The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1936
Page 8
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'.PAGE EIQHT Defeat of Roosevelt Is Goal of "Shav Wealth" Leader Our By WALTER 0. 1'AKKES NEA Service Slafr CorrespcnrJMil NEW YORK.-When gnunt, gra> . old Dr. Francis E, Townscnd dm rustically ••look 'a walk" awny froti the House Committee Investigalin Ms , Old Ago Revolving Pensions Ltd., it xvns )nis(:y, ruddy, young Rev. Gerald U K. Smith who took his arm; lc<i Mm out nnd threatened lo "sock (lie first man thai stands in the Ivay!" The minister Is heir to the leadership of t'ne , into Huey ijmiff Share-tlic-WeaUh movement. By Jits ctnmpionship of Dr, Townscml he Indicated 1'nnt lie had tnksn an ally in 1 his psrsonal fend with the Roosevelt administration. TOT the Rev. Dr. Smith Is violently antagonistic toward tlic Prcs- Ide.nt nnd nil )ils Nc>w Deal 'forks. •We are headed right stralghl •.for Communism," he said In ai> Interview here. "Tlie Democrats :\i-pn the election, but the New IJeal commissars ore the ones really Jn power. ;' . "Business looks better only Ijc- cause Government spending has given It a shot In fne arm of financial morphine. When the. 'money runs out, it will be like taking do]X> • nwny from an addict. I am (AUK.) COU1MER NEWS Check ing Veterans Pay Envelopes 'COOLEST SPOT IN TOWN'! Last Time Today 'Florida Special' Willi Jnck Oil kk and Sally Idlers rarnmolint News ami I'alscy Kelly Comedy —Admission— Mallrcc-io A, J5c—Wllli le Taj it—10 £ 35c—With le Tax lo do everything in my iwwor to defeat Roosevelt, Anil lie ivlll ; be defeated. He Is on the skids." \ Emulates Long's Oratory The Rev. .Mr, Smllii Is a (luenl speaker. TO his spellbinding .'heredity' ns fourth In u family line of small town preachers, he ),ns added ninny of Huey ling's ora lorlcal mannerisms—the arm wav Ing. t'ne quick smile, the fortissimo defiance and the pianissimo cajolery. He uses them all In carrying the torch for his Idolized mentor. :. "The ghost of Huey. Long wll. IX! Ihe most, potent (actor 'In the campaUjn," he declared. He deprecated Ills-own ability as Notional Organizer of the .Share-tlw-We'aMh Clubs, glvli, B all credit t tn! > .„,._ tniimous lang innueiicc. FRIDAY ONLY PALMGHT 2 Adults Admitlcil for 1'riee of 1 i All .Children— I0c 'TffiSTBABY':.. Willi Johnny Downs, ShirlCy »enne, Dixie Dmibar and Jane Diirwcll In all love's joinuf dream Iliere's no tlirlll llhp -The First.-. -Haliy'.' nntl JDU ciin 1 ! !m?y|np what u;i- rcari,CLs <-\c-i(ciuenl u -stork, ran •-iir up unlil j ou MB ||,i s | l( |, irJ ious cnncily! A picliiro nfler j-uiir o«u licart! , -. ; • . rrlday afternoon n Lovely Baby ill be' Given to some lucky AKSOUJTKI.Y FRCK! Uo!l mile girl '1 1.1- ilo'l is Icirig (lisiiJajcd Ihc Kilz Thcade lobby now! rri« and but sleeps— H (alk! flnrs every- Scleoicd Shorts TUESDAY, JUNE' 1B 1UNK" NlttHT! He esllmntftl the nilnlmnn, Sliare-thc-Wealth strength as five million, a million and a hall It- Jik personal - followiiv In LouLslann. The wealth-sharing plan conlcm- Jlalcs restricting the size or par- 'onal fortunes, but has'no "triist busting" program. Hn added tlml rcrconnl fortunes would be limited o live or ten millions," anytlilni; nbove that .being connscuted. Assumed Mantle of HOSS Smith Joined the Long colors In 1934, after resigning 'nls pii)j,H | ;) Slireveporfs fashionable Kltiiis "iRhway Chr'istlan church, while m g lived. Smith n-ns content to b•• lowly paid worker. But from ob- curlly vie Jumiml into the national Imellghl mtor u ls as . s(lss | 11!vUon rticn he delivered n Hery funeral irallon before 100.000 iicoplc ne- liiesls for copies of ih c speed, fioured n, by thousands. He wns lentlotied'for l!ic Senate