The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 9, 1949
Page 8
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XT3HT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, APRIL 9, 1949 THE NATION TODAY Economic Double Talk Serves To Confuse US Taxpayers Who Search for Simple Explanation By June* AUrlow ' WAHQNOTOM, April 9. (f)—I must nave a tin ear, or maybe s£t WkM lfp(Ui't wronc, but when •conomikis talk It's like listening to MM people upstairs. It'* over my head. And all I hear is a buzz. ' Tbto It all right «cept that when they talk it's about you »nd IM Mkd whet* we are and where we're going, and since I'm mixed up ta it rd Uk« to know which Is which. ''Bom* ot the people who keepl fifinc n» trouble are President Truman'* Council of Economic Advisers, a three-man outfit which ts- auea reports every now and then on the state of the nation. I always read the reports, and 50 to sleep, and wake up, and try them again, and I keep on writing pieces about how I can't understand them, but they won't listen and they keep on sending out the reports. ."A little while ago when prices dropped, the chief of the council, Dr. Edwin O. Nourse, said we're In ay. period of "healthy disinflation" and that pulled the light switch on me altogether. Obituaries ' And on March 18 In Chicago he said the price drop Is not a picture of "unforeseen and uncontrollable disaster" but may be » "ratlonnl and guided action." No One Knows Then this week he came back, •peaking of the "progressive abatement, of inflationary pressures." He Mid; , "It is still too soon to be sure whether this easing will go so much further as to produce a real 'recession' or whether It may level out or give way to renewed forces ol Inflation." I toot that home with me and If I understand the language Dr Hours* is saying now he doesn't know whether we're headed for boom or bust. But he said a lot of other things on Tuesday and a lot of oilier people besides me must have had some trouble with his prose because yesterday Mr. Truman came to tlif rescue and said Dr. Nourse was Quoted out of context In reports on his talk. Seems Dr. Nourse was speaking of three things: The money we have to spend on our armed forces; the money we have to spend on Marshall plan help for Europe; and the money we have to spend arming bur allies mirier the Atlantic pact TChaj Do We DoT The tiuestlon was: Do we have to add the Atlantic pact money to the money for the other two, or what do we do? ; I think Dr. Nourse had an answer for this, but I'm not sure, so I'll Just quote him, in part at least, and hope I'm not quoting him out of context: "In the somewhat technical terms of. the economist and the business manager, we have turned to horizontal integration of the defense function to effect operative economies. "Under thk Integration we expect to buy better security at the Mine coat or even, in due time, at lower cost than would otherwise be required. "That Is, we are now giving tangible expression to the belief that Joint security Is the truest and most economic pattern of security under our present development of airborne atomic power and of political enlightenment. . ." and he said we must: -Rework the whole operational •nd financial plan so as to gain maximum security with minimum strain on our economy. The problems needs to be handled with unsentimental business efficiency Jaycees Plan For Rubinoff Concert Here Plans for sponsoring an appearance here of flublnoff and !>/. violin were advanced last night nt a meeting of a Junior Chamber of Commerce Committee in the Jaycee club rooms. The famed concert violinist and ills equally-famous Stradlvarius will appear at two performances In the Legion's War Memorial Auditorium on North Second Street. A special student'mntlnoe will oe held at 2:30 and the evening performance will begin at 8:15. While the matinee Is scheduled primarily for students and faculty members, it also will be open to general admission. A city-wide tlckst MClIng campaign Is bting planned by the Jaycee sponsors. Members of the Jayceettes, the Jaycee auxiliary have volunteered to decorate the auditorium for the concert. Rnblnoff and his wife are scheduled to be flown here from Farm- Ingtou, Mo., where he will appear April 19. They also will be flown to Jefferson, Mo., where he is scheduled to appear April 20. The Jnycees will furnish the air transportation and Ernest Halsell Blytheville Municipal Airport manager, is scheduled to fly Rubinoff on these trips. In addition to claslcal selections, John