The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 2, 1930
Page 4
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UESDAY SKPTEMREU 2, 1030 CLASSIFIED ADS r iw> cents a word lor first Insertion oud one ceut a word lor cai;a lubsequtut Insertion. No advertisement taken lor less tlinn We. Count the words and send, the ewh. Phoiie 306 F ' c " & COPYRIGHT 1930 BLYTHRVILLK, (AUK.) COUUIKR NEWS FOK SALE FOIl SALE—(For few days only). IJr. McCull has moved to St. Louis rind has placed Ilia home in ray hands lor sale. Choice location iincl rare bargain. Let. me show it to you, if interested. G. G. Candill, Olfice irtiono 707, residence liliono 780. H8c-tt by NEASERvict/Azc: by ERNEST LYNN PAdK ni:c:i.v 111:111: 'IOOAV DAN UOttl.^ll'lf, furuu'r .\r%T Vi»rU llr\l^||:l|lt•r ttmn Hint IIOIY Jl frrr Inure Kt-fimrfn ^\rIll•r Eti Is in l.ivc Mlllj A\\i: ' Mly nnd lillA.MI efcC »lit- LOOK! Bargains In Used Cars 1930 1021) ., i ( .I!KG Jludcl Ford Jloadsler New Tin's, Paint and lop scad, Motor mechanically perfect. Buy this one and save depreciation. Only ......... 5 Model ronl Standard Coupe. Thoroughly rc- conditioned. Good tires, iiaint and upholstery. A real buy a I ............ 5275 Model Inlcr.-ialioiial Truck. Good Motnr, Tires, Slarlrr, Battery and Generator. Just the truck to nuke money with ................... $ Our USED CAltS are guaranteed 30 days. Make your selection and call 811— TODAY. Used Car Dept. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers 811 TODAY U ,i.,iv nriJtr tiililnic I'MTUD, unc uj llic Jl,.. Dan foruu'rly \V:L^ unilor ruii- Irrvl liluisi-lf ill LOYll.VM.VI.U. I'ltri-UIlt'^. hut he N IIDU frrr, l>rr:iUkt of Ms {>i:]hlllly lo f:i-t iilcjti^; i\lth n t.lml[<i fTfCLili^e ivljusi' inclliniN Irrllnlril anil i!K- ihu xviifclllvi- ntiil hluljlmrn Itiirliucr. iMLl. ( l][,'n, \| [HI ivrllrn n iliilly niovlr i-nliliini ttit n strlnK of piipt'r*. NhnrfM Unu'ti nlULrlrii'tit ullh htm. HL- IIUH Kri'Cil r:iltli in llnn'ii nhtllly. Ji-«|ilic Ihe Intlrr') niuinrfiLl [JLttiirt. UK 11 [rrc l^nrc. list I'd almost forgotten about this 'lay, It's been kicking niouuil In f Vork for so long; ami It look L'ollicr nnd—and eomcoiio clso lo its possibilities as n iilctiirc. .'d never thought o( It Miat \vay; snow what I mean! Von sec, \vlien 1 came out hero anil Rave up trying to crash liie iiKiKaniiu-:! 1 port of started all over." and l'blllli'5 admitted that It might liavo possibilities. lib tecrelaiy returned them, and ['hllllps lilmselt accompanied Dan lo Iho llttto oilice. It belonged to ono of (he staff who wja Inking a few days off. "There's your typewriter." plenty of paper. Now help yuur- "I see." Phillips nodilccl ns [self; If (here's anyllilng elso you thoiiRli lio underwood, llu said, want, just ask for II; everything's "\Vliat did you do over at Contl- Iiirnlshcil lint rimnliii; waler." licniul—:iny original stories'!" \ Dan laughed iiml thanked lilm, Phillips saw It. lie said, "Vo you know Harry Sloan?" "I've met lilm." Dan ailiiiltlfil, On 11,0 Kay hack Phillips naked whcllu-r especial to llulbli iliat afleriiiAia. "if you dou'l, jrou'ro welcoirc lo use ilio place tomoriow mill If you like." "Oil. I'll h.ivo it d.>nc," Dan assiiR'l him, ami the nllier sinllcil plca.-ciuMy anil taid ho was Blail, bccii'.i o ho hail tho eveiiliiu lieu nnd v.culil Lo ti;!'i lo reinl It. FOR SALB--Pair of iron dual wheels for 1023-3(1 Chevrolet truck. Practically new. $35.00 Paul Byniin, Phone 974. 