St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on April 16, 1899 · Page 25
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 25

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 16, 1899
Page 25
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1 ' -.. - ". , V . SUNDAY MORNING ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH APRC I6,M8W 25 JOSCELTANEOUS FOR SALE. 1 rda or leaa 20c. AWNING For ' 25-foot awning, complete, cheap, (rood. Cuu Boom 10, 1007 Chestnut. t., at 10:30 Mood v. BABY BUGGY For Ml. baby buggy: "ot $23; good mm new: $10: also infant' outfit; cheap: rail Sunday morning- or any time Mouday. 4434 Wast Bell pi. BARBER CHAIR. ETC. For sale. 1 barber chair and mirror; cbeap it aold at once. 34itJ5 Man-' Chester i. BATTERY For aale, Mcintosh 12-celI galvanic and faradlc; new; balf price. Addresa L 10O, Post-Dlspatcb. BILLIARD TABLE. ETC. Billiard, pool and tivo-11 table; 2 sets tenplna and balls; barroom, grocery and butcher lixturea; l'"e boxes; wall eases, show eases, mirrors, tables; office railing; new fixtures to order. Partore Fixture Co., 1123, 117. 1129 N. Broadway. BRACES For Bale, pair braces for how-legged cbild, from 4 to 8. with aboes; price, $5. Address C 82. Post-Dispatch. BUILDING MATERIAL 2d material la building. Grand sr. and Windsor pi., bricks, atone, joists, atudding. flooring, abeatlog, matched stuff, window and door frames and casings, stairs, walnut hand rail and turned bannister, kindling, big wagon. Bl TOHER FIXTURES For sale, cbeap, at once. 3235 N. 19tb St. CHAIR For sale, phvslcian'a operating cbalr; cheap. 1120 8t. Ange av. CHAIRS For aale, physician's aurgical cbslrs; new Harvard, latest Improved; cbeap. Dr. Rush, 1503 Washington. CliOCK For sale, large clock: suitable for store or office. Ad. II 192, Post-Dlspateb. CLOCKS For aale, grandfather's ball clocks, from fsetory to consumer; price. $40: write for circulars. The 11 11 labor o Wood Working Co., Ullls-boro. O. DENTISTS" GHAIR (For sale. Archer dentist s cbalr; good condition, $10. Apply Sunday morning, Victor At Nltsche, 4101 Chouteau ar. DESK For sale, oak wall check desk and counter; $5. Zink & Co., 19 N. 7th St. IESK.S, ETC. For sale, 65 2d-hand Tyler roller, flat and standing decks, bookcase and library tables; $2 up. 610 N. 7th St. &RES3 For aale. lovely terra cotta dress: never worn: bust measure, 86; skirt length, 42; for $10; Jewel gss range for $5. 4527 Cook ar. EARRINGS For aale, pair solitaire diamond earrings that are In pawn. - Ad. O 100, Post-Dlspatcb. FIELD GLASSES For sale, field glasses, $10, originally cost $30; very powerful and nearly new: 20 Llgn Binocular glass; not a cheao affair. but of beat French make, and will send it for examination by addressing P. O. Box 392, Cln rlonatl. O. FIXTURES For sale: suitable for dry goods store; cbeap. 942 Good fellow ar. FOR ranges, stores and kitchen furnishings go to c.onaon Bros., iu.o sua just set. eu, majestic, Superior and other makes at reduced prices; open evenings until 8. FOR SALE Ten R. I. P. A, N. S. for B cent at druggists; one gives relief. FOUNTAIN For sale, brown end white marble soda fountain: Mathew's mrf. : perfect condition; 41 aymps; price, (SO: call and see or address A. G.. 8044 Loughborough av. FOUNTAIN For sale, a 6-syrnp sode fountain; cheap. Aug. Ueashelbarth. 1636 Blddle st. FOUNTAIN For sale, 8-synip soda fountain and 8 founts; In good order. Address W 93, Post-Dlspatcb. GEO. ROBB & SON, 13 S. 8th St., repair gas and gasoline stoves; lamps to rent. l'E (REAM MACHINE For sale. 74-gallon Ice cream machine; band-power. Apply 312 N. Com- inerclal at. M A nil I N EN For sale, 6 No. 8 Wheelers; In good order. 6105 Wells av. MERRY-GO-ROUND, ETC. For sale, one steam merrv-go-round and one ocean wave; cheap. Ad. 3930 Lucky st. MIRRORS For sale.- 2 mantel mirrors; cost $500; fur $loo. 1822 Olive St. TAINT your gsrden chairs, flower boxes, fences. s.Teens snd shutters wllh our household paints If you want good results. Piatt & Thornburgb, 7th and Franklin. PATTERN'S For sale or exchange 6000 paper dress patterns. 620 N. Broadway. PAWNTICKET For sale, pawnticket; diamond esrrtugs In, pawned for $70; . will sell ticket cbeap. Ad. X 140, Post-Dispatch. PERFECTION BEAUTY TABLETS make rosy rheck. bright eyes, ruby Hps and a perfect complexion; at druggists. 25e. PIANO, ETC. For sale; from storage. Hartman piano, coat $354 . very cheap; 3 spring wagons, $15. 810 N. "tb st. TRESS AND TYPE For sale or exchange, 3x4j oftieial press and fonts type, cabinet, etc., for cash or pair of double Sterio lenses with smile. Ad. J. II. Gutbrle, Alton, 111. PRINTERS' SUPPLIES For sale, second-hand: 2 mail fi.ldera for Hoe web perfecting presa; 16 typa racks; 1 Iron wall galley rack. 70 type caaes, stereotype steam table, 1 cut cabinet. Address1 Purchasing Agent, Post-Dispatch. PRIVATE party has money to lend on furniture, pianos and other security: confidential and proper treatment assured. 501 Chemical building. SAFE For sale, 1 safe, $25. 1037 Vandeventer. KAFr For sale, Are and burglar proof Mosler & Rahman safe. Wels & Co , 13 N. 9th at. BOD Blue grass sod for sale. Bridge rd. 5239 Natural STAND For sale, good stand for Ice. coal and watermelons at your own price. 13o5 Chestnut. STONE FRONT AXD STEPS Stone contractors attention! Son stone-front and stops for sale at a bargain. Grand and Windsor pi. STORE FIXTURES For sale, counters, partitioning, show case, etc. 16t5 Texas av. STREET CLOCK-For with works complete. Post-Dlspatcb. sale, large, double-face. Address Purchasing Agent, STUD. ETC. For sale, diamond stud, ring and aearfpln; pawned; tickets cbcap. Ad. B 100, Post-Dlspatcn. TICK ET8 For sale; lady has her diamond rings pawned: unshle to redeem; tickets ( heap. Address K 15, Post -Dispatch, TICKETS For sale, tickets for dlnmond tlr.f.