Evansville Press from Evansville, Indiana on May 6, 1908 · Page 1
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Evansville Press from Evansville, Indiana · Page 1

Evansville, Indiana
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Wednesday, May 6, 1908
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- - V ' WEATHER - Showers and cooler tonight; Thursday generally fair and cooler. 1 a. m.. 63; 7 a. m., 62; noon, 72 degrees. COOLER I Vol. 2 EVANSVILLE, 1ND., WEDNESDAY, MAY 6, 1908 No. 266 ONE CENT PAY NO MORE INDEPENDENT .'. FEARLESS OESTH DUE T SURE AT REGENT FIRE InnrnT n rrT .nT rniono UliCH I fLtCI HI riildbU; VOYAGE HALF FINISHED A cold which he is, said to have contracted while fighting a fire several months ago. led to chronic B;i United Pret. SAX FRANCISCO, May 6. The anchors of the Atlantic battleship fleet splashed into San Francisco bay today and the first haif of the world famous cruise , I was completed, rsever in the lung trouble and caused thejsm,h a n,apUi'fieent marine spec-death late yesterday of Harry C. j l.indsey, city fireman at Number aMnoBBnHH 6 hose house. ! The funeral servi.-es will be ' conducted at th Church of As- supt On, Seventh and Vir.e-sts tomorrow at S a. m. The burial will be at St. Joseph cemetery. Lindsey has been a member of the department for two years. He drove the ensine at number 1 hose house when fv-st employed) n the department, and was later j transferred to numb- r 6. He is survied by a wife, fuir children, find two sisters. Lindsey gave up his position on i tne detsartrnVMit eis"::t weeks a so in hopes of regaining: his health, i The hose houses over the city j sre draped in memory of the dead '. fireman today. He was popular with all the boys. The beils at the hose houses were tolled f.r five minutes yesterday announcing Lindsey's death. tacle as was presented when the combined fleets numbering 4 4 monster ships of war led by the flagship Conecticut with "Fighting Bob" Evans on the bridge threaded its way down the bay between lulls and islands black with humanitv. The monster ! welcome has never before been dine to accept places TAFT ENDORSED; SENATORS SORE By United Pr. HARTFORD, Conn., May 6. The Republican state convention today -enthusiastically endorsed Taft for president. Senators Bulkeley and Brandage s'ent a telegram to the convention declaring that since the convention endorsed for Taft they would de- on the P1TP-1 ifluW TflllMII PQflWEO equalled on the Pacific coast. Chicago delegation. WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN IF THE CANDIDATES HAD NOT MISSED THEIR CALLINGS of Laporte's Secret Graveyard About "House Horrors" Yields Up 3 More Bodies -Now Believed That Mrs. Gunness Was Not Murdered But Fled to Escape Answering for Numerous Crimes. IS m DEAD OR A MURDER FIEND? : v v : : - PAY-AS-YOl'-KXYKU CARS XK'K FOR PHTvPOCKKTS CHICAGO, May 6. Pick pockets and sneak thieve: have already discovered the J value of the pay-as-you-entcr car with which street car companies ai' over the country are experimenting. Working in pairs the sneak thieves board a car during the rush hour. They snuggle up behind a man with a watch fob showing, or a woman who displays a well-fiT.ed purse. When the passenger lifts his arm to pay the conductor, the thief's hand goes Into his pocket, or snatches the purses. The wad Is immediately passed to the accomplice in the rear, and jf any outcry is raised the first man passes on into the car with the crod to argue the matter out. His accomplice lingers and drops off when the car starts. The work of the pickpocket is made ;ess hazardous by the new cars. Conductors are too busy ringing up fares with their feet and making chance with beta hands, to notice him. The thW can generally go clear through the car and out the front -before the theft is noticed. If a passenger should raise an outcry he is shoved into the car. whre the conductor cannot follow until after the fares r.re all collected. By this time the accomplice has slipped away and the thief is willing to work the outraged dignity r.vket and stand a search. MS V A .Jl working Bflrjg wtWtr To mi - ( i Btf United Press. liAruui