Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania on September 15, 1923 · Page 7
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Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 15, 1923
Page 7
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eJL^ Personal Chat About People You Know Readers of THE NEWS Are Urged to Furnish Items For This Department Use a Postal Card or Telephone. Regular Republican Candidates Primaries TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18. 1923 Polls Open 7 A. M. to 7 P. M. i ..Mr. and Mrs. A. Hanson and daughter, SalHe, ot San Antonio, Texas, left this morning lor Connecticut, to visit relatives, alter being the guest of Mrs. M. KUue, ol 916 Cumberland street. . .Mrs. L. R. Wolf returned to New York, after spending the summer with her mother, Mrs. W. Lenlch, of North Nlath street. . .MlBs Catherine NoU, ot Quenttn, wan a morning passenger to Philadelphia. ..Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Lehman, ot Annville, left this moruing for Bern, Pa., to spend several days visiting friends. • ..P. J. Cole, of Baltimore, Md., Is visiting his Graud children, great- grandchildren and daughter-in-law. Mr. Cole Is a Civil War Veteran, and is stopping at the home ot Wm, L. Cole, North Twelfth street. . .Mrs. F. u. Morgan, of 35 Locust street, is spending a Jew days in Philadelphia and New Jersey, visiting relatives and friends. ..Miss Maria Schaeffer returned to her home, 5n Philadelphia, after visiting relatives in this city. ..Mrs. J. F. Filbert returned to Ailentown, after being Abe guest of her father. Rev. Kuhn, of Bellegrove. ..Mr. and Mrs. M. E. BrightbUl, of Hagerstown, who have been spending several days In Annville and Lebanon, are the guests of their jiiece, Mrs. R. I. Delhi, of Pa'xtang. •f^fff. R, A. Smith and children. •P B46 Maple street, left on the train for Reading, to spend ..Mrs. Earnest F.bright and Mrs lohn (Sate*, of '745 Willow j lohn Jlubb. o£ 583 Ouiltord street, '• strrrt and Onrl Kclgrlest of 524 N. I returned from Philadelphia, wrtero | Tenth strcrt, Irft on th« 10.10 for hey attended the convention of the Dames of Malta. ..Misses llarbara Stagmore r nnri Mary Zimmerman, of this city, left or BechtlesvUle, to spend several days. .Mls» Mary Kitten returned to New York, after visiting Misses Barbara Stagmoyer and Mary Zimmerman, of this city. .Miss NeUi c Hank ins returned (o Albany, Ney York, after being the guest of her sister, o North Ninth street. f'-'iflpflW ..Mrs. Mart?ti Weiss and daughter, Evelyn, of Frodericksburg a morning passenger to Reading on business. ..Mrs. Clyde Harmes and Mrs. John Harmes. of 1108 Guilford St. are spending the day in Reading. . .Mrs. L. IT. Wenrich and daughter. Marsraret. of Philadelphia, returned home after being the pucsts of Mra. J. A. Shiner, o£ 709 Maple street. . -Miss Emma Ziegler, of Riehland was a passenger early this morning to Lawn, where she will begin teaching. .. Herbert Quinn. of Murphy-Stevenson Co.. and his mother, Mrs. Quinn, of New York, leftis morn- Reading, to sp t end the week-end. ...Mrs. IXMS Martin and mother Mrs. Harry Martin, of 18 South Cth avenue, left for Mt. Alto, to visit friends. ..Mrs. P. O. Scott, of 144 So"th Eighth street, returned home Friday evening from a short visit, to Reading. She was accompanied by nor daughter, Frances. ..Harry lawless and family, of Sixth and Chestnut streets, returned homo this morninc after spending several days nt Union Hill, New Joi> sey, and also Ailentown. ^is ine. GOV. WALTON WILL JAIL THE ASSEMBLYMEN ing for the tatter's hoine. Mrs Quinn's daughter Mrs. Hall who had been visiting at Mt. Gretna, left yesterday for Now York. ..Mr. and Mrs. Sabolcl, of Potts-, aivtl „„ „,.