The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, December 22, 1930
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'••"•' v: -r. ; •V'Wl'&ftyR'i Served by the United Press VOL. XXVII—XO. 2;!3 BLVTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSI'Al'EH OF NOKTHEAST AKKAH3AH AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITlOX niythevllle Courier, B'.ythcville Dally News, Blythevllie Herald, Mississippi Valley I^ado !il.YTHKViI,U';, ARKANSAS, MO-.N'DAY, DKCKMLWK 22, 1030 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS .'vl PW) 4~*\ • "t To Girl Child Dies in Flames ( Beneath Christmas Tree! Capitol Under Firs! Mantle of Snow Martha Roney Victim of Water' find ( Lake Yesterday. WASHINGTON, Dec. 22. (UP)—| Two-year-old William Despars was! i warned by his father that the packages about the Christmas tree I 1 were not to be inspected before' Clirlstmas day. j . But yesterday morning when ih? I 'paients were sleeping Wllllnm stois downstairs, obtained matches, and I , v , . i " /-» i i r,- prepared to sec what Santa Clans Water find Lola at Big had brought. i i \> . i . William's lifeless body was found • beneath the Christmas tree after! | other members of the family bare-; Funeral services were held this I ly escaped f rom the fire the eliild i afternoon at 2:30 o'clock for Miss, started. Martha Roney, 20-year-old dnu'jh-' ter of Jr H. Roney. filythcVlll: I Dlanter and'cotton man, who sue-! cumbed at IRe Blythmlle hospital' about 10 o'clock last night. Mis; • Honey's death was attributed lo exposure (ollo'.ring an accideni on a beat ride up the flooclway ditch, about tliree miles north of Retly-: ville, IB miles w'.it of this city, yes- : tcrday afternoon. Only meager details of the ncci- | dent could be obtained today as of- ' ficers stated they planned no in-1 vestigation of the. tragedy alter a' conference with the yirl's father. It is reliably understood that (h? girl was in company with five or Charles Sullenger Chosen' Chainiian of Citizens Or' ganization. OSCEOLA. Ark., Dec. 22. -An emergency charily organization, which will function Bandits Get $1,500 from Missouri Bank Fools Scoffers; Raises Sheep in (lotion Country • Taken to loncshoro Saturday Night With and Shipman. Scott Mo., Due. 22. : (UP)— Two Imndils today rubbed , Uie linnk of MnlUown, 20 miles wost '. of here, ant! i-scni>cd with $1,500, after locking; the cashier niul live othurs in the vault. HIGHLAND, Iml.. Dec. i!2. (UD — Tlie runners nnd Merchants Buv- ings bank was lobbeil of Sa.OOO to- . day by two bantUls who held up Ihree employes and four customers. ! locking (hem In the vault. I ',.._. destitution in and around Oseeola ft h ' . | was organized at a mass meeting omcers, \\no saici , here y es terday afternoon, called at on a ta,k with ^JZfiL SS j £ ^eo^aLL^ was partially swamped when a: da . declari ,' „ an I After two weeks In the Mississippi county jail A. E. Scott nnd J. L-:. I Shipman. former local bank em- iptoyes. were federal prisoners today, i held, in the Jonesboro Jail pending j arraignment bsforc E. L. West! brook Jr., court commissioner, on I charges In connection with a $50.- JOOO shortage at thc First National ibank here. With them wns E. B. I "tay" Thomas, tenner assistant j cashier at the bank, who was plac- jcd under arrest Saturday night on ! similar charges. Warrants for the three men issued by Harry Meyers, court commissioner at Little Hock, were sentcd late Saturday by Deputy U. King Winter used his white brush on the nation's capitol shown ; S ' Marsha ' McShanc. Thomas was here is a striking night view afier the scon's first fai, of snow hadj^A^^ 1™ blanketed Washington. The storm was a big event over in thc While [ scotl and Shipman, was turner! House, teo, where the three young grandchildren of President Hoover, j over lo the federal officer who 1m- v.'ho have come from California to visit him, played in (he snow for j mediately took them to Jonesboro. the first, time They will be arraigned for prc- • liminary