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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 5

St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 5

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:

JrV DAILY AND SUNDAY, 15 CENTS A WEEtt. Smttwg ggcndwgt St gmris jgcst-gisplcfc pril 8, "1884, DAU.T ANDjSUNDAT, 15 CENTS A WEES. Our Wonderful A ot reced ted Offer by the More of Those Wonderful Bargains. Brass Tables, with Onyx top, wor th 7. 50, (tj fl fl OJJiUU All Gas Stoves and Ranges bought of us (this week only) connected direct with meter free of charge including all necessary pipe and fittings. And notwithstanding this grand offer our prices are FAR AND AWAY BELOW any in St. Louis. For Monday we offer a 4-burner Gas Range, with double burners also in the ovens one of the most reliable Gas Ranges made fifi at the hitherto unheard-of price of U) 1 0 1 SJ These are the ranges you will pay $22 to $28 for at regular stove stores, and your connections will cost you from $5.00 to $8.00 gniriirmimmiiriimuTrjiHiiitunniiimFjrinunnitHiiJiuiuiiiiiiuMnmiu 3d Floor Bargains. 5000 Wire Fruit Baskets, with porcelain center; cut C. from ioc, Uu 500 Japanese Flower 24 inches high, each Stands, 20c 5000 Perforated Chair Seats, with brass tacks to put them on, each uu 1000 good Scrub worth ioc, each Brushes, 5c 1500 Boxes Neals' Enamel all colors, Monday only, each 300 Cotton Mop from ioc each, day, at Heads, cut Mon- uu 1000 blue and white and gray enamel Wash Basins, worth 25c and 35c, Monday 20c Grand Leader. 99 815-821 Norm Broadway. iWm.f 3-piece Toilet Sets, foot water carrier and tub, slop bucket, Monday $1.20 Round Laundry Boilers.made of the best block flM QC tin, Monday Other days $1.95. One-hole Gasoline or Gas Stoves, ovens, $1.25 Monday only. Other days JS1.75. 5,000 good Tin Wash Basins, Dairy Pans, Dippers, slightly damaged, ft 1 Monday, each L2u Japanese Porcelain Umbrella Stands, old Canton decor ations, 22 inches high. 98c HimuiiiiiiiitiiiitiiiRHiiiTnilmitiiiiiiiiiirliiiiiniiuinilluiminfniniiiiifirniiniil4 WILL OFFER FOR THE COMING WEEK SPECIAL AND ATTRACTIVE BARGAINS IN CHOICE NEW SPRING DRY GOODS A.M POLLOWSi AMX7SEKSNTS. THE GREAT REMEDY FOR HARD TIMES! OLYMPIC Week Commencing SUNDAY, APRIL 8. WILL OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT AT THE St. Louis Safe Deposit Savings Bank NO. 513 LOCUST STREET, ST. LOUIS, BUT IF YOU MAKE THE FIRST DEPOSIT OF lXVliJ DOLLARS IT WILL BEAR INTEREST, BE COMPOUNDED EVERY SIX MONTHS, And if vou add a dollar or more weekly it will GROW WITH SURPRISING RAPID Accompanied bv MR. WM.REDMUND and a Company of Players, under the direction of MR. W. M. VVILKISON, in the following REPERTOIRE Sunday THE THREE GUARDSMEN Monday RUT BLAS Tuesday (a double bill). LADIES' WAISTS. Lidlei' Percale Waltts. Soft Bosom. Laundered Collar and offs. Jl.OOeaeh Ladiea' Percale Waiats, Feifl Boaom, Laundered Rolliux Collar, and Cuff Sl.OO each Ladles' Biaak and Mavy i'laln and Fancy Sateen Waists $1.25 each Ladies' French Cheviot Bolt Boaom. Laundered Collars and Cuffs each Ladles' Striped Pink and Blue Chambrav WaLts. Laundered Cellars aud $3.00 each Ladies' Black and naTy Polka Dot Wash Silk Waists, very stylish. $3.00 aeh INFANTS' AND CHILDREN'S DEP'T. Infants' While and Tan-Colored Embroidered Cashmere Cloiks $1.50 Infaau' Embroidered Fiannal Shawls. 