Weekly Arkansas Gazette from Little Rock, Arkansas on May 8, 1839 · Page 3
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Weekly Arkansas Gazette from Little Rock, Arkansas · Page 3

Little Rock, Arkansas
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Wednesday, May 8, 1839
Page 3
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n to' p., A in cs. ;l ne loll. 0, Jro .ho ey ins ut. pu ed m." the detl 1 tor a of " y ":- From the Army and Narv ChroaicU. u - Font Knso, Fia., March 7, lt-.J. ' W Sir-General Taylor arrived - her 3 ' yesterday, accompanied by his staff, and - 4 Cross. Assistant'Quartermaster General. . c'X Uackay and Lieut." Blake, Topograph. ' Enincersare ordered to set about the ur. .v of tW country to be occupied with the IrLtem of squares.." This plan proposeiby 1 General Taylor, an lately sanctioned by the War Department; and which has created no Utile discussion among the people of Honda ,n(t anny officers in the country, is simply th:s i I.- ,m,.!n hfttween the Georgia line nla - line rmrrUel to it from a point on the Okla.wa- - k- L miles' south of Fort Kir g, is to be cut . ..tn nf iwentv miles. V In the mid if.. f Mch. or as near the middle as health will permit, a small work will bo built, gam-" .JureArdinff to the nature of the country ; i. tii tinwKver. one company: is .deemed '"-L.fRrW. one-third :of thcra being mounted. ' If you take the map and divide the comity in ( ; this manner, the results of ihe plan are obvious. s Each officer in the command of a dis. ' trict held responsible that no Indians remain for a long time in it, or at least tnai way 'i mit no murders If the scouti The C,V The Cig'i cxrrrfp' ofthe Naw-l crfc Cour:r : :. 1 Lu'.r. r h- t: e ullowing in Te 'Tcr r. to 1 " j C!i iiLs.: Ci land, about whom so li-iuIi is SdiJ ia l.-e p-v oers:and of. whose intentions anJ cotnwHtion I - r very folio if knuwn sy lie pi was cz: .! ceremony i.r-,iivb: "I fa-'. : yt 1 ajJ.i-i tl'.i K ;?rcr, as they call it I -r it 1jc. J w.'.h a good ilc-l cf pomp ar.J I have also been presented to the I Ai"fi:l Occurrence. A. poor.h.- s'; in IWeter, II! 'Timothy l'cckh me in it, or at least inat mi:y iivo era br'depredations with impunity, and mercantile interests are di rW partv, daily sent out by the of; discontented at the prospect of garrison, discovers a body of In- of the decline in Brtiish foreigt it Oil this siJe ofthe At'ur.t'.c.' The discoi.tenls of the manufacurln bouicsin relation to the corn laws seem to be daily becoming more forroiun We, and the'recoursu to am agitation is evi; dently popular, with the masses of operatives wherever "they are congregated in sumwt-m. numbers to keep up' the spirit of excitement.' The hostile array of the mercantile and manufacturing interest against the landed monopoly grows in strength and fierceness, and the corn law oppression, notwithstanding the temper of Parliament; is jotferinc to Us fall: "The political situation of the country Is very unsettled and unsatisfactory at the present time. The motion of Mr. Villiersfor a repeal ofthe corn laws has been lost by a majority of , a majority so large as to leave no prospect whatsoever ofthe repeal of those laws, either in the present tear or -durinar the existence of the present Parliament at all. The manufacturing and mercantile interests are disappointed and a continuation gn commerce, as En liicrs i- 5?nVtoa larefor its immediate attack, how influenced so clearly ly these .most 'destructive ifflfint!v st ran easily cm. -:" -- , ' . , from the contiguous pw be. raised j laws and, on the other hand, the masses 01 The Indians1 will the people in the manufacturing districts are in find it impossible to remain, or even td come a state 0 almost open preparatL n for the com. :.t.?tK;slritf ? Una reply can oe orougni menia-wieni 01 a I , ainst theobjectioos to this plan, perj I e -heretofore tried has failed, and the. Every otlwl the People's Charter," is being signed in tne maniacturiug districts by tne peopte, oi wiimu about 1,200,000 have already signed Wis doc. only r -r :rtffl.nrv nf jrlV ufan is fXDerfc. proo, u f V Mm, nnA tha to,at numbef 0f natures is ' "rvmmpnla will be more concentrated expected U.be 2,000,000, befoce the- presenta- f than they now arc the troops will be relieved of the toil and barasnips mey nave so iig ' dcre; the inhabitants of Florida.driven from their homes, can return j while ample protec ' teclion is afforded to new come rs. A nd, more than all, the expenditures ot inepuoc money d in tk, irm-"r urn va con live nnt ini. 8 did s un i t n. (although greatly-lesserted during, the. present ampaigi) will be brought down to a mere trifle. This plan is very imur i'!"irv"w " United States Senate by Mr, Benton, with the advantage of being less expensive. . auu, . deed, when wecompare the two, : wqwiII readi-r conclude General Taylor's to be the more 'ir.L.,i! nlan fir the emulsion of the Indians tiori of the petition to the House of Comnious by M r. Thomas A twood, ou -t he btn ot . w ay. Petition this document cannot bo precisely aaid to be for it purports " to demaud " from the House of Commons thp rights of universal suf-frage, the vote by ballot, and the payment, of wages to the members of the Lower, House. 