to nil out nicy's uiicxplred (erm. but refuse;! \a wanted to organize fnc Slinre- he-Wealll, dubs on n national asls. " Though inexporienccd In politics, he asstnncti the role of a boss set ll:e Lon s hcnc'nmen back on tliclr lieels with his audacity in 'dlct-it- int' in, "oincial" slate for the vlinl State primary, ahd preclpllatcd an Intnimm-al squabble that llircnt- encd.lo «-reck t?ie nmchliie before a compromise was reached TI,C Long ticket cnloycd n landslide Nurses CoalWon rian Al present smith is energetically trying to effect.his most ambitious project, an anti-Roosevelt coalition of all the "disgruntled" people n< represented by the followers ofV imv'isend, Father coughlln, Uiiton Sinclair, et nl. Hc acknowledged-fhc alliance with Dr. Townscnd Is pretty much o[ a marriage of'conven- ience. Questioned on his attitude, toward..(he, doctor's schemes h e re plied ;Y'!'m' really not very familiar V#lh the Townsend program" He and or. Tou-iuenil confidently expect 30,000 "men or dlf fercm pinions", to gat'ncr en'mass n.t n nationnl coiivenlldii of'dele gales from-8,000 Townsend Clubs to bs-hc.ia in Clcvelaiui, Ohio, from July 19. Here they will ic Iterate their slogan; "Anyone but Roosevelt." . Independent Ticket Mkj-ty -As to concrete plan s of the 'al lies, the -Rev. Smith was vague. Al ioii § vi-at one time-he announce'! that he won;? appear at the Demo cralic convention with - Governor Eiigem; Talmadge o( Georgia, ac comprtnied by delegations from Cue Southern states pledged to "stop L'd i ration eu'ij rulcial ni-si-nc dislili-t, scenes like Iliis y.cre Ijdiij, World War veterans' Iwniia was bein t . rusher) cicwc lo *-<ro tclnu reulslered ror deliver:/ bcginnlnj. June 15. F-.ery cnvulnr/.' (, n , ^.try clerks at ,e, v urt ,top, contains , ;nllil: , , 0 .^^ t , f,^ J « n. (lie tils pile livlra aic coiiiaincrs h, \vh' • ---• '"mm, nun, T1IUKSDAY, JUNE 11, 193(5 • 2 °WO.on. Job Making. 1 Canada. Compliments i'° Cm ™ '» wifcwnmer. mm Cheese, at Roquefort] V.I Neighboring Tourists! "u^nS'tid 10 ^^ ft HOQUEFCRT. 1-Yance. (up)-_''/. -~— ! tl:c -riimble seals, expecting to see More than 26,000,000 pounds of CONDON, Out, (UP) _ Unlt-il; Silvfl 8? Indians roaming IDs streets. Itaiucfort cheese arc munufac-I' siiu<is tourists are getting '• morel' luitil annually In u,fc picturesque I " ea vctilcd" about ciiimdian C us- i-raich village. For more than 111 to " ls . Ma ^r W. II. Wood, of HIP ^-(iituiles this chrp<;r> hr» c i,«~,. t London Chamhpi- nf f/i.«.., n ,.™ French village. ^"wo^ur.Tn I ">"*•' M?JM*w"n ™*of C fc - N "' C S " Ucs lmre state clvil «" rar -T KH--- °" a "" ie ' "" F"""-—-'"EMS •^^SSSi-^^- he - - i - •™" te Y "" kl °" 10 ' an " w " " •"-"~ 1 - ' Pliny tne'j the early '" '"" ° f "" C " CC '° 1 weM "' ^ ° f Ul(f • A ' Ul " lc I)OXM lo WASHABLE WHITE CALF FEATHER WEIGHTS These shoes arc unusually practical for everyday wear. They clean easily, give cool slipper comfort and they LOOK neater than most white shoes, because they're Ankle-fashioned. . . Nurm-Bush R. D. HUGHES & CO. »'• it Is menlion'cd 'by Rider, who wrote In decades of the Christian er.i More than 200.033 , persons -orking on 25.000 farms, are employed nnd earn -tljeir - living di-, rectly Iron, the cheese Industry 11 Milk is contributed by 700000 sheep, tended by 10,000 fhepherdi Some years ago, ..Roquefort cheese was patented and •• ecpy- "Blited. so that the mannfacturo and sales ol Imitations In France Is forbidden by law. Many t,M™ nuns ai-c fold oulside of France urec murder of- Richmond 'have iwii con.tacted by Holland' ami fai-nam, .local law n™, retain" "y Otto Rlchmoii.1. faiit'c,. „"'",-,, slain man. and |i,ive' asked lli-il. n clemency be extended Hanhilck nccoi-dHiB lo ; Clco)-Bfl W, Barham who was u special prosecutor nl. the (rial. «*H.LIIIOI nl A record of the Hanhvlck trial has been prepared twin court files here for a permanent record in Ihc governor's oiricc, anficlmtiiv* renewal late,- n f Mrs Tuve'son's plea for her lover's freedom -A' pel 1 iilicn has been . circulated signed uy a number, of Manila citizens asking ti mt Rny pl?a Iol elemcncy for. the convicted murderer be refused. Sufferers Praise Pile Ointment ™?