The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 3, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 3, 1930
Page 2
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WEDNESDAY. SKI'TKMRKK 3, 1PM HLYTlTFA', (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Pensions Aged of Whole State All Indigent Persons Ovei 65 Years of Age Eligible To Manufacturer's Aid. FIT mm PARE TURK)How They Went Rollo-Rolling Along In 1880! County Demonstrator Gives | Rules for Making Most ! of What There Is. By JL'I.IA Itl.ANSIIAItl) SKA Srrvk-e Writer WILMINGTON, ncl.-Lasl No venibc-r ri fr:iil old lady sal in th n Ki-nl courty almshoirc. u-ringin l:rr hands. Over in Ihc men's tie |..ulmt;H, her 70-year-ol<l crippled husband lay sick. If only tl.ey were bnc-k home their nvo-room cottage! Tniluy, Ihal old couple is reunited in their humble home. S3 has her petunia beds and a coupl? of chickens and John, a la healthier, happier man. sits in h s w-lii-jl chair watching her. They are just I wo O'.tl o[ 11W aged men and women who hau been given a new lease on life, new self-rcspecl and courage u j : " J Ui-liware's One-Mnn-Pcnsinri-Plrm.. Alfred 1 <ln Pont, noted capitalist, let;, wants his slate. Dela I . l)u 1'onl Pays rrnMuns \ pass an old age pension bill. The state has not passed th , The On3-Man parl ol ihis plan • Mr. dn Pont has been paying pensions himself. Here lie is shown with Is Alfred I. du Po:it o! the dn • one of his old cmploye.s. 1'onl Powder company. He per- | anally foots till ihc bills. Wlicr. | I liy coitA I.I-:E \ Heine Drmoslrntiun Agent I fruii has been very I scarce it bchcovcs each houivwlfc t ic preserve every particle of food ' 1 thai is possible to save. There iare some applis. s:me quince and .pumpkin in (lie county. Th? following recipe* are excellent and n fa\ont<_ i wllh Ihosc. who have used Ihem. | Pumpkin Preserves C ptiuid- pumpkin i 0 poundr, sugar ' '1 large nraniics i lemons 01!! Oil! Oil! i "My razor's awfully blunt, dear. I can scarcely shave with H." • "Why, Ciiailw. you don't mean to tell me your beard Is toucher than the linoleum ("—Pcle-Mele. Carry Y<mr Medicine In Your Handling Our Vcgnlalilc Coinpniun! h ;I|MPHII|I] in i-lim-utiilt! roatcd lili- In-, just Jis i-ifci'livi: us I In: lii|(ii<! fiinn. liy b.ilf n niilliuti ^oincn, ini:'!!* ji.irlii'iiliiiiy vulir:i|j|it ihr. i; Irjjjij; [ICIIIM!:* of m.l- i-riilly :IIK| ini'Mli- .i ( ",i;. meur and let them stand over I The L.ri;i:p standing behind '.lie Uur.s In the «b::ve nU-uiru' is mil. .. , l " BS la t - 1 ' l| " ll ™'-i 1 >»'' >>""'''* -''"Hi aiLi:iv<-rsiu-y. llt-sldiv; Mils Mx-piw tan.i.'ii: their- laware to ' n 'Bhl. Wnsli the- oranges niul lem- \ l»rcl«.>.j. lotlo mid ci-cquul as ihe t-ah-ndnr lur-nod back hal! n miimy. ''[.eft to ii.;)it. Ihc riders] ic ijjn' SQ jons, slice lliin as ]>o5slb!c. add one ' are: Ruben Couke Siiiilh. Miss Mary Um-ii. Uim!o:i Nelson, Wins ;r Ju-sci.ui, Mhs H.iirLi-lt milder and i iltiriii^ ti linily, ri till Mil vf !W repotl hnt-fl LtjdiaE.PiiikKam's Vegetable Compound the 1S28 Legislature failed to pasi- 1 ^ an old age pension bill, providing • funds lo pc-rmil the slate's aged in- i stay, but her hushand v.-as seni to sick pets,-lost his work to vmmgcr I unt'.l the slale did enact U-j- • pension and Mrs. Wall went to call gettin prosp Inck to his little room •ii'cds. Anyone. o; creed, who is Si> years or older, a citi'/en of Delaware and withoni means of support, is eligible for i pension. Every man or woman granted a pension by du Pont lias been thoroughly investigated by t: committee, which includes 100 nun- j exactly like what you Hunk a ue- islers and is headed by Mrs. Laura ' nevolent old-time- feudal baro' C Walls, of Lincoln City, a teach- I should look. He is a figure lo nol, ... ,1. ,v,io >,.nrL- icc anywhere, dignified. "•''' in the boarding house he had lived in for 23 years. Achieved Crral Success The man wno is makin? these old folks' dreams conic true look with LI handsome head of silver gray hair democrat'.: 'pint of water, cover and cook j Talbvi t Jus.selyn. |U:i:il the rind is tender. Th? f«l-! .lowing motning crmbine the Iwo. !mixture? cov.?r tind cook 1'i hours,: |cr until Ihe pumpkin is trans- • parent. Remove the cover and • jcook quickly mull it gives,the Jelly |K-M. Place in slerilined plni Jurs•and process 31) minutes at slinini'r- | i:iy point, and seal. , ' Apple Preserves i .Select a firm and tart apple for ...... .