The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 23, 1934
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MARCH 23, BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per .ir.c ror consecutive insertions: U"ve average wuros to a line; One nme per line ' 3l T»:o limes per iine jwr day .. 08c Three umes per hr." per day .. £ix tiaies per line per day .. Month rate per lir.u Minimum clitrgi! 50c Ms ordeicd to- tliree or six times and siopiwd before e.vpira- fon will be charg'ic lor tlie timn- lor of rtncs llic 'iU aiwai'ed ana aciuslmeul of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy iubinitlcd by i«rso:i.~ residing outside of the city a ust be uccoai- pamed by cash. Rates may be easily computed f:c:m above table. KO responsibility will tie las mi more than one incorrect insertion of uny classified ad. Advertising ordciea lor irregu- ur inseriions take the one Him. rafe. -UJKKCTOKV I,. G. MCDa, Undertaker Aiuuuliuux* service Pr.onc 3D WEAH-EVliK aluminum is belter and costs no more. Sola exclusively in Kubbard Hardware Co. 5-ck~l-5 Repair FiKiiilure Now You fan MIVB Jiiojiey by having furniture upholstered now as materials urc cheaper. We make the old new 1130111. Free estimates. Complete line samples. Work guaranteed. Jenkins & Son, 713 Chirkasawba We biminluc in I'lonr Sweep Special kinds fcir siKxial floors Hubliard Itmlnurv Cu. lac k4-1 free figure diagnosis in your liume, Mrs. .f. J. Davis, i'hurc 421 Mpencer Cursetiere L'Uc M-20 EXl'i;HT Typcwriur and Adding Machine Repairing. 0. S. ISIanX- enskiii, llli ii. Hose Call 1G",-J. •J^ck-1-22 FOR SALE Yellow iinscrs. full Ki'own CAN'A- KIES. Mrs. Jo? McFall. 1'09 Lake BARKED i-iireel alfalfa hay $:>() per ten; few tens half ni'.tl lialt cotton seed. E. V. Hill • !7-|ik-24 For Sale CHEAP: New Vitality nnvy blue PUMPS, 7 A A. Cal'l 306. ONE BARBKR CHAIR CHEAP. Mrs. M. W. Lee, Joiner. Ark. I4p M-lt! 1 Oliver cow crop tractor, otic row planter, one 4 row cultivator one 16 by 20 disc harrow, one 'J row butter v.'ilh marker. All in first class condition. Gay and Billings, Inc. Cc b'.-G TWO good jmiU-5, priced reason able. H. A. Smith, 510 W. Main. 2c kU REAL ESTATE I'or S.ile: III Krisl Davis, an cx- rjuUile home; nothing prettier in Blythciillc. Will bell un terms at GCt. Call nur ofTlcc for appointment. THOMAS LAND COMI'ANV. idle ascnts. C12-K Tor Trade: City properly lor farm LAND. Mrs. Ed Hard'in. lacktf FOIl SAI.K 11 ACItES ClIliAl" I am aulhoiiml lo oiler for jalc the trad ot land imtneriialcly wc=t of Compress No. 1, beUcen the Uu railroad Iracfci ton>:Lslii)j ol \"t atrc.s a', a vory low price for cash as a whole or will subdivide in iv.o-acrc tracts some o[ v:liich I c;in i-cll :i.s cheap as 5350.00 for the full two acres. Think ot il— This price Ls lc:« than llic iivcr- ki-gc 50 foot city lol would eur.t ;.ou and your v.