Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York on September 2, 1985 · Page 16
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Democrat and Chronicle from Rochester, New York · Page 16

Rochester, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, September 2, 1985
Page 16
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2C DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE. ROCHESTER. N.Y.. MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 2, 1985 TODAY'S Morning 6 a.m. O Jimmy Swaggart. CD GD Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon: Cont'd. CO CD ABC'a World Nawa This Morning. (CC) CD 700 Club. 6:30 a.m. OS) NBC Nawa. 7 a.m. O Today. CO CD Good Morning America. (CC) D Hoathcliff. 7:15 a.m. CD A.M. Weether. 7:30 a.m. CD Saaama Streat. (CC) CD Tom and Jerry. 8 a.m. CD Tranzor. 8:30 a.m. CD Miater Rogere. , CD He-Man and Matters of the Univaraa. 9 a.m. Q Tic Tac Dough. (DCS Jerry Lewie Labor Day Telethon: Cont'd. CO CD Donahue. CD Sesame . Street. (CC) CD Richard Roberta, (S Waltona. Hour Magazine. CD A.M. Buffalo. (HD Ben Caaay. EM Incredible Hulk. M Calliope. EspnI SportaCenter. H Daywatch. EDO Pinwheel. Hash mo Paradise. MM Viewer Call-In. EfDlt Figuraa. Esn3you and Me, Kid. 9:05 a.m. fill Hazel. 9:30 a.m. O Joker's Wild. IHD Flying Nun. Ell Fandango. EED Richard Simmona. gEHColorina. MlDynamic Achievera. EH Movie: Funny Lady( 1975) Barbra Streisand. UMlNewl Animal World. 9:35 a.m. rHiH I Love Lucy. 10 a.m. Q CD Silver Spoons. Road rarities are out there FROM PAGE 1C ' "It's not a thriving business," John says, "but we have a lot of fun." HOW COULD YOU not, with a barn full of bunnies? John, who's 16, and his brother Tim, who's 14 both students at Albion High School sell their ' rabbits from their family's house just off Ridge Road near Gaines, in Orleans County. Their business is advertised by a sign on Ridge Road reading "Rabbit For Sale." (This distinguishes their concern from others that advertise with signs reading "Rabbit 4 Sale.") They sell California White rabbits and New Zealand rabbiu and the kind of rabbits you get when those two date. They sell them for , peU at $5 apiece, and they've been selling them for four years. Without making a cent. "Actually, we've probably lost money," John says. "The cages cost money; the food costs money. But I'd say it's worth it taking care of 'em, myself." AS IS OFTEN the case, the business began by accident. "We had a friend of ours give us two rabbits," John recalls. "They were supposed to be two males," Tim adds, "but one day we found bunnies." The brothers now keep a select group of bucks and does, whom they allow to socialize about four times a year. Usually, they sell all the bunnies they make. But sometimes they have some leftover bunnies who soon turn into leftover rabbits. And when the leftover rabbits are left over too long, the boys have to do about the only thing they can. They eat 'em. Literally. IT'S A LAST resort, of course, and it's not exactly easy. But when a rabbit's over the hill, they say, you can't even give him away. In any case, the overstock problem may soon be compounded. Starting this month, rabbit sellers will be governed by a new state bunny law that, among other things, prohibits sellers from sell- TELEVISION CO Morning Break. CD Reading Rainbow. CD GID 700 Club. GD Sally Jessy Raphael. $25,000 Pyramid. CD Archie Bunker's Place. (MlGidget. EM Mork and Mindy. ESjHeartlight City. w Bodybuilding. GIIEl Nashville Now. MM U.S. Army Band. EED Turn on to Food. QEDRichard Roberta. UDMovie: Battleground (1949) Van Johnson. 