2uk5 i SPECIAL One 1930 A T e\v Chevrolet Coach LEE .MOTOR CO. FOR RENT I'OK KENT— Front bedroom adjoining bath. Private, home. Phone 479W. 30Crt.! FOIl RENT— McBride apartment, •i rcoms, bath, garage, i-iirnislied or unfurnished. iiOU Walnut. FOR RENT— Light Housekeepina rooms, tnrniilicti, 700 West Walnut. 20c-tf furnished aparnient, for rent. See Jimmie ly:dbciter at Saunder's Store. 29c-tf FOR RENT—Large bedroom convenient to buth. 214 Davis, Phone 803. 29i>k3 FOR KENT—3-rooni apartment, 701 Chickasawun Ave., Phone himmli-iil civt-r this, :unl OVIT «lmt hi' i-onsldi-r., 1:1, nititrr liulirli-s* ri K.-ird fur Amir M'lnlfr, \vlii»si: univi: her nil lln- rurlljrr from lilm. Aimc live* \iiili luu iillii-r plrli, M»\A MIIIUMSO.V iniA liVA IIAIl- Ij- nnd l'.\ ;i Ijut rnrvlv. SJu* U Ijlltpr OVIT Itil.s, :md over u rinlirr IniKir li'Ve e.M"'rlcncf. U'lilli- 111 Nvw Vtirk Uurlmvr Jina wrlltvn, liniiniir iithrr (Illll^h, n |ilny fur llic Ji-^iilniiilc Kin^r. ll/s :IKCII( IllilUKht Illalll)- l)t II mil) l.,|ll It fur n loni* lime. Irjlnis «> «H1 Ic tit varlmi* iirciiliicrrs. llul II comvn l>:li'k It) l}iin in n lime nhcii lir 1» (lls:i]iiiufiili.|I of Illo rcjcc- llun <if fell InU'st hrrL'Cn Kirov. Anne Wlnlcr U rnlliiisliivllc • IllMII his plllf. Hr, IH I'lllllrr. llitlli of tlinii tliink II riitilj Lc hllulill)' rilliTed :iijd uiajr lutu a pri-til iik-l'jrr. Collier miTUiiti .1 lilim l.y u Mel, IK' Ililnki ll:m'» fli:incr* of »HIEt>i; II lilll Iff cn- XIIW CO OX WITH T1IF. STORY CHAPTEH XXXI L had sonio slight oh- Al lections at first liut IhcEO icere overcome by the persuasive Collier, anil Hie next morning llan presented himself at tlie offices ot Urand UnileU and askcil for Mr. Phillips. Thero was some difiiciilty in pet- tlji£ word to liitu at once, for Mr. Phillips was well prelected as be filled one. ot liis iuuiorlaiicc; but Paul Collier's card, on whlcli he liad scrihliled a few words, turned the trie!;. "So you're a fricml of Paul Collier's," the scenario chief commented, shaking hands. "Hav< cliair." "We live togetlier/' Dan saiil. "Paul's ri great fellow, lie's been pretty nice lo us." Phillips settled hack in liis chair and looked expectant, anil Dan stated liis mts- Eion. "I've been writing for pictures since tlie first of the year. I was over at Continental for a while; now I'm free lancing. I've got a play in my pocket that I wrote when I was still iu New York, be- foro I hud any idea that I'd ever do anything fof the inovic-3. I tcel nrc-tty sure that it yon reail it you'll aiaeo tliat It lias possibilities for a great picture." Dan paused, aud Phillips, with a wan smile, nodded. "1 know you've heard that lie- fore," Dan said, anil ho grinnotl, anil the other's smile broadened. "Yes," ho confessed, "it's uot a new slory. But go alicad." "Thanks. I'll havo to tell you liorimer iiainuil a c«ii|ilc of pic- and whni I'liiilipi hail closed the ,T v , a I-.M ,.< i ,, lures. "They weren't csncctallv iluor and departed ho sat down al in ''" " lt ' ulu " n "' l) '" 1 eood," he apologize-]. oneo „..,! Ibrust paper into ll.a * ^ ^ ""I 1 f"™*\ «l' H'O "They weren't bnd. 1)« yon want typewriter aud be K an to write. ,»n , Cl ',' S ',"" 1 ' laCCil me lo i-ca-l vour play? I'll be Kkv!! ... ' lcl!1 '" u "' c >' «"<l 'end them over. me lo read your play? lo do ft and let you know 1 tliitik ot it." AND Dan smiled. "There was * x somc-tlilng else. I've got a vpo- cial reason for wanting to interest {Jrainl United ami I want to do a lillle liit more than just leave it here and walk out. Have you got a vacant oilk-c with a typewriter in It. where I ci'.n lock myself up for a few hours? I'd like to turn out •> rough Irealiucnt for the screen leave that with yon along ivllli lie play manuscript." He roso anil picked up his liat. 