The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Showing What Taxpayers , Have Recei veci For Money In Five Years BY WK.t.tS TIIOKNTON' NKA Service Slalt {.'orrrenamldil This is one of a series of slur- les iliscussinj; (be Tpinn-ssee Val- )ey Authority hi the Unlit of Ihu present controversy. KNOXVILLE, Tcnn., March 23. —Clouds of suspicion hanginy low over the Tennessee Valley, and administrative- jangling over details of policy and procedure cannot hide from any visitor tho mighty proportions of Ihe work that is going on here. . In this natural river-valley area, including parts of seven 'stales, more than $151,000,000 of Ihe pro- pie's money has bvim .spent by thc Tennessee Valley Authority. It Is now engaged in spending $44,000000 more, apporprinted and oulhor- i/ed by Ihe last sew.ion of Con- gresi. , This TVA was proposed by President Roosevelt in 1913, as "a corporation dollied with (lie power or government but iwssesscd of Ihc flexibility and initiative of a private enterprise, ll .should b.? rharB- «1 wilh Ihe broadest <luty of planning for the proper use, conservation, and development of the natural resources of the basin . . . lor the general social and economic welfare of Ihe nation. This Authority should also be clothed with the necessary power to cany Hies- plans Into effect." ICcvfrwing First I'ive Years That is a good statement of what was done shortly aflenviird by Congress In creating Ihe TVA. it has been functioning now for five years, and although its plans look forward for 20, 50, 200 years, what actually has been done in llu>.s(.' ' first five may properly he reviewed. First, TVA put in shape and Improved for aclnal operation the old Muscle Shonls plant, including Ihe Nitrate Plant No. 2 which' had cost 570,000,000. Some $300,000 has been spent there for improvements mid additions, making the plant ready for passible war-time UTC In producing phosphorus, in addition to its present functions in river control, navigation locking, power production, and fertiliser manufacture and experiment. Mood Control IScnefils Second, the great Morris Dam on the Clinch river and Ihc Joe WJicelcr. Dam on the Tennessee have been completed. The former ias cost almost $37,000,000, Ihe latter $30,000,000 to date ^Within n month nfl( , r Non .. s BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS Extensive Accomplishments Of TVA orr B of IMG, its value in nood-control Kits tested. Experts are certain that stopping the flow of the. Clinch at M>ms prevented $750,000 worth of damage at Clmllanooga alone In the disastrous Hoods of Jan- liaiy, 1937, TVA experts believe Uieir combined operations on the Tennessee reduced the Ohio river flood crest by six inches at -Cairo where the waters were uarelv held' back by a (cinporary mud box O n lop of the levee. Had ,he levee broken, 515,000,000 >n damages would have followed. IVA believes any insurance company would have been to allow $1,500.COO for s | x inc h cs (Uf ? 'ercnce in (lie ,vnl cr i eve i at Cairo nt that, moment SUO.COO.000 Worth of Dams ™ r ?; l " e T VA has n i mos t fin, « u « Pickwick Landing Dam, which is ao per cent complete at a cost to date of about $30.000.000 "S sloru.g water and havini; its Z C /; B T rr ' li ' 1!! CI ""I™<^ Hi- stalled at present. The Gnnlmvilic Dam is hair finished ,520,000.000). Chickamau- ,,ti I",,'- Ol ' 1 3G wr cpllt «>"'(1 * 5W Hlwase nul int " lix ns b «» P'lt into preliminary work surveying and planning the proposed is the key to the whole system, ilnn r "!! ovcnvllc! »' 1 "8 proportion of TVA's tolal expenditures Mic gone for actual construction of river dams and their adjuncts. All these engineering works as sucti have been carried oil with re markable omelcncy, and there has wen virtually no criticism of the works as engineering projecU. In 'act. engineers and writers from nil over the world are constantly coming to see them and departing with admiration. -Small Washington Staff The TVA now ha3 n igi cm . ?'?>'??• on'? 