113 Movie: Big Leaguer (1953) Edward G. Robinson. HH Beat of Walt Dianey'a True-Life Adventures. 10:05 a.m. GUI Movie: Fancy Pants (1950) Bob Hope. 10:30 a.m. O CD Sale of the Century. CO All-Star Blitz. CD Summer Bookwateh. GD $25,000 Pyramid. GD Press Your Luck. CD WKRP in Cincinnati. HDD Partridge Family. EM Family. EED Pet Peeves. 11 a.m. Q CD Wheel of Fortune. CO Angle. CD Acrylic Painting. CD Jim Bakkar. Price la Right. CD Happy Daya Again. HI Bewitched. 13 Prisoner: Cell Block H. EED Good Soxl With Dr. Ruth Westheimer. HElHeart of the Nation. 11:30 a.m. O CD Scrabble. CD CD Ryan's Hope. CD Frugal Gourmet. EH American Baby. HQ I Dream of Jeannie. EM Beat Talk in Town. 13 Peyton Place. OH New Country. MM Public Policy Address or Conference.' EED Family Guide Presents. ISO Hoy Mismo. MM Movie: Oxford Blues (1984) Rob Lowe. HI Scheme of Things. Afternoon Noon O Dating Game. (D0D CD Jerry Lewia Labor Day Telethon: Cont'd. OCDGDCD CD EH News. CD Play Bridge. CD Gidgol. EH Bill Coaby. EM INN Midday Edition. HO Movie: All Hands on Deck (1961) Pat Boone. HfO Aerobics. EH Take Two. EDO Pinwheel. EH Porter Wagoner. EED Mother's Day. rjEDBible Anawere. ED Movie: Cloak and Dagger (1984) Henry Thomas. UDMovie: -Champions (1984) John Hurt. UU Movie: South Pacific (1958) Mitzi Gaynor. 12:05 p.m. EHI Perry Mason. 12:30 p.m. Q GD Search for Tomorrow. CO CD Loving. CD Matinee at the Bijou. CD Bewitched. QDS) U.S. Open Tennia: Quarterfinal rounds, live. Dobie Gillis. EM This Week In Baseball. USD world Cup Skiing. BSD Videocountry. EED What Every Baby Knows. ' GSQjimmy Swaggart. 1 p.m. O (3) Days of Our Livaa. CO CD All My Children. CD Andy Griffith. H Farmer's Daughter. IS Joker's Wild. ing fewer than six bunnies at a time. Because few of their customers buy their bunnies by the bunch, the boys fear that the law could put them further into the red. But that fear, they say, won't stop them from raising more rabbits. After all, they've always done it for love, not money. "It's fun," observes Tim as he strokes a twitchy New Zealand bunny. "I just like coming out here and playing with 'em." Walt and Abbie Cooper have their piece of the pie but only because Abbie is the one who bakes the pie. The Coopers are local grape growers and like most local grape growers, they're having trouble selling grapes. Abbie, however, makes a mean grape pie, and that pie is helping the Coopers' vineyard stay afloat. "There's no market for these grapes," Abbie says. "So everyone is trying to think of some way to market their product. Pies are a way to get rid of your grapes." , And, at least for Abbie, a successful way indeed. THE COOPERS LIVE at 5421 Route 21 S. in Canandoigua. In front of their house is a big sign reading "Grape Pies." And during September and October grape pie season Abbie expects that sign to sell 200 pies a week. Cs CLEANING ANY 2 ROOMS t$ 25.00 CLEAN, DEODORIZED S SC0TCHGARD ANY 2 ROOMS $ 35.00 a FREE ESTIMATE S 247-3544 II Phones An Buty Please Call Again EM Baseball: Seattle Mariners at New York Yankees. NASHll-40 Paradise. ED Regis Philbin. HUMundo Latino. QfEJProphecy Countdown. 