Jii, mil., -iay o. i wo more uoncs vveie huiiki uns ; afternoon nt the Gunness home, making eiht since search tiHol ' yesterday morning or 14 mysterious deaths in tlie case. This miikes the (Junness farm a grave yartl for murder victims without numerical equal in the history of America. The search continues. The postmaster here this afternoon asserted that Mrs. iun-ness was a Bluebeard in skirts and that she received at least ten letters every day for years from all parts of the country in answer to matrimonial bureau advertisements. The most startling development besides the discovery of the three bodies today is that the authorities had evidence to support a oelier that a seconu ltoimes'asiie exists in . t incago where murders by the wholesale have been committed and the bodicM sent, to Mrs: timiucss or brought here by her anil uip;sed of. All evidence points to her as a woman thirsty for murder, especially if she could gain money thereby. Hi t ::-:.":.-'-- -::-:-::":-:;-- 'I ... ' 5- TE A A A A A A LLS OF WOMAN'S LEAP, BUT DOCTORS DENY IT Mrs. J. W. Gest. 323 Harriet- j ing a leap the woman had taken st declared to a Press reporter i from a secoud story window. She said she was told by an employe at tae sanitarium, that the wo- todav that she saw a woman ly ing prostrate on the sidewalk iu front of Gilbert's sanitarium early yesterday morning, follow- STRIKING ELECTMCIIL MEN SII iliifl REFUSED TO 1ISTEI s.-.n p'e.-trh-al workers who 1 The men deny that vv.fiviti r.-.r!W "ot k,UJ,ft" u,,?'r grievance and Electric Light would not sign a wage scale and shop rules, said today through Roy Hcskinson. fist vice president of the district council of electrical trades, that they would etand pat on thei; demands and challenge Manage McDonald to carry out his alleced threat ' that he bnted two u: ions and could bust another." The electrical workers have presented an agre-'inent from the contractors of the city calling for an increase of w.'.ges on Sept. 1 for inside workers of from $3.00 to ?3.2 a day and for linemen fiom $;.T" to SS.OO a day. All private companies signed but one and their contract is pending. he stated. company . , . man had jumped from the window to escape confinement in the hospital. The Press investigated the report of an attempted suicide at the hospital, but Dr. W. H. Gilbert said that the neighborhood talk was without foundation. Dr. Gilbert admitted that Mrs. Lena Schmidt, rebelling at her enforced confinement in the hospital, had made several attempts to flee from the place, and on four occasions had been pursued on the street by hospital attaches before being caught and returned to lier room. Dr. Gilbert said WORK FOR IDLE IS PROMISED BY HARRIMAN By United Press. , LAPORTE, Ind., May 6. The horror attending the finding of j another dead body today at the home of Mrs. Bella Gunness was I increased to even higher pitch this afternoon by the finding of evidence of many more bodies. In a rubbish heap several small bones were found and the searchers at once started digging up the loose ground under the rubbish. Mrs. Christofereon. the only neighbor who ever got acquaint ed with Mrs. Gunness. said today j that a year ago a strange man i wearing a fur overcoat appeared ; at the Gunness home. Later he j disappeared and Mrs. Gunness ; wore the fur overcoat. She eakl i the man gave it to her. Shortly after that a large man with a red mustache appeared and soon j after disappeared. Mrs. Gunness said he answered her advertisement for a husband, but didn't suit her. Two weeks after he disappeared a third man. said to have been in the luiSr business in Wisconsin, called but dropped out of sight. A House of Death Fate seems always to have hung over the Gunness house. Its first occupant. Mattie Alblc. conducted a notorious resort there, and died suddenly under suspicious circumstances. Next two brothers named Breeding, died so suddenly that the corner was called to Investigate. A little later the next occupant, named Edie. committed suicide by hanging. Then came Mrs. Gunness with her reign of traaedy. Anton Olson and his daughter, father and sister of Jennie Olson, who disappeared after living some time with Mrs. Gunness this morning positively identified the body found yesterday as Jennie's. The head of the body had been cut off and the trunk hor ribly mutilated. The sixth body to be unearthed : i FOFRTEKX DEATHS ' IN MYSTERY First husband of Mrs. Gunness, supposed to have been poisoned. Her second husband whose skull was fractured. Her adopted daughter, Jennie Olsen, Eldergreci or Heldgren, of Aberdeen. S. D. Unknown woman found in ruins of the home with the three Gunness children. At first supposed to have been Mrs. Gunness. but now believed a substitute. 