The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 23, 1934
Page 4
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FAM row THE 8LYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ZHM COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0, R. BABCOCK, Editor a W. HAINE8, AdvertWnt UMU«er BLYTHBVILLE, (All.) COUBIEB NEWS Sole National Advertising R«pn«nutl«»: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Deixit, St. Louit, Dallas, Ka-s«j City,Memphis. Published Every Alteration Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter at the post office at Biylhcvllle, Ar^ kaiisas, under net ol Congress, Oc^ tober 9, 1917, Served ay tlie United Press SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier hi ine Cliy of BlvUicvUte, 15c i«r Keck or $6.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius of 90 miles, 13.00 per year, ?!.5i) for six months, 85c for lljee months; by mall In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, W.50 per year, in zones seven nnr 1 eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. When Public Servants Flail An Accuser— Nothing i.s ninth more inslnidivc Ulan to wnlch (he violent indigimtimi which a public rcrvant (tispl.iy.s wlien he has been aecnsed of wrong-doing. ' A line illustration of this is ihe spectacle which the Kentucky legislature recently ban been making of itself. Someone nul lung ago wrole a letter to the editor of tlic Louisville Courier-Journal, hinting ruther broadly that certain legislators had been more or less corrupt in disposal of a certain bill. The letter was printed over the .signature, "One who believes in government, a member of (lie iiuiiso of Ucprescntiitives." Instantly a storm broke loose. The legislators stood \\]t on their hind legs, tore tlieir hair, drew (heir claymores and sounded the tocsin. Were they limiting for their dishonored colleagues, that they might expel them? Not at all. They wnre bunting the man who had made the accusation, so that they might have his scalp. They haled before the legislative bar the.Louisville editor, Vance Armentrout, ;md demanded that he give them the name of (he letter writer. Avmen- trout invited them tu go and climb ;i tree. They bad him jailed, and lie •• got out: on ii writ of habeas corpus. They lined him ?25; he refused to pay, and suggested (hat they sue him and sec how far they would get. They asked President Koosevelt to fire the editor's boss, who is ambassador to the court of St. James. Suppose, now, that UK.- cdiiuv |,; U i given them the name uf this letter writer. \Vhat would have happened 1 .' Something like this, probably. * ' * • The letter writer would have been called in and questioned: "Did you ever, with your own eyes, see a legislator accept a bribe? Did you ever, yourself give money to a legislator? Have you affidavits, documents, sworn witnesses to prove your charges?" And whun he admitted that he had none of these things, they would have called attention Jo their innocence and denounced him as a rumor-monger and a nit-wil. , One would think (hat :l legislative body accused of corruption would hasten to demonstrate il.s innocence. One would think it, that i.s, if one didn't