1:05 p.m. IHOHogan's Haroea. 1:30 p.m. CD I Dream of Jeannie. EI Patty Duke. MO Tic Tee Dough. H3 College Football: Purdue at Pittsburgh, (R) USD Play It Again Nashville. QSDCourage to Be Rich. MM Movie: Jaws 3 (1983) Dennis Quaid. 1:35 p.m. 110 Baseball: Atlanta Braves at Pittsburgh Pirates. 2 p.m. OS) Another World. CO CD One Life to Live. CD Gold Lust. CD Incredible Hulk. EH My Little Margie. EH Dating Game. LMjAlive&Well. GU Newaday. EL3 Today's Special. SOancin' U.S.A. EED Good Housekeeping: A Better Way. lEDEI Chavo. El Movie: Roller Boogie (1979) Linda Blair. UDMovie: To Be or Not to Be (1983) Mel Brooks. 2:30 p.m. EED I Married Joan. dQNewlywed Game. EDO Bella and Sebastian. GUI You Can Be a Star. MM Public Policy Addreaa or Conference. EED Richard Simmona. EEUTe Amo. QEDThia la New Zealand. 2:40 p.m. HEQdtv. 3 p.m. O CD Santa Barbara. Caipd 'CCcamnq CLEANING ANY 3 ROOMS $ 30.00 CLEAN, DEODORIZED & SC0TCHGARD ANY 3 ROOMS $ 45.00 TODAY'S 7 a.m. O CD Today: Dr. William A. Dolan, a Rochester orthopedic surgeon, discusses the New York seat belt law; report on the state of American labor; Ray Bradbury; high-heeled shoes. CO CD GD Good Morning America; U.S. -Japanese trade relations; Jerry Lewis; Life magazine photographer John Florea; Melissa Manchester. (CC) 9 a.m. CO CD Donahue: Pampered and Abused Wives. Guests: two abused wives and a wife abuser; journalist Carol Saline of Philadelphia magazine; Mitchell Rothenberg of the men's counseling group EMERGE. (R) ' 09 GD CD Jerry Lewia Labor Day Telethon: Cont'd. CO CD General Hoapital. CD Voyage of the Miml. (CC) CD Scooby Doo. El 700 Club. HSU Hawaii Five-0. E13 Candid Camera. El International Hour. Em Adventurea of Black Beauty. fNASHl Videocountry. EED Weight Watchers Magazine. HHLoa Anoa Felicea. EM Dumbo's Circus. 3:30 p.m. CD Summer Bookwateh. CD Inspector Gadget. CD U.S. Open Tennia Continues. EM Heathcliff. ID Room 222. EDO Laaaie. S Fandango. CUD A Whole New You. rjEHShowbiz . Magazine. HI Pick Me Up at Peggy'a Cove. EH Welcome to Pooh Corner. 4 p.m. O Trapper John, M.D. CO CD Love Boat. CD Sesame Street. (CC) CD Tom and Jerry. CD He-Man and Masters of the Universe. IHO Medical Center. HDS.W.A.T. EM Voltron. EH Joker's Wild. H Newaday. Not to mention several hundred grape tarta besides. "People usually come this way so they can see the changing of the leaves and get the grapes," Abbie explains. The Rochester stations tell them when it's peak color and on those peak weekends you'd better be ready, because they come. It just seems that everybody stops by for a tart." Accordingly, Abbie, who's 59, has to do a lot of baking. And grape pies are definitely not an easy thing to bake. First, of course, you have to pick the grapes. Then you have to separate the pulp from the skins, so you can then proceed to separate the seeds from the pulp. Then you have to cook the skins and pulp in a pot. AND YOU STILL do not have anything resembling a pie. To speed along this procedure, Abbie accepts the help of her daughter, Carole, and her daugh-ter-in-law, Sharon, "But I make