The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1930
Page 5
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1930 IILYTHKVIU.K, (AUK.) COURIER NErt'S CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word lor first Insertion and one cenl a word for each subsequent insertion. No advertisement tnken for less llian 50c. Count the words and send the cash. Phone 306 FOR SAI,K FOR SALE—Nice \\hlt6 table peas, ac iiour.d. O. H. Akin, 901 Soutli Lake. . M1'-K24 FOR UENT ANNE AUSTIN IllKlrU'l All.irni-y MM>i:il*(l\ rlllili' I.VIII.V I-AI1II, Ilir innlr!, ui;\Ti:it SI'IIA<;M:. jimx r. IlICAKi:. JI'DCi;,, ,\tln'» Inmllnrd. fnri'.llure. anil dismissed-- to nrs and <•(••• iniiiii- j "i (iid. The answer in every case ilUr.n I was Unit lliey hear:! no shot." . rMl ,1 I ' SI PltlCB himself louk i!ic' ; ' re a next a::d ilcscriliail. In |° r Mrs - Selliu!" " ;••<• 4 N'l) you al?o qiicslioucd every lersou [)rcscnt In :ui eu'ott to rcsiionslhillly for llio death FOR RENT—Two rooms mid bath furnished oi 1 unfurnished, close in. TOU West Ash St. 10C-T1- FOR RENT — 2 room [umislicd apartment, steam-heated. 201 Lake, Phone 443. 1HC-K22 FOR RENT — Four room house, newly papered and painted inside. On paved street. Garage. L. Fowler, Phone 888 or 450-J. 18C-TF FOR RENT—3 room furnished apt. 600 N. 5th street. ltjn-y.2l. IN DELL—FOR nENT-r-3 loom house. 38.00; 4 room house, $11. L. Fowler, Phone 888 or 450-J. 1SC-TP FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, private bath, 207 North Fifth street. Also 20 acre farm for sale, adjoins Pride addition. Six room house, several outbuildings. C. S. Raggett, phone 84CW. 19p-fe23 I FOR RENT—Sleeping room in sleam heated home on Main st. Two young men preferred. Address H Courier News. !S=-klf FOR RENT—SIcspin» room convenient to bath. 201 E. Davis. Phone 25. 19C-K23 FOR RENT — Comfortable sleep- ins; rocm. close in, man only. 102 W. Davis, Phone 385. 20P-K24 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S. Lake St. I7CK-TP POULTRY WANTED Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. OC-TF LOST AND FOUN'D LOST— Ladies black felt hat, Reward for return to Kirby-Bell Drug Co. 19c-k23. irr uf_iu*> r.u'» unil ' IcchiiUal terms, the wo'iml wliii'h bad c;m::i'd dc^lii and ll:i i r-uliiirr ot tlie bullet lu> liacl extracted from Hie dead woman's hcaVi. "1 find, also, from iho autopsy." ho concluded, "that the bullet Irav. elecl a downward, slautint! palh. I should add. uiureovor, that I have made exact mathematical calculations, uslug the iwsillou of Ihe body and of the wound as H basis, and fouml that a Hue drav.'n from the wound, and extended, at tlio correct slant, emls at a point 51.S Inches high, upon tho right.hanil side of the frame of tiio window nearest tba Torch ilnor." Ami he obligingly passed Hit' innrkcil lilua. print among lite jury. U'lien it was I in ills own bauds again, he. added: I "It la impossible to state tho exact distance Ilio bullet traveled, moic nearly than to say Uie Bbot w:t> fired along the Hue i havo Imll- catecl, at a illJlnnec ot not moiv than 15 f«et and not less than 10." Car-lain Strawn roso und was pcrmitleil lo question the witness: "Dr. Price, that blueprint shows that Iho ticdronm Is 15 feet lu width, don't It?" "That is correct." PERSONAL ! WILL GIVE 10^ of receipts to unemployment rdlcf. Haircut 25c, Shave 15c. Work Guaranteed. C. E. Bradley Barber Shop, 318 E. Main., 18C-K31 WILL TRADE—1028 model I'-j top. Ford truck for poultry, hoas r>r cattle. Address "B", ^ Courier News. 21P-K24 BOSTON, i UP)—Charles M. Cox, 71, retired Bcston business man, IIHT taken to art as a hcbby nnd profession. He has painted several pictures for the Milch galleries m,.N«\v York City one is never tc:. old to paint," Cox betoes. .l u . iiiis shun i'oi.i,v in:ti.i: imii ri.ivi: HAMMOND, wbu wvri. In lltr kol[Lr|.