-, . . .. . _ 'preserves. Pare, cut into quarters, Will riirniSn IVloi'C Lom-ior eights and remove core. Small.' lii-m apple. 1 ; may tit preserved wliole. j Simmer in clear water until tender l r or-l pound of apples make, a syrup of three quarters pound j and plcle Record of III Fated, Expedition Is Belief. j TROMSOE. Norway. Sept. 3. (UP —The discovery of a new dhri kept by Ihe Anclree expedition, lost in the Arctic XI years ayo. morr voluminous than Iho. previously dls- coveied record of Ihe polar explorers! was announced today by one CU|1 of walcr c'.n-. Bring thc- syrup lo the boil- j ing point. Two slices of lemon may be added, if desiied. Add the cooked apples carefully and conk gcnlly until Ihe apple sections of the Swedish experts here to view 'Mk clear and transpaicnt. Rethe relics of the expedition. m " vc [l ' oln tllfl S J' 1 '»I> ™'l l">ck at The exisience of the new diary.! 0111 -- into su-lllizcd glass jars. Cook er who resigned to do this work. Du Pom. with his $100.000.000 also is perfectly willing to finance benign smile and the plan indefinitely. But he i manner. He always wears tweed*, staunchly maintains that it is an w ilh Ihe easy grace of an English opportunity for the state of Dela- [ squire. ware to place ilself in Ihe van- j As a young man he entered the guard of slates with a social con- : Brandy-wine powder mills, thor- 'dencc. Therefore, based on ihe | oiighly mastered tne business, belost: figures his committee lias tab- :, c-anie an iuvt-itT/e genius with over ulated.°anolher old age pension bill 100 patents lo his credit, some os will be presente<l to the 1031 Lej which have revolutionized the paw- tslature I der making industry. His powder •''My "feeling ' is that, ihe Siau I press, invented just before in? sho'dd care for thesf old people, ; Spanish-American war, doubled the ' ' '- --- --- ; output of his miils. He has four, machinery, golfing and yachting. H? can play any hand instrument you which may discloi? liirlner -le'.iil' ] 1110 syrup until ol the wanderings of Salomon An-."'" 1 l' Dllr °™r gusle Andiee and his two compnn-"" "'" ions after their unsuccessful nl- lempL to fly to the north ujle in a balloon in 18E17, svas confirmed by a statement issued by the Swedo- Norwegian commission which will which would permit every one i Delaware to feel tliat he or sw was personally responsible for tnr care of them," Mr. du Pont told me •Tvcryhndy then would share 1:1 give him but prefers thc violin. Nor the pleasure which is accruing tc j bug ago a friend, dropping in t me Personally. I am realizing mucu £e e him at Nemours, his palatial happiness , from this. Bui I fee! and I ihink ihe people of thc slat are united in ieeling that this is -in opportunity lor Delaware, an; not an individual, to discharge its resiionsibility to its old folks, whc home near here, found him with an auto motor entirely taken apart, the various parts scattered al 1 about thc dining room. He never left the room until he had re-assembled that engine bettor than it was before it ietc the factory. He is a romantic figure, seldom are"entiUcd" until the day (hey die to a 'small porl'o'n of Ihe wealtV which lliey have assisted in creat- . going out socially, inclined to pre, „ •• I fcr either golf here or :U his pic- I turesque Spanish home in Floridit ' Bill Mav Be Passed Since public scnlimenl for hl '-- | or a mane legislation runs high in Del- . \ n n aware now and since actual figure- j sha." long trip with Mrs. du Pont his 00-foot' yacht. "Ncncmoo- arc al hand on which to base ar , He has never gone to a movie. adequate old age pensions bill, it I dislikes most plays but reads voci- qcems likely that Delaware may j tcroiisly. Schools and parks are take over du Pout's work in thc fu- i particularly Interesting to him lure Moreover. Delaware's Slat 1 : j and he hns given hundreds of Treasurer's report. issued las* thousands of dollars 10 these in- month shows a balance in th- terests. ueasury of more than Sl2.000.00n j -i huge sum considerins the slale's j £li°ht popii'atio"- 230.000. Dela- i wa°re's revenue from incorpor- alion charter taxes assures it f large annual income and the in heritancc tax also adds millions Incidentally, this inheritance ta- ; was passed in 1017. largely throng! . the efforts of this same Alfred I j ,lii Pont. who. before his retire- [_] T j^ oyce o f Foi'lCSt City ment from political life, was the _. . J ,...