know Auicrkvui legislators. Their instant read ion to such a charge i.s to have HI [heir .u'cnwr and detach his seal]). They never seem lo rcali/e that a legislative body which is alway,-, unmistakably, working honestly and intelligently for the public interest .is never in any danger of being besmireli- ed by irresponsible miid-slingers. — I truce Cation. The Brain's Extremes It is very n-ldoni, thank heaven, that there is anylhing in (he newspapers ([Hite an horrible as the slory of Hie Akron business man who threw his baby son into (he furnace "because the Lord lold me lo.'' One hardly needs to await the report of the psychiatrists lo know that the man was deranged. Me just had t-omo home from a hospital, after being hurt in an auto accident: he had been "talking strangely"; a friend had asked the man's wife to hide hj s gujj, if lie had one, rearing that he might do something des|wt/e. lUit no one foresaw, or could have foreseen, the- frightful thing that he actually did do. What a strange and terrifying Iliing the working of Hi,, human brain is, after all! Let a bit of bone press lightly on the brain somewhere—and a kind, intelligent man is turned into a liend incarnate. Derange a few brain L e]|s—;uitl all the graces of mind and heart cancel themselves, .somehow, and leave only a thing of horror. Cause Of Inefficiency Every so often we are told llial'lhe United .Status in-eds a Scotland Yard— which, to be sure, is undeniably, true. The latest plea comes from Governor KI.V of .Massachusells, who lias asked the .state, legislature lo draw up a 1'lan for .such institution. What we usually I'ail lo remember, however, i.s the fact, that it is not so much new police machinery that is needed as a new spirit on tin- part of the olfice-holdcrs to whom tlie iwlice ultimately are responsible. Scotland Vai-d would t'unclion no better than (he Chicago police if Scotland Yard were subjected lo the same kind of political pulling ami hauling that afflicts the Chicago force. liel'ore our polite ,<y.siems wiil .stand comparison wilh Hie London system, we must divorce Diem from politics. And that, considering everything, will take .some doing. As f rlr as foreign |iolicy is conccriu-d. Hillci is the only in [lie world w!,n knows wlml he wajii.s. -Rayjimiul t,esli;: iiiu-ll. president ol the Furc-lBii I'nlir-y Asaoriiiliim. OUT OUR WAY Tliere ai<- dark i-luiids over Asia, and we mnsi IK prepared |» defend ourselves n ni-i-c.s- .viry. — Kcur Admiral Paul Orns. nava: attache lo flie t-uvic: embassy at Washington. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark 'Wl© &>• .M^'ftM^?^ l^lgi^Wffe; iiM^WIi ; tt\,Jt»iki I BIS KK D-3N'T ' BELIEVE IH KOVIN' LtSS'M HE HAS TO, DOES HE? By Williams , ., BUT _ MY FOOT I DONl'i' •aGGM YO i HAVE AS MUCH I 'JC'J AS The Editor's Letter Box K1UDAY, MARCH 23, 10H4 MS CURIOUS WORLD v'J"" ilffairji^' (<> WOI ' k- Wt> hilVt '"' 1 lilne to ttist ' us s Your life Expectancy Is Longer Than Your Parents' BY 1)11. MOHKIS I ISIlliKIN Ellllcr. Jnurnal of the American Mfdleal A&coi-lallon. ;md ol Ilyceia, tin- linltli Majazine in tliLs nralern age of Improved medic-ill jwaciicc. you cnn expect to live lo the age oi GO yenrs, if you're an average- person, and perhaps- to 70. BO or 91) years. 