The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 23, 1934
Page 5
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FRIDAY. MARCH' 23, 1934 BLYTHEVILL'B, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS MOCEKN HCA4E NEW/ Conducted for Ihb newspaper | n -flio tale'reil of Ito women renders by recognized authorities ou all phase., ol home making. 1'lorenw Brobeck, Editor - ^ ^^ ^^ ^.^ mim m ECHMICH. Goad Rslt Is Now Obtainable In All Parts of The Count 17. Dear Friends in lllytlicvllle: Until Easier, no inatlcr whai out religious beliefs. Hie cookery tradition is to eat less meat or no meat, fewer swceis and luxuries and to concenlratc on Hie simple dishes, especially these made from sen food. ' Not many years ago such an edict even though .self-imposed, worker a hardship on the housekeeper who lived far inland. For barrcb cl lish packed In Ice. the smoked and dried varieties and the canned sea food of several varieties were the only ones available. Today refrigeration, belter shipping facilities and the scientific process of freezing fish so they may be shipped "fresh." have all removed our last excus? ior leaving hsh oul ol menu. Add lo these facts ihc trulh that fish in all forms except the more iinusiia! fresh shell types .such as fresh lobster, is economical, and we have the best reason possible fcr serving it. Properly prepared lish is delicious, and the varieties of ways of preparation make it n welcome dish for any meal of the dny. trying Always I'opular Hie recipes which follow are ic quested dishes from some of you i,t the CoDkhig School. But don't limit your Lenten cookery to these very few! study your besl cook book for the excellent fish cookery given there; and study the recipes on the inbels of canned fish. Delicious dis' arc among them. Hiked Fillet of Shad With Cheese One large shad; two lablesiwoie. lomatD catsup; one fourth cup eratscl cheese; juice of one half lemon; three tablespoons of butler; one teaspoon Worcestershire sauce: one tabiespoon minced parsley; one half tcasiioDii of .salt; about, the same of pijijier; few tca- spcons olive oil; shortening to rub --,.- t u. L llutjl! |J1HLLIO L11C I[1UUU;11 b's^' t'l.r&ir.,* "«<* *""«• I""""" '» ""r« » baking dish. GUI the sliad info fillets, , carefully and remove as manv bon?s as possible. Rub a casserole well ii-ltli the vegetable fat and lay fillets closely together. Sprinkle with salt and pepper; brush over with oil and bake in a vcrv ho: oven fcr fifteen minutes. Then sprinkle ..vilh the grated diec.'c nnd return to the oven or place under irt broiler and allow this 10 melt and slightly. . . Meanwhile heat together In an enameled saucepan the butter, lemon juice, catsup and ivorccstcr- shire sauce and parsley and pour over the fish jus: before ben-ing. EJiougl; fcr si;: if tlic jhad is Iar?e. Fish and Itice Ctonucttcs One and one third cups cooke-1 Tisli icnnneri or left-oven; one aud cnc half cups cold cocked rice; one cup thick while sauce; egg and treail crunbs; deep fat for fryinj Combine the rice and lish ana work them into ire