|nL loKrlhrn Fl.llll 1 Mil.KM. .MM"! 1 UAVMOM> mill llAM'H 11AM- 3IOM). Siirnuiif r.njnc early to rbf pnrly, vt( uiihlnlrx in tlir rrtiun II.. tlK.'J. IMIJ K}lll\'Cll. J,>lll:i tfl\- Innvd him. (i>M L<ni tir \voulj linvi' lo rlrur tiltl, ii-ri] »l:i)rU Kr- hltiil lu rlr:in up iidr-r him. S|ir^Ktlr l»rnl .hjttn, oul (He It.icli. unil nrmind tin. [i,ii!»r. l^liirn Mllri [triciTtft KTLC *\n* In MIII'H rl,i\vl ri^'lltrf; n nnlr ivtllrh *h? Ihlnt.H U tr hi-r hushnrkil, 'IHArilV. hut i\!iMi I* rrnlly frnii] S;irfiKile, Dunilfr- mil Hie ilJ^irlyi nliorney rln-Jile tr» %>lili- liuld lliiv vvldi-ncc nt th? Enour^T, pfed'MtllEi^ t.k nrrriit Ihr chc/iry rim ii \ru Vurk unnitinc, ^lu llir- Jolt. llutKlrr liniir.^ t,i tlm, iml nil,. inM Mm Mn.wa >lncr her nrrl>:il hi llnmlltuu. .NOW fid (!.\ WITH Till: STOIIV CHAPTER XMVI1I nONN'IK IJUN'UEK'S whole ;oul i revolted nf the very thought of tl:o I'nriiaric' farco of an inquc^l — the small morgue chapel crov/iled to the doors wllli i.-ocElc-cyed. t3lnpd - )ovi]>g h u m anil y ; the stretcher with its sheeted corpse; rc;)orter£, avid Cor sensation. Mrrelfully, this particular Inquest upon the body of Juanila Leigh Sclira promised to be quickly .over. For Coroner 'I'rlw, in conference with District Attorney Sauder- EOU, Special luvcsligator Dundee and Caplain Rtrawn of the homicide squad, hud pladly agreed to call only those witnesses and ex- iract from them only such Information as ihe authorities deemed advisable. l.ydta Carr. whose blaclt veil h3d defeated the news camera leveled at her i:cor. scarred face, was Ihe lirst witness called by Coroner Price, and she was required for the single purpose ot identifying the body as that of her mistress. I'o two perfunctory questions—"Have you any inrornialioti to &;ive to Ihis jury repaiding the cause and manner of the deceased's death?" and "Have you any personal knowle-lse of Hie Identity of any person, mail or woman, of whom Ihe deceased stood In fear of her life?"—Lyrtla ans\vorcd a itat ".Vo!" and was then disiiiiEsed. Karen .Marshall, looking far 'too younir to be the wife of the elderly e.vjudge. fiuyo M,irslall. was the second wlincEs called. Dr.. i'rice guided her gently to a brief recital of her discovery of tho dead body , of, l^er : hostess, emphasizing only the fart thnt, so far as she could see. the bedroom was unoccupied except by the corpse at the time of the discovery. lie then handed her the pliolo- slatic copy of a blueprint of the giQiiiid floor of the Kclim house u-ifii a penciled ring drawn around tho bedroom. Karen falterlnuly identified it, as well as lha pcncK- ' couldn't find that any. i-nt had nnyihliii; lo do "I did ono prc; with It." . "\Vlio were these persons"" Ur, i'ricc then asked. "Juiifio and Mrs. IHico Marshall. Mr. ami Mrs. Tracsy A. Mites. Mr. and Mis. Johu C. Drake, Mrs. i'etcr Duiilap, Miss Janel Hayiuoml, Miss I'oily nealc, Miss rciiclopo Crain, Mr. Clive Hammond, Mr. Dexler t;uc—ot New York—and Mrs Mini's maid, l.ydia Carr." Can'.iiln lilrawn answered ''Did yon Ibid tni the premises any clue which you consider of Im portarce to this jury?" "I tliil! A bunch of footprints under ike window you've liccu lulli liiU about. Hero ,ir.! iifc-slzo photographs of 'em, doclor. . . . And tli rambler rose vines that climb up tlie outside of