The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, March 30, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOUTIlEAH'i' AD.rAwoAQ ,*,„ „,„.„.,, __ . _. ""^ VOLUME XXXV—NO. 10. BlytJievllIc Courier Blythcvllle Herald Mississippi Valley Lender liiytheviiie Daily News i'EU OF NOUTUEAST AUKAN8A3 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI JILYTIIKVIUJS. AHKANSAS, WKnNRSDA^iAUciTjJ^ SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Four Reported ^ ~~ *f ~ ___ S FEAR OF WAR Hallsvillc Mo./ Stricken rilty Hurt At Columbus. " Naval Plane Falls; Five Are Missing HONOUR). Territory of Hnsvnli. Ml "'- :: V <U1>) A nary bomber CC( ' a "' Ki 100 yards off shore i mar Kneim | K >in( today. Five men were liaising. Two men ssvmn I ashore. Oh, What ii Lucky Hoy! — —- u .-,...•< Tornadoes Todgyi CONWAY, Ark., Slur. 30. (UP)— Mrs. J. Earl Lyons. 30. wife of n fanner, was killed today when a cyclone demolished (heir home, about 15 miles northwest of here, j Tbe storm damaged a half dozen j oilier homes in the community. i The storm which struck shortly I after daybreak demolished about! 20 bouses in Republic and Damascus communities ami injured eight persons. Damage to farmhouses and barns wns estimated at $35.000. A heavy rainfall prevented comity ollicinls from completing n survey of the stricken area. Mrs. Lyons, according to reports from Republic, was in her home when the storm struck and was blown out into the yard where a large tree fell on her, inflicting fatal injuries, she was (load when found by searchers. Fifty Reported Injured COLUMBUS, Klin., Mnr. 30. (OP) —A tornado cut a swnth from 100 to 300 yards wide through the western part of Columbus today. More than 50 persons were injured nnd taken to the city hospital. Scores of others were cared tor at private homes. All muses and physicians in the area hurried inlo the stricken district. Officials feared that residents of some of the wrecked homes were buried in the debris, - • A roof was blown off the Hi"h- lojid grade, school building bill lUQSt.of the 1 150,students had been dismissed from class when the storm struck. Children who were on Hie lower floor of the three-story building apparently escaped without itljury. Three Killed at HnUsviUe JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.. Mar.'30. (UP)—A tornado swept through Hallsrllle, Boonc comity, today and killed three persons. The highway patrol here reported no other dc- 1 sills were available. Senate Passes Measure* Without Record Vole; Now Goes To House WASHINGTON, Mar. 30. (UP) — Hie senate today approved the $549,227.842 navy supply bill-largest sen force measure since world War days—amkl charges thnt a campaign is underway to make the United States war-minded. The measure was approved without a record vote and sent, to conference with the house which yesterday approved a 4448,116,280 wnr department bill, the largest since Both measures nre supply bills for the 1939 fiscal year, distinct from the $1.121,000 authorization measure for a 20 per cent expansion In naval fighting forces upon which the senate plans to be"in work shortly. Cloudburst Is Reported On White River Batesville Abo ve Four Candidates File Corrupt Practice Pledge j LVTTLK ROCK. Mar. 30. (UP) —Corrupt practice pledges were filed in the secretary of state's of- BATESVILLE, Ark., Ufa,-. 30 (UP)—Points along the White riv- jer. south of here, today prepared ifor high water a second time this year as reports of a cloudburst on the stream, five miles north of here, were received. The cloudburst, which men seeking fice today by four state judicial and offices. State Senator Clyde Ellis of Bcntonville filed his pledge for congressman from the third congressional district while J. o. Kin- tiimio.i of Van Buren filed for flection as circuit judge of 15th judicial district. K. U. Smith, editor of Die De- Queen Daily Citizen, at De Queen. litcrt for state senator from the Cth district. BIILHJCUBES Says He'll Sign Measures Unless Convinced They Violate Refunding Acts UTTU-: ROCK. Mar. ;IO. (UP) —Ciov. Carl 1C. Bailey said today he probably would sign the bills for relief of briciye improvement districts passed in (he. recent, special legislative session it they vlo- Inted no contracts. Before n group of