„.„. „, „.„ „ and Miss Catherine Firestein.' of "tne^uintary ruVin" Wlsa b^es" D IfjflFtr l.ll TTl not*l a TI rl n f **stj«4> InPf . • • > . . .it. _ .. i_ • _ ._ * (Continued From Pag a 1) call from the governor. Walton said: If they try to interfere with this fight aeainst domination of an invisible government in Oklahoma, 1 will put them all In jail. As long as I am governor, the visible government will rule. The agitation for a meeting ot the legislature without a call from the governor, was started when it became almost a certainty that the executive would extend martial law to several other communities and he began to tighten COUNTY RECORIXER OF DEEDS JOSEPH L. UMBERGER . COLNTY TREASURER JOHN J. LIGHT COUNTY COMMISSIONERS LUTHER G. HARPEL JOHN H. LIGHT REGISTER OF WILLS H. M. BRIGHT CL ERK OF ORPHANS' COURT v HENRY L. FEES DIRECTORS OF THE POOR JOHN H. SWANGER SAMUEL W. BECKLEY AUDITORS FRANK W. HURST ROBERT L. STINE COUNTY SURVEYOR L. N. ROTHERMEL CITY MAYOR JAMES E. FISHER CITY TREASURER ' GEORGE W. LINGLE CITY CONTROLLER ABRAM HESS LAST REGISTRATION DAY TODAY Business Station Satisfactory, Says Denis Tirade Review _ i R. (!. T)un and Co's. Weekly Trade! Review In this week's issue, will pp.yj regarding trade conditions in Heading: Kctnll and wholesale business is quito satisfactory for this soason of tho year. Somo falling off In arti- vltv was noted In tho iron and steel industries during the past, month, but for tho most part, founrterir-s aro now 1 busy, and hardware manufacturers report full time operations, wiili i good prospects for (he future. Tex- ;t'l.- iiulustriort am fairly well om- ! ployed and shoo factorft-s have a largo I volume <if orders on hand. Build- j ing f.peiMtious for thfi first olght I months of tho year show an increase 'over tlxiMi for the same period last \ear l/ihor continues well employ! ed at good wages. Deaths and Funerals INFANT 1XTKUHKP. The buriiil of the infant rhlld of Mr. and Mrs. John Ho.iTcr, of 1420 MifTlin utriTt. tcoU place at noon at, tho Khoni'-'iT ceinet'-ry. without any servli'os^. l'nd"rtaUrr II. (.'. llohlUJUl \v;is in cliiu-];". KM.YAUIO KIOUA. j*»i Services were lv hi this morning, at 10 o'clock in St. Mary's church, by Father Boyle for Silviirio Viola, of ItL'L" Federal sitvet. who died on tho thirteenth Tli" fuivrnl w;is well attended ;uiil tho floral tokens were in alinndiiure. The interinent lock |ilact« ill the Holy Cross C/M11- etcrv. Thompson"^ Sons were in charge. th« . .Mrs. Edward Wolf, of Reinohls- Tllle. was an early passenger this morning for Hartford, Conn ., to visit her daughter, Mrs. Edward Harlow. ..Miss Margaret Lltzler and brother, George, left this morning for Reading, to visit their sister, Mrs. William Trout, who has been confined to bed for several days. . .Mrs. Amanda Mease^ of this city, !.!§ -sP«nding -the week-end at Hummelstown, visiting friends. . .Mr. and Mrs. J. Leonard Fay, of North Tenth strpet-spent the day In Harrisburs;. • ..Mrs. E. L. Brown, of l.his city, left for Easton, to spend n. week with her daughter, Mrs, L. Flowers. . .Mrs. W. A. Hereh and daughter Mary, left, this morning tor Tamaqua to spend the week-end. . .Mrs. Charle<j Houser and daughter Marian, of 418 North Eleventh street, was a morning passenger to Reading to tho Homeopathic hospital. ..Mr. and Mrs. Ray Or&ttle, of 132 Canal street, are spending the week-end in Reading, as the guests of friends and relatives. ..Miss Maria Adams, of 426 Spruce street, will spend Sunday at Reading, visiting