white sauce adding additional seasoning if necessary. Spr:ad smoothly en a plate and set aside until firm and cold, ll:cn divide into portions and shape into croquettes, making these painted. Dip in slightly beaten CSR. being careful that every part of the croquette is moistened. Roll in fine crumbs, lower in fry- inj basket into deep, hot fat. Urain on son paper toweling, keeping tl.c cr:micttc-3 hot in the even until enough are fried for serving. Serve viith any sauce such as to.-nato or cheese. Enough for six. Baked Scallops 'lac pouid.s scallops: three fcmihs cup bread crumbs; one half cup grated chcee; one and one half cups white sauce: one tablespoon Worcestershire sauce. Use as large scallops as possible Wash them and pat dry in a clean ten to>ie!. Place half of (hem in a shallow baking dish and sprinkle ever them the crumbs which havr been stirred in a little tr.cited butter. Add 3 second layer of scallops and cover with a cheese made by adding grated cheese an-l the Worcestershire to the white sauce. Cover witli the remaining butlerecl crumbs ai:d bake one half hour in a moderate oven. 350 to 375 de- Bf^es. Serves six. CUm Pic On; f| U jtt clams; lour ictato:s "Wied and diced; three lab:«,pooik Hour; three tablespoons of butler; °''c fourth teaspoon pepper; one ab.cspcon minced parsley: four ablesjioo,,., S I CHC(J tomatoes: pastry frccipe given below). Pick over, rinse and remove the tcush _ portions of tl-.c clam.' Fili a baking di.-,h with alternate layers of clams and potnlow. sprink- Ili.-g Hie latter with the nour dolling parsley. with Add id butter, p-np-r and (he tomatoes, cover , with the pastry and bake one liaH nour in n moderately hot oven, 375 degrees. Serves six." The Faslry One aixi one half cups flour; oils half teaspoon sa lt; one fourth lea water; one half teaspoon powder; one fcalf cup short- New Coffee Service for Home Entertaining ————— ... O hostess serves both tea and coffee. PAGE FIVE li'iilttl iiiicl Cl)i(j|jccl Cookin;. Dishes Should Bo K«pli.c«!. l.'i.^lr.ilul i.s our of Ulc uwlul. 'iMlii 1 modern kili'h,.ii mid ilm'un: " is as ImpuMibli' to piv MIME FOR LENT ensils, us jt is -.i'ai u,,. h.nis,. wiiiuin . anil «),«,- many ki li,ip,:.v,)b], „.„,.„,„„ For afternoon Illustralrd is one of the new wt l(l1 - H*-" l _ .„, '•'!:•- nnd nill-sliv ketllr-s. a-i a mi,.. ",'• k,li-hi.,i im-k., ,].;, i-y^nim^ «J :l IMi-jluliiflun (or (lie UPS! I 1 "- ilnuii-i-. ]Mk Ilisi in (he iiin- lv * ami cabinet illdiV.S. Thi'litt "in u.itl<?i-«l. crookril. MIUIU-.I ,,-ii P-' 'iiw. ,'iiiuiu.l Mll.'.s n inch h,uv '•"•: spots of enamel. ll(ill ie wnvi- ».<.!> .•[JIlll.S ft |lj, Urnse handles '111(1 b-« :l '(l surfaces. Such imnisiis P"'- :i bml Haver to delicate disli- "• I!"- 1 }' are dllllciilt I,, (.|,. avi . m ,| ''"''I- IWk liBlll. H,..sldrt Uipy' ],;„-. u • 'in; mi,) K ,- 111K .,, 1( | |ir<1 tl (|t ,,_ ">-'• luoiiniv to hJiillh. Sliup fur Un: Ktti'lim ..«':wi showing fur the now moils'"'. make a list of upprtMi ,,.;.,.„., t ii-ii aim them fro,,, reputable <" •'"''*. hliyl,,,, lfmlf ,, irilke ,| [,,(._ ^. -hai is n,r,.