-jfc tan make a Jivjjiy r.'.i r.vo ;icrrs litr Ihr whale family. Yuii will have lo act ci'iiick. It in lime now to make garden, and iininrdkitc j^scssioii can be had. My option expires Apiii 1st. Sec me today. J. W. Daclcr. 2tc J:23 AUTOMOBILES, TRUCKS Bargains! Bargains USED CARS 1933 DODGK COl'I'E ?«5 t CIIKVKOI.KT COUi't:, H Wire Wheels, Humble IOM AUiiuiiM court: 5375 !J 1'OKD V-8 TUUOK 5M5 IU31 CHEVl») SKIUN .. ?M5 1031 FORD 'JTDOK ^33 1830 CHKYSLKK Stl)AN .... SKSi iu:io UOAUSTKK §100 iO!fl liUICK COUI'K $1U5 I32a I'txY.MOUTH SCDA.V ... $135 We also i-.avi a larsje stout o! used tiucics at prices you will buy. Call U33 atici ask for a salesman— We will" be glad lo show you the cesl values in used care. Shouse-Little Chevrolet to. White Rat Ate Five Dead | lhll f s ..^ •>l^»u!. iui-maUlehyde iiml.nvi! i-aK rxcetil 10 P,,, _J n: j S! 1 ^;,,^. m """ ftl ;i ^J«'!mains. «;.r,^; u ..' C . dcfylng ivliile rat that ate live cuts iu the Fresno Slate Colleje was a 'Blthv from ji:s:iee (otlny. Whether the roilenl escaped nu- re's |)enallie.s for ealinj; Hie cats, saturated wilh iueii indlrMible r Mimlded re- Cals and Disappeared °< ~-, on , ]m ^ ^^3^^ '» -^^^^^^K^^^^^^ ¥RKSSO. ual. iUI')—A dealh- to yellow. I LOST KEWAliU lor return ol small gold ribl watch ami band losi yes- teiday. Mrs. G. H. Barnes. 1U37 W. Wnlntit. 2l-ck-24 FEEDS We b))ccialue in seed corn. 1'armfrs (.'ash Feed and Seed Co. riiunu 127. lap k4-u For Sale: CORN delivered lo you. >V. T. Riley, New Madrid, Mo. JiATTEiUKS New Ford naileries Kental - Kccharfinj - Repairing '7V TIHE & BA1TERY STATION KOK KENT UKFURNJSHED •! room apnK- mem, baili. Phone 327; night 55. 23ckti THREE room furnished apartment v.ith tath. •%!«. Dozie Mick, 110 W. Ash. n-ck-U Comfortable furnisheci BEDROOM with garage, if desired. Jlrs. P. E. Coo.'ey, plione in. 16ck23 2 story ir.odern house on Division, just north of Catholic ch-,:rch. Reid, Evrard i Heiiderson. Plione 382. I3c-tf BEDROOM for 1 or 2 gentlemen, 801 W. Walnut St. Call 451. 6-ck-tf r'URNlSHED bedroom, 1017 w . \Vainut. Mrs. Ea Hardin after a ". M. Ic ktl KOOM & BOARD ROOMS or room and board or meals. Good meal, clean rooms rates low. Close In. Mrs. Loilin 421 S. Second. 3-ck-4-8 WANTED TO KENT SIX or seven room houso; must, be modern and in good neighborhood. Occupancy about May 15. A. F. Dietrich, Superior Coal anil Mining Co. 304 YV. Walnut. 