11 your hcallh is above average. ! last 50. yours, life expectancy nl t>irlli lias increased considerably. .Mm perliaps il will increasi; furtlicr lo th= Biblical lliree-scoro ycai-s and ten. given Hie continued advance in iiioilcrn sinllntlon and :i belter initlcrslandina of menial hygiene^ Hut Hie Increase in life ex laucy In the last century Is not~li- Ing less tlian remarkable. '1'lierc is fuirly fi ood evidence Iliiil llic i-xpvctnney ol lite -,a birth in IBM lvas between L'5 and .'10 years. Around lorjl), men born Hie United Stale.s liatl u life cx]x>ctation of W3 veins, and women ol -10.5 years. The i-xnccliitlon rroc gMdiiiillv nnlll atoiit 180, \ihcn II wa.s -12?, for jur-n. and U.S f or BOHICI'I. Wilh the l-ceimiini; ol lh" 2fltn century, however, and will, i!i» rent advancement which lius come in medicine since time tnue tin: expectancy of lite at biuli l, ii risen rapidly. U.v WIO Ihe life expectancy was 50 years for men. nnrl 53 lor women: by 1020. 5-1 yenrs lor men, and 50 years (cr wom-n- and in mo, ii was about i-Q yenrs lor men and (J2 jivirs for women. luleresthiy in itiis connecilim Ine gr.-iiliuil rliniigc- in UK- ciiu-i < of clrntli. These are a tm-ct -,- Hectinn of Hie tliaimc.-, in r',-,r "ay.s of living. Motor cars were uiikr,o«ii :n WOO. lint arcidenls from niirr-r ears were- lo;l, in tlic IK Y.| causes of dcaih.s 'in 133D- n'piin-i fever MCXK! 14th i,, u u . ;" ; ,. ,',, causes of deatti in i!KK). i ;: ; ., v 1330 it had dlsapiwared fion, -I-'. I'l-.'-t 20 on the list. UiplitlKiiY which was lath in 19IW ^ •>:•'• \\ In 1D30. . ' ' Suicides do not appear in ilic liisi 20 In 1900. bill, an- liili i" (he list of 1S30. Whcreits hearl dlscas3 was third in WOO, n leached first place by 1030. * » • Now, the reasons lor some ol Uiese changes are obvious. They are due lo Hie fad that people are living longer than they use:l 11 ley die arc cssenliallv di<e.i>--<'i o! advanced years, which iiulicaie a sj.-atlua] wr.-iring out of the human body. . In 1000 cancer was seventh on Hie list of causes of dentil, and in 1330 it was second. On the other Hiuul. tlis increasing strain and .siwccl of modern life also are rc- "Ctcrt In (he fact tlmt the dis- ises which now kill liuman bo- IKS arc for the most pan dis- A Veteran 01^ Hie li<iiiu> 'To Iho editor:] 1 have been i regular subscriber to the Courier for a loan time and want tu luiiui you a boiiciuct on Hie iiiipnili:il stllinde you 1mw tukrn aton^ ro- lilical lines, and at the Annie ili'iia :ter a protest In regard to -in editorial in a recent Is-suo -j| your WIILT In regard to the cash ,wy- neiii of the war veterans adjusted cnmjH-nsatioj). whicli is olt^n nlscallcd Itie soldier Iwmis. Just wliat prompted you m rap Kiymrm uf the :einalnder of O '.i,- •eiUlicaU>.s. that v.'cre given us m iiu of wiiB-s m- lost will],, bear- B arms a-aimi an enemy jf our )i loved country? When you talk. H vclc-rnn loilay, the toiivprsa- , Kern-rally drifts to the f|UCs- lon. wlien do you thinl; we will et our bonus? to tie fianl!" l.-oiil tlic malter, 1 for -jne ;!on'i spect, in yet any more of it, ,.