The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 9, 1949
Page 7
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fATUTOAT, APRTL », 1949 (ARK.) OOTJRTER PACT SEVEN. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplc I THOUGHT HE HAD HIS X HEAP IM A HOLE STUDVIMG 1 THEIR HABITS--! WISH J "THAT LOUT \MOULD — CO ID A SCHOOL TO STUDY.' NO--NO.' HE AIN'T STUOVIN' THE MEW HOUSE hU.« TKC APPLC SAOCfc SOURtO ? HAD THWT VACATION RESOftt vJisneo OKI VtXJ.yoo WERE A9 SPftY AS A HARPISTS TriUM6~ fOOVJ VOU'RE AA piS- , ~ __jfAfcAt A. MODERN ^ (?tf> VAM WOt<Le AWAK&KK3 FftOM. A»0 £WPTV OCCAM, ? *«. PAl^TlsJG ^ AK) IOVLUC PROSPECT OF AW OGT1M6 ; OJ N\V fcltVJ PffOPGRTV, 8OT > ACTUALLY PERCHED Mece WITM POCKET AS EM.PTV OP COirJ AS A KANGAROO'S/ AM l AK) IDL& FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS8ER The Blow Kalb < Boy's Co// Named Grand Champion MEMPHIS, ..pril 9 (ff>—A Black Angus cn!( owned by Charles Robert Moore of Black Rock, Ark.. Friday was named grand champion of the fat calt show in the 13th an- i nual MidSouth Junior Live-stock. Show. The animal named reserve chain - pion, also a Black Angus, is owned by Carl Turner of Covington, Tenn Future Farmers of America and Jim, All ift for given- Return home at once. You wiU never again be late Tor »n appointment and lose your job. We promise to buy an accurate new Bulov* at DREIFUS Jewelers 316 West Main St. Blytheville "M«et Dreifus—Wear Diamonds" UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • Softball Get Our Prices TAX! and TRUCK DRIVERS UNIFORMS All Colors - Gabardine $12.95 HUDSON Cleaner-Clothier-Tailor OGERTHE LODGER R RnhrrK comicm vt «nitwi[iG : Is.. IvOOeriS MITU«UTU§V-HUSI« Till-: STOHV [ Mr. «nd Mr«, HuhtrlB. living lie t;rrui Pull*. Hunt., durlnjc I be war, Ao ifcrlr • kfirr townrd rcHe-vlnjc * kounlnx • hurlvice- bjr ImklriK • rouner. Thr Knot, known mm Hujrrr ifc* l.odxrr, drive* Ibf HobrrlM C»T Itilv -» ditch, In riff 1 * ^ if^Brrnl »»d * mnjor for dlnnrr, rihau»llnjc ibe fnmlly'» red ration pi.EnlK. »nU (Ken PCT- vuNd«-k Hr», llolii-rlfi <n t-i«terl»l« Ilif c«Ionrl, klw aecrciHry, hl« »d- Julnnl, hl« mtmlt-T Jind hi* iclrl • trip in Yrl1(iwRlo»e »ut «* the * * • VII WfE shoved oft bright and early next morning. We crossed town and picked up Major Drurp- mond, a vociferous, bristly character with sandy hair and bushy eyebrows, and his timid little wife who made no comment, during our entire trip. Not that there wasn't plenty she might have said. The perfection of that fall day, with the warm sun and mellow air and a earful of people glad to be hitting the trail—as though all this were not enough to make chatter easy, the speedometer needle stuck at "20." Roger reduced speed while he pounded on the dashboard. The needle sank to the bottom, "Oh well," he said, "it isn't important I'm a good judge of speed. It isn' worth wasting time to have i fixed. Means taking the whol' instrument panel off. 1 ' Roger may have thought he was a good judge of speed, but Majo Drummond didn't concur. Hourly he yelled, "Hasn't this car any> Ihing but high gear and a throttle?