The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 23, 1934
Page 6
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f AGE SIX Hawthorne Called This The Sfddest Picture Ever Painted BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIEP. NEWS =WBEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LBSSON: Review CoMi'i, Ti-M: Islali !):i; Tlii- Inlrrnalfimal 1'iilfuriu Sunday Si-liuo) I.I-;MIII fur Mari-li M. iiv W.M. i;. (iii.iior, n. D. Killlui- nf 'I'ln- Ci>nj;ri.|;iilli,nallst me anti tnc iiower to attain it Thi'ic wi:u- men of jx.llgii.-i proud of their own ntlnlnincntV »' 1 " 1 ' ><>i mute the prcjiidul ,' fro:n T&£**m TEST FRIDAY, .MARCH 23, I;;84 fidiii John, [-veji "IB ihe uicalii(..« of 'iJi""i'i!«ii" Mired JCSHS that Ihe dl-;clp!.. V '-i unworthy to perform tf. L . iitf f.rrami .stoiy In nuiory !-; that would juirno , ,,,,.-, 111,. Moiy of .irMis o| N.i/.u-fih. ; all .s])lrlluiil p.jdi. In .simulU-llv. In llici-ary )/-i,:ily. | Them were nst-a of Intensity in iiic;i'al and .spiritual conlc-m. It | with inii-iiM- ennvlrtio.i meii Mauds supreme ,„ all liu-ra-.urc-. Iti James and .John, ivhoin'j,..,',," - I,.- story n| in,,;, -,l,,,m J.-.sus! i-d "II,. Sons nf Thinutcr.''' .n'.ii-hid tind toiichi'd «it., tlii- JK/.V. 'WIT,, ready even to call do • ''.ii'.iid have iin-ned him a.side'fic Hs mUsioN, Wi- see hi,,, M )„. | )t . gms ])|s n)j|| . j Mry.ral.siin; Urn h( K n .standards ol i expressed in tlip H-. ;c-r a.'Kl (jfjilly ol .; Ili'j'e ',u- have llu- ^n-aii-sl rx- 'JIMirlltTs (I) history; nol ( ..Y|X n. i-nri's iliiii stand nloiii- or ihat an!opposed to all other nrira! and .-.pir- »tiiiidt-s and in its moral demands', j habitant* of a village \ (bought that these ii I'ad used their Master liihu.splt.ihly. Realrice One!: \ rrproiluclion of (lie nainthijr hy r.nicl,, BY ALICE ROUE Written for NEA Sen-ire On a September morning in the year 1599 a beautiful girl mounted the scaffold before the Cas^-e St. Angelo lii Rome. "Dear God I die innocent—" She could say no more. The exe- eutioner's blow severed her lovely head but that cry—"Innocent"— has echoed down the centuries Few tragedies have so stirred the sympathies of succeeding geaen- | Cencl. and on the demon crushed beneath (he angel's fool the fnce of clement VIII. Occasionally Kmiicnno endeavors to millsale the artist's judgment oy saying Hint Uea(rirc wasn't so young, s hc was Uvenly-t.vo. or thai she had a lover or timl ouldo tions. The iKauliful girl Beatrice Cenci and her slory is one of the saddest in the world, it is .<atl and it Is horrible, which makes it doubly tragic. Beatrice Cenci was executed charged with murder of her monstrous father. Before sh c died she saw her stepmother beheaded, her brother alntomo torn with hot pincers, his head battered his hroat cut, his body quartered and hung before the agonized eyes of her little brother Bernardo a prisoner-witness to the bloody spectacle. Father Found l)tad For— On a September morning in 1598 beneath a broken balcony of the castle at Petrelln, the' lifc'lees body of Francesco Cenci was found. At h! S ,' i , t ,, Vils lilkm for granted he had fallen when befuddled with wine. i,nter suspicion turned to-' ward his cruelly tortured family Francesco Cenci, whose crimes arc,' a record of fiendish degeneracy, had recently ordered his family to tics ^".CSiSr^i^*^ 1 trice had better scope hero than in time re'-' 1 '''' 800 Bt , Ronle - Somc 'Antonia had been successful in petitioning pope Clement VIII to save ened by her father, cenci (urned his tortures upon Beatrice, when he discovered that she, »•]», »," never entered her •Perhaps— bill so . long that , _ —. .,_, iu'i£ na LJjiii lovely sad face locfa out of Quiiil Renls canvas liealrice Cencl wi! stir the sj-mpatliy O f e verv I K .. holder. Iw( , ,i, " :' ' , I Imwl of what ,-;,„,- ,„..