^;^,^,?^ iuro ot l>llo,. -rliclr sraurul U-llL-ra toll iuv Ho Tlionilon i Jnnor 1'lle ulntmtnt ,r,u K l,l ttllff (,„,„ |illo IK-UIIB. n"° „" nimation an,! n.i!n. Try llila Prlratii nnlll'teaoi-lnllm,. II .nil ralWy ,„. ' i!t ° c °" "'"' ^ "funded, ror Robinson Drug Co. NOW Phone 810 TODAY PHILLIPS MOTOP CO. Service Center ^. ,, , ,._ UU-lllJJllii.t Bioup Itself is pledged to Roosevelt: He declined to ,iay whether (lie merger would supixnl ihc llcan is nuite ;[ ]j e \,„,.... nnv potential, candidates. 'Tie'hlin- sclf will not be otic because. "\Vhen inipUBii I'UI.L DELICATESSEN LINE Cheeses for all tastes Cold Meats of nny kimi • Fruit Juice cV Olngcr. Ale - FIJESH YARD EGOS DAILi" MCKAUO'S OHO. Ji MEAT MARKET Phone 673 — We Deliver 104-1 Chickosnu-ba ' The figure of the Christ of Ihc nn Independent imtloual ticket from Andes is 2U feet high and rests on the Smilh-Townsend-Coughliii a column of granite 22 feet hiph "That's the fastest selling gasoline in the South, and I m not surprised It seems as though everyone I talk to has a good word lo s.iy .iboiit Lion Knix-Knox gasoline. As far as I'm concerned, I'm thoroughly sold on Knix- Knox, not only because it's by far the best gasoline I ever used bm because Lion is a Southern company, h stands to reason if I spend my gasoline dollar at home it will stay here to help business in the South." KNIX-KNOX GASOIINE LION OIL REFINING COMPANY • HH.r, WUNDKRMCH, Mir,-. 81" x99" Nation Wide SHEETS Their serviceability has ' been proved by countless .tests -nnd thousnnda of )ious«vivc«J -'Nii. tion Wide. Caaca, 42x30"j : 23 e - Tei'ry Bath Towels \ Double Loops Stock U]i nov,. for the summer! Double loops, smart solid n>l- ors. 20 by -10 in. WASH CLOTHS Lasting quality ea. Smart, plaid 3 and borders in nice color combinations. Just the rightwcight. Size 12 x 12 in. 42"x36" Belle hl e PILLOW CASES i?"«?...liiiish. An economical buyf O/ Coltun Smartly patterned i:i choice of colors! Largo si;:e, 81 by 105 in. Scrvice!il)!c! GOWNS H.iml Made A Real Bargain Both regular and extra sizes! Nicely made and full cuL- Trim. mcti with hand embroidery nnd smart nppliqiie. Rayoa PANTIES Sensationally Low fiitcJ! !c An opportunity to stock up on pood-looking summer panties or step-ins. SHiarlly Incc trimmed. 81x99 Wizard, ct-l Penney VWj/c.l f"ill to stand plenty of w,-a and f'.equont launcfi-rint-s I nee I to snvc you money! Ilcm- raed nl.d finished with tare Famous 8l"x99" Penco SHEETS l\ mh /IronKcr, much smoother more durable than you would ex- ;>eet to fiu.i at this price ' Towels Large-Size! These arc extra absorbent i N ew> smart i-olo-rs' that win s t a y fri-sh! 2;i by 40" Terry Bath Towels Springtime Printed LAWN Kcry cool and so dainty! yard >\ very low price for such n lovely, shcor fabric! Vat dyed :o[rirs—which menus that they aunder well! 35/36 inches wide. Very nliscrbent— and so low priced; Giiyly striped bordera. Popular si?e, 18 x 3fi in. Eedsp?eadi fine Value! Cotton crinkle in smart stripes will f reshun your bedroom I Large size, 80 by 105 inches. Full-Fashioned Silk Ksaee-leng£|j Hose Lastci lops! Here's the up- to-date way to keep cool! Wear com f ortablc knee - length hose! In new colors. 8H-1014.

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