The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania on September 14, 1934 · Page 7
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The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Indiana, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1934
Page 7
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lyroidbla To Avoiding Serious Operation , M a Y k e'd Increase of Iodine Noticed After Operations o.n P v a- tients Not Suffering from Thyroid t)isease. CLEVELAND, 0., Sept. 14.—INS •—America's men of chemistry wera told yesterday that the thyroid gland may be the key of avoiding many serjous operations, Much interest was manifested yesterday's session of the American Chemical Society's eighty-eighth meeting in the paper, presented by Dr. D. Roy McCullagh of the Gleve land Clinic Foundation, on thyroid activity, "This gland," he said, "is the only tissue in the body known to contain large quantities of iodine. , Therefore, it is reasonable to believe the source of iodine ,in the blood -is the thyroid. "It has been shoAvn that when the thyroid gland is diseased and overactive, iodine in the blood is increased," he pointed , put. "The cause of excessive activity of the thyroid is not known, and the most satisfactory method so far devised for its control is surgical removal of a part of the gland. "Our researches are a portion _ of a large program of studies in which methods of depressing and stimulating thyroid activity are being investigated," he declared. "If sufficient knowledge could be gained of _methods of controlling thyroid activity it might be possible to avoid many serious operations." He pointed out that following surgical operations, in the' case of patients not suffering from thyroid disease, there is a marked increase In the amount of iodine in the blood. The scientists will bring their meeting to a close tomorrow after visiting industrial plants in Cleveland and Akron. Response, Mrs. Ifvin Bart, Clymer Grange. Reports of Deputies. Reports front Mid'Atlantic Le6* turer's Conference. ".. • : Noon Recess Lecturer's Conference at 1:00 o'clock. A'fternodtt Session, 1:30 O'clock Program given by Jettison County Pomona Grange, presenting tht traveling gavel. V. E. Cam lecturer. Evening Session, 7:30 O'clock Closed Music, Marion Center Orchestra. Play, Penn Run Grange. Ladies Quartette, Brush Valley Pomona Grange • Pomona Grange No. 58 will meet with Marion Center Grange at Community Park. Marion Center, Thursday, September 27. The program follows: Morning Session, 10:00 O'clock Opening in the 5th degree. Roll Call of officers (name Favorite Flower). Address of Welcome, B. F. Sterling. Grange. Address, "Some Phases of the Liquor Problem," Rev. Charles E Held, Brush Valley Grange. _ Vocal Duet, Mrs. Beatrice Rankin, Miss Ruth Kunkle, Shelocta Grange. Music, Marion Center -Orchestra. Pageant, Marion Center Grange Mrs. W. D. Black, director. Unfinished Business. Closing of Grange. ; Business Session. All visiting patrons, will be enter-' tained at the noon luncheon at the: churches as the guests of Indiana County "Pomona Grange. Any Indiana County patrons who do not wish to bring baskets and wish to make reservations at 35c per plate should notify the Secretary at least one day before the Pomona 'meeting. The menu—Roast beef, potatoes, dressing; buttered beets, sliced tomatoes, apple sauce, lemon cream pie. H. C. Kunkle, Master; Flora Fritz Henderson, Lecturer; J. W. Warner, Secretary. BECK WILL NOT BE UP FOR RE-ELECTION WASHINGTON, Sept. 14—(INS) —Rep. James M. Beck (R) of Penn sylvania, one of the most severes critics of new deal policies on Capi tol Hill, today with drew his bi( for reelection on his belief that h can help "in his great cause more effectively in the federal courts." He is regarded a foremost con- stitutialist among the lawyers in congress and once served as solicitor-general. In announcing his retirement from the house, even thouhg he has already been nominated for re-election,' Beck bitterly criticized congressional procedure. He said congress has ceased to be a deliberative body and has become a "rubber stamp" for the executive. He said congress has not only SATURDAY SPECIALS BOTTLES OF BEEH 49C To Take Out QUART STYLE FISH BOWLS The biggest glass of beer in town. .Come to the Royal and get acquainted. 15c TASTY SANDWICHES! Royal Tavern Opposite Hit/. Theatre : y$£^}ta*MftlHiMiit!*iii^^ ''' **'•."*- - "' '.. , - ' ' * is te Department of Comment Bldg., Washington, D. C,— home of the V. & Patent Office. * ''••'•' x^« Chesterfields are liAe Chesterfields W HEN a trade-marki, is registered, it means that no one else can use the same name and i:he same package for the same kind of product. To us the Chesterfield trade-mirk means that every Chesterfield is manufactured by the same formula, and © 19M, X.IOCBTT & MYIRS TOBACCO Co. "unlawfully delegated in the presi-1 public questions or even to offer an dent its chief legislative powers" amendment to proposed legislation." but has "denied to the minority any "Under present conditions con- adequate opportunity to debate gress is merely a rubber stamp for the executive," Beck charged, and to be one-four-hundredth part of a rubber stamp no longer appeals to me." Royar Family of Munitions Faces Senate Probers Pour