- and stud, that are pawned; bargains. Address B 12, ri....i..k TRY MY COFFEE Everything else In season Belvedere Cafe. 13th st. snd Washington ni Fred Cole, Proprietor. WALL CASKS For snip, two elegant wail rass for millinery or Jewelry use; at a bargain. 3333 olive st. WAR RELICS For sale, a lot of war relic, cheap. Ad. M !fl. Post -Dispatch. WAi'H For sale, lady's gold watch. In pawn; ticket for $3. Ad. B 90, Post-Dlspatrh. WATCH For sale, gent's VValtham watch, chain and diamond charm; pawned for $28; ticket $5. Ad. C 9i, Post-Dlspatcb. YOU can clean your wall paper at a cost of 20 cents a room with our wall paper cleaner; prepared fresh every morning. Piatt & Thornburgb, th and Franklin. INCANDESCENT GASOLINE LIGHT. 0 per icnt cheaper than coal oil, 1(H) candle power, seven hours for I cent : run iw turned down like any lamp: ierfectly safe, approved nv a:! Ins. Co. Send $3.50 for sample lamp, with full direction. Superior mantles, 20 cents, $2 rer doyen. . ANTON GASOLINE LAMP A FIXTURE CO., 1137 olive st.. St. 1oill. Mo EDUCATIONAL. 14 wcrda or less. 20 centa. FPI'iATIONAL The EcVnle School of Philosophy, 1510 t bestnut st., classes forming; learn wisdom. INSTRUCTION WASTFD Shorthand teacher, for evenings- terms must le reasonable. Address K W. Pot Dispatch. PUPILS in shorthand! typewriting and dictating. 1.105 Wash at. M'HOOI. WANTEI A private school for a hoy 12 years old. verv backward In his studies, where he will be taught, in addition to studies, etiquette. diorttiierif . etc.: must le a gissl home, with kind and patient people. Adlres, stating lowest terms. N 114. Post Dispatch. TEACHER WANTFIt Private teacher for penman, ship to call at bouse. Ad. V 114, Poet-Dia-patch. TUITION WANTED A lady desires to take German leaaoua from lady teacher. Ad. BL 2, Pnsi-Dlapstrh HARDEN'S OPTICAL SCHOOL MOIO Fairfax A v. Only aebnol of Its kind In St. Louis, where any one may acquire, by any application, the si lence of optics In s very short time: Ksltlons furnished all indents when competent ; the worthy poor will be Supplied with glaas-s fre of ehsrge. LANGUAGES. FRENCH, GERM, SPANISH, LATIN, ETC. Best and most practical Instruction, in classes private; also at residence; reasons lile fee; op-n the year. 4 BERLITZ Hi?HOOL OF languages. odd rslloma' llall. cbet Ir 4a leading cltlaaj MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. 14 words or lesa, 20 cents. CASK nM for rrocerles or other merchandise. 0. 4 nam tiers, jenerson my. anu ian i- CHAIR WANTED 2d-han invalid chair: ooi valid ran propel; good cVodttUxi and cbeap. one tn- Ad- dress F 2. Post-Imps tcb. CHANDELIER WANTED For cash. 1 crystal cbandelWr for gas or gas snd electricity; must m bargaT iTh. Ad. K 4. Post-Ulspatcn. CLOTIIINO WANTED To buy. ladles' and cents" eaat-off clothing; send postal. Miller, :S.U3 S. Broadway. FANS WANTED Several electric celling and desk fans; will give fair price If lo good order. Ad. 11 st, i-oat-uispatcD. LADDERS WANTED A pair of extension ladders. 2i to 32 feet long; state price. Ad. F 14, PosL-Dispatcb. MARKET price for old feathers: mall ordera promptly attended. S. Batavia. 112 N. tttb st. MARKET PRICE for ol J7eathers; feather beds a specialty; mall ordera given prompt attention. Chas. SI moil, JS22-24 N. 8ih st. MERCHANDISE WANTED Highest cash price Jiaid, for all kinds of merchandise. Ad. G 1, 'ost-Dlspatch. PAINT vour kitchen and porch floors with our floor paint; beat in the market; will net chalk or peel off and will dry bard over night. Piatt & Thornburgb, 7tb and Franklin. PARTITION WANTED Glass partition for store. J. It. Gray, 1012 Vandeventer av. POOL TABLE WANTED 1 2.1-liand poor or billiard table and outfit. Ad. R 11, Post-Dlspatcb. SODA FOUNTAIN WANTED 6 or 8 syrups; . 1. - nnut, A.I 11 (UIU PAat.llll. J 1 1 1 1 I Liu LUCiy . t 1 vunu. au. v. wu, a - patch. TEACHER WANTED Somebody to teach me in of India Ink on photographs. Ad. A 10, Post-Dlspatcb. TRUNK WANTED Good 2d-band trunk; must be cheap. Ad. D 114, Post-oispatch. TWO ladles wish to make arrangements with hotels and families to put up preserves, jellies, catsup, etc.; references. Address L 3, Fost-Dis- patcu. WRITING DESK WANTED Lady's mahogany ni hlFl'ava inonU 1C-fitiritr r1kalr flfal iwll0 HOUSEHOLD GOODS WANTED. 14 Words or Lew. 20c. ASFITON buys old feather and furniture; any lze 1 . JM .1 A Im.ut.l.l DMsf JUIS, KUU IHHlUi. flMHlUU. Iiuj-iiot siviba. BEDROOM SET WANTED A flrt-cla Mahogany iwtj roi rn wi ; mua uc icoauuauw;. jiuun a. a a., X UQl-'LTIApaiUU. BEST prices paid for furniture. carpet and feathers; send postal. A. Caplan, 2507 Oole-man st. ' BEST prlcea paid for furniture, feathers, household goods; send postal. Benslnger. 756 Walton av. BEST price paid for furniture, feathers and household goods; send postal. Brown, 710 N. High st. CARPET WANTED Good, cheap carpet; one that was slightly used; 14x16. Address W U. Post-Dispatch. . FURNITURE WANTED Dining table, chairs, sideboard, china closet, brass bedstead, gas range; also fine cblnaware; write description and price. Address B 15, Post-Dispatch. HIGHEST cash price paid for 2d-nand furniture, of all kinds. M. Ehrllch, 804 N. 6th St. HIGHEST price paid for Iadls' and gents' cast-off clothing, geese and duck feathers. M. Speel-Juan, 2G2 Olive St.; send postal. HIGHEST cash prices paid for furniture, pianos, carpeta, feather beda, or entire content! of flats and stores. Wolf. 18 8. 11th st. Phone O 465. MARKET PRICE for old feathers: large or small lots; mail orders promptly attended. Chas. Simon, S22-24 N. Sth st. HOUSEHOLD GOODS FOB SALE. 14 words pr less, 20 cents. Turnitur. BED For sale, fine rose-wood folding bed; very cheap.- 2843 Russell av BFJDROOM SUIT For sale, bedroom suit, cheap; selling out; want tq leave city. 1823 S. 9th st. BED, ETC. For sale, iron folding bed, gas range, hot water con.; other furniture; -all Sunday and after 6 p. m. wek days. 3861 Bell av. BOOKCASE For sale, large walnut bookcase, in . , .... . , r. , , 1'...,. aw goou I'ouumuu; cueap. wi i ' " DINING TABLE For eale, a beautiful solid oak dining table, with cover: perfectly new; at a bargain; call Monday. 