The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 1948
Page 4
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f fACTE FOUR (AUK.? COUBIER Phon* 4461 Methodist Circles Meet firvHomes For Program lto» Women'« Society of Christis 8«rvio» of .U» First Methodist Bfeurc)i met In circle group* yes- Circle On* met *t the home of tin. -'Alfred Williams with Mrs. V. ».< Holland M co*hos!ess. There wr* 13 mem ben and one new nember, Mrt. Jack Finley Robinson »res«nt. Devotional was given by Mrs. John Poster and Mn. L. E P!« cave the study. , Mn. E. B. Oe« was hosless lo . ; neml»r» of Circle Two with 14 member* present. Tlie study was liven >jr Mrs. William Wyatl. • Circle Three met at the home of MM. Allan p. Stewart with 24 mem- »ers and one new member, Mrs. J. a. Bryant present. Mrs. L. E. Baker r«v« the devotional, after which Mrs. B. A. Lynch presented the rtudjr course. Mrs. Ben White was hostess to , nemben of Circle Pour with 21 i members and one new member, Mrs. Eugene Still present. Devotional : was given by Mrs: W. L. Horner Birthday Is Celebrated By James J, Bryant III James J. Bryant Jr., celebrated his fourth birthday Saturday afternoon In the Colonial Room of Hotel Noble when ht« parent*, Mr. airi Mrs. J, J.. Bryant, entertained with a birthday party In his honor. Sixteen of his young friends and their mothers attended the affair. Mr. mid Mrs. Bryant and their Baptist Y. W. A. Meets With Miss Willagene Daws Miss Wlllatjene Daws was hos.U'ss last night to 13 member* of the Baptist Young Women's Auxiliary. Miss Bernlce Overman, president, presided during a brief business session, at which time plans were made for the social meeting. Devotional was given by Miss Mary Van Sneed. hose who panic- lived In Blytheville until re" Ipated on ,T« prog -Tr,, o "me gn ceruly when they moved to St. Louis I Missionaries" were MKi Cllflte Ov" his wSy heiVwUh '° celebrate | M"^"' MLS * Carol >'" w"deTnd Mil, wc Dm ''h B lne afternoon the children | P r aj'er, after which a social hour course were served by the hosless. Dinner Party Is Given Honoring Emmitt Cobb «th birthday. ii- " "i "••••••» room table &t whtch the dinner wa, served, w-a s cove C 3 with a linen cloth and centered an attractive arrangement of Spring flowers. i to 'he guest Mrs. Stcadman Hostess To Bridge Club, Guests Bits of News Mis. C. A. Hovey has goixs to Bl Paso. Tex., where she will make an fended visit with her nieces, Mrs, Sara Grace Joyner arrived home today from Henrietta Okli where she had spent the past month with her grandmother, Mrs William Bonifleld and hn tun- Mis, Marvin Bell. On tier return home she stopped In Fayettevillf where she visited her sister Miss' Joyner, Methodist Youth flay at Methodist Church i I " t * rm « 1 l«'« Department of Methodist youth Fellowship of 1 the First Methodist Church pre™,.* dr!im> entltl «d n hP ** th< church l iS!P afln * in th " pl wer « Trleschminn, Jimmy Gossett Hall, John Wllks, Sandr — „..,,,,, mnicu, --".j i-uu WVJJIICA, n student at Hachahoma Bridge I University. She also attended jucsls, Mr.s. Charles j Pounder's Day Banquet, of D, the Mrs. ms and son, Billy. Mrs. -.... c .,,... „_, ,, ilo . lv . ,j. ru Jr[1cr nun' 4il *i iiiumas and son link *.*,-* \* Mrs H. W. Wylle gave.the study., G. Taylor «nrt «""'& Si *f Circle Five met at the home of Osccola. a^ri Mrs. Chrlstino' Crick- ored moving pictures ol li ifternoon. nciroshmoiils of 'birthday cake with Ice cream were served. Out of town Buests attcmilnc wore Mrs. W ,i, im)1 rj al . d Eclrl g oa Jr., ail'' *^" mini-..- — . .. "^*«,* Frcink Tl i.Mrs. W. T. Obcrst with Mrs. W. i F. Brewer as co-hostess, There were i!? me .