tho window hail beei torn. Afler Ihe photographs Imd bcei only impeded by I lie jury of si IJr. 1'rlco said: "That Is all. air tliauk yon, Captain Slrusvn. . . Mr. Dundee!" PAGE FIVE OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern As had been agreed between the coioner and the iltsidci attorney. Dundee's Ivslimony, afler Ihe prc- "Have you also measured the j 11 ™' 1 "* "luestious. was conlined'to height of (hat window sill from the I Uo """ring ot .Vita Ertlnv'a "last - | 3r r- ! »'ill and testament" and tlio uote "I have," the coroner anawereil. I '-^uia. "The height from lloor lo sill is 2C Tl'.c reporters, who bail obviously inches." [feared that nothing now would "Now. doctor, from your calcula. j eventuate, sat up with startled in- lions, would It be possible for a tcrest. tlieii their pencils flew, as man crouching In the open window! Dundee read Ihe "two documents, to are a shot along the path youi R Kcr he hnd tolfl when and where have calculated? 11 "It would." Dr. i'rice answered, i -•":• "liul as I havo pointe:! out It Is! 1 " El imtjossible for me to say at ex- \ aclly what distance from the body < the shot was fired." I Kut Slrawu. of course, was amply I satislicd. Anil so were Dundee and 1 I he had discovered them. As District I Attorney Sanderson had said: "Bet ve tho press something new to cbcw on, but. for God's sake boy-dyna- don't mention that checkbook ot N'lta'3. It rnite!" While the morgue cbapcl was in a buzz cf excitement. Dun- 'THE BUCK PIGEON* "MURDER BACKSTAI>S' ml distaste for publicity, Dumlco uit on, Ki'lunlug at tiio reporter's H' ot Ills own lurlil phrase. Two inliuites later Sanderson, trnvn and Duntlce wcro eh ii Ur. Price's own olllco wllli l.yilla Can-. 'Tlrsl, I.yilln," besjan Samicrson. I want to warn yon lo give llio -l l: irlcrs no Inforiuallon at all Eauliug tho ualuro or extent of 'our mlEiress' bcciucat." "It WAS little enough slio had, 'oor girl, beyond her dollies and i lew plm-H of Jewelry." l.ydli KII- sworcd sliLblkornly. "Are you [> let mo do what t>ho tolil mo to. In that nole'f . . . Not thai 1 bold '*lth burulny—" "I see no reason why you not lake charge of llio body. I.yilia. and arrange It Immediately for malloii. ... Do you. L'apuln Sliawu?" Sanderson nuswcrcil. "No, sir. The quicker tin! bnllcr." "Then, l.ydia. If Captain Slrawn will scud you out lo llio Sc-llui bouse wllli ono of his buys, yon may get tho dress described In Mu. Selhu'3 note—" "And the curls slie cut o!l anil had mado lulu switch?'-." I.ydla In- lerr/pted. "I con't ilrc.s^ my girl's lu a l>'rcncu roll without .lieni!" "The curls, loo," Sanderson Srerd, wltb a slight smile. "Now s to llio crciu'iliou—" "Mrs. Miles let me come hi rnrly lo sec nboiil tbal," l.ydia Itilnr- ruptcd asain. "They can do il I afternoon, and you dor.'t need Iti worry about (he expense. I've got money enough of my own lo |:ay my Rlrl's fuiieri! expenses." "(iood!" Sanderson aiirilninlcd. "Tho will will bo probated as soan as possible, of coiuse, but It makes It simpler if you will pay Hie necessary expenses now." "Just a minute, chief," Dundee baited the district attorney an lie u;'s about lo leave. "Under the cir- -To A BIO MARKET NoU LAPS WILL CAM-TALK A'MEW cop cai" OF • His BADGE ;* \s A erpf t& TAMILV' DAD A HERMIT'-(Ufa OW A SPIEL A s-rxruE UP . IM ASKW6 SLICr2 AM 1 UP W hi OLE LOAF! V6R5UAPE. rlELP TILL. BAQ VklltH „ TOQP FOR THE. !/ E6AD kfoul MUcM rlEl-P VdU WILL 1 fie i<sM PRSSSORE !l!',' !ib -. rk l. a - l °!: l ! e .:';.. r ".. it ,. ! L Ui !f. i !