The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 3, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 3, 1930
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 3, IOSQ BLYTHBVILLK, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFY ADS Two cents a word, for flret Insertion »od cae cent » word for t«ch (ubtequtnt Insertion. No advertisement taken lor leas than He. Count the words »nd i«nd the each. Phone 3W FOU SALE FOR SALE—(For lew days only). Dr. MuCall has moved to St, Louis and lias placed his home In my hands for sale. Choice location and rare bargain. Let me stiou it to you, if interested. G. G Caudlll, Office phone 137, residence phone V8fl. 28c-t: by ERNEST'LYNjsl LOOK! Bargains In Used Cars 1930 Model Ford Roadster . New Tires, faint and toil gcod. Motor mechanically perfect. Buy this one and save depreciation. Only S'JIiD 1929 Moilcl Ford Standard Coune. Thoroughly reconditioned. Good tires, paint and upholstery. A real buy at S275 192G Model International Truck. Good Motqr, Tires, Starter, Battery and Generator. Just the truck to mike moncjr with ?135 Our USED CAUS arc suarantfcd 30 days. Make "jour selection and call 811—TODAY. Used Car Dept PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers VIIONE 811 TODAY FOR SALE—Pair of iroii dual N - wheels for 1923-30 Chevrolet ' truck. Practically new. $35.00. Paul Byruin, Phone 974. 2pka IIUGIN IIKIti; TODAY DAN llOniMint, former .Vcir Vork iifMinuiirr wan nnj nntv n true lance writer hi llnlljwnnrl, ii in luvr nick AXM-: WI.VWHI. who, lirKlnnlnc n* mi eMrn. un» [irnKrrKKcd runldir nnj In now Ullilrr conlr:iel lu Grniiil Uiillrd, one ol <bv liirKtiil BluJI'i*. l)rm formerly u»» under cun- Iruvt a» MM-nnrhi \\rlu-r lit L'DII- llucnlal Th-lnrc'ii. Ijut IIP U now Irei-, Ijrrnnst* tif n MtlEilIn exet'UlUc \ikmc Irrllnlrd imil Jl»- KiKIrd Ihe KriiMlllve nnd Kluliboru Hnrlmcr. I'AUl. COM.IIMt. nlio ivrllcn n daily inovfp rolllnin for n MrlnK til iKLlirrf. klinrrM l):in'H i:\tnn men! Mich Mm. lit? li:n Rrvill fnllli 111 IJnn'« nljILttr, ilFhiilte tlic Inlli'r'* Inck ot Mireem u* n free" Inru-c. l):m hn» lieenuif disc-nursed inrr tnli, tmd over ulinc be ciniiilUcr* hi* TllllH'l' h[lln>!i-.1* rcfiiird for Antic WlnK-r. «hosc rvcry Btcii unUEtril net-inn in remove ucr all the fnrthrr from Iilni. Anne llvrs willi tvro ollirr clrln, >10XA .1IOHUIKOX nnd BVA JlAUl.LIY. Slumi nnd l-Jvn nre cx- ITfin, hill .'MolLll unri:* imly uccn- *lcmnll)r nnd l-:vn liul rnruly. She in littlt-r nver lh[M, nnd iiver 11 «rn«H- Invc fxlirrlrnep. Willie In Nvw York ll.iii ii:nl «riltcn u piny fur the Ir^ltiiUMli* Ktnue. HE* n^rnr, unnlile to Nell it, rilinlly • riuU ft hnrk to hlni nt n time \\licn he I* illsnpiHiiiiird lirrnnse of flic rrjecllun al III* Jnfr*t weroen *l[irv. Anne Winter In rnlhu*liifcltc nver his Ml.iv. So In CoHfer. UiMh ot thi'in Ililnk tl ivould tnnkc n urea* tik'lim 1 , Collier lei!* l>nn hovi lo i;u :i!jnat solllTifr II, anil fjun fiil- IO\TK bU ndvlce. lie *ccx the KVI-- n:irlo eilllnr nt (iriind Untied, nNKM (or the UJie oC n U lieMTltl'r nnd, ^rlille llxerr, inriiK out n porepii trrnlnlc:it of hf* piny. I'HITiIjll'^, 1h- ^tennrlo editor, ncrcen lo rend El that n{£hl. ^ow no ox WITH TUB STOUA CHAPTER XXXII W SPECIAL One 1930 New Chevrolet Coach LEE MOTOR CO. FOR RENT HEN" Dan and 1'aul roliirned oflcu. from dinner tliat evening the girl at tlie tcleplione swilchlioard dowiiElalrs informed tlicm tliat there had been a call tor Mr. Rori- nier. "From Miss Anne Winter. Slic left word for you to ciill lier, Mr. llormicr, as soon as you came in. '" Hoi Shall 1 nut tlie call through [or right." yon?" Dan nodded. "11 you will please. We're goiny rifcht in>," Anne said, as soon as she heard uis voice: "Eva's gone, Dan." Tho Import of her words was slow in reselling him. "You mean causo sue would see us In pictures, anil hear ua talk. I [eel very broken-hearted, Dai!." 