^ nt)crs * l>d °ne new member, . roc and Mrs. Calherine Lamb of , Mrs. W. S. Langdon'present. Mis. . Fred Fleeman gave the devotional rtlf n »nd the study was Riven by Mrs. UltlCCl'S Al'e Instal CfJ 'Charles Wylle. ,- M".' J. E. Stevenson was hostess •to 12 members of Circle Six «nd one Jiuest, Miss Mimle Adims. The ntudy was given by Miss Adams. 4 Refreshments were served at each ^Meeting. i ... IRoyal Service Program [Held At Baptist Church ; The Women's Missionary Union •of the First Baptist Church met {.yesterday afternoon at the church /.for a Hoyal Service program. . '- The meeting was o J giving o! the watch open hwoT . ned with the d and sing- g- th« hymn of the year. Mrs. «Th»oc!ore Log an led the program on 4 the subject of -The Christian Home <0ur Immediate Tusk" and the devo- jtionul was given by Mrs. E T. Blo- jmeyer. i Participating on the program tvere Mrs. Lloyd Stickmon, Mrs. H 4H. Brooks, Mrs. Roy head and Mrs. { Je«M Cain. A solo was given uy t Mrs. Harry rrltiliu who sang "Homa jeweet Home" accompanied by Mrs ;;Eb!) Carson. s P/nyers were given by Mrs. E B •i Stevens, Mrs. w. Marion Williams = and Mrs. E. c. Brown. "* . .^Episcopal Auxiliary Meets Mrs. Andrew Moses I By Presbyterian Auxiliary Mrs. L. S. Hnrtzog was installed a* president ol the Woman's Aux- Altar Society Meets At Immaculate School Ladles Altar Society of the Immaculate Conception Church mei yc.stcrd.iy nitcrnoon nt tho Si-boo] of tlic Immaculate Coiicepiion with 16 members present. The Rev. B.Prnncls McOcvltl Rave the instruction, 1 ; on "Sacrifice of the uid three guests, Mr.s. Charles: Mrs. Richard Osborne and >• Oamm Da)U , . Mrs. Henry Wilson. Bradley Jr., won Mrs Auclrcanol high'. - Mrs - H< "-ry high score and Freeman, second Entertaining rooms of the home were decorated to cany out the SI Patricks Day theme. The hostess served refreshment's. • • • Methodist Youth Fellowship Meets At Osccola Church Mississippi County Sub-district there. m,.>fliii« of . w - s ' 11 '' Sorority Saturday iu g | U Mrs. Odie Taylor and son, and Mrs. Ruth. Spencer and children spent the weekend in Oran Mo where they visited Mrs. Taylor's sister. Mrs. Elmer Colliun and fani- TUESDAY, MARCH 18. 194| At The Hospitals .. , " 1 Ruth Hale ' McClure. Donna sur« Oore directed the In » Braille sign, there are 63 combinations into which the six two-aided, raised dots can be arranged. Mrs. W. R. Baughman had as her guests over the weekend, Mr and Mrs. W. f,. Baughnmn of Mem- Thuraday to be with her parents and will remain here until her father s condition is much improved Alf^rf J ;) V ' AtiamSSr " Mrs - Charles Alford, Mrs. Jim Crafton, Mrs Ed Cook and Mrs. Victor stllwell are In Memphis attending the Tennessee ' Blytheville HouIUl Dismissed: Rita Mae Fowler, Luxora Mri,. D. c. Joliff, Manila. Mrs. J. c. Scribner, city. Ramona Stockley, Manila Baby Ryan, Luxora. Wall. Mortal Dismissed: George Hicks, steele, Mo J. T. George, Rte. 2, city. Dick Richardson, citv Carolyn Blake, Manila. Baptist W. M. U. Mov. Royal Service Program ' H ' Miss Laura Swain, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Matthews, stu- . - --• ---• "'ntblicwa, SI M i dent at Washington University •' Louis, ••-- • *' ;lubb Mrs. L speaker f' met yesterday was lead- "The Home. -. — ... Guest, was program and Mrs. B. J nducted the devotional! H. Jones was principal >n n tlie program theme, Central p. T. A. will not meet tomorrow afternoon at the whool « was formerly announced. Tlie next meeting will be hold wiih the Lange r - '. A. at Lange school. , no Zetn Tau sorority there She win by Mrs. B. E. • — -""^"".inicic. one will Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hall left yes- ° "* an honoree nt a dinner Id-day for Liuie Rock where thev e to 1)c hcld al the Chase Ho- wfll attend the Stale Wholesale tcl '" st - ' Laui! - D V 'he sorority next Groceiv Convom.ion Th™, ,.,iit ~- i week. esae Grocery Convention. They will re- Melhodtst Youth Pel- I u " n J '<"»e Thursday. last night at the I Ml ' s - J - A. McKay has returned • " —•/"" "••» ">'» iasi nigni at tue I "'">• •>• "•• ivici-^ay nas returned He announced that the ladlrs of I Plrst Mctli«li«t Church in Osccola I fl ' oni Mcmplifs where *lie spent a-i ic church wmiM *,<„» ^.. ; nt7:3»Tim ! extended visit with her daughter ing at ilia and program church. Officers M-lio were Installed by (he ••"••«.