2338 Wash St. EXTENSION TABLE For sale, handsome 8 foot oak extension table; price $8. 4460 Morgan at. FOLDING BED For sale. 1 oak mantle folding bed; good condition. 3311 Franklin av. FURNITURE Radiant Home stove, ice box, dining room aet; call any ni.rulu. 3053 Page St. FURNITURE For sale, bedroom set, $3: parlor, $3; folding bed, $3; sideboard, $3; dresser, $1. 1704 S. 11th st. FURNITURE For sale, cheap, oak sidelward, dining room table and gas range; all good as new; call Monday. 2821 Gamble st. FURNITURE For sale, furniture of 3 rooms, by piece or together; must be sold Wednesday; party leaving cltv. 1227 Market St., 2d floor. FURNITURE For sale, household furniture and chandeliers. 2137 Geyer av. FURNITURE For sale, enameled Iron bed. oak dresser aud commode; cheap. Boyd. 3550 IJndell. FURNITURE For sale, cheap: not In use 2 months. 411 St. Louis av.. East StLouis: OAK DRESSER AND WASHSTAND Ue4 ouly six months; cheap. 4049 A r inncy av. SOFA For sale, nice plush sofa; good as new; ttieap. 43O0 Cote UriUlante av. WARDROBE For sale, one solid oak wardrolie; little used; good as new. a.w w et incmuui. Stoves, Banges, Etc. GASOLINE RANGE For sale, large sized Quick Meal gasoline range; biuiobi . tin-4577 Garfield av. . GASOLINE RANGE For sale, fine gasoline range; cbeap. Ad. K 15. I'ust-mspatcu. t GASOLINE STOVE For sale Quick Meal gasoline stove In good order. ;hiza lonagc . RANGE On account of breaking np housekeeping will sell my new $38 Home Comfort range; make cash offer. Ad. E 6. Post -Dispatch. RANGE For sale. Quick Mesil .i-nurner gas range. v'.hhI as new. $5.50: also gasomie unr, , ue-livered: o; u Sunday. 2331 Franklin av. RANGE For sale, 6-hole A an Meei range: douoie oven: hot water: cost at eio. .-. nn i. RANGE For sale. Quick Meal gas range; like new: cheap. lo itign si. R INGE For sale. 4-hole steel range, water connection. $8; Charter Oak cook stove, $2. 2331 Franklin av. ' STOVE For sale. Quick .Meal gasoline stove. vllh oven: cheap. 4lS'l iineoiu w. STOVES ETC. For sale, cheap: a fine base burner: a Charter Oak stove and bedroom suit. 4113 Manchester av. Carpets, Etc. CAKPFTS ETC. For sale. 50 misfit carpets, hnifsels,' 3 -ply Ingrain nigs, from $3 up. 14o Franklin av. C1RPFTS For sale. 100 misfit carpets: Brussels. 3-ply Ingrain and rugs; from $3 up. 1413 Frank lin av. "ARPFT FTC For sale, good bnissels carpet, walnut 'wardrolie; cheap. 235 S. Jefferson av. CWtl'KT For sale. l."n misfit velvet body Brussels edicts: :5 yards Ingrain: 4a yards lln-oleum ami oilcloth, 15c. MO N. .th St. Sewing Maclune. M "U'HINES For sale, lot sewing machines: all the best makes. At warehouse. 1Q15 Morgan st. MACHINES For sale, sewing machines; Singer, $ 5tr White. $4.50; New Home, $4.50; LVmes-tic. .": new drop heads. $15; all guaranteed. 1210 Franklin av. SEWING MACHINES For sale, to py storage charges. 3 good sewing machines, at storage rooms, lOOl Morgan st. SEWING MACHINE For sale, sewing machine cheap: almost new. 3H18 Cook tr. SEWING MACHINE For sale. Singer sewing ma. chine: perfect order; $5. C. W. Hayner, 20O5 Gratuis av. SEWING M M'HINE For sale. Household sewing machine; all attachments; nearly new; cost $0U; at $10. 4052 Easton av. SEWING MACIIINE-For sale. Singer sewing machine; laie Improved drop bead; oak; used 9 months. Ad. N 7. Post-Dlspatcb. SEWING MACHINE For sale. Singer chine; oak finish. 3101A Olive st. ring SEWING MACHINE For ssle. Wilcox A Glbb automatic sewing machine; nearly new; bargain. 2SI4 Pine st. Miscellaneous. t BABY BUGGY For sale, baby buggy; used only one iiuimefl 1806 Delmar av. BABY CA it l AGE AXO CRIB For aale. Inquire 2842 HenrM its st. 111 For aale CHAXDELI cost $0: will sell far 20. tli 2T' i'af a.; t take Suburban car.. HOUSEHOLD GOODS FOB SALS. 14 words or leas, 20 cents. Miscellaneous. FLAT For sale, 3-roomJlat; extra line goods. 2104 Market t. OAS FIXTURES For sale, gas fixtures. 3517 Bell ar. FLAT For ssle. fist of 8 rooms: must be sold at once; owner leaving city. 3101A Olive st. HOUSE For Bale, furnished room bouse of 13 rooms; tilled with good roomers. 512 Wash St. HOUSEHOLD GOODS For sale, carpets; also large batrack. Apply at 404S Laclede av. HOUSEHOLD GOODS For sale, carpets and. furniture. 1329 Pendleton av. HOUSEHOLD G04)DS For sale, furniture of 5-room house; sewing machine, gasoline range, jiarlor sets, dresser, etc.; all iu Cub order; mudt be sold. 41K.2 FaKtuu av. HOUSEHOLD jODS For sale. Quick Meal gasoline range and oven; cost $2S; at $6; flue order. Call -Monday after 10 a. m., 3!U3 Sarpy av. HOUSEHOLD GOODS For sale. 2 bedroom nolle.-, carpels, etc. Call to-day. 2H" Ol.lve st. HOUSEHOLD GOODS For sale, mantle folding bed and mattress: in good order: also plate-glnss cheval mirror, suitable for a dressmaker. 1713 Goode ar. HOUSEHOLD fJOODS New dining table snd chairs, refrigerator, bed room snile. 4243 Del-mar av. HOUSEHOLD GtMfDS For aale. gas ranges, child's folding bed. large walnut sidelioatd; to pay storage charges. 1510 Franklin av. HOUSEHOLD GOODS For sale, good piano, $50: large bookcase, oak table, etc.; cheap. Call mornings at 2742 Allen av. HOUSEHOLD trOODS For sale, 2 oak bed room suits, a oak folding bed. 1 oak sidelwiard, and carpets, rugs, chairs, etc.. at warehouse, 1015 Morgan St. - I HOUSEHOLD GOODS For sale, 1 l:idy Inlaid desk, 1 drophead Singer sewing machine, a large assortment of household goods, carpets, oak and walnut bedroom suites, oak and walnut folding beds, fine oak sideboards, parlor suites ext. tables, chiffoniers and com. bookcases, oak and walnut hall trees, gas aud gasoline ranges: a lot of good refrigerators; two tine brass beds, 1 flue com. wardrobe and chiffonier; cheap. At It. S. Slack's, 2107 rranklln av. HOUSEHOLD GOODS For sale, handsome dining room suit apd mahogany bed suit; oak .VIIM fixtures, white winnow snaues; appiy oi Monday. 