10 of whom' are in Washington, making it certainly the smallest capital stall of any great government agency At Knoxvllle headquarters there are almost 2000. On individual Wo <. JJk thcrc are 1000 at. Chattanooga IOWJ <it Chickamauga, 1800 at Guntcrsvillc, 700 nt Hiwassee 1700 nt Pickwick. 200 at Wheeler, 400 at Morris, 1700 nt Wilson, the remainder scattered about the Valley area. Nearly 40,000 families are now gelling TVA power through mil niclpalllies, co-operatives, and direct. TVA received for 'this power $1,233,092 from July I, 1937, to Jan 31, 1938. This Income Is growing For February. 1938. It was $199,421 compaied lo $91,038 In February 1937. About 2900 miles of ma] «i«. ric lines arc being operated to dis- ribute this TVA power, tivcr Traffic Inn-rased Tho dream of river transport has ilreacly been realized lo some cx- ent, and large steamers have ome up the Tennessee us far as •lusclc Shoals, filvcr (rnllic on Hie Tennessee luis already exceeded ire-depression levels, and many vaterfrotil sites have been bouuhl >y private companies, anticipating lenvier Irafllc in future. Afore than 50,000,000 trees have been set lit M:c fight against erosion, and KW farms have been chect-.-danu.ied or otherwise pro- ectfd against too rapid rimolT. In 17 states, 24,000 test-dcmon- tration farms are trying out sii- lerphosphale plant foods devclop- •d by TVA and made in the elcc- '• trie furnace at Wilson Dam. Valu- j able cxperimcntatioii on producing ihosphate plant-foods ha.s been carried out, and reserves of uhos- >hate rock have been bought, for he eovcrnment. ^rore than 80,000 :ons of superphosphate phut food ias been produced, and distributed, 1'aniilics Mnvcd KIscwherc More than 400,000 acres of land lave been bought for the dams nncl surroimclijig developments at prices Itiat would average around S50 an acre. More than 8000 families whose homes stood in the way of the developments were bought out and aided hi re-establtsniug ihcm- sclvcs elsewhere. Two TVA nurseries at Clinton and Wilson Dam produced 18 GOO- 000 tree seedlings during the past fiscal year alone. Two parks at Moris and Big Hidge have been developed in cooperation with the National Park Service and (lie CCC, whoso fa. cilllies arc rented out to the mib lie. Valuable research has been made in the use of native clays and electric firing to produce pottery or a kind now Imported. There are many other activities but this sketches the progress of a gigantic project which ts still, after five years, considered as "in the construction stage." Striped Canes I'm liliiul HOUSTON. Tex. (UP)—Thc city council came to tho aid of blind persons by enacting an rmliJiiiiice recognizing a ml-:ind-ivlillc walk- In;; cnnc as nfliri:!! emblem of (lie sightless. Motorists are ordered lo halt whenever a pcilrstrlnn using such a «unc approaches a street CL - ossin£. Although daylight fades from thc ocean after n depth of less than half a mile, animal life continues down for thousands of feet betov:. where pilch darkness reigns eternally. England has built special perches on lighlhouscs at six points where feathered visitors cross her shores, so they may pause and rest. It is estimated these perches save tliu lives of Ihousamls of birds annually. Over a. period of 24 hours, a navigator uses seven different kinds of time to determine thc exact location of his ship at sea. Good magicians earn from $300 per week up and spend about a half year performing before audiences. Thc other half of thc ycnr usually Is devoted lo Hie development of new skills and devices. FARM LOANS .and Up | ArUnsm and Missouri Lowest rales—lowest cipenso Also clly proptrtles DON H. KASSERMAN Thomas Land Co. office P. p. Box 470, Phot* Wl. Compare These Prices Before You Buy Was iS'mv ':!(•> Oldsmoliilc Coupe, Uudio & lle;itcr . .S3:if> '32 Chev. Coupe, new ]>;iin(, mnlor good IHfl '.'i.'i -Ford Fi>rdor. A real buy 17.1 '.'VI Von] Fortlor Sedan with Trunk 22.i '112 Ford Tudor Model "H", new paint, .... 1)5 '.'!! Ford Tudor. A-l Condition 2!') Ford Tudor, Motor & tires good 2,s:> Chev. Coach, new paint. See this one 1!1"> Ford !