•' generally acknowlrdged loader of; Lhairman Ol " The Republican party in Delaware. Du Pont himself has always been intcrcslea in old age pensions Twenty years ago his powder company inaugurated a pension sys live ollicial charge of thc remains of the expedition. The bodies of Andrce and Nil: Strimlbnrg have been Identified. (hick- Paddle to remove air bubbles. Seal and process fcr 20 minutes at simmer- ; point. 180 dcgres F. Tr.-xr Preserves if? a firai pear. Small LeConto pears may be preserved whole. Si. LOUIS once [-1 O I Cl Largo Laconic or Klefer ]iears should be pared, cut into sections and all core removed. Proceed exactly as for apple preserves. Cl":\es, ginger or stick cinnamon imay be added if desired. In that case it is best 10 tip spic.?s in a ! clean piece of cheese cloth and jhoil in the syrup with the pears. .Remove (be spice bag before pack- in? j Quince Preserves , j Quince arc more tnrl than pear; jand it !s necessary lo use more j I sugar- for quince preserves. Allow' „, , ._,. . ,„„ 11 iKiind of sugar lo 1 pound of. Lhavles Whitemore, Who/iuincc. '• n:th quince and a]iple peels and | cores ar.^ excellcn; for jelly. i Yellow Tomato 1'icserves i Mnku a syrup using two cups 1 of sugar and three cups of water. Slbert Taylor here in August, lD29i' r o Uu's syrup add one lemon sliced has admitted the act to St. Louis ; thin. six inches of stock cinna- prlice and is being held at tht j lnmi and 1'.:- ounces of whole gins?Missonri city pending extradition. ''. and boil 15 minutes. Cool syrup Whilmorc was picked up by St. !" Rd add °"e pound small yellow fig tomatoes which hav,? been 'scalded and skinned, and cook tin-' til tomatoes arc clear. Remove to- : matoes and spread on tray. Cook the syrup thick. 220 degrees P. and pour over the preserves; then In stand overnight. Tile next morn-! ing pack in sterilized pint jars, at the syrup and pour over thc . tcmatoes. Process Attackecl Constable. Charles Wliitmorc, negro, who cs- cujx'd after an attack on Constable Louis officers as a suspect in a Chicago case and on invc^ligalins his i.?cord Si. Louis officers found he was wanted here. Whitemore was arrested by Constable Taylor at Ihe negro's home here on a whiskey charge. Thc negro caught Tnyior unaware as he was walking across th.? back yard ' . _ . of Ihc negro's home and knocked I tomatoes. Process 30 minutes at him ID the ground with a stick, simmering point. Small red or, grabbing Ihe officer's gun and G roc n tomatoes mny be preserved' aiikin" him r.crcss the head The b V tnis method. and posses' Watermelon Preserves Cut 1 pound of watermelon rind r.egro disappeared and posses searched for him. catching sight cf him once belore the n.?gro made S cf him once belore the n.?gro made good his escape. Taylor recovered j from his injury. Thc negro is charged with as- rauit wilii Intent to kill, and a petition for requisition papers was prepared by thc sheriff's office to- fcrwardcd to Governor for employes who had worked there 10 years or longer: an unique system hi that thc man continued to draw his pension even if he let'. the company for work elsewhere. I! interesting, also, to know that not one of the 1100 pensioners under thc present One-Man-Pcnsion Plan Is a former employe of du Pont. Most ot the old folks now drawing monthly checks are in ibr Committee. PINE BLUFF, Ark.