*. CIH for a paltry few dollars in he ycnr 1U15. inal is ,1 I ma:i- Ce to slk-k around 10 years litn-'- r. I'm not simut. I know, if i wc ,.,. :'d prol.-aljly he rich, btit j do r.ow thai there Is a privilei;ed SB-S'S in Ihe set-np of our pn-sent (lnilril.sli-.-iti'Ki. First tlie veterans KMisions an- wliacked in half or nl oil entirely, then ih e y plow p cotton and start jcuini; out MUSI Irces, which in 31) m -ID eais will make a fence post if ii ves. Then the (urine-:- !•; paid ot In fuim. What- a break lor them. Then the CWA to care for all the small lown big shols. regardless ol their qualifications or need;. I'm, sorry thnt .sonic member of congress doc>?ii't introduce a bill (before this dollar silos and let the unemployed .'ill with wild yreyis and ihe iiinciil donate the hog jow-s. .so we ui ronltl lirjure on iu- morrow. I am u world war veteran -uul disabled, bm haven't any medals, fo;- our Uncle Snm didn't dcrnrnte ting in il. One generally hacf to dislodge- n machine Rim nest or cnpturc n battarion single liand- cd lo gel a citation. But 1 did ' 1~^T~( •i -^.r&i. . I . -.-i-.^S. ?e MEAD C!- A RIGHT WHALE OCCUPIES ONE-THIRD ITS tNTIRE LENGTH / THI= WHALE30NE FROM O.ME HEAD FOR/AERLV SOLD FOR. $ 6OOO. ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Nc,\s lias her:, a - ; . thorizcd to nnnciiiiici. tlie fo::o\iin)z n« candidntes for public office wb- Jtct to the Democratic primary wxl August: ' For Akembw CT Conjtcss CLINTON L. CALDWELL For Sheriff and Collector CLARENCE H. WILSON For Re-election for Second Term For County Treasurer JOE S. U1LLAHUNTT ROLAND GREEN For Cirruil Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG ADU1KO.N SMITH For County Court Clcrfc FRED FLEEMAX For Re-El«lloi] for 2nrf Tcrir. For Asstssor U. L, (BILLY, OAI.VE.b' U. C. (IKE) HUDSON of For t'oi^la CMrkasawlu JACK ROBERTSON llr III . 1W ri s ses which rellect that slv.iin. Men of the . ;, re ,i uil {o — &.",,.-> ,l(t UUL' IO the mlviincc of preventive mc<n- cinc ar.d to the improvement in modern ami surgical p.-.ic- t ice. CHURCH EXCUSES B T ff. Bartum Since tlic last esangehsue mr-et- im; held by ic.-r.c fellow am! his party .some tit mir club members have quit while others siill con-e lo onr iKiwins bin do not lake part in ainihmg tut the callus. I am of l he opinion dun the tvangjlist mn>; have said .somc- llnny aljuut ,,-n- ( -ii,i> !im | lhc lypo cf i-iitntammem mid ixasibl" onr refreshment. u looks I0 m ' e like they could trusi me to see to u that IKI!!I:II|! but the liigh- e-st ty|>e of lelreshmeiit ,ird cii- tertainmeiii v ,i>uld be THE LATEST ESTIMATE or- THE NUMBER OF STARS IN THE AMLKY WAY 13 no, ooo, ooo, ooo. THE HEEL OF A a G:RAFFE ,s ABOUT FQUK HROM THE GROUND. »-71 AVJii'.ille's ht-el is thnt jinnt which we commonly call llic hock |Thr ,sa, • !r:i the : is IriiL- with incsl other rjuatlnijjcds. Tlie »jraflc walks ii:-s of iis toes and lingers. The fiont leg joint, whicli Ihe lunnati kncj. is really ihr- aiiimal's wrist. VKXT: Do sciiiirrclb <-r;u-k walk a million miles and ]x a million ..puds, and if 1 i, ;1 .