'I l<uow It. It's pretty lougli, Anuc. l!ut you'll liavo to try not to feel liartiy." And ho asked how Moiia had taken It. "I yuess It hlls Mona prclly hard, doesn't it','" "Terribly." ' When slio had liinig up ho told Paul Collier what had happened. "It's a rollcn Bhaiue." Collier aid, but ho, toa, ngrecil that Eva lad clone wisely. "It would uc a -Mod thing." ho salil earnestly, 'il a few thoiiEaiid moro ol llicin 11 up anil went home; they'd eavc themselves a lot of Krlef." Paul declared that £• wlien he got to thinking ot the extras he felt very liluc. "Post, lively. I know a few, and I'll 6>vc-ar 1 don't HCO how they gel along. And there arc lola of Ihein worsa oft than Eva llerlcy; least had a couple of friends she could count on." • • » TTE sat down then to Ills typo *•* writer and bcsan to wrilo, a!H after a whllo he laid what lio liad written In front ol Dan aud asked him to read it. It was a "column" about tlie Hollywood extras, a moving little story about an army flint was foredoomed to failure. Dan, wlicu he lad read it, nodded approvingly and declared it was a pretty plcco ot writing. Paul, ho thought, ought to try his hand at "sou stuff' more f hero for at." "JAN spent *-* writing li •as knocking OH* for tho nlgbt. "Wliat'u u you, my boy?" \i:d ho added with n broad grin lint ho could guess. "Let's cet out n while. Uiab your tho following foroiioon tilers, a Insk Unit ho iad no taste for; but lio wauled lo :o nt home In tlie event of a telo- ihono call from Qraud United. Ho vrotc n long-overdue letter lo Xlyey '/•l£Sy was.clamorous for lews of lilniself and Anno Winter; said that Ills mother iml "You're crazy not to. This Is the test column you've turned out in weeks." took It and began to "read copy" on it. Some day, ho prophesied as he brandished his pencil, somehody would dig up a real story In Hollywood. "It's here, all "If, yon weren't so lazy," Dan told him unfeelingly, "you'd write it yourself." Paul Irritated FOR RENT- -Light Housekeeping rooms, furnished, 700 West Walnut. 28c-tf Furnished aparmcnt for rent. Sec Jlmmlc Lfidbetter at Saunder's Store. . . 20C-U FOR RENT—One room with or without board. Mrs. O. r. Fender, 512 North 1st St. IpkB FOR RENT- -G room cottage furnished, vent for $35.00 month 'till first of year. Thomas Company. 2ck5 FOB RENT— 2 rooms furnished for light housekeeping, 025 Walnut Phone 521, Mrs. S. P. Cavcnder. 2ck5| FOR RENT—Stcamheatcd 3-room furnished apartment, ISain, Phone 842. "I mean Eva has left, yes." Woua, Anuc said, liad gone downtown that afternoon, and when she got back to the bungalow Eva was KOIIO and there was a note from her. '"Poor Eva." There was a hint of tears In Anne's voice. "I'm sorry Anne." Anil lio was; ho had always felt sorry for Eva Ilarlcy; and never moro so than now; and yet ha thought that Eva, !u leaving Hollywood, Lad done a wise thing, lie told Anne so. "Ob, I know it," she Eaid sorrowfully. "I know it, but—" And Dan Interrupted her to ask w'uero Eva had gone. "Did she go back to fs'ew Orleans?" "Yes." Sho told him then