0 N FURNISHED Three-room apartment, with bath. Close in. Can 30ti. POSITION WANTED WHITE MAN wilh family wants lo rent or sharccron. Good worker. "A" Courier News. 15-',)k-22 EXPERIENCED Klcnugrapricr un<i general office worker wants pnsition. Available April 1. Excellent recommendations. Call 484. WANTED TO IWY >Vc Pay S2 jx;r ton for Scrap Iron. A!so buy hides, brass, copper, ilcad, etc. Wolf Arian, Phone no, 128 E. Main. 2C-ck-3-2G I'OULTlil' & KGGS I will pay iC: PIT |X)iind for liens r.Kcrjii, Mrj.'n typs. B. T. Worlny. :i!5 K.i.M Main. 19-cl;-^ I'resh eggs daily. II. I. Kcd srlling r 3«s. I'iiikard Store. 1041 Chirka- H A{ v; " All Varielies. CiiMom halelnng so!icilrd Gel each Tuesday, hatch each Wednesday >!AH!I,V\ IlATCflKKV HUchcr. Code Ccr. No. 8li AUTOMOT1VK Scibcrlinj; Tire\ ,V Tulcs, Kcplacr- nirnt juris and atres.sarie.s ol all kinds fir an> make nl <ar. Aiilnniuiivc llrpl, lluhbard Hilw. Co - Ic ki-1 :\ula Glass All Kinds Irslalleil The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. lOc kMO Want to buy nil kiiiris Used House hold Goods, Stoves. Highest Cash prices. Lcighton's Second Hand Store. 320 E. Main. 10pM-10 NSWERS TllPff GUESSES The f'mr ^roiijix t ,r -N'nrtli Amurir.i ari' tin- l-ciir. Hi,- III.ACK bear. <!llfi!ZIjY hear nml Ilu- POL" CONOlHK'IIBAliUK Mie original tama of Ihe a wlnMi tieeamo Hie District Columbia. Aboiit «0.000 izens of fhe lilted Blates living abroai. Hi.. .Alt m-a of cit- aiq OUR BOARDING• 1loUSE Jose|.li SleiOe. suulenl lab ,r,t- „, „', , "'^holder and bk-ele to.-y BMiMaeit .1:scoi-orc(l Uic Asc' '' " u tMvn ^' e - v '"'^> ">r, »h«i he w,,,t o ex, , H- a clo"', i f,, ; :r UU '; mk ' m ™ .^nui,,, (,i. '•-MS »hieh had i,.4, <•;«-;!,!,"';,!;;, t c o . m ,, •;' lliu i>o!souoii!i ihni-<| [or il^u-i-ihi!; |Kir|KiM.'s. ' '' l ' Uene.Mn the |i-| 0 », ls l]lt , ril[ . Hi'ail Cmivli-r jNcw.s wiiiil Ads. Youthful Plane Builders Set New Flight 'Record* .. Cnl. iUI>) — Known world records Jor m(xlcl ulriiiniie lllnl'.l.'i were surpassed here when planes built by Uci Kern county high echool youths new ;)l nnd 25fi nilniiles, iv.s|iocllvrly, Tlie iih|)!ancs. with llncc-fool "ml naivi'ivd will) Hv Alien 1 i SAY, fWV^OR- >r , "BASAL )-1 'TV1E UTTLE PHOEBt','M^ LIStN TO KIM? V\^t> TWEE LARGE LUMPS Of- OR. "BUT SOME STUPID L 'AVE YOU ^ .^U<56ETS OR GOLD ORE'ERt./FROrV\ J\ OLJ1 to^mci.lUr'lU ^ _ VOUU ^A\NE y ( c ^ ufv ^'P,HER&,C : .RABBtt)5/-<-URL AN ,i / /THe ^. 1MV ' / ^ THEM UP ONE NIGHT,10 \ WONDER, HI- TEYAS Tl-\M WOT, "DOE&MT inCLtYl L-ir >-TSC iN|l^'~1 1 / '*-" - l'-'l s *^>'-'V-, f^v r-NAjtvi^.v^i"^ ^ HURL WT A HOWUNS CfXT, ( L\KE A ^> tS^? if ^TSIO£.^E6AD ; TM^CY ^^rATO CH»P/H ' "-- WORTH V^^-^- -»•>*••& OF eOLB ORE AT A CAT / / iZ^|__,| I WA<S TO LtARH OF- IT, WHEN I "RtTURNEt> (S)VER COFFEE AHD BOOTS AND H]-;[{Till DIMES MS. - l>;uiil motors, were flown al a meellng ol Ihe hltjli school sky HiUkks club. ' • | One, limit, by Arthur Tlniruer, so.nnd lo mi csllmatal lielgluof 4,000 feet.. U.diswured InUi a liiink of clouds tour miles from 'lla (ilarliiij; jiolnt 31 mliiuk's later and was lost. 