The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 16, 1952
Page 6
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*** BLYTHEVrLLE (AKK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, EEC. l« Cmbintt — Brownell-Backstage to Footlights Bj- P*SA Service N«W YORK (NEA) — Out from the wings, onto the center stage of government service, steps Herbprt Brownell, Jr.. President-elect Eisenhower's choice for tlie.posl. of Attorney-General In his new cabinet, For mnny years. Brownell ho« been an expert backstage manipulator In the Republican Party. He was. primarily, a Thomas Dewcy man, and, at the Clilcnso convention this year, when Dewey backed Elsenhower, Brownell played a lending role In getting the nomination for the General. In fact, he Is credited with devising the successful "fair piny" tactics at the convention. That issue in large part, won the nomination. Brownell.'s smooth persuasion also was a determining factor. He has a way with words, although he Is normnlly a shy man'. But when he is confronted with an on-the-fenco. delegate, Brownell can usually be amazingly convincing. • * * Herb Brownell.'al 48, is a youthful, ... Herbert (Iron-mil Jr., . . , He anil Dewey reversed roles. Soon after.' he met nnolher young years at assemblyman. As Dcwoy moved up Into his racket-busting Job as New York District Attorney, lirowncll, In Albany, Introduced many of the legislative measures needed by his friend In New York. Then, In I9«, the Dew- ey-Browncll team reversed their Jobs. In that yenr. Brownell managed Dewey's campaign for the governorship. He also managed Dewey'fi two successful bid.'; for the Republican - nomination, and his two unsuccessful presidential campaigns. In all those, whether crowned by success .or failure for hl« candidate. Brownell became known as a very keen manipulator. • • • I>urlng all those years of politics, Brownell has also managed to become a successful, respected lawyer, He has specialized 'in business law, and his career is expected to be of great Importance in his new Job as the nation's first lawyer. ' One major tribute to Brownell's la^r ™d the 7in b^Tu . lt&n£-<**™rt™*" * hit "If.. She *« that 1ms greatly Influenced er lawyer was Tom a Texas Democrat named Doris Mc- Carter.'ln 1838. he persuaded her to marry him, nnd also persuaded her balding, smiling man with many 8hI P Ithn , lI J ms * friends. He is a successful lawyer, America, rhe oth< ^ ^ ^ but h« will; as of Dec. 31st, resign Dewey. Doth were ambitious; both f 0 become a Republican, from his partnership tn the law Republicans, both tnlented. At Wrst, T ^ c jjrownellR have four children, '• ..-..• a u . nfi Dcwcy who m astcr-mliided two boys ant , lwo K)rls ^ nve , n firm of Lord. Day and Lord, He's a small-town boy,who made Brown ell's cnmpaigns. good in New York. Brownell was Tlie ynung Krbraskan had the quiet Gramercy Park section of poll- Manhattan. They are friendly and born In Peru,'Neb., and graduated tlcnl hopes and. In 1031, ran for the sociable folks, and will undoubtedly from the University of Nebraska. New York State Assembly. Dewey fit, neatly Into the Washington pat- where his father was professor'of was his campaign manager, but It tern, science. He came east, took his lav,* was nn unsuccessful campaign. The nut there's one thnlg Herb training at Yale, and then came to next year, Brownell ran tujatn (ind BrowneU wants understood. His fav- New York where he's lived since. this time he won. He nerved four oritc drink Is plain tomato Julc«. Health More Important than Money Or Friends, Ann Sothern Finds By BOB THOMAS . HOLLYWOOD f.fl—"I learned n lot during my illness. I learned that the Important thing is not how much money you've got or how much people love you. The Important thing Is your health." This was Ann Southern talking. Not the flip, wise-cracking Malsle of film fame. She .was n new person, tempered by two years of illness that brought her near death. ."It started three years ago,".she recalled. "I had just finished 'Nancy, goes to Rio,' and I was very tired. But they wanted me to go to London to appear at the commit tid performance. They had wanted me many limes before, so I decided to go, I thought the excitement would pep me up. , . "We had five or six wonilerful weeks in London. 1 was enjoying myself, but I couldn't understand why I was so tired. As we were taking the train to Cherbourg for the boat trip back, Roz Russell kept staring at me. Siie asked me if I felt well, and I admitted that I was Hr'cd. Later, she told rne she noticed I had the yellowest oyes she had ever seen." Ann had a spree in New York and went to Sun Valley for skiing Then she was stricken. "The doctors couldn't understand what had, hit me," she said. ''At firsLthcy! thought I ha d^ gone off-my rocker." • The trouble was finally diagnosed as a virus Infection of the liver. Recovery was slow and full of disappointment; at times her life was . uncertain. "For a whole year I could do h o t h i n g t " she remarked. "I couldn't have radio or TV, because noise was painful. I found things to do. T embroidered little lace pillowslips by the hour. I sewed designs on slippers ami did needlepoint. I also did a lot of thinking. . You have time to evaluate your entire life when you arc 111," The actress emerged from her illness early this year. She found she had to carve a whole 'new career for herself. x "I had lost the momentum that every acting career imi&l have to be successful," she