The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 1948
Page 6
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PACK SIX THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIEK N£WS TUI COURIEH NEWS CO. u W HA1X£S, euiuaaa jAUJtS U VKRHOfOT MUZ. D HUMAN. Adwcldng Sole Nation*! Advertising Representative!; Wallace Wllmer Co. Ne» York, ctUcago, Detroit, . Wemphli. PuMiatMd £\<ar Afternoon Except ^^.»., Eotereo u tecond clau matter at the port- office at Blymerllle, Arkansas, under act ot Con- tnts, October «. 1817. Served by the (Jolted Pre*s SUBSCRIPTION RATES: B] camei in (be city oi Slycnevllle or toy •uburban town where carrier service U maintained, iOc per week, or tec per month By Dial) within a radius ol 60 miles. M.OO per year 12,00 for six months ll.oo foi three moruhj; by mall outside 50 mile lone. 110.00 per rear payable In advance. Meditation And walk In love, as Christ also hath loved u«, and hath riven himself for us an offering md * ttteet-amellinjt savour.—Eplirslans 5:2. # * • The relit ion of humanity Is love.—-Mazanl. Barbs Thank goodness It's hard to keep a gocd man down In the mouth. » • • A pedeatrlan apoll(l>ed after beint hit by a motorist. And science sprnrii iniilloni .searcliinn for freaks of nature. * • * A survey finds that jaywalkers lose time. But n-hat's time when your life Is at stake? * * » Thieve* broke Into a dormitory of an eastern military school, mhans they Jiut wanted to steal a march. * * * A barber says combing- the iinlr pompadour inakei a man bald. So when your hair hw gone tway thert'a no use trying to comb It back. No-Hurry Congressmen Win Point StoI Ting ERP Months ago Secretary of State Marshall urged an April 1 (leadline for putting the European Recovery Program into action. His suggestion got *\ cold reception from some of our most influential congressmen. They have consistently resisted the idea that speed is a vital factor in the ERP. And in their consideration of the Marshall Plan they have put that resistance into action. So now tliere is no chance that ERP will be functiining by April 1, and there i.a only a slim chance that legislation to create it will even be passed by then. The no-nepd-to-hurry group has clearly won its point. It would he interesting to know if the no-hurry legislators are aware that there is an election coming up j,, Italy O n April 18—an election of which Premier de Gasperi has said: "We must win this time or we will never vote in Italy again." If those legislators are aware of this election, it also would be interesting to know whether they see any connection between it and Secretary Marshall's deadline. Italy's anti-Communists would at least have a talking point if, before April 18, the EK1' were sct up and on its way, r a tl, cr than merely a promise and a subject for bitter debate. This would not put al , extra dollar or an extra mouthful of American food into Italy before the election. But it would surely strengthen the hand of Italian democrats, who will have a hard struggle at best to win. If Italy goes Communist, free Europe will then consist only of Greece, France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the Scandinavian countries. French Communists are biding their time. If Haly falls, who can say that the next French general strike will not succeed? And if France falls. who will save the others? It must be clear, even to the no-hurry congressmen, that the Soviet empire has stepped up the tempo of its drive for all Europe and that the climax is approaching. Congress saw Czechoslovakia lost in one day. Not long afterward a senator took all but a half hour of one day's debate on the .Marshall Plan with a generalized attack on all Europe which amounted to a short filibuster. This was part of what has been called one of the most fateful debates in our history. But during part of the senator's almost interminable contribution to it, there was a grand total of eight senators listening to him! The congressional objectors don't want to be rushed into this thing. They think that aid to free countries would help Russia more than letting Russia •wallow all of Europe by withholding *kl. They just don't like foreigners. Tkey think that a nation that spent ' f330,000,000,000to defeat Nazi Qer- might be ruined by spending ?5,. 