76c, $1.00 and 1.25 Infants Embroidered Flannel Jackets, 50c and 75. each Infants' Hand-Knit Jaeke's, 35e. 60c, 75c and $1.00 each Infants' Embroidered Mull Caps. 25c, 35c and 50e each Infanta' Embroidered bilk Cans, 35c, 50c and 75c each Infants' Rand-Knit Zephyr Bootes, 15c, 25 and S5e a pair Infants' Fin. Kid Bootes 50c and 75c per pair Children's Ilia Silk Hats, all colers f.Oc eacn Children's Fine Embroidered Mull Hats. White, Fink and Light 25c, 50c and 75 each LADIES' EMBROIDERED HANDKERCHIEFS. Ladies' Ladies' Embroidered Hdkfs. Embroidered Linen 10a, 12a and 15e each Cambric Hdkfs. 25c each Ladles' Hand Embroidered Irish Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs, Tery nne tOc each Ladles' Embroiderea Bilk Hdkfs. and 35c each Ladles' initial Japanese Silk 25c each Ladies' Unlaundered Linen Hdkfs 10c each I LACK FRENCH DRESS GOODS. 40-lnch All-Wool French Ptorm Series 60. yd 40-Inch French Summer Merges. 50c yd 40-lnch All-Wool Freneh Henrietta Cloth 50c yd SO-lnch AlI-Wool Blark bummer Cloth 50c yd 4-lncn All-Worsted Blark ikirtlnr Moreen. 50c vd 40-iarh Enrllh nouble Wrap Mohair BOc Vd 4-iuch llk- Finished French Hriiilantlne 75c yd 42-lncsi French Brocade Armure Suitings '5c Vd 4-inch A'l-Wool Black French yd AlI-AVool French Nun's Vellinc with "atin Border Tor trimmins; 50c. S5c and 75c Td 25-inch ImDorted All-silk Grenadine 75c Td 25-inch Satin Stripe ana Brocade Grenadine vd 25-iDCh All-llk Crepe "luehesse Sl.iiSyd 44-inch French Camol Hair G-enadlne 1 J5 yd CO-lneh French Serge for Capes and Jackets 1.1 Td 64-lnch Diaeenal Armure for Caps ff 2 yd 54-lnch Diafonal Noyeltles for Capes $2 yd CROW ml ITY. Nothing can be more Appropriate jr Mi wife, child or friend than a bank book with a LIBERAL DEPOSIT ENTERED IN IT, accompanied by Call and get one. It will save your Nickels and Dimes. Co. I mt5 MEM'S AXD.BOYS' FURNISHIN3 GOODS. Men's r.rcale Ehlrti. 50c and 75 aaell Men's TJalaundered Bedford Cord Shirts, 76. eash Men's Unlaundered Scotch Cheylot Shirts. $1.00 each Men's Laundered Fercal. Shirts. 75c and $1.00 ea.h Men's N.w York Mills Unlaundered Shlrtss th. best made for 50. eseh Boys' Unlaundered Oaraer Percale Walsts.60e a.h Hoys Unlaundered Outing Cloth Waists 60c eaca Boys' Unlaundered French Percal. Waists. 70c each Boys' Laundered Freneh Percale Waists. each Laundered White Percale "A aisle, with ani wltnout Collar, extra fiao $1.00 each Pins' outing Cloth Hhirts. 50c. riOc and 75. eaeh Boys Unlaundered Linen Boson and Cuffs, aw York aillls Skirts 50c auu 60. each MEN'S AND BtJYS HALF HOSE AND HOSE. Men's brow, mixed Phawknlt Half Hose 10c paly Men's Balbrltrean snperflne Halt Hose pair Men's fast black BalbriEgan Half Hose, 20c and 25e pair Men's superfine British Half 20c pair Men's superfine British Half Hose Men's brown mixed French Half Hose 20 pair Bovs' extra long black Itibhad Hose 15c pair Boys' fast black Corduroy Bibaed Hos. 25c pair Boy a' fast black bicycle Ribbed Hos. 25c pair LADIES' AND MISSES' HOSIERY. Ladies' geod fist black Cotton Hose 10c pair Ladies imported 1-Ulorigvan Hose 15c Tair La'Hes Pin-Stripe Hose pair Ladies' lleraneorf Biaek CoCon Hot. 25c pair Ladles' fun regular BalarigKan Hose 25o pair Ladies' double sola aad heel Harmt.orf fast black and stainless Cotton Hose 33a pair Lartios fast black Intrraln Cotton Hoi 25c pair Ladies' s.per quality Iugrain Cotton pair Ladles' fast Lisle Thread Hose 35i! pair Ladles' fast clack Frenck Lisle Hose 50o pair Ladies' fancy boot Kreoch Lisle Hose 50c pair Laeles, opera lenrth fsst black Hose 40c and 50c pair Ladies' opera length fancy Lisle Hose, 40c and 50c pair Ladles' fast black plated Hose. 5c aad 75c pair Ladles' cream and fancy colored Silk Ho-e. C5c and 75c pair Ladies' black and -ream French Silk Hose. $1.00 pair Misses' fait black deabl. knee Cotton liose, 25o palt Misses' fast black plain British Cotton Hose, 25c pair Misses extra quality fast black Ribbed Hose. Kilo