about 75 men. all interested in u public hearing on the bills. Hie chief executive snicl the bill raising in transit laxes on ini(omoWlc>s being delivered across the stale "has created a fund to take care of the bridge improvement districts." "In 19M when the special highway bond refunding legislation ivus passed." the governor said, "the most optimistic would not predict, lhal a tola! of $10,000,000 could be realized from the slate's nii- tomobile revenues. We have yolten approximately that amount ami only .S8.SOO.OOO Is needed for retirement of the state's debts. The proceeds from the various highway taxes have been above lhat figure. 'Now we have a .small cqullv from which n small amount, might be taken out for application to necessary nnd urgent highway programs. "I have no conclusions lo make today on any of the bills though because T promised the men from St. Louis thnt I would give them until the first of April to present their side of the mailer, "TJiis rule controls me. If (here is. a plain, substantial violation In our contract with our creditors, I-shall not hesitate to veto llmse Is/ If IHere Is not I will sign lliem." Discussions in the hearings were centered around the measure for reduclion of the gasoline lux and A Mile time away from the studio, plenty of water to splash mound in ami a husky young son lo ,,) B y wltl,_ivhnt more could anyone ask for n vacation? That's the way Joan Blondell or tl,e movie's seems (o feel as she gives her son Norman .. big bear-hug while in swimming at Arrowhead Springs,; Calif. And .tocsin she look supremely 1 happy? about 5 a.m. today, followed by 0 heavy rains, washed out a bridge concessional] 011 l ''e main line of the Missouri fixing capacity rather than loads ns basis lor licensing trucks. Senator Hemlrlx Rowel!, Pine Bluff, author of Hie truck license bill, headed a delegation here from (hat, city to speak In behalf of Hie latter item of legislation, Rowcll oiiliincd advantages of the truck licensing bill in saying Hie main effect of it was that. 11 occurred "^''"^ direct relief lo the little fellow.' re- the Willis n. Smith, Tc.xnrkana at- !It-cam torney. Wed for the slate senate in the 10th district. Pacific railway, four miles north of here and slopped all rail traffic; north. M Irnst three bridges were re- orjrtcd washed out on the Missouri Pacific branch line to Cushman whllf state highway officials stopped all traffic on Highway 69 itli of hcr«. ':he While river stood nt 26 feet-n f;nin of «•: feet in the 12 hours. Flood singe un U:c A "fifty per Rowell added, cent reduction." will cause these The strain on the steering mechanism is greatest n-Iien driving slow. rciHir'..'. 23 feet. of n steady It looks like Hie minute a person gets In the spot light, people start takln' shots at him and that's the reason why lie should keep his record clean at home. It gives him a little sanctuary where lie can get away from the cruel world thai don't understand him. I knew one actor out here whose conduct had .started some terrible talcs about him. One day he said to his wife "Darling, all those things yon hear about me on the $ slr«t are lies. I hope do lie about me." you never Tlic wife says "Well, as a matter of fact, I do tell some little while lies about you once in a while, r think It's a wife's duty lo speak well of her husband oc- U. S casionally." U. S, . on the river farmers living in lowlands along the stream removed their livestock to higher ground and prepared to evacuate their homes by nightfall if UK., ,-j. w con . tinned. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Mnr. 30. (UP) — U. S. Steel common stock dropped to a new- low since 1935 In the last few minutes of trading today and the entire list turned down following an irregular recovery. Trading picked up on the decline and the day's volume was around the heaviest of the year A. T. Jfe T Anaconda Copper Associated D. G. Beth. Steel Boeing Air Chrysler Cities Service ... Chrysler Cities Service ... Coca Coin 111 ]-8 22 1-2 4 42 1-4 21 1-2 37 3-8 1 37 3-8 1 108 28 M 27 1-4 53 26 10 3 1-4 27 1-2 4 7-8 18 13 7-8 Socony Vacuum '„"'..' n Standard of N. J. 39 7-8 Texas Corp ."!.'"" 325-8 General General Electric Motors . Int. Harvester ____ Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central .... Packard ......... Phillips Petrol ... Radio ............ Scheme yDist ..... Simmons Smelt Steel 4C 3-4 39 1-2, , boys to take Ilicir trucks out of their garages and put them 0:1 the roads all year whereas now they only operate them a half year. This, of course, would materially increase revenue from the gasoline tax." He emphasized that the commercial trucking companies would not benefit by the bill. "it will increase license fees for them because many carry smaller loads than their capacity allows and under my bill they would have to pay for their licenses in nc- corctnnco with the manufacturers' estimated capacity of the vans." DabUs Sullivan of Little Rock, a representative of the bondholders. refuted Rowell's pleas with the assertion that all the legislatures highway bills arc "in clear violation of the refunding law." "Until people recognize their obligations," Sullivan said, "their bonds cannot be refunded al lower coupon rates." Rowel! Interceded that "If you 'bondholders' don't give the people of Arkansas some relief some one will come up to the legislature and repeal all of your setups." Defendants Appealing Lower Court Convictions' To Be Tried Next Week The four Manila men and women, who were grnnted appeals after their convictions in mimiripul court yesterday afternoon on I charges of illegal handling of iinail. will be tried early next week. Parllow, deputy —. Oble Ashabranner, Elbie Crow and his wife. Mrs Elbie Crow, were fined nftcr they had entered pleas of not guilty (o the charges. Mr:;. Ella Newton and Carl Newton were each fined SSO bill llieir fines were .suspended. Stevens and Crow are also cliai-KCd with the federal of killing and selling ducks. They have made bond for their appearance in federal court in Jones- bprp -within n few weeks. nloiiK and last New York Cotton NEW YORK. Mar. 30. (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. open high i ow dosc 850 May ....... Jul ........ Oct ........ Dec ........ .Ian ........ Mar ........ 8S1 857 Sfio 8(50 866 865 865 871 875 875 868 856 860 800 852 805 ........ Spots closed quiet at 8GI changed, 855 860 862 863 865 863 un- Chicago Wheat open hig), , ow , May 863-4 87 8G g,,,, Jul. 825-8 831-8 82 821-1 Chicago Corn it was announced today. The regular term of circuit court will convene here Monday and these cases will be among the first to be tried. It. O. prosecutor, said. L. V. Stevens, with ton o'hcr Manila men women who -vcre arrested Friday am' Saturday. Nothing wns i'v.iilablc todnv to when wnirnnt.s be Issued for buyers of ihiok.s. but It Is peeled (hat an announcement will be made within a short time. Among (hose facing probable indictment on charges of buying il- )CKA! game are 50 cr 75 Mem- phinns. otto Ciiniim'nt's. deputy C.itne warden for c.istein Arknn- fas said s-wlcMsiy. Mr. Cummiins said ho alron:lv had a of persons reported to have l-ciHjlit cjiinil and ducks and v\onid wck their nrrt'sl if he could get positive proof of Ibelr guilt. 'It will be a matter for state courts lo handle," ] ]e snld. '-Names any Memphians we may seek- to of to indict will bo turned over Tenne.wce game authorities." Arrested at Stccle. Mo., lalo Monday, Lee Overturf and Illm Michie were bound over under S1000 bond each by United Slates Commissioner Lee Brucklcy .it Havti yesterday. They nre charged with illrgnl -sale of ducks. J.»l, 621-4 621-2 Skln-Graffhig Cures Heel WINDSOR, Out, (UP)—Elizabeth Cinrrlc, a semi-invalid since 1931 when a Iruck ran over her foot, is walking again following an operation in which skin was gralted from her abdomen onto her heel. district court on a charge of trans- Arkansas have been competing for nessce, Mississippi. Kansas and Enstern Texas. FEIEIU JUDGE DENIES PLEft OF si* Given Suddenly OIll.ANDO, Fin. Mnr, M, (UP) -All I'liu'ieency Investigation wu« a -, . .i.. "rclered hue today uller six per- iiytoil, Lanitlid's lO Ap- **'"*• "»dci'K«liw serum Ircnlinenl peal To U, S. Supreme Court, Lawyer Says '.M lunu.s. Kourli'en oilier persons, who ulx« aid nnderiioiie .serum livaliiwnl, "'''''<! plnci'd under .strict ofoscrvn- Almosl. three years utter Ihi-v lion of physicians. It was (wired were .•onvletecl of wlmlmil nllack (hey also fniiy have- bmi exposed <lll f» 1>nilltir H 111 In .id I In, A .iu.ll , , . . . . . .»