** As often as he yelled, Rogei slowed down, only to creep up again to his preferred speed. Rac ing along a bad stretch of road we hit a bump and there was a rattle of metal. "Bounced off a rear hub cap," Major said. "Rolled ove the bank." "Okay," Roger dismissed it "that's not serious." I felt tne MHJOF'S shrewd eye QUUi*UTtD »Y NIA UftVKt IMC tudying my facp and I purposely ultivated a vacant stare. . . . After II, accidents may happen to any- me. We reached Mammoth Hot Springs in time to investigate the ulphnr deposits and caverns be- oie dinner. "Eerie," Major Drum- Tiond said. -"Remind me of tun- els of love and papier-mache mountains on a roller coastor," "If we hurry," Roger said, as .hough we'd been doing anything else but, "we'll get to the Canyon "or sunset. But I've got to tighten his sun visor before we go any farther. Keeps falling down and Bothering me." He tightened it. It really fell down this time—fell right into his lap. "Hot!" he observed. "Crystallized. Oh, well, the sun will soon be set. Won't need it after all." This time Major Drnmmond avoided my questing eye. * * « Ij aboard t" Koger called hurrying us by speeding tip the motor and letting it backfire. It made a loud bang. "There goes your muffler.** Major Drummond said, laconically like a disinterested spectator calling out a score. We root-a-tooled to the Canyon in lime to see the setting sun tint the rock walls a variegated pattern in .soft colors, and later we troopec to the dump to watch the bears come down from the woods to feed The only spectacle we didn't see was the person who spotted the yellow necks of our lifeguard tubes sticking out like horns, and whg removed them and their new tire, sometime during the night, substituting what he had on hand a the moment. "You're insured, aren't you? 1 Roger asked, "Yes. Bui—" I began, rente m bering how scarce good lires were "No hut's about it," he said play fully. "Just let the insurance company worry." We drove the loop to the Lake et high In the cradle of moun- nins, and after lunch struck on" oulh for a ,quick peck at the Jrand Tetons. We can KM I first ight of them through a bienk in he trees. "Stop!" Mnjor cried. Tliis I gotta see." Unable to come to a stop until ^e had ppsscd our vantnge uoinV >y several hundred yards, rnlber han back up, we piled out to walk. "Lock the doors," Mnjor autioned. "Remember the tires." Ve locked the car thoroughly. . * • • A ND then we discovered that f * Roger had left the key In the gnition. "That's all right." he reassured Major, who was preparing o have a fit, "Lee has her keys." Aware of my blank face, he added n anguished disbelief, "Haven't r ou?" I stood pnralyy.ed, dumb ns * fish. That's n woman for you," Roger called on the world to note. Never has her keys when she needs them. Always getting locked out of her house. Or her car." "But—" I began. Roger cut me olT with a motion of disgust. He walked over where Major Drnmmond hnd busied him*;elf attempting to pry a window open with a knife blade. "Too good a Job of locking up," he snid. 'And miles from nowhere," Roger contributed, looking at me reproachfully. "You leave me no alternative but to break a window." He picked up a rock. "A beautiful car like this and I hove to maim it. ... I feel ns wnnlon as though I were deliberately destroying an object of beauty." He poised the rock a moment while he fixed me with his eye and let his lecture sink in. He repeated, "I never thought yqu'd do anything so foolish as to leave your keys nt home," Wjth that, he cracked the ven- tifaling window, I turned my back while he whammed • it again. Knocking a hole in a car window is something akin to knocking.out a front tooth; il leaves a gap which is both unbecoming and raw, and out of all proportion lo its actual size. That hole WHS bigger than the Grand Tetons; I couldn't see them (or looking at it. (To B* Continued) 4-H club members from 15 counties in 