 WAY he couldn't go home, lie had a ball game on. The sergeant said okay. Then the law turned to tho miscreants. He had been pretty sore at them but now they were sorry and aiixioiw fo reform and bew'de.s spring wao in the sergeant. Ho told them all to go home. So that i:i a simple little story and perhaps remarkable only for the fact (hat it probably couldn't have happened except during tho first /"ragianl day.s of spring. Josc-pli Hornino \v;w a lucky lad that he didn't get his shine outfit swiped, say, in mid-January. The only thing wrong with spring ia (hat it doesn't come often enough. Rosy 0 m look—May Iw. H looks; like a joyful \W,\, if the Columbia University seniors have any basis for their uxpi-dalioim. The average senior at thiit: school, according to ii comprehensive poll, believes dial, in Ji)'l:5 he will be drawing <|o\v;i n ;jifil)l)0 salary. Student opinion at any large university is likely to relied student opinion in general. With such an optimistic spirit ;ibroad in (lie land, how can the great day fail to conicV Or maybe if would bo better fo look at another finding of the poll. Tlu> favorite course of the average senior i>i Sociology. Other college polls have disclosed (he same preference. A running-mate in the popularity race's has been KconomicK. Doesn't it seem tbal things may bo looking up a little in the old academic bean? I''cw of the boys who involve (lu'iii- .wlves in flic study of sociology and economies are goin K ( o Income .sociologists and economists, '['hat's not i.'ie point. The point is that ,(hoy're not going to In; looking at life from flu: outside. They're going to be equipped as a generation (o wrestle with the fundamental and pressing realities of the national life. They're going to bo more likely to "Sec things steadily and see them whole." Maybe, even, they'll have ?5f)0(J jobs. • The situation ! ln China 1ms been artificially created by Jiiijau as u public distraction trnin the serious problem its government, nice.; :i(, home. Nciwlicrc in tlic world is Communism crowing «t „ f;, Klcr I);l cc.-c:emld Eckclmrmn, expert on -¥i\r Easittu affairs. * » » Women lire harder to handle than uutomo- bllcs.—Ethvard Anderson. Cleveland laxlcab driver, suing for n divorce. * » * You know, amongst hoboes, you K et all kinds of rill-MiI-lfs just, ns tei , nlmost ,, s l([) , luwii.-Snin llcclit, San Frnnelsco, who is going to organize n hobo union. * * * • There Democrats «(c tiding jusl about as Hie Republicans riclcd hi (l, e Hoover ilcprcssioii.- licrbcrl S. JJi»elow, 0. s. Representative i.n.'i from Ohio, * * * Present expenditures lor military t.rc tlircc times as great a, just previous io tlie outbreak of the World War.—Dr. Nicholas Mm-ray linlln. By Willianis SIDE GLANCES By George Clark WEDNESDAY, MARCH SO, 1938 \Juis_CuRious WORLD THE: LARGEST KNOWN STAR •GPSILON AlitP^A^" ' CAST Or CIIAIIACTIIIIS <'O.VXTAN('|; MA. JUTiilm.] Hi,. Klnnil-ln. ibo Jrjvrif minify Jlrwt. HII.IH:I:AIII)I; TiionvAj.n— ]»i-r<-Jc jwlnlrd litrr jiortrlllf. » < Kli,. fur [io»l|ii,,,||, K ,)„. lvcd . Ht u»ra I Ac 'Miartiildn lar CHAPTER XVIII "^YELL, in llic meantime," Derek floundered on, "why can'l we just slip out sometimes this way without any one's—1 mean, ( lo yon really think, darling, that as things arc now, we oiii-hl lo make our own happiness too conspicuous? . . . Damn it all, I Know lliis sounds—" "I see," Constance said. fully, only to reorganize his forces for ultimate victory. She had often succumbed to it before, and had even found it endearing. Now she hardened herself. "I'm goiiiR back to the house now," .she said. "And it is rather late. Don't you think it would be —wiser—it I went in alone?" "Nonsense. Of course I'm going with you. There won't be anyone-" he caught himself up,« glanced at her swiftly, and finished, "there wouldn't be any danger, of course. Tliis country is perfectly safe; we never even lock om- doors. But I'd rather— really." He was (jo'mij ( 0 s <iy, "Dierc won't be nnj/ one about," Constance thought drearily. Bui if he were, he was mistaken * aw, i_onsi.incc" snid. A,, although Hie evening W ns warm "I'm lireil, Derek," she said «en- tly. "Do you mind ir J go in now between his tec-th, "I'm not sure that I understand you Ibis cvc- fiy, Constance." Then he came and stood over her. Even by moonlight she saw how the pupils of his eves widened with emotion, very black in their clear irises. "You arc EO Jovoly, Connie," lie said, his hands finding her slioul- flci-s. "Your face in the moonlistil is so'.soft and young and shining, like- 1 Eliall piiint yon this way some lime—in while, will]—" "I'm terribly sorry, Derek," Constance went on steadily. "Hoi 1 want to be quite clear about this - . . I'm afraid I shall be tired all tho 'other nights, loo. -You reminded me that we arc yucsts here. That's not entirely true Ibis is a job willi me. 'it may not last long, lint while il does, my lime is bought mid paid lor; and 'l loci lhat tlie work may be rather exacting." She smiled a little twisted smile. "Perhaps," she , , there's soiiic(liin|> to be said for this business of going to atxt early, after all. I shouldn't be surprised it I trice! it." Dcrek'i: hands dropped from her shoulders; but his voice was still tender. "You arc devilish tired" he repealed. "Yes, do go to bed, darling. You'll lecl diflcrcnlly tomorrow." * * * £)EREK, Constance remembered, had an uncanny intuition for! RECENTLY DISCOVERED, HAS A DIAMETER 3.000 TWIESG&yrE THAN THAT OP-THE GHER/5V TREES BE^XR NO FKU/7^/ THE 1 / ARE PLAt-ITED /vs ORNAMENTS. WFB.IS:E BY IJEABERVICC.I.VC. is no accident. It TIIM discovery of the new giant star a! a pair of giant suns, and ils .discovery i search, begun in. IBS!) by tlie Infc Professor mor director O f Verkes Observatory, and completed throu-h collauoraliun of three University L of Chicajo astronomers. "" : Is J| IC1X . : , .special "oraiu fuuil?V one tlie result of a SB-year Edwin Urant Fra,l, for- VOU'VE GOT 'TO BUY LOW AMD SELL HIGH . THAT MOMEV YOU HAVE TH' BAWK WILL MAKE YOU RICH IP NOD HANDLE IT RIGHT. PLEAS9, FISH, BITE.' A l • ONE,PLEASEi IF THEV CAN RESIST SEEIM 1 ME KETCH A BIG FSH WITHOUT KUSHIM' HOME PER POLES, THEM I'LL KMOW IF X'M TH 1 ONLY WEAK.LIN 1 IM THE BUNCH — OMLV FAILURE! IF THEV CAM R.ESIST IT, THEM I'M 1 LONE FAILURE.' OP SPR1MG 15 IM TH' AIR - UH. NOW WHUT WILL RHYME WITH AIR"? FA1R.-- DARE--WEAR WHUT GOOD STOCK IS LOW WOW THE TIME WASTER Fine Sense o!' Balance liililor, .lotirnnl of tlic Mciliral Association, II.VRciil. Ibr Ilc:illli all of this equipment, In (his term must be included and efficiently, (lie , criminate between colors, abililv to Knowing when it was wise jiol to o press a mailer— a feminine gift for appearing lo accept defeat grace- lc:>U have been devised f-jr determining the ability of (lie cyus of the candidate lo meet each oi thcs" mniiremenh. Another important, factor is reaction lime of the flyer. A isfactory student, roae!«'in ig-i uf a sccnii:!. If n, c ij mc j s more Derek said .shortly, "Evcnin,?, Doctor. . . . Sweet dreams, Mi;:; MiiMivell," and went quickly suilc. "Well, I see .you took my advice," Mark Rogers said wflh an . ironic lift of one eyebrow. "But it's rather fortunate as it lurnr, out. ihe sat- than i ao-lOOtlis of a second, lie is considered as questionable yn" material. The tests of Ihc reaction lime include tlic movement of the finger in response lo Ihc flushiiv/ j > • - ••-•• 'Ji"- <-"-v, uu - cf an electric light, co-ordinntcd rarl °eraph. record:; licart beats on mcvcmcnls of the hands and feel "' ' in rcspsjiio lo (lie [[asiiiii;' of several lights, and similar tesls. The Would you mind running into Mr. Thorvald's room again for a few minutes? He's not sicctiinj! well. Has an idea you were just another hallucination." He spoke lightly, but his eye: were worried. Constance tried lo Kay, "Of course"—cleared her throat, and stood silent, biting