[ j reniainrior of ms p txnnifi '•ertiil '^ '1'oulh at Oiu-' Month ate CAN VON. Tex. <UP) — Purcuis » vuuiu ,ji,j .ii m ,.M,-. ...nitor, , ny of Clifford Roy Burriis arc expect- liwj-er bil! whir!, i\e owed for ing him to have n ni:'c set of teeth • SO " 1C llmc - v |V ,, «'»en He is srown. He was but one A Disabled War Vet month old when the First one rc- lilylheville, Ark. ctritly marie its appearance. SSSrVS), 1 ,! 1 ^ i|iirr:uli- parly IIIE n m : ,.,,,,rr;,,,,. ,,;,„,„, ,,, '• '"' ""•" f»C Hail been |,,, r , , , I"" 1 " •' rlr)l •">' '-11:1.'". n,-:,,, j lr "ims luiil none, ivltli the rose I ".a».ioC l : .i . .: ;•,- --, : - ;- .,rriH,rJ iK !^^ J1 , : , l ,;, l '",', 11: |;; "] ic * * • ''vuu vcri ' " llr '!- i:! ' r '• '•"•• n"i'u™r,i" 1 .!i'.!'.' "",'" " r .." lm "'" i» I "'">' and linil shrunk Inch for , "' vr " cr .. .,i i,,,. prIni?. He hrll,. v,-. i r.1: .11 ..,..._. _ . . f .nl Ifn ->,.--.- ~, ,.., .. ... li.-nl Khruiik ....... .„, . Cillll. sllnrl Rt'COIHl Tll<»r ho rn 1 • « - . ----.-- '" »./»> trniii in. i ...*>IM. i IK. i, lie re-!,., ""' •"* »nicii :i man":,,,,! ii, : ,, i '"ciuljcjml ilini lie was safe Ihi. l:,ct cvllr. him rr,,r,,r Ir,.,,, I raiisc llr- wa? vrrrrrin.i; an ins , Louie anr.-.s-eicJ ,,;u. :t ,, rieil. -Sure. Kiu—." ~aicL':'c i-.,-i loiiclicd ill? l^Ti'lTl""" u™ '"'"•"• '"•"'<" !'' ; '<ise In- wa? vrrrrrin.i; an insolent > " S fflc lo " cll(>t l "<? Mi. H-'- u;V- «'nil «!,.', 'i,,, c ; "1,1,," """ hc '"""• , *'u:ill iilnck moustache and a ', ''!':' Ioa " f:lcc wr '" miffed, au j th« Milill'l'-"^"'! • hl! l " 1 '"'" '" '""•' I M!nsl; - i "»in Mrainci] until it siiooo. Hi:,, „, '„ ,iin'j"'|v',,,'' r /'''r'"'' l ' 1 •' When he round Knyc? p.-il,IH 0 .' cyos "' c ' ro I0 ° origin r.m! liij ijr,'- J. f " El ," vr - """«•<' 'for n cr'i'inj decided in the ilnw way liicn cnme Sl '° C0 "' <1 scc ' worc dry. > ™"iiri f A'"' : riii.- 4 mv iv k,< » '' "" l!l llis '""' 1 " ?i " l;lcll e. Hscy wo-ji.j "I loved you from tlie firs! lima fiiiiiiiu i. tu.r.M-r,,, 'i,,,, ( ,.:,r, j Kn ''" s "" tl1 Ameririi. Tlit-re. nor- ' Inokeil at you. Prince?? " 1,0 s:,l,i >r,"nmi't.. siir""M- I ,,r,,-'v i '"' '" limo ll<? " ll!;l11 rcvivc a! |! " 3liilv «' r 'er slip Hart turned (rum ;iiir,i u,,«..,.„„:,„ „'„,; r,,-,,,!,,,^ ; <=eria,n seiu-e of safety and. io; lllc '"•''• "And I'm corning hac:- Jniiu-r. i,r K i,,., „ , v: , rc i, lor ,,,„ sonic ricjjrcc-. a wish :o live In: 10 y«" : Hack to you!" he went K oiv GO ON WITH THE STOuv j "*,X"^ 'nTl'ni °',< XoyCi . 1le i!'. n> ,,!T! <n | J " "* 701 "- "" Th " ciiAi-riiii xx n-,'! "" . c ".",." l " S! " on lo " v -'-i - a!l .. 1 " 1 " ' " am '•" lifc ™<i « •••• iv.'iinittecl I si-mlier am- that l j Ot C0ilr.,e. 1 vm-il iHJtoneiy Iroin Hie (i winic liie cvi-;;- for niixst o! i mn n cliiin-l, : love my cln.ic: i'.v;:cctl«» soci.r mectin; we- ];,• gellst ami ! :; , p arl and I CMKi-u-ii"' lo'Tiill"'^ me ar.d I !, iu i ;m . , IlL(1I , ,, - u, tell inn, :, !,, ,„(„„ „,„-, ,' 0 teli him dial much better i ti'om the Ilii local imtltet,~. tU-mon.stralc a ; te|>b and if woiuri !