relatives. . .Miss Mildred Fields, of 19 Went Maplo ff treet. left for New York, to spend a week visiting her, sister Mrs. Earnest Shay. . . Missee Anna Werner, Tx>ls Dissinger and Katherlne Urich, of this city, will spend Sunday at Man. of 426 Bast Cumberland street, left for Philadelphia today. .Mrs. M. J. Pickering, of Philadelphia, arrived hero this morning to visit friends at Mt. Gretna. Mr. and Mrs. John Ely, of 1730 Center street, was among the New York passengers this morning- to be guests of relatives for a few days. ..Mrs. Ira Treist and daughter Margaret, of 817 Church street, arc spending the day i n Reading. • ..Mr. and Mrs.'W. 10. Doxtater. of Colebrook, returned home, after spending two weeks at Niagara Falls and in New York .State. • O ' Annual Harvest Home at Trinity Lutheran annual Harvest Home Cervices will ho conducted in Trinity Lutheran Church Sunday with sermons by the pastor on "Reaping What Others Hav e Sown" at 10:45 A. M., and "Sowing What Othnrs M/ist Reap" at. 7:l!0 P. M. The usual •beautiful and appropriate aecorar IIon s will be arranged by Mr. Chart, es Kneasel, chairman of thn decoration committee, and his assistants. A'll members are rOQue-slerl to bring dona.tioiij, 1 to bo used in the decorations to the church. Saturday afternoon. The choir wilfxsender the following appropriate program of of sacred music "A Song of Thr.nkssriving"—Fearis 'Pra'se Tjie Lo-d. O My Soul''— Malkworth "O Ring Unto The- Lor.1" —-Spross. ••' '-I*. ALLENTOWN FAIR September 18 to 22 REDUCED^FARBS From Harrlsburg, Middletown, Lykenn Tremont, Ijincaster, and intermediate ticket stations. Spnrial Train Thursday, Sept. 20 Standard > Time A.M. 7.03 7.10 7.18 7.30 7.34 7.46 7.51 S.S5 6.00 ablishing a military censorship of newspacrs opposing his policies. Pretty Baby Girl Born at Fred. Frantz Home Rtore, is receiving congratulations from a host of friends. INF A XT Hl'UHOI). Tho funeral of th>> Infant child of Stephen Wella took place this nf- ternoon with services, at the resi- .denoe. "42 K:\-U Welclman street. Tho burial took place at the Mt. Lebanon cemetery. Undertaker H. t'. Rohland w;is in charge. Tulsa, Okla., Today —Efforts of military authorities enforcing martial law in Tulsa, were directed today toward obtaining evidence which they expected would show high lublie officials involved in continued floggings here. Some testimony ndicating that the officials were involved, was reported as nlready before, tho military commission. Additional steps to make enforcement of martial law in Tulsa more drastic were expected t oday. Major Roy Horark military censor ordered to see that nothing was 'printed in the Tulsa Tribune which might tend to cause riot of uprising against military rule, was at his desk ut 7 (V. M ., armed with n big. pair of acis- i-ors and a heavy blue pencil. Attorneys for the Tribune planted to go into-federal court immediately seeking an injunction to oust the censor from the office. HENRY FORD AND W. G. McADOO SELECTED AS THE VICTIMS OF DEMOCRATIC COALITION (Continued Kium pace Out> NEW YORK OB UP THE HUDSON NEWBURGH . AND RETURN Steamer Benjamin B. Odell Sunday, Sept. 23 TICKETS GOOD ONLY ON SPECIAL TRAIN Itom Hershey J2.80 ralmyra S.Gfi Annville 2.50 Lebanon , £.30 Avon ;,....,.... 2.20 Myer&lown 2.10 Bichland 2.00 Allentown (Arrive) KKTURN1NG—I^eave Ailentown p. M. (Standard Time), September 20, for above named atationa. Special excursion tickets at above f&rex will be good only on above Special Train In each direction September 20. Other niie^tal excursion tickets to Ailentown will be gold and goad going an<J returning September IS to 22, in- clu»lve. Fare from Lebanon 13.40. Those special excursion ticket* " not be «oo4 for pa«M of th» V«Jl»y' train* on K'os. 1 "«u*»n 2 IUM New York Kxc. Va.ro Hornhev .................. J 4 .00 Palmyra ..... ....... • ...... 