Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on February 9, 1963 · Page 18
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 18

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1963
Page 18
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t P m i - 18: r.CC!ir.S7ER -DTMOCRAT AN'D CHnCNICLE Fb. 9. 1953 City's Aid to Schools Praised by Gillette I li pi i P'" rw m 000 Sunday 9 COSTICN FARMS! SO WtbsterV Mil Point Rd. N 9MMnnMHMHTM ej . 4 (1 Sil SKI ill ,4 mmmm mn - ' eaMa . i . " .p. 7 aa i 5 T rto i y I 4 1 111! v -MW t. ii I V l.tW 1 II PS noihpsler doci more for Its public schools than any otnrr cuy in ine ' Big six." Mayor Henry K. tailelle s-; serted yesterday. ; Gillette made the statement n oaawn to a suosian- In response to the observa-, , , ... .. . ,, n . 0 ... Local schools, he added, tion of Dr. Louis A. Cetull . L.fre ,bIe ,0 ,d t , ,cacherg. presiaem ot ine Boara or to haarv schedule that the ; ucation, that the city Is gi'v- board described "as the best ing less than a third of act-!'" h outside of the ual sales tax revenue to itJhflS'fR ... , of the best in tno nation, school svstem. ..... ., .. fi.u i "le "'J iruuui-s many . lh J um$3.125.000; serviCts lcfiaI counsel) tax , , 0JIS. w f,"001 collection, school crossing officials requested Gillette cuards and others ,hat said The city is obligated to f,.caiV independent schools produce that amount ior,have l0 pay for themselves, schools whether a recession ie $ajdi cuts into sales tax receipts or, ' tne county reduces the city s share, he pointed out. MOTOIIZID OS 1-1143 ri 2 1115 Mum on Increase Seat Belts Cited As Saving Two ; THEY'RE PREPARED Scout Troop 78. composed , of handicapped boys, receives salutes from guests, Cub Pack 99 of Hilton, at get-together at School 5. The bos played games and demonstrated Scout skills. Boys Forget Handicaps For Baseball Detective Retires After 32 Years Zwick Resigns At Child Clinic i Dr Paul 7 u' ir If rncinna c One of Rochester's veteran detectives. Milton J. Curtiss.; director of the Rochester Called it OUltS vesterdav aftfr .12 vcar in thp Pnliro Rurpan ruiu -n:: Boys are boys, even when Curtiss, 56. put in'his application for retirement, which1.-' 1 !hey're in wheelchairs, and,' will become effective March 11 after a month's furlough.r " a ycbicroay. iniore than half $14,395,875 there was no doubting the Aftcr a triP to Florida with his wife, he may try another Dr- Werner Halpern will to $13.347.791 of the amount 'act last ni"ht at the School 5 jb- ' be actin8 director in his' available. Most of the $618.- vmnaciiim 1 The ,lusky former weight which had been lost in a New stead, effective Mondav. Dr.; 000 cut in school spending jjmnas, . , , ! lifter carries a solid 224 y0rk theater Zwick. of 76 Fernboro Drive, i directed by City Council was They shouted, they laughed pounds on his six-foot, two- . ' . ... will devote full time to Dri-1'" capital expenditures, which md they pl2yed baseball, un- inch frame. He keeps in trim -""i vate psychiatric practice,! aren't subject to the tax! mindful for the moment of by sawing wood, digging the Front strct v hen ne first, teaching and consultation. He I liniit- I the' awkwardness of braces or foundation for a new garage joined the police as a 22-, joined the clinic staff in No other -Big Six" city; the lens that won't work , ana oiner acuviues. year-old. He later rode a mo- 1SH3. i gives as large a proportion Boy Scout Troop 78, com The mayor declined to sav, whether a larger amount: Sg nw0n Stat polic "ed.ted seat system in 1963 64 in view of b ,th . d . will give he c ty $1.4 m .ithejr cars id d , En , lion more than the $9.3 mil- nnirA n n vLa lion estimated last year. .UVd u-h.r .k... 7 j-. r i . i . ' nocnesier smoois gei a a.m. greater share or the sales; . One driven bv Marcaret tax than do schools in Bui-.Guinan. 