„ Human !„!,- wh,., ^uls ^ nilcd 'tu'ver'"''"'^'!/ 1 '''"' liS '"" ""'' '""''' '""' "'''" " f " cnilll "l! khiSdom, nilli'iinl of ,ilj til.-,, ,,,;, n,.,,,,,".,,, f u ii:,. , m ,i,, g ,', r the ^Sah 1 ^ a -s <;i'ntr •'';;:; sSu-Sii 1 ";;? >;^ r ';e^ n ^ and dlvers'livd. wiw; Jesu.s did i faith that <|ii!ckened them IK for men anil womi-n tniild not Iji- i Ills ram'n" (ii-scrilwd niwiiy., in ir.e .same ' . . . terms, except :is then. wi,.s tij,-i Wo .see this Master in hh (ojiiiiinii ri,.|,«.|>t <,| Jiiijuratlon nnd ,'nnin Ci'inractcr; fli-it ol all the i|.|;:'ii<-ritt!(i:i j IXIMI in tile u',ani;er in Dcthle To some, who w,-:'e victims of ! ness. w» see""in* lii-s" li!' their own «i L-vous mistakes, wluw . clevelopmr-iu a.s i, b'n- siibi ii Ive.s «en, w,,-.-k.-d and i,p I1: , R . m . ;himself (o the dhclplhu.s'-uid ]^^nii]:er! 1^- ,!,H,- moral lailun-s.' a] (itaci-vaiu-cs of the 'rtligioi Original Call of Three Asks Partner to Reveal His Aces! «V sec him in ills teaching . 1S '"•• '<•"••» of the nature cf do..|j In iK-aiitlfitiry s,,,,,,,,. t)ll[ I'lli-cuve stories, and we yni him , '"I Hie final lesson of ihc ( ,i.-, r ...,. ; , :,.•• a world-wKie Silvio:-, not '| n I '• lulled by Dm nanow p/ejiuiices "I "s time nnd of hi^ race but pcady ID res|»n ( | to the fiiit,, O f .'""'• "'"t'lously an outcast, who • iir.soiiijni his services and t,ir, I,Jessing. j ^ 'I'o ,-eview such lessons. ;„ „„.. | -''^on. !s a K reat task, and i luuld be almost r.o|)eles.s for elih- '-•r teacher or commentato:-. if we i "!!'.; .'.' ol bl ''"B into the foremost' '.',. "-' sln 'l*. glorious uorii-ava! ; '•f the Mn.sic.>- hi.'ii.sel/. NOTICE OF MAH.SIIAI.'S SA1.K i Jnltrrt <slni^c ,,r i _i_..\ I Amerlra) (ss: l-lstcrn District nf Publicc notice Is hereby (tlven, Inai by virtue ot a writ of Fieri' 1 Facias (or cxecmlon). dated 1-Yb -. 1034, Issued oui of Ilin District C'rurt of On. Uiil'.etl States for (he fcnstei'i: District of Arkiin.siis on n .Miipmi'iit rendered uj said Court oil the Gih day of December, A. D 1932. in favor of n. i,. i rti'ceiver of First National Bank, Dlvthevllle, Ark., nnd against Mrs. i' H. Benn, i have, on ihis 2nd d.,y of Februnry. A. D. 1M4. levied Today's Oonlracl IVnl- II' vim wi-i,. villliLi-al,!,. l!"lcl I lie .\riill, Ir.iMl I,, U I'usl'i ..... whal would („. y O|»-nluir lilil. al'l..! SouMi \\'''?-l passed? ll ytin \vure viijiii.rabli. and ],V|,| ,;„, |. lianil. :,n,| N',,r1|, , ..... m .,l ""'• ,:n n u inp, wbal w vim (In 1 .- Kciiicinlii.r, N'cnil Vlllll", illll". * K Q » y <•>>• 5 uf uui'.sswork on big hands, es- IK-rially .since Hie klnK-showliif has been incor|K),alcd. as well as nee showing. When makes an original MJIU-.S thin thfii is s or. holding the king \ •hiimoiids. he could bid four dia- I ',"."»»ls. in nits ease he held d,e ' '•mg of clubs, so his respjns<- vis ' live clubs. .South knew that he could make *'x, su he bid live diamonds, to • l <* if His partner held the pin"' o! diamonds. If North had not j hree bi"r"l" ' I'lTh'' ^"''''"''""''^•^''"nnt' ami hold + A (j I 'i 2 A A .1 107 V A K :, V ;; •» 10 'j if .I A Xono II—oiliL-nvisc your highest V iici', and. without, an "act' '-•> Wd lluve no trump. if ihe orlpmal bidder bids -i "com! suit. | ;L . is llskln ,, for t , H , Kinw of that sun. (),,,| y oll r(1 . snond by bidding that suit", if Koii huh! I tic- l;ln s . Not holdint' 1 "D,,. Ki'iK. .vou should go back to the bidders original suit. A good C x- In i issiir. lnn »"«!d th P « "i, " vi stc P" 10 thcr and bro- mers. Francesco's bcstialitv his crimes against Individual aiirt OT city, Beatrice's pathetic letter, ^ for clemency, her innocence.'he"!