| llc < ! «•« <lismi S se,l, and Distr'icc At jlorney Sanderson reiiuesled an ad- : ' " Inquest for one their purposes admirably tor the publi: to be convinced at this time that an Intruding gutimau bad murdered Nila Sellm. Captain Slcawn, sworn in. told briefly of his being called to the [aware, that it had been cheated of scene of the crime, of the activities ( tile pleasure of hearing, at first of Carraway. the fingerprint ex- journment of the \veok. The police wero urging the crowd upmi its wny before it became fully l)erl. aud of the exhaustive search of his squad of detectives. "Did you find cealcil upon the any person con '.H.-that Is. hand, the stories of that fatal bridge and cocktail party, from the guests themselves. "Tell the Carr woman I want to speak lo her." Sanderson di cumslances, 1 think It highly advisable that we Bet pictures of the burial dress. I suggest you liavo Lydia bring tho tilings to your olllco before she lays out the body. and that Carrasruy photograph tho dress there, from all angles. 1 should also iiko lo have a picture of Hie body afler Lydla bus finished her services." Tlio maid's scarred face flushed a deep, angry red, inn she offered no iirnlesl when llio district attorney within Ihe house itself, or iu Ihe j Dundee. "She'll thank >ou for res. tho grounds?" :arage or I'rice oslied "No. sir." "Did you or your men illrrnvcr tho weapon with which tiic deceased was killed?" . "No, sir." "Did you question nil pc-rsous lu tlio house at the time of the crime, as to whether or not a shot bad been heard?" Dr. cuing her from Ihe rcporlcrs." As Dundee' pushed hts way through the jam be heard a rc- porter earnestly pleading wltii Lois Dunlap: "But I'm sure you can member Iho cards each player held iu that Ian-" 'dcalh BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A DAY OF RECKONING m By Martin Neio York Cotton NEW YORK. D^c. 20. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. AUTO PAINTING We will .irrangc time payments. Gel our prices and save. Genuine Uuco W. I. Dcnton Chevrolet Co. 18c-k26 THE BLACK CAT COFFEE SHOri'E Now aniiounees new moiitlilj- rates for regular patrons. 3 regular meals dail}-— S30 per month. Single—3(k. Tlatc Lunch lOc JIAY One baie or a train load. EAR CORN, shuck on, 88c bu. Sln;ck olf. 86c per bu., in car lots. Cotton Slates Sales Co., Inc. Blytlieville, Ark. Phone 174 or I,D 1800. 1'AVING TAX Time lo pay J'.lvinj Taxes is !rltir.; jjmrl. Tlic jicualty is :na higii f l>r anyon: lo neilecl giving licforc Ibc books Close— Iktlcr Vay Xow— C. J. EVKAHD. Bee. new Dec. old Jan. nev; Jan. old Mar May .... July .... Oct. .... Opsn High 9SO 377 374 975 080 078 055 . 970 937 100G 1020 1038 1042 1053 1062 1072 Low 960 974 060 054 961 1020 1042 1059 Close 970 974 Q75 968 1002 1029 1051 1007 »"* I Frat Meeting Will End Spots steady at 985, up 1C. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 20 (UP) — Cotcn closed steady. Open High Low Close American exports oi rayon rayon product's was disclosed today hi Commerce Department reports showing a 124 per cenl increase in the shipments of this commodity i during the past two years. • I I Mexico now is the third larges'. Phis' 1930 convention year will close Atlanta, will be present I market for rayon textile products. I wlth the two day gathering )! Pi ] being exceeded only by Canada and Kappa Alpha, national college fra- Idiba. Shipments to the southern j tcrnity, expected to bring 1,000 •republic last year | $078.167, representing 9.4 per c:nt i of loial Amcric i carding to the department. Ship- i merits in 1929 were 53 per cenl ! greater than in Dec Jan . Mar May Jul . Oct 960 960 M7 1022 1015 1061 8G9 919 1005 1033 IC55 1070 95G 967 991 ion 1040 1058 909-72b i 970 1003 1028 70S2 1010 Spots steady at 954, tip 10. $75,000 Christmas Bonus for Exchange Employes NEW YORK. Dsc. 19. lUPI — Christmas conns of $75,000 will be distributed to employes of t!ic New- York stack exchange, it was on- nouncM today. Meanwhile most, of | the larger bnnki in trie city were distributing bonuses ranging from two to ion per cent. and long tn Special rales on carload Team for local lunlinj. V. H. WASHAM HOD C'hlcknsanl-.i TRANSFEU I'honc S51 Call WALPOLE I'or Electric Work Phone SI-I Why Pay More Thiin Half 1'rico I'm- Auto I'aris? JACKSOX AUTO PARTS 2020 .Main Phone (ill Conlinaance oi Martial Law b Spain Indicated MADRID. D;r. 19. (UPI--Mi',ilp.ry rule i; likely to prevail in Spsin for an indefinite period as Ihe rcsull of this week's revolutionary oul- brca'Ks. it was said tcday. Frericrico Bcrenguer. captjin general of Madrid and brother o! Premier General Damase Boron- guc.-. was authority for the statement. He Ls charged to keep ll;e capital quiet during tile present crisis. Th? premier, wiio xvas 'Irccd by a Ihraai ailment to relinquish active direction of government forces, had recovered Mifficicntly to confer will: j cabinet members today. Mexico Best Market For Rayon Products WASHINGTON. (UD—' Imj/ort' ancc of Mexico as a marvel io; NOT W^U- l . OPOM TVS. accepted both 01 Dundee's sug- "Tbeu you'll have Cnrraway with his camera at my olllco in al>oul a'n hour?" Sanderson turned to Captain Strawn. "Let's say 12 o'clock. the way, i.ydia, you ujay bring In with you the few pieces of Jewelry yon mentioned. I'll l:esp them safely in my offices until tho will vxe? wo. ••i\x.Ttvv v fO\) . ' V.NVCE von xoo TO &WE AN "I don't -know where she kcnt them," I.ydii a.M-nvered. "What I" exclaimed Uoimic Dun- HEGIlFULLY sure ho could ^ trust T.ois Dunlap's discretion (To lie Continued) rVOWW*> * 260. '° "<oo I ing Howard Bell Arbncklo, grand I councilor of Davidson, N. C.. Rob- Memphis 1930 Sessions " l , A : Sm - vthc ' Braml <™s"rer of r Atlanta, Ga., HayinoiKl Mose. grand secretary of Dallas. Tex., and El- MEMPHIS, Tcnn. bert P. Tuttle. crand chancellor of N'OTI11\« I\ I!f:i! N'AME CINCINNATI, O., (UP) — She marricxl a man named Leisure but had to go to work or starve. This was tlia burden of complaint of Mrs. Gladvs Leisure when she filed active and alumni Each of he 79 chapters will be represented in the convention which will opiui December 20 con- suit h?re for divorce Irom Charles The couple were married officers of the organization, incliid- THE H-ERMIT'S REMEDY IIURT HIM'? &LES5 YOOQ , wo! VJE MIGHF Of! H1ST=EET n BEFORE woo KMOW J KA.VBE VOOQ£ BIGHT- BoTTltEOLO HERMIT THIUKS HE CM! DO SOMETUlMG THKT SI3IUG FRECKLES' FEVSf? DOVJK! H'.S PSsiga IS SUPPOSED "to 6O DO\KM... ME'JEQ. I HEAQO OP TWtS STUFF COIM'THC Vlpfin™ STlU.-WELt.HAVE LlSTEKl HERE, BRCf»JtJ-.. 1 TUIHR THE A DOCT02 A HO NEEDS o.uic!i...WHAT Do A O6WEDV ».VSHT DO TUe VIORli.. GET A LOT OF ROOTS OF ?Lov-lEill}J DOSvJOOD AM' BCHL IT (X3\}1|J To A TEA -Tlltl WiTHTME LAO IS THftT HE'S WeftK AMD =~ /' S^l VfeRM OUT 1 WASH TUKUS \NOTHER OFFER IS OUT CALLING 1115, LM6SV UO\JE, TrIEGe COMES LOUD KNOCKING ftT THE POOR. STICK 'EM UP, STftMfctR'. ] GREAT SEARCH HIM FER p, GUN, VEBFE^OR.j JEHOSEPHW JUST PIMlMG SfvFE. HOW WHM'S ON VCUR MIND? WHfM" VOU UlKMT? \T. XOllL 0006LE THE OfF6R. OF COSTft CjBAMOE DON'T STftND FOOlS 1 . SELL (T OR MOT? l.t* SEI'.VKI. IM;. IttC-U.S'PAT.Ofr.

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