pair Children's fast black Ribbed Cotton 10c pall Children's extra quality fast black Cotton 25c paif BROADWAY, 503 MD 603 -COR. ST. CHARLES. all-wool filling, extra quality, 39C beautiful patterns. Oil Cloth, very pretty patterns, 19c 8fc Prices liven way It EX if JrHITZ and UUST1U UHH ALU1 Wednesday Matinee CESAR DE BAZAN Wednesday Thursday THE THREE GUARDSMEN Friday ZAMAR Saturday Matinee RUT BLAS Saturday THE THREE GUARDSMEN i Each Play a Complete Production. Magnificent Scenery. Superb Costumes. Correct Armors and Stage Furniture. sens Not oasaii. Regular Prices Will Prevail. CRISP'S INIENTIQNS. I His Political Position Outlined Clos Friend. by a HB Wilt BE A FOR BE-ELBC-; TIOH 10 C0HGRBB8. Will TUtnrnsd Without D.moorT.l Opposition In Oat th Horns of Bap resentatlTaa Demooratle. He Will Again Stand tor th Spaakarablo Po lltlcal Drift. Axesict78, April 7. Since Speaker crisp declined the appointment to the Senate tendered him by Got. Nortben. there has been some speculation as to whether he would enter the race for the full term. A friend of Speaker Crisp, speaking to the Post-Dispatch settles the matter bjr this statement: "Mr. Crisp's position Is just this. He will be a candidate for re-election to Congress from the Third District, and of course he will be re-elected without opposition from any Democrat. "In the event the next national House of Representatives is Democratic he will be a candidate for re-election to the Speakership and will be re-elected. "In the event the House Is Republican, be win men De a candidate Derore tne next Legislature for the Senate. The political complexion of the next Congress will be known in plenty of time for him to make the race for the senate." Township Delegates Instructed- Booxyiixe, April 7. The Cooper County Democrats held a township meeting to-day to elect delegates to a county conven. tlon which meets here Monday. Tne County Convention will elect delegates to the State Convention, which meets at Kansas City, H.ay 15, and also to the Senatorial and Congressional Conventions, wnn called. Tne JBonnvllle township delegates were Instructed to ite lor delegates favorable to W. T. Carr' of Audrain for State superintendent Schools, S. P. Bland for Congress and j. D. Starke for State Senator. While they are not Instructed they are favorable to M. K. Bell of Callaway for Railroad Commissioner. A majority of the delegates from the different townships are In accord with the Boon-vtlle township delegation. County Democrats at Albany. Alb ant. April 7. The County Democratic Convention In session here to-day, elected the following delegates to the State Democratic Convention at Kansas City, May IS: David Fitzgerald, Hiram Deprlest, F. A. Welmer and 1'. W. Jones. The County Central Committee ordered a primary election to be held Agrll 26, for the selection of Democratic candidates for the various county omces to be Oiled this fall. DB. AESHALL BUKIBD. Snddan Death of Mrs. Margaret BCc- Nelly Alton Niwi and Notes. Altos. 111.. April 7. Coroner Kinder was In this city last night and ordered the body of Dr. J. C. Marshall, who was found dead at Wann Station Thursday morning, to be burled In the city cemetry at the expense of the county. A telegram was received from Kirs. Marshall, of Forest. Ohio, asking that the body be forwarded and that the expenses would be paid there. The coroner onlJ not consent to thli, co she bodv was laM to here. Sin. Margaret McNelly, ot Winchester. 