- t . tiMrliiij m ,,loiiiil!y S l " """ n " llll ' S> wlu '" |ivi> f I""- doH-"' 1k '!, clu ' n "" eils «l k^( OIR. "U.c boiler; .should ie:i))v haiB l«". uiic of Rlumlnnm. mul'oiie of • of iwcolalor, cream pitcher. bowl and tray. Good cream colored china cups a ,,d saucers, Illrer lcil '^^^^^^"^'. down cake arc other features of this table. Vt : :UKTAHIAN II Sim' aie mil iMillii); li.sli i,n,l '11 film! this iiinnili and until Ihl' l.niK'ii period Is OUT. pi'ilmps 11 vi'fieliirlan i!M |s In lU'inand. ,'lllte: 1 fin 1 l.enten cetrbrnllons or IMTIUI&C the winter dl,H of meals and heavier di'\.si-rl.s pall u lltlli'. Here iiiv vi'nctabl,. plate dinners uhli'li inv cspi-clally Komi for chll- ilvi'ii ami fur tho older men anil women who ,, w ^ ,«„(,[ ,, vn -|y heavy meal*. Stllffnl llaknl |>i>la| u t'U'iiiiird Onions llulteivd IVns Cm rot Hliii;s n-Ylni u, Uoep nit I IlniTiird Heels CDniiiieal Muffins * # 4 Spill I'i'.i Simp. Whole Wheat. Crackers Vegetable Casserole Tousled Cheese Muirim (•'annrd l.lmn Kraut CabbaKo nixl Carrol Huliiil Ornniif Coconut Cusiaid Milk lo Uilnk cotfrc Illiu-k Heun tinup Slrwi'il Tniiiiiiorx llnkwl' Hi own Hi-cud. Honey, lluurr Cream Cheese nnd (iH'en Pcpiii' Siilnd GiiiKiThraid with Sauce Milk to Drink Ten ,ir Code Fruit Tartlcte With Merinnc DELICIOUS THUS SIMPLE TO First make the pastry shells, ising this boiling water recipe: One cup shortening; one -half -:up boiling water; three cups Hour; one third leaEpcon sail: one half (onspoon baking pointer. Blend the , shortening in a. mix- Lure Ixjwl with the boiling water. 3ift and add the' dry ingredients :o this, blending thoroughly. Still using ii fork. Scl ;u>ide to chill. Make the day before'using if |ws- «lblc and keep in the refrigerator until ready /or use. Orated rind and strained juic? of two- lemons; one -sixth cup .miller;- one sixth cup ' shortening blenrted; one half cup sugar; two eggs; pile ;uui one half 'tablespoons cornstaich; two tablespoons 'water. I Heat in' an enameled double boiler the; fnts. sugar, grated rind and. ju:ce. Adt) the cornstaich. moistened with Ihe cpld water hen Wended n-jih (he well bealcn I , , . , - " " efiss. Cook until the mixture-?'' COOK ' collstam stirrin-j-good addinon lo Uns Wash and slice canol.s lulu lhl;i round rliius. Dent one c^, un,l pour over the cnrrnl. liirnin<; u«; piece.s until all urc coaf.'d. 1 ill out with n broad bladed Kpain'a and coal with Hour which has Uen .sra.sojiL'rl with .s;iH mill jjep- per. i-'ry in deep hut l,u nin-l .;; golden. ll.irvar,} Ito-K i Hull, skin and slice yniins beets "'• ,or use ciiiincd beds. In W'fei'l keltic in willed to «lok cus- -iid iMlxtures unil certain other |Ci>:"biiiatiui,.s which scorch ciisllv o: • "">•! slow cuofclng; ihc lower iiarl tt 'Ui-n is nhvays Ulled water In,' cuukiiiK win ais,, Wrvc ,„ . a Jiiiicrpnn or kettle when nut art- ' »'K us a hot water cooker [o. t<iji part. 