30. of Victor, skid- falo and New ork City, Gil-,ded across the road and .lette argued. Schools in slammed broadside into a car I Syracuse, Albany and Yon-driven by Ervin Vick, 40. of Kers get no sales tax revenue 31 West Main St., Webster, because no tax is levied in 'according to Trooper Edward those communities. jPetix of the Webster substa- Coming within $4,800 of ition-the constitutional limit, the I Both drivers escaped in-city could hardly have taxed jjurv- Mrs- Guinan's car was. its real estate more for cur-a total wreck and Vick's suf-rent expenses this year, theied $1,000 damage. Mrs. mayor noted. The schools get Guinan suffered a hand cut out ot me while crawling wreckage. and other activities. In plain clothes since 1937, torcycie on traffic duty for, Nelson W. Spies, president:01 its tax lunds l Public Curtiss has been involved in -i . , k.n.. . nt k k.i nt a;- r srhonls. fiillpttp asspftH Ac nnenA lmno f . .... . .... 0,2 JC4IS. IIC UClflUIC UIOUC VilC UUOIU Ul UllCUlUia Ul I . ' posed almost e n 1 1 r e 1 y of every kind of detective A Detcctive in 1951. I the clinic, said the board ac i cording to the latest report of nanuicappeu cniiaren wrio at- work. k , ... -m..s, ceDts the resignation -with i the "Big Six" schools. New iena special classes at scnooi iu ij iiniiuSduuii h. Detective Chief James J Ca-igen"me regret." The state-5, Plymouth Avenue North a m1inor ,arceny d to tn.e voti and his current partner,! "ient noted expansions of the and Jay Street, entertained ,quic. caPture of. . Louls1 Detective Irving Engemann.i clinic since Dr. Zwick be-30 non-handicapped young-! crookins, who was later ex- . . ... f hi icame director in 1954 and i , iiu i V t5ira"8uiai i a "i fitting coo " said that il won a citatio" for out" of Helen Caputo. From the! A real f gnting cop, saia. i . i r ts i iinniiTv piih ir satPTv i nm- i 1 1 1 1 1 1 r i r in iimh in rsriiiiKiiii;-"-t"'j . u.v.r sters from Cub Pack 99 in Hilton. The two scout groups have ine two scout groups nave - Curtiss obtained missioner Albert O. Daniels, l" 11 " I1U" become acquainted through f of S man wanted1 "We should have a thousand lnhe "falth Association of the leader of Troop 78, Nel-'f Plclure y ine man a m1P-jrnnrA m" Rochester and Monroe son Bell, and a den mother of Pack 99 Mrs. Bell. The Bells are both confined to " wheelchairs, he for 20 years with multiple sclerosis, she for eight years with polio for spvpral assaults on Rnrh. more llKe mm ester women. Curtiss lives at 64 Bloom- For the last four years, field PI. and has a cottage on Curtiss has been assigned to Canandaigua Lake. The Cur-the pawnshop-second hand(tiss' son, Ronald, and four store detail. Among the high-'grandsons live at 245 Newton Together they operate Hands, i 1 r, ulu 7 ' lives at 185 Castlebar Road; rn at Frfoorfnn Port nhioY, c 11 ul uidinuuu ul uuun a ic5i;.lCiCvi "ui, w does subcontracted work for: valued at more than $8,000, j home. local industries and employs , , , . . only the handicapped. They I h (jet V Ma7. DOV Inn ' ' County Dr. Halpern has been staff psychiatrist there since 1959, having received his training in child psychiatry at the clinic from 1957 to 1959. He RIT FOOD SEMINAR live in Hilton Last night the older scouts conducted a regular meeting and initiated a "tenderfoot" before joining the cubs in demonstrations of scout skills and in games. Author Listed By Unitarians Dr. Peter B. Putnam, Unitarian layman of Princeton, X.J., will speak on the Unfulfilled," at 11 a.m. tomorrow at the First Unitar-an Church. A magna cum laude graduate from Princeton University, where he also earned a doctorate, Dr. Putnam is the author of "Keep Your Head Up, Mr. Putnam," "Cast Off the Darkness" and "The Triumph of the Seeing Eye." Chiropractors to Hear State Unit President r li t Kocnester institute ot lecn- OirUCK Oy laXIS Inology's Extended Services Members of the Rochester In Two Accidents Di" " a 'mZT'S: weeK series oi tooa service wm g0 to Buffalo tomorrow An elderly man and an 10 Crash Causes Heart Attack A Fairport man was stricken with a heart attack minutes after his car and another collided at Elm Street and Whitney Road. Perinton, about 7:20 a.m. yesterdav. Paul