000,000,000 in an effort to beat communism, The no-hurry congressmen can't seem to realize that it isn't Secretary Marshall or Senator Vandenberg or President Truman who is rushing them into this thing. The man who is hurrying them is Josef Stalin. Elementary Democracy A German "senate," meetirig in Frankfurt, has rather shocked the Bizonia officials by holding a meeting behind locked <ioors. The principal reason for the siiock seems to be that the tfi'ou|> of 16 members was set up to teach the Germans democracy. We would sujHfest the Allied authorities at least get the members together and instruct them in that ancient and accepter! practice of democratic procedure, Ihe "leak" of information to the press from secret a VIEWS OF OTHERS BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS —— — It Always Helps to Ease the Pain TUESDAY, MARCH is. i For Give Well-plucked Motorist a Rest If the proposal (o Install parking meters In the clly comes before the Council Monday night, R should be rejected. Motorists ]>Ay enough taxes now, without requiring them to dig Into their pockets every lime they want to stop on the tl town streets. No group of citizens Is more Lhorouehry tnxcd. They pay «11 of the taxes ]»jd 011 ol (,er citizens, and a whopping tolnl of special levies on their vehicles, to finance the state highway program. Prom tlicse funds, kickbacks are made to the cities and counties for roads and streets. Our gasoline tax hi Arkansas is one of the highest In the i8 states. It would be grossly unjust to slam another f80,000-a-year levy on motorists In Little Rock, with parking meters. That Is the estimated amount these annoyances would yield. The Idea Is so unfair on the fnce of it that the Council should rtfuse to countenance this raid, by approving it for a city vole. All the arguments for parking meters are specious and shallow. They sift down to mere excuses for putting a well-plucked group ol citizens through the works agjin, for another cleaning. No fine words about it will change that distasteful fact. —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT President Truman Gets Bow Tie Plugging New Coin Idea THE DOCTOR SAYS By Edwin P. Jordan, M. E NEA Service «e was recognized tinder var" j P'ay eulac^'pie °to th( h vlc , w> """ '."^ J? " such »» miner's anemia ' catching qualiiii „ he ureeze- ?entl^h yptl »V n Ch '° 1 '° sls ' Only «-; back with" a "f at "1 ^^'T <"""• m,»M 8! the caus * """me thor- i going to sit on hi, Noboci >' is ouqhly understood. l "° r | before Mis Trunnn f W bnc)i 1>orc " ^s«™~iHSSE,-£ =SS«-s;i^ £ fSlS ..2S :««•• °/ these parasites are ' «nt J to him. 1^*'^" Is being P-1^1 1 " "'« f ««» »' « Person who , draw on him tWs trnV 1 ' 0 Bot " le id. In region., having poor : of I've got the tie on »?" aCCOllnt Bn — t— ' _ _. , . B .;" c ll e on this minute with - become m 'xed ancl hc and deveI °P In- ' hls ma " ». i~*..i ,. nM.- ,. Bureau o/ Standards Adviser, Former Russan Infect ""£«<; swauowed infection /ol- *!„; SJ? n the"?e«t rrOW '"^ ' he Symptonu Vary t 1,1 1& minute <• his until he opens The bow has ihree ha coins on It. They are 2'- •,;• —i p^ws^srS haiidsome Edward Marsh.Mehren wd- er preparation of food brea - , strides have been made In prevent count™ Ing hookworm disease b/ means slue ' H llslncS! is m! >«n B a ? rllnni "8 around the MV ' ne lhc WOrld °" the hookworm disease is not much of a problem. - u - .....ii.wo in n rights inVe^VSr' lake coffee. Twentv-flvi» hminn """• roll down the American guT- Congress and Rent Control With a favorable Supreme Court decision clearing the way, there now seems little doubt that Congress will extend rent controls at least another ycnr. And if the final measure follow,! substantially the bill approved by the Senate Banking Commit:", the connlry should get a better law than for a lime seemed probable. The bill, for one thing, protects tenants who signed those voluntary leases with 15 per cent increases against the pyramiding of another boost. On the other hand, it follows ihe assumption that no landlord should bc compelled lo continue in the renting business at a loss. The committee rightly voted down dangerous proposals that an area bi; completely decontrolled whenever i or 2 1-2 per cent of rental property becomes vacant. A little collusion o,, the part ot landlords could have produced such conditions neatly and artificially. Why do 50 many conservatives in Congress as well as their leftward colleagues, support rent controls, whereas price regulation in oilier fields just now hao little chance? To say thai tenants have more votes than landlords is not a sufllcic'nt answer. Labor casts more votes than do Industrialists, too. Yet the 'fan-Hartley Act passed. It is probably because these Congressmen have come to accept the validity of ihrcc arguments: 1. Even were rcnls allowed tc rise freely m accord with supply and demand. It would still be several years before enough ,,ew construction thus stimulated could l, c completed to meet the need for low and medium rental quarters. 2. in the meantime, shelter and a minimum ot room arc such utterly essential family needs thai tney cannot be trifled with. The hardships at slake for the tenants loom greater than the hardships to some landlords. 