'la petition will, of course, be refused to be even received by the House of Commons, and this the leaders of the charter party, acknow ledge that they fully expect to be the rcsult.and are calling on every man who has signed his name, to arm himself and prepare lor immeai-htf.1 fiahtin for their rights. These threats of Empress s motherland the oro. zv i u-iclos of the Emperor. L.ali have l!icjT si'p.irate courts, women as wcil as men, each their grand matcr c ceremonies, and each must be waited on Separately, iti full dress. TVy all received me with great kin-Tess and attention, and I have every reason to "he pleas? ed with my reception. Prince Metlernich, the Prime Minister, is very poli'e, and so are tne members of the corps diplomatique ; all are preatly pleased and surprised at my uerman. The truth is, I speak it as well as any of them ; the Vienna dialect is worse than any -you near in America. The people of the eastern shore of Maryland have found themselves compelled by ire situa. lion of their internal affairs, to revive and en force an old law ofthe state, .which enacts that no free negro or mulatto shall emigrate into and remain in Maryland for the space of ten sue cessivedavs under the penalty of $30 for each. week he shall so remain, one-half to go to the informer,: the other half to the county, and on refusal or inability to par said fine, he shall be committed to jail and sold by the sheriff as a slave for life. -' v 1 - J. , Under this enactment (heretofore a dead let ter) a free negro was not long since sold W the sheriff of Queen Anne's couniyi for the sum of $550, and immediately shipped for the south I - . - ' - , . Louisianian. 1 The hirninzs on the Frontier, The State of .Vermont finds it necessary to protect herself from the marauders und incendiaries on the lines, who stvle themselves Hpatriots.TTho Governor has , forwarded 500 stand arms from the arsenal at Vergennes, and ordered. en about 1 he was i U Cidt K, refused.' and the ritoration of quiet to the genial clime resorting to physical Ibrce, and of overturning Ion dujturbed uy.tne vtciss.iuuw wi viuiwws. . ; t - t i tue turourem nruiciimw.ui, nuiua.i , yjw r",T--;--- : , 1 Mason's brisado of militia into service : alrea dy 150 are drafted. - It is supposed the infa. mous wretches on both sides of the line, about Highgate and Alburgh, will now cease setting fire o barns and houses;, driving defenceless women and children into the woods for shelter because the are guilty - of the crime of living in the vicinity of one or the other side ol the dividing-;; boundary between Canada . and the States. .W can conceive of nothing more base and cowardly than this warfare. 5 AT. Y. Star. tiiw. iS that which prompts men to find iault with things they cannot remedy ; to cav"V at :Hm;Mi9 ihev cannot improve : : to express dis- Htifaction on' opinions, when to subslimte a better would puzzle them beyond measure. Give the project a fair trials and if it fails, its ,;mnnw wi hAvo me noiisuiuiiuii ruu who are how assembled ia4jopdon as delegates in whnt iii termed the National Convenuon, and wWilt ".W.ptinfTs of the people, nt two of : which I have recently attended a nij witnessed the most tremendous and enthusiastic cheering on everV allusion to the threatened approaching appeal to arms. On the other han, the jov s - ' ihnthfis no moro .anlortunaie. than hts nredej ernment is not idle in its prepirattons, cessors. Xours, truly, . ' . . TUSTEN A KEB-TtlLOKO. dny evening last,; the dwclUng of Capt.' James , Scott," residing about two milta from Bailey's Mills, in Jefferson county',; was attacked by a ttarty of 10 or 15 Indians. At the fi rst fire, a Mrs. Eef fiae- residing in the family, was kill-" cd: a lad, nephew of Col. Uailey, shot in the Arm, and a negro woman 'dangerously -wound. - cd. Captain Fcott and his overseer, Mr, Skip-lr, bravely deluded the liouse, drove off the ! I n-lians, killing two of their number, and invit . cd the remainder back by tjieirhoopa to re-new the attack.., They did not howefer jeturn. A Uvi such receptions as the intruders met wtih t C(. Scott's would, :we think' render them somewhat cautious in their future attacks. ' ; It was anticipated that our border for a time at least, would remain Miiniolested.i sBut with all the regulars and militia ia the field, it appears the Indians are enabled to elude thei r vigilance, for considerable foree of artillery and rocket trri. gades have been ordered from Woolwich to. wards Manchester, which is the principal locus of the Chartist cause and, 'should London be meD( wa3 known. made trariqujlr thore is very little doubt that the troops will be able to suppress themsurrec- tion;hould it be attempted alter tne approacn-ing tithof May. The jdans of the leaders of the Chartists are believed to be, directed, uri-ibrlunately, to very contracted and erroneous methods of contending with the Governmen--as. should thev succeed in gaioing the victory over the troops, "it is thought probable that the destruction of.what they term V the accursed factory system" will be the principal and im-i mediate business of the actor in the new con dition of affairs.; The waste or property which ivbuW . follow the ascendency; of men onittle education, and of most contracted views in po. litical economy, is such as to render it far from desirable that even with all the present suffer-iii" of 'the people, success should attend the movemcuts whifh are, undoubtedly, in prepar. State of Affairs on the Mains Boundary.- The Maine troops were to return home from the Aroostook the 6lhj leaving a guard of 200 men behind with the laud agent. Two brooms have been thrown across the St. Johns, to prevent the timber cut from, going dcyvn. The New.Brunswick militia were to break up about the 10th, leaving a guard of 30 men at Wood stock, the same number at lobique, and the same number at St. Andrews. The 36th and 69th regiments are the only regulars in the province. The 11th regiment, from Quebec, was ordered back as soon as the pacific arrange- . 2V. Y, Star. ' men cal'cd at tiio Et'.T, 11! li I-a..l, ft ly i, o;i Wt .1.11-i.ljy r v f n". r I.i-t. . i . . anil uenianueu uyiiiatMH;c They told him he cou',l into the barn an J s!ee:i ; he llirea levied to have revenge. Ij a &!iort time after, the house was discovored by the neighbors to be on fire. : Sx of tha inmates, ths poor of the town, an J, two persons en n visit from Newport, to Ut. I eck. ham's family, erishtd in the flames!"-' Mr. and Mrs. r eckham barely escaped with Uieir uves, by leaping from the second story window. The person suspected of having set fire to the house, was of intemperate habits. Mr. reckham was his guardian. . : Providence Jour. Houston Texan. April 1 3. -Patents We understand that the Commissioner of the Gen erulLnnd Oflico is now engaged in preparing Patents to the settlers and soldiers for their lands. It is the intention of the Government to have this business accomplished as soon as possible, lhe work , will "probably be commenced early next week. ; Tliia eseQtiat step towards confirming the titles of settlers, rnnk. ing in fuel as in law. " every xnau s house his castle," and covering onr territory with a population of independent freehohjer-f, cannot fail to meet with general approbation. t Mcxiean Refugees. -Several Mexican citi zens of the Central party, have recently taken retugo in licxar, and otlter places on our wes-teVn frontier. - They prefer the tranquillity en- joyed even among enemies, to the horrors and turmoil of civil war. ' Hut a Tew months since, these same refugees were using every means within their control to destroy the government that now extends to them its projection. We trust the kindness and sympathytwith. which they will be every whero greeted -by our citizens, will induce them to form a true estimate ofthe character of enlightened freemen.' ' " Houston Telegraph : It is a great and prevalent error, that children may be left to run wild in every sort of street temptawon for several years, and that it will then be time enough to break them in. This horrid 'mistake makes, half our spendi thrifts, gamblers, thieves and.drunkards. No man would deal so. with his garden or lot; no man would raise a colt or a puppy on such a principle. .Take notice, parents, unless you till j the new soil and throw in good seed, the devil i will have a crop of poison.weeds before you know what is taking place. Look at your dear child, and think whether you will; leave his safety or ruin at hazard 1 - - Pat Raffertij. The New-York New ; Era says that just before an election," it is " Patrick O'JiafFerfy, Esq."" After the election Is over, 2? r.r ever ii.. ;. .'