her lips and trying desperately Jiot to cry t « * JJE glanced at her; then apparently oblivions to her quivering lips and piteous eyes, be leaned against a pillar of tho gallery and began toying willi an owi-Jiaiigiiig spray of rosc.T. "Do you know," he said in a matter-of-fact voice, "I've often wondered why it is thai, of alt the people in the world, the ones who liavc plenty of lime to sleep are Ihe one's who never want to yo to bed. You'd be amazed to know the variety of excuses a doctor runs into for not going to bed al n reasonable hour. There are the .icoplc who have to sit lip for their favorite radio programs; Hie one's who sil up to finis!, books; the one's who sit up to—er—look at the moon; and, of cc'irse. Ibe one's who just don'l like 'o go to bed Jt all. . . . Dammit all. I've seen imcs when I'd have sold my soiil for a chance lo sleep an li.onost eight hours." •• " ile glanced 1 at'her bent head, ind went on plaintively, "A doctor can't do his best work when he Device Draws Heart Picture For Surgeons TULSA, Okla. (UP)—A machine that draws a living electrical pii> tiirc of heart acliou lo guide siir- Ijriins during operations ivill be displayed here sou by its inventors. II is c.vpcclcd lo revolutionize operating room technique. The machine, a new type electro- falls into bed al midnight, dog- ; • lired, only lo be routed cut at two- (,•< thirty for the rest of the night, j' It's nothing short of criminal pvac- 1 • lice lo turn up at the bedside o£ '' a patient groggy for want of .sleep. I have nightmares sometimes in which I find 1'vo written hundred:; ; of wrong prescriptions, and that j my patients have all died horrible i i deaths as a consequence." j '. There was something so matter- [.; of-facl and sturdy about him UB !; he stood there, just quietly lalkirir.^i ,.' tlial Coiislanec- found herself t* steadied imrt helped losclf-conlit!. ,.* , i .She look a final wipe al her : ! eyes, and fount! that she could say ' j almost naturally, "Thanks. You— ' j you run grand jjilerfcrcncc, Doc- < • tor. I'm ready now." ;': * * 3 :'* rONSTANCE was Bitting up in '\ bed willi a breakfast tray across ' ! her kncrs ne.s't jnorniiij! when her j hostess came in. i "Please don't move, Miss Maid- j well," Hildcgarde Thorvald U begged. "You look so lovely. :! You're one of (lie few women I I. j know who seem made lo have- j j breakfast in> bed in fluffy neg- ! iiyccs." j She v.'as in her riding clothes— brown breeches and boots, and a lawny shirt ot soft sill; liial toned iivcctly with tile amber of her eyes ;md hair and Ihc gold of her skin. "It's no use trying lo apologize for yesterday," she began in her warm, leisurely voice. "Or is ii? Perhaps you don't know Mark Rogers as well as we do." Wr.s there a faint question in her long amber eyes? "I'm beginning to unclcrslanil'" at least," Coiislanec smiled, "dial when lie says 'Go lo bed,' you're- supposed lo do il and like it." Hilda Thorvald laughed. Then suddenly she was serious. "What I really came for,", she said, her voice dropping to a luiskv note, "\V;K to thank you—no. To try lo than!: you—" "Please—no!" Coiislanec cut in quickly. ^ But the oilier girl went on, "I— George is pretty imporlant fo Father and "me. Miss Maithvcll. And Mark lold us you—well, worker! a miracle lust night." 1 wonder itoiu much more lie told you: Constance thought. 'H was such an ama/.ing piece of luck—Mark's rinding you." Hildcgarde Thorvairi's long brown lingers were playing idly win, A tailor knife she baci picked up. Bui Constance had ia feeling that the, oilier girl was;studying her curiously under her lowered lids— trying to make up her mind about something. .» (To Be Continued) j» phosphorescent screen whose j aspect. Irlls the surgeon the instant j the patient's heart sails failing. - must not, however ' ^ '^ :m hnimjvrment over old- be- confused with u, c leainiiu; time j ( >'! !t; <-lcctrcardio K raplis, which take which is actually a test