/2 Ton 'Pick-up. A real buy .... 21") Ford Yi '"n I'ick-Up. .llotor unil tires ':!! '35 '.'jfi il!) I Hi 1S7 7ii Id',' 22:! 15!) ID!) good '20 Chev. l"/j ton truck 131" W. H. Only . . lid W '.'i-l Chev. \'/< Ton Truck 157" W.B. liody 1115 <HI AH the ahovc cars are in A-l condition, ready to £0. Tho past .10 days we sold used cars as far iiorl), as Hziyci, !'orlas;eville, New Madrid ami ChatVee, Mo.; West, Manila, Leachvillc, Monclte. l.aKe ('ity, Ark.; South. Osceola, Wilson, Joiner, Tiirrell. Ark.' Now, do not fake our word almut these hari;ains. If'ytm do not see Ihc kind and model li.sled, watch our wci-klv list of bni-gains. Kcmcmber the place. PHILLIPS USED CAS LOT 5th & Walnut niytheville. Ark. Roy Calvin, Mgr. Used Car ncpt. May Try Such Method To Offsel Naxi and Fascist Propaganda IIY I1ODNK1 (.'oiulfr Nuws OorresiHindenl WASIIINCiTON, March 28.-Nn-/i Ocnnany and Fascist Ilaly have Invaded Ijitin America by radio nnd 11 nous ollidals of nils s ov- eriiintiu ate tn'liijf to agree' on what lo do abonl it.' A Kovciinncnt broadcaMini; sla- Uon lo send short wave coiintw- piopaKanda below thc Rio Grande may be proposed by Ihe recently npiioSnted presidential committee! lo Klndy Intmuillnnnl bro:idciisti/i-<. That's why American broud- caMiig ouiipiinlcK are fallins; all nver tlicinselvc.'i In a rush to put an special programs for Sonih America. Allhongli these companies have done little of Ihis before, they don't ivnut the government in the broadcasting field and 'k to show that it Isn't necessary. "Flagrant misrepresentation" detrimental to American business, as well as propaganda which sneers at American culture and lampoons democracy, is churged against, German and rtnlian government broad- casliii!! slalions-espechilly Ihe former—by infciiini'd onieials. Germany braadrusl.s In Soulh America in Spanish and iwtugesc six hours each nii-jjt nnd nsc.s a radio beam which can be direeled toward any individiinl Ijitln American republic. "News" Kinlcsiiiirs During Ihe sitdown strike domic Latin Americans were that Bolsheviks were lakin^ u , t , tills country. German business rep-' resentallvcs .sometimes liavc been ordered lo prepare lo lake advantage of special "news broadcasts" whlrh alleged that large American firms were closed and unable to deliver orders. One story current here lells hou- a German slalion. burlesqued an alleged iihvciliug- of a Liszt .statue at which thc mayor,of San Francisco was Impersonated as a lout who bragged' of neon lights and an olcclric; piano beneath Ihc canvas. Highly colored news reports are broadcast lo German legations and consulates to be turned over (o local Soiilh American newspapers —free. Transcription records from Germany and Italy are showered epi- tohl over TUESDAY, MARCH 29, 1938 When 2-year-old William Olive got a summons to appear for jury service In a murder- case in Houston, Tex., he laughed right out loud, as shown above, and were court ollidals' faces red? They said they couldn't understand how the Infant's name got in the jury wheel, but Billy's clutching the summons to prove lie really got it. He is the only JViliiam Olive now living nt lib address. Ninch Is understood to favor creation of a government station. •Such a station, operating six or eight hours a day and requiring a considerable organization, would u»t between two and three million dollars a year, Private companies arc unwilling to spend that much ui'iiout some return and thus far they have IK-MI barred from jjiakins advertising profit an their short u »\L frequencies. Recently the PCC "loaned"~both General Electric and the 11011- pulit World wide UroudaisliuK ! 