422S West Belle pi. before HOUSEHOLD GOODS For sale, elegant sideboard, nice gas fixtures, heating and laundry stoves. Majestic range, oak chamber set, window shades. Apply oOT .n. uiutpiou av. HOUSEHOLD GOODS For sale. Quick Meal range. In good condition, $3.50; good ice box. $1.50; kitchen cupboard. $1.50: good Singer machine, $8; other furniture cheap. 2744 Wash. HOUSEHOLD GOODS For sale, oak bed room suite, $0.50; wardrobe. $3; kitchen safe, $1.50; table, chairs, stove. 2!41 Olive st. HOUSEHOLD GOODS For sale. 24 yards mat ting wltb paper, enameieu . i'"s mattress, washstand, 2 chairs; bargain. 3234A California v. HOUSEHOLD GOODS For sale, to pay storage charges. 3 bed room suits, 2 folding beds. 1 extension table. 2 wardrobes. 1 lot of carpets and other furniture, at storage rooms. 1001 Morgan. HOUSEHOLD GOODS For sale, cheap, one baby buggy, 2 walnut beds. 1 oak bed, all complete, 1 walnut washstand and wardrobe, 1 extension table, all in good condition. U. S. Arsenal, House No. 8. HOUSEHOLD GOODS For sale, gas fixtures, shade, baby carriage, child's folding bed and hard coal stove. 3747 Laclede av. ; call Sunday and Monday. HOUSEHOLD GOODS For sale, cherry folding bed, walnut wardrobe, washstand. dresser and center table, $35; old lounge, rocker and easy cbalr; i -spring and mattress spring cot, $2; copper-lined bath tub, $4. 839 S. 8th st. REFRIGERATOR For sale, large . refrigerator. 6O09A Maule av. REFRIGERATOR For sale, refrigerator for family use; $2; call Monday. 4730A Delmar av. SIDEBOARD, ETC. For sale, one oak sideboard. one carved hall bench with- French mirror and one elegant oak dining room extension table; good as new and at one-third original cost. Ap-- ply Superintendent Dossier Bakery, 16th and Morgan sts. LOST AND FOUND. 14 Words or Less. 20c. Loftt BREASTPIN Lost, pearl heart-shaped breastpin, at Columbia Theater or Scruggs, V. & Barney's. Return to 4421 Laclede av. and receive reward. BRACELET Lost, bracelet of Mexican coin and 5 hearts. Return to 3827A Windsor pi., and recelvo reward. BUGGY. ETC. Lost or stolen, from 2d and Clark av., storm buggy and harness. Liberal reward for return or anv Information. Hollrath & Dieck-mann, 1234 S. 7th 8t. COW Strayed, from 2117 Linton av., brown cow; 1 horn very short; liberal reward. DIAMOND BROX'H Lost, diamond brooch of 40 diamonds; scroll ehspe: liberal reward and no questions asked if returned to 4252 Washington 4)1. . ' DIAMOND RING iost, in vicinity of 3d and Pine sts., two stone diamond ring; valuable reward If returned to Room 1, 205 Fine st. DOG Lost, black setter dog; $3 reward. Olive st. 3t!9 DOG Lost, white waler spaniel, with black spot on side: one black spot around right eye; on ear shorter than the other; a lilieral reward will lie paid. Address 307Vii Missouri av., East St. Louis. D4Xi Lost, white bulldog: liberal reward; answers to name of Dan. 1610 I'iue st. DtXl Lost, greyhound, mouse color. Reward for return to 7019 Michigan av. DOG Lost, shepherd dog: cream color, with white speck in right eye; lame in left fore foot: please return and receive liberal reward. 4130 Westminster pi. DOG Ixist. Ted Irish setter bitch; answers name Bessie: Thursdav evening. Tower Grove pk. R'-tnrn to S. L. Mcltride. care Liggett & Meyers, and receive lilieral reward. DOG Lost, male pug dog. 2 years old. Return 1912 Wagoner pi.,; lilieral reward. DOG Lost, pug dog; answers to name of Nellie: little child's pet. Reward if returned to 3523 N. Taylor av. DOGS Strayed, 2 white and liver pointer dogs. $10 reward each If returned to 3220 Copflin av., 1 block south of Lafayette av. DOG Lost, bull terrier bitch: brown sjiot on left ear. Return to 4482 Lindell and receive reward. GOLDBUG Lost, green goldbug, set with 3 diamonds. Return to 3652 Evans av.; reward. NECKLACE Lost. Saturday afternoon, child s gold bead necklace; heart attached; on olive st. or Vandeventer car; please return to 3842 Fine st. ; reward. PARASOL Lost, small sunshade parasol; liberal reward.. 332!) Morgan st. FIN Lost, st Mahler's Hall or between there and King's highway and Washington. Friday evening, old-fashioned diamond cluster pin. set in black rims. Return to 703 Union Trust Blilg. POCKETBOOK Loet. Thursday, on Delmar car. or on Tavlor, to 4536 Cook av., pockethoufc. Return tb above number and receive reward. PURSE Lost, black knitted purse, with steel beads, transferring at Vandeventer and Finney; between 4:30 and 5 p. m. Frhhiy. Return to 4039 Olive st., reward. RING Lost, plain Void ring, on Broadway; between Lvncb and President sts. Return to 3552 Dekalb St.; high reward. UMBRELLA Lost. April 6. silk umbrella: initials .?. K. W. on handle. Reward If returned to 063'J Minnesota av. UMBRELLA Lost, silk umbrella. Walrus tooth handle; name on silver plate. Return to 1S22 Victor St., re.-elve reward. UMBRELLA lady who took umbrella from Century Theater Saturday matinee, return same to 3872 Windsor pi. and receive hers In exchange. WATCH Ixwt. between Pendelton and Vandeventer, Page ami Bell, lady's gold watch; reward. Return to 4:r23 Page av. WATCH Lost or stolen Sunday last, gold watch, with fob. If finder will address undersigned no questions asked. Ad. A 1. Post-Dispatch. WATCH Lost. Thursdav afternoon, between limits of Beaumont and Cardinal and Washington and Pine, or on Olive st. car. lady's gold Swiss watch; 1 side of case blue enamel and chip diamonds; $5 rewanl If returned to 29 IS Morgan at. Found. DOH Found, fawn colored male greyhound pup, about 8 months old. Ad. Box 2i6. Kirkwood. SPECIAL NOTICES. 14 words or less. 20 rents. CHIOAOO MOVING CO., moving, packing and shipping, 2311 Carr St., branch ofOce 24i7 laclede av. Mairice J Thompson, Mgr., formerly foreman at Manhattan Moving Co. OLrtVK ST., 2941 Rooming; will take furniture as payment. . TRY Nv COFFEE Everything else In season. I Belvedere Cafe. 13th at. and Washington av. . Fred Cole, 1'reprleuir. - r J BICYCLES. 