1 wo unknown tm n. j Another unidentified fe- j male. i Three bodies found todav. M IIS. 15KLLA (JEWESS. Was she murdered? Or is she responsible for the murder of 111 persons and now a fugitive? These questions are now being asked in connection with the most astounding series of murders brought to light since those of Hcli. m's and Johann Hocii. The picture also shows Mrs. Gunness' youngest child. MAY TELL ALL f. McDonald as Thev sav tliev first an agreement by mail i Mrs. Schmidt had rushed into the flj.- T'vlted Press SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, May 6. At a meeting of the stock-! holders of the Union Pacific rail-! way, at which 76 per cent -of the; stock was represented, the direc-; within 24 hours was found after tors were authorized to issue nine o'clock this morning. This $100,000,000 in bonds to improve makes twelve mysterious deaths the system and to purchase the ( in connection with the Gunness Ka nsas and Western and Topeka case. and Northwestern railroads. j The body was found, at the The principal object of raising side of the two holes dug yester-money at this time. Recording to : dav in which five bodies were Harriman's statement, is to give . found. The last body was found j employment to the idle railroad : under cobble stones buried two j workers. Of the $1 00.000.000 to ' feet under the surface. It had j oe issued. $ao,vuo,uo.o win be . evidently been buried a year or held in reserve in the treasury. 1 mo'-e. j The evidence now indicates V ! t 1 1 Mi I ! jv w. v I-..V--. .f.j -s. si- 4 v.WS.N 5nV if 1 s 1 r EUER TAK AR1ISG SHOT Pecause would not church on Brennecke to go to evenings ! 0 Mcnroe- and last week called in person, j street early yesterday morning, but he refused to discuss the mat- j but thst the report was untrue, ter with them. They say the i that she had" jumped to the side-company is willing to give the J walk from a second story win-inside workers an increase and I dow. grant the provision for the closed I "Mrs. Schmidt was pursued for shop, but is unwilling to advance several blocks," said Dr. Gilbert, the linemen. Hoskinscn says I "but she was finally caught and they will stand pat for the line-1 overpowered by one of my at-men. 1 tendants." KILLS NEGRESS IN JEALOUSY Ka U"ite Press. WASHINGTON C. II., O.. May 6. After shootirg and killing Lida Bird, a colored girl, of whom he was jealous. Bert Pc.var.ey. white, shot and killed Silas Shackleford. who with others attempted to arrest him, and then committed suicide. Devaney, who was a well known horseman, had a wife living in a near by town. : I HARM IS DOMINATED j , A . that Mrs. Gunness was not mur- dered but that she murdered her RAY' LAMPHERE. He is Mrs. Gunnes.' former hired man who was suspected of murdering her. It is believed he knows much about the dead i bodies found about the Gumioss ! home. l.amphere is under ar rest. Vg United Press. COLUMBUS O.. May 6.- Qff-ll Rrvan'c fritfititc it ic an -Ohio attempt on the part of the liquor! -o,. nmin,tH inA- interests oi uuio to smetracK an INNOCENT WOMAN KILLED BY BOMB B United Prrs$. " MOSCOW, May 6. An unsuccessful attempt was made lo assassinate the governor of Voro-S nesh today.- A bomb was burled at the carriage as be drove Ih rough the main street with his f wife, but the missile exploded with teniae force, tearing to ihi.