T. Poteet, Luxoro, Dies of Heart Attack Funwul services for John Thomas Poteet, 67, will be conducted tomorrow at the Salem Methodist Church Methodist church In Plainview, Ark., with burial in the Salem Cemetery there. Mr. Poteet, a Luxora farmer, died suddenly yesterday afternoon at Dr. Biodgett's clinic in Luxora following a heart attack. He had suffered a heart attack several days ago but iccoveier 1 and was In a Luxora drug store having a prescription filled when lie had the second attack. He died soon after he was moved to the clinic Mr. Poteet was born in Guntown Miss., but had resided In Luxora for teveral years. He left there three years ago and moved to Hot Springs but returned last year. His wile. Mrs Ophelia Poleet, survives him. Other survivors Include three daughters, Mrs. James Day and Misses Patricia Ruth and Opal fotect of Union City, Tenn., and Pvt. J. C. Poteet with the Army in Japan; four brothers, Sam, Whit, OBell, aid Craig palect, all of Guii- iown, and a sister, Mrs. India Cayson of lupelo. Miss. Holt Funeral Home Is In charge. Confederate Veteran Dies JONESBORO, Ark., April 10. W —Alex Tippen. 102, civil" war veteran, d'cd at St. Bernard's hospital here lost night He had been confined to the hospital for two years. O:vj other confederate veteran, W. C. LoiKlermilk, 101. lives here. England's Labor Party Loses Control in London LONDON, April 9. (AP)—The British Labor Party yesterday lost control of the London County Council for the first time since 1935. The council is the most important governing body In -England, next to Parliament. The Conservatives, with striking gains in the council elections, swept into a tie In the council, which governs London, leaving the balance of power In the hands of the lone third party representative elected, a member of the Liberal Party. Final returns from Thursday's voting gave the Conservatives and Laborites 64 scats each. This left Sir Percy Harris, the Liberal, in the driver's seat for tile next three years. • In the old council Labor had held 90 scats to 30 for the Conservatives. The Liberals and Communists had two each. Five additional seats had teen created since the last election. The Conservatives also won a smashing victory in Middlesex County, which went to Labor by a scant majority three years ago. Marshal is Wounded By Bullet Fired Into His Home in Clinton CLINTON, Ark.. April 9. (AP; — City Marshal Haskell Sitlon was •auiKled seriously by shotgun blasts ay. Elublnoff also present scml- popular and popular numbers. His concert selections Include the "Warsaw Concerto," Chopin's "Polonaise" De Bkissy's "Clalr .de Lime," Gershwin's "Rhapsody In Blue" and "Don't Fence Me In." Game Warden, Loyal To His Sworn Duty, Prosecutes His Wife POHDYCE. Ark., April 9. tip) — Game \Vnrdcn Charles Cannon still :s in good standing with the Ar- liunsas Qame and Fish Commission, but lies probably In the doghouse tit home. Whil3 he was patrolling streams o see that no one caught any bass urlng' the closed season, his wife cut iinhing When they returned home, Mrs. 3annon showed her husband a line tring el bass. He turned her In and she paid S10 Tine. Pupils of Three Schools Take Part in Visiting Day First and second grade students from the Number Nine School were guests of the same grades at Yarbro yesterday, In a special visitation program, from Central School. 1 Sixth grade students met with tiie Yarbro's sixth grade. Classroom work, demonstrations of projects, and supervised Softball games were held In the morning, and in the afternoon a film, "Swanee River' was shown in connection with recent studies, by Tom Miller, a rcp- rcsctatlvc o f Arkansas-Missouri Power Company. - . Miss Ernestine Trench accompanied^ the Number Nine students, am Mrs. Lillian Frank the Central students, i Mrs. Charles Springsteen ond J. P. Garrott, Blytheville "V directors assisted in playground supervision. flrcd into his home here early tod.