members ot America's royal 1 armament family, the du Fonts, here are shown as they appeared before the Senate committee Investigating munitions. The probers learned that the du Pont Co. of Delaware, alter rolling up a war-time business of $1,245,000,000, tod, In one of Us most prosperous years, protested a federal munitions levy. The four du Fonts, representing the greatest aggregation of wealth before a congressional committee since J. P. Morgaj and his directors sat In the Senate room, are pictured above, left to right, Felix, Irenee, Larrmot and Pierre du Pont. AST INJE PREVEN' in every way absolutely the same in each and every package you buy. That means that every Chesterfield is like every other Chesterfield—not like any other cigarette ... —the cigarette that's milder —the cigarette that tastes better —the cigarette that satisfies CTIONS OF SERUM TO INFANTILE PARALYSIS 22 Children, Including Sons of Noted Immunologist Human "Test *- Tribes" — No fects Noted. Ill Ef- Dr. Kolmer's first successful demonstration of the serum was made public several weeks ago when the pathologist revealed he and Miss Anna M. Rule, a laboratory assistant, had taken the injections with no apparent ill effects. PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 14.—TN'S. —Twenty-two children^ including the two sons of Dr. Joh|n A. Kplmer, noted immunologist, tpday hacl received their final injections of the scientist's poliomyelitis serum, a vaccine to prevent "infantile paralysis." I According to Dr. Kolmer, none of the young volunteers in the battle against "infantile paralysis" has suffered any ill effect! from the injections. The children were given their first injection three weeks ago, the second last Wednesday and the thin 1 and final injection Wednesday after noon. Tests to definitely [establish the! immunity to poliomyelitis will be prepared by placing a small qaunti ty of blooS from each) child in a tes tube containing active firus of the disease. The combined mixtire will be in jected into the brain of a monkey A four-passenger glider,!said be first of its kind ever built, been constructed by two Akron, men. It was built during their s time over a period of 18 months is equipped with wing flaps to late the lifting power. A small airplane motor now on the market, weighing only 19% ounces, including propeller, fue v tank and ignition equipment is c»p-j able of driving a model plan* ov long distance. ACIDITY CAUSES MANY DISEASES "Relieve the system of excess acid and most bodily ills vanish." That's the verdict of one of the country's foremost doctors. Gas m stom^ ach and bowels, heartburn, sour stomach, dizziness, headaches, tiredness^ nervousness, rheumatism, neuritis, lumbago, pain in stomach, bowels and around the heart are often caused by an over-acid condition. Good healtA| requires that the system be alkaline and that condition can now bfl» easily attained by using TARZIN, NATURE'S ROOT AND HERB kidney troubles is due mainly to the fact that it restores the correct line balance in the body. This balance restored, Tarzin attacks the ' of disease, drives out poisons, heals and sends new revitalizing 2LV^\ throughout the body. People who had suffered for years, tried everything -,| without relief, put Tarzin to the test and were amazed at the way it M-S^ lieved them. You owe it to yourself to try Tarzin. If the monkey does n<^t contract "infantile paralysis," it will be because the anti-bodies created by the vaccine in the blood of each, child, have killed the active virus, Special for Saturday $3.50 Hygeho Carpet Sweeper - - - • $1.98 $3.50 27x48 Axminster Rugs $1.98 SO Large Rag Rugs—3 for -••--•- $1.00 Sloan Bros. You Can Buy For Less At Sloans Shop At Sloans On Saturday Extra Special for Saturday $19.50 Automatic Electric Washer $35.00 New Studio Couches for $45.00 $27,95 $27.50 Spc. Bed Outfit for • $19.95 m Sale of 9 PC, Walnut Dining Room Suite-4149.50 Suite $9050 N Special For Saturday Only Extra Large Buffet $7.50, 9x12 Congoleum Rug$, Sat. * $5.95 $3S.OO Axmlruter 9xU Rug», Sat * $24.95 3 PCS. Jaequard Velour Parlor Suite Regular price $109,50, ^£Q ftO for Saturday Only *pQJ7»iJV 10 Suites to choose from _ 3 pc. Suite, New Jacquard covers for Saturday only $69,50 New Kitchen Cooking Ranges White Star and Magic Chief Stove $95.00 Walnut Bed Room Suites Social for Saturday $f 50 Size Suite, Complete $535 Floor & Bridge Lampi • * • ^ $3.95 Walnut Hall Trees $1,98 & $2.98 Saturday Specials OYSTERS Our oysters are shipped direct from the coast twice a we,ek. We will be able to supply you with stewing or frying oysters during all the winter months. H* lA-a •sS \f\i PINT EXTRA STEWING Select Oysters 42c OYSTERS Pt. 30c In Our RESTAURANT Half Stew with milk 20c Half Stew with cream 30c Half Fry, Cole Slaw, Bread, Butter 35c We will have oysters in the half shell later. Hamburg Sandwich on toasted bun IQc Hot Baked Ham Sandwich on toaittd Bun - - • * _• Hot Special Noon Lunch - - - - 30c We make Sandwiches and Milk Shakes to take out at , no extra cost. Braunsweiger Soft Cream Cheese Vfelb' Vfr Ib. 20C $29,50 Wilton Velvet 9M Unit • • $37* 50 $45. $69' 50 Wilnut Presssr • $15.95, $17.50 & $27.50 DAIRY DELL Indiana's Leading Pairy, Store and '}&?

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