hearing before Commissioner Westbrook, but It is under[ stood that they will waive exami- EM UP TO Hoover Will Let Legislators Plan Own Program,! White House Sa'ys. Array Officer Faces Sentence of Life Imprisonment for Crime. II. Parks Tifrclt fooled Ilia nation and be bound over at once WASHINGTON, Dec. 22. (UP) — President Hoover will let conjrcsi work out for Itself the problem of avoiding a special session after March 4, It wns learned nt the White House today. Suggestions that the president would ask passage a! a single bill carrying all necessary appropriations for running the Government • By NEA Service for the next year as a mean 1 ; oil MEMPHIS, Tenn.—Years ago caving time were met at the White | when sheepmen tried to sctle in House with the word the whole [ the cattle lands of the" west, they FIGHT! .Iff PlMLPKIi : to the federal grand Jury. Mr. Westbrook, who was reached by telephone at.Marked Tree today, said that no cfTort had as yet been mode to secure release of the men on ball. Max B. Reid, attorney for , Scott and Shipman. was nut of Ihe i. Parks Tigrett of New : hern, Tcnn., Is Successful I'armer. met stern opposition. Wlun matter would be left to the Judgment of congress. President Hoover today signed the 5160,000,000 federal farm board bill i lands ot Ihc south is j-eirs ago, he KANSAS C1TV( KANS.. Dec.'" 22 (UP)— A Jury In federal district court hero today found Maj. Charles A. Slicpaui guilty of inur- his wile, Mrs. Zenana Shep- nnl. by administering poison to her. Tin; verdict carries a sentence of life imprisonment, as ;toe Jury recommended against. capital punishment. .. - ' ... The Jury received the cnse • at :• 3 p. M. Saturday nnd had debated the olTlcer'a fate continuously since thr.l time with the exception of intirvois 'for rest and food. Major Shepnrd Elood with shoulders erect . (is ihe Jury made its report, The verdict read: . "We find the defendant guilty is charged In the Indictment but vithonl caplliil punishment." Tonally Is Life. Imprisonment The Indictment, against Major • Shepard chaiged \vlth first degree murder, punishable by death. L'he recommendation against capital punishment makes a life sentence mandatory. The Jury went out to Hindi at noon today, apparently no nearer a verdict than when It resumed its deliberations (his morning. I!r< returned lo (he UJernl building at ; 1 I'. M. and shortly afterward -"• word swept through the court- '" loom n verdict had been reached. Federal Judge Hopkins, Major: Shepard, and attorneys lii the case.. H. Parks Tig'rett attempted to es tabllsli sheep raising m the cotton arrived. J. W. Meyers, engineer ol Drainage District 17. rescued the party from tile levee when he notice:! the group while returning from an I imum chance for fort, j A citizens committee headed hy Charles E. Sullenger will work with inspection trip up the ditch to the ! s " bsi f ary c °, m ™"«* f «"« 'H j~ v <*y un. uuui lu Liie cnurclles an[1 0 ^ er organizations ! . in the solicitation of gifts other' were summoned hastily.- waited .with Its verdict time before all attorneys x The" jury. •. [or . some '•- ':• Zn^t'ion^rl.T i Whatever His Sympathies, Closing of One Miami,' Fla., ; clt >' todri >'' aild at ' hli "^ « *'« duplication ol el-1 - r & . ' ' said that It. was not known there! ....! "resident Will lake i\0. Institution- DnngS Kun whether he contemplated seeking Part in Controversy. On Another. scene of a levee camp. Miss Roney, in a crilical condi- j I tion, suffering from exposure her submersion in the ditch anil money. This will include ; WASHINGTON, Dec. 22. (UP) — associated with him was rushed to Harry John- hospual.;' 811 ™ 8 o'clock, four hours after . J^* thc accident is said to have o:-1 curred. She succumbed about 10 i ' clothes, fuel, food cooked or oth- j White House intend to take no cog' erwlse, which will be centralized at; nizance or parlicipate in any way convenient heado.uarters des- In tlie controversy over the stond- from thai place. Working ' Nebraska in- the Republican