*.« biini, int; JiUlll ,S ill the church would ruicnd mass P:i- clay. ^f,^r. ifl, -TJic of St. J oe . nt 8 p.m., to receive holy communion for ihc Inlcmion of tlie conversion of Russia and the continuation ol world peace. Miss Higginson Hostess lo G. E. 0. Club, Guest Miss Dorothy Jean Hlgglnson was hostess last nil-lit at her home whra she entertained members of the G T. Kidd, pastor, In- led Mrs. E. R. Lancashire vice president; Mrs. Ei win' p. Jones secretary; Mrs. Willard H. Pease, treasurer; Mrs. R oy Walton, historian; cause secrclarip.s, Mrs Ro.W Stevens. Mrs, E. A. Rice, Mrs. C M Gray. Mrs. Znl B. Harrison. Mrs F M-MoSc™VMr" e 5JS : «±?rV f / 0 '^" IS — M»- H. H. Houchins. Mrs Ebb'- 1 I""*---" "* ™ l "^»S rooms ot Spradley ami Mrs. W. A. Dobyiw Circle chairmen apiwinlcd wcre Mrs. J. E. Bcaslry, Circle One- Mrs G. W. Dlllalnnity. Circle Two! Mrs William Young, circle Three; Mr*. J. C. Walsh. Circle Four, and Mrs. , u . - -- . & , .v,,,_i cirde. Thomn5 ' Dluill " s Womcn ' s By Methodist W.S.C.S. ie Women's Society of chiis- ,^ r . vl ", of the ^t Street at 7:30 p.m. _ it Jere Wlscmnn president, of Osce-! Mls - Russell Hodge and infant ola, wa.s in charge of the business dn «Khtcr, Ann Maiie. Mr. and Mrs meeting at which officcis for tlie [ Ho(| go have one other child She coining year were elected. They are ls thc former Miss Dorothy Me- MlSS ftllHl Rnrjir nt T>l,.,!.„,,in_ "1 Ka>'. Mr. and Mr.s. R. i,. Hawkins anrt Misses Mam-one. Wati- Peggy, spent Sunday in Mrs. Edgar Henderson of Brinkley, Aik., arrived yesterday to be with her sister, Mrs. J A Wrotcn while Mr. Wroten is a patient at . . -— .LI *,uujjai'iijj ( • in^ttn j.i a jjatitnt BL and the vote on tlie counselor will Blytheville Hospital recovering from hf> tftlrnil 1* ts.,. i ,• . . i *-A..(».._ 1,.;...:. . - - *"O i-LUJIl ig >ear were elected. They „, Miss Ruth Seay of Blytheville. nres- ident; Steve Ralpli O f Osccola, vice- president; Miss Jnjie Phceny of Mugbtcr.s. Whltton, secretary; Miss Georgia ! rcllc - a " ti Anabel of Osccola was re-elected as ! treasurer and Miss Ruth Abbott of ' Wilson was elected as reporter Miss. Mamie L. Adams of Blytheville wns nominated as counselor ., -*• "'^"i.ji-i.-j ui luu ij j ^ .u.^ un mi; udiniscior will ^•i.^'j^ilur iiutipiiai recovenne from M" tV . Rllrt °" e 8ucst > Mrs - Wil- , hc lnk!1 '> at the next meeting to be : S( >i'lo"s Injuries received last Wed IllVm Himlpr ri'tTnrtfn ' hf'lrl Ai\rU 10 I,. tir;i : t.^^.i-.. ..!„!-. :. . «^m- liam Hunter O'Keefe. Dining the brktjc games played Mrs. Ray Whlttlngton wo held April 12 in Wilson. Mrs. Norena Hodge and daugh- and Home oin Mastin presented an or- rendition of "Horn, sweet '- C -" C Rnv h r- a<i th * SOC ' al h ° Ur W»h noj Cox, Mrs. clem Bo wen '«!.'