—Legislation It proposes to sponsor in the 1931 legislature is being planned by committee of thc Tzaak Walten league ol Arkansas. Henry Jordan of Pine BlufT, president, has appointed H. T. Royce of Forrest City os chairman of the league's legislative committee. A dozen bills, or bills to strengthen existing laws, arc proposed by fvfr. Jordan for thc commiUee's consideration. They include bills providing for small farmer class. Ihe odd-Jot! public hunting and fishing grounds; workers in small towns or other manual laborers, mostly unskilled, though some few arc educated folks reduced through no fault of theirs lo the class' of the needy. Made Many Happy Many of the cases ore pil'fu! a closed season on all fishing during- the spawning season; a siz^ limit on bass, breame. crappie anci rack bass; a bag limit on breame. r-ck has sand goggle eye; uniform hunting season on squirrels from Sept. I to December 31. one hunl- Two little old spinster sisters. Icfo I ing period for deer and turkey, li- unsupported when their bachelo carpenter brother died, now linv- a pittance to support themselves their canary and tabby cat. Al- old blind man in the southern pan of the stale now can my board to a family that feels obliged to take him out for a walk every now and then. An old tenant farmer and dens, his wife, who had lived in Sussex county for GO years, borne am' lost eight children, were left des tltute, dependent on their onl\ living relative, an Impccimlou? censing ol all fishermen except those using worms; prohibiting the jigging or spearing of fish by using lights; increasing the cost of non-resident hunting and fishing licenses; teaching of conservation in the schools; conservation of forest resources, and more game war- In the new White Star motor- liner, thc largest motor-ship lo fly the British flag, the fore funnel [ir, a dummy. Inside which is a com- Mreet cleaner who already had hisifortablc restroom for engineers. own family to support.. He dirt j : (ind n Mace for the old isdy to Read Courier Ke»s Want Adj. (Conlincd from page on?) of Ihe first flight from Part? to New York, will include decoralions, promotions and a prize award of probably 1,000.000 francs Minister of Air Laurent Eynac told United Press today. Coste will be promote.! from an officer to a commander of the Legion of Honor and Bellonte will be promoted from a knight to an officer of the same order. Both will be promoted as army reserve officers. Costc from captain to major and Bellonlc from non-commissioned officer to second lieutenant. 25 Aircrafters Attend Country Club Meeting Approximately 25 members of Ihe local unit. American Model Air- crafters and Gliders club, attended (he regular weekly meetinR at the Rolf course Monday, according ti Ji Ji Daly, one of the sponsors of into inch squares. Allow to stand , overnight In fall wat?r, 4 table-' sp-cns salt to 1 ouart of \vater., freshen in clear cold water for 1 hour, drain and cover win a No. 3 syrup. 2 cups of sugar to 1'i quarts of water. Boil for; 25 minutes and ht the preserves s*3nd immersed in syrup for sev-: eral hours. Add the juice of one- half of a lemon and three slices: of lemon additional for each pound ( of preserves. • Ccok until trnnrpiuc-nt. about 1 h;ur. Let stand until cold. Puck j add the syrup, garnishing with! 'l:c?s of leman. cap, and process.! Score Card fcr Judging 1'rcsrrvrs I ronlainpr . Standard -5 j Label 5 i Pack ., ! Freedom frcxn bubbles 5 Uniformity of pieces 5 : Arrangement in jar S Fruit j Flavor 25 Texture 15 Appearance 10 The deep-sea lantern fish is pro-. vided with a row of luminous discs rat-h of its sides. As he swims ho looks something like a ship with a row of illuminated portholes. ' . the unit here. Simon Joseph, flying an "Aerinl Ace" qualified for advancement and uccivcd material for building : • twin pusher model plane which he will fly at the next meet. Joseph Wolfort launched his "Flying Fool" model in a night llin! also qualified him for advancemen: Mo meet will be scheduled next Mcnday. according to Mr. Daly, aur lo the opening of school. C.mi- mander Kramer will announce tin- date of the next meet. THERE'S always some favored one with a charm that's ail her own... . And everywhere in thc modern scene you'll sec happy sinokcrs breaking out fresh, fragrant packs of Camels .. . n natural choice tool For thc mildness oi Camels is a charm that's all its own ... a natural mildness that's a quality of choicest tobaccos. Don't confuse this fresh, fragrant mildness with the flatness or insipidness of "over-treated" tobacco. There's a delightful natural fragrance lo Camels, too, a "bouquet" as distinctive as the fragrance of oriental flowers. Here's to the delightful things of life! Have a Camcll

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