'I'!:t i-nsseroles shn,ii,i i , , , - Im " " IC " (hrcc lnl>l«- 1 >l>ooiix of bin-1 «ml earlhemc" M0 .ledges I'"'' """ , Mr " U ° ' l lwo II "" B so Unit baked II £?,[,., MM M ! -1 > «" 1S a < ""»'•. Add slowly u,, cl unKe.i lish, c..ltken anil-, fourths cup nf milk mm when u sauce- is Ihe mill cruelrst Easter ceivmony In nil Noiih Anu'ilcu. Is lluil of the I'eiilU'lite llrotlu'is In New Mexico, win year rc-eimct the dj-iuna nf the micldxtim with such excuse uf nnullonnl fervor Hint the Indian who dikes 111- role of Christ frequently dies film, his MilTerlnj! un the cross. Worshipers in the rellglwiK procession fullowlni! Hie cioss-bjarer Ijeal themselves :;o cruelly will) eiii'lia ivhljis Unit thev, tuo, tomctlmcs .sacrldcc Iheli- lives. i- f.iir :il Sevlllr. be nv * —,,Jivu ;|.l o"w Inree dishes ,.,.,,. w a , m ™'l«lr«.,n time to ,l me3: ^ ^{| I,';";'' 5 "•' i l .""™ ra " 1 - ""-'. v:?clables- eu-.a.SM.iulp, creamed left-overs and >V M , " llXl " r<>S 111ily lw ' lr( - p.Hal In large or small tuianlHIcB New foitu: Makers ( l^ok to the family collec maker. creamy add one fourth cup elder vlneynr. nne lablesixwn ,il siicnr, half 11 icasixxm ol .salt anil iibuui Ihe same o( pcpixn. Add the sliced beds to this, heiil IhoroiiBhly and serve. t.'abliagr and Carnil Sal.,,1 Shred .sufficient white cabbage There in cveiy o: a damaged p'jiLolainr? me new collec makers V;>c-,, D ls for bam,,,, nercolato.s'o't aiirimimni, enmiiel. porccluln ,,,,,i ! i.-ii!0lniilion.s nt these, both clec- ^.nal inul for the rairge, ami u, cri , ! o-"J| l5BI '? 1 ,'" 11Uy <ll ' 1|> P 015 ' som(! .:, " '^ to |JC I1S "< 1 electrically 01 ^ the ransc. others o( lnetttl —^^^ Par |-i:«nwarc nrxi enamel. irts fiiied «-ith nlu l lopiK-d with a meringue are welcome a, O'/'lU'jy'",.^,, 0 ' '"™»g rtejwtirts n nli/-mi ts\n f ,~ ,1:. n*\. _ . .... _, . . -••' • VTiKKI COllCG l.i i J «UL«H-V JIIilKC'I. ""' *•«* ftlldlCitVIL WllltC ClIUUil^O w,, i a , UC(I 0|<I llll 'n>",»iii pol l " '"n 1 "! n "e cup. Wnsh and scmpe ...,'' " IS vvai " """ wllh the, Carrots an<| cut in thin lonis iwrs; or i, sciirml cimiiie>: 4 i |x)t; sl"H((s. Dress the lallcr for ten minutes with vliietjnr which luis been seasonecl with sail ami ]>ep- Then drain, mix wiui Ihe ac. mid one half cup Jmely Elireddcd pineapple. Uiess liuhlly with boiled dicraniij ur mayonnaise. Sprinkle u few raisins un to]). Serve in n lettuce tell. luncheon, tea or dinner. They make delightful luncheon dessert, and wrapped in waxed paper, may even be nddcd 'to the school lunch box. See recipes on the same paqc. .,_, -. ^.. iijii.ii (.111; JIII.VLU1C f .hickeiis, stirring constantly. When : J" -. place a spoonful in - each I the beked 1 tartlet s^hctl. Cover wiih " lg - .,-ic made b>; ; mixing two tllfly beaten c^g whiles with two ablespoons ol powdercti sugar. Set back in, the oven (now almost • f '' " x>1 " m:e n " ml[ ?-' minutes :mtil ... .jke from :e»t. irt.rooi. add tl:c flavor:hen fill the lart. sliclis. When firm aim cooi. cover meringue made witli two CBS 'shredded; iluec fourtlis \vhite.s 1 beaten 10 siiffncss •"'" '""'' " and rubbing Loaf Salad I fro ' n lllc e pound canned or boiled lob-' sta " cc '' meat: six hard cooked eas*, made will, each lype. m, t wmell . mukcr^' in 0 sor;;| 0 c C o,uh e t?on! 1: !f m uew. seep It spotlessly clean be""•"" itses (scalding 0; 't all cnOej stains brukct. for In- Air it frequently - .