'I'm not much of a bu' ;ucb=, but it you'll take that r:n:cii if n chance Oil me I don't think rou'll be sorry." "Wait a minute," Phillips salil. 'Sit tlown." Ilo frowned for a moment. "Why," lie KEkcil. "do you want to do tliat licre? ^Yily dldu't you ilo it at home';" And Dan confessed that lie hard y knew, llo grinned cheerfully and said, "Perhaps it's because I wauled to try lo sell a llttlo per soiiality along wilii it." "You win." Phillips told him with a laugh. Ilo liit the end oft a cii;ar T was not difficult once lie had *- started. He knew very cleudy list what lie wanted to say. Just v'liere the ncreen .treatment would leviate from tlio script; and lie vroto r.wiflly, wllh n keen zest for 10 task. At one o'clock tliero was a rap on tlie lioor and Phillips entered. "lla\c to kiiork oft for lunch." lie ordered amiably; "tills U ri iinion shop. Coi:.e on out anil we'll liave a bito together, llow'a It com Ins!" "Pretty fair," Dan Bald. "1 had no Ido It was limcli time already. I've been nt It moro tlian three Phillips laughed. "You've licen doing soriitlilng, loo. haven't you?' He moved' over lo Ihc lilllo desk and estimated the number ot sheets (hat had euiersed from tlie typo- writer, aud ho turned to look al Dan with something Ilko respect Ir Ilia eyea. On their way to (he restaurant ho coufided Hint Collier had droppei iu during tho morning. "Collier was kind ot curious I Know iiow you hail mailo tut will me," Phillips said. Ilo chuckled. it's halt aa BOOI] M ho says it Is. maybo MO ought to feel lucky to ;et it. What's tho tills of it. by ami passed the box.lo norimer, who " I ''» a I'relly touvb rarl, you -ieclined: Phillips said: know." And ho added: "Paul sure "1'vo heard stories airaiit fellows f' '">PPeil "P over your play. If rushing into a studio anil demanding a typewriter and then turning out a hot idea ami selling it 0:1 the spot. lint I've always been skeptical; I've always hail tho sneaking notion that they had their ideas ucked away in their pockets before hey cnmc in." Hut Dan's proposal, he admitted, as somewhat different. "It is," said Dan. "Here's Ike [ilay right here. It would lake considerably more than a few hours to turn that out." The. scenario chief na<!(Ted and pressed a button. When his secretary cntcrcil he said, "Will you sec if. any ot the ofiicc-s in t!ie department are not being used today? I wnnt Mr- liorimer lo have a typewriter where lie cau work undisturbed." And when she had gone he turned to Dan once more. "What's the play about?" ho askeil. "You've got me curious now." D.-.a hcsitalcil. "I'd radier not try to give yon any more than the idea," he said. "I think tho most effective tiling in it is the dialogue." Put he roughly sketched the plot. lo w.t.i suipriscil al the ainuuiii ho lai] uiiiU'ii. fur l:o bud not mini- icreil his paseii: the Job wna unii'b noro tlaburalo than he bail ilatnuil. Piiili;;'S was still in hi* ortVc, tiui D.iu bald, :ia ho placed his work mi the other's desk: "There ynn are, ami imiiiy thanks 'or your patience. It yon liko It I'll r.r-11 yon why I partlculaily named in sell it lo Cirand Unileil." "And If wo don't want It?" "Then you'll never know," Dan