about the pitiful little note that Eva had •written and left for them—all the more pitiful because Eva had tried toHvrite so bravely. "And slio said"—Anne spoko witli a catch in her voice—"sho said that it "wasn't -aodb-j really, ho- Dan thought he was a llttlo too satisfied with things as they were and that he ought to mako more use of his ability. Ho was forever thinking of a story that he ough lo write, but he never got aronm lo it; or, as In the case of Ihe book had started on, his enthusiasm soon died. Ho turned back to his magazln then, hut ho made a sorry job o getting anything out of it, bccaus his thoughts persisted in dwclliu on the Interview ho bad had wit Phillips. Phillips at that very mo ment might bo reading his maui script, and Dan wondered uneasil rrhat the man's verdict would be. Now that the Ihlus was out o his hands, he could think of vev- ernl places where ho might have improved it; but that was always the way. Ho threw Ilia magazine down and lo\vn In Tulsii, wlio was very fond a real culfil." of Anne, had wanted to know what Ind of a person Dan Rorlmer was. "And It you don't wrllo pretly EOOII," read Ztggy's threat, "I'll tell her. Furthermore, 1'vo still got that telegram you sent mo Just before you first called on lllllo Anno —and those neckties you Edit me arc just nhoiit worn out. They must havo been prclly cheap." In reply Dan 1 wrote that llio ties had been .'-cut as a mark of gratitude; ho'd scud nono as a bribe, ami y.lgc.y might ns well get Ills blackmailing Ideas out of his liead. "Ami thoFO tics cost six dollars apiece, which Is more than you pay for a liat, you llttlo red-headed simlrt." He wrote a letter to his parents Knoxvtlle, enclosing a snapshot himself standing beneath a palm ee. Paul had laken It. Anil there as another letter to a former pal u Detroit—long ones, all of them Hut when lunch time rollei round lliero had been uo phono ill from Grand United. "Maybe he didn't read it after I," Dan thought, departing fo unch. "Mayho something turnei P." Paul, though, liad told him tlia I Phillips promised to read it 1m icdlately and give him a verdict a would do that very thing. "They don't usually do thing liat way; I've known of stories t sometimes icnronnil for months before thoslu goes a long way," Paul said. "Ili't ll'a tho production ileimftnK-M lhat's liariUjotlcil. CieltliiK by them la EoiiK'tlmcs a different m.ittcr. Hut you don't need to worry," ho addcil positively. "They're not dizzy enough to pass that up." "No!" D;m was ekopUcal. "You don't know how dizzy n production department can tie. 1'vo hail experience with one. Plenty," ho idilcd with hitter emnliaslB. DUT Paul salil ho wasn't dcallns •*-* nllli Ctinlincntril now. "This la Anno was curious tc- know what had l::i|ipeneil. She calkd him up I lio follnsvlu;; day and they went out ihai evening and dunccil. II was Hie llr&l time In many weeks lliat li« hail danced with her, and lio reminded her of I his. "Who's been taking you rirounil?" Ami Anno laughed gaily. "Oh, ot many people." "Plenty, I'll bet." He know that 10 been going out n good Jenl hue. 