. it i- s'n, : i cr, . n-on.. the l i, g-.l tn.i curried over the uv. t i IS l " I -r-j !.ve 1 - i v. c re 1 wa:i 10- stunt d.nilh b-noath the vol-ine ol nnssivo a ters. ' Th l.Oh'v of oi ! f ik-d ;n in the whirlpool below. On ha person were iuUaJ ,,.v' ir. cv uu end a cold watch. -. t'.u i piccipice, A & O i. .,. t!-1 t3 tJ""iJ ali:n;t ill o1 J-Jifcy t: 01 SI.in irp(-t, iti 1 tK3. Mi ft tl't 1 and rt.!;-e a!l :tuit il printing press beyond 0-.S Hody 2Iji-.iLuns, There is no class of men on earth so mdf;iti. gable in their exertimis as the peaceful luissiuii-ary. The missiona ries at the Sandwich inlands, have in contemplation tosi ua oue 01 their print ing presses to the- Nez Perees mission, west of the Rocky Mountains! thrcidnl Jtur. A CARD. ; M. EaiTOR Dome the favor to iltank. ih rough your ueefu! cohtmns, in iho name f( , PiU Girlie," two unknown gentlemen of year very liberal crty, far the Ut neat keg wittf Jacobs mark upon them, filled with a tiule. of ibe very best, west uf th Great 1'aiherof Waiers," and which came safely to hand by ih aieant. boat Little Rock. Should yoa travel, Mr, Editor, in these parts, call at ray quarter, and "frtkmp". I ipaay have a Uitle of it in safe-keeping, and a part of which fou ihalt b as welcome to'at the fljwara in May.' . fori Smitk, April?), 1S39.; . ' A CARD. V ; We, the nndcrsigaed, passengers on board the ele-gant Steam-Coat Victoru, on her voyage from Cin. einnairio Little Rock, and other paints tmtha A rkan. as river, would reapectfully tender to the Captain and officers of the above boat, oar warmest ibaaka for the t cud. treatment ahown 10 na while on board, ami also for lh" safe and eipedutous trip which was made with out the occurence of ao accident. To persons wishing to ascend the Arkansas mer, as paaaengers, or with Freight, we take pleasure in recommenJinj lite above boat and her officers. 1 Ultle Rock, ArUxtat, May tS39. ' ' I'iscsfAi. Cask , T a peeia! I; J.jX. 4ht jiis'itM!k! lion was Miiantiuiti Utmlrrd, That tnnny SiwckLoiJe 3,U aecitonuf tha I "John tlowel, ' ' Samuel Kvan, Francis IL Armitrong, ' J. MShepperd, . ' Win. IJ. Glaaa, - W.S. Dudny, V ' W. M.West, . Socra'is Shepperd. Jja, W. rend le ton, J. L. Dawsub, . A. Armstrong. ' A. J. Thoroe, '. r J.J Rauls. ?t , W, P. Lindall, ""' : " John Cu artr ' A. Cox. .- . - Vi'.V A L'KLLV ,S aye, lor I TTTVIR underst'i M. '. -f'r tern most business will lake possess (next month). 1 best style, and ' kept at this bo that b can give 1 the traveling pub asked lor. Little Rif t, A COTI.nCItCIAL. j it is r at Kallerty, and be d d to you! That's what it is to he a voter. ' t . In a meeting recently held in London, the private debts in Great Britain are set down at $20,000,000,000!!! . - and fall upon the . settlements whenever it suits al;on apj tjisiorj of which pill, probahly, their convenience. The.war must be carried So; je an i.nporUuUpart of tho annals of the year to Afric .oar troops must into the nation:- ioiq , . - 1 the , iti.--? ht ic cs-This U.at rj1 us ant ne 'in vati-J !s are ;r at ferret out the hidi-nsr ptaces of the women and U duldrcfl of the S -iainoles-they will then find ' 1 ho warriors, and if ihey wish it, get a fight. Otherwise let a reward be offered of a thousand dollars a Wad for every Indian captured dead or alive. This would, induce our frontier set. . lies to (ore go the enjoyments of civilization, : they will live in the hammock,- and meet the enemy in hisowa way, and -iu his own secure retreats. . - . -', 'y Fifty, such men as could bo selected in a shorts time, divided into squads of five or leu . Important decision. The Supreme Court of the United States, at its last session, has settled 1 a point of law about which conflicting opinions were previously futcriaiueu. auw uectsiuti was, that in case of a vessel being voluntarily stranded by the captain when ail was in trnmi- nent : peril, from a gale of wind from fi,re from the chase of an enemy or from pirates, the cargo bein saved and tho vessel gotoffj with partial injury, ike cargo should contribute towards paving the damage or cost of repairs en. ! countered by lhe skip owners, i hedecisions 01 the local courts had been various on this subject. It is now settled by the highest judicial tribunal : in the country.' Tho principle on which-the carco is made liable to a share in the damagel of the vessel in such cases, is evidently this that the hazard was run, and the damage incur. red, ns much for the safety ofthe cargo, nccord. I ins to its value, as that ofthe ship, and there fore it would be unjust for the whole conse-j quence ofthe hazard to bj borne by the latter, j -v j ..