party. ball for his clients. \ The arrest of Thomas was appar- i ently based on Information obtaln- PHUADELPHIA,, Pa, Dec. 22 e d by Charles Jenkins, department (UP)-The Bankers Trust company of j U3tlcc spK M agcnt who spem was taken r.wr by the stale bank- MVKa! davs here t nvesU5a t ln ,, thc Ing department today it was an-: case . omccrs of lllc „ t N! ,, lonal nounced after, a board of directors bank quc3t , oned hlm fMmtog thc providing appropriations for thcjalso met with opposillon, board's operations for the copilng i "It's just a too) riptlon of >'*ar. ' • • I fresh upstart' •'ffo>l-A ! !!iX : l^f,'* t CW> i Thc bill, adopted by the senate fold cotlon fnrmcra around New- courtroom Saturday nlghl, brings to 4400,000.- bern, Tcnn., said when Ihe "fresh to n handful during . the noon 1000 the dmounl appropriated thus upstart" announced that he was go- llour but ns word spread a.verdict far for the farm board. line In for sheep raising on his fa-! 111 " 1 been reached the seats were could, -; reach thc courtroom. Some, were_:-". slaying with Major Shepard at a' ' .In.-KijnEiis^.O.yj.ii^oii-Si^./j i crowd had 'ffiTfirica o'itO^ meeting. Samuel discovery of the shortage, but did Ilier's farm of 400 acres. He had given up an executive position with a mercantile concern to carry out !hls Idea. But despite the scollers, he suc- . j ceeded. Today he Is the leading MEMPHIS, Dec. 22. (UP)—Win- sheep producer n Tennessee, hav- ter's official entrance to Memphis' 1ng the" largest.'flock of registered Severe Cold Heralds Winter's Official Advent! and environs will bring continued , „ H. -Barker, president of no t ask state warrants for him nsl^old weather, F. W. Brlst, govirn- thc institution^ which _ has twenty they did for Scott and Shlpman. ! went meteorologist forecast after ,... :„ r,i.,,_j_,_,.,- ,o .^. ___ Mr. Sullengcr on this com- j It was learned at the White House [ brandies in Philadelphia, said the -They said this morning however ' finding- today's lowest reading was ...ill U~ T.» T rT-l.. ¥ T> !i/lrllT. K^t.l. ....... «n1.-nn» f. ., .1 .*._* «].._.. .. . . "»«>«»o, ..".. \-IVJ, _ . . " " ^ J the death certificale had no : signed late i\-&. afternoon. Plan No Inquiry. Circumstances surounding the girl's death will not be subjected to further investigation, it was learned at the sheriff's office. Members ot the force indicated tr.ej would follow Mr. Honey's wishes i;: Ihe metier and consider the investigation i conferred v he did not. even know the idenlity of the membeYs of the party with thc exception of ihe one man who told the girl's father of the tragedy. The. Rev. P. Q.-Rorie, pastor o: the First 'Methodist church, nili- cialci! at the services held at th? family home. Interment was made at Maple Grove cemetery. Trie following served as pallbearers: T. J. Marian. O. E. Miller, Clarence Mc- Ed Hardin, Sam Hardin and Ad Richards. Funeral plans were in charge of the Cobb Ur.i-r- taklng company. mittee will be H. J. Hale. J. T. • Coston. A. S .Rogers, Rev. Eli My- ur< J r '~ j ers and others. Individuals ;o whom " requests for charity are made will C2en . __l, n j ._ Hiront < direct such persons to today. Robert H. Lucas, executive dl, rector of the Republican national ; committee, yesterday answered attacks upon him for alleged secret bank was solvent and that plans that they" were not"surprlscd that for reorganization were already fcderal ^.formations were issued under way. Th? condilkn of the bank, ac- the other two. r.rrding to its statement September above zero The week-end was cold wllli Ihe Hampshires in the slate, 'and is making a success as a sheep raiser In a country where cotton Is sup- |M>sed to be king. SIiccp Income $5003 Yearly Tigrett started by Importing against Thomas as well as against 1 highest temperalure recorder! at 3VI $1000 ram from England. For thc I Sunday afternoon. .the organization's headquarters ra- ;efforts to bring about the defeat of i 24. 1930. lists total resources at: i ther than to dispense individual i senator KorrLs in the receut dec- i S55.491. 