the crust myself, and I put the ies together, she my pie, To bake her pie, she uses a standard oven in her kitchen, plus three more standard ovens in her garage. And at full steam, she'll be baking about 50 pies a day. That generally means working from about 5 in the morning till mid CLEANING ANY 4 ROOMS $ 40.00 CLEAN, DEODORIZED CLEAN, DEODORIZED i SCOICHGARD ' SC0TCHGARD ANY 4 ROOMS ANY 5 ROOMS $ 60.00 $ 70.00 Above Prices Do Not Include N Y Slate Tax Quality Service TV HIGHLIGHTS DOS You Can't Do That on Television. ESQ Nashville Now. EED Movie: Stickln' Together , (1978) Clu Gulager. EEDDLIevame Contigo. rjEOTolephone Auction. OH Blue Line. UDMovie: House of the Long Shadows (1983) Vincent Price, EH Sign of Four: Animated. ' EM Mickey Mouae Club. 4:20 p.m. ESQBuga , Bunny and Frianda. 4:30 p.m. CD He-Man and Masters of the Universe. EM Laverne A Shirley. ESlBullaeye. HIE Turkey Television. ESD Donald Duck Preaenta. 4:35 p.m. EM Brady v Bunch. 5 p.m. ONowlywed Game. CO Divorce Court. CD Miater Rogera. CD Leave It to Beaver. CD Alice. CD Jefferaona. EDD Tic Tac Dough. HQ Vagal. EM Little Houae on the Prairie. OH Make Me Laugh. EES Swimwear '85. EU Newawatch. MM Viewer Call-In. EUPrincipessa. says. It has to LABOR DAY SUPER SPECIAL CLEANING ANY 5 ROOMS $ 45.00 10 a.m. CO Morning Break: Live from The Marketplace mall: psychic Bernice Golden. 10 p.m. CD Even the Heavens Weep: The West Virginia Mine Wars: Rochester's Lou Buttino, an associate professor at St. John Fisher College, wrote this story of the 40-year effort by West Virginia coal miners to organize a statewide union that culminated, in 1921, in an armed confrontation with U.S. troops. Narrated by Mike Con- nore- - Reoma McGinnls Stations and networks reserve the right to make last-minute changes. UDMorey's Markdown Market. Hi Ufa on Earth. 13 Faerie Tale Theatre. (CC) EM New! Animal World. 5:05 p.m. EM Leave It to Beaver. 5:30 p.m. O Jefferaona. CO People'a " Court. CD Electric Company. CD Laverne A Shirley. Taxi. CD Jeopardy. EDO Face the Music. 13 Gong Show. 113 All American Gold Cup. EDO Dennis the Menace. Country. ISPNjCourage to Be Rich. EMI Wonderful World of Dianey. 5:35 p.m. EM Beverly Hillbillies. Evening 6 p.m. CUCOCSGD d) CD News. CD CD CD Jerry Lewia Labor Day Telethon. N ' CD MacNail Lehrer Newehour. CD I Love Lucy. ED $100,000 Name That Tune. HI Police Woman. EM Private Benjamin. 13 Cartoons. EDO Mr. Wizard. fNASitll.40 Paradlae. . MM National Preaa Club or Public Policy Speech. night. "But it's just those two months," Abbie reasons. "And we're always glad when the first of November comes." Abbie, who's been selling pies for six years, sells her full-size pies (which are made with a top crust) for $3.75 and her tarts (which are not) for 50 cents. AND AS LONG AS they're doing some selling, the Coopers sell a few other things as well. They sell some apples. They sell some vegetables. And they sell one truly rare and exotic crop. Golf balls. The Coopers' property, you see, is adjacent to a golf course, and a lot of golfers manage to hit their balls the Coopers' way. So the Coopers gather up all of those . wayward balls and sell them at the bargain rate of 50 cents apiece. Hey, these days every penny counts. Still, the pennies that count the