111., died, suddenly last Bight at the home of her mother. Sin. Joho Dicker, oa Last becond street. Mrs. McKelly came to this city a few davs ago te visit her mother at-el friends and was stricken wich rheumatism of the heart Jast as she was about to start back home. The aeceased was .56 Tears of ajce, and leaves a husband and ore children. Fire was discovered In the kitchen ot Mr. Geo. iuni. on. r-tai, abuut 1 o'clock this morning. The Fire Department Tespoaded promptly to the alarm aad the flames were put out by tne ilabcock anachines. oamajre amounts to about $50. Mrs. H. K. Pnlnney entertained the members of the High Noon Cooking Clan at her home on Jtait Twelfth street yestenlay afternoon. Kicbard CD.y was arrested last night on a charge of saaltreating hla family. On being searched a concealed weapon was fouad In his pocket. Ha was fined 525 and costs by Justice Quarton tbls morning. He gave notice of an appeal. The remains of the lata (reo. Jarvla arrived here this afternoon from Belleville and were taken ta tne Cirandview Cemetery for interment. Ml red Job of Chicago is visiting his parents. Col. and Mrs. B- Job. JuJe T. Looiuis of C'arllnville Is hare visiting old friends. Mrs. Maria Weld of Brighton. 111. la the guest of hereon, Jeho tVeld. oa Alton street. The revival meetings a the Cumberland Presby. terian Church are attracting crowds eacn night. This week the preachlnir wa-done by the different pastors in the city. On Mondav next Bev. Dr. Tler-non ot Lincoln, 111., will take charge of the meetings. One of the wheel-houses connected with tne Kqultable Powder Co. factory near Est Alton ai- Jloded this afternoon, so one waa injured and the oss of property was Misses Estelfe and Lizzie McGrew of Lexington, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Kaufman, b(Hi Henry street. Mrs. A. J. Kuminell of Kansas City la visiting her mother, Mrs. Mary Toben, who la very sick. C.nsul J. W. Copplnger of Toronto, Canada, 1 here shaking hands with old friends. Mr. Win. Kliiot Smith, proprietor of the Illinois Glass o. resterday from an extended trip through Eurepe. Miss Ida Yager tendered to the Friday Afternoon Club a delightful entertainment at her home on Friday afternoon. Mr. fc. A. Clement met with a serious accident while overseelne some work at his new addition In Middletown. While stepping Into his bugcy his foet caught In the Unas, tne horse suddenly started and be was violently thrown to the groend, breaking one of his ankles in two places. Tna Iraelar. la a bad one. Scared Away by Strikers. Toledo, O. April 7. The opening of navigation was inaugurated with lock-out of the longshoremen at this port. William Pater, an extensive Saglnaw-Toledo lumber dealer received the first cargo of the season on his barge Saginaw, and made an effort to have his own employes discharge the lumber. Tbe longshoremen, who wished to do the work themselves, drove the men away from the barge, and when police protection was furnished, tbe men were too badly frightened to go to work. No further violence Is feared, although both sides are determined. No Watchman ana a Huge Theft. Chicago, April 7. The book stcre of A. C. McLurg ft Co. was entered by burglars last night and between $3,500 and 4,000 In currency was stolen. The money was fended for use In paying oil the employes today. The concern bad an old vault, of which the burglar easily forced the lock, and employed no watchman. There is no clew to tbe thieves. A Fie Receivership. Chicago, April 7. John Sage, a stockholder in the Chicago Pie Co, a concern with liOO.OOO capital stock, has asked for a receiver for the Institution. Sage says that William What's Ask. SPECIAL RETURN ENGAGEMENT OF WM. H. CRANE And His Admirable Company in His Great Success, To tines Hard Original Cast and Scenic Mountings. Seats on Sale Thursday. Garnets Almost