- , >', failed to save her." VIII ordered the to be passed. said ftat^clndS's 1 Haw '!" >nit ' wll ° trice Cenci fc th« ^^Lt 0 ^,^' ever Pcrtr»it The storj- is told that Rent , }a ™ n .f ( ^ist cf twenty-four, gan^d admittance to Beatrice's cell ^ of '. te of hair falling bc ncatn - ™ h J? WOUIX1 twban - H is a heart Rome. This is the ^ face of Beatrice the following rte?crib«l real •'Male, siliuued in the County ol Mifsissippi and State ol Arkaiisa.s (O-wit: South Half is';> of Southeast quarter ,SE',1 reetion Twenty- .-cv™ c'jT) Township sixteen US, Norlh. Uniiec Twelve (121 East. (Eighty a.:res) North Half tN',,) of Southeast onar- ler ISE 1 .) of Section Twenty- seven ,27) Township Sixteen 'ICJ North, nanije Twelve (12) East. (Eighty acres) East Mult <E'--O of the Bust Half (E 1 -.) ^nd Northwest North cast Quarter (NW NE'n secllon Iwctiiy-two (22i Town ship Sixteen DC) Range twelve O2I Past One hundred eiuhlv ncres. ' N' Quarter (M-;>;) O f Section twenty-seven ('171 Township slxtcr-n no H-mizc Twelve (12) East. Northwest, Quarter INWI of Section Tuenty-sevrn (''T, Township sixteen (in, Norlh Jiangc Twelve di>i Ens! One hundred thirty-four acres .v.d that 1 will accordingly' otter --1C real estate for sale at public v-nd»e to the highest and b^t ("dder on credit of thiee montlB P'.rchaser to fmnlsh approved r.oi,o for purchase price and interest; all Ihe. right title, Interest ••»'.c equity of Mrs c I! Bean al' I!':;,.. 3 ™'! 11 f " mt "«» : of' the Mis•(>' court house al BJy. »nsas on the !0th dm 1:30 P. M. G. t,. MALLORY, U. S. ^far.shal 'i D«trict of Arkansas By L. F. WILLIAMS Cunningham. V '' li 13-20-2' HARRTSBURC5. Pa""oip)-I>enn. sylvania's 55 accredited coifegos and universities have a tot-,1 en Solution to Previous Contract Problem 'IV 1V.1I. I.'. .llrKh'.VXKV Srerelary, Anieriran llriilje League Ihe Ki' catasli-oplu. in con- ^, L ' '" tract bridge is to hold a big hand i ° llr ''' 1 "*** and then net imo the wron.- sroiI I , , '' a " kl " B !:in " b - v I much rather would have my ",, „ . '1'he hand is a' spread. Jfcttcl Courlcri^wT^,, Ads. 'I litre !« tnore ?ip ami aciinn, more tni-i>:y and pnwcr in n try <l/»|i uf (his imaiiiiiul tiunur fuL-l. And langvt i,iile:ij;e, [oo. \iitc, lie-low, ll,e cicfiniic (-riiv- il) figures wiiicl, punt !„)«• lii^h (lie "ll-M" is. The n-ry :'. ;I T |h:lt 'M'publish then, is i-viilfm-i: I'liilhps 66 is higher , t . M . ;,„!;. Cjics that we fear no rtunpari- n>ns will, oOu-r nu,t(,r fuels. Ht-incmhcr, Phillips i.< ihe wi.rl.l'i larum pr,.,l,,.'tr ,,f ilalurjl hi K ti ttsc Kaxilint. fn freezing wejthcr, our greal- irgasiliae dcliveri splii-v.-cond uaniiiK. In any, it improvts acccler.ilion am, llcxi- hility. He-sides, 511,1 K et |ii s h linn-knock value. Phillips (,(, tliminarts ihc f.irlwn kmnk .'n "1<I minors, iht compression kanck in ne\v ones. Why noc try ii for your.self? I'ttl the differmcf it m.iU'S in J'liur motor. 