most are the ones from the grape pies, And as the pies' reputation spreads, the penny intake grows. Abbie, of course, won't come right out and say her pies are the best but she will say a lot of her customers say they are the best, "We try to put out a good pie, and we haven't had any corn-plaints," Abbie Bays. "But we shouldn't put that In the paper,"' she adds. "Then I'll get complaints." CLEANING ANY 6 ROOMS $ 55.00 $ CLEAN, DEODORIZED S SC0TCHGARD ANY 6 ROOMS $ 85.00 $ 95.00 FREE ESTIMATE 247-3544 It Phones Are Busy Please Call Again (DEO Richard Simmona. EBMundo Latino. 01 Movie: The Personals (1982) Bill Schoppert. rjDMovie: Super Fuze (1981) Terence Hill. 10WJ Movie: The Sword of the Valiant (1980) . Sean Connery. 6:05 p.m. SHU Down to Earth. 8:30 p.m. O CD NBC News. CO Local Telethon Coverage. CO CD ABC News. (CC) CD Hogan'a Haroea. (D (3D cbs News. EED Carol Burnett and Frienda. EM Benson. SportsLopk. H Showbiz Today. EDO NICK Rocks. DUD Play It Again Nashville. ID It Figuraa. lEHNoticiero Nacional SIN. ESDEmory Ballard. ES3 Adventurea of Ozzie Harriet. 6:35 p.m. EH Sale at Home. 7 p.m. Q MASH. CO CD QD Wheel of Fortune. CO Maude. CD Business Report. CD Soap. GDGB Entertain-ment Tonight. (LEM Jefferaona. C) Muppets. 53- J WH0LEH0USE ANY 7 ROOMS 60.00 CLEAN, DEODORIZED , SC0TCHGARD ANY 7 ROOMS tr K ED Courtship of Eddie'a Father. HO Bosom Buddiee. HO Radio 1990. BED SportaCenter. S Moneyline. ED You Cant Do That on Televiaion. LNAMlOancin U.S.A.. MM Public ' Policy Addreas. EED Working . Mother. iMJTopacio. . . GEDPatDyt. H2 Movie; The Incredible Journey JohnDralnle. LMjMovie: Johnny Angel (1945) George Raft. 7:05 p.m. EM Rocky. Road. 7:30 p.m. O Jeopardy. (D Entertainment Tonight: Jetfersons star Marls Gibbs.. Taxi. Q Untamed World. fD All in the Family. GDP.M. . Magaiine. CD WKRP in Cincinnati. GD $100,000 Name That Tune. M'A'S'H. CD Family Feud. CD Orange Wrap 8.U. Football '8$. H Please Don't Eat the Daisies. dO Sale of the Century. EM Independent Nawa. HO U.S. Open Tennia: Early rounds, live. HHNFl Films Presents. H Crossfire. E3 Dangermouae. mo Videocountry. EED Mother's Day. QEflWeet Virginia Football Highlight. HlFraggle Rock. (CC) 13 Bravo Program Highlights. 7:38 p.m. ISQSanford and Son. p.m. OtDCDTV'e Bloopera and Practical Jokea. CDQDCS Scarecrow and Mrs. King: Amanda is poisoned by a ruthless dealer in top-secret weapons plans, who then offers Lee the antidote ut only in exchange for a key set of blueprints. (R) ;. .v !; V.' i 1 ' X' w . :. V ei J. Italian Dinner Specialties SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY All Dinner Entrees' feC4'E4 Children 10 & under con choose include Our Famous ' r"" any item from our Children's Salad Bar ONLY. Menu for only M" Visit our delicious luncheon Buffet Daily for only 3" . . . ....... . - for Reservations Call MARKETPLACE Moiur Credl, Cafds PERINTON SQUARE yiNAL WEEK 1 fe P Manoi'iloiie ftj An Ethan Allen Gallery Eastview Mai I, Victor 223-1570 ttN. Lfi 'mmTi2ilft Pen 0iiy 10 10 SJturday 'til 6; Closed Sunday A 03 2) CD College Football: Alabama at Georgia. CD All Creaturea Great and Small. 