Sozio, 63. of 149 High St., Fairport, was reported on the danger list at Genesee Hospital. The other driver was George Valkenburgh, 243 Jefferson Ave., Perinton. No one was injured in the accident, Fairport police said. .CAT WINS HONOR A Rochester cat won one of the top honors at the Empire Cat Show in New York City, it was announced yesterday by Mrs. Ruth Collie-chio of the Genesee Cat Fan- and management seminars year-old boy were injured beginning at 7:30 p.m. Tues- within a half hour of cach 'day. March, 12 and held other when struck by taxis every Tuesday at 50 Main yesterday afternoon. W. The series is open to George Bollen, 73,. of 16 .managers and supervisors of Shady Way, Greece, was re-1 restaurants, clubs, school or ported in "fair" condition at industry cafeterias and hospi- 'America i Genesee Hospital with hip, tal kitchens. back and hand injuries after i ; he was struck at Clinton Ave- Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hem-nue North and Eroad Street ' merich of 414 Garson Ave., about 2:30 p.m. The taxi suffered right side injuries driver was identified by po- u i1Gn struck bv a taxi in front. to hear Dr. Frank Crystal, state president of the association. Dr. Crystal will discuss requirements and recommendations of the New York Board of Regents for chiropractic educational institutions, according to Dr. Mahlon Blake, state director of the Rochester district. i York spends nearly 78 per cent, Buffalo almost 73 per cent and Syracuse more than 65 per cent of property taxes for non - school purposes. Rochester and Yonkers were listed at 60.9 per cent each. The school report for 1961-62 showed that school spending accounted for a larger proportion of total government spending in Rochester than in any other large city except Syracuse. Millinn Inpritnco tiers Association, it was Rochester schools' income i Grandyl Kan Tien, lilac point from the real estate tax in-! Siamese owned by Mrs. creased more than $1 million 'Charles Faulkner, 25 Juniper between 1960-61 and the cur-St. The title was "best rent year, Gillette said. That I champion." FOR A DEEP SLEEP TO TRANQUILIZE YOUR BUDGET... SEE PAGE 16 lice as r rank bcnuitz. 5b, ot 0f 130 Webster A-e. about 2 8 Oakman St. Schultz was;p.m. police said the driver charged with failure to grant ,was Richard DiSalvo, 28, of the right of way to a pedes-'675 Clinton Ave. S., Wayne trian. was treated by his own physi- Wayne Hemmerich, son of cian. Daybook of Events in Rochester Today's Events Feb. , 1M Entertainment events are listed on Pooe 8; sports events on Popes 22-25, 32; omen's events on Paoes 20-21. Central Western Zone Teachers Meeting. Monger Hotel, all dav. Family Court Intormationol Meeting, Chamber of Commerce, 10 a m. Shrine Circus, Community War Memorial. 10 a.m., 2:15 p.m. and 8:15 a.m. Public Library, main and branches, ooen 9 o.m. to 5 p.m. Historical Society, 485 East Ave., open 9:4S a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Museum ot Arts and Sciences, 457 East Ave., open y a.m. to 5 p.m.; Audubon icreen Tour, "Wilderness Trails'1 by Charles T. Hotchkiss, 10:30 a.m. Memorial Art Gallery, 490 University Ave., open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastman House, 900 East Ave., open to a.m. to 5 p m.; Drvden Theoter, free film, ' Diary of a Country Priest," 2:30 o.m. Seneca Park Zoo, open 10 a.m. to 5 p m. Human Society Shelter and Lollvooo Farm, J5S3 west Henrietta Rd., open :0 a m. to 5 p.m. Campbell-Whittlesey House. 123 Fitz-hugh SI. S.. open 10 am. to 5 P.m. Susan B. Anthony House, 17 Madison St., open II o.m. to 4 p.m. Ice skating, Webster Avenue and Genesee Valley rinks, open 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 o.m.; Ritter-Cork Memoriol Building, Emergencies Summary of fire and emergency ambulance calls durina the 24-hour Dertod enaea iost mian qnT: MIDNIGHT TO NOON 12:35160 Hollenbeck, sickness. 1:19569 Haielwood, auto fire. 2:06 South and Hamilton, woman fell. 2:49 Court and Broadway, broken window. 