1'bill.uJ, u'ilh I'hil- Hfs at che Orani-e- a/,,! j}|.ie-fc («> shield. HAY" YOU TRIED yiLLIPS 66 NiOTOR OIL? GRAVITY <=«AaiUiTEBO 100* PABArFlNBASE-ZS, AOT . AO c° /*n° 63.5 ™ 68 Of COUI-.M.. south Is not inter•Mod in any aces, since he Holds all. But he would j ikc «- the location he makes an knoivlng thai Mver his three no trump. no ,v (s h ,„ , nf two kings ! orisinal i| llw ' tlie only ,,„ran make is much rather would have l»irlncr (ail to bid for a Mini board lhnn lake :i gambl«-'on n prand slam when we have a sure s;,)all slam. 11 plus estecl in die; thr kitie of 1 »c » asks lor the towing four! If Nonh did nol hold the kin-i «f clubs, he . smi|))v u . 0 .,, d b , d » . . At least we could Sheddan's Salve Hi'st for Crnu'i Good news for mothers! wnr, Shcddan's rapid acting and extremely deep ijenetraling Salve you ran break up croup coughs' Mid congestion. Never have vou seen-or used-;, .,„]„> that cuts the phlegm, relieves choking or ends consestive conyhs dnicker or .more Ihoroiighly. Shcddan'.s Salve I coiitnlns a medicine you neve, .-«, | In ordinary .salves-a medirino that I rights cold CDiiKC-stion. soreness ' nches and pain. Two kinds' Mn'n for rtiiiiirpii. STHONt; for adults. •-Adv. 1 if we made tame, but if he bids for the (.-raafl slam ntirt it rannol be marie, we receive a minu.s score, and \vh,le it may be minus -score of onh .ill or 101) ix>hus. it really is a "terrific loss. The three bid ellmir.aU's a lot - Don't Foryct Caudill's Agency General Insurance I'honc 797 of April C. A. Plaintiffs Ally. rollment or 44.M5 full-time stu . u-me oents who are candidates for xB. according to a survey con -lcd by the state department public instruction 1SUUNS! BOILS! ITCH! Regardless of bow serious or aggravated the form, have for a quarter of a century, yielded to Cross salve's powerful germicidal and healing action 30 cents and 50 ceuts at all dealers. Honest money back guarantee. The Cross Salve Co., Inc., Marion, Kentucky A To the Tax Payers in District Number 2 and 3, BIytheville, Arkansas is » move No doubt you ;,)•(• .w.-iiv (h.'it there on foot to ri-oi-Kiiiii/e llu-so districts. The result of wliifh is ;i material roduetion in the tux nexl fall. Tne ;mioiint O f rctltiptioii will doiipiul liiVBdy on Imw wo succeed in collecting th,- lil.TJjiml Ifl.'tt. :ls woll ;is other deliiKiiient taxes. The move of this we collect, the smaller Ihr tax will he nexl fall. I.el me uv K e th,,st> who l::ivi> nol. jwiid their t.rvi-s. to pay as much as it is possible before the books close on the 1st i»f next niimlh at which lime penally and nthei costs will be added. re YOU as expert as SHE? THINK for a minute—what if you had the house to run, meals to plan and children to care for? Do you think you could do the job as well as your.wife does? On the same amount of money? Be honest The housewives of the nation study and know their jobs. They read the advertisements regularly I hey keep themselves informed of the best offering of the stores. They arc expert purchasing- agents" Ihese purchasing agents, from necessity or individual desire, aim to make every dollar spent return a full one hundred cents' worth in value They know then- needs. They know through the advertisement .lust where these needs can be best supplied at the J cast cost Such intelligent buying saves time and etiort and money. It results in a management of the home that is truly efficient. Here's some good advice for all of us. Read the advertisements. Read them everyday. Through them we can know exactly what we.want before we go 'to buy. This is the surest way of securing full value for every dollar you spend. C. J. Evrard •S '

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