'Hie other plane, built by David IWametcr, disappeared into a bunk of clouds »t Edison, m-veii miles u; lls'slarllnf place.' it-was In the nlr iibout"-2&',$ jiilnul^s; Willis over the Kern fiver. j*!s- l»e ulr currents Vorc believed to Imvc made the record nights jxte- lie "Ploiieer Woman" sto'tui! M 1'oncn City, Okla., has been vlslt- i'd by lido.OOO jjcrsons since Its 'tcclUm lu 1030." Hamlia WITH SPEED. AftMfD OMLV WITH tills JASCED ROCK 1 WAITED, WEV WUHFEftR- 'i.;P, IIC TURMEO-50CK' I «LH051 HAD To CUCERJ I . r. I T/ WHEPt " TOOK MV JrtllER'5 AX AN' SPEAR SUPPED AMONG -m 1 noci<s SlWN «V AU'JENCE WAS POUND OUT' LOUD WftS 7U' HUE AW CRV AN' SHOOT f* BUT THCXIOU I UWCHEO WHILE my SEARCHED FO1 ME NOT A TRA- f v».">., . ABOUT TO SOCK ME OW -, , ,' JfW J f NOT A TRACE- OF PINNV DID | SEE/ 1 ^'li'iillIlii if'lj!«f^'"^- 1/ ^'« T -on 1 .' aUHIiliBLB.affiw'?"" " •" ««««. i Gtel ff nOPWOOO IIOI'WOOU CAN'T ST01' HOOTS! A onrmH i FELT U-PON PAV NECK.- AN'. LOOKING UP. 1 SAW, BV HECK, - • . A nurav wan n.- W .Vv\. 6CWENA '. V HO'W A V009 BOSSW MOit 1V\' By Martii AVT, econ MORMIM' MISS j WUi'MERRk. C(\V FOR A RIDE IT"? I HftDMT kKJTICED, BUT ' /WHV, AH- -/SEE, SALESJIAN SAM ! WHV, A GIHI. 6K5, BEAUTIFUL 6VES LIKE YOURS IF i MEED Awy HELP, i I:ID , I'LL OROI» vou A ^e C U!> Hp S r r! L '~ v °°> s f v ' f Vr ouji, JWUEE. '\-si;^r i-v fTui^, .^TICK 'en up, Byoov! SC^SSoD| D nor^ WU>!tT ' ™ S ( ,'- A(i /'^ '^- " ' COVERED'. SW.PIM' ft 4i —^w^X- " A&fMM ! Jx^ 001 ' 1 -^.^^ ' s^_^vfts^ UUH? Hi; II.ASTA I'lj^^ASKj;"!'; MISSUS! i; t<K3TcrTf7j VtoCo rr,r<M_! ,.,.s I >i^ > / V -~ __-- ' ' '/"'"•" """«»«.'« T . iic u 5 .., n^ J s By Cram STRIKES, AM 1 OUT. t GUESS 1 DIDH'T MftKE MUCH OP AKI IMPRESSION.. ^rv ' J //u - •' />/ ''! a i ; { /^T"/ g ; •/v^^'W^v^H-' l/^—T^S^^^V «y OIO.-J'T LiKeTrf v FRECKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS WELL, MR.SCUTTLE, OUS COMPANY !S WILLING TO PAY Yo'J 3.2O.OOO THE COOK PROPERTY, AS A RAILROAD ITE COM) 'r(!l{KKY! 1 HOT? YoJ . OUT.... MADE MOVE... AND THAT'S T-'E ^ RUHNiKJG OVER wnw OIL 1 . 1 I SITE OUR COMPAMY HAS j CA'J GET REAL MONEY Foa IT, . BEEN LOOKING MY PLMS APE ALL CHANGED, I 'THEM OUT.... MADE If EM ) BEUSOM...THAT PROPERTY IS JUST : IA- ' By htossei MOW... AMD WOULDN'T I BE A FOOL TO DIVE FOR PENNIES, WHILE SOMEONE WAS TOSSIMG IN QUARTERS ? m ,-t: • YOU'D Be IN JAIL .' ; RSGHT NOW, BUT THE < Ciry DCHSN'T WANT I MOV5, EH r t-'.R. SCUTTLE YOU RE NOTHING BUT A CHEAT AMD A CROOK 1 TO ONE THE JAIL A BAD NAME,

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