-' , . u. nee. . . . .... 1. The Mulberry culture. Among " those to I ' Substitute' for the Sun, The newly invented light of M, Gaudin. on which experiments were recent I v made at Paris, is an improved modification oPthe well-known, invention of whom this part ofthe United States, 111 fact the Dr. ..Drumraond. While Urummond pours a stream of oxygeogas, through spirits of wine, unoa-iinslacked Jhne, Gaudin .makes use of a morcelherial kind of oxygen, which he conducts through the essences of turpentine. The Dummond ight is fifteen times stronger than feat of burning gas; the uaudi n light ts,we whole country, are much indebted for the wide anread of. the mulberry, and' the implantation of this neW vecetablo cold mine upon our soil, are the Messrs. Prince, of Flushing, L. Island, father and son. Their nursery and bot-houst j have for many years been the favorite resort I of those who wished for the choicest' varieties uL; : r to U o use llt3.' c tC iSC tf ;xtcU :h are o car t ha -mae in C9 iker y hava rat! c-f and if 6 t!.;s, 1 at te sjii t; it ncc 1) oJ-. - . r f . t . . .L 4 K rl limrt. ft VfllTrfA. I linn I . . , . M A tt nAlltil - tA AlmAet n. Ail t 1!1B sun. Ur Ulli IT wuuauuu itiitoa ouuusyi .tuuii i un n iicw vent, aim i wvuiu bhuwuvivui. gas, and; of course ten times more than the ble to state what llheir industry has achieved Drummond.:, The method by which l. Gau- even within the last six months. Together, with j din'oroDOsei to turn tbe new invention to use, French importations, of i the Multicaulis, and 1 is singularly striking. He proposes to erect in Alpine, and his own extensive plantings, the the island of the Poflt . Neuf, in the middle of vounser Mr.Prioce has disseminated 400,000 the Seine, and centre ot 'arts, a iigm-nouse, j trees through trie country in mat snon jnjnoo, five hundred (bet high, in wh.ch is to be placed j and realized a clear profit tJ tvo hundred thou. tiht. from n. hundred thousand to a miUion ot mand dollars! Our hot bu:is are jouna aami- U the troops now in the field. The Indians ; fiadlag H unsafe to "traverse the hommocksju . small parties, would either concentrate r re . ;; tire beyond the Suwannee or even to the eVcr-u glades, tod leave the frontier quiet. .As things at present remain, our. frontier ",. citizens, many of them at least, must abandon inetrnqmes 10 me nrcurana 01 me enemy ,t remain with almost a certainty of the rifle .and : kails ofthe savage. so many have the cou r exposed situation but the frequent murders . and alarms hive rendered them callous to all ; ' the frequent .warnings of danger, while many - are unable otherwise to provide for their farm-lies, or unwilling to sacrifice their! property to v certain destruction whh the forlorn hope of re. ' launeration from the general government. ' It is however useless to moralize oalhe sub. :--iect.; C t"- v. . . V A letter from Naples, uuder date of Feb. ;. 16th, says, Last night a part of our Found- It is only aslbrrtshm that gas I"! the Pwer to 1 varied as the rable for both species, the growth being lour -...i j..:..: :J? -.i. I ntirhta are .lislit or dark, Paris will thusn-1 tintes create r in the same time than ia France or ttaiv oaaaji ciouueu jjiitanu vuuiwi into this cultures destined, in America, to suiv nl v Europe with the rata material, which even Public Dell of MarylandIn an cxhibt of now brings, by its superior strength and quali-e furtfed debt issued by the Slates, taken fr?m ty, a third more in price than the foreign, rhe ior a sort of perpetual day, and .as soon as the sun of Heavea' is set, the sun of Pont Neuf will rise. Aleckanics Magazine. the one ofthe papers in Albanya short time since, that ol Maryland is put auwn at eceven . mu. lions of dollars ; when, in fact, the amount disposed of, and upon which the State is subject to the payment of interest, is only four millions: tne aaaiuonat grants lyrunjecisui uuuruui tin ling Hospital was destroyed by.' 6re,The provemeiits, amoun .ng to seven miHions, were Iccj:!'