4.00 AJinville ...... . ............ 4.00 Lebanon .................. 4.00 Myerutown ............... 4.00 Jersey City (arrive) '. ..... Liberty Street (arrive) .... West 23rd Ktreot (arrive.. RBTUKN1NO-- L*ave West 23r<l Street. . . . Sland- uni Time J-v. A.M. 0,0> .'1.18 Leave Liberty street ?.4<l r.M 1 . 7 47 s.no Tickets will be on sale one week in advance. Buy tickets early as tin.' number to be sold to Xewhurgh will bo limited. For Fare to New burgh, Add 91.0Q to Above Fares. Pafi»eng«r3 for Up-Thc-Hudson will take Steamer Benjamin H. Odell (capacity 3300 passengers) ffotu Pier No. 1, Jer»*V City, £t S.20 A. M., Standard Time, for Newburgh and return. He- turning'. le4V« Newburyh 4.00 P. Standard Time, for Jersey City M.. take apeciaj train from Jersey City 8. IS P M., Standard Time, (or above »ta- Indiana Democratic chieftain, Georgo Brennau, Illinois, Ed. Moore, Ohio, Robert Scott, of Pennsylvania, all noted Democratic strategists, havo been flitting about Washington .my- sloriously for tho past, few days, keeping themselves and their activities urfttcM' cpver. AK a result of their visits here, negotiations for u coalition have progressed Io u degree that has put new energy into McAdoo boosters, who will do their best to checkmate beforehand the effects such a ,powerful joiniugs ol' their opponents would produce. The whole situation promises an increase in pemocratlc activity, within tho next sixty days, which may go far towards determining the liiu-up in the 1924 convention. Somo of the visiting Democratic chieftains brought conlidential word here that a Ford-McAdoo coalition W:IK being worked out in certain localities. This appears to be in lino with the plans of the McAdoo forces to use Ford's undoubted popular strength to put McAdoo over as the Democratic nominee. McAdoo men luive been spreading the word among organizers of Ford sentiment that Ford will not accept the nomination, even if it is offered him; that he will .certainly make no fight to get it, and that hopo ot Iho progressive elements in the Democratic party lies iu combining behind McAdoo. But they have also advised tho Ford workers to go on organizing for Ford, with this idea of masking McAdoo's real strength until convention time. Then a lot of Ford delegates would be disclosed as really McAdoo delegates in disguise. It Is to prevent such a plan succeeding that the proposed Under- wood-Ralston-Smlth union is proposed. So far as surface indications go, Underwood and Ralston today are the most active candidates. Tho Underwood publicity is particularly extensive, and Hie Alabama Senator's friends repo/l a gratifying re- gponie to his candidacy. * —— ••»» ..i... Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Frantz, of 1014 Willow street, are the proud parents of a baby Pirl, which arrived this morning. The child is tho eecond to bless tho family, the first being a boy. The happy father, who is manager ot the. Frantz furniture Tho name of — ' Aaron Blench is not seen on the slates. That is' the reason why he should he nominated by the Republican pany as the party's candidate for County Commissioner If nominated he will be your candidate and not n candidate of a FACTION. Hifi political creer 1 embodies: HAVING — Not saving a dollar to waste ten. EFFICIENCY -not efficiency in word pictures and in glossing over mistakes but efficiency in all details of the office