salil, holding out his hand. riiilllns lau:;licil. "1'va cot n terrlhle cuilusliy, but it sivnu thai I'm culm: I" liavu to pay -inlio a price to satisfy It. ... Well. 1 hope I ilo havo to. So long—nud good Inck." Collier was walling In the apartment when liorimer got lliere. "I just KI>I In and shook one up," ho said, "aud yon Inok as though >un need one. Il'o In tho i-cfrlgeralor." He got up from his chair and stretched lazily. "Well, how did you like Phillips?" ho nskc.i. "lie's a great guy." Dan said wav::ilj - . "ili'ln't I tell you? Did you put t over? What did ho say? I'cll me r.ll alwui It." "He's going lo lake it borne and read It tonlghl." Paul nodded. "What ilo ynn nnw? Cliances )UK BOARDING HOUSE By Aheru the way? I never askcil yon that." " 'Traitor'," Dan said, and he •miicsscd tho lillo luiKlit lack soiuelhiiii: as llic name for a picture. "It \va3 r.ll right—or It srtmeil i:ll right, anyway—for the singe." lie said, "I'm sorry if Paul piled it on thick. 1 didn't expect him lo do that" lie seemed so apologetic that Phillips gave him a curious look. "Well. I wouldn't let it worry me if I were you," he said. "Collier wouldn't say it It he diiln't mean it." They had hnscli Dnu glaureil lilly nrnmul the (atirant, half expecting tiiat he mi^lit see Anne Winlor. but she was uot there. Ho ilirl sec Carry Sloan. The director was lunching with two other men'ami a girl with brown Iiair whose back \vnn toward Korlmet; nnd Sloan chanced to arc it ynu'il J;ist walked In ihn-e anil (lumped It on his desk he might not have got at It fur a week or two. He's a pretty Ijnsy person, hue now that liu's bail R chaaco lo size yn:i up he's more apt lo glvo you n lucak. Did yim tell him iliat it \vui:!d be a aooil hot for l.cslcr Muore? They're on the Inokutii for a story for Mooro." "No." Dan said. "I didn't. 1 wrele Mo:;ro into it, tl'ough, so you co:ihl hanlly miss, lint 1 Ihonqlit it would bo best to let Phillips discover II. Yuu spoko logelhcr then, ii'our two cents worth, too,-dldu't 2J. I EV/&R K^E^i! UP MoUR A HAM6lMf3.' — VMKV A Vaa 60 AM" 1 G&f -TriGse VAMKSD QLiT, IM5TSAP OF THAT ME ABouT Maw Tr> FEEL ,,,„ ^_ , , AFTeR -THEV'RE: V5ELF i( ^i'ip BE -pun. Q -p • BE A MEUi MAM f «. FULL ' ^ PEP M » MB ^ QF PER, ^' AROUND MOAAi/Mcb Like A WHV , VciU AFTER 1 ENTHUSIASM "' ^£^v^<L_ f=7j BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES h.'i|^ ;iij -y; . ; . By Martin \VKLL! loofc his way just then, Dan 271. 30pk3 nodded. Sioan smiled faintly, but without recognition, mid turned ijack to liis companions. "Oh. ttiatl" 1'iiul grinned. "Sure, I tolil lilm llic F.iine thing 1 lolil yon. Where's tho harm In that?" "Well, you were pretty swell lo Jo II. I'll uwe yiiii a lot if It goc-i over." "Don't be silly. They shouldn't lot talent like yours run around loose. Tho trouble with you la you m-il a manager." (To llo Continued) PfcJiiBONAL FOK KENT—One room ' without, board: Mrs. C. P. Fender, 512 North 1st St. I-'OR HEN'T—6 room cotlnge <? r | KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL —..Mis. | Lucilc Thomas Smith will tiiien Kindeiitai'ien al 1109 W. Main , , -on Kent. 15 with a limited num- lui n-1 ishcd. rent lor s:)5.00 month 'till i ber of children. Yen will be de- first of year. Thomas Land d liatiy. 2ck5 .TOR RENT— 2 i-ooms furnished for I lisht housekeeping, 026 Walnut I Phone 521, Mrs. S. P. Cavender. 