We have bought the entire stock of SCHWARTZ GRAF ot Philadelphia, and on MONDAY MORNING we will offer for sale unheard-of Bargains in Brussels, Velvet and Ingrain Carpets, Rugrs, Mattings and Oil Cloths, Note the FIVE BARGAINS for this week: 815-821 Horth Broadway. or Profitable as a PRESENT to our p.m. Saturday eYening from 6 to 8. if left undisturbed until Oct. will begin BEST LIWE TO IS it DINING CARS. SPECIAL NOTICES. IRON HALL. NOTICK to pa oer funds an to pay viimnl 178 by April 1. Tne court liere, hoidlstf that tbe receivership here Is ancillary to the recelrerfhlp in Imllana, ha ordered tho funds In eke hands of the receiver here to be sent to tbe receiver at Iadianapolls. Only meiabers of branches which have heretofore accounted, or which may hereafter, prior to the lbthday of thiimonth, acceuot to the receiver here, or to the receiver at Indianapolis, can receive dividends. Furthermore, only those members who were In standing on sly 29, 1692. who paid assessment No 17 before Auk- 24, 19J, and who have heretefore paid or may hereafter, prior to the day of this month, pay assessment Ho. 17b, can receive dividends. As this will be the last opportunity for Branches and members to put themoelves In good standing, they should give the matter prorant attention. The time for payment will not be extended, and no excuse fer aon-payment will be accepted by theceurt. Kespectfully, BRECKINRIDGE OKES. April 7, 1894. Receiver In Missouri. BECEPIION TO CHS. RLE T. JOY. St. Louis Republicans Will TUske It an Oscaslon Which He Will Sever Forget. As far as arrangements can be made In advance they have been made to give Charles F. Joy the reception of his life when he next sets foot In the Kleventh Missouri Congressional District, which he represented under difficulties for a part of the Fifty-third Congress. The Republicans of St. Louis, particularly of North St. Louis, have decided and have laid their plans to meet him at the depot with a band, and to arry him to Poclal Turner Hall, where a reception and banquet will be given In his honor. The details are In chanre of Charles IVenneker, Thos. K. Medrlng-haus and Lyndon A. Smith; and as soon as they are advised of the time of Mr. Joy's arrival they will order the banquet spread Mr Joy is now somewhere In the East, and the exact date of his coming Is unknown to the committee, but come he will within the next lfWd tUe rSt WUl Iollow as oul WcKlnlev Club Organized. At 4253 Kennerly avenue, last nlsht, a Mc-Klnley Club was organized with twenty-five members. It will meet hereafter at the new hall at Tendloton and GarHeld avenues. The club passed resolutions condemning tbe unseating of Charles F. Joy. Walnut Street. 1 Mill Qifz Open Every Day from 9 a. m. to 4 Money deposited any time this week, to earn interest on April 1894. AT AITTIOS ASSIGNEE'S SALE. Pursuant to an order of th Circuit Court, the en tire stok ot Jewelry, Watches, Clocks, Silverware, Optical Goods and Store and Office Fixtures Of tbe A. R. Brooks Jewelry Company, is now being sold at private sale at 417 North earth street. mil once. Ao goods sold at private sale after April 17. -ST. LOUIS ThUST CO. Assignee of A. R. Brooks Jewelry Co. AT AUCTIOIV. 22 Lots at Auction Saturday. April 14. 