'You know better," slio eM dio could rnako tip Us mind to ea or no. But Phillips can ge action— and I tell you they're loo! ing for a story for Lester Moore." In nildafternoou thero was a call 1 girl at Grand Unttcil— Phillip )UR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahem got up through and the strolled aimlessly apartruwt. Paul •iccrelary— informed him that tl scenario chief was very hnsy an was not around at present, but I Imd Instructed her to Inform Rori- mer that he had read tho play and was enthusiastically recommending it for production. "lie told me especially not to forget tho word 'enthusiastically.' I tried to.. reach you once before, hut no one answered." "That's" great news," Dan said, trying to speak calmly. "Plcaso tell Mr. Phillips tliat I appreciate hl» Idudncss very much." "I'll do that, and we'll get In touch with you as soon as wo know what tho decision is." There was nothing lo do, then, "Ycali? Don't lell me. I know a ilng or two about somo ot I lio tindjomo hoy friends. What lauco has u hack writer got gainst tlirso young screen hlols?" Anuc said, "You're iiot a hack •ritcr." "Well, what rim 1?" ''I'or 0110 thing, you've rcry ob- tinalo and—Illlle-boylsh." Sho tazcil at him thoughtfully ncrosa lio lltllrt table where, they sat and hock her "Dan, you ought o bcllevo hi yourself more. Kome- Imcs I think you just don't earo vhat happens." 'Oli, yes I do." ''Then blop calling yourself a inck writer. You know very well hat a hack writer couldn't wrllo a play Ilko yours." "Well, nobotly bought tt." He grinned. "Oh. you'ro loo unreasonable lo arguo with," she said Impatiently. "You're hopeless." "Hiill-headcil, eh?" and at her despairing head slmlio ho became serious onro more, explained that SUPPORT" ?EU-TlST$ -To, VOUR -Tusks BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES I i S. 0. S.—SAVE OUR SHOPPE! By Martin glanced at him once or twice and then, turned back to his typewriting; out presently lie announced with a great deal of noiso that ho tho play really meant more to him lha:i she thought. '"It's come to mean too nuti^i, Anne. If It Isn't accepted I tluuK I'll—I'll cut my throat or something. That's tlio way I feel abuut H now." Anne watched him light a clga- ret, watched him with u, wistful little smile trembling on her Ilp3 ou he blew out the match and dropped It in the ash tray. Hlio said, as ho lifted bis eyes, "They'll accept "If they do," ho ealil, "I'll suin celebrate. Ilia iiluo eyes twinkled again. "And I'll begin to sleep regularly ngnln." but wait, but it was something It) I I[ u was accepted, hi! was know that Phillips was for it. ] in E> ho'd have a suggestion to make- '"ust how important is Phillips, i'o Grand United. Hut Anno uceri anyway!" Dan asked Collier. "He's got a big Job: liis word nit itiow about that until later. (To Uo Continued) 3ck6 FOR RENT—Nice in. 100 Dougan- 003 -,^! her Kindergarten at 1109 W. Main on Kept. 15 with a limited number of children. You will bo delighted with the training your child bedroom, close 3pk9 FOR RENT—One of Shane Apari- menls en \Ve.=t Main street. Telephone 197 and 571. 3ckl5 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed nnd ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, TO4 S- Lake St. 17ck-tf WANTED BOARDERS — Four teachers or young men in furnace heated home. 226. 1103 W. Main, Call 2ck9. AT ONCE—SOUTH AMERICA or UNITED STATES. Permanent positions: clerical, mechanical, salesmanship; experience unnecessary. Salaries 525.-S100. weekly, transportation furnished. BOX 1175, CHICAGO. ILL. 3pk4 LOST AND FOUND will receive. Call 226. 2ck9. New York Cotton NEW YOKK, Sept. 3. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Open High Low CIGAKET HIJACKERS HAMMOND. Ind., Aug. 21 I UP) —Lake county authorities arc faced h a new form of law violation —cigaret hijacking. On three occasions during the last few months :ruck loads of cigarcts enroute from Louisville to Chicago, have been stolen. The trucks pass over US 41 through, Lake county. Oct. old Oct. nc\v Oct. old Dec. new Jan. old Jan. new Mar May Julv 1127 1098 1136 1121 1147 1130 1145 1176 1180 1147 1127 1I5D 1144 1155 1150 1168 1183 119S 1127 1008 1135 1!20 1145 1129 1145 llpl 1179 Close 113! 1111 1147 1130 1154 1133 113? 1170 1186 Spols closed steady at 1140. up 10. New Orleans Cotton (UP) LOST—Tvo mare mules, one cray one mouse coior. Finder bring to Bearden Store, on highway 61 and receive reward. 3pk5 PERSONAL KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL — MI'S. Uicile Thomas Smith will open V. R. WAS HAM—Transfer Bally trips to Memphis. Will pick up aud deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 3. —Cotton closed slcady. Opn High Low Close 1102 1125 1102 1123 1145 1123 1130 1153 1130 1148 11(18 1148 1163 1184 1163 1109 1139 1185 Oct. | Dec. Jan. Mar. May July . WERT He Makes 'Em Set Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 52 ingram Bldg. Blythevllle, Ark 1113 1131 1140 1155 nra 1185 Spots closed steady at 1089, tip 11. Closing Stock P' ices A. T- and T 2131-4. Aviation 6 Chrysler 271-2 Cities Service 29 Coca Cola 178 Fox 501-8 General Elcclric 711-2 General Motori 45 1-4 Grigsby Grtmow M1-4 I. T. and T 41 1-4 Montgomery Ward — 35 Packard 127-8 Radio 3 ? Simmons 25 5-8 United Gas 363-8 U. S. Steel 1635-8 TOO MANY IJAISIES TARRYTOWN, N. Y, (UP)— With accomcdatious (or only six new has arrivals, Tarrytown hospital I to a curb to avoid striking a do£ a surplus of babies. Twenty- | which darted intq the path of th six were born in one week and was necessary to convert part machine. The motorcycle was de molishcd. MAY DC m:roKTiii> FORT WAYNE, Ind., (UP) — the men's ward into a maternity section. Several nurses had to give up their rooms temporarily, and * ^/m ir^imj, **,«., *^* , physicians were forced to postpone John Harlog. 4G. who entered til United States wi'.hmit a passpoi and has been in the connlry 1 years wilhout an effort upon h: part, it is charged, to obtain m turnli7afion pai>ers, may be dcporl ed to his native Holland. their vacations. KUIXS CYCLE, SAVES DOG MADISON, WIs., (UP)-Gordon Motb escaped'injury here recently when he crashed his motorcycle in- we\x,%v.owc, 'in KXl ft 9.WE Bocrtb , WMtR Vllll HiECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS LONE HAND! By Btesw I'NDERTAKERS TAKEN' AMSTERDAM. N. Y., <UP>—He picked on underlakcrs. so now lie is serving a 10-day sentence in Jail. John Stewart of Glovcrsvilllc, according to pclicc. oblaincd "loans" from jcvcral morticians by informing them his "aunt" had died. After Eclccling a coffin, police said he appealed lo Ihe undertaker for a small sum. to be putd aflcr financial settlements had been made When the undertaker went lo the home where Stewart said his aunt had died, no corpse was found. M&S AFBAID 60 VJKOK6 AM' THAT SET HURT..-- SHOCKS - MIITH PILOTS VJERE BAOLV Yoao unc TO . n.\ a^' THIS IF AWTHIHS HAPPENS TO BLAM.E ear £ LET To FAR3AR. 1 - PLEASE... Be IN VOUR. AWV AH' BESIDSS NvlSHT AS. VMEU- To THAT UNDER THE UAH.E of MOM'N 1'Or GO AHE6.D / AGTOC.CP-fBIU.Or447.50 IN A.NOHA.VC / T«owtr_«5'.S3'f>t THE: M f\ tin SLOVJ '." tH\^ MOHTH'S B\LLS 1 OOOHT YBC ZO* LESS I VN1TM VWCCS COM\NG / SOVJM.LW CRY THING / \S CHCOvPtl-R 1 . 1 . / IT'S A ,IOKK! By

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