|'u.n-ii on n young white girl at the April term uf circuit court, here In - negroes, worn, who said nil the ' Case Pending May Affect Export Liquor Sales By Arkansas Dealers LITTLE HOCK. Ark.. Mnr. 30 — Possibility of ncllon by federal nlcoliol lux mill ngetils lo prevent promlsclous transportation ot liquor from net .slates Into dry areas was indicated In n dispatch from Oklahoma city. okln. last night. The question of whether federal agents will aid <iry states to pre- •»'». 4>nu u^ m.-vnn:ii n, uuvi.suuje vent such Importations of liquor to ( '° so lie hnd ample opportunity probably will be settled In a cnsc nll(l dfd not refrain because of fear noii- ]>endlng in [he utiltccl States ot lnot> violence either for himself circuit court, of appeals. "'' 'i"*"-""!-"*-- »'•-> *-- •, - • The case Is thnt ol Erino „. - -- -, - , ,. Dunn, convicted In United stales l )ctit J"''y nor the grand Jury nnd , • ' « ' o- 1 UMi Hi \\ UU fljl lost another round In their legal who <||,,,i |,,, t | fight lo escape douth in the electric rlmlr when I'Vdern) Judge Thomas O. Trimble denied Ihelr petition for a pirrmnnent writ of Imbi'iis corpus yesterday m Hock, Judge Trimble ruled that a temporary writ, granted the negroes In Mnreli, ll):tG by the Inlc Federal Judge .John E. Marllnenu, be set aside. The negroes luul fiupllc<l for the writ nflei 1 exhausting every remedy In (lie state courts In nil olfort to avoid execution. John A. tllbblcr, om> of a Irlo or Mitle Roek negro attorneys representing the pair, said that the case would be appealed illreclly to the supreme court of (he United Hlnles. Fllliijf of such an appeal probably would extend the case another six months or n year. Illb- Wcr iinld the appeal probably would be niccl shortly before the Miinmer recess, preventing 11 decision until Inlo fall or whiter. Should attorneys for the negroes carry out their announced Intentions, the country's highest tribunal will be asked to rule on the claim (hut wns presented In the much publicized ScotUbbro, Ala, negro cnseK—absence- of negroes from the jury. However the negroes o'l/l |iol tippbat tin-cully to Un< Unllcil Stales supreme court from the state supreme court's decision ns In the Scntlsboro cnse.i. In handing down his decision on the bnsls of facts nnd flndlng.s re- sulling from the March 22, 1031) hearing Judge Trimble said, with regurd to Ihe "Seolt.sboro" migle: No I'rrjmllcc Shown "Evidence fnlls In show petitioners were prejudiced because there were no negroes on the Jury, (lie fact, being thnt the allorui'y who represented the petitioners nt trinl of Hie case tiHitllJed Dial lie wns familiar the so-called Scolts- boro declslnn nnd decided nfter consideration nnd talking with (he trial Judge, (lint It would prejudice ills cnse less if he did not move lo <pmsh the Jury panels because Ihere were no negroes on them. "Thnt lind lie deemed U advisable the trial court, had no opportunity -•**••« -."H* v </ii a LI11U gU Ui irUllS- ^ nnn V< III! t- J11IL4 UIJ U|lj iorling liquor from Arkansas Inlo to ) )as s ujxin the rjucstlon. Oklahoma, which Is dry. "'Hint the trial judge .,,, Kentucky, I.oiilsliinn, Illinois nnd he lind IIKC<| neRrcws on Juries In other counties In his district and - highly remunerative business of would have granted the motion if selling liquor lo parties who later lnill!p lj y petitioning attorneys, dial transportexl U, into Oklahoma, Ten- ll 'ere wns no proof that negroes were excluded from jury service In this county on account of their Arkansas liquor dealers have cs-i racc or color." tltnatcd that as n result of an ex- '" ~ l»rt tax- of fio cents a case levied by the recent special session of the legislature nnd Arkansas' favorable geographical |»sitlon. exports from Arkansas would Increase as much as five-fold. New Orleans Cotton HEW ORLEANS, Mnr. 30. <U1') —Cotton futures closed steady today, down one ami two |x>ln(.s. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mnr. open high 861 870 872 874 876 879 819 882 886 m 886 882 low 864 870 872 874 876 879 close 867 872 875 877 879 882 Spots closed quiet nl 878, unchanged. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Mar. 30. (UP)—Hogs; 6,000 Top. 9.00 170-MO 11)5., 8.85-900 140-160 11)5., 8.00-8.25 Bulk sows. 7.75-8.00 Cattle: 2,000 Steers, 7.35-&.7S Slaughter steers, 6.25-9.50 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7.00-8.05 Slaughter heifers, 6.00-875 Beef cows, 5.25-6.50 Cutters and low cutters, 4.00-5.00 In answer to the claim thnt mob domination ami Inflamed public opinion Influenced conviction, Judge Trimble said: "Evidence tailed to show there was mob violence dominating court or jury at trial of the petitioners before the circuit court ol Missis- s petitioners were lodged In the county Jntl of Mississippi county all of the time for six weeks prio lo the date of tlicir trial nnd no and T. J. Nance will be Judges one molc.stcd them or used violence toward them. Negroes Alteinleil Trial ....... , „... u ^ „„ 'That no persons were searched Lumber company. for weapons on clays of trial, that was filled with negroes attending three hours." Judge Trimble said, wllh regard lo the claim that Inflamed publl follows: of venue: "It Is no«- shown that failure of attorneys for the petitioners to obtain n second signature on a mo- J" U B", i*i«iy mvc. lion for a change of venue prior to M- Nallllng. clerks. (Continued on Page lor nmivr, died of lockjuw wllli- ' ln I he lockjaw virus. 'Hie Invesllgiitlon wns ordered persons - .... .: Ircat- for iidvnnccd cancer cases. Some hnd ton under treatment luce August, lu> snld. Several Property Owners In Vicinity of Proposed Hospital File Objections A petition nsklnj; u m t ihe city council refuse to Issue u permit to Dr. J. M. Walls, his associate, Dr. P. Ij. Husband, or any one else, for the remodeling of n residence at 1020 llciirn street Into a hospital, clinic or any kind ol medical center, wns died this afternoon with the city clerk. Miss Hulh Dlylhe. The petition, which was signed by 17 'residents of (hnt vicinity, states IhalHhe tiroperly ..values would be lowered nncl the neighborhood converted Inlo n place of noise If a hospital Is -established TELLS 111 SITE OFFENSE IS BESTJEFEE Mussolini Boastingly Warns France Italy Is Ready For War By United Press 1'mnler Hondo Mussolini threw a bombshell Into European dlplo- niutlc circles loctay when he told Ihu Italian senate that Italy has built up n mighty war machine which slip Is ready to use on the theory llml "tlic best defense is to be offensive." in the midst, o( Europe's greatest war fioire since ISM Mussolini plnlnly warned Frnnco, and other imllons Unit Italy is ready. He declared Unit Italy's "land, sea and nlr forces are tuned for rapid and Implacable war," His speech was on the army, navy niid nlr force appropriations or $305,000,000. Mussolini snld that lit of war ho would lead the nrmed forces "under command of Uic king." Mussolini boasted thai Italy has the most powerful submarine fleet- In the world nnd before 1941 will have eight, first lino battleships to- Idling 2-10,000 tons. "Italy's aviation," he said, "Is one of (lie best In the world . . . several thousand new modern machines comprise our nlr licet." Wllli Spain's Insurgent armies slowed down by stubborn resistance on tlic Cnlnlonlnn war front Mussolini's speech elaborated recent Itullnii warnings Dint French aid to the Spanish loyalists would mean war. At the same time the shaky French cabinet heard mounting confidence In the voices of German Nazi leaders campaigning in preparation /or the April 10 plebiscite on union wllli Austria. Paul Joseph qoebliels, Nazi minister of propaganda, wait quoted 03 declaring that '.'Germany's new .might hud allayed-fears'Of French military power." Tn Rnmnnlji, member of the now weakened Triple Alliance, sponsored by France after Iho World Wnr,. Lhc cabinet of Patriarch Mlron Christen resigned. King Carol, the latest "strong mail" of Central Europe, may select Dr. Alexander Vnldn-Vocvod, leader of the Bu- manlun Front party as the new premier. The fiercest righting of the 20 ~*ivn, nj ( ; ^111,1141, I.UU1 L Ul MISSIS- C,. ULiullvy U1KI l\'J r W. umWlOHl sippl county, Arkansas, that proof will be judges and Horace Walpole shn.i-= ,, n( in n ,,«r r „.*,„ i..i...., ,., Signers of Ihc petition are: \v. n, Mccliirkln, IVfrs. Ijoscoe Craflon. Mrs. R o. lielchcl, Uupcrt cmfton. Mrs. W. I,, Homer, First 1-vdcrnl Savings ami Loan nssoclnllon of Llllle lliick, K. P. Johnston, j. j Oaly.