of the men- "''"' '" ' " ' tal capacllj-. These investigations, nur.le by physicians in relalioiiKliij, l o the prcblem of flyng, have dour much to make Hying safer not only for the iiiiny pilot, but also lor the aviator in civil lite. They arc an indiratinn acim us tu how greatly ally is on human capacity. School instructor. The inventors plnn to exhibit it at an American MclicaJ Association meeting in San Francisco in June. rcaird is iiol availnblc until the film has ben developed and dried— mitjlit mean a patient's life or death. The new machine i:; an invention cf Dr. Frank E. Itoeckcr of tlie University of Kansas physics depart mint and Dr. Graham /\ s her University of Kansas Medical Seabrook, N. H v Becomes Yankee Grctna Green BEABROOK, N. II. (UP)—Tills town is winniiiK recognition as New England's Grclna Green according (o marringc license statiB- tic.s recently announced here. Last year 058 licenses were issued lo couples from all the New England states, with the largest number from Massachusetts. All but I!) of the couples were married here. August led with 00 mar- aircraft safely vlitml apparatus ot the vor tinis fiiiTclion .so that he will have (lie lullesl possible cni'.'icncy \vitlunit any undue nervous or nmsfiilur strain. Tlii:, facl. c:;lablisl»-<| | )V anlhorilic:; in (be medical dc-p:ivt- mcnl ol Hie Unllcd .SI ill P:; Army; ha.s lonii been rcco?ni^ed in crin- iicrtinn u'itli the problemsVi (inn-;. In n:ldilion lo these abiblir.:" I he aviator must have a poi«:l MMIM- ;I ix\lance and be able lo ;;•>( b^k ins iMJsition easily when hi. 1 ; l;ot!v is Ihrown into position:; which ;m not ordinary. Once it was tlrjusiit that a [Ivor had to h«vc a .special v.iml U ( m i 1K | and physical c(|iii|:iiun: aucl Unit really very tew people v.-ere fttie:! lo handle an airplane. Now il 13 believed lhat any irrr.oii who is menially ami phiM-.iHy noniml -an learn to fly mou or luss safely, 'i'hc Hycr. hcs'csvr. imi.s! have c/rlain ixsychologlcal l.ilcnl:, il he is (o become an export. One of the rraxui.'. ( f ,r Irir dnirc in (he point n[ V ii-w as to what Is necessary for ((,,. over has Ix-ni the rtcvelopmnn ,,f ,, cw apparatus ?m; '"'"'" 1WsltJnn ln ' ficlors rii din , ly ° l ' S " torriy '•.ir and .j ~-^ilc_. wind, cold ,1111 noise. Today the flyer is aided bv i,i- niininr.ibir msiriimcnts, sit-, 'in n shiolcied from (lie clement* ''.MnrV- cvcr. hr i-, constantly in conlad with n ground crew,'has beacons OUR BOARDING HOUSE New Hampshire's new Wood la t law. which becomes effective del :. is expected (o reduce tlic num- Two famous London hospitals I'iive no male surgeons. work satisfactorily. In the devcUipriKriil lor liver:; in ih c u. .s. uf .';l:uui Army .vjic; Announcements Hie Courier News has been an- thorizrrl to make formal nntMimjc- ment of tt, e followinsf candidates! for public office, subject lo the Democratic primary August 0. j For Coimlr Trc:isurrr j R. I. (BILLY) GAINES • For Sheriff and Collector HALE .JACKSON County Court Clerk T. W. POTTER Fnr County 1:i\- ^s%K!bnr W. W. <!iUD!)yi WATSON BRYANT STEWART I'or Cnunly and i'robalc .Tuil UOYLK HENIJKRSON I'or Circuit Court Clerk HURVKY MORRIS I ni- Cmiiity liriirpsi-nlalivcs \V. W. FOWLEll The Co to > lor News mont of Itic following c.indid.ilos ;•• '—" "' "i- i f01 ' c ily ofluvs at the Blythcvillc! .: they sat cxiwscd to I municipal election April 5 11 notsc ' ' J'or Cily Clerk ' MISS RUTH BI.YTIIE for Cily Attorney IJOY K. NEI^ON For First Ward Alderman Ji.SS WHITE S. C. (SAM) OWENS A COUPLE OF YELLOW SPOTS OM YOUR CHIU THAT YOU'LL' HAVE TO WASH OPF BEFORE YOU ARE CLEAKJ or- TM'SUSPICION of 1 POIMS AWAY wm-t -THIS PSRCY Witli Major Ploople YEH/ YOU HAD A P,EA<50M TO cSGT RID OP HIM w^^-O. AMD YOU TO BEAT GAS -PIPE STYLE PRESSMCE OP SHALL MOT BOTHER MS' MEAD ABOUT THE MATTER IS OUST AWOTHER IMPISH SCHEME TO HECKLE ME: FURTHER PAW;* LET-THEM PROVE WHKT THEY

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