«• wo;i!d piemen and not Irani iid inti-r:iicd to I • v of o:ir latest • mind « a s as' clear as a pu-achcrs sh 0 -i!:l lie h: mcxsl certainly cimM not have found fatill. Siwngcs are tanned lit,. -^,,,,,:.i iniiriicr—tno samo account I lean was so careful tn keep from P.ililiio's eye?. As she read it siic told lierselt more desperately tlian before that she would liave to find tlie bay. At one o'clock sl,c siiu-cil out In die car she had rented for the afternoon. Already Hie streets were crowded with molors filled with men and women in costume. At times confelll foil as (ho Milck- cst snow- nml scrpcniino slream- ers liepui to wind aliout llic hubs ot the slowly revolving wheels. Kveryoae called yay greetings to tlieir lleigliliora. '['tie rich nml nnnr—all In llavnna—that day wore a3 lirollier and sister! ^'lie sun t'uoiio iI.izzliriKly upon (tie blue liiirlinr and grim, gray Morro Castle. The prclileat girl? In tU» wnrld tossed roseo and chocolates ami kisses to die passing men wliu ivoti tlieir favor. The mutor ears erect aronml and around die ordained rouie—down (ho strpc-rti I'rado: up (ho -Malecon <(1,G water front where the waves often ilasli ai;ain!.t a tliick, ^r.^v wall ;o leave a mlal ami rainbows In ll;e nir): tnln the smug airl proud \'cc]aiEo where livo thnse foilunaic onca who have forgotten the ineanlus ot hunger If. Inrteerl. diey ever knew it! Tlieii back anaui with fac-e? turncil from die sun toward Morro across the clnsc lo naiijcri. Tlic nriglit colr.r j "ie!ai:jA nirni.; 0 I coslnrnes. sua- hglit. blue water, srark-l t!owur=! -Tiiil vivid preen landed for him"', sejinralsit ami dien tangled nncir.'j He sii|,|in?cd Hit? mnqlc waji "1.p tlic lialc-irlnscopo wliicii Noytv' Part ot Noycs 1 ' ^-1-1,11"' bovh'ooii! , I atilitn. d:iiil;i:i:; of N'oyw. de-i ciileil (iiai |, c woi:M -n aaain «oon I tn I .a Mir.isnl. ~ ! II" movcil q:ii,k!y ;,„,) then f.'iiU'.'it liis tirer.di. Ii SMerncil din;' I-.Sli.-llc Kicld w;i-- i,, :: ,|,]e him. 1 Ilicu HIMII. npcnin^ d,e dnor of Hie rnnvir.f car. stepiieit' in in .--it hncli aii-l ; :ivo inin l.rjt- ! Of i-oiii>-o il was not K-itclIc l-'ie!cl wjio «-;i- h,-..i ( ie I'.'ihlilo. it v --is l.ntlie. siic lniii,-cil up na.; 1-ihlu-d timlcr 1'ublilu'a stcjily. iiiflKir-;;- C ;i2 C . "Like it. liont-y?" s], e n-sed lier shrill v,,:,-^ sbakin- a tit;i':' _"U'c |i:i:-i ||, c (_•;,,.;, Mian..;,.- s-.iil \\ir- ilhvrr n[ sv.-arlliy ski:: anil l-'rcii'.-li opera \vliiskrr.?. Lo;. tjo nsUcil q-,ii-kly. and cn^rrly. all that jnljlieri,;^?" I'alildo foiiml it dilliciill |r, n.,. Pl-iiii so simple a tliiiii: a-- dio tint tlicy were pactin:,' die prcji-i ika'.'a IIOTIV. ' ; |OTTIK seat ll, e l,oy who liroiishi die ice w,-ii(. r in scare:, dial iliai L-enilernan coulil noi 't',"' foiinil. Wrlli endless coaxing s!i? m.-innsofl to quiti f'nbiiio suth- cicntly (o :;et liirn iit,urcs=eii and m lierl. Tlicre lie lay tossing and miitu-rin, of a I'rinccoS nnd a pauper ami love nml Noycs Eh- •••nt lij the bcil, lioiilin- "l-abliln's I'tirul. s,,o;!,in 5 him |, y :iqrec , tlg "aniline die door. Wasji't dial "is 11:1111. licaa, en.-r ruuiiiij,-? If l.iuiif knew tli;j't"..|i r ~ ( |[ 1 ] ri(jl '•are lo •.„,.;,,•„„„ a „,„,„, wMIlllll ' t ".'v^-di'i''!