The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 12, 1936
Page 3
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^FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 1936 <ARK.) COUKIWH NKW3 Ques- as lo As Hoover Responded to Convention Ovation Bailey's Assistants lion Witnesses I'eeling Here Two assistants to Altv. Ciei\ an E. Bailey were to question several residents of file Cliickasawba district of Mississippi county al tile courthouse this afternoon as to feeling against Jim X. carrutliers and Bubbles Clayton, negroes, al i the time of tlieir trial here in April, 1335, for assault upon a white g!"J, when t'hey were sentenced to <l!e in the electric chnir. A hearing will ba held before Fadera! Judge Marlincau at Little Rock late this month on the plsa Jf the negroes tor a writ of habeas -•or|ius. They appealed from their conviction here to the state supreme court, which anirmed Hie sentence of the circuit court 'here, and after counsel for ttie negroes had given notice of Intention tc ippcal to the United States su- i-emc court they failed to perfect n appeal. Governor Futrcll wa; reparinu to set execution date for pic negroes when their counsel .umed to the federal district court i'i(l obtained a hearing on a pe- tlon for a writ of habeas corpus, Heging thai tlie negroes' trial here as unfair because of tense feeling xisting at the time aiia exhibited the courtroom and because there 'ere no negroes on t'hc grand or elit juries. I'L-tM \rrny to Offer Young Doctors Lieutenancies PAGE THBEB 1 low flic and bring lo the bollliig point, c-ook four minutes, s(!rrlnn constantly. Add sugar «ml salt niul uoll 4 mimiti's longer, stliTln* constantly. c«ol sllshtlv and add vn- nllln. s-.'ivi' hot or cold over Ice cream This is a uooj syruj) lo use lor chocolutc drinks, loo. and may bi' kopt m ., dojwly twwil cunlahi- cr In i hi- ivlrlscratov. l-orul CoM'ors C/o To SikcsLon I'or iYlerl Siiiulii iile country club goiters n Slke.ston, Mo., Sunday rust itiler-chib lourna- the season with hte will B« i for ihi'ir meiil 01 Elkoslon . The siki-sion course Is .similar 10 (In- Itoiil course in that It- h mostly a tint, level lnyonl althoii^li 11 viuivs in ninny otlu'v rt'siH'cMs. Golfeis ill ih<> i\v<> cliiUs Imvc met in u number' of liiU'i-ulnli mutrlii'.s lor sei-eral venrs and Interest i| US usually bmi keen. A lui'llf conlmisnil of local jjulfei.s is .PXiH'i-tcil lo make the trip to me Mi-.-ouii city. NEW YORK (UP)—To nil an un- isually large number qf vacancies n the Medical Corps of the neg- ilar Army during the fiscal year. leginning July 1 next, cxamlna- lons to qualify physicians for .ppointmcnf as first lieutenants be conducted by boards of I •'ill Addressing the Republican national convention In Cleveland as titular head of the party, Herbert Clark Hoover was given a tremendous ovation when he appeared on the speaker's stand us shown here, with Bertram! Snell, permanent chairman. For nearly 2<i minutes, the great throng in Public [tall roared Us applavsc. Then Hoover, swinging'into his address, warned his party utfalnst coni]»oni!r.3 ami scathingly arraigned |iolleles of (he New Deal. wee okf Aug. 21, according to an announcement at Second Corp' Area Headquarters here. Besides an increase of 50 IVfed- ieal Cor|)s officers provided for in the War Department Appropriations Act. it is expected that about 35 vacancies will occur during the cniing fiscal year. The War Department, plans to qualify about 55 candidates at the examinations. Male graduates of recognized medical schools wiio have coin- irmy Medical Corps officers thru-! plcted one year's interneship in an |'iit tlie United States during the ] approved hospital are eligible to ' Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOHIETRISTS Over Joe Isaac. 1 ;' Store "WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 540 apply if they will not, be more than 32 years old at the time it will be possible to tender them commissions. The examinations will consist of a physical examination, a written examination in professional subjects, and a determination of the candidates' adaptability for military service. paper pro- „ • IF TRAINED ON lOOD |.WHOLESOME MILK Fi?oM ( CRAIG'S DAIRY . KNOCK <JOAL lie enerEizingr qualities or FIIKSII IIAIG'S ^IILK will carry you •'rough Life's field of play. Del:nil on thus milk for iicn ami llality. , of Smooth Ice C Lies In Sugar Proportions WE HANDLE THE NEST : MEATS OBTAINABLE We