14 words or leas. 20 cents. BEAUTIFUL bicycles. $..0 -model fjr $2..: good new bicycle, flrt: used whee.s, $12. $9. $..; new-tandem, list $1X. now, $4i: used tandem, $12; graphite. 2 for lc; U. S. trip cyclometers. 50c; B .V S wrenches. 25c: Morgan & Wright new tires, pair. $4.10; saddles. 25c: tandl-s. 10c; eta ns. loc: rims, pair. 35c: nlcxeltug and enameling. $4.40; cups, cones, axies; iu omc. uuiui .. 311 X. nth st. BICYCLE For sale,'s wheel iu condition, $10. 51811A Morgan bl. BICYCLE For sale, ladles" higb-graile bicycle; ost $100; a bargain. 1418 Cass av. BICYCLE For sale. Cass sir. fine bicycle, cheap. 1434 BICYCLE For sale, a slightly nseil 'ladies Eagle bicycle; cheap. 4113 Manchester av. Bli'YCLE For s;ile, Columbia bicycle: 22-lncb frame; nearly new; must be sold. 27:13 Olive. BICYCLE .For sale, high grade bicycle, cost $125; for $14. Call 3125 Laclede av. BICYCLE For sale, lady's new Rambler bicycle. 5A S. Compton av. BICYCLE For sale, lady's wheel: Crawford: In good order: also folding bed; very cheap. 1021 S. loth st. BICYCLE For sale. Swift's bicycle; In good condition: $5. 2242 Cass av. BICYCLE WANTED For 14-year-old ly: must lie modern make and cheap: give description and price Ad. K 12. Post-Dispatch. BICYCLE For sale, cheap, genfs bicycle; 22-inch frame, '98 pattern: used 3 weeks; excellent condition. Box 135. Attit-a. lad. BICYCLE For sale. Defender bicycle: Morgan & Wright tires: round pedals; 20th century tandem; light: $15. Ad. NllH. Post-Dispatch. BICYCLES For sale, to pay storage charges. 3 good bicycles, at storage rooms. liNll Morgan St. BICYCLE For sale. Columbia chalnless; also 1 ladv's and 1 gents' '98 Columbia. 1218 Olive St., 2d floor. BICYCLES For sale. 1 lot high-grade bicycles, fyom $5 to $20. at warehouse. 1015 Morgan st. BICYCLES Quitting business: a lot of high grade up-to-date bicycles and tandems; less than factory prices. Missouri Cycle Co., 304, N. 3d st. BICYCLF For sale, a bicycle. In good order, at a sacrifice. 821 Hickory st. BICYCLE To eichange.'HS model gent's hijrh-pr.ide "wheel for diamond atuiTor ring. E. Wellhausen, 10117 Selby pi. BICYCLE For .sale, new high-grade, slightly shopworn lsi8 lalv's wheel, in perfect order; price $2. Call to-day or address 1-09 Euclid av. BICYCLE SADDLE Come and see the new Kirk-patrlck saddle: it Is hard, with a spring; we are the cheapest bouse in the city for bicycle sundries. Hurck Ode Co.. 305 and 307 X. 14th st. BICYCLE .SUNDRIES Honest values, honest prices, and what we advertise carried in stock; toe cips, 15c a pair: cyclometers. 15c each: good tires, single or double rube. $4.50 a pair; baudle bars, 85e; pedals, 85c a pair; complete bicycles, new. $19.50, $25 and $35: yon can't beat them fir more money; and we can do any kind of repairing at bottom prices. Xeustadt Cycle Supply Co.. 413 X. 12th St. BICYCLE WANTED To exchange, fine ebony clarinet for good bicycle. Address B 133, Post-Dispatch. BICY'CLE WANTED Girl's wheel: must be in good condition and cheap; state make. 108 S. Ewiug av., 2d floor. BICYCLE WANTED For cash, good bicycle; stste price, make and length of time used. Address - II 99, Post-Dispatch. BICYCLES WANTED Old bicycles for cash; bring to ivnignt t;yeie to., 311 I4tn st BICYCLES WANTED 2d-hand bicycles of all makes for spot cash. Harry R. Geer, 906 Pine st. BICYCLE WANTED A 24-inch bicycle: state condition, make and price. Ad. M 10, Post-Dispatcb. BICYCLES Andrae, Viking. Crescent and Caesar bicycles; ask for Morgan, St. Louia Cvcle Co.. 635 N. 2d St.; tel. Bell main 384; Klnloch A 716. WISE RIDERS Prominent bicycle firms certify to tne nign standard of workmanship we do by employing, first, those who have received their training in our establishment; we make your old wheel like new for $5.50; nickel, enamel and true: in first-class style; ona price only; that is the lowest; will call for and deliver; send postal; see our bargains in to-day's Republic. F.ST. ISSff. RICHARD HURCK. 2304 OLIVE ST ANIMALS. 14 words or less. 20 cents. CATS For sale, thoroughbred Angora cat aDd kittens; $15 to $25. 505 Brighton pi.. East St. Louis, CHICKENS Bantams and eggs for sale: from B. B. red game bantam: prize winning kind; overcrowded nvith eggs; sell cheap. 1423 Chouteau. COLLIE WANTED Collie in exchange for a young pedigreed fox terrier bitch. Add. B 98, Post-Dispatch. COW For sale, fine Jersey cow. West Fine st. Apply at 4434 COW (For sale or exchange for good cowa good open buggies. Inquire 3423 Texas av. COW For sale, fine Jersey cow; fresh. Apply at Boyce pi., Normandy, Mo. 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Minneapolis and several others; dam equally as well bred. Dr. G. A. Lee .t Sou, Bowling Green. Mo. POTJLTBY AND BIBDS. 14 words or less. 20 cents. BIRDS WANTED Canary, singers and hens, single or in lots; yellow preferred: must be cheap; give description and price. Ad. F 12, Post-Dispatch. CHICKENS. ETC. For sale, barred Plymouth Rocks, pullets, cockrels aud eggs. J. Wensler. il9 8. C-ouipton av. ECSGS For sale, S. C. Brown Leghorn, 50c and $1 per setting; also pigeons. 1813 (eyer av. EGGS For sale, eggs for hatching, from White Leghorn and Black Spanish. 5337 Ridge av. EGGS For sale, pure bred black Spanish eggs; 50c per setting. 3nS S. Jefferson av. J5GGS For -sale, eges for hatching from high-storing Buff Plvmouth Rocks; $1.50 for 15. Ad. Mrs. 11. M. Fife, 1437 Temple pi. EGGS For hatching: from prise winners; brown anil buff leghorns, Plymouth Rocks, l'ekln ducks, Toulouse geese. Geo. Utboff, 4980 Kemper ark EGGS For sale. Buff Cochin hens and Hamburg's eggs; fine stock; ready for setting. 3107 N. 2utb st. jr(;i;s For sale, eggs of Xortbups, Minorcras for batching, by Fre.l Glessner, Luxemburg, opposite Blow's brickyard. EGGS For sale, eggs of Xortbups, Minorcras foe batching by Fred Giessner, Luxemburg, opposite Blow's brickyard. PARROT For sale, double yel!ow-be-idei tn'l lng parrot and cage; $10. 