-,. Later two men were reported to lave been arrested for questioning. Sitton. who suffered arm and chest wounds, was taken to a hos- illal at Harrison. At Die hospital. Sitton told a reporter a man he had been Invcsti- jatlng in connection with alleged Irnior sales hud threatened him last night. (Clinton Is the county seat of Van Buren County, in which the iale of intoxicants Is prohibited.) The shooting occurred as Sitton, 43, «nd his wife stnrtcd to retire about 1 n.m. They had turned out the lights In their bedroom when the shots were fired. Mrs. SHLon escaped injury. Burglar Suspect Held for Trial In Circuit Court Ei-win Bell Austin, 31, Chicago Negro, was ordered held lor circuit court action on two counts of burglary and one of grand larceny yesterday after being sentenced to six months on the county farm for petit larceny In a hearing before Justice of the Peace W. P. Hale in Osceola. His brother, Leon Austin of Carson Lake, was bound over to circuit court on a charge of being an accessory after the fact to burglary and grand larceny. Hearing for Louis Clayton, 13, Erwin Austin's nephew, on iwo charge.; of burglary, one of grand larceny and one of petit larceny was continued pending arrival of his mother from Chicago. His case was transferred to Juvenile court. A charge of receiving stolen pioperty against Lucille Hopson, Leon Austin's "intended wife," was dismissed on motion of the state. The two men and the boy were arrested Tuesday in connection with buglarle.s of the MoMath Store at, Gilder, the A. K. Maxwell Store three miles south of Osceola and the Osceola residence ol Miss Myrtle George. The stolen Items were recovered from both Leon Austin's home at Carson Lnke nnd Erwin Austin's rented room in Osceola. The Hopson womnn had been charged with hiding items taken from the MeMath Store by sewing them in a featliei tick mattress in the Carson Lake house. No Relief in Sight or Taxpayers Who inanee U.S. Government WASHINGTON, April «. (AP> — ouse Speaker Sam Hayburn tald esterday "no living man will ever ce cheap government In this coun- ry again." Addressing' the National Rivers nd Harbors Congress. Ray'uurn said he country now has "fixed charges" mounting to $32,000,000,000 a year, ncludlng funds to aid foreign re- overy. That amount, he said, does not nclude a cent for civil works such 5 navigation and flood control 1m- rovements. He cautioned the Congress, there- ore, that "you can look forward to budget of $40,000,000,090 or more or a good many years." Senator McClelhm (D-Ark), president of the organization, said It Is national stupidity" to retard a rogram of developing the nation's water resources. Marriage Licenses The following couples obtained imrrlngp licenses from the office of Miss Elizabeth Blythe, county clerk, yesterday: John Ernest Hscd, Jr., of Memphis, Tenn., and Miss Mary M. Lee Blytheville Gets $901.83 As Result ot New Act On Odd Cents ot Races Tlic city today received its first check for Its share in "breakage" nccimmlntcd nt Hot Springs Onk- Inivn Track during the spring racing season. Blythevllle received $901.83, City Clerk W. I Mnlln said this morning. "Breakage" Includes the odd pennies left after parl-muteul bets arc paid off. Act 48 passed by the IS43 General Assmbly provides that the "breakage" be divided among first clnss cities of the stnte. Eviction Policy Change Announced by Rent Boarc Since control of eviction became i part of the new federal rent lav effective April 1, officials of thi Blythevllle area office made knowi. that they are ready to hear from any tenants threatened with evic tion on any grounds other thn non-payment of rent, committing a nuisance, using the premises to immoral or Illegal purposes, vio lating an obligation of tenancy, et "The new law returns to the cer tificate system in evictions, and v. will again pass upon efforts t evict to see whether they are vali under the law," C. A. Cunningham director, said. \Local courts had exclusive juris dtction in the matter of eviction under the 1948 law, Mr. Cunning ham explained, and the new la does not give the rent office ar authority in eviction matters I which there was a judgement bi for the new law became effectiv of liiiute Missouri. Alton Douglas Powel! and Miss Betty Jo Carroll, both of Blytheville. can feel giv« a man a Job any time 11 the guys who gave me a meal when like It. I want to remember I I couldn't buy one of my own." With the Courts Chanrery: Raymond E. English, vs. Dull Leon English, stilt for divorce. Read courier News Want Ads. Hollywood Continued from Page 4 money on It ever since it opened. Reason he's lost money is that any oW' lime friend who comes into town needing a job is put on the payroll as assistant manager. "At times I've had more assistant managers working in the place than we've had ciistoiners," he says. He's had several chances to sell out at a profit. "I'll never sell It," he said. "I want the place so I can walk in any time I feel like it and get a free 1 meal. I want a place I FOR SALE Gentle SHETLAND PONY, Harness and Two Wheel Cart $150 0. L. BALDR1DGE Caraway, Ark. Assessment NOTICE The