-d.t a w civ, a n ""'0 ur;s fJfrfTs. . t 1 sou Harmon, of Cincinnati, for governor and endorsed Bryan for president. The platform forgoes discussion of national questions and sends sympathy to Grover Cleveland. This is the first time Cleveland has been mentioned in the platforms of any Democratic state convention in years. Harmon lacked only Ave votes on the first ballot and was nomin ated on the second. Harmon was opposed by Tom Johnson, representing the anti-corporation wing of the party. Johnson issued this statement before the nomination was made: "Harmon's nomination is a trap set by Bryan's enemies to great issues and plaster the j whisky label all over the Demo- j cratic party." WAXES AY ASH VP l.OOT OF UOM) IU CCANEER LISBON, May 6. Treasure secreted by Portuguese pirates centuries ago has been found by fishermen at the seaside village of Para-delha. The village is being slow- ly washed away by the sea. At the last onslaught of' the waves the earth crumbled and exposed to the astonished fishermen great quantities of buried treasure. Many of the fieshcrman fell on their taces and prayed. They attributed the aj. anee of the gold t miracle Gold and silver loons, jeweled crosses. quaint finger rings, ear rings, silver censer?, and gold coin were In the find. One fisherman secured $600 worth of gold coin. Mrs. Gunness reported to Chief of Police Cochran that a child had been murdered in the woods back of her house by a man and a woman. The officer investigated, but could find no trace of a a children and left an unknown woman's headless body because a in making her escape she could , not take with her the little chil- dren without being apprehended. The basement and walls of the t crime. A few days later Mrs a Gunness home were examined to- j Gunness told him she could take i day and tappings indicated sev-: njm to the grave. She took him j eral hollow places. The walls J to Ihe woods and showed him a will be torn down iu a h-tut for : freshly dug hole explaining that further bodies. The' startling j jQ the meantime somebody had revelations of yesterday and to- j removed the body. day have awakened the people to j Mrs. Gunness was always con- scores of strange happenings at ; sidored eccentric. If visitors the Gunness nome. Last summer , called she "sicked" dogs on them. I - : .p ear- fi I S H 1 1 1 1 1 I lEIii I o a I M ii M i Lit lit! I L L aolb tUI 1,1 III3 LU MM II L HELDJIM UP ! i V V GIRL WIELDS RAZOR WITH FATAL EFFECT Bif rutted Pre NEW YORK, May 6. Suddenly crazed ' today, 16-year-old Amelia Cantanla Jumped up from ber cot in the barber shop ot An ton ft Perrnco, seised a razor and mle a desperate attempt to murder six other occupant of the place. Two of ber victims are now 1t a-hc-fpltal dylrs. GR LS HOPE TO MAKE A CAMP OF STREET CAR! a If hopes of Miss Eleanor Fos-1 malaria, but we did not have ter, secretary of the Working ' day's sickness," said Miss Foster Girls association, are fulfilled, the summer camp at Ross and Slaughter-avs will be "Carville." She is trying to get abandoned street ears from tie company which bave hitherto been disposed of in a bonfire. With trolley and trucks removed, and the seats taken out these cars make handsome and convenient dormitories, with room for two cots. If enough could be obtained they would be placed side by side to form a street. The girls expect to be greatly benefited In health by the outdoor life whlci 30 of them expect to begin. June 1. "Everybody predicted last year that vre woii4 fair - victims . ft Those who were in the very best of health became much stronger." Mrs. - Helen Ames has donated a new piano for the Second-st rooms- and the old one will be taken out to the camp to enliven the evenings. J A Young Women's Auxiliary has been formed with Miss Eber-wine .president; Miss Nelson, secretary; Miss Anna Grusard, treasurer. These -are young women who-do not take part in all activities 'of the association, but wish to help on tie building fund. That his wife cornered him in a room, covering him with a revolver and would have killed him if ho had not grabbed the weapon from her, that she threw a heavy white pitcher at him which he caught, that she threw a butcher knife and heavy cleaver at him which he also luckily caught, were statements of John Reising, 14 E. Florence-st, iu his defense to his wife's charge that he struck her and gave her a black eye