=' Harry Min 'on acting as y . " ' "^^^iJiiuit;. anci • Mrs. Hodge's sister and familv of T j ^ ~ f L aais ' wcre lhc EUCSts Saturday ' orr ^ a oo Causes Damaa of Mr. and Af.s pr B ,, t „„-.. „> of Mr. and Afrs. Prank Hodge. On their return home they also visited Mrs. Hodife's brother, Mitty Smith and family in Panna, Mo. Miss Geoi-fe Ann Stilweil who is a studem at Ai-kunsas State'collect; Joiit-sboro, spent the iveekend Here with her parents. Mr. and In Florence, Alabama FLORENCE. Ala., March 18. (UP —A tornado struck briefly in Ea, Flounce today, lifting roO f s flo , ws houses. Property -Waning wui ner parents, Mr anrf Mrt i • ', ^'«ueri,y -namns George Stilweil and sisters rZ* Mt!mated ""officially at »ico ™ S- , G - ,Y'.P a ^ left '"is afternoon for Halls. Tcnn., where she d-ili ,,< n :i. ...rii- .. _ ' •"-*«- jnc An unconfirmed report said on person week and also attend to business. : ~. ; j"-^u. Telephone an L. | telegraph lines were cut. All Ion distance Hues were out with dela> — -• --v. -"«v vnm ueia °' t ' vo to three hours reported. n first the home. The hostess served refreshments or a dessert course, Regular Meeting Held Also during the business meeting, presided over by Mrs. Qrny re- inng urcsidenl, Mis. Beasley and Mrs. Hnrrison wcre elected as delegates to attend the Presbylerlan Conference lo be held in AprN <{t Forrest City. Mrs. C. M. Gray was program • - nesday night In an automobile acci- CM mectiiiB, j dent. Several other out-of-town rel- , tins money to bt> sent to the million people from the Baptist 'orn iof iiiivui a,,., *<»~-:i7> — ' > or b'oily-builriinq loon value, plus oversea.'; as a relict drive. Ail Mctli- vitamins and minerals, toe >.. ^i.iwu-T ,i.-> ,\ i i;jit:i nriVC Ail AlCLil- r'i i ~ -i — ..v,ji t me ^>a|HLat odlst youths of the Nonii Arkansas .V 1 . 1 "''' 1 '" !" ' M '-«'SsiPPi County par" ' 'ii IS 1 .^, "-!i e .'i lcmo 7 > vork dri ". Conference have uudertakcj task during the week before Easier The Hev. Glenn Sanford conduct- . ed two 50 minute study periods on ing. • [ ...... t..i«in ni,^ W | a sandwich Mrs. Donald Lutes gave the devo- i wul1 ^^ drinks wcre served. j nefrc.shmcnts of a sandwich plate ..last night «t ber home on North iFranklin. r. ; .M». Frank Turck, program chair- wan, offered the opening prayer and announced the program topic lor the evening. "Christianltv Tnkr»e : ^ stand "• """>"»iiivy lakes tlonnl taken from the second ci'w'n- er or John and the mediation on Discipleship". Mrs. H. H. Blevins led the group ! Are Held At 111 prayer, after which Mrs. George' At Training Union Contests I , vnjit^n iVllA, \.rCOl'Ke ' :- Stilweil. president, presided during and Mrs. E. R. Mason discussed the first phase. "Christianity and the World Order." Mrs. o b. Harrt- away spoke on the second phase. ' Christianity and the Home Front" and Mrs. Grcer gave the conclusion' prnvor A tea fol"lo K '«i"the' P ';og'r',;m''and i " Mrs^ stil'weli'dhriu^e'd thn -business meeting, in the social ' with prayer rooms of the church. The table wiis covered wiih ecru linen cut. work ,:ioth and was centered with a low sliver bowl fill- eri xvilir yellow jonmiik and willow flanked by yellow and white tnpers in • silver candelabra. Mrs - the seaters Lu, lijm - ment respectively. The following winners will represent Mississippi County in the state training union contests to be held m Fort Smith on March 19 and 20; Elizabeth Ann Fowler of the first Baptist Church of Blytheville who won first place in the junior memory drill; jean Phillips of the . Number Nine Baptist Church who :lty : wq n first place in the Intermediate group at the , . rs, Vernon Tliomnsson anrt Mrs. Thad Nicol presided over the table. AUractive boufuetn of pink gla- rtioli anrt Jonquils were »rranjed throughout the social rooms, Guests included Mrs. C. P Ram- to the program, closing • .was led by Mrs. Turck. ,.. .... , .. ; During the social hour which fol- l" 0 ' 'vA' vVi r- „ : course^ ""^ ^ * d -" 1 |-^ the'Re^Mr 0 ^ °' Jm ^" . . bo Sr.. and Mrs. Paul Jones Memphis, Mrs. E. A. Hale ot Ma- Young F«*t's Guide to Heahhy Growth! Manure styling that the young '«an. 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