-™ 1 ' f>;il ' : "" '"' s!it TUBE C.URSK ton C;TV OFFICES Election Tuesday, April i. For City Clerk S. C. CRAIG n. L. MCKNIGHT ROSS BEAVERS For Cily Attaints 6AM iIA.VATT WMAT WAS Tfi~ CXSKil.MAl- KAMP OP TWa AEioor NOW MANV STATES CITIZENS ARE. LIVING ABROAD Voung men kissed II,o coils ol serpentine streamers before th'-y Unas the arcs ot ribbon into die air. Mnrcu. walculus and sinil- IDS, tossed roses in return. It was really rullicr amiioing. she decided with th.ii mild dial comes from ti^ius tco rnuc!, enlevtnlned. A aliorl. stocky man who spoke a nasal variety of l-;,,?tisl, lenpc'l In tlic ninnittg board cf Marrin'.^ '•nr as (he parade was linltcil tem- Imrarlly by Ihn congcslion ahead, "llfjw's Tinici Ktiuore?" b-: Kl,e Inn^hed, her eagerness for novrlty making Ilia saliilation •imn.sin^. "llivjii 1 ,:i c a rose, niu't yon?" lit »i:ui on. Kwcrcii. Tlie man tooX tlie rose wilh a wMe smile that she lindersloorl later. "Glue my regards lo Broad*•»}•!" lie cslled as he stepped rlown tioiu me ruanios board to di=ap- Ibe ca;a ol ^ noon n nme ot we.nrincsf | crcpi into tlie festiviii, r—the sori- . of vcarlucds wimli (ollous oa d,c ! heels of sustained laughicr ' lislit-lirarieiltics;. L's en Lottie . 'Ml il. ihniiirli slio said she hml' never had "such a prnn,] d;,,?."! Her lap was full of h'.de cukes uf sweei chocolate, na.ili t<imire"-i of highly seemed CII!IMI sonr". tiny vials of perfume and olher' favor.-- d,nl hart been Una- in her' by admirers. Also in lit-,- (j ;J t bngj wcrv six scarf pi;;.- she- hail ox-1 Iravlcil from die dor of t!,o..e un-' . w.iry o;;rs w!:n h.-i'l sonrht to «-|ri; , lirr lavor fi-cirn dip running lnjaril I <i[ ihf r , lr . consiilorable ras^i nml' |t«ti rls:ir<<t rnses. one of wlilch,' «ns :iii,i[lec! wilh vuliic,-. Tiiis' •''•no file p:ani:cil lo give to I'alj-' I n! die holel ns-'in. Lottie' i sons',,1 him out. Tl,.' ( |i,.ir of Ills' rooai <\.i_- opon and she fuunj! ; ulir. sittiiis oa the edge of die bed.! • Loldr- li.ii) uo.-ircd licfon? liiat lil= ! tice wj; ::-.;^;j but aow the fiusu .-, s.ioiite-.I Hie tiasnt. "S!u:i 1:3. kid. s:,(. j rial,l h?rt l.-eu'le A oil." l. f ,,-ii L . „„,„-,.„,,. •% '-"'". If lie ker-,,, ,|,a, „:,she miiiioreil lo hor.-lf He did aiiii'ii =nri!,-..-.i:,.. call, n .\n K ..!;, ,v|,n lil'.TMlt lo !,»;.[ I,];,,. T ,. is ,,..,,.,, | |;s VOILC rl.< a: 11 in. A tcrvani lapped i,;, dl.? t'.onr Wus ,-.t]yr>,, e jl[. |, c .i;,^,^,.,,,.; He mann^r-uK-i,: wj^lir,! | n knov.-. ie.::iuse the uofsc from me rmn. b.'id been henrd U;K>I, ()bi5|-o. cniiving conslilcrnlilc wonder. "Tell die rnnaagcr in mind ln^ "wn business." Louie nnswcrc.i. "Tills buy's been drinhi.]' sumo o' your hurn lir|,,-nr ami he's pot i!:e snakes. If anybody siioulil dn A;,;.- apolosizin' it's yun. Unvo you r/-j- Itiai7" Tlic bcrvanl vnnibhcd. Close to cryins, Lottie bcul above I'aWiio. who looked so immensely tall riad hanl and slcmlcr on the bed, "Honey." she- wlilsr-c.vil. "if you keep on ycllln 1 I'M have | 0 RHH ymi antl I din't wanta do thai!" Slio ftoojic.-l (o lay liijr cfiefk apainst tii 3 . ()||, bow sh,; lovcil him. lovcil liim! ' His Ins-lit!; stopped, lie UJ 'pi:c;, lips p.ivictl. eyes clf>sc(l. "I sot a tccling tbts Is wnrs«> Pcrc:l. . . . And Heau vcuuld likely stay out all nlgiit. 1'- uiighl die. walling a doctor. Lollle dropped lo ber kneea side the bed. holding »l» pi'C^sd to her cteek. (To li, LJ

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