law require* that each person assess his or her personal property and real estate each year, between January 1st and April 10th. This is th« year for assessing personal properly and town lots. Failure to assess your own property at my office in th« Court House makes it necessary tor the Assessor or Equalization Board to set the valuation for you. Please cooperate by assessing before April 10th. HERBERT SHIPPEN Tax Assessor, Mississippi County Court House — Blytheville & Osceola RICTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Except Oancerl DRS. NIES & NIES Clinic 51* Slain, Blytheville, Ark. Phone z GENTLEMEN: To have a suit that really Hts, be measured by a tailor. No» showing all the latest spring and summer Imported and domestic woolens. Drop down to our shop any day of the week. GEORGE L. MUIR "Blytheville's Only Tailor" 109 Railroad Verge Earners Increase WASHINGTON, April 9 (/JV— The etisus Bureau reported today that lie number of persons employed full line—35 hours or more—increased by 313.000 in March from the prev- ous month. The total was 1,596,000 be'.oiv March, 1948, however.' The number ol full-time workers for M.irch, 1049, was listed as 45,734,000. Three-Day Waiting Period for License Nothing for This Pair :•. It took over two years to do it but the young Negro couple from Caruthersville, Mo., who got s marriage license back in 1946, reported to the Circuit Clerk's ottice ycstcr day. ready for the vows. " They were all smiles when they reported wanting to get married, and the smiles continued when they wee told there was a three-day waiting period, and they told the tlerk they already had the license The Justice of the Peace wa.c summoned, and upon examination of the license found that they ha3 been obtained two and a hull years »go. The license are good only for a sixty day period, but a new license was purchased and the wailing period was waived, Inasmuch as two »nd a hall years covers several three-day periods. faces Felony Charge STUTTGART, Ark., April 9 (,T>— An Arkansas County Grand Jury hns indicied a LHtie Rock man on a charge of raping a divorcee. Jimmy Leonard was held without bond following the indictment yesterday. Tilt alleged attack occurred near here last November. Memphis Wins Notional Fire Prevention Contest WASHINGTON, April 9. (API- Memphis, Tenn., was declared win ner yesterday o( the United Stale Chamber of Commerce's annual fir prevention contest. . Drive a FORD and FEEL the difference I BABY CHICKS Healthy. Sturdy • liny the Rest • Master Mix Feed None Finer Lewis Poultry •119 East Main Phone 3317 IDEA For Easter TODAT FO* PHILLIPS MOTOR CO i Kytherlllt L FURNITURE REBUILDING The House of Chirm can really make your present furniture like new a^ainl We of- ter iruly toperior workmanship, a wealth of selection In upholstery fabrics »t evcrj price letel, and 10 daj service Call for a f rte estimate. House Ot Charm Jlmmle Deal Kemp Wlilsenhn 2»i! West Miln Phone,: «S2! , r <16 , SISTER ROSETTA THORPE Here In Blytheville! 8 P.M. TONIGHT Americon Legion Auditorium Sister Rosetta Thorp« 2 Full Hours of Gospel Singing Plan to attend this concert featuring one of America's truly great gospel singing stars, Sister Rosetta Thorpe, accompanied by talented Sis- I ter Mnric Knight. 500 seats in the center section, reserved for whites, are $2.00. The grandstand srats, reserved for colored, are on sale at SI 25. All proceeds go to charity. Brought To Full Beauty by Superb Dry Cleaning When you make your Easter appearance, be assured that your outfit will b« so much more lovely, and so perfectly correct . . . the result of Beslvray's distinctive dry clean- lug. Every care is talicn to produce a garment Immaculately clean and flawlessly pressed So send your dress, or coat, or suit to Bestway Cleaners. Then look forward eagerly to the happiest Easter of all ... so very confident thai you look your best. bestway cleaners White patrons are urjed to call early for \ reservations. Please call Jimmie Dc»l at 1621 or 4469 |at night, 33271. Hear Sister Rosetta Thorpe over KLCN 5:00 p.m. Sat. CAMERAS FOR RENT * Flash or Box Type Cameras. Also a complete stock of flash bulbs in all sizes. Barney's Drug Store 2006 West Main pjjone 3647 KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Phone 2089 Phone 4141 G. O. POETZ Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickosowbo Railroad ar Cherry and complete BUILDING SERVICE AND SUPPLIES Builder's Supply Co., W. H. I'ease J. 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