1194. at 13 m. at the east front door of the court hoase. See advertisement of F. NUHL. Special Commissioner. CITY CATERING Cor. Cardinal and Easton SOLICITS YOUR PATRONAGE. Orders promptly filled for Ice Cream, Fruit Ices, Fancy Cakes, Croquettes, Salads, Fine Candies, Etc, Etc. Special Attention Given to Balls, Evening Parties and Banquets. ST. LOUIS PROVIDENT ASS'S lAUSt'RY. 1731 N. 12TH ST. First-class work at lowest prices. Meclal rates for family wastilng. No chemicals used. Vo ier supervision of ladles of Woman's Emergency Guild. Thompson, another stockholder, plied him with whisky until he was Intoxicated and thus secured th transfer to himself of (30.000 of Sage's stock, without compensation. Because of Thompson's refusal to return the stock a receiver is asked for. Th Bhehsne Breach of Promts Case. Carthage, April 7. J. Q. Davison, the wealthy money loaning widower, who was sued for breach of promise by Miss F. Shehane last week for $10,000. surprised his friends yesterday by marrying Florence Harp, a handsome young Klrl ot 20 summers. On the day lof ithe wadding he deeded to the bride-elect various pieces or property valued at 8O0. He declares that the suit In which be Is Involved Is only a blackmailing scheme of an adventuress. Davison Is 65, but fullSf vlpor. Spicy developments are promised when the trial comes oil. A Boy Fadly Injured. Willie Manska, 12 years old. living with his parents at 3013 North Jefferson avenue, while stealing a ride on a Mound City electric car about 8:15 m. yesterday and on Elliot avenue between St. Louis avenue and University street Jumped from the car and was struck and knocked down by a grocery wagon supposed to be owned by a man named Kaltman of 4804 Natural flrtde Road. The boy received a cut three Inches Ions; on the left side of the face, and sustained a slight bruise on the left lee anove the knee. Dr. Kuhn of 2625 Louis avenue dressed the wounds and pronounced them not serious. Bargain Bargain Bargain Bargain No. No. No. No. No. 63 rolls Ingrain, worth Rcr. at wur1.11 050, -y 48 rolls Brussels, worth 75c, at -39 rolls English worth 35c, at 3 585 large Smyrna worth 55.00, at r' 48 rolls Velvets worth from $1. Bargain 1 nJMMm Rugs, size 30x60, and 15 to 1.45, 2L ESSE 514 Franklin Avenue. One Week, Beginning Monday Night, April Only Matinee Saturday, WEEK BEGIN'XING MONDAY, APRIL 16. 1894. BROTHER JOHN. By Martha Morton. nun nnrnn uniior To-rot nnu urEHn-nuuoL at 8:15, Positively Last Appearance In Ml la a scientific Seance on SPiRlTUflLISM PI IUPBT. blss Fay will present a line of experiments a given by tier before members of tbe Ecval Sckntilic Society of London, England. MaterializationsTables Float in Midair, The Spirit Hand, Communications Received, etc. etc. Famllr Circle. 25c Farqnet Circle, 50c only. BOX OFFICE OPES ALL DAY. E5E33 THE COMPANY: Francis Wilson, W.Brarterick, John McWade. HarroM Blare. 1VI Edward Temple. Murrv woods. Kd'U Lawrence, CAinan'ia Fabrla, Lulu irlaser. cecils r.issiiia. Jenli WeathersbT 1 Uesalit Cleveland. Christie McDonald. Director of Hasie, Big. De NoTelht, Ami All Woolc. Company. HOPKINS' Trans-Oceanic Star Specialty The in out raflaed Vanderllla Company In America. lntroirelo novel feacuret from all part ot tba world. 11 GREAT ACTS-ll Next Sunday Lillian Lewla. Tel. T71. HAVLIM'S To-Night. MATINEE TO-DAY. I Sa Hart's Boston Novelty Co. iiiiuu nmin Lin mi, Francis Wilson' Magnificent Production or the New Vv pBRMI Precisely as Presented at the Broad way Theater, New Yorfc, under tne Management of A. 11. C'anby. A Complete Y. Tribune. Xext Week Clay Clement Tbe New Dominion. J. H. TIEMEYER, AMCBEMINTS. MUSIC HALL-OPERA SEASON On. 1) W.ek Only. Six Xig hti Only. (Wednesday and Saturday Matinees) of GRAND OPERA. By tbe entire eoirrpiny, comprlslnc 300 persons, from the Metropolitan Opera-boose. Jew York, under the direction ol Messrs. Henry K. Abbey and Maurice Orau. Opening Night, Monday, April 8, "FAUST," Emma Eames, Banermelster and Scalent; MM. Kdouard Ie Keszka. Lassaile, Vascn.ttl and M. Jean De Keszks. Conduetor