'IV'nncssec, Arkansas and Mississippi are participating in the two- day event. Read Courier News Want Ads. • You Are Cordio/Jy { Invited to Visit | The I Accessory Shop! j Feminine Apporel ' J Mabel Hogan Jessie Srile j Hofel \obJe Blrig. Blytheville. Ark. Soy it .... With Flowers The Flower Shop Glencoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 4491 or 2747 FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS COTTON FARMERS Chemically delinted cotton seed germinate quicker, plant and plow the same week. Reduce cliopplnjc expense and produce more cotton per acre. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAII.ABI.K I), it P. L. No. 14, per SO Lb. Ha| J10.00 D. * P- L. No. 1J, Per 50 Lb. Bit 10.00 Slonevllle '1 B, Per SO Lb. B.r. 10.00 Stoneville Z C, Per 50 Lb. Baf 10.00 Rowtfen 41-B. Per M Lt>. Bag 10.00 Hall If Half iHlbred). Per 50 I,b. Rajt 10.00 Coker's 100 Wilt Resistant. Per 50 Lb. Bag 10.00 Paula, Per 50 Lb. Bat , 10.00 Empire. Per 50 Lb. Bar 10-00 Com« In and place rour order or eel tour supply today. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP, Phone 856 Blyllievillt. Ark. Phone 857 I Branches: Lcachvilte, Ark., Hornersvlllc, Ms. and Senath, OR ANY EXCAVATION H C D m S.J.COHEN Contactor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILiE ARK. " • Phone, 3&46aiat2525 ,STUDEBAKER, GIVE YOUR CAR Spring Sparkle Inside and out your car should be given the attention of expert mechanics who do the kind of job you want done. Motor (une-up, lubrication, brake-adjustment, whatever your car needs lo perform its bcs( we'll do at Chamfoiin's always reasonable prices. Bring your car lo Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone 2195 'STUDEBAKER" OK. wise Of. WHAT'S TUB KKK \CHIID VrtlEM ALL THE GIVE you TWe oeer I WANT* et MAULED/ I GueSS I'M JUST LfcST YEARS MODEL/ TO TRC DI6NITY It will be easy to get Dad to take us to the show—just tell Bobby he has to practice on his horn again right after supper!" < RISCILLA'S 1'OP By AL VERMEER HAZEL.' THAT BOY'S <3< FAR.' IT WAS BAD ENOUGH WHEN HE GAVE HER HIS DEWEY BUTTON... ..BUT HE MUST REALLY BE ABOUT HER TO GWE HER HIS MARBLES' ' LOOK WHAT I GOT FROM RICHARD... ALL HIS MARBLES/ MICHAEL O'5IA1J,RY nnd RALPH LANE ' SJy next move was to drop in on Inspector Growl. COUPLE OF CLIENTS OF MINE BOUGHT THE JIGGER JACKSON PLACE. FOG'S OfHRED THEM J40.00O MORE THAN THEY MID FOR IT. NOW F06 INVITES THEM AND WE OUT TO HIS FARM. HE MUST HAVE A REASON. I CHECKED OH THE POWDS SIRVAHT STAFF, BOSS. THERE'S JUST THREEI BUTLER, COOK AND MAID YEAH. I'M SORE XNOTVET,(vJ,i FOG CHANNEL KILLED JAKEDOll. BUT WE COULDN'T PROVE IT. WHY? YOUGOTSOMt- HAS A REASON DON'T TURN VDUR SACK ON HIM .' WASHTUBUS By LESLIE TURNER 00 AHEAD, CAPTMM:.,S<Wj G ^ I'M HOT " WHM YOl)-« TWMKIWR../ WASHED UP...THRT M.I WE oor TO no -, GO ON me WAGON FOR CATMY'6 SAKE) WE1L.1M IIIRII SANINO I CAW OLMI IF UAYE TO,.. I'UE LEACHED THE HftRO WAV IMM I CAN'T! I t)OWl PRINK IXNVMORE TO GET A LIFT... I DRIHK TO sW ALIUE-' WHEN AH ALCOHOLIC REBl.IZ.ES H6 CAN'T QUIT BV HIWSEtF.KE's READY FOC HEIV, GIG! NOW I WANT TO TELL SOU UOS£ ABOUT CATHV/ L DON'T WAUT TO LET CATHV OOWW BUT I KNOW WIIEU I'M LICKED! BUGS BUNNY Oh, So VIMI'VC <;<>! It! By FRED BARMAN HEV, ELMER, HAVE. VA SEEM AN A.KR6R AROUND HERE ? WE LOST ONE / / I THINK YOU CAN STOP LOOKING... By V. T. HAiMLlN VVA5NT/ ALLEY YffUiS I \S NO GOCILL/X V GOEILLA; JUST LUMP OF LOOK HfHVI'S AND HKK By EDGAR MARTIN COUVOUT VSCtliRE i

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