2:51466 Clarissa, rubbish fire. 5:57 364 Plymouth S., sickness. 9:01864 Jefferson, sickness. 9:22 Lowell and Clinton, accident. 9:40 06 Lake, sickness. 11:191010 Portland, sickness. 11:34 Arnett and Epworth. false alarm. NOON TO MIDNIGHT 1:1189 Salisbury, person injured 1:21 Tryon Park, dump fire. 2:0525 Barnum. jteom leak. 2:44 Clinton S. ond Broad, man struck. 3:33 154 Broadway, sickness. 4 44 66 Post, sickness. 4:56236 Dartmouth, investigation umversuv ana Alexander, struck. 5:1374 Adams, person fell. j.4 3iv courr, sickness. 5:42 74 Seward, sickness. 7:01304 Ellison, sickness. 7:0729 Post, sickness. 7:13 Jay and Louise, auto fire 7:22275 Pork. Incinerator fire. 7:28 120 Dewey, accident. 7:3873 Rosedale, short circuit. 8 40 Saratoga and Lvell, rubb sh fire. t.ii i p.eiiy. cuning. 9 44 Lake near cemetery, accident. - .f-'?36 Lemgton, person inlured. 9:5215 Richmond, sickness. 9:59195 Westfleid. sickness. 11:5922 Atkinson, sickness. Frederick Feb. 2. Thomas Cummlngs, 18 Madison St., 2. Burton, 195 Norldge Drive,; Feb. I Lawrence Forte, 414 Tremont St., Feb. 2. Leon Harvey, 24 Flanders St.. Feb. 2. Theodore Heiti, 15 Irvlngton Drive, N. Chill, Feb. 5. Otto Koof, 134 mcfiona St., Feb. 2. Frank Lippa, 241 Driving Park Ave., Feb. 2. Henry MaeMlllon, 35 Malvern St., Feb. 3. Fronds Martin, 6 Lod-rdole Road, Feb. 4. Gront Masfin Jr., t Rodney Drive, Hon- eoye Falls, Feb. 5. James O'Connor. 124 Castleford Rood, I Feb. 3. I Alvo Rogers, 247 Driving Park Ave., Jon. 29. ' Richard Roul, 1393 N. Winton ood.. Jan. 31. Burrfett thnw. 90 MnnrH nrlu C-.k A person Somutl viiiareale. So Trenomon St., Feb! 2. Look Your Everyday Best ODen 1.45 to 4 and 8: IS to 10 30 Dm i J Skiing, Powder Mill Park, tow open VjOfVOQC Z.CC7SSS 10 a rn to 4 nm . . . J Alcoholics Anonymous, open meotinos. ' , Rbr' L. Maiiev. Buffalo, and Gail Sotyraov Noon Group, 12.15 p.m., ond i L DK?'"eS' ,EZ! . 'l0' N V' jpen meeting. 8 30 p m., both ot 12-Steo Richard J. D Ambrosia. 445 Smith St.. House 14 N. water St ; Riverside Grouo, i 'SJ?'!?n'1ne f? ' Knt St Club House. 174 South Ave. 8:30 o m.; I', H- Hoioer.n, New York City. St. Helen s School Group. 155 Le'tington or2 vr'0" . flaBonii Eosl ve-Drlve om i Horoid W. Mog n. 809 Portion. Ave., ui.rc. t pm. and Dorothy C. Duncan. 78 Ohio St. I ABC APPLICATIONS I 0,r'"."2? "', LrrT,Ce' De,ntV."''. C0'8 i ond Judith L. Bantieon, 255 inwood Heritage Inns. Inc. 1325 Mt. Hope Ave,, rDo'ola, p -,. pmin. - w6fve? Contr7rZZrJ fer hWST Sai" A Von "ouwenberg, 425 Pork Ave. ' "" Oulnlwi. 2025 Norton St., Feb. 1 1 iTnlToH orer l?ces 0 Bsett. Cambr ag., Mass.. Robert Smitti. 183 Pearl St.. Feb. 3. i!y,S24t Jt.0Ml0'm P"W.n- OO- M- ti-mnnot. Jr.. t7 Newcomb St.. on A. e.. ond Ciargl Groceru, inc., 334 Rlriht I Fe0- 5 Ciorj?7-I57. Miller-r tiouor Store. Tnc". " ' ' "J I tdword Terranc. 284 Soton St.. Jon. 7. 125 Joseph Ave . and Jerom. and Eleqnp' wre born te; ! Row Towner. 1224 Colkim Rood Feb. I. i Mn E- oJ.4 " Br,ntn, : 2i R very ew ' Driy. . Rovmend Vodr Molle. 1044 R Use Rood. I or. mew. Fen. 4. Webster. Jon. II. i Girls were born te: Kenneth Alexander, 408 Ave. D. Feb. 3. Jean-Poul Archomboult, 25 Karnes St., Feb. 1. Harry Baker, 481 Covewood Blvd., Feb. 3. Chester Baker, Folvell Road, Caledonia, Feb. 3. William Baxter, 50 Stondlsh Rood. Feb. S. Russell Boufon, 3195 Lake Ave., Feb. 3. Resold Cresa. Jr., 7 Elmiro St.. Feb. Ill SHIRTS Here is truly flawless ihirt fimshir.q. All ihirte are laundered m spenal fabric bacre fthe bcas wear out, not your shirts). Come back to you bnght ae new, wrinkle-free, individually placed in soil-proof plastic bags. The ultimate m ihirt excellence. s mmmmmmmmmmimmmmm This V7 etk's Dry Cleaning Special! i SKIRTS, plain ;j SWEATER 29 Expertly and Professionally Finished by Norton Business or Cotton Sport ALL AT ONE LOW PRICE M ea. 1-Dcry Service At All Stores On Request Make RIDGE-LUMBER Your . . . FWiBj, 3 94 t -a Save Money . , . Save Time . . Save Effort! Di y 10 . Yli t.:iiri0,v: -M- & up V' :'. i ? 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