3. Rent control has proved workable—even with other controls gone. Rents have increased by but 10 per cent within the 5amc nc ,., ort ,„ whlch ^ total cost of Hvin B ,,as gollc up 66 pci . ccm Nothing that has happened so /ar i a '„„«,, seems likely to weaken this case. -CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR. Put on Griddle by Probers of Red Mena Note: Dr. Jordan i, unable to an- ould belly up to a bar and get a beer for a buffalo, plus a lunch, and for freo a lecture on Ihe evils thrown in In Blytheville— ^ tcrZlotowskl ™ «"•- advls- c encl ' ey ma ^" to Dr. ambassador to u or Standards as ad- ; ing through t vker or> relations wH) '°" SO THEY SAY got a Electric Co. time became manager o'l their international engineering department Dr. Condon was head of Westinc- house Laboratories from 1937 to 1045 and it was there he first Vinogradoif. All during the war, after pensioned by Wcsthighouse. Vino- grarioff worked with u. s. Army Air Forces Because ot his vast knowledge at European electrical and in- met with ' Miss Belle Whiteitt spent Sunday | tor ten. - „„_ ln Paragould with her mother who Mr. Mehren has gone so far ciety. But when its grant was used has tKen '" but k nt ™ better. '" " and the UnAmerican Affairs nl out of Dr IrnaceZlotow^f n character with u-h SC he was "accused o hav^n a PoMsh ohvsicirt . unsii pnjsiciiit. M ' SS Harris was born ijl Poland) Contl ° Pollsh P ar(1 ' lte - Th c'y brought her < '" the U ' S ' as a minor ln /ncome Tax Refunds WASHINGTON, March 16. (U.P.) Rep. Albert Gore, D., Tean.. said >'<*terday the Treasury will have to By Erhklnr Johnson N'EA Slaff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD INEAl-It hap- licncrt during filming of Bob Hone's new film. "The Paleface." ai Pa-amount studio. A studio executive was tnlkinc to Jane Russell i,, her dressing room when he noticed a Bible on a table He picked it up and thumbed through it. Passages on every pa-'e were underscored, and there were heavy marginal notes. The puzzled executive said "Whr.fs this for. Jane?" "Oh," said Jane. "I leach a Bible class out in San Fernando Val- naliirallv, « as 'I nrvcr knew you ever tell any- J Far fiom riming the Communists out ot unions and out of the country. ih c Talt-Hardey Act glvos them legal prelection to carry on thcir ncfanoits aC (ivM( C5 without .car of rcpnsal _ William Green, president. AFL. * * » A dozen Marshal Pl. ms w,,, lollt the airt ,„ Pmalc buslmss win nrvcr M l« lllc rcal prcb]cm o European rccomy.-Eric Johnston, pn . SWcn , Motion Picture Producers Assn. • » « Tim country obviously is not prepared nuii lar "y lo meet eve,, tllc lmmcftUlr (lc|ci , sl n»»d. o, a ,, MJUr war, I^ouard Gercw, U. S, Army, COI '" nu lhc States " ot " in m "r I, , ^, 5ei « tar Bs petroleum is co,,,- K ,rtlcy P. Mather professor of gco^y, H ,rv art Univcn ty ley, The executive, amazed and said that. Didn't one?" 'No, said June, "and I want jou to promise not to tell anyone "NO one would believe i(, anyway." The censors are still with 115. Ficnric March and Florence El- rtrirtsc. married in real life and married in the U-I film "Th- Judge's Wife." were supposed -o jilay a scene together in a donl/c bed. "Can't do." said the censors. So they played lhc s.-ene with Florence in bed and March standing beside it. Reconciliation Bells Olga s,in Juan and Edmund O Hrien will marry when they've both free—of picture commitments. • . . Three days after thcir "trial" .separation, Donald O'Conncr and wilcy Owen Carter had a dale A reconciliation Ls Just around th- corner. . . . Business is so b,id m the Sunset Strip night clubs that the waiters arc fighting c.irh oln- er—over tips. Quote of ihr week: "I've never met a wolf in Hollywood " _ AVA Gardner. (???) Chico and itxrfta Marx are huddling over movie plans with pro- nicer Lester Cowan, Oroucho apparently Isn't in on the deal Lucille Ball and I3fsi Arn.-u' just bought a yacht in Florida and will He had been working with the Curies In France. Not being able to KKSKINE JOHNSON ' Staff Coni!i|H)i!(lent Marker " i j became an American citizen when ] halt income tax refunds early next her parents were naturalized am took the name ot Harris. She no\ Washington. [ [ montn unless It gets more money . i from Congress. works in the Polish Embassy "in Gore, a leading Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee, made the statement as millions of taxpayers made out last-minute returns on their 1347 income to beat tonight's midnight filing deadline. Many will have refunds coming. Gore said Republican fiscal lead- Good thing "Sorry. Wrom; Number" hasn't reached the theaters yet. A double marquee might hav» read, "Call Northside '717"—"Sorry" i TJtf \Vrnt\rr Vnmlini. '• • * ' l*^ McKENNEY ON BRIDGE '••••••v*M»« WMV . WMMMaVHV ers made a "phony claim to econ- T»I Play \Vrong Number.' Those Days Gone Forever "Those were the days" notes- Dorothy Lamour orders an eight- course dinner al New Orleans' famed Antoine's restaurant in "Lulu Belle" end the bill is S315 The jear: 19D9. Dennis Morgan gets a haircut in Susan Hnywanl may bc teamed with Humphrey Bogart in "Tokyo to think up some names for his new coins, in addition to the above mention''dickcl." "Quime" for 12','. —or better still "one bit." which Is half of a quarter, known as "two bits." A man could cut that in two down the line, six and one-fourth cents In a piece would he a half bit. three and an eights a bit. And let's not go beyond that. We still have to have lhc penny—twelve and one half of them make a bit. By \\illiam E. AlcKcmiey America's Card Authority Written for NEA Service When '.he annual meeting of the board of directors of War Orphans Scholarships, Inc., was Washington recently. I W a president. We have already granted scholarships to 53 children whose fathers were killed in ac- omy" last session by (tuning down the Treasury's request for an additional for income tax refunds. Now. hc said, this action "is coming home to roost." "The Treasury Department," he said, "will have to stop making tax refunds early next month unless the South hand, and If West fails | Congress appropriates money for to cover, take the finesse. If West j this purpose. The entire $800,000.000 covers with the king, declarer | is needed before July 1 " should go up with dummy's ace. j The Treasury has announced it When East shows out, South re- , hopes to clean up all 1947 tax returns to his hand and leads the j funds by mid-summer Several mil- nine of spades. Thus he picks MO • lion refunds already have been all three trumps without losing a mailed out to taxpayers who filed trick. early. he] d in j extend- I tion in the last war. Joe." the Steve Fisher 'st^y which" Alte H • • • I)kk Haymcs 1 rtrorrtinjt of the old Irving Berlin hit. "What'il I Do." has sold over 300.000 copies in three weeks—an all-time high In the music business. . . . Krfdie Cantor, on his air show, has been ribbing slnjcr Djmny O'\eil into trying marriage with one of his daughters. AnsnTrlnp proposals coming through the mail from interested feminine listeners Is O'Ncil's happily married wife who works as his secretary. Lawrence Tiemcy's brother, Jerry, just signed a term contract nt Eagle Lion under the name of Scott Erady. . . . Gvccr Garson Ls talking lo M-G-M about starring in a film to be made in England, which would present the English -scene as it is today. . . . David O. Selznick i.s paging Marlon Brando, new- Broadway click In "A Street Car Named Desire." for a film career. Sign spotted by Jack Stewart on a Hollywood producer's desk: "Why bc difficult when with » little more effort you can be Impossible?" 1^ meeting. soon the fmm Wsshjngton , ^^ by train telephone and hp A A Q 6 5 - *KQJ 10 AK 107 V A K Q « af.r, ;< *9S4 N W E 5 Dealer A None ¥ 106 t.l * .110 9 7 2 J. 7 j 3 '2 AJ9S-J3-! ¥ J85 « AK * A 8 Rubber— Both vul. South West North East 1 A r.i-s 3 A Pass 1 A I'.iss Pass Pass Opening — V K 16 „„, Forests cover more than 3,000,000 acres In the German states ot H shipped lo Hollywood after Baden and Wurttemberg. former Teno.or J started to discn which involves average player and the expert"miss" j Tlic whole question Is how to play ' trump. West cashes the first three heart tricks and then shifts to a diamond, which declarer wins with the king. Now almost invcriably a declarer with this holding will lead •» small spade to finesse dummy's , queen, and the contract is lost. HORIZO?;TAL 1 Pictured legislator, M. LaFolIetle 7 He formerly \vas n mombL ol fie U. S. from Wisconsin 13 Expungcr UGets up 15 Ventilate 16 Hold back 19 Make au edging 20 Harbor 22 High 23 Greek commune !4 Fiddling emperor •26 Arrives (ab.1 27 River barrier 28 Legal point 29 Cirrus (ab.) . 30Sun god safety play the ' 31 Harden 32 Little demon 3-t Belongs to her 35 Withered 37 Sleeping furniture (pi.) 38 Hebrew r 'i 12 Unusual 44 Narrow Inlc' fly :.l Pilots fa VERTICAL 1 Harvest • 2 Constc lion 3 Striped «* 4 F,lectrical unit SCrims: i .„,. . , 6 Waste IflMormdi- r>; allowance 21 Copiers 7 Go by'r 23 Vision ;ry 8 Sea eagle 25 Leaves out 9Symb"! !••»• 25 Salient an°li nickel 31 Unrvirtlcd' 10 Flowers 33 Extol 11 Pairs ot horsrs 3! Children 12 Italian city 3i> Mistake 7 Symbol for 37 Annoying tantalum child 38 Poker slnke 33 From "if 40 Part t '. "be" 41 Tears * 43 Evenings (poet.) 45 Onager . 43 Skill 49 That ihing 51 Id cst (ab.) «ulh mv K lady in il •![ « n ? iaa> in that re-make 'ding more than 50 per cent In the l»st corre:t safety play when holding Mlsj j 15 years. ten trumps is to lead the Jack from 47 Anger-/ 4SSkctcher M

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