Guaranlcc Satisfaclion. One Trial Will Convince You. FREE DELIVERY CALF, (173 ; PICKARD'S GROCERY 1044 Cliickasawba OR/IDT A PRODUCT* Bakery Specials ALL DAY - - FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY Walnut Layer Cake, layer 19c Raisin Bread, loaf 8c Parkerhouse Rolls, doz, 8c Doughnuts, doz. lie Coconut Wafers, doz. 5c Cup Cakes, asst flavors, doz, lOc Special Attention Given All Special Orders Specials for BUTEREG Hour 5 to 6 P. m. Only Hot Rolls, Plain, Dozen <Ie Cup Cakes, Dozen Gc Lady Fingers, Dozen Go Cinnamon Rolls, Dozen 8c Pineapple and Walnut Wafers, Dozen 3c Special Music by Hie "Tennessee Wiilppoorwills" Blytheville Baking Co. Listen lo the liulereff Program Over KI.CN - il lo 11:30 Daily A home-made chocolate sauce f.s delicious as the most professional served at the confectioner's adds a delightful touch to ice cream and other desserts, whether served at meals or as refreshments. By MARY E. DAGUE NBA Service StalT Writer Many believe Dolly Madison, who was such a charming American First I/idy, served the first ice crenni in tfre \vorld at one of her famous dinners. Others claim that an inspired negro chc( served frozen custards to his patrons even before the sparkling Madam Madison delighted her guests. I lenn to the Dolly Madison theory because I like Dolly. But u'no- ever thought U up was a benefactor. Ice cream is one of the easiest desserts to make. You fix it in the morning and slip it in the freezing unit until dinner time or you pack it in ice and salt in the right proportions and freeze according to your preferred method, then pack it nenin to ripen until wanted. Powders Simplify Making If you use one of Ihe excellent ice cream powders on the market the preparation is done according to the directions on the package and the whole is finished in a twinkling. If you free?£ ice cream with a crank freezer you never have difficulty about texture but Wncn you use a vacuum pack method or the mechanical refrigerator you must be very careful about the amount of sugar and the denscncss of the liquid. Pure cream makes a. smooth texttire but produces too rich a dessert for everyday use. The Ice cream powders take care of this Problem aild produce a frozen cream of deliciously smooth texture and delectable flavor. One of Ihe best combinations of flavors is a mint ice cream or rich U. S. Will Try Spraying Trees From Autogiro WASHINGTON (uin — A new method of combatting Insects In •forests and parks Ihroughaul the country, [f found successful, will be Irlod mil .shortly at Morrlstown Historical Park, according to A. B Dcmaray. acting director o[ ltu> National Park Service. Dcmarny said the new mel'ilod whlcli is purely experimental In ILs pivsonl stage, involves distribution of poison sprays from nn iiutORlro. He said that nlthougli dusts ami sprays had been successfully dropped from the ah- over | cranberry tjogs nnd cotton fields there 'mid never been nny attempt I made to control• the. insect-Infestation of forests by autogiro. For several years, trees ami forests o( Mic Northeastern states ha suffered heavy attacks by cankci I worms, noinnray said, and the usual method of "diisting" Hie trees Iran trucks driven as close to the affected trees as conditions permitted bad proven nnsiiccessfi. 1 ; In extensive forest areas. Autogiro spraying would be move advantageous than the conventional typo of airplane for insect control as it is adapted lo slower speeds and requires no elaborate landing field, he said. "In addition lo the benefits lo the allecled [crests," nemaray salil, "the autoglro spraying presents nn unusual opportunity to observe the effect, ot poison spray on wildlife whlcli has long been a controversial issue." parfalt dessert of tills kind enables you to start your meal with a refreshing fruit cup or to serve a fruit salad. Mini Farfait One large bunch of mint, 1 cup sugar, w'hilcs 2 eggs, 1 pint whipping cream, few grains salt, green vegetable coloring. Cut mint finely, nnd put Into a large bowl. Make a syrup of sugar nnd 1-2 cup water and pour over mint. Cover closely and let stand 1 hour, strain. Beat whites of eggs until still and beat In mint syrup. Fold in cream which has b3en whipped until firm. Add salt and a drop or two of green coloring and turn into mold or freezing trays. Freeze without turning in eight parls ice to one part Ice cream salt. Chocolate Sauce Two and one-'nalf squares biltc-r chocolate, 1-2 cup vater, 3-4 cup sugar, few grains salt, few drops vanilla. Cut chocolate in small pieces and add to water, place over GARLIC »nd PARSLEY for High BLOOD PRESSURE Alliinm E'scr.ce of Gjrlic-farskr Tal>!