501. n?pcsits were $45,OC6,- TAINAN, I i help. tion with a statement reading th= 552. Capital stock was listed as!—A scries of A second committee designated as a Red Cross committee is heaci- ed by G. B. Scgraves, chairman of the Oseeola Civic club, and composed of R. A. Cartwright, G. L. Waddell, Joe Clay Young and Ho- chalrman. This committee v.-ill resume the annual drive for Red Cross membership which was InterrupEed by the closing of a local bank and th? general depression following th: banking situation in the state 01 of funds to care for such local charity as cannot be cared for otherwise through the citizens subscribed towards this fund a yesterday's meeting. tion with Nebraska soion out of th? parly. ' 'To accept office at the hands of this party and then viciously oppose its politcles, principles a n -I i leadership, brings an intolerable I and one which mast b? if the party is to live," said ^Tr. Li:cas. "Such conduct by Senator Norris ; lias been revolting and un'.i! t •• leaders cf the Republican party r.o' only fall to support, but rcivs thsir i active opposition to men like Sen-1 ator Norris. they are not doing 111?:' full duly lo the party which I-.a : come down to us from Lincoln." . LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 22. (UPI— TAINAN, Formosa. Dec. 22. (UP) j Portions of Arkansas suffered the " earthquakes shook the lowest temperatures of the winter past six years -his average Income I - • - - - I M.i7e.nrc. Surplus was $1.750,000,' island ot Formosa today. Reports last night when a sharp cold wave "~ J "-••••--• profits were $7GG.-jsaid several houses were destroyed settled over the northern and cen- ;at Ante!. ' [ rQ ] sections. and 2B3. from sale of rams and wool has been between $3000 and $5000 year. In addition he.keeps nil his ewes and is continually building up his flock. J.T ?;' I j A rr ; VP c ^ ** MIAMI. Fla., DSC. 22 (UP)—With one bank, the City National, closed, j a line rf approximately 500 dcpos- • itcrs' formed In front of the First National bank cf Miami today des- ; ]>i' ? assurances of bank, officers thcH $5,000.000 was on. hand In the ! vault. j The Kirst National is capitalized! ! D' £3.5'jO.CCO. v;itll aLiels t'. S23.COT.- ' i KO nnd deposits of S16.COO.OOO. Pol- •. I ice were handling tlie crowd before \ ! i!-- "Milk dcor. i '• Earlier today announcement was', 1 made by directors of the City Na-i li-nal that tho Ir.Eli'.ution would be I closed to protect depositors frll'w-l j , -, ¥ • T I tiustn uu 1" uiti,*. ui:i/v»on.vii-' i»-n •• Ei 0! Xmas Holiday ing rumors of weakness and heavy! ' withdrawals cf cieps'.its Friday j '•re ueceasea is survived oy nsr i n . ,.-„.!, i A few quarts of Christmas liquor : an(i Saturday." The Clly National, father, J. H. Roney, and a sister.' KlOting Greets KetUlTt ; evidently arrived ahead of Santa' llns surplus snd undivided proms "- Mary. Her mother." the late Mrs. Emma Roney. was a daughter of the Rev. H. T. Blythe, founder o;' Blytheville. A number of the Ke>'. of Prince of Monaco' MONTE CARLO, Monaco. Dec. 22 Smith Flame descendants and relalives' (UP)—Rioting marked the renrn i of $15 each. ot tlie deceised live in this city. 'today of Prince Louis II., ruler of': One of Ihe group remarked af- ' : th principally of Monaco. : ter leaving $15 with Chief M. ; A mob clashed with the Monaco ; Goodwin army of between 100 and 100 sol-' Munphh at Wild Wewoka Gasser. ^» •£„ «<«£P£> rt l ° f »™ WEWOKA, Okla., Dec. 22. (UPt —'Hie t'r.ird effort to bla=t ths flames from the unruly "Wild Abe" pleas of guilty to charges of public ., , . . . . tv , drunkenness in police court this •<« <P 3T1 ^™ }^2 %'. nicining and were meted out fines « arrested orresiea. site, was successful today. A 45 pound charge of nllro-gly- ccrine, placed in a trough near th? torch and detonated by electricity, snuffed out tho blaze shortly tcforc S a. m. today. with that he was going lo Munp-hU "where its cheaper to get drunk". Clark Mnriln was fined five dollars on, a charge of violating traffic rules and appealed to court. ! A charge of • pistol "toting 'against Henry Malone, negro, wasr.. 1?n j£ .