Mancl.elll. Evenlnsi, April 10 CABMEN Wednesday Matinee. April 11 LiOHKMUKIM Wednesday Evening. April 11. LTJlIADILAMMERMOOH Thursday CTenlns, April 13 (aonble bill) 1'AHLIACCI and CAVAULKKIA HUSTICAW A Friday Ey'ir. April 13 EX i ULIKTTK Saturday Matinee, April 14 FAREWELL MATIWKB Saturday Kvenlne, April 14.NOZZC DI riliAKO Prices farqnet and dress circle, $Si Palcony, first two rows. Hal.nny. third to seventh rows, til Bex.s, $30; General admissioa. SI. 60. now on sale (or any and everv perform-anee at Banner A W.ber's. W3 Olive st. TBAI3W Oil ttt yio. l'aclllc, Ostk Hill aattt I. M. will bo lelayp1 till 19 nldiilKbt darlaitf ti 4pra SMon. EXPOSITION MUSIC HALL, APRIL 8, 3 P. M. POPULAR SUNDAY AFTERNOON CONCERTS. 50 MUSICIANS MISS ADELAIDE KALKMAN. Soprano. Sia GUIDO PARISI, Violin. I. L. SCHOEN, Director. Admission, 25o; Children, 10c STANDARD--' AMUStMtHTS. lilton IMyersity i Fire Lectures on American History bf Prof. John FIsto on Tnesdaf and Frida erenings, beginning Friday, April 1Z in Memorial Hall, at 8 o'clock. Course Tickets $1.00. Single Tickets 25c. -1 TAH3dirS. TICIvlCTfS from all part, of Enron, at lowest relets, J. bkivi at Knr.pean "L.tbsMd Areata. 1U13 Pin. St. Hamburg: American I'ACKlIT OO. FAST LIKE TO LOJIDOU AID COWTTWKlfT. Twin Srr.w express of 13-16. OOO b. KV VOKK. POUTHAMPTOM, HAMBUItO Faerst Bismarck, April Hormannla ioa. Coi.nibla la Faerst Blsmarek, Juaa 1 Ansr.sta ay 3 Columbia Van. 31 V.raiannla May 10 Aaausta Vlctorta, Jaoe Jt Fnerst May 17 Normaanle, July CoiuniMa May at Faerst Bisinarek, July la Aug.ita May ei Columbia July IS Lew winter rates until May 1, BKGTTLAR BERVICB TO HAstBUKO DlRCOXsj ateravla. April 14. 1 p. m. Daaia. April 21. li aw 1 Cabin, ISO opvsri. M.eraa. at low ratea. UAMbCUU-AMIRICAM 1'ACKET 87 hroadwar. New Terk, laleraatioaal Bank of ft. jUouis Aaeal fat St. i.eaie.' LXOAL. aarsuaitt to an order of tn. Circntt oort. tl. under.i.Ded. ol th. A. H. fl rooks Jewelry wiu, on FRITAT. APKIT, 20. JS94. atlOo'elMaa ale. 417 stortb Fo.Hh in tbe rlty of it- I.ocls. Mlsto.rl. proe.1 sell .1 pablie anetion to th. niftiest bidder tor cash, all th jeweirv, walekes. el- ek. proaies, sllverwsre, optl sal cooda. and all store ao. natures It by sall A. K. II roots J.welry o. In. aMisrae. will. .0 to Aortt 17, 1AM. Mil at private sa for such rortionsol In. stock aait Bilures as maf be deiri. T. TBtTPT COMPAWT, ot H. lirooks Jewelry Co For farther intormatloa at (to. 417 4lh INSTATE of Fail Leotner. a poraoa el tiwsiil mtad netlre is h.reOT a-ivee tn all pereeae la leraatesl. that the waa srtxlnled aaarda la. of lb. person aal of Emit Leulu.r. bv Ui. 1'robato Curl .1 III. ItT of h. bavinsl bean a-iodied by sal eoarl to be a of as, snind and lacapabl. of aisaaclnt his srfklret said aitpoiotmeal baring boea naile ea she H6 dat Of Marsh. 16..4. TKLat rwartlian ot Sail Lataer. wms tatest. I The Marvelous and Mysterious GAZA, and the DIAMBN TINE TROUPE OP FRENCH DANCERS, direct from Moulin Rouge, Paris, with GRENIER'S LYCEUM THEATER COMPANY, from Chicago, the Strongest Specialty Show in existence, containing the Cream ot the Vaudeville Profession. 12 Big Acts 12. Next Week Marie Sanger Royal Burlesque in a Name? Huiest-Stout Sign Co. Alatinee To-day And AH the Week. You Know Him. AMERICA'S COMIO ACTOB JOHN T. KELLY. IN HIS FTJKKY FLAY McPee of Dublin, The Only Faree-Comedy in Town. You Like Him. Next Sunday Mattie Tickers. Tele. 1470 OPERA CHOICEST SEATS. WA SSEKMAN'S, 108 3T. Broadway. IdtpkoM 3. Expert Brush Advertisers, Phone 4219. 516 145 mo ACTS. xss No Reserved Seats. Next SaBday-K. t. Wvoaa. i I

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