^ jolm p. Ix?ntl, j. p. Holland, W. T. IJiirtuHt, J. \v. Adams, Ho- I ltlu nuicesi, ngiuing: ui me zu Innd Cireeti, Miss Monln Ifughcs,, months old Spanish civil war was Nfra. Gladys Moss Hale nnd E. A, I centered around the city of Lerlda Rlee. which was viewed as a key to na- tlonnllst conquest, of Catalonia. The nationalist army wns ready to strike ut strengthened government defenses in the fxsrldiv area as soon a.s Its new positions were consolidated. They also threatened the hydro-electric station between Fragn and Lcrtcla. which if captured, would cripple power facilities ol the great Barcelona Industrial area. Loyalist lenders at Barcalona, lashing tile righting and civilian population to a new peak, claimed success In halting tlic insurgent advance Into Catalonia and declared thnt counter attacks In the Teruel region had been successful. Former District Legion Commander Post Guest D. E. Fatten of Jonesboro, former American Legion Commander oC (lie Fifth District of Arkansas, was a guest of the Dud Cason Post 24 which met at, the Hut lost night for a business meeting. E. A. Rice reported on the. tower that was recently purchased from station WMC In Memphis for the sliort ware police radio station that Is to be Installed here. Since the Legion is sponsoring this project, Mr. Rice asked that upon the arrival of the tower, a group be chos- lo complete collection of funds for the installation of All-Woman Officials Second Ward Here, Os- ccolans Also Chosen For the first time, all women will lie used ns Judges, nnd clerks in one of the wards for the city election, lo be held Tuesday. Mrs. John C, Mcllnncy, Mrs. V. O. Miller and Mrs. V. a. Holland will serve as judges of Ward Two and clerks will be Mrs. W. B. McMullIn and Mrs. L. L. Ward. At other times women have been used In these jwsltlotis. but this Is the first time there linve been no men Included. Tills box will be at Ilar- dawny Appliance company's display room, In Ward One. P. ir. Acted, Gene E. Bradley and Ivy W. and George Cross nre lo be clerks, llils box will be at the city hall. Henry Lnyson. Estes Umsford w -n , Ward Three and W. I,. Homer nnd B. M. Matthews are lo be clerks. Vollng win be done st the Arkmo Tlic judges and clerks were „ lt , lu . j ua ges and cicrns were the ba cony in the trial courtroom , llun ed by the election commission- WHS fllJPM Wll h TlPWt-ru^c it riniilimr _r * .1. . crs of 'Mississippi eoiinly. V. G. , *>' " v "' "*"-•»"• "& el ^ 01 ml^SlS.Su)l)I COtllUV V CJ and listening to the Irlal during H olln.,d. of this dty. and E R he entire two days of the trial and smith and G. B. Scgrnvcs. of Os : the jury considered Its verdict over ceola. lie f.ost the Bet VALLEJO, Cal. (UP)—Charles T. Harris, city employe, bet he could put a lighted match In his mouth while it was nlled with gasoline. Immediately following the detnon- strallon, he was rushed to the city hospital. , Clerks Selected OSCEOLA. Ark., Mar. 30.—Ofll- opinion prevented obtalnng of sig- cials for Osccol.Vs municipal elec- nnturcs to a jKlltion for change tion, April 5, have been named as '~ n First ward box—A. W. Young. C. L. Moore and R. C. Simmers, Judges; llfary McElvain and Myra Second ward box—J. S. McCants, B. Bunn and Jas, " the short wave set up the original trial of said cases In the Chlckasawba dlstrct of Mis- "• °. <>uim una jas, u. uoston , „,. ;•. sissippl county, Arkansas, was judges; Julia M. Morrison and Mrs [„,.., „, ,, caused by fear of mob violence or Frank Conn-ay, clerks. nrgiu. "" f """ 1 "' —- '- -'— " '• Third ward box—S. M. Hodges WEATHER Ai'kansas — Showers tonight and Thursday; cooler in northwest portion tonight and in west and central portions Thursday. Memphis and vicinity—Showers nnd thunderstorms tonight and. Thursday; lowest temperature, 72 to —• — refusal of persons to sign through nmu »nm DOS—o. M. Hodges fear of mob violence, but lhat the J. W. Cartwright and Arch Smith' attorney for sntd petitioners failed Judges; Henry Patterson and Steve IPrml Smmrt nn TJCICTD Floiin T7nl,Oi 1r ^Inrt.^ Ralph Jr., clerks. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 78, minimum 60, clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- rls, official weather observer.

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