•continued by the court. ; cernccr 15. Its closmj today followed a meeting of directors which began yesterday and lasted unttl a oarly hour this morning. GREENWOOD. Miss., Dec. 22, <l'P'— Affair; of four Greenwood banks tcday were In th? hands of Stale banking department officials who ore being their circuit. , vcrk h;; n commuieo O f depositors and bankers. The deposllors committee was yesterday following a mass gas well of the Reep Rock Oil cor-. p . . «..„ poraticn, on the Wewoka township' '-OmmiSSlOn YVHl .... rnntim-rn hv rh^ m-.n • - u. ^ ^ , . le ..continued by the court. ; mcc (: ns uere m mhich dep-sltors Investigate Mooney Case' A continuance was also granted f^m^ bank officers of thetr sup____ to Clyde King on a charge of port [„ strnlghtcnlng out affairs of the institutions. The four banks closed Saturday ' following several days of heavy disturbing the peace. Italian Trans-Atlantic ' Fly, -. iir'ji TII o i« l Will Hy 10 Berlin in Spring He '.vUncirawaK WASHINGTON, Dec. 22 WP) — G.?orge W. Wickershain, chairman of President Hoover's law enforce: ment c'mtnisslon, declared today It : Is beyond'the province of the commission to Investigate the Mooney- ov,. D« i. ' M^L.n/-/-n' Dillinss casos wlth a vlew to make«S Jiestin mOlOCCO recommendation as to their dtspcst-; NEW YORK, Dec. 22. <UP), tion. Captain Roy W. Animel of Chicago. KENITRA, French Morocco, Dec. j His statement followed reports who was Injured when his plan? 22. (UP)—Tho Italian flyim the commission might investigate crashed en an attempted non-st^v ROME, Dec. 22. CUP)—Mrs. Mi- squadrons led by Minister of Air: ihe case: of Thomas J. Moiney and flight from Panama to Cnicago. ar- lian de Bosis, American-born wido*- Italo Bslba, on a flijht to South • Warren K. Billings, now serving rived on the United Fruit lin?: of the Italian poet, went on trh' America, were anchored in the SI- . life sentences In California prison Abangarez yesterday. at 3:01 p. m. today before a sp? boit river here today ready to on-1 after having fcoen convicted follow- He announced he could attemot cial tribunal for det"ns° of t v ,(> tinue to Villa Cisneros on the Afr:i, ing the preparedness day bombing a non-stop flight from New York state charged with antl-fa---!st «c- ran coast. I in Stn Francisco in 191C, : to Berlin next spring i tivilles American Woman Goes ! to Trial as Anti-Fascist Be A Goodfcllow! This nifssnjre is addressed to those citizens of Blytheville and vicinity who, no matter how their fortunes may have been affected by drouth, industrial depression, or bank suspensions, are eating three siituire meals every day and enjoying the comforts of a warm home and adequate clothing. A good many hundreds of your neighbors—fellow beings dwelling in this community—have noil her food nor fuel. Before the winter is over their numbers will be greatly increased. You, Mr. and Mrs. Comfortable Citizen, will ho more comfortable if yon know that yon arc doing your share to prevent any man, woman or child in this community from going without the bare necessities of life. Let the coupon below brine you peace of mind in this time of difficulties. Pill it out as your means permit, and maii it with a check for your initial contribution to Fred Warren, treasurer of the Goodfcllow?, at the Farmers Bank and Trust Company. He has been lucky In nis sheep raising, fie has never had a serious disease break out amon? "it flock. He feeds his sheep a mlx- j turc of 50 per cent font, ! cent oats and 10 per cent bran. He ' keeps them on blucgrass paslu.-i \ during the summer. In the winte ic also supplements their feed vlth rye and soy beans. Diversified Cattle liaising Tigretl, while going in principally for sheep raising. a!