0) Hawaii Five-0. pifl Born Free. Ill News. EM Movie: The Great American Traffic Jam (1980) John . Beck. EEU Golf. (clU Primenews. GUlBreaking Away. tmOYouCan Be a Star. MM Interview. El Hot Propertiea With Richard Belter. ZfBianca Vidal. LWjBuilding Blocks to Fortune. HD Movie: Teachers (1984) Nick Nolte. dDMovic: Battleground (1949) Van Johnson. Powl Honoymoonera: The Loat Epiaodea Marathon. (CC) (HI Movie: Burden of Dreams (1982) 8:05 p.m. EIU Movie: Poiv7aM1959) Rock Hudson. 8:30 p.m. HU Tic Tac Dough. HMO Fandango. fDSNYl Mouaeterpiece Theater. HD Movie: Cornered (1945) Dick Powell. - 9 p.m. OS) GO Movie: A Change of Seasons (1980) Shirley MacLaine. (DGDGDKateft Allie. CD Evening at Pope. CD Movie: The Compleat Beatles. GDI 700 Club. ' DiDBaeeball: New York Mets at San Diego Padres. BSD Inside Baseball. H Larry King Live. QIDDiana. HH Nashville Now. MM Viewer Call-In. EED Regis Philbin. ll La Noche. dULooking Eaat. Ehow) ' Honeymoonera: The Lost Episodes Marathon. EM Wilderness Bound. mmxs Accepted mm m on nign note .. nl TanmIaiiiaaJ... ui i a i iuicwuuu : Associated Press v r. LENOX, Mass. An expanded, season produced an attendance - record at the Boston Symphony ,; . Orchestra 8 annual summer Berk-, shire Music Festival at Tanz- lpwnnd. the orchestra announced on the final dav yesterday. An audience of lovers, me secuiiu largest single ; day count in the festival's 49-yea historv. crowded the Tanelewood - shell and lawn under sunny skies to hear conductor Seiji Ozawa lead .1 t. fITt.l me orcnesira in an aii-Deeinovan' ' concert. -J. Orchestra spokeswoman Kim ' Smedvig said the total attendance!.' for the expanded 10-week season' n was a recora jzo,iu, up irom me. 308,229 attending an eight-week r ni I 1 KtH.SIIIl 111 liriTHKNI.rHI CI IIII-triM- & 7. 10 chamber music concerts, and - p i a mnn Th tarppfit. flt.t?nHanrfl nt. A sirt- f nu pnnnon udd .1 ' lewood on Parade special occasion in August 1981, she said. 9:30 p.m. (DCS Newhart. EH Auto Racing. EEDHeartbaat of the Pacific. 10 p.m. (DCS Cagney A Lacay. (CC) CO Even the Heavens Weep: The West Virginia Mine Ware. IwpTxI Independent Newa. ED Newa. HDTenko. MM Congressional Hearings, Public Policy Conference. EEI Good Sexl With Dr. Ruth Westheimer. IjUDancin' Daya. i HQ Movie: Cloak and Dagger (1984) Henry Thomas. UDMovie: Tightrope Clint Eastwood. Hi Honeymoonera: The Lost Episodes Marathon. (CC) OH Movie: City ighfs(1931) Charlie Chaplin. Lombardi. 10:10 p.m. ESU Countdown to Victory: V.J. Day. 10:30 p.m. 13 New Generation Hair Care. HI News. 2JO BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING FEAST, m of Derformances. 17,734 music Art in tfi - m i -f i iir a i ri rr--. 113 U.S. Open,, Tennis Continues. ' ' """'i now oouniry. (SFflSweden "; WBJ. QmQ Movie: Johnny Angel ' -' (1945) George Raft. 11 p.m. ; Q(D(D C3J14JC5JID (3) News. Q) Monty Python's Flying Circus. Honeymooners. 11:30 p.m. '.' O CD Best of Caraon. (D WKRP in Cincinnati. GD Odd Couple.' D Innovation. -Q) Lifeatylea of u r:-u .j Mianigni (DffiU.3. Open Tennia Highlighta. CD ABC Newa Nightline. ' ' 12:30 a.m. QC Late Night With David - Letterman. (D Simon & - Simon. GD More Real , , People. CD Movie: Monterey Pop .! (1968) Jams Joplin. 1 a.m. CD News. 1:30 a.m. O Doctor la In. 1:40 a.m. Kaleidoscope . . (1966) Warren Beatty. 3 a.m. 03 cbs News Nightwatch. 223-3655

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