said. "T had to start all over again. I decided the best thing to do would be to find the hardest work possible. So. I went back to the stage." Her Broadway show was not n roaring success, but It taught her how to work again. "Like all the other stars at MOM, I had been living in a glass cage." she observed. "Llln was beautiful there; everything was done for us. ,1 had forgotten what real work was." ^ Ann also took on the hard work of doing some live TV dramas in New York. Then she-returned to Hollywood. She Is now acting in a movie, "The Blue Gardenia," her first in three years. In a few days, she win start an entirely new career in TV. She will star in a called "Private Secretary." The scries will replace the panel program "This Is Show Business" on Sun- day evenings. "I'll ploy Ihe secrcinry to a big agent." she satd. "Thus we can ntroduco newcomers and have established stars as well. The for- :nat is very flexible; I can be on :hroughout Ihe show or Jusl Introduce the characters. I think' that's cry Important, it's too easy to vcar out your welcome on TV. "We'll also be on only three weeks in a row. Jack Benny will "ill the fourth week every month." Ann will make 125 half-hour films this season and will be lied up with the series until next May. Then she'll have a chance to tlo more movies for theaters. I asked If she would return to her old Malsie role. "Not a chance," she answered. "I don't even look like Jtfalsie any more." I mentioned that she did seem more §erene. "Serene and dull," she laughed, but you could tell she liked It that way. THE LITTLE PEOPLE'S CHRISTMAS TW£ NJEXT DAY THE THREE LllfTLE MEN WENT IN A6 MANY PIReCTlONS TO HUNT FOR THEIR PALS... A Search Is On BY WALT SCOTT WEKRWOOSWAND WEMBLY LOOKED OP FROM THE PIT THEY HAD FALLEM INTO .TO SEE MR.DEEP AMP SOME OTHER ANIMAL'S PEERING AT THEM THEY ASKED EVERYONE THEY MET. TAJ?. WAS SCAST 8V OLD ONE TO TAKE A LOOK FROM ABQVe.TME 5EARCHWEMTON... GOP So/ons Are Irked by Appointments WASHINGTON (XT,—Several Republican senators are Irked because key Elsenhower appointments are not being sent through the customary senatorial channels, a congressional source said yesterday. Word Is being sent to the President-elect New York hcadtniarler.s that the customary political procedure should ,hc followed, salrl this man, a highly placet! licure who declined to be quoted by name. Senators In the majority party clearance for all major :o take these two forms: (1) with senators from the state in which the potential nppolntce lives if they M-e ol the majority parly; and (2) with the chairman of the committee which will have to rcc- omemnd the appointee for senate confirmation. J' The informani said the new Republican administration, the first In 20 years, "can expect all kinds of political trouble 1 'unless it starts checking with Interested senators on appointments. , ' He said the gop senators do not expect to have a veto over the selections, but they do feel strongly they are entitled to know about them in advance. "" • j Kentucky. Pennsylvania and West Virginia arc -Ihe leading states in 'the U.S. coal production. Read Courier News Classified 'Ads. expect Jobs t 11 Drawn in Paraguay ASUNCION, Paraguay Wi—Eleven bodies were recovered yesterday after n 50-pnsscnger launch hit a rock, nnd sank .in the Paraguay River near Villa Hayes, 15 miles northeast of Asuncion. England's Lord Bertrand Russell, Age 80, Takes 50-Year-Old Bride LONDON — Lord Bertrind Russell, 80-year-old British philosopher, was married yesterday at the Chelsea registry office to Miss Edith Finch. 50, a teacher and author from Bryn Mawr, Pa. They came to the registry office in the old Chelsea town hall in separate , taxis, Russell, arriving first. The thrlce-dirovced white- haired author and thinker hopped out of his tnxl, sprinted through n cluster of photographers and bounded nimbly up the steps to the second floor office of Registrar Stanley Marsh. Miss Finch, bareheaded and wearing a Short leopard skin coat over a green dress, came a few minutes later accompanied by a friend. Mrs, A. N. Hartley. The eight minute civil ceremony — Russell's fourth marriage — was carried out behind the registrar's closed door, and when Russell emerged, he tugged at his bride to get away as quickly as possible. "f just don't want to Bay anything," he said. Russell would not say whether they are leaving on a honeymoon or whether there was to be e. wedding party. Bandits Killed In/Tunisia TUNIS, Tunis* tip>— A group of bandits from neighboring Tripoli- tania. heavily armed with Italian weapons, was wiped out Sunday, with 11 killed, French 'authorities reported today. Two of the bandits escaped dur- You Can Now Buy ICE COLD BEER TO TAKE HOME! No Increase in Price! Griesedicck — 21 cans 4.10 Budweiser — 24 cans <S.35 Goldcrest 51 — 21 cans 4.10 Falslaff — 24 cans 4.10 PHILIP APPLEBAUM LIQUOR STORE 110 So. 5th Pho. 9641 Now Ih* 5PARTUS FULt-VUE cam«ro outfit com«i to you In a colorful, attractive GlfT BOX, and a» NO EXTRA COST! For Spacious, Gracious Living in Small Homes and Apartments Samson Foldaway Furnitur? •Your Number 1 Furniture Buy! ng the four hour gun fight In the !&sert. One French policeman was killed. There are 15 standing committees in Ihe U.S. Seriate and 19 In the House of Representatives. Handbags lhal look like "lols of money" but cost so liltle . . . any one is Ihe perfect gift for ynur lady•fair. 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