in its relation to tho people. ECONOMY- not economy in potty transactions alone but general economy in aumlnistpring public affairs. HARMONY — not harmony for the benefit of a coterie of grasping politicians but harmony between the county commissioners' office and the people who elect and who I will serve is chosen. EQUALITY — not equality during the campaign and preference after elect'on but equality among all citizens during the entire term of service. JUSTICE — not justice to a faction but justice to every Republican all the. time. OOOD BUSINESS — not good business for a preferred few but good business in respect to the pocket book of every taxpayer and every resident of Lebanon County where I was born and reared and where I have worked for a livelyhood all my life. If this Is a creed you believe in vote for FOR MAYOR JAMES E. FISHER SEVENTH WARD' Republican Candidate —My Motto- Honesty Economy Courteous Service Square Deal WIljL PLEDGK MT BKST KFFORTS FOR Y^UR INTEREST S afeguard public interests. E ncourage home owners. R etain public confidence. V alues for money expended. I nvite constructive criticism. C onservative improvements. E xperienced with legislation. Investigate My Record — Decision is Easy. Your vote and influence will be greatly appreciated. REPUBLICAN VOTERS Aaron Blouch During the past several weeks I tried to see as many of the voters as my time would permit. It was impossible io see each and every man and woman voter. I am addressing this to Y 0 U, whom I did not see, to ask you for your support, vote and influence; and to the VOTERS, that I did see, for their continued support and influence at Tuesday's Primaries. JOSEPH L UMBERGER, Regular Republican Cnadidate for Recorder of Deeds. Tell U Throuih The N«vt TO THE VOTERS OF THE CITY OF LEBANON As I have been unable to see all the voters personally I am taking this method of asking you for your vote for the office of CITY COUNCILMAN. Two years ago at the Fall Primary the voters of our City placed me third high on the ticket out of Eight Candidates and lost the Republican nomination for this office by a few votes. Therefore the Logical candidate for this office. Vole for JAMES T. FRANTZ, Republican. No." 2. On Official Ballot Thank you Primaries Tuesday, Sept. 18,1923, J Vote For Frank G. Heisey Republican Candidate For He is the people's candidate. He is not radical but of Common Sense and knows the human needs. He is not allied with any League or Factions. He will give the City a progressive business administration and conduct the city's affairs as one would his own. BLOCK DANCE Willow 8<ro<f Between Eighth and Mntiv Monday Evening, Sept 17 Tuesday Evening, Sept 18 8 O'clock REFRESHMENTS Auspices Hvrntnrn Tribe Tied Men. TICKETS 25c. WAR TAX 3c. In Case of Rain Dance Will Take Place In Red Men's Hall. Marriage Licenses Thomas I). Walter, of Lebanon Rural Route No. 4, and son William O .Walter, of '433 Lehman street, this city, and Cora Neuhouser, daughter of David Neuhouser, of 539 Rosemont Avenue, Parkesburg, Pa. STRAY nrrs OF WISDOM Men arc April when they Vft)O, December when they wed; maids a're May when they are maids, but the sky changes when thoy arc wives 1 .—• Shakespeare. ' Harvey ML Clymer 8th Ward A Business man for a Business, ' Administration "^ Piano Pupils Dorothy Chubb Nagro Teacher* CertiflcAto 8*0n»J»»jfi School of music, Philadelphia, Jf| and Progroeslve Scries of pinfl also studied with tho grout ptl Ernest HutcheaoD, Now York Will accept Ptipil9 fyp J*ri NAGRO IftSATOI -3 •>5 v" ! y»» 'V - „ ' j J( !«i,*':.,&AM

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