- „„,.. ". " r ^ coff ee in a. coffee msik- W ith iBiound: fificcn stuffed olives'f^ v '' lllch ha s been used nnd not .g 8 |ihretlricd; ihrce foiirtlis cun chop-1 thoro "» h| y cleaned. Fiavur aroma nh 11'"' nut meals. ">»d appearance of the c oi| cc (ic oven, ilntii the' nicrin=ue is deli- : r;i ck liijliily in a square mould o! ^ .cately golden. •-' iLflBSTEfi I FESTIKE ooli ' for a 1 few Ightly-browned. To bake the sncll;. ruu, ilie • mall tarllct puns wilh shorlcn- • i'.g Ihen line with the pastry : 'ricfc each several times with 'a I ork. Bake in a hot oven. 400 :lc- i jrccs until delicately browned. Chocolate Tarts ; . Use the same pastry as above. ' Make the. filling of one cup mil); ! ne and one half squares (ounces/ ! iKSwcctencd chocolate; one tea- 1 .. . • poon vanilla; two teaspoons nour- .Hci'C Are OOlTie Lenten Rewo egg yolks: one - fourth cup ranulaU'd sugar. Cook the milk, salt and shaved' hocolate in an enameled donbl" i •oiler until scalding hoi. s:imn» I H the while to smoothness. Mix' he nour with a liitlc coUi milk nd add, cooking until the mix" ure thickens. Beat the ega yolk-, ightly with sugar, turn a little o! two tablespoons of jiowdc'ifd sns-i Mix all together with cnuirjh nr. Heat i> few minutes in a warm : mayonnaise to make a stiff paste. I'bri 1 ,'!, 0 ' 1 ,'" 0 '"»kw .-w'.veii'as tr.e ^makr!"^ nnd tlle '"""« gliiw or china and set "iii"7l:c"rc- m :K°:wKh r si^^,^ e ni^:; Mlracle of ""mi !?i 's.rf ^".SJSS.^JT i Gefs ^ rch Hon °" '- o^-r S hrimp ^ A -as issi-- .Mix im> cups boiicd shrimp with t«o cups chcppcd. =c:iiDn with celerv rika Try These French Crullers With White Boiled Icing These tube, fou rih made using n pastry For Ihc bailer use one cup sugar: one half ita- .'linnn sail; one fourth cup shortening; one cup boiling wain- ore cup Hour: i),,cc eyys- on,.' l( .,i. spoon vanilla. DrJjiK the Migii,-. .sad. sliurten- uiS nnd wnter rapidly In bolllr/j Add the (lour all m once and mix thoroughly : ,,, ( | caok (11[il( . lhlrj . stirrini! conslanlly. When slightly cooled, add ihc hjaien esijs. one it a lime, nnri then brnl In the vanilla. Turn the mixture siilo a pn.niy Iwii or tube which hiis a llnlrd rose edge on ihc ineinl tube ami press Use bailer tliroupli in miss onto a well creased .sheet of waxed paper. Have re/.dy ,-, ke'.tlc of deep lint fylne, (at. Turn tl:e paper upside "own over Die fat: a.s Hie crullers cipes Suitable (or Special Occasions. he hoi mixture over them then urn all back into the double boil- C8BS: """ mp onnaise: cream. This salad made with lobster meat makes an excellent, dish for the buffet supper, bridge luncheon or any other festive occasion. One pound canned or boiled | v "- ' i'"""«:i: lobster meat: lour hard cooked I ___ Alllcrictl - ceicn •"• ' ^ - -.- year. The •>,"«uary i.s ; ,;my <!ediraie:l to the Ontario Ts-r'fufnt .s,^ ,, -Kscd Virgin of We F.'oucrs The ' - — " "'«.