217 Market, 3d floor. Trie-ber. FIG Eo.VS For sale, a lot of fancy and common pigeon. 2147 Geyer a v. Poultry Supplies. Do yon keep piultry? We furnish incubators, brooders, grit, oyster shells, nest eggs and I'd other articles for the poultry yard: catalogue free. H. M.-K. WILSON at CO.. , 204 Market St.. St. Louis. Mo. TO EXCHANGE. 14 Words or Lesa. 20c. DENTISTRY FOR PA PER HANOI NO Wanted to exchange, first-class dentistry for paperhanging and bouse painting. Ad. F 99, Post-Dispatch. DO you want to trsds a good horse, or a fine piano, or life insurance policy? Ad. M 08. Posl- ilspatch PRINTING Job printing offered for anything valuable; merchandise, services; make offer. Ad. A 19. Peat-Dispatch. TO KXOUAXGB Dresamaklnj for diamond. R 129. Post-Dlspatcb. Ad. TV EXCHANGE Drewnnakln for vocal ina; roc- Ad. r? 116, rost-llspeita. PERSONAL. 14 words of less. 30 cents. PU.RSOXAL Rain: Monday, same place. Snow. FF-bMo.NAL A. frvm G. 72. Young will find letter at Post office PMtSONAI Miss Ida T.. ttce to-night. Frank A. Call for mall at poslot- PKRSONAL Cflarley O'Connell, cook call at 200 N. 14th st. and see old friend. K. PERSONAL Lady. III. Central train Isiwed to geut with, glasses Saturday evening please address L J14. Post-Dlspatcb. PERSONAL one received; am good. Pa'leut. Hoixful. Between Thirty one fifteen. Don't reurf-niher. Ky. PI.RSONAI, Will any of the iersoii who saw the ild gentleman thrown from car at Easton and Kwing avs., Fridav e'veuiiiir. at 6:15 o'clock, kindly send their address to 2!14 Fnuikllnjiv. . ADDRESS W' AN TED To know the address of Dr. Jay Julian, dentist, formerly of Columbus. O. Address T 5. Post-Dlspatcb. FOR LADIES Uoo Tablets will cure lencorruoe .-sample Ikix sent free. Address the I no Mfg. Co., 1475 Woodland av.. Cleveland. O. LADIES Mall 2c stamp for sealed Instructions how to enlarge your bust 6 In. bv using Eiuina Best Developer; guaranteed; 24p. Bins, catalogue ic. Ad. Emma Toilet Bazaar, 11 Tiemont St., Boston, Mass. MATRIMONIAL. 14 words or less. 30 cents MATRIMONIAL If single send name snd description and receive free our large Matrimonial Ad-' vocate. Star Matrimonial Agency. Arcanum, o. MATRIMONY Gentlemen 35. desires to marry; have steadv employment; some means. Addns X 9, Post-Dispatch. v MATRIMONY' Widow. 44. Southerner, stranger, own home. West End, would like the hearthstone of her heart swept, aud the cobwebs brushed away; matrimony. Address W 100, l'ost-Dispatch. MATRIMONY I want a Wife, brainy, beautiful ami rich. Student, 502 R. It. av., Marshall, i Tex. MATRIMONY Gentleman, 36. of neat appearance, just starting in business, wishes ttie acquaintance of nice working girl: domestic preferred; object, matrimony. Adilrcss T 3. Post-Dispatch. MATRIMONY Gentleman teacher music and modern languages desires acquaintance relined lady; object matrimony. Address W 11, I'ost-Dlspatcb. MATRIMONY Widow of 30 with girl of 3 wishes to bear from sober, industrious working mau; object matrimony. Address L 1, Post-Dispatch. MATRIMONY A middle-aged widow wishes to form the acquaintance of middle-aged bnslne.'S man; none but a true gentleman need answer; cb-ject, matrimony. Ad. V 12, Post-Dlspatcb. MATRIMONY' Gentleman tinder 40. owns rea and tiersonal property, desires to meet auecth nate single lady of means, under 40; city or country; refs. exchanged: divorced women need not answer; object, matrimony. Ad. D 13, PostlDis- pateh. LMATRIMONY Yor.ilg widower wants to young widow under 20 aud weight under object matrimony. Address N 14, Foal patch. meet 115: -Dis- MATRIMONY A wealthy yonne widow would) like to meet a gentleman of refinement, from 3t o 35 years old; object matrimony. Ad. G 114 Post-Dispatcb. MATRtMOXY Bachelor. 34. large wealth and In come, has devoted entire time to business, inoi , seeks affectionate, loving wife. Ad. H 14, Post- Dispatch. MATRIMONY Middle-aged widow, without ftaml-ly, seeks correspondence with elderly well-to-do farmer; object matrinmony; no trifleTS. Ad. B 287, Post-Dispatch. MATRIMONY Widow, 35, has $10.(SH. is wi to share her wealth with an honorable bus man: object, matrimony. Ad. H 15, Tost patch. ling Dis- MATRIMONY Lady, 22, blue eyes, has cons able means, feels lonely: wishes the r.cqui once of honorable gentleman: object, m mony. Ad. F 13, Post-Disoatcb. der-ilat-itri- iiA ikl14j. i ice young man, German-American 3b years of age, lives in city, has $15,000, Would like to form the acquaintance of young ladyt ob ject, matrimony. Ad. T 13-, Post-Dispatch. MATRIMOXY 2 refined young ladles deslrel the acquaintance of 2 honorable gents; no triflers; correspondence strlctlv confidential; object, rimony. Ad. T 15, Post-Dispatcb. pa MATRIMONY A young business man of 27 years," good looking, weight 150 pounds, would like to meet young iaay or widow wjtn xi s o? $.HX; wojeci. matrimony, au. kj i:, -rost-uispatchJ J1AIKI.MOM Young man wants to correspond wun iNortnern wiuow witn wealth: object, matri mony; answer quick. Address R 2, PosUDls paten. MATRIMONY Bachelor, 39. plain, good prospects. oesires acquaintance country widow with some means: no agents; object, matrimony. Ad. Oj Us, j-usi-Lrispaicu. MATRIMONY Beautiful young widow. 23, Uorth $io,00O, seeks marriage with able and genuine gentleman. Mrs. Johns, care Stahl, 36 AvJ A, - e w jorjt. MATRIMONY Stylish lady. 25. would like to meet gentleman of means; matrimony. Address R 6, I'ost-Dlspatcb. MATRIMONY Young man would like to meet nice, sociable young lady or widow under 27 years or age, matrimonially Inclined. Ad. G 9, t osi-Lfispaicn. tientieman or a.t would like to (cor respond witn lady; object, matrimony. Ad. G i, fost-uispatch. aiA i ni.uo. i uiower, American, 4S. si tier. steady, gooa-natured, wants the address ytf refined little blonde widow. without lm min cumbrance, money, home or friends; conte ted ana narmiess; agea snout :i4; object, matrinj Address Hildreth'a Button Co., 211 Main Joplln, Mo. mtiny. it.. MATRIMONY Descriptions printed free; private, reliable; sealed list, 2c. Box 881, Denver, tjolo. MATRIMONY German-Anierlean mechanic. 