. nJ jr- lie r ' I- ' m1 t( ia", - -V The liOC :c'i 1 I tl ': flames spread so rapidly that 23 children per r ished. . One of the nurses in her despair threw r' herself out of the window with two children in . her arms ; alt three were found dashed to pieces ' ana quite oeaa in .tne street." l he liremen ' distinguished themselves by their efforts ; three " of them were killed, having fallen from the tip-y per story to the lower, ' where they were buried ia the ruins. - . - Ao elderly lady expressed her regret to her ; young husband that she was older, than he My dear,' said tha husband, " make no apo. Jogics I wish you: were twice as old" as you "Then New. York reailv smells Whiffish ' , does she t M said a1lue4ight : Federalist to a starched up whig dandy, ia the Post Office, tn Monday evening when a liltlo scrap of ichig victory reached them. ... " Yes," said the dandy, " tho very streets sroe'.l wb'j-rrTah." ' ' ' True,'' rematked nn old Dcmocrat'whi- gery wgeaiDg time, aua it smelk - icsicnjay (iyi in izwr v,l ,ro n 10;h till.) the gzUon taw v.c-uluio cTect, end it was a day of general mourdag amorj-'the ' proprietors of driakirj hou-: 3. : We siw-one estabashcccGt di-pc:.r j cf r.s cr:: p at auction, while tha dcrr cf shrouded whh LVci crt-e. (?,' made by he legislature during the session of 1837 but were not negotiated in consequence of the exaction of a bonus of 20 per cent, for the use ofthe Stale. The law recently euact- ed by the Legislature, authorizes the issue and substitution of a five per cent, stock, in art ac ceptable shape to foreign capitalists, but does not augment the debt ol the estate more man about one million of dollars. Bait. Pat. 4 '.The Vicksburg Whig relates that a gen-Ueman with his pockets well-filled with Bran- don, was lately accosted on the road by a fel, low armed with pistols, lowie knives, and other ugly instruments with sharp edges, wilh the usual salutation of 'your money or. your life.' The gentleman handed over his wa lct, but it was no go with the robber, who exclaimed, Yo you don't, slra vger. J scorns Brandon. . Vrper Canada. Thirty.two ofthe Ameri. Alpine Mulberry , is preferable in the Northern States.-' . - .-L T.Kcouraeins anecdote. The illustrious Ad. mirat Jervis, the hero of St. Vincent, whoxose to die first rank in the British navy, and to the rtPPi-ncrs. as Earl of St. V incent, has lelt.on re nL under his own hand, a lesson full of in irneiion and promise for the young midship. mnn. r nnv other youth of. .limited pecuniary mpans. and of honorable ambition. Ilis father, ha riP. spt him afloat in the navy, with an outfit of 20 a laced hat, a sword, and a coat, which fitted him liko a sack, being made large, T,r him 1rt rTOW UD to it. D .... .. - - nptrlfd.' hcj contracted a debt lor v more, lor Lhifli'hfl drew upon his father, and the draft was dishonored. Whereupon, the young hero left t'u rr.css, dvcw hia rclions with tho common ;i,, mauo his second pair oftrowsers wilh v,:. hnivh: out of the ticking of his ham. For lie Arkansas Gatette. . TO MISS 1 OF LITTLE itDCK. Oh, yes! I'll think of thee, my love, - Amid the varied scenes of lire. When the heart battles with the strife Of its own feeliltgs, for above The storm, a thought of thee willcotrte, ' An iris trembling in the gloom. So beautiful and bright tj me, : ; Twill calm the soul with purity. At morn, sweet morn, when life oppears So young and joyous, and our dream Of love, unsullied yet by tears, . 'Steals o'er the mind hs drapery, With rays ofjiiope, and fancy's beam . Portraying its reality, v Thy name will come, so frosh and free. To claim its eeat in memory, . . Tbe heart will turn to worship thes. ' At eve, soft-evef when all things move ; " . The henrt to whisper forth its love ; ' To music eweeti enchnminj power ; . When fi jwers below and stars above, -In freshened light and beauly, prove The magic of that balmy hour t When wishes reach beyond control, 4 And feelings break their prison home , When memories crowd around the soul-Then willlhy ooiiip with rspture come, -m ' ; To lad and consecrate the whole r From tie Drmtcretic Revitto. TUE BALLOT BOX. - '5 Fa ie Don's consccrsied dower, ' Casket of priceless gem I ",,.' Kohler beriiage of pow er . s a ' Than imperial diadem I Corner-stone on which was reared , ' '''" Liberty's triumphal dome. When her glorious form appesred - 4 'Midst our own grten tuountaiu itome i rchased by as noble blood. As ia mortal veins e'er run,' -' ' ' : By tbe toil of;ihoee who stood - , ' - ' At tbe side of W asuisstwh By lhe heart that met the foe ' . , y On their native bati le plain, - ' ; Wbers the trmthat deals the blow . - Never needs 10 strke again I Where the craven lhat would dare . j i ' Mar it with polluted breath 1 . - - ' Scorned aad cursed, bo his to share 'i; The traitor's shame ibe traitor's death.! , i Let his faithless heart be torn, - r . ;,From his recreant bosom riven, . . And, upon the whirlwind borue, ; - To the carrioa be gtVfcO ! . - Guard it, freemen 1 guard h ! Spoilees as ydur moiden'a fame 1 Never let your children tell , - Of yr weakness of your shame ; . , ' That tbeix Wbers basely sold ' What was bought with bloojj and toil That you bartered aioiii-lor out.iv - . , Here 00 Freedotn's sacred soil i T N BW)RLE AN8 MONEY, MARKiKT, April 27. Exchange on New. York at sight, pr a i p. c prem. Do. do, ISO days If a 2 p. e. dis. U. . Bank notes oar. U. S. Treasury notes par lpr,ct. dia. St. in. Sovereigns, $4 80 a 4 85. apanisti donbloona, 16.0 1 lb 43. aiexicaa 00. ia 00. e ia a. ; American gold. 4 tt 1 P prem. Natelw,4 a 5 p. c. ds. Do. Uri.Pcliea, 5 a 6 River (specie paying banks) 5 a 6. Union Bank, 7 e 7ft. Grand Gulf, IS a 20. Lake Washington, St) s 25. Com. and K. R. Bunk of Vicks-hurg, SU a 25. Do. do. do. Tost Notes, 25 a 30. N aiches Post Notes, 12 a 15. Bank f Vtcksbura. 25 a 3tf. Vicksbarg Water Works,25 a 30. " Tontbis by, 40 a 45. Citizens Bank, "Madison Co. 25 a 30. Commercial Bank.Columbas, 10 s 15. Brandon Bank, 55 a 60. Alabama specie paying Banks, 4 a. 5. Slate Bank, 81 10.'.' Tennessee, 3 a 5. " Ohio, Illinois, In dians. Kentucky and Missouri, 1 s 2. Arkansas, 8 s 10. Texas TrasuT Netes, 55 a CO. Clinton and "Port Hudson, 15a20. p';&Vf-'r?-M NEW.OR LEANS MARKET. April 27. TvFr Louisiana prime, 6J a CI cents ; inferior, 5 a4; Havana, wbite, lH ;a 12; brown, 8 a da. ; MdatfJa Levee, new 31 a &)l els. per gallon, on 1 plantation, 3. Fork mess S2 1 per bU;M.O.$19t 'frnne SI7 sU a isf. o. $i 1 10 au; out pora. 61 a 7 on Levee.;: w llama, -10 a Ml j cts. per R4 i canvassed, 114 a VI; Mioti ders a j; ftitaaangs, I 9 m 94. Ira Per lb. 10 a 12 cts. Berf-Mem, 15 a 17 per bbt-T 9 a 9$ per ft bbl.; Fnrae, SI lft a 12, flour $b 7o per bbl. ' a a iter uosaen, x 123 cts ; Western, 15 a 18.'; Cher Northern, 11 a U cts. Cofitt Havana Green, 11 a 12 cts ; old, 9 a 9 ; Uio, 11J.-V Lend Yif, ti a Sf cts; liar.xj m i ca. pet lo. lubaeco First quality 13 a 14 cla. per lb ; 2d do li'a 12; crowed, 9 10 da. Whiskey Rectified, 44 s 45 1 cts. per gal. . stay v estern, J5i per ton.; urn . 1 Corn in ear, 90 cuk per bbi shetied in Sacks; 65 a 68 cts. per bushel; oais,"4a a 48. - &lt Liverpool, coarse. $1 62ft a I 70 ; fins; $2 00 a 2 12ft per sack ; . . . , 1 1 . r en. n . - Turaa IlanO, per ouaoei, a.-Jvc mg-r-a.nu. I tucky, 19 e 23 cts. . Kope, o a 3 cts. , , - - . LOUISVILLE MARKET, r7 23. : Tta.B llamslU ct. per lb; hos round 8. Barging I 20 a 21 cts. oer rsrd. Bale Rove 8 cts. per lb., Berf Mess $12 per bbUf prime 9. Butttrm cis.per j lt. Candle Sperm a cts. per 10; muow, mouiu li, idinoed 10 a 11.: GAms vmo il a 10 cts. per id. Flour 5 to p oat. reajuure u cis per to. r me itr S 150 a 3 oertht otter S2 50 a 4 per skin ; rac . coon 10 a 15. Glass Western 8x 10 $3 75 a 4 per 100 ft; 10x12, 75a5t 13x18. 9. Hey 87ft cts. periuu Jhs. in bales. Hides 10 a 12 cts. per lb. Iron Pig 845 per ton ; b'ooms 75 a 85 ; bar 7ft per lb teheel 3 a 16, hop 9 a 1J; nail roas lUJ , small rmuia v a Lard 9 a 9ft per lb. LevdVi" 6ft ; bur li LeatLrr-r ! Sole 20 a 25 cts per lb; skirling 2tia 28; tipper 2 a 1 2 afl oer side i calf skins S24 a 30 per dozen; bridle 30 a JU; morocco $is az. vime men. per ousocu Lumber Clear pine 30 per 1000 feet ; ahinglas $3 a 4 per thousand. Peri Mess 18 per bbl ; prime 16. Potatoes S3 a 3 WJ per bbl. u nennwiu, line 7a 1 eta per bushel eoarse 62ft. Skins Buffalo rbs ?4 i - . a fi it m at& a c ech; bear t fleer ixj cia per io. r rgr per bbl. Whiskey Common 41 a 4lft cts. gak IVAie Lead 82 75 a 3 per - , -Zltlll STKY Stite -Atkmne (Vfly e Wat hi i'rmrie soient', sho rat UL oim shoe Mt tl I 15 hands high, si side of the neck horse in the said pnU 1333. Sworn to ' sat 1839. . . 21-3w-t$4 0( Stare af Arht Caenty of Ark 7 Wooftrp ef Mi W-TURSUAN B this day vi us by William t Twa of Uiem d reune, one of l to be three or f lurs. Wimessi GI - Sworn to be I . A true copy I J Test t - 2I-3wH$4 ' '' Adi rSl.II E uudei Jl iatration I County of Jefifef March, 1839, said cnunty, ht claims sgaiHBt i ticaied. whhin ters, o they a of mid estate ; in five years, tl is Tiereby givei tocouie krt - -' Jejftrmn Co 'r STE4M-BOJLT REtSISTEK. Jfi 3. Arrived steam-boat DeKsIb, from Nsw.Or- teans; left en the 4ib, bounl p.i indent, irom tne Mourns of the Arkansaa and wane rivers, iwi nexi day forjCincionati. - ,, ,' j. Mount Tleasant from Monti) (left on the 6th, bound ops Ins, from Pittsburg; te't same day. bound en. c Vicions Bom Ciucinnau ; ion same sy, bound Bp. . ' Z:?'-i-v': ' ' -l''."' '-""!- 6. John Jay, from New.Orleans; left same dsy,; bund up.' i. --'v---r-i'''- ' - "' ' " '" : very h Sentinel. 