which was plainly visible in City court this morning. She wanted him to give up his wages, but he said he refused. He charged that she wanted to buy liquor. He was discharged. Reising is employed by the Schroeder Headlight company. She was frequently seen up as late as 2 o'clock in the morning walking about her yard or farm. Mrs. Minnie Olander freely discussed the strange story at Chicago today following the receipt of a tolegram from the sheriff at Laporte. She said Mrs. Gunness told her Jennie Olson was in school at Los Angeles, but after corresponding wi!h the police there they could gain no trace of her. Mrs. Gunness refused further information concerning Jennie. Mrs. Guness' relatives in Chicago have become close "mouthed concerning the estrangement that has existed for 20 years between Chief allow him Wednesday and go to his home. 6: av, for lunch, instead of earing at a restaurant or police station, Capt. Henry C. Heuer. member of the force for eighteen years, has resigned. "An order received from the chief to eat. uptown or bring my lunch to headquarters instead of going to my family for lun-h at 10 p. m. was the last straw," said Heuer today. "An hour off duty was given me at 10 p. m. for lunch-, when a sergeant took my place. Why I should eat my lunch in a restaurant, or at headquarters insiead of at my home. I can't see. Besides the fact that the sergeant took my place during that, time, I could be reached by telephone more easily at my home to transact any business that might come up than at a restaurant. If I should eat at headquarters. I would not be getting iwy time off. I was always on the lookout, to see if there was anything doing while ridi::g to lun-h and back and thus was on duty. I was never more than a few minutes late, as records show. "I was not allowed to a,o to the Wells-Bijou " theater, though I might be easily called if needed, as it is .iust across the street from police station. I was not allowed to go to the Christian church at Seventh and Walnut-sis.- though other members cf the force are allowed to go to church viiKe on duty Sunday morning. "Chief F-reiinerke he a-,-io so domineering that I could stand it no longer." It is expected that a successor will be chosen by the Safers Thursday night. He jcv will probablv go into business, but he has made no plans. (Continued on Page Four.) IN BANKRUPTCY Frank J. Wintz, 414 M;:in-st, doing business as the Wlntz Furniture company, filed a. petition in bankruptcy with Commissioner Wartman today. Assets $i!.200; liabilities, $9,414. Paris A posthumous child is expected by the widowed Duchess de Chanlness, formerly Miss Theodora Shonts and she -a ill not return to America now ;is it is considered unsafe for her to make the journey. Dublin Richard f Croker denied he will retutb to America to restore peace between warring bemocratic 'factHsn. He said Bryan' would, make a good presi-1 a wanderer' and. had no home or YOUTH SENTENCED Frank L. Clark, 17, was sentenced from one to eight years In Jeffersonville reformatory for petit larceny this afternoon. He was charged with stealing $50 worth of ' merchandise from the L. & N. " news stand several months ago. Clarke said he was dsnt: known reltlvet. T FATAL O. K. Pemberton, brakeman on the ill-fated train which was caught in a cloudburst near Belleville, 111., yesterday morning, returned to his home in Howell today and told of a narrow escape from death. - Pem-berton'B hand is badly crushed, and he sustained numerous bruises about the body. Pemberton was in the engine with the engineer and fireman when, the engine turned over In the" 15 fet of. water. "I heard the croaas ot nu com panions as they lay pinioned-beneath the engine," said rember-ton. "I managed to emerge through the cab window, but had to swim to safety." Pemberton lives at 230 Arling-ton-av, Howell. The body of Engineer Carl Ward, 38 Delmar-av, arrived in the city over the L. & N. at 2:30 a. m. today, and was taken to a morgue. The funeral arrangements bave not been completed. Fireman Fred Weissmann, who w3 also killed, was burled at East St. Louis today. -

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