1 emulation two of the so-called J I'm American Jrc<i«i>ju:fc.s." : ami other Ijroiutaisllng agencies arc IIOK- tryiu gto (dagger and co-orili- imte lu-ogrums so there will bo something on, all tho lime, for South America." (JovL'riimeiit Action Certain , ihi.s gowrninentVj chief prnpn- I etudu olfort has been the Office of Mticntlon's "lirave New World" 'cilcs of 2li long Wll .ve broadcasts di.iinali/in,; jatln American hls- lorj and culturo. Tlii.s is in ISig- IIMI and hasn't betn heard in ^oulli Anicricn much, }, M ()„; idea is to build- good will for Ijitin Aiiiiiica in (his country and at the •"fix time to make Hie latin Ainerlcuiis feel sjootl iiboui the at- ttition they're Betting. . Iho Chavez-McAdoo bill for a LI b. I'liii-Amerlcau Broaitcasting ntioiv which would he operated iiiiaer State Department supervision from Han Diego will, | )e „„ for a li 'mis soon. (Florida Is beginning Kev !1 \°e n0tC a S ''"' lar 1> " >1 " >xl] lor The radio-lplcphoiie lobby prob- nmy can block govertuneiit' station proposals, at least for awhile. The outlook as to a substitute plan is confused. Hut some form of government operation, subsidy, co-ordl-> Jinlion, co-operation or other p/ff ticipatlon seems fairly certain. Sues For Divorce fien p. Booker has filed suit In chancery court asking for a dlvorco from Fannie Booker, on tho ground tf dcsehJon. K'c-ill Heo<l It attorney for the plaintiff. Only aliout 50.000,000 01 India's SM.WIO.COO )x>pu In lion are able to rea ( j nny one of the dozen principal languages spoken there. The principles of mass production were seen and practiced more than a century ago, and have Ijce-n In continuous use ever since. on local broadcasting stations, some of which already arc subsidized by ids from "dictator countries." Counter-Attack funds The only pleasant aspect of nil this as seen here is the fact that much of the propaganda is crude. News broadcasts are considered (lie most important phase of the problem and American news broadcasts which will gain reputation for accuracy and command respect while showing "how democracy works" are thought to be the most valuable form of counter-attack. The effectiveness of. the foreign propaganda and extent to which both it uncl American programs reach thc average Latin American are among questions being studied by [he presidential committee, which is headed by Chairman ['rank McNinch of the FCC. Mc- 24 HOUR FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE Only Authorized Service In Mississippi County Commercial or Itesiilcnce J^bs Phone 67 E. B. Gee Sales Co. E. IS. Gee, Mgr. 103 S. Second St. AGAIN THIS YEAR',-' WE WILL BK HEADQUARTERS FOR AUTO SKAT COVKRS ^ NKW PATTBRNS NEW STYLES if NKW PRICES To make room for our ne» stock of seat covers ire are closing out our present stock at below cost prices. COME IN TODAY'. . SAVE 50% W1!II<K THE1' LAST. ' TOM LITTLE a CHEVROLET CO. I 301 Walnut Phone 633 Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTEE1J Safe, «nre and with less discomfort. All diseases and conditions of uervons origin, fool allmtnta and skin cancera treated and cured at our clinic. DRS. NIES & NIES SU Mate Osttopathlc Physlctani Phone M BtTtterlD*, Ark. , March 31st BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. SALE RAIN OR SHINE Kverythiitg sold at auction with the privilege <>!' reject ing unsatisfactory bids. CHARGES Mule;; anil horses under S25.00 .......... Sl.O Muh's iinil horses over §25.00 .......... S2.0 Hops anil cattle ....................... '5 Miscellaneous items .................... 1 ()'; Private sales on yard will carry same charges as auction. BEGINNING 10:00 A.M. The Missco Corporation, a farmer owned, controlled and operated farmers market, will hold its first regular weekly nncl ion sale on Thursday, March SI, 1938, and regular sales every Thursday thereafter. buy lion Farmers everywhere are inviled lo bring anything that (hey want (o sell at auction. Farmers and lujers from everywhere who want to buy at auction arc invited to be present. Evervthinjr sold nt auc- inii with regular commission charges. ' Hrinjr your cattle, hogs nudes, mares, sheep, Roal.s, tools, household poods or anvthintr vou have (o I to this auction sale, where an experienced auctioneer will sell it for all that it is worth." BLYTHEVILLE Auction Sales Barn ON OLD CHICAGO MILL SITE ON HIGHWAY 18

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