1 ,lf '".her ..was us , w';'s can prisoners ia Foil Henry have been par Jon. e.l- I'y llts- t-.xce.Iency ttie Lieut. Governor. Twenty of t'r.cm l.aj I'-cn rccc.:u-,ciiJ J t3 mercy by the Court, an J t'-.ir L : r..es were pub-l'.ahed ia our paper of 1 1 t l. y ly. The oth er two ft re youcs boyeu ho hn i been sentenced to tho rc'.r.tiary, o': r.;;o- t of tS'ir voir.'.,. instead ofthe pilous. savs : " 'H.3 Liv h cf ;:Li J as c f 3 ycir ', psrty'-: "' mock ; saved eno and "ever i; h thus to taka up the debt, be said 'with emphasis, " I never lived beyond my means. He never afterwards could tolerate rii c'ccrygeuing in had much better live 03 ra- - r - - ' rCevv-Yci'.; V.'l f-.rdr--.:-.---:-' a debt, savins they tior.s. cf Ml r.icr.'.i 1 : ' :r CO Z-.,M I.... r. : rv;.-" y: .n iti:: :r,!;tarj Life. The EiicriSce i maint:tiu:n3 r:)...:.iry etaL..a.i :,:r:i po'c ssiuns, and western Tl.r; avera- l.'fo of a 1. .3 not more t..a;i ieven 1 " a h ar: u. t ,3 lit I 1- 1 a o 1 -ra L- ,; Let your esgle's quenchless eye, Fixed, unerring, sleepless, brifihl, Watch, wbenrflanger bevers nigh. From'bis lufiy mountain height; -'While the siripcs mid siars shall wava O'er this treasure, pure anJ free, ' ' Th land's Palladium, it shall o . ' The home and sarins ol liberty, A .-V- ; ' r- " - ' - .. . --. From the Picayune. Here is a little poem addressed "to antinknown sis-ter in law " full of inat religious Jeeliug and conviction. wlMcYis rnrs hkely to yield aauslacftou to their noibeBsur ihaneven the meed ofhterary lame which lie hasin prospect, or even in possession. The conclud ,rS lines are Very tarry i . " DesreBi s ;!cr, I Am ns f whom thou doubtless hasi beard much, Ji always well. Wy name too oft pronounced-Vi;a V"hs, desponding sorrow end reproach, r'i: -bich lain would praise and even bless me. - . 1 -li - t .... . ItlAKUICD, t . . . ' in Cnnwsv countv. at the residence of Elisha Wet- bora Esq., on ihe 2d day of May. by 3. VV. Comstock Eq .Capt. Tkomnsv. ticctnn. ot uewnourie, ' utm Emits Wrlbarn, daughter ef Eiisha Welbura Esq t ot Conway county. : ' Thoagh tools spurn tiymen-s jromiw pnven, -" '. Yet we who improve lis golden fcoweV : By sweet experience know r . V ' " 1 That marriage, rightly eoderstood, ; ' - Uives to the tender and lhe good ' ; - "z ' . A paradise below. , . : j 1 " : " ' - - At Madison, St. Francis county, on 23d tilt.. Iac f;i-iZ. Esi- Clerk ot that coun'r. 10 Miss FUna. , .tilakc daughter of Mai. Jjhu I ianasiro, all of that fiJJ Van iSui East, t rge 1 which I la which he dealers gener iion his assort he has a great "ever brpught i ffr 1 hie off. ffjxHIs flua H healthr. the vicioity of pie ted. are ele eccommod a He grounds attac proved, and a cise of the po : yThis institt tore of Kento of a board, of - The trustei thoagh it has less than tw flittering pat sion between gratified faH is now .comp nnuiber of sttammenis 1 qualify them renia a'nd gt young ladies ia female ed The aeilt of Septembe July.- The I tion ef the p .11ie instil committee, 1 The bran session of fi Preparole Wrki-ig, Fi ograpny, an per session 1 Junior j Globe and ' tal and Fra Staittt D phy, Aociei eomp,e'ed. my, Algeai tliilosophy, tianity, ISot IliH.ee 'Tuesday, 2U April, by tbe Rsv s. Judge Jtmkiue, of Sbreveport, L., -tt to Eli. gun. place . Ai Spring a R. Ranks. Miss Ofcwa R. Bettle, yonngest daughter ef Rev h- Rattle, of lhe former place. Ai New-Orleans, on v eunesoav e iui(., oyiue TJi.w Mr. CiaPP. M"jor General ii. . Oainr, ol 111 U. S. Army, to Mrs. Itra Clark Whilnry, only daashierol lue late Daniel dark, L.aq. of ibiscry. - ' . v.. r - . - T "it.ia ellv. on" We Jnesdnv last. af:er a sevrre I short iliness, Dr. David Holt, a native ol Viraiiia.sgVd about 0 years, lis was an tTioer of tLe resularar. my during the late war ; and died r-oes.-i;',' i:ie repi. tiition of a brave eo'.dier, an a'4e plij-siciitt, u.:d an bun. est inan. "' ' ; At I'Jrand Lake, Clilcot county, af'rr a long sn-l e. I n t. .Mrs. L iza Jue, w..o oi . j 1 c . ...1. .1... ... 1. Yet deem not naru-y o im utsi ?lusi "'iji'yetw11'6 tne ; and ho believes ; l. inherent niys;?ry oi sin, . - . The cark i'"' Dou'-'i'snoi tii 'lo chap'1, i TLe i - Mid p.iie . 3 r i' .. 1 ver ii.ite?s, on tne S. E. Jones, days, kavic death. Es-1 d '2j 1 J sr. j c venr. .j in ..cr imnia to i ictit.iicr Extra ciar Each pu the winter . Tha pri. wash;r.2, l Thtt whi in tfie sarn-The l:i poin'.ed f pledge ih in number evcrv r- ti;c iUis" T' SOil i'3 CM of tias ii;.- Ia the liuve a g'i tiic.r r .if 1 t. r-' w be '13 j-rc. k-c? firmer,

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