36 years of age, having bis own borne and a stnady position, would like to meet a working girl or young widow; ooject, matrimony; correspondence strictly confidential; no tritters or agents. Ad. X 94, Fost-Dlspatcu. MATRIMONY A gentleman of culture and generosity, independently wealthy, aeeks wife to ove and cherish. "Dewey," care Ames, 1297 Lexington av.. New York. MATRIMONY Widower, gentleman, middle-aged, hlehly respected, owns good business and nle home in country tow-n, desires acquaintance of single, healthy, good-looking, respectable lYot-estant lady with means; ladies speaking English aud German preferred; object, matrimony; cor-resnnndence absolutely private. Ad. R 84, Tost-Disi atcb. MATRIMONY Wealthy, unincumliered widower. with nonie. generous qualities ot heart, seeks devoted wife. "Broker," 3120 Forest av., Chlca-go. 111. POCK MARKS Come and see the woman; pock marks one side her face only: we did It. Dr. Fowler's Dermatologlcal Inst., 514 Chemical bldg. ADD seeking marriage should consult oldest, larg est, most rename matrimonial miresu in existence: clients in every locality: send stamps for description of widower. 51. worth $500, Of M; bachelor druggist, 47. $150,000; widower, .'(. $:.-OOO; bachelor. 30, $lo,0OO; maiden. 26. $6 H); widow. 36, Income. $20O month: widow, 45, $20.-04X1. Business confidential. Wellman, 304 West 27th at.. New York. INFORMATION Little lines or deep wrinkles; a iree trial to an who write or call proves the success of our treatment. Dr. Fowler's Iierma-tologlcal Institute. 514 Chemical Bldg., St. Ixuis. SUPERFLUOUS hair eradicated before you pay. Call or write, Dr. Fowler's Dermatologlcal Inst., 514 Chemical Bldg. ALL SORTS. 14 words or less, 20 cents. PAINT your barn and outbuildings wltb onr Asia asphalt Iron paint. Piatt & .Thornburgb, 7th and Franklin. PATENTS AND PENSIONS. 14 Words or Lasa. 30c. EXTRA pay for discharged soldiers Spanish avar. 11. 1. " Br Icq. Attorney. 421 Chestnut st. HAVE some money to invest In patented, article of merit. Ad. B 5tsl. I'o.t I'Upatcii. INVENTION; For sale. O 14, I'lMtt Dispatdi. small Inventions. Ad. PATENT WANTED To pun-base a patent; de-ivrilw In reply. Ad. F 111. Post Dispatcb. PATENTS Total cost. 17 years, $55; designs. 14 years, $45: 7 years. $30; 3S years. $22. Senier G. Wells. Patent Attorney. 3i4 Union Trust. PATENT For sale, patent covernln devb-a, needed on every electric car; no competition; unlimited demands. For further particulars call on or address Jobn Bin b, room 2, Can by Bldg., Daxton, u. PERSONAL SUNDRIES. 14 words or less. 20 cents. A BIG CHANCE Dlsmood. watches, ete., at half cost: weekly payments. Huguain, Pawnbroker, H23 Oliva st. ARSOIAjTK divorces; reliable attorney: liberal terms. Law office, 1002 Olive at.. 2d floor. ALL'LIVER, kidney, and private disease special v. laylu Medici ua to., 404 Gratiot sU PERSONAL SUNDRIES. 14 words or leas. 20 cents. 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HOItSEVANT ED Will give trie best pasturage mid line water for a gentle horse for a lady lo ride or drive from now until fall. Address Box 33, Pattolivllle, St. Uiills ., Mo. HORSES WANTED-3 heavy draft horses and stake wagon; hauling. 2i4tt Sheridan av. HOUSE WANTED A gd young horse In exchange for carpenter woik. Ad. I. B. Wright, 47i4 tjottage av. HoRSE WANTED Good sound horse f..r delivery wagon; must be a bargain st $25: i" "liter need apply. 1 jingo Laundry. 204 s. Jefferson v. House and wagon ' wanted -win give Plastering lu exchange. L- Stephen. 6125 Bart-iner av. Il4iHSK.KT" WANTED- Horse. Iiarnes and wagon: for feed store. U7ii Manchester av. HOUSE AND WAGoV W A TED-Gd delivery horse and wagon. Call 615 Spruce at. WAGON WANTED -Light spring warou. In oml repair: must le cheap. 311 N. 12th st For Sal. LUt4iIKH Fur sale. otK-n linger ami 1 road boa-gy: good a new. 2127 Franklin ar. BUGGY--For sale. gil, strong storm buggy; price $40. 2I41 1 lark av. BUi4SY Fir sale, top buggy; tliwo new. Osil 2;15 Thomas St. BUGGY For sale, good buggy, only $8. 151 Wttght st. BUGGY-For sale, top bugry; cot $175; 1rat. cwt $275: very cbeup; ut any ib-e. party must leave rlly. Call between 2 and 4 p. m. to-day, Wagcouian. 20 N. Iousrd sv. Ill !4iY For sale, turn bs'k top bugy lit good condition: $12. Ool 'buuu-au av. iSUGGIKi. ETC. -For ssle. new and 2d ha ml snr. revs, traps, storm and ton bngmes. spring asd delivery wagon. Centra! Carrlasa Co., 2lt aud EnrenU t. BUGGY For sale. Vsrney ead spring top buggy: excellent condition: $37; bargsla. SOT Taylor . BUMY, ETC. For aale. flu storm burcy. par vague, uwi as new; cbeap. 3314 Kaaivai . HORSES AND VEHICLES. For Sal. HARNESS For sale, one doable set of carr tag harness. Wlo V I inard av. lloRSE-H 2 ibe working horw: one young bar buggy mare, one saddle pony. 2733 olive at. HoRSE. For le. gmnl. fat work herse; cheap; 2 good bugry borr. saddle pay. 27.U Olive at. HoRSE-For aale, at trade, draft burs. M27 l.KUtt at. HOUSE For sale. young riding borae. bay: aiilt-isioe: set of douide barnesa as able for anv nuns and new dirt , $14). 4731 l.rdiie St. HollSKS-For sale. 2 draught and ft deliver horses. Ivtrrsuo'a. 15.M S. Bioadwsy. HOUSES For ssle. 6 work borars and 3 Surrey hofses. . 4 ll st 44' Mi l"bera av. HoRSES For sale. I 5 year-old mar and 1 41-year-old horse; tsnd without bitching; city broke; Hood traveler; rail at our at F4 Store, 3M5 Easton av. HoRSE-For sale, fixxi horse: cbeap; $17. Ileliert t.. rear; all si -. 