The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 12, 1949
Page 11
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TUESDAY, JULY 12, 194» BLYTHBVTLLB (ARK.) COUKIER NFW8 ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams / NO, I THINK HE { DOME SOME THJNKIN' -> THERE.' HE RUKJ A / CHtPMUWK UP THAT TKE.E AW HE'S LAVIW I THINK YOU AMD THIK1K TOO WUCH ALIKE *>u'Be STIILAS STIPP ASi A UALLTKEe,5O4. SWlNSIrtS/VJ£lL STOP W HALF AW HOUR AND TEST YOO — IF YOO CArt GET VOOR P .FATHe* — •FVfFf CAUfT We FISH O* SOM&TmKiG ? XNC POLLED TrtE*E D0KTEO OARS TtaORXD MORC iHAJ-i >We*i I STROKED TWe GLASGOW CKW* WALK r>O\VN HIM AN' BE TIMBUCTOO THAT 50 IT CANT DOWN WITH HIM FEEUN' AROUWD BACK Of= (•JOT TfiAltiltiS TO MAIZV ACEDSS THE- ATLANTIC/ Our Boarding HOUM with Ma j. Hoople Reid Courier News Want Adi NOW! Beautiful Floors In Your Home Whether you'd like your present floor* beautifully refmished. or !f you wish new hardwood, asphalt or rubber tile, or Inlaid linoleum floors . . . Charles Wood can do the work expertly and at reasonable cost. Call 2212. FREE ESTIMATES Charles Wood Arkansas Painl Co. Phone 2272 CLIPPED ANGEL 1949, N£A SERVICE, INC. By Give Grierson Cornish THB ttTOKYi Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickosawbo SWIFTS PREMIUM ~i BRANDED BEEF W« Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries W« De/fver Phont 2043 Plenty of Parkins Spac« t why lb« her father eil*«. Mfk«, Mike Iftkea la Ik wlrfc r. wan ••• for Maar thai If la* oat. 11 -rcnaM via JV~KXT morning I was still feel inp sorry for Uncle Jake and his forlorn attempt to smile when ne said he hoped I'd And a new vein. It was Kkely h* knew how t run the Dark Angel because he'< grown old with it. But put him ii unfamiliar surroundings and he'c be lost. He was the faithful serv ant, worn out in the service ot hi employer, and now facing disaster through no fault of hie own. Either that—or h* was a marvelous actor. But thoughts of Uncle Jake vanished when Kffie phoned me the assay figures I was wailing lor. I copied them down: I-rk A L«4 B $4.79 $15.43 yi« 17.91 4.7t 1435 5.50 18.2T ,y mind. I would have to tell Cory. She was paying the bill and she was entitled to information, nd it was better to giue it to her n spoonfuls than in one indigesti- >le lump at the end. 1 found Cory in her private office checking smelter returns. How'd you like to take a walk n the country," I said. Sh* smiled. "AH right." • • * "^lE truth was 1 wanted to get • out where I knew there were no ftavesdroppers within a mile, Another reason was that it's not often a person runs into dirty work in my trade, and I felt the need of some clean mountain air. -Where to?" she asked. "Upstairs." I pointed to the aerial tramway running up the side ot Umbrella Mountain. Before the gravity chutes were cut through inside the mine, the tramway transported ore down \o the mill, but now it was used only to carry the crews to the upper workings. We .sat in the cage and floate< through the air to the top level and then we got out and scramble* up another riOO (eel to a ledge o rock. Cory flopped down on somi dry moss and I sat beside her in the warm morning sunlight, Th* bilious gray of the tailing dump was softened by distant and the dark green of the fir-cla< hills was slashed with autum scarlet and gold. The country wa beautiful. I felt like abandoriln the Dark Angel and starting righ then and there on my three-moot holiday. Averages $5.05 "Effie," I said. how interesting that and thanks.' $16.4* "you've no Idea is. Goodby, 1 thought tt over and made up T lajr back on the moan wit littl« sigh of con tent men "Last tim* I wan up here," sh said lazily, "I shot a bear — brok hi* hick with th* first shot." I groaned. "Cory, don't you ev> have a weak moment when yo el you'd like to depend on some ere man?" She chuckled and sat up. "I'm epending on you right now, Mike. hy did you want to come up ere?" J pulled Ihe papers from my ot-ket and spread them on the I OSS. "Assay results. This"—1 pointed o the first set of figures—"is what got from Riggs. Average value 4.82 per ton, from the chip sarn- ies Archie Trask and I got Tues- ay afternoon." She nodded. "That's about what s bet'n running." "And this"- -I pointed to the Lot A" figures Efne had given me—"is from the second sa m- ling, the ones I took mysel! and which we look into Driscoe to the xpress office. Average value $5.05 —in other words, near enough to iggs' figures not to matter.' 1 She nodded ngain. "Tt just goes 0 show, Mike, you have ;i nasty, uspicious: nature. And il shows, oo, that I've been a stubborn fool about the whole thing." "I'll settle lor stubborn," ! said. She smiled a weak sort of smile. 