2ck5 . un j. I lighted wish the training your child Hill receive. Cal! 22Q. 2cV:0. Closing Slock P' ices WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Jlrs. Brown, V04 S. Lake St. 17ck-tf WANTED—Sleeping room in private home. State price per inontli. Address "G" Conner News. 29pk3 WANTED BOAKDERS — i-' our teachers or youni; men in furnace heated home, 1103 W. Main, Call 22C. 2tk9. A. T. & T. Aviation Clirj sier Cities Service Coca Cola Fox General Electric . General Motors ., Griysby Griiiiow I. T. ami T MontEjGincry Packard Radio Simtr.ons ... United Gas . U. S. Sled . Military Ban!', Notes Sell At Discount in Peiping FEIPI.VG. (UP)—Military banknotes issued by Mar.-Jial Yen H?i- shan are selling at n heavy discount in Peipinq. in sj:i'.e of continuous victiirics claimed by the north. The notci have teen b:> iniicii rcdnceii in value tiiat even Mar- against being coni|icl!ed (o accc|H ihesc notes. "If officials will no', 'ake tlie^e I notes, how can we be erqiccted lo ! receive them cheerfully in return' icr ac'.uul goods?" the merchants' usk. They point out that (hey face '. graphcr i mill il tiie military notes are :iot j low-scicntisls. witlidrawn. ; Lisbon for Ihrcc-ycar \ British nitrate company Vienna Baroness Plans Exploration in Congo VIENNA, iL'PIDuiing dc Sinetli. rcnniiiaiiiccl by an expert photo- .ir.nil number of fel- oon will .sail from Puru-yucbe Africa un ex]i]uraiion trip of Anthe Congo and parts of litio- WANTED—Young man and young i lady to operate cilice in Blythc- Villc. Salary to begin S100.0Q per month fr.r man nr.ei S75.00 ].v:r month for lady. Lady must he able lo use typewriter. Sec Mr. Hidcl Saturday aflcnwrn in Court House at Blytheville. 2ck3 V. n. WASIIAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rales on carload lots. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 ! WERT i ;IIc Makes 'Em Set Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing in Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 53 tngram uidg. Dlytheville, Ark Chile is cxpahmcnliiiE with a Diesel dcsia. tax-collectors refuse 13 accept them al face value. Peiping merchants have organized to pro'.esl loccinotive capable of higli psr- \ lonnance at altiuities of 4000 feet, i Head Courier News "Want An?. ND HIS FRIENDS .... A(J' TWi TAUIH OFF IhJ vXKT E?F;! A FEvJ' ^;Hi/T£s To 66T A LIME yiSSiyi THIS FAR8AR....AU'XW, GCHtJ' <=5:iS£ ALOM£...fJO OH THISTfJlp_XL.L S-k 'THIS THIrJ<3 BY DO PL.evlTY=- ! MISAATS UMCUE ^WAQ™M' u? PLAi FOB "? \NUAT COU.D YO<-> DO.- A LiTTuS KID TUS CALLSO HiW- -10 3-1 30 3-4 12 7-8 41 7-8 . 20'; 31 170 5-3 OP UI.'A US CAMT SET DOT OF 1H,S LET WE 60 Ml ITU YOU II New York Cotton NEW YORK. Gcp'.. 2. lUP)— Cotton closed barely F'.eady. Open Hiah 1a\v Spots cloFccl quiet at 1130. off .MY'S .MISFOUTUNK New Orleans Cotton UOVJ CUT -V>Z CNTiDS KYJ1SH.BUT DON'T ~ XOUT* ^ISH IS AND VJL'LL SEE IF XCU'UL GET 1EIAJNG r. BV CKPBS NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 2. lUPI —Cu'.ton closed b.ireiv steady. COMWG (MTO VOUT? Open High 1103 1124 1122 1142 1130 1143 1145 11MJ 11C4 11 1176 119'. closed s'.cady nt 1078, oil 2. PLANT: I-IC.UKKS WASHINGTON, D. C., Aug. 20.— '. Filty-clyht major aircraft manufacturers rcporliiiR to tbe Acro- j nautical Ohanibci 1 of Commerce produced 785 commcixial nnd military airinaiH'..-. valued al SG.475,- I 092. \viil*jOiit motors, during tile cnd quarter of 1330. This is in . ceinpnnscn to llic 630 planci pro- I rtuccii, valued a; $4,iTO,OCO, tli'.nn; I tlic first quarter.

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