140 HoRSKS For sale, one delivery and two (on4 large work horses; beap. 4.125 John av. House For sale, cheap, a fine bay carriage horse, I'i'.j band blgb. 5:3 Maple av. Call iu after, uooii, Monday. HoRSKS For sale, truck horses: will sell at bargain; call Sunday. Jobn Armstrong, 242 1'ranklln av. IHiltSE For sale, cheap, gisal. sound family borsej lady or hild can drive; gentle a a lamb. Ca borse at 1 !') Semple av. after 1 p. m. Sunday. H'HtSE Fi" sale, black sijulrre horse; combination saddler aud driver; 15 hand: 7 yera old; coal black, and lu flue ciiult i Ion ; iirlc. 1 1 ." net. Can lie seen at lN-rby Stables, 3142 Park. HOUSE WANTED To exi-liang. a nil harness for good young horse. hon waguSi 440 Easton. IliUSE For sale iMirse; slugle or double Wisrker. See Sunday, 2341 Hickory t. HOUSE For sale, nice bay horse; sound, flra driver; single or double; unit I lug liiislues. 3hJ Cass av. HoUSE. ETC. For sale. 1 mad horse, traggy an4 harness; rhtap. Ioo4 N. Jefferson sv.' HOUSES. I.Ti". t young work horse: good pullers: wagon aud haillns. Feed Store, S8U , Easton av. , lloRSK- For sale, a fine, large bronirhin ar trp Isirse; tine action; city broke. 4204 etnj luster pi. HOUSES-For sale. 1 team black boric. 3 or. dinnry working horse and 2 peddler wagons. 2337 S. Ji-fTcrson av. HOUSE AND WAGON Foraalr; will sell aearalr 412.3 Green 1ea p. HOUSES. ETC.-For sale. coin! farm mares. wagon slid harness; 3.M5 Easton av. cheap. At Feed Stsre, HoUSE, ETC. For sale, horse, buggy and harnea for drummer, inspector or plcamire; verv stylish; $05. Call Sunday, 1445 S. lth St., rear. HoUSE. ETC. For sale. 1 peddling wagon, borsa snd harness. 10O4 N. Jefferson av. HOUSE. ETC-For sale, horse and 1 horse furniture wagon; Monday a. m. 2S4;3 Wash St. IloltSK. ETC'.-For sale. 1H hand high bay saddle horse. 7 years old, a beauty; "ubiie.'.tira storm buggy and newly painted phaeloi; bom Mit'ull A llaase make. 1S2I liratlol st. IBlirsFjS. ETC. For sale. 2 gvxsl wrklng sn.l raddle horses: also a wagon and harness; cbeap. inipilre at 1108 liebert St. HOUSE AND WAGON For sale, one horse and leldler wagon, chero. fall at 2112 S. 7th st, HOUSE AND RIG-For ssle. I good borse snd rif for $15. I'all 1319 Blddle at. IloRSK AND BU;GY For sale, gissl. gentle bora and buggy; cheap. Call Sunday morning, 9 a. in., to 12 iu. 1310 Carr st. K'H WAGON For sale, one-biarse Ice wagon, la good running order; $40. 7031 Ivory st. I4"15 WA4JON Fir sale. 2 horse spring ica wagon, i cheap. 2018 iStiMldard at. JEFFERSON AV.. fx 17. 5" 9 S. -Stable, yards aa.1 sheds: for 10 burses; rent cbeap. lmimre 27itl liandolb st. MARE For sale, $30 buys nice driving mare; also good draft horse, $05. 2309 Dlckaou st. - MULE For sale, mnle, cheap, at I19 X. 14th st. MULE For ssle. Big. strong mule; 0 year old! $00. 2717 Papin st. OUTFIT For sale, peddler outfit; home, harness, wagon and license. Call at 1412 X. btb at.. Hun-day. PHAETON For sale, flrsf-class leather top pha""1 ton; cheap. Inquire at 3307 Washington av. I'll A ETON -For sale. p phseti 1222 G slightly used: a bargain. mxlfpllow sv. PHAETON For aale. a Mci'all Hsae spider phaeton: gixsl i on. Ill ion; a good bargain. Address 11 11. PiHst-Diapatcb. PONY For sale, bay pony: sound ami asfe bargalu; no use for 1)1 in. 04417 Etaell sv. RUN ABOUT For sale, 1 new robber-tired run-alsMit. At warehouse, 1015 Morgan at. SADDLE For sale, lady's line saddle. 39 HI Fair-fax av. - VTORM-BUiGIE.l. ET For sala. cheap; n.w snd second-hand storm buggle. anreeys Pr wagons, grocer, butcher, laundry, ml.k. peddler, carpenter and light cigar advertising; v. axons; alsota truck spring alajts ou. Tohluka, 144M1 N. 7th st. STORM BUG:iKS, ETC. For sale, cheap; storna liiigv-ies, surrev. park wagon, griser. bake butcher, laundry, milk, iediller, csriienter an i light cigar advertising wagon; also a trwl spring stake wagon. John Toblnka, 14"'N'3' i SURREY Fist sale, 1 latest style cut-under sur- V. rey, at 407 N. ('banning av. SI'llll EY harues(. -For sale, cheap, oue-bor surref and 2U3 o Kal.on st. SUUREY-For sale s 'cut-under family surrey; la good repair. 3057 Bell av. SURREY- For sale, surrey and wagonette. In good condition. Cin be seen at McCall A Hse, IwV Pine st. SURREY-For sale, lit-. -las cut under surrey , almost new; cheap. 5351 Page sv. SURREY, ETC.- For Bale, 1nrap-et surrey ani one set single harness. 27 ol Wssklngtoa av. TEAM For sale, good horse and wagon, bargain. 4031 Kennerly av. at a TEAM For sale, 5 rear old bay hore, wagon sn.l lirssA-moiinted baniewt: ii, dapple grav norse; weigh 1.141 lb. 4135 Hull pi. Fair llr.iiuU. WAGON For ssle, farm wagon: made to orders cost $45: lined a few years; price $18. Inquire 2501 N. lh t. IVA4IOX Kr e. 2 econd band laundry or grocer wagons, cheap; 4irgin. 813 I s av. WAGON, ETC. For sale, 1 peddler's grocery wagon, 1 horse and harness. 18ib s't. 100? X. WAGON For aale, covere.1 wagon, aultstde for grocer or butcher; first-class order. Whitney, Kill Wh st. WAGONStFnr ale, 2 light wsgons, $10 aa4 $12.5. 3510 Cs av. WAGON For sale, good strong wagon.. 171 Franklin av. . WAGoN-Fur sale, gissl too spring wagon snd sl-gle set harness cneap. 15th and Bremen a. WA'ToN - For sale. 1 horse spring (ivddllng wga $r5. .'W7 Magsiine t. WA'ioNr ETC. -For le. pl.l'lnat ao4 harness: cheap. 2527 Maiden Ijio. "yoU paint your bnggy or wagon st a cost of Vi with our Oil Identsl carriage paint: drlea rpbl-Iv varnishing oiiiiei-eary ; black, green, yellow, pale color, vertullllon. Plait and Tburoburfa, .lb snd Franklin sv. WRIGHTlr Anv make carriage eiial to new; spplles b-- rulils-r tires rtliiite furnished, carriages ralk 3 JAMES a' WTV;IIT A Sons UARRIAUE C4 . sl,lligloU Ateoue, 4 .Hill r luib 8t. "Chas..M. Harvey Carriage Co. REPAIRING )F FINE VEHICLES, . 1 18) l and I90 J Pin St.. IS (RR SPtCULTY. ritrictlr flrst-flaaa workmaa-abi guar ute! at low prk-e. Work railed f"C and OeliveresJ withmit cbara. KiakirB MKoa Sonna Stufe Carriaoes. laravac variet la taw aarat; awl ba aoM; fea jAfc4rA."K"T CARRIAGE CO Viasiaas-ta Avraa. CWa m i 4 X5S

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