'I don't see that it's much use your stick ttiR around, Mike. That's about as final as anything. You could go on taking samples till doomsday but it wouldn't put commercial ore in the mine, 1 think I'll tell Doug Weyman to line up that lawyer with the 25 grand." "Half a minute. There's something else here.' 1 1 pointed lo the assay result 1 ? of "Lot B." "These," 1 said, "are figures for samples I took m/ter I dropped you at your place Tuesday night. Average $16.40. In other words, assay figure* for samples that haven't been tampered, with." And then I told her about the business o< the reef knot* on the sample bags. (To Be Continued) Service — That'* Our Motto/ W* ftpiirt no effort lo providing an HJtTRA everyday prescription service which meant extra convenience to vau Feel (ree to can on us at any time Prompt d*- ilTery service Phon* 50? V^OODS DRUG STORE - GOOD FOOD - DRIVE TO SIMPSON'S CAFE trk-Mo Stale Line A Cool Place to Eat Sunday Special from 1 to 3 • Oaupie Fish • • Fried Chicken Dinner 75c • We Never Close • PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores FRAZIER BUS LINES Charter Service For Church Organizations, Baseball Clubs, arc. Licensed A Insured Licensed & Insured for Your Protection CaM for Our Schedule Phone 2391 or 4152 SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up lo 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Soulh Broadway Phone 2651 NEED A TAXI? DIAL 968 BLYTHEVILLE CAB 50) E. MAIN Jack Onment Richard Pugh (0\|f>\\y in \i Ri-rtl I Phon« 521 HAIRY VETCH Early Shipment Expected. .. .Plsce your order now for your requirements, to insure your needs fom first car, Blytheville Soybean Corp. Phones 85fi-857 Blytheville. Ark. ,S T U D E B A K E R, Phone Phone 888 S8S DID YOU KNOW THAT CHAMBLIN SALES CO. OFFERS YOU THE ONLY AIR-CONDITIONED SHOWROOM IN ALL OF ARKANSAS? Your Studebaker Dealer Offers You More! IBIS Ford 2-Door Sedan 19-18 SUidehaker Land Cruiser 1!M7 StudehaVer 5-Passenger Champion 'hfvroM 2-door. has new rinRS. 50 OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM Chamblin Sales Co. "Yput Kriendhr Studenaker Dealer" Ash . Phniie SS8 •STUDEBAKER' COM. IM4 IV FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER What'* Up "I wouldn't mind staying home with my dat» if you could get Dad to bad—last week he quizzed Henry about his bank account!" W)IATA« We orf JWMATTA WG-WI65 DOING YOUR k|OOS£. BUO? / PRtSS IS WTH AW STATfMENr WILL HA^E TO COME •RISCILLA'S POP Hall' Is Heller Than One BY AL VKRMEKR HERE'S A PLACE IN LVNBROOK., HAZEL.' FIVE ROOM5... SUN PORCH... -AND-A-HALF BA.TH-5... WOULDN'T ARGUE ABOUT MUCH IF COULD TAKE HALF A BATH VIC FLINT The Inspector Is Upset BY MICHAEL O'iMALLEY and RALPH LANE flobody in tfie two racing squad cars noticed Basil Christophers car a* they sped by. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES (All ITP« E«ccpl Cancer) Clinic 5H .Miln HIvthrTillr »rk fhont - I'LL EXPLAIN ^ EVERYTHING, j GROWLIE. JUST ' STAY CALM—AND DON'T SWALLOW THAT CIGAR.' THIS FIRST WE PICKED VOJ UP CARRYING 2O GCANO IN G-NOT&S.'NOW W6 fINDWU ON THE SCENE Of THE MURKR .' WASH'TUBBS i cecfttL now, EASY... OAD SMC IUC CFKEMOUY tti.5 OU6R. AND1HEV WERE RESDV TO LOWEB THE THE OUTHWS MUST'UE FIED It) t BEHIMP THE NEW Will..-. W& REiUllUS THEV'D 40OHJ BE CH.PTURED. HID WE BOX «HU6 H0101N5OFF PURSUERS 1 . Out p EXACTLY'. 1HEV ' 6AVI IT..SWIKKED " . GREAT SCOTT..>\BOKES^.*NC> WHEW I SEE IT ftlL NOW! \WOeKMtN LiTEB » StALEO COPPEB. \WHlKlt> W STONt j BOX H01.DI«0 PftPERS \ IMF. VOOT \ OF IWTEEE6T TO A I 6EALEB IU LATER GENERATION L THEWALl-.^ fS OFTEN SET UMPEft A CCCWEKSTOIJE. SO BY LKSLIK TURNER IF THE COPPER BOK K»D BEEN^ HEtYTHWC FouwD.n'o ewe omv WHIDWS \fns,6»s/! PL»CE,SO THE P1LCUEBS TOOK IT WITH "EM.-AND TlVPiHSE TUOMCHT/ITIU THtF THEY STILL Hftt> THE MOHEV SOX /EIVEK fttJO jftMINS VOtK RUIIOIMG'.^/ IT IM UNJ>£R lOtKS ITMEWJT NOTHMki NMEU FOOWO- BUGS BUNNY DO VOU WAsNtV SURE, OOC, THE JOB OR /\_ »UT &O6H... DONT -VOL) ? <5tT YOU*. STUFF, 66T OUT TO THE Going to the Dogs SOMETIMES "T ALLEY OOP Harsh Words HY V. T. HAMLIN ' TH' <^OOt~). BA.H.' IF yau A5X ME B<?<3M'LL NEVEK EVEN SET THAT * ' ~ SA6S CAN UP OFF mm.. .v i\ • i^ir A;\P fF S2OC. NMUS£ <3OT TH SENSE <SF AGNA.T hEl-L PuLL C'LJX'N THIS LUNATIC BjSINESS RIC5HT NOW/ ^ o> NVH.VT y HE'S MAO A1L6. I. BEi'MJSe I HIM? J\ WlPN'T TAKE) is. -A • hlM W!TH ~' 1VE SOT A, JEW I?£>,D> TO TAXE OFF...LETS SO.' HOOTS AND HKK BUDDIKS Ohl BY EDGAR MARTIN SO t£>" VOE FORGOT ftS-V

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