$o raises Berkshire hogs and blooded s/.ort- lorn cattle. His hcgs bring him about $1200 annually and his cattle net about S1SO yearly. He takes Enroll nu as a Gcoflfcllows'Club. member of the Ulylhevillo To support its work I will give week: the first of each month. Phone No Sign Here Address each Pledges are for the period of the emergency, which apparently will he at least until next March or April. If you are not in a position to make a weekly or monthly pledge .-imply send whatever cash contribution you are abie lo make now. N. B..—The best help is to put a man to work. If you can furnish a job, if only for an hour or two, call Phone No. 208 and a good man will he supplied a( once, liilekly filled. Shepard Breaks Down Major Shepard walked Into the " courtroom with his attorneys and he verdict was rend Immediately; • All members of the Jury refused o comment on their decision. "We agreed to eay nothing about I," thc foreman explained. .. -. • The army major apparently had . steeled Ills last ounce of reserve' lo receive the verdict and his enio- lions were too much for him'OS . the full Import of It came up'oft him. He.rested his head in'hB hands and tears came to his eyes as he sat at the- defense table' while his lawyers discussed an ap-' peal. '- • "It Is a terrible thing lo know you ore innocent and have a tolng like this happen," he said falter- higly. Miss Grace Brandon, the young stenographer, for the love of whom, thc government charged Shepard poisoned his wife, left Saturday night for San Antonio, where she said she expected to resume her position at Brooks Field, an army post. Pilots and Passenger Escape Aiy ftlail Crash ALHAMBRA, Cal., Dec. 22. (UP) —Two pilots and a passenger of a great pride in his progam of diver- trl-motored Western Air Express sificatlon which enables him to , na il plane escaped death early to- ralse everything on his farm neces-|day when the ship, in-bound from sary for the upkeep of his lamtlyjsali Lake City, overshot the lancl- und his livestock. i |ng field here and crashed into a Tigrett has served as president ; house, bursting into names. of the Newbern Service Club, is 3 ; pilots Bart, Cox and Gsorge Sher- member of the county shotp grow- j wood were in charge of the ship. ers' organiratlon. and Is president i The passenger's ideniity was not of the West Tennessee S!i;:p. learned Immediately. Breeders' Association. j The fire d3stroyed 1/.45 pounds - : of Christmas mail \vit:i tha plan •Save Vegetables for !and nousc lllto wh! <* it crashed. Winter Use Critz Urges Hero Admits Care in protection of (nrnips and ol'ner winter vegetables will I ndd materially lo Mississippi coun- . g^x AiVTONIO, TEX., Dec. 2 ty's food supply, in the opinion . (UPI— Lt. Lester MaitlBnd. Pacific of J. E. Critz. county agricultural ifl ytr , today surprised the court a 8ent. I martial organized to try him on Mr. Critz advises people having i charges of drunkenness by plcad- turnip palciies to pull half of | \ n % guilty. Ihem now, and hill them up with | The move caught the govern- thc tops on us Is done with po- >mM ,t by surprise and after two tntoes. These may be saved in | wilnesses had testified the prose- thls way for later use. while theaters obtained a recess to con- balance of the patch may be u:Ed! K |d er their procedure. until destroyed by a severe freeze. | _ Cabbage stock, rape, mustard 1 and other Bieens can likewise bcj i hilled successfully, Mr. Crttz says. [ • While money Is not coming In 1 ARKANSAS— Fair, continued cold. as rapidly as had been hoped, Kie I tonleht and Tuesday. i general program of the Goodfel-l AccordirR to Die official weather lows relief organization Is June- . observer, Charles Phillips, .the mih- 1 tlcning satisfactorily. Proceeds of , imum temperature here today was • yesterday's benefit show at the i 20 degrees and the maximum 41 I Home theatre, £45.50, was turned : degrees; clear. On the same day a . over to the Gcodfellows today by j year ago the minimum temperature 1C. W. McCutchen, theatre man- -was 19 degrees and Uw maximum, ««er. n dpRi-fps. WEATHER

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