^- «<« »W olTe,'"^n c " 'r « 'V iur " u '«'ln g country is C0rar;d wi 1 j"" to ll " l » » few h m ,rs before lin piountc or state ni'snow while ti.c itran-' ' Inv^t .-a^/, ,- n » i... !,„.,, .1 __u.. p!ieiia:nc- Harney OltJ!ie!d nevrr drove an . ito until n few 'first race, yet he beat the worlrt 1 miic. „,, r.., . i Cut up the lobster In small but nlns- Sid Ihe I our, salt and bak-;,-,ol mmccd piece*. <lhon Ihe ec«.s 16 powder tcgct! Work in the land a dtl with the diced celcVv. i horicning with n b.cnder or cut in Ali x with the mavonnaise ami' n ' h f ," Mix to * '«ht whhn ready to serve mix in a lough with ttc water, handling as cup of whipped cream. Have all Ittle as possible. Roll out quickly no lightly. Makes enough ,'or a hick crust en a large casserole. —.\frs. George Trmrn. ingredients very cold. Serve lettuce leaves and .sprinkle each Iserving with paprika, and lop wills a caper. Cheese ilnuvs make a SWEET&PUREFIOUR /I si /i vX'l 1 : Tlu- ,S|Kiul.uilv K ;i V li crosses ^, ,„ CJia-miel ur'.a . l»H report erl wltu- 111 inileb of ' reports i' tcarist ;i! made rluhlful clliwiii u! Ihe epiiblic. ] Tens nf lliiiiis.'ind.^ nf t'.:-.'*j "II- luiilUinnle" children are bclni; i-jij-' l.slered In every province. HID p.n- enl-s bcin K pnniatiud under the amnesty lavs 1 of last year. H I.s exacted the population of Ihc country will rise from M million lo 18 million us n icsult of the addition of these ami other It is noitwoilry. however. Hull only the children O f thr illc^iil unions nix- being recognized. 'I ;:e posl-tn^ii ]>oly.;iiinoii.s parenls nr:; not iillmved ( o iiave their unions registered as marriages. Dismissal Awaits Turk That , Slows Down ISTANBUL ,UiT_ "Hc-d-la]!- 1 ' delays In cltlclaj biisiniw nrc b"- !_»« ruthlessly speeded up in Tur- I '''he Turks 1 favorili! cry iiiod t') • •'-• "Vavash. yavash," incaniii-j. sl'iwly. slowly. 11 NV.v (lit Bbtx-rnincui has issi;-,l an urdcr providing histiini dl s - •••';.-:nl for any govcriunc:!'. s'jrv- "Hidden Children" Will Boost Turkish PopuUtion!?orL? 001 Sc!rSuS;!^ awl ?J5fJi I'.ailis. rSTANUUL. i UP- -1'olyjjamy has l>ecn forbidden by law in Turkey shier 1930. HII; niiinbc:- en ,-lan- desilno iK)lyyain'a:s union.! have taken place since then. I'arenl.s of tl'i- iinn>jjl:>tei-e!l ul',- sprlii; of tlicN' illr^al iinions now are Ix'ing asked to declare their "hidden children".'..) tiiat t'ncy may OKADK A Raw Milk Phone 74 Craig's Dairy A HIGH QUALITY ALL I'UR/'OSV /''LOUH At Good Grocers Every where THE CRAFTON CO. DISTRIBUTORS DL1T1IKVJLLL, FRESH GIFTS /or the Bride '•Rose Marie"' NOW OX IHSI'MY This i., ;i b'.'lljllfijl |i.ttli.jl: nf.ii can be hiul In c'linplel" sols or individual pirrf.v Ai 1 -*) other lieu p;iltcrn', m .^-.c-;- linn m plated M-iiic. lldi.i.ovv sn,vi:i(\v.\ri:: xr«-i. aiiiird picirs uhii Ii «i>nM tlr liqlil .-my lirid" \il ni'iilrr.itrl ptircd. New '('car Drop Glassware f\ irplicii nl .->n r-:i:-|y Ann. p.-ittcrn u f clear civ-!;il ..nenuiitul hut nn-piislngly low priced A!MI other paticms in l-'-storh, "waie. Guard Jewelry Store

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