<l> valujl.le for- reducing high MooJ pr«iur*. Tableu spectAlly coated. Xn »*!nr. No usle. N » <!tu»s. GiuvanlM.! .sic m.l .-ffeclive or money Tiaclt. Ask [or lW»c taUetJ hy name —ALL1MIN ESSENCE OF CARLIC- P«rslty Tablets. Two siit«, SOc amJ $1.00. For sale by Ktrby Bros. Drug Co. EI.ECTRIO & ACETYLENE WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE 19 Wrecker Service - Gas OPEN ALL NIGHT PHILLli'S SERVICE CENTER Phones m - 810 Courier News . Pny If Past Forty Try This Laxative II you Im ol wnr«, n vvllh' Ilitlr Inxntlvo. tlte aloniarh-91 y tnktn laxatives OY.T ci period nl >^ur Fystrm la "worn our liiitsli, niiimliiral cfTccl—try the ^t'Hciilful ctifwtiib- gum i ni you atari eliculn^ It, _ __tliiB mint flavor brJtic.1 n .'lean, trcsh ln,s[*> i u i ni > mouth Ylic rirw J>f illscsllvd Juices ]>< Incfoascil nn*l iho UtSJUIva [3 nilxcil wElrt then) :iml cnrilcil Into llic sj-et-fjn wenlj-. 'iliis lainitvc unasea Uirwigti Nio Blomneli am! Iniii Ilio bowcli «o Jclc-ntlfiCftlJy Hue your nclton Is won- dcffully f asy, yet thorough. Ik-aUles ll,\i. dlscallvo clinnnclii receive ho1[>rul toii[riL- un tr f'« salivary julcw. Try |],a pk-asimi. ix-fi, hs drrn SoKl on n i (amity cize u.iy. i Incnillrnt lor tolli cdll- limity-bncU c packaco ir-c nilMEOGHAl'HING BUSINESS & POLITICAI. LETTERS A SPECIALTY Work neat, clienp & quick Veterans Service Work All Kliuts Blank Forms Curtis J. Little Hale Bii)j. HOT COFFEE SKKVKI) WIIKKE IT'S COOI Have your intd-niornlng cu In Ihc AIR CONDITIONEL Collce Sliop nt HOTEL NOBLE J.I you waul (n mmi nmnuy ... If you want lo sluii Jinm-lift innJ ontl llio pow*,»Hi)SH ol ovi-rlioatlnx hi hoi wc-ulluT . . . yivo your cnr a Inuil of llio (Qoltil jwuvr yuii'vo over h:nl |iuti)])cil into i'uur HIIH tnnk. I'hUl-np with I'lullipsCii 1'nly (] ;ia ! Thin «(>ii8iilioinil i:ujiolhin him ul- wuynlf*l ttm |>:uadt)iu niatclilug TIIO- (or fuel to wcuthi'r— your wculhijr, tui Hrk'tillfli-nKy tluliTJtiineti Ly U. S. WiMitlior Hurt'im Htumlnnla, Anil U IH Rtill ln]i:t in dm jicU 0 [ ,- UM [, )m - DRINK THE WHISKY KENTUCKIAN5 PREFER! W HEN Louisville— Ihc Nation's f Whisky Capital— shows such trc- 1 mendous preference for Bottoms Up, you know it's bound to taste better! So try itl It's real old-style mash Kentucky straight whisky, every drop — made the costly, unforced, old-fashioned way, from a rich formula 66 years old I Bottoms Up KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BO WHISKY • Uilori'il unsolino, tar noiio. In uiltUUiin, i*vory unllnii CM now cn- riclii-il with uxtrti vnvr\>y unlln by Ihn eHi'nllfic I'OljVtucrizulloti pniocai. This BlepH up tlio po\vor-uul|nit of ytnirctiRino. I,pa,i liiL'l doo.i more. Ob- Om) IryoLit tnnkdil wilt glvi) you nil lliu inahlo facia. Your own nmlor will provu llio Lot wenOior benefit* t)f thin rotit-cuUlnn liiuiollnii, now winning now CIISIOIIIOTH nt Iho liat- rat rute lit Itn lil.itory. OurVeryFinestQuality A ricinitini tin*lity intytor oil noleJ for tmif-UtltiiJ. lt>u(ncr ftlni, I'hit 100% LiinOm hiic lu!iiie*ul itaj. in r^jij] Ilic maw -nJ ilMi lt> ii» Job, In Phill-up with Phillips for SOUTHERN AIR SERVICES, Inc. Aeronautical Institute "PLY With the Mi(l - s °" th>fi Greatest School - - •^ rzzi Where the Airlines of the Nation Meet. COMl'HTHNT INSTRUCTORS - - COIIRSKS FROM TKANSI'ORT TO AIRLINE RADIO OPERATORS COUKSH $85 IJ[> EASY TERMS WRITE KOH FREE BOOKLET - IT'S Y0ll[{ FUTURE - ACT NOW! FRKU llyiiitf inslvuctioiis with piirclifisi; of nny iiirplnnc . . . Wo are distributors for Stinson, Taylor Cub ami Rcnrwin. SOUTHERN AIR SERVICES, Inc. Mtinici]>;il Airport Memphis, Tenn. Phone 3-110.") Government Approved Repair Station No. 218 KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY BROWN-FORMN Distillery Co., loitimtit, Kc THE GREATEST NAME IH WHISKY PRICED WITH THE LOWEST Does Your Water System Save You Money Of course it does. The modern equipment of the Blytheville